Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 15)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 15

Title: 15.Shinobu! You Naughty Girl!

[Author's notes: Suu loses something, but Shinobu finds it and enjoys it quite a bit...

none shoujo-ai/yuri]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina or any of it’s characters, this is just a work of fiction.


It’s mid day and Suu is currently, in the living room, lifting the cushions from the couches, looking under them and even under a few rugs, it was clear she was looking for something…

Soon, Sarah walked into the room with a cup in her right hand which had a straw, seeing Suu searching the room.

“Hey, you lose something?” asks Sarah walking to Suu.

“Yeah…” replies Suu as she plunges her arm into one of the corners of the couch. “I made something really cool a few days ago from some left over parts…” adds Suu removing her arm only to pull out a ball of lint.

“What does it do?” asks Sarah.

“It makes your most wanted desire come true!” replies Suu excitedly. “But there’s a bug with it, I only got it to work once.”

“Wow, that is really cool. I’ll help you find it!” states Sarah before looking around the room to decide where to start looking.


Meanwhile, upstairs, Shinobu was currently walking down the hallway towards her room carrying a small pink laundry basket of her clothes. She wore a white t-shirt, blue pants and white socks.

A few steps from her room, she felt her right foot step on something, It wasn’t painful but Shinobu gasped at the surprise and moved aside the basket and moved her right foot back to see a small oval shaped metallic device.

Intrigued by the object, Shinobu got to her knees and moved the basket against her left side and reached down with her right hand and picked up the object.

“This looks like something Suu could’ve made…”

Shinobu then noticed the device starting to slowly pulse with a red light.

“It’s glowing…”

Shinobu then turned the device over and saw two small needle-like protrusions and was happy this side wasn’t upright when she stepped on it. Upon thinking she heard a sound from the small machine, Shinobu lifted it to her right ear but heard nothing and just before moved it away from her ear, she felt it suddenly just from her fingers and latch onto her temple, it wasn’t exactly painless thanks to the needles.

“Ow!” gasps Shinobu dropping the basket and sending both of her hand to the device to try to remove it.

Shinobu then felt a sharp pain shot through her head and gasps once more before falling back onto her back, unconscious…


Shinobu came to standing in her own room, with a quickly look over her herself, she quickly saw that she was nude, but since she was in her room, she found no reason to be embarrassed. Shinobu then gasps as she remembered the device and quickly raised her right hand to her right temple but didn’t feel the device.

“A dream?” thought Shinobu out loud.

After a few moments, Shinobu took a step towards her bed before gasping out in shock upon hearing a VERY familiar voice behind her call her name and immediately placed her right hand to her crotch and her left arm over her.

“Keitaro what are you doing in- ah!” quickly stated Shinobu as she turned around but gasps again as she not only saw that Keitaro was behind her, but he was naked with his penis ready and at attention.

Shinobu’s face immediately went beet red in embarrassment before quickly stepping back and falling onto her bed.

“W-w-w-w-w-why are you here in my room with no clothes on!?” stuttered out Shinobu.

Keitaro stepped up to the bed smiling. And placing one knee on the bed and lowering his hands on the bed on ether side of Shinobu’s head, literally leaning over the shocked Shinobu.

“This is what you always wanted right?” asks Keitaro. “To be alone with me.”

“B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-…” Shinobu continued to stutter trying to get the word ‘but’ out, however, Keitaro gently placed a finger of his right hand to Shinobu’s lips.

“Don’t worry Shinobu, it’s only me and you here in the house, no one will bother us.”

Keitaro removed his finger from Shinobu’s lips and she replies, “T-T-This has to be a dream!”

“Well if it is, what do you have to worry about?” asks Keitaro smiling down at Shinobu. “We can do what ever you want…” adds Keitaro before lowering his face down to Shinobu’s and kissing her fully on the lips.

Shinobu almost felt herself melt right then and there, if this was a dream, it was amazingly realistic, she could feel the warmth of Keitaro’s lips pressed against hers and she could felt her crotch nearly overtaken with wetness. It wasn’t long before Shinobu quickly began returning the kiss, moving her hands from her body and placing her hand on both of Keitaro’s cheeks. Shinobu quickly dicided, if this was a dream, she was going be make the most of it before waking up.

Upon the kiss ending, the blush on Shinobu’s face was now from both embarrassment and arousal as she looked up at Keitaro smiling.

“Um, K-Keitaro…” starts Shinobu’s moving her hands from his face and looking away.

“What is it?”

“There’s, something I-I’ve always wanted to do with… to you…” answers Shinobu.

“And that would be?” asks Keitaro smiling.

“C-Can I… s-suck it?” asks Shinobu timidly.

“Of course.”

Keitaro then removed himself from the bed and stood up, taking a step back. Shinobu slowly sat up and looking down at Keitaro’s still hard penis and a smile crossed her face as she slided her butt off the bed and down to her knees in front of Keitaro.

