Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 2)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 2

Title: 2.Su's Horny Concoction-Sara

[Author's notes: Su's made her special juice better, and Sara's the first lucky participant]

Disclaimer: I don't own the Anime Love Hina or any of it's characters,
this is just a work of fiction.


"Hey, Shinobu!" states Su happily as she arrives in the kitchen to see
the blue-haired girl filling a glass of water over the sink. "Guess
what I got!"

"Huh? What?" asks Shinobu turning around.

Su then reveals a somewhat large bottle from behind her. "You know what
this is?"

"Is that more of that stuff we had the other day?" replies Shinobu.

"It sure is! And it's even stronger and more concentrated than before,
so now it just takes a little bit for it to have a very strong effect."

"Well, ok, what do you plan to do with all of it?"

"I wanna have some fun with the others, Sara's first, you wanna join

"Ok, sounds like fun." replies Shinobu smiling.

"Great, let's go find Sara!"

The two go look for Sara and it doesn't take long before they find her
walking along the upstairs hallway.

"Hey, Sara!" states Su.

"Huh? What's up?" asks the blonde turning around.

"You mind having some fun?" replies Su smiling and showing Sara her
bottle of liquid.

Sara's eyes suddenly light up at seeing the bottle that Su holds.

"Hey, is that, that stuff you had a few days ago?"

"Yep, it sure is, whaddya say, lets have some fun, me you and Shinobu

"You don't have to ask me twice! Of course I'll join, I asked if you
had any more that other time anyway."

"Great, hey Shinobu, think we can use your room?"

"Uh, sure, why not?" replies Shinobu blushing.

"Ok, let's each take a drink of this, which I call, 'Su's Super Special
Horny Juice'!"

Sara and Shinobu quickly began to laugh.

"That's such an awful name!" laughs Sara.

"Well I made it, I name it." replies Su.

The three girls then each take a small sip of Su's juice and make their
way to Shinobu's room. While Shinobu and Sara enter the room, Su
notices Kanako coming down the hall and smiles as though she has a
plan. Kanako also sees Su and looks somewhat puzzled at the look she's
receiving from Su before the younger girl quickly heads into Shinobu's


As Su closes the door behind her, Shinobu, Sara, and Su all shutter

"Hey, I think that stuff is kicking in." states Sara.

"Yeah, just in time too..." replies Su before Shinobu suddenly kisses
her on the lips, obviously taken by her lust, her sex flush in full
bloom over her nose.

"Yeah, Shinobu's got the right idea..." states Sara as she quickly
begins taking off her clothes. "Let's get right to the action!"

Sara then walks up behind Shinobu and reaches her right hand between
her legs from behind, into her panties and promptly inserts her middle
and ring finger into her. Who flinches slightly but continues to kiss
Su. Next Sara uses her left hand to reach to Shinobu's front and play
with her left breast through her shirt, and finally, starting to lick
at the girl's neck.

Since Shinobu was unable to reach behind her to get to Sara, she
instead focused on Su, reaching into her panties and inserting her
right index and middle finger into Su, causing her to break the kiss
and gasp, but Shinobu wasted no time and quickly placed her mouth to
the left side of Su's neck. Now the dark-skinned girl trembled in
pleasure as her sex flush was also in full effect.

Unfortunately, only two of the three girl's were being pleasured at the
moment, so Sara would need to wait for a few minutes.

Shinobu and Sara began thrusting their fingers into and out of the
other girl, causing Shinobu and Su to moan out loud.

Only about 3 minutes later, the two girl's were panting heavily, and
obviously, it didn't take long for the two to become hot and somewhat
sweaty, thanks to their clothes absorbing just about any and all sweat
their bodies produce. Sara, who was of course turned on, was flushed
across the nose by now but not nearly as red as the other two.

"I'm, about to come..." pants Shinobu

"Me too." adds Su.

The girl's actions continue and Su is the first to reach her moment,
moaning out loud as she stiffened and came, her white creamy cum
quickly oozing out of her vagina to Shinobu's hand, yet doesn't leave
her panties at the moment.

Fortunately, Su was still able to stand as just thirty seconds after
Su's climax, Shinobu's arrived and she too moaned out loud as she came,
freezing up as her watery cum drenched Sara's fingers and her panties.
The sound of fluid hitting the carpeted floor clear as day as it
appeared Shinobu peed herself.

Sara soon released Shinobu and Shinobu removed her fingers from Su to
see her two fingers moderately coated with Su's cum as the two quickly
fell to the floor from tiredness.

