Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 16)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 16

Title: 16.Su's Horny Concoction-Haruka

[Author's notes: Su decides to use the last of her juice on Haruka and Mai, and Haruka's first. After recruiting Shinobu to join her, they both soon bite off more than they can chew]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina or any of it’s characters, this is just a work of Fiction.

Su currently skipped happily down the halls of the Hinata house, dressed in her usual attire, a sailor outfit with a white shirt and blue skirt; she was also barefoot at the moment. Su had removed the rubber band on her hair, allowing her shoulder-length blonde hair to hang freely.

She also skipped down the hall with her hands behind her back, until she reached her destination, Shinobu’s room, moving her right hand from behind her and pushing open the unlocked door and busting into the room.

“Shinobuuuuu!” cheers the happy girl.

The girl in question currently sat on the chair at her desk, and gasps immediately from the shock of Su’s entrance. Shinobu’s face was completely red, and hid her right hand with her left. She currently wore a pink shirt and blue shorts.

“Ya busy Shinobu?” asks Su as she walks to Shinobu’s right side.

“U-Umm…” replies Shinobu.

From Shinobu’s current lack of response, Su noticed an odd but familiar, musky smell and soon smiles at Shinobu.

“So that’s why your face is so red, Shinobu’s being naughty all alone in her room.”

“What do you want Su?” Shinobu asks, with a small frown as she looks to her desk, where her math homework currently lay in front of her.

“Well, I’ll just get right to it…” began Su. “I want you to be my partner-in-crime again!”

Shinobu then looked back to Su with a look of anger on her face, which puzzled Su.

“Something wrong?” asks Su.

“I’m not going to end up turned into a cake again am I, or try one of your new creations?”

“hehe, nope.” replies Su with a smile, before moving her left hand from behind her and revealing a familiar bottle to Shinobu.

“You still have that stuff?” asks Shinobu with mild surprise.

“Yep, there’s just enough for a few more ‘victims’.” states Su smiling.

“So that’s the last of the horny juice?”


“So who are going to be the last victims? You already had everyone drink it.” asks Shinobu.

“Not everyone, theirs still Haruka and Mai, Naru’s little sister.”



Meanwhile, out side the currently open door of Shinobu’s door, Kanako’s cat, Kuro, sat at the side of the door, listening to Su’s plan for Haruka being the first.

After hearing that Haruka was up first, Kuro turned and ran down the hall, the bell on it’s tail chiming as he ran down the hall. Kuro headed down the stairs, to the living room where Kanako and Haruka occupied, Kanako was currently napping on the cushioned chair, wearing a slender black and red dress. Haruka sat on the couch, dressed in her regular clothes, a purple shirt with a tan colored apron and matching shorts. Haruka wasn’t sleeping though, she watched TV as she smoked a cigarette.

Kuro made his way down the stairs and hopped up onto the left armrest of the chair Kanako was sitting it and looked to Haruka

“You should probably leave, meow…” states Kuro.

“Hmm? And why do you say that?” asks Haruka.

“I over eard Su talking to Shinobu about using that special juice on you… meow.” states Kuro before carefully hopping down onto Kanako’s lap and laying down.

Haruka though smiled at Kuro’s statement.

“So, It’s my turn huh, and here I thought Su forgot all about me.”

Haruka then stood…

“It’s you who might want to warn Kanako to leave.” adds Haruka, before leaving the room, to the kitchen.

Kuro was puzzled by Haruka’s comment, but soon, Su and Shinobu came down the stairs and Kanako began to wake up, stretching out her arms.

“Hey Kanako, you know where Haruka is?” asks Su, the bottle in her left hand.

Kanako looked mildly annoyed at Su’s presence upon her waking, but looked to her and she opens her mouth to speak, but stopped as she saw the familiar bottle in Su’s hand.

“Don’t tell me your going to give that juice to Haruka.” states Kanako.

“Yep! Haruka, then May!” replies Su happily.

“I wouldn’t suggest having Haruka as your target.” answers Kanako.

“Why?” asks Shinobu.

“I’ll just say that you’ll both regret it.” states Kanako, standing, causing Kuro to hop down to the floor, then back up onto the chair and hopping onto Kanako’s right shoulder, before she left the room.

Both Su and Shinobu looked puzzled at Kanako’s warning, and Shinobu states…

“Maybe you should take Kanako’s advice.”

Su placed her right hand to her chin in thought, ‘Hmming’ for a moment before…

“Nope! Let’s find Haruka!”

Shinobu sighs in disappointment, and wondering about Kanako’s warning.