Shinobu nervously moved her hands up to Keitaro’s penis and after a few moments wrapped her right hand around it, feeling the warmth and it throbbing. The next step Shinobu did with little problem, moving her face forward a little, she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of Keitaro’s penis once and smiling.

“Heh, it’s tastes funny, b-but I like it…” comments Shinobu.

“Well that’s nice to hear.” Replies Keitaro with a smile looking down at Shinobu, who looked up at him smiling.

This seemed to break the last of the wall of Shinobu’s nervousness, as she quickly began licking all around the head of Keitaro’s penis, causing him to moan and place his right hand on Shinobu’s head. After a little while of this, Shinobu finally wraps her lips around Keitaro’s penis and lightly sucking on it and using her tongue to continue licking it.

“Oooh, Shinobu, your good at this.” Comments Keitaro rubbing his hand over Shinobu’s head.

Shinobu then paused and removed her lips from the penis head and looked up at Keitaro looking a little embarrassed.

“Well, I have been practicing…”

“It’s working!” comments Keitaro before giggling.
Shinobu smiles before resuming her pleasuring of Keitaro and wrapping her lips back around Keitaro’s member; She continued for a few moments before taking more of Keitaro past her lips and now officially giving Keitaro a blow job as she slowly moves her back and forth.

Although Keitaro clearly enjoyed it, so did Shinobu, told by the frequent ‘Mmm’s’ as she sucked him off.

As Shinobu continued, she sent her free left hand down to her crotch and masturbated herself, rubbing her wet labia.

This scene continued for a few minutes with Keitaro and Shinobu’s moans filling the air, until Keitaro had reached his limit and came, spurting thick shot of cum into Shinobu’s unsuspecting mouth.

Shinobu quickly removed her mouth with a gasp, but Keitaro’s ejaculation wasn’t over and Shinobu caught a thick shot of cum over her mouth. Shinobu though quickly regained her composer though and placed her lips back around Keitaro’s orgasming penis, even doing a few pumps with her right hand still grasping it.

At the moment though, Shinobu didn’t focus on swallowing and much of the cum leaked out of her mouth and trailed over her chin and the more sticky cum trailed down the front of her neck, her hands weren’t saved from the ‘mess’ either, thanks to her hands movement, much of her inner hands was covered in Keitaro’s cum and trailed down her wrist.

When it was over, Shinobu’s chin and right arm were a mess in Keitaro’s cum, but Shinobu just smiled at the sight of her hand and running her fingers over her chin and looking up at Keitaro smiling, his penis still hard.

“It tastes really good… you came so much.”

“Heh, I guess you want me to return the favor now huh?” asks Keitaro getting to one knee.

“Actually…” replies Shinobu as she licks her right hand. “I have a better idea… can you lay on your back?” asks Shinobu smiling.


Keitaro then repositioned herself on his back with his penis pointed straight up.

Shinobu then stopped licking her hand and climbed over Keitaro’s body and carefully positioned his penis to prod her young vaginal and insert it the short distance till the head met Shinobu’s hymen.

“Shinobu…” states Keitaro smiling upon feeling the wall in Shinobu.

“Don’t move ok?” asks Shinobu smiling back.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

After that, Shinobu closed her eyes and began to push herself down, feeling the resistance and slight, growing pain that came with trying to break her hymen. It only took a few moments after Shinobu started groaning from the pain before her hymen finally broke and she dropped down onto Keitaro’s penis with a gasp mixed with both pain and pleasure, but it was more pain as Shinobu sat on Keitaro’s waist shaking a little and small streams of blood cam from her once virgin hole.

“O-Ow… that hurt more than I thought it would…” comments Shinobu, leaning forward a little with her hands on Keitaro’s chest.

“Do you want to stop?” asks Keitaro placing his right hand on her hip.

“N-No.” replies Shinobu forcing a smile on her face. “The hard part is over.”

Shinobu then cringes as she lifts her waist up, withdrawing some of Keitaro’s penis, slightly covered in her blood, then back down, cringing again, but on the return trip back down, she moaned with pleasure that now accompanied her slow up and down motion.

“Ooohhh… it feels so good!” declares Shinobu’s happily before sitting up straight and starting to move herself up and down on Keitaro’s penis more energetically.

Keitaro then raised up his knees, allowing Shinobu to lean back if she wanted. Shinobu however instead of leaning back, propped up her arm onto Keitaro’s knees to help support herself as she happily bounced up and down on Keitaro’s penis.

“Oooh, I w-wish this wasn’t a dream!” states Shinobu smiling and moaning. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long!”

Shinobu opened her eyes to look down at Keitaro smiling and tears of joy trailed out of Shinobu’s eyes.

As Shinobu continued happily thrusting herself on Keitaro’s penis, panting and gasping as small wet squishes could be heard from the in and out motions of Shinobu’s tight vagina taking Keitaro’s penis repeatedly. Shinobu’s wetness only aided her as she started going faster and faster, moaning, groaning, panting, all the sounds that accompanied pleasure.

