Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 3)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 3

Title: 3.Su's Horny Concoction-Kanako

[Author's notes: Kanako's next]

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina or any of its character's, this is
just a work of fiction.


Kanako sat in the large bath relaxing in the water, it had been ten
minutes since she came in here and sat down. It was still quite early
in the morning and she had the bath to herself for the moment. Since
she was alone, she didn't need a towel covering her and sat in the
water nude.

Soon, Kanako gently slid down into the water until she was completely
submerged, a few moments after she went under the water, the door to
the bathing area opened...

Unaware of the person entering the area, Kanako continued to keep her
eyes closed as she trailed her right hand to her crotch and her left
hand to her left breast. Since she was underwater, Kanako couldn't make
a verbal response as she was forced to hold her breath.

Kanako then began to masturbate quickly, trying to make herself come
before running out of breath. She managed to achieve her goal but was
forced to return above the waters surface as she gasped a deep breath
and moaned as her climax hit, squirting her cum into the water.

"I was getting a little worried about you there for a minute." states
Su standing to the side of her above the water only covered in a towel
around her body and her arms behind her.

Su's sudden presence shocked Kanako greatly as she nearly fell back
into the water as her orgasm continued to ripple through her body.

"W-What are you doing here!?" demanded Kanako as a blush appeared on
her cheeks.

"I came to take a bath silly."

"How long, were you standing there?"

"Hehe, long enough..." grinned Su."

Kanako sighed momentarily as the pleasure of her climax died out and
began to remove herself from the water.

"Where are you going?" asked Su.

"I need to go use the bathroom-"

Kanako took a step but Su quickly stopped her a said, "Wait, before you
go, would you mind tasting this?"

Su then brought from behind her the bottle of her custom made juice.

"Why? If you made it, it would probably kill me."

"No it won't, Sara and Shinobu already tasted it and said they liked

"So why in the world do you need me to drink it?"

"Because, I want to get all the girl's opinion on the taste."

"Ok fine, if it gets you to leave me alone..." replies Kanako as she
takes the bottle from Su's right hand.

"Hey but be careful, it's concentrated." warns Su.

Kanako gives a non-caring look as she unscrews the cap and begins to
down the bottle.

"H-Hey! Don't drink that much of it!" exclaims Su as she takes back the

"Fine, I drank it now leave me alone." replies Kanako as she starts to
walk off again.

"Wait, you didn't say what you thought about the taste." states Su.

"Oh, it was sweet." answers Kanako.

"Good." smiles Su.

"...I don't like sweat things."

"Oh." Su then thinks, 'With the amount she drank, it shouldn't take

Nearly right after Su's thought, Kanako suddenly dropped to her knees
appearing to hold herself.

"Ah! What the hell was that!? Now i have to go worse than ever!" states

"So, if the person needs to use the bathroom, it will start with that
first... interesting..." replies Su smiling.

"What are you talking about, you want me to lose it right here!?" asked
Kanako in shock, while it wouldn't have been a problem if Kanako wet
the ground, she didn't want to do it in someone's presence.

"This is going to be fun, making you pee."

"You can't honestly be serious!" replies Kanako continuing to hold

"Yes i am." states Su smiling as she places her bottle to the ground
then kneels behind Kanako and places her left hand under her left arm
to her breast and her right hand under Kanako's right arm and to her
abdomen and pushes in.

"Ah! Stop it!" exclaims Kanako as she tries harder to keep her urine

"I'm not stopping until you pee yourself."

For a few moments, Su felt Kanako's body very tense, then swiftly
relaxing. Su looked over Kanako's shoulder and saw a puddle growing
under her, although Kanako continued to hold herself.

"Wow, you totally suck at holding it in, I just started urging you and
your already losing it."

Kanako's face was a deep red as she suddenly "Ah'ed" as her hold
completely left her, drenching her hands with her urine as it fell to
the ground.

A few moments later, Kanako stated, "Now I'm all horny, is this your
doing with that juice?"

"Yep, it sure is." replies Su smiling.

Kanako then begins to groan lowly as rubs her crotch with her hands.

"Ugh, I can't, resist it..."

"Well of course you can't, as much of it as you drunk, I wouldn't be
surprised if it didn't wear of for a couple hours." replies Su.

"A couple hours!?" replies Kanako shocked, but her voice now partly
laced with lust.

"Yeah, hours of hot steamy girl sex." smiles Su as she starts to rub
Kanako's left breasts with her hand, causing the older girl to moan.
"Your liking this aren't you?"

"Yes..." admits Kanako.

"So, what are you gonna do about it?" asks Su smiling.

Kanako then began to moan again as she rubbed her crotch with her

"Hey, wouldn't you feel better in the water?" asks Su.

"Yeah, let's go into the water." replies Kanako, her voice now fully
laced with her horniness.

Su then removed her towel from her body, revealing her nude form. The
two girls then entered the water, Kanako with her back to the edge
while Su was on her knees in front of her. Under the water, Su inserted
her middle and ring finger into Kanako's vagina, which caused the older
her to gasp out in pleasure.

"Oohhh, go deeper." moans Kanako.

"Sure thing..."

Su pushes her two fingers as far as she can get them to go in Kanako
and also uses her left hand to start playing with the girl's right
nipple. Kanako moaned in pleasure from the dual sensations and after a
moment, moved her right hand to Su's crotch, but the younger girl
quickly pulled her hand from her with her left hand.

"Ah, ah, ahhh, you just sit there and enjoy."

Su returned her left hand to the older her's right nipple as she
started to lick at her neck and thrust her finger's in and out of
Kanako's pulsing hole under the water. The older girl coo'ed in
pleasure as she wrapped her right arm over Su's back.

"Oohh... faster, go faster moans out Kanako.

Su quickly does so, drawing a quick gasp from Kanako.

A few minutes later...

"A-Almost... almost there..." moans Kanako through her mild squirming.

It's at this time that Su realizes that she hasn't given Kanako's clit
any attention, which she quickly does with her right thumb as she
continues to thrust her fingers into her.

At the touch to her clit, Kanako seizes up as her pleasure hits the
breaking point and it quickly bursts as her second orgasm attacks her
body, jetting her water-like ejaculatory fluid from her urethra into
water and Su's hand. After Kanako's ejaculation, she trembles
vigorously in the water as Su removes her finger's from her.

'Heh, even Kanako can't resist the effects of my special drink.' thinks
Su smiling. 'That leaves just 4 more...'


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