Su and Shinobu didn’t have to leave the room before Haruka walked back into the room, holding a small glass cup with blue juice in her right hand and her cigarette in the other.

“No need, I’m right here.” she states before taking a drink of her juice.

“Hey Haruka…” states Su, quickly walking towards the older woman. “Would you mind trying some of this after your done with what your drinking?”

“Sure.” replies Haruka, smiling as she walks pass Su and sat back down on the couch.

Su then happily sat next to Haruka and Shinobu sat next to Su as they waited for Haruka to finish her drink. After just a little of the Haruka’s original juice was left, she let Su pour some of her juice into the glass and drank it up.

“Mmmm, that’s really good.” replies Haruka, smiling from the taste of the juice before licking her lips.

Su meanwhile smiles with anticipation while Shinobu looked nervous, remembering Kanako’s warning.

“Naru said it tasted like liquid candy.” states Su.

“That’s a good description.” replies Haruka as she leans forward and places the glass down on the table in front of her.

Upon sitting back, Su saw Haruka close her eyes and moan softly as her cheeks started to redden. Seeing that Haruka was now under the influence of her juice, Su stood up and walked in front of her and quickly removed her shirt, revealing her flat chest.

Haruka opened her eyes after this and Su saw that Haruka’s eyes were a little faded, or glazed, though Haruka saw Su topless and smiles, Su though asks…

“How do you feel Haruka?”

Haruka lifted her cigarette to her mouth to take a drag before calmly blowing the smoke out of her mouth and replacing the cigarette in her mouth.

“Just fine…” Haruka replies, before getting to her feet. “I have a surprise for the two of you, follow me…” adds Haruka before walking out of the room.

Intrigued, Su and Shinobu followed behind as Haruka lead them through the halls. Shinobu soon looked to Su and asks…

“Are you sure the juiced worked? Shouldn’t Haruka be on the floor already?”

“Not everyone reacted the same way.” Replies Su in a whisper, before giggling a little, “Maibe we’ll see a side to Haruka we don’t know about!”

“Hmmm…” comments Shinobu, looking back to Haruka leading them, thinking about Kanako’s statement ‘I’ll just say that you’ll both regret it.’ ‘What could Kanako mean by that?’ thinks Shinobu.

The three stopped in the middle of a long hallway and Haruka walked to the right side of the hall and ran her right hand over the wall for a moment.

“What are you doing?” asks Shinobu.

After a moment, Haruka commented, “Ah, here we go…” with a push of her hand, the wall gave way to a hidden door that Haruka push open, causing both Su and Shinobu to gasp in surprise.

“Ok, you two, inside!” states Haruka, sternly.

Shocked by Haruka’s sudden tone, the two younger girl’s froze where they stood.

“NOW!” suddenly states Haruka.

The sudden shout jared Su and Shinobu from their frozen shock and they quickly walked through the door, finding the other side a large spacious room, with numerous devices of sexual nature; dildoes and vibrators of various sizes, chairs with large vibrators coming up through the seats, straps coming from the ceiling which were used to tie a subject up and prevent them from touching the floor and many other devices of varying sizes.

“Whoa…” gasps Su, while Shinobu’s mouth was agap, her cheeks red.

A sudden, loud crack behind them causes them to gasp and turn around, gasps again upon seeing Haruka, void of her clothes, wearing what could only be called a dominatrix outfit, black straps covered her legs, waist and arms, her chest and crotch, fully visible; the outfit wouldn‘t be complete without the classic black stiletto heels. She also held a long whip in her right hand.

“Naughty, Naughty little girl’s…” states Haruka, a sinister smile on her face.

As Su and Shinobu began to slowly back away from Haruka, Shinobu comments, “I think this is what Kanako was talking about.”

“Their’s no point in running now…” states Haruka as she walks towards them.

Su and Shinobu continued to back away, until they both nearly at the same time stepped back on a vibrator and slipped back on the butts, allowing Haruka to close the gap between them and stand just a foot in front of them.

“I’m going to have fun punishing you naughty girl’s…” states Haruka, cracking her whip once, “… And it’s going to hurt, good…”

Shinobu was looking so worried that she seemed to be on the verge of crying, but Su, she had so many thoughts going on in her head that a blank stare was on her face and an odd smile, like she didn’t know if she should be smiling.

“Start stripping.” orders Haruka.

Su quickly obeyed and began removing her skirt, though Shinobu didn’t…

“You too.” states Haruka, seeing Shinobu yet to remove her clothes.

Su was pulling down her skirt and panties, revealing her bald labia while Shinobu shook her head ‘no’ as she backed away into the sea of dildoes and vibrators that was behind them.