Within just a few minutes, Shinobu had gone from slowly thrusting herself on Keitaro to a high-speed, ‘fu*king’, her arms were no longer resting on Keitaro’s knees, her hands were on the floor behind her, her body leaning back slightly with her face looking towards the ceiling with her eyes tightly closed. The sweat on Shinobu’s body has caused her body to give off a glow-like effect from the light above.

“Keitaro! It feels so good!” declares Shinobu loudly.

After a few minutes of ‘fu*king’ Shinobu’s movement quickly slowed and moved her hands back in front of her and pressed against Keitaro’s stomach and lowered her head to look at Keitaro, both of there faces showed the signs of them about to come. Shinobu was trembling a little, she could feel Keitaro’s penis inside her vibrating walls also throbbing.

“K-Keitaro…” trembled out Shinobu with a small trail of drool coming from her mouth that she failed to wipe away. “I-I’m gonna come Keitaro… Let’s come together…”

“I-I’ll try my best Shinobu.” Replies Keitaro with a groan.

Shinobu smiles and with her hands to on Keitaro’s stomach began to, rather quickly move her waist up and down on Keitaro’s ready-to-come penis.

Both of them only lasted a few more moments before they came, Keitaro first shooting his cum deep into Shinobu, who feeling Keitaro come in her seemed to make her come harder as she suddenly gasped and then screamed in pleasure as her own cum erupted out her urethra and flooded both her and Keitaro’s crotch.

Even as Shinobu came, she didn’t stop her thrusting onto Keitaro’s penis, she slowed considerably, but didn’t stop.

When they both were spent though, Shinobu was now shaking and panting from the afterglow of her orgasm and her and Keitaro’s crotch was now as messy as Shinobu’s chin and right hand still was, but with a more fluid substance.

“K-Keitaro… That was amazing!” states Shinobu panting and with one of her eyes currently open to look at Keitaro while pleasure she ebbed from her throbbing pussy.

“It’s sure was…” replies Keitaro smiling and looking up at Shinobu, raising his right hand up to the left of Shinobu’s face and caressing her cheek.

“I-I’m probably going to wake up soon, but there’s something else I want to try before I do.”

“I guess we better hurry then, what is it?” replies Keitaro propping himself up on his elbows.

“U-Um… M-My other hole?” asked Shinobu hesitantly.

“Heh, naughty…” teased Keitaro smiling.

“W-We don’t have to…” replies Shinobu.

“No, it’s ok, lets hurry before you wake up.” States Keitaro.

Shinobu smiling and looked down to her crotch and slowly lifted herself, once her vagina was free, she saw and felt Keitaro’s cum drip out of her.

Upon sitting up, Shinobu did a 180 and leaned over onto her hands and knees. Shinobu though noticed a pillow almost leaning off her bed and reached for it and placed it under her arms.

Shinobu then felt Keitaro’s hands grasp her rear cheeks and spread them. Thanks to the abundant lubrication on his penis, none was needed on her anus and she quickly felt it prod her anus.

“Ready?” asks Keitaro.

“Y-Yeah.” Replies Shinobu, she was clearly nervous, anal wasn’t exactly something she tried on herself, but in her head, since this was a dream, why not try it?

Shinobu then soon felt Keitaro’s hard penis enter into her and she gasped suddenly at the uncomfortable pain it brought, but Shinobu didn’t object it and allowed Keitaro to slowly enter all of himself into her, groaning the entire time and moving her hand under the pillow and grasping the end, at the complete insertion though, that was it for Shinobu as she quickly states…

“It hurts! Pull it out!” requested Shinobu.

Keitaro replied with action, quickly pilling, but that quickly caused Shinobu to gasp and clench her anal muscles hard, which only made it more difficult for Keitaro to remove himself. Shinobu even raised her rear up, no longer having her knees on the floor only her toes.

“Shinobu, you have to relax.” States Keitaro.

“I-I’m sorry!” replies Shinobu.

Once she tried to relax and Keitaro pulled again, Shinobu immediately clenched back up, but that only brought her the sensation that her butt was being pulled inside out, which caused her to gasp loudly.


Shinobu came too with a start, quickly seeing Naru, Sarah, Mutsumi, Motoko, Kitsune and Haruka in front of her, she also noticed Suu to her right, seeing the device that was attached to her temple in her hands.

“Welcome back Shinobu!” greeted Suu.


Haruka then stated, “What ever that thing is, I want it!”

Shinobu was a bit puzzled but felt the crotch of her panties completely soaked and looked down and gasped once she saw that the crotch of her pants had a very large wet spot in the crotch, Shinobu immediately sent her hands over her crotch to cover herself.

Sarah then asked, “What happened Shinobu? You sounded like you REALLY enjoyed yourself.”

“I-I made sounds!?” gasps Shinobu.

[End notes: there's a pic version of this, e-mail me if you want it]

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