Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 4)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 4

Title: 4.Su's Horny Concoction-Mitsune

[Author's notes: Su's plan for Mitsune doesn't go quite the way she wanted...]

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina or any of it's characters, this is
just a work of fiction.


"Hmmm... Who should I get next?" thought Su as she walked down the
upstairs hallway.

As she passed the stairs leading to the lower floor, she noticed
Mitsune sprawled out on the couch sleeping.

"Perfect." states Su to herself before making her way down the stairs.

Once Su was in-front of the older sleeping girl, she noticed Mitsune
held a bottle of saki in her left hand that also rested on the floor.
After a few moments, Mitsune raised the bottle and drank some of it.

'I got it!' thought Su smiling. 'I'll take the bottle and pour in some
of my juice, then bring it back and she'll drink it herself.'

Su got to one knee and tried to pry Mitsune's hand from the neck of the
bottle but she found it difficult, nearly impossible to do. Mitsune
held onto the bottle like a vice.

'Well, I may not be able to bring the bottle to the juice, but I can
bring the juice to the bottle." thought Su smiling as she made her way
to her room and returned about a minute later with her special juice.

Su carefully poured in a small amount of her concentrated concoction
into Mitsune's bottle and placed her own on the nearby table.

It wasn't long before Mitsune lifted the bottle in her sleep again and
took a few swigs. Su smiled wide, this was too easy, now all she had to
do was wait. Within about a minute and a half, Mitsune finished off the
contents in her bottle before dropping it to the floor. Su could see
that Mitsune's face had a slight reddening to it; and smiling, for what
reason, was unknown to Su. The young girl although could obviously tell
her friend was drunk now, and starting to get horny as she grasped her
right breast with her right hand in her sleep.

Unfortunately, Keitaro happened to walk into the area behind the couch
Mitsune was sleeping. and he of course noticed Su sitting on her knees
infront of Mitsune...

"Huh, Su, what are you doing?"

"Waiting for Mitsune to wake up." replied Su truthfully.

"Wake up?" Keitaro then looked down to Mitsune was still holding her

Keitaro almost immediately began blushing at the sight. Naru then
walked into the area beside Keitaro.

"What's taking you so long Keitaro?" asked Naru.

Naru then noticed what Keitaro was looking at and immediately got a
very familiar look on her face...

"Keitaro...." groaned out Naru lifting her right fist.

"Huh? H-Hey wait a minute Naru! I didn't do-" quickly replied a scared
Keitaro holding up his hands.

"... YOU PERVERT!" exclaimed Naru as she once again launched poor
Keitaro into orbit through the roof, while he exclaimed,

"Ohhhh, I can't believe that perv!" Naru then quickly left the room.

"Hehe, that never gets old." smiles Su looking up at the newly made
holes in the ceiling.

Su then heard Mitsune moan slightly and turn in Su's direction and a
moment later, partly opened her right eye.


"Hello Mitsune." replied Su grinning.

The older girl closed her eye and smiled.

"I hope you don't mind Su..."

"Mind what?" asks Su's genuinely puzzled.

Then, to Su's utter surprise, Mitsune suddenly rolled off the couch and
directly onto her.

"...I'm really horny, hehe, and I seem to be a little drunk too."
states Mitsune smiling.

"Heh, I don't mind at- Ah!" replied Su before gasping as she suddenly
felt the older woman's right hand grasping her crotch through her blue

"Ooh, there so soft..." states Mitsune before beginning to lick Su's

As Mitsune licked at the younger girl's neck, she began to undo Su's
skirt and pulled it off her waist, exposing her white cotton panties,
an obvious wet spot in the crotch. Mitsune replaced her hand to her
crotch and smiled.

"You're already wet huh? I bet you'd like to get right to the action
huh, not bothering with this foreplay business." suggests Mitsune.

"Yeah, let's get right to it." replies Su smiling.

"Good, 'cause I was going to weather you wanted to or not." states
Mitsune as she removes Su's panties and gazes at the young girl's
aroused labia. "Wow, you really are wet... I bet..."

Mitsune then sticks her right index and middle finger into Su, who
gasps as she feels Mitsune's finger's slid right on in completely.

"Heh, you like that huh?" smiles Mitsune.

While she adds her ring finger into Su, Mitsune lowers her left hand to
her crotch and starts to rub her own wetness between her legs.

"It looks like I can easily fit three finger's into you, let's see what
about my entire hand..."

Mitsune then withdrew her right hand momentarily to form a loose fist.
The older woman then attempted to push her fist into Su and felt a
little resistance from Su's tightening vaginal muscles and the smaller
girl's groaning. It didn't take long for Mitsune to push her hand past
Su's labia and into her vagina, the older blonde then smiled.


Mitsune then pushed once more and pushed her hand all the way to her
wrist into Su, who tensed and groaned from stretching her vaginal
muscles were undergoing.