"Hey guys, I want an orgasm too." states Sara standing above the girls
in her nude glory.

After a moment, Su and Shinobu began undressing. In under a minute they
were nude, and Shinobu turned around to look up to Sara and promptly
began licking at her crotch, surprising her as a quick gasp left her.

"Ah! Wait a minute, let me sit first..."

Shinobu backed off slightly and allowed Sara to sit on the floor, and
as soon as Sara's rear cheek met the floor, Shinobu quickly dived back
in as she swiftly spread Sara's legs and placed her mouth to her

"Ah! ...Well your eager that's for sure." gasps Sara as her right hand
rests on Shinobu's head.

Since Shinobu was up on her knees still, Su saw the wet area of
Shinobu's puffy, aroused labia teasing her. So with a big grin,
positioned herself on her back and pushed herself under Shinobu,
quickly placed her hands to the blue-haired girls rear and basically
pulled herself up to lick at her wet pussy.

This unexpected action obviously caught the girl off guard as she
flinch strongly but hardly skipped a beat in her licking at Sara's

As this went on for a few minutes, Shinobu managed to lower her pelvis
closer to the ground without putting too much strain on her legs and
allowing Su to only need one hand. Su promptly used her free hand to
begin to finger herself.

Meanwhile Su was moaning in pleasure from Shinobu's wonderful tongue
action, feeling herself nearing closer and closer to her own moment of
release. Shinobu had yet to even penetrate Sara with her tongue and was
already on the verge of climax. When she danced her tongue over the
girls clit though, Sara immediately froze and moaned lowly - it was
more of a groan but anyway - Her climax swiftly robbed her body of her
control as she trembled vigorously while her orgasm rocked her body.

While Sara wasn't experienced in the art of ejaculation, it didn't
matter as her vagina throbbed strongly in rapid contractions.
Unfortunately, Sara's orgasm was short-lived, only lasting a mere 40
seconds of pleasure before the feeling faded rapidly and so did Sara's
tensing body.

At this point, Shinobu stopped licking at her pussy and switched to
inserting her index and middle finger into her with her right hand as
far as she could go before reaching her hymen.

But moments after inserting her fingers, Shinobu gasped quickly, Su's
tongue doing its job on her, and forcing an orgasm speeding toward her.
About only 5 seconds later, Shinobu gasped a second time and quickly
reached under her with her left free hand to push Su's head down to the
floor before 2 seconds later, a strong, clearish stream ejected from
between Shinobu's lower lips as she moaned loudly in pleasure.

Regardless though, Su's face was still soaked with Shinobu's fluid as
she trembled strongly, even removing her fingers from Sara and
clenching her hands into a tight fist. A few moments later, her climax
fades and Shinobu rests her head on Sara's pubic region.

At this time, Su speaks up.

"Hey, Shinobu, that's twice you've come, wanna try a third?"

"N-No... I'm too exhausted... I don't, think I'd be able, to take a
third." pants out Shinobu.

"Exhausted or not..." began Sara sitting up. "your going to come a
third time."

"But I'm too tired..." complains the blue-haired girl.

"So?" replies Su. "We'll do all the work, you'll just lie there and get
an orgasm."

Sara promptly turned Shinobu on her back and began pinching and pulling
on her nipples with her hands while Su quickly inserted her index and
middle finger into Shinobu.

Shinobu soon began moaning and squirming from the stimuli. Su and
Sara's 1st priority was giving Shinobu a third orgasm, not exactly on
the amount of pleasure Shinobu was getting. So Su immediately began to
pump her fingers into Shinobu quickly, while Sara released her right
nipple and descended her mouth to the one and began lightly nibbling
and sucking on it, causing Shinobu to moan pleasurably.

Given that Shinobu was still quite tired, she still felt an orgasm
speeding toward her. Shinobu's lack of bodily responses to the pleasure
was well made up as her climax came and she immediately stiffened up,
moaning in pleasure as she felt herself come, a strong stream of her
fluid leaving her urethra forcefully, hitting Su right in the face. Su
was of course surprised by this but quickly opened her mouth to swallow
any of Shinobu's fluid.

After just two strong squirts, Shinobu's body trembled vigorously as
her climax continued to ripple through her body.

"Yeah!" stated Su happily before Sara added, "Orgasm number three!"

"But we're FAR from done." replies Su smirking.

"That's good to hear." replies Sara.

Su then thought, 'Today, Shinobu and Sara... Tomorrow, Kanako' as she


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