“I-I didn’t do anything though.”

Haruka’s smile sifted to a frown as she stepped pass Su, to Shinobu and lifted her right foot and sent it down to Shinobu’s crouch, the pointed heels digging into the top of her labia, which prompted a gasp of pain from the blue-haired girl and sending her hands down to the heels.

“Shinobu, we can do this the hard way…” states Haruka, before bringing the whip to her lips and licking it little before… “Or we can do this the easy way… I’d prefer the hard way…”

After a moment, Shinobu moved her hands to the bottom of her shirt and began to remove it, revealing her flat, naked chest.

“Hmm, that’s a shame…” replies Haruka, before removing her heel from Shinobu’s crotch, causing Shinobu to sigh in relief as she sent her hands down to her crotch and rubbed herself. “I didn’t say you can start rubbing yourself…” states Haruka as she caresses the whip over Shinobu’s small creamy white hands. “Take off the shorts, and underwear if your wearing any.”

“B-B-But…” stutters out Shinobu, looking up at Haruka, her entire face red.

Haruka smiles a little and knelt down in front of Shinobu and places her left hand under Shinobu’s chin.

“Shinobu, I know all about your perverse little relationship with Naru and Motoko. All three of you need a good long session of my whip…” states Haruka, bringing the whip up to Shinobu’s cheek and running it over her skin, causing her to tremble and look fearful. “heh, cute little Shinobu, your trembling is such a turn on, much more than that trouble maker, Kanako.”

“You did this with Kanako?” asks Su, completely nude as she sat on her legs, facing Haruka and Shinobu.

“I sure did.” replies Haruka, looking to Su with a smile. “She was a tough little thing, but she cracked eventually, I had her begging at my feet to make her come.”


“And I plan to do the same with the two of you…” replies Haruka before moving her let hand from Shinobu’s chin and standing back up, moving her left hand up to the cigarette in her mouth and taking a drag from it before speaking, to Shinobu, “Now Strip.”

Shinobu slowly began doing so, unbuttoning and unzipping her shorts and pulling them off, revealing her white panties underneath, which had a wet spot in the crotch.

Haruka finished off the cigarette before dropping it to the floor and stepping on it.

“You better hurry up Shinobu, or Su is going to pay for your slowness with my whip.”

“What!?” gasps Su, quickly standing and backing away.

Shinobu’s shorts were only at her ankles before looking up to Haruka with a surprised look on her face, which Haruka smirked at.

“You don’t think I’ll do it, do you?”

After a moment of no reply, before ether Su or Shinobu could react, Haruka whipped her whip to her right, catching Su across her belly, causing the dark-skinned girl to wail in pain and lower her hands to her stomach and drop to the floor on her knees.

“Su!” gasps Shinobu.

“Strip faster! I will not warn you again.” states Haruka sternly.

“O-Ok! Ok!” quickly replies Shinobu, tossing the shorts from her feet and quickly pulling down her panties, revealing her bald labia.

“Good, now that both of you are naked, I want you both to pick out a certain kind of dildo around you, any dildo with a suction on the base.”

Su was still doubled over in pain and Haruka looked to her and states, “Su, unless you want another taste of my whip, get moving.”

Su slowly leaned upright, tears trailing down her face as her arms wrapped around her stomach, she slowly removed her arms from her belly and looked down to see a red line across her belly, Haruka had broken skin.

Su quickly flinched in fear upon hearing Haruka crack the whip.

“Move it!” commanded Haruka.

Su and Shinobu quickly got to their hands and knees and searched through the sea of various dildoes and vibrators, spanning a rainbow of colors. While they could easily find dildoes with the suction cups as bases, they only found large ones. When they neared each other though, Shinobu states, not looking at her…

“Nice going Su, Haruka’s crazy.”

“How was I supposed to know Haruka would turn out like this?”

Su’s statement was quickly finished with another wail of pain as Haruka struck her across the back with the whip.

“Their’s no need to whisper.” states Haruka. “If you have something to say, say it loud enough for everyone to hear.”

Su’s back stung with pain as fresh tears fell from her eyes. Shinobu had cringed from Haruka’s second strike to Su and wisely kept her mouth shut, her milky white skin still in one piece.

After a few more moments, Haruka states…

“Hurry and make your choices, or both of you…” states Haruka, before realizing Shinobu’s skin was clean, “…better yet, Shinobu will have a taste of my whip.”

“What!?” gasps Shinobu, looking back.”

“Ten, nine…” began Haruka.

