Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 14)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 14

Title: 14.Voyeur-Shinobu

[Author's notes: A short and to the point fic with Shinobu catching to of her friends 'entertaining' each other]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina or any of it’s characters, this is just a work of fiction.


Not long ago, Shinobu awoke for her morning shower and walked to the bathing area with her body wrapped in a rather small pink bath towel, barely covering her crotch.

But soon Shinobu heard a the sounds of moans come from the door she intended to go through to enter the bathing area. It was a pair of moans and curious, Shinobu stepped to the door and slowly got to her knees, feeling the small bath towel hug her bottom.

Shinobu placed her left hand to the door and gently pushed on it, finding it unlocked and the door slowly opening. Shinobu peeked her right eye into the area and quickly placed her right hand over her mouth to silence a gasp as she saw Naru and Kitsune naked on the stone floor near the water licking each other’s most private of places.

Shinobu didn’t know what to think, she knew she wasn’t supposed to be looking, but she couldn’t bring herself to look away, hearing her two friends moaning in pleasure, happily pleasing the other with lick after lick.

Shinobu felt her cheeks get hot as she looked on, that wasn’t the only thing ether, Shinobu felt her body warming and tingling. She quickly felt a different ‘tingling’ from her crotch and look away from the sight in front of her and down to her barely covered crotch and spread her legs a little, feeling the air meeting her dampening labia.

Shinobu lowered her right hand from her mouth and grasped the bottom of the towel and pulled it up over her rear, revealing her wet, hairless labia completely to the air.

Placing her hand over her lower lips, Shinobu felt the wetness that had developed from seeing her two friends. She looked back up at them as she gently rubbed herself, moaning softly in pleasure as she spread her wetness around, making her young labia slick with her arousal.

Shinobu felt her wetness growing, causing her to moan more as her pleasure increased and urge her to insert her middle and ring fingers into herself, with a wet shlick sound as a pleasure filled gasp was forced past Shinobu’s lips.

Shinobu withdrew her finger slightly, covered in her arousal juices and plunged them back into her tight hole again, releasing another gasp of pleasure from her as she continued to spy on her friends, hearing Naru’s moans increasing in volume.

“N-Naru’s… going to, come…” pants out Shinobu.

From the angle that Shinobu had, she saw that Naru head rested on the floor with her mouth open moaning.

Shinobu started a slow thrusting of her fingers into her pink hole, bringing a continuous flow of pleasure through her young body as she forced her eyes to remain open to look at her friends as more moans left her lips.

After a few minutes and the shlick, shlick, shlick sound of Shinobu’s finger’s repeatedly entering her quivering pussy, she heard the sudden, loud moan of Naru as she came, which signaled Shinobu’s own climax as the young girl moaned out loudly, before quickly moving her left hand from the door and pressing it against her mouth as she closed her eyes tightly, feeling her pussy tightening around her fingers, before the muscles started to spasm, ebbing pleasure through her body as her girl-cum squirted out of her in a forceful, thin line against her hand. After the first squirt ended, Shinobu removed her fingers from herself as her hand trembled in pleasure as she moaned hard as a second stream of her cum forced itself from her body onto the floor, once the last of her cum left her, Shinobu fell to her back and rolled over to her left side as her body was taken by a number of spasms as she writhed on the floor as One more short, quick squirting of cum left her body, signaling the end of Shinobu’s orgasm as a strong afterglow lingered, leaving Shinobu’s trembling on the floor as she pussy continued to throb waning pleasure through her body.


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