The older girl then began to moan from the rubbing she was doing to her
own pussy.

"Nnngh, your hand is too big, take it out." groans Su.

"Aww, don't be like that, you need to relax. It's going to hurt when I
start thrusting my hand into you."

"Ok, I'll try to relax..."

Su manages to relax, but at the slightest movement of Mitsune's hand in
her, Su immediately tenses again.

"I can't relax, pull your hand out."

At this, Mitsune removed her left hand from between her left and placed
it beside her to support herself up and replied simply with, "No."

"What? I said pull your hand out."


Mitsune then pulled her fist out only halfway, which stretched out Su's
vaginal exit even more.

"Owww! What are you doing!? Pull it out the rest of the way!" quickly
states Su.

Mitsune only smiled before she pushed her hand back into Su, drawing a
quick gasp from her as a sudden shot of pleasure flooded her senses and
her muscles relaxed momentarily.

"Lookie here, if I thrust my fist into you, you relax a little." claims

Su didn't reply but had a look between part pain, and part pleasure.

A moment later Mitsune repeated her previous action of pulling out and
thrusting her fist into Su. An action which immediately drew a gasp
from her before once again relaxing momentarily from the pleasure.
Mitsune quickly followed her second thrust with a third, and again,
another gasp from Su, before laxing up.

This continued until the pleasure forced Su to relax her vaginal
muscles, providing Mitsune with little resistance to her thrusts while
Su's mouth hung open in pleasure with her eyes slightly closed.

"Yeah, there you go, you're nice and relaxed..."

Su then began imminent a low but continuing moan.

"Now I need something bigger..."

Su's eyes shot open in shock at this statement and soon felt Mitsune
pull her fist completely out of her, leaving her vagina stretched open
wide about an inch and a half.

"Here we go..."

Su lifted her head and was shocked to see the object Mitsune now held
in her right hand, the saki bottle...

"The bottom end of this is going in you."

"What!? Are you crazy, it's bigger than your fist!" exclaimed Su.

"Crazy? No, horny and drunk, yes." smiles Mitsune.

"But, it'll never fit!"

"You'd be surprised what can fit in yourself."


Mitsune quickly places her left hand to Su's mouth and her head to the
floor and shushes the girl.

"It'll only hurt worse if you resist."

Right after Mitsune states this, she quickly places the large end of
the saki bottle to Su's slowly contracting vagina and pushes it into
her, with an almost immediate pained, muffled groan from Su.

"Your tensing up again..." states Mitsune as she forces the end of the
bottle past the Su's vaginal entrance and lodged into her, but only
just past her labia.

Su emitted another pained groan as the bottle entered and quickly began
crying. The young blonde managed to muffle out, "It hurts! Take it

"Not until you come." came Mitsune's reply as she pushed on the bottle
hard, pushing it further into Su's pained vagina.

Much to Su's pain, Mitsune pushed the bottle all the way into Su till
the bottle just began to narrow into the neck of the container. What
Mitsune didn't see, was the red fluid slowly dripping to the floor
under Su's crotch.

"There, It's all the way in, now let's get started with that orgasm..."

Mitsune kept her left hand pressed to Su's mouth while she used her
right thumb and index finger to pinch the younger girl's throbbing clit
and began to lightly pull on the small nub. Su tensed even more, this
was a double-edged sword, her tensing caused the pain coming from her
crotch to grow while it also seemed to cause her climax to come hurling
toward her.

In a matter of just seconds, her climax attacked her body. Su
immediately screamed in pleasure through Mitsune's hand as this climax
was quite possible the strongest she's ever had. Although the pleasure
was immense, so was the pressure building within her vagina. Su was a
girl who actually ejaculated when she came and she was literally
plugged up.

Su quickly lowered her hands to her crotch to try and pull the bottle
out but Mitsune grasped her small wrists with her right hand, unaware
of Su's second problem.

"Ah, ah, ahhh, at least ride out the orgasm before you take it out."

Mitsune held the smaller girl's hands as her body trembled incredibly
strong, until her climax died out about 30 seconds later and her body
limp from her orgasm.

"There, now we can takeout the bottle..."

Mitsune grasped the neck of the bottle and slowly pulled it out

"Wow, look at how wide you're stretched open now..." states Mitsune as
she sees Su's hole stretched open nearly 3 inches wide.

Mitsune was smiling, until she saw Su's white creamy cum exiting her
vagina, but streams of a red substance in it.


Mitsune saw quite an amount of Su's blood laced cum leave her, near the
amount of a small styrofoam cup as it pooled on the floor.

"Um, Su, are you alright?" asks Mitsune nervously.

Su made no response as she had soon past out from previous strain in
her vagina.

Mitsune sat up and looked around, seeing no one, she quickly slid Su's
panties back over her pelvis. Lifted the small girl over her left
shoulder and replaced her skirt and carried her to her room.


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