Shinobu gasps again and desperately searched through the sex toys, but at the five second mark, gave up trying to find a small one and picked the first suction-cup dildo she could reach, a pink, foot-long, one inch wide dildo in the shape of a penis. Shinobu smiled at at least making a choice, but looked over to Su and gasps as Su sat up on her legs, with her arms folded over her chest. Shinobu was shocked, Su was deliberately refusing to chose a dildo and gasps in horror upon hearing…

“Times up.”

From Haruka, THEN Su reached down with her right hand and picked up a dildo in front of her, it was similar to Shinobu’s but blue instead.

“Well, well, well, looks like Su is a bit angry with you Shinobu.” comments Haruka.

Before Shinobu could turn to look at Haruka and plead with her not to hit her, Shinobu wailed out in pain as she felt the whip, striking her down her right shoulder and down her arm, adding a nice red line down her arm as Shinobu fell to her left, moving her left hand to grasp her injured arm, but the pressure of her hand caused more pain, preventing her from any sort of soothing relief as she cried.

As Shinobu began to recover from the pain, she looked to Su with anger on her face, Su also looked at her and smirked.

“The two of you…” states Haruka, now a few feet away from the area of toys. “Come near me.”

“The two girl’s grabbed their chosen dildoes and got to there feet and walked in front of Haruka.

“The two or you are going to play a game, or, competition, which should turn out interesting because of Su’s action a little while ago… face each other and place your chosen toys on the floor, pointed up and make sure it’s secure on the floor.” began Haruka.

The two girl’s did as instructed, faced each other and secured the base of their dildoes to the floor.

“Good, Now squat down over it and insert it into your pussy.”

Both girl’s were wary of this and looked to Haruka.

“Do it, or…” states Haruka, lifting her whip a little.

This ‘suggestion’ quickly caused the girl’s to obey, standing over the upright rods and lowering their hips, through groaning and wriggling, both girl’s managed to push the large dildoes into their small holes.

“Good, This is how the competition will go…” begins Haruka. “You will thrust yourselves up and down on the dildoes, every time one of you comes, I’ll strike the other on the back with my whip.”

“WHAT!?” gasps both girl’s.

“If you don’t want to get hit, I suggest you fu*k yourselves like there’s no tomorrow. The game ends when I say it does, or if one of you collapse, passes out, or otherwise is unable to continue.”

“This is crazy!” states Shinobu.

“This is punishment! Now start!” replies Haruka, cracking her whip to signal the two girl’s to start.

With a silent disappointed groan from them both, Su and Shinobu began and started pushing themselves further down onto the large dildoes, both groaning from the size, depth and also pleasure that it gave, before they lifted themselves up, them back down… they began slowly.

“Good…” comments Haruka, before walking behind Shinobu and running the whip slowly across her back, causing the younger girl to flinch in fear and stop her action, beginning to tremble. “I wonder which of you will come first…” Haruka places her left hand on Shinobu’s left shoulder and felt her shaking and smiles. “Shinobu, you’re shaking like a leaf…” Haruka then leaned forward to whisper into her right ear. “Are you scared?”

Shinobu slowly nodded her head as tears trailed down her cheeks.

“Then you better start bouncing…” suggests Haruka, before the two hears a moan of pleasure from Su, causing both Haruka and Shinobu to look up to see Su leaning forward with her hands on the floor as she thrusted her hips up and down onto the dildo. “Heh, or your friend Su is going to claim the first orgasm, and I’m going to add some color to your back.”

“O-Ok…” replies Shinobu, before quickly resuming her up and down motion on the dildo, going faster than before, but still slower than Su since she had stopped, preventing her vagina from becoming wet and stretched enough to comfortably bounce her hips up and down quickly.

Haruka stood back up straight and smiles, slowly circling the two.

“Perverted little girl’s, look at you go…” states Haruka as she walked back around Shinobu, “Stuffing your pussies like this.”

Su’s hips were moving faster and she was moaning out even more, while Shinobu was still going slow, but more importantly, not moaning out like Su was.

“It looks like Su is going to beat you Shinobu.” comments Haruka from behind. “Look how much of it she’s taking, nearly half…” Haruka then crouched down for a moment to see how far down the dildo did a ‘ring’ of wetness reach on it. “heh, and it looks like your only taking a quarter of it’s length…”

The fear of feeling the sting of the whip against caused Shinobu to cry more before groaning as she pushed herself down, and Haruka saw that she was lowering herself down to take more of the dildo inside of her pussy.

“Good, there ya go Shinobu.” comments Haruka, before standing back up.

Shinobu groaned through half of the dildoes length, before leaning forward much like Su was doing and placed her hands on the floor and began to lift her hips, moaning out as she felt the depth of the dildo in her retreating. Shinobu slowly managed two full thrusts onto the Dildo, until, to her horror, she heard…

“I’m coming!”

