Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 13)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 13

Title: 13.Shinobu-The Delicious Treat pt.3

Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina or any of its characters, this is just a work of fiction


Shinobu walked back to Kanako

“Are you feeling better?”

“A little…” replies Kanako as she lowers her hand from her head. “It seems like your cum has a significantly increased effect. Your normal scent was just an annoyance to me, but your cum…”

“Well it looks like I’ll be avoiding any orgasms as well…”comments Shinobu.

“However, it is interesting that icing came out of you when you came. It leaves me wondering… would you mind if I request something possibly embarrassing of you?”

“Um… it depends on what it is.” Replies Shinobu as the blue icing over her cheeks turned a shade of red again.

By now Shinobu’s right arm had fully reformed and although she was technically ‘clothed’ she still placed her hands over her crotch.

“I was wondering if your pee would be icing as well, along with your, uh… poop.” Replies Kanako starting to blush at the end of her statement.

“What!?” gasps Shinobu embarrassedly. “You want to see me pee… and…”

“It would simply satisfy my curiosity.”

“Well I don’t have to go anyway…” replies Shinobu looking towards the floor with her blush growing.

“I see… well I guess we should find something to do for the next two-“

Kanako was interrupted as Shinobu gasped and thick, stringy, dark blue icing came from Shinobu’s covered crotch before she quickly placed her hands over her crotch.

“I thought you said you did have to go.” Questions Kanako as she walks to Shinobu and kneels down to the fresh icing from Shinobu on the floor and looks at it.

“I didn’t!” quickly replies Shinobu with her face nearly completely red. “I-I just relaxed as if I had to pee and it suddenly came out!”

“Really? Your ‘pee’ doesn’t seem to have the effect your cum had…” states Kanako before looking up at Shinobu. “Would you mind moving your hands and trying again?”

“I-I don’t have any urge to go though.”

“Just try… If what I’m thinking right now is true, I may have an alternate plan for you not to be eaten if we can’t wait her peacefully for two hours.”

“What’s your plan?”

“I’d rather see more before telling you…”

“Ok then…” replies Shinobu as she removes her hands from her crotch, revealing an uneven mound from where Shinobu’s hand pressed against herself, pressing icing that had come from her against her crotch.

Shinobu then squatted down again and shortly after, Shinobu gasped lightly as another dark blue stream of icing appeared