Gasping, Shinobu look up to Su and saw her bouncing her hips up and down very quickly as she groaned for a moment soon impaling herself onto the dildo hard as a loud scream left her lips, signaling her achieving her orgasm.

Shortly after seeing Su’s come, Shinobu slowly looked back to Haruka.

“Aww, too bad, too slow again…” Haruka states, raising the whip.

“H-Haruka, p-please…” begs Shinobu, tears streaming down her face.

With a crack, Haruka brought the whip down to Shinobu’s back, releasing a wail of pain from her as she arched back from the pain and her legs giving out on her for a moment, causing her to fall onto the dildo, another gasp of pain left her lips as the dildo was forced through her cervix and she sat on her leg’s, before falling back on her back, bending the dildo so far that the suction-cup on the base popped free, though with the depth of penetration, the dildo remained lodged inside of her as Shinobu cried on the floor.

As Su was beginning to recover from her orgasm, she looked up to see Shinobu writhing on the floor in front of her, but something else soon caught her attention, Haruka, the older woman looked a little dizzy and raised her left hand to her face for a moment before shaking her head. Su smiled at this, the juice’s effect had ended.

After recovering, Haruka looked down to Shinobu crying at her feet, then her whip, dropping it to the floor.

“Finally!” states Su, with a sigh of relief and lifting herself off the dildo, now covered in her white, creamy cum. Standing with her legs a little shaky from her orgasm.

Haruka then looked towards Su, with the same sinister smile.

“Don’t look so happy, that juice Mai have run it’s course, but you naughty girl’s still need more punishment.” states Haruka.

Su then looked worried and backed away a few steps.

“But don’t worry, I won’t be using my whip anymore… You, Su, are going to assist me.”

“Huh?” replies Su.

Haruka then looked down to Shinobu and states, “On your stomach.”

Without question, Shinobu quickly did so, though she felt the pain in her cervix and womb as she rolled over to her stomach. Haruka then stepped over Shinobu and sat on her back, facing Su, then placed her hands to each cheek of Shinobu’s rear and spread them wide, revealing her brown anus.

“Shinobu’s pussy is all full now, so we only have one alternate, I want you to take the dildo you just finished fu*king and use it on Shinobu’s cute little a*s.” states Haruka.

“WHAT!?” gasps Shinobu. “The biggest thing I’ve had in there were fingers!”

“Well, time to upgrade.” comments Haruka.

Haruka saw that Su was hadn’t yet moved from her telling her what she wanted her to do and states…

“Su, if you don’t do this, then you will be the one in Shinobu’s place.”

At this, Su stepped to the dildo she just used and removed it from the floor and walked between Shinobu’s legs and sat down on her knees.

“Su! Don’t do it!” pleaded Shinobu, trying to wriggle free, but failing.

Su then asks, “Um, can I use my hand first? To stretch Shinobu out first?”

“Hmm… actually, forget the dildo.” states Haruka, “Your going to fist Shinobu’s a*s.”

Shinobu didn’t like this ether, but she figured it was better than taking a foot-long dildo.

“BUT!” quickly states Haruka. “You can’t just shove you hand up Shinobu’s butt as it is, you’ll tear it in two without any lube… I want you to lick her a*s, make it nice and wet…”

Before Su could complain, the three heard…

“That’s enough…”

Looking to the door they entered, the three saw Kanako.

“Haruka…” began Kanako. “You just don’t know when to quit huh?”

“Heh, back for more?” asks Haruka, releasing Shinobu’s cheeks, then standing as she grabs her whip. “Didn’t get enough of my whip last time?”

“It’s one thing when your victim enjoys it, but do those two look like they’re enjoying themselves?” asks Kanako, as she walks towards Haruka.

Haruka then looks down towards Su, who looked worried, then behind to Shinobu, who looked up at her with tears in her eyes, before looking back to Kanako, “Fine, you two can leave.”

Su quickly got her feet as Haruka removed herself from over Shinobu. Su then helped Shinobu and pulled out the dildo from her, who gasps in pain and sent her right hand down to her crotch as Su helped her up to her feet. The two gathered their clothes and hurried pass Haruka, then Kanako and out of the room.

“Never again!” quickly states Shinobu as she and Su rushed down the hall, “Haruka is off-limits!”

“Ya don’t have to tell me twice!” replies Su.

Back in the hidden room, Haruka stepped up to Kanako and gasps her by her chin.

“Me and you need to have a little talk.” States Haruka, smiling.

Kanako simply blushed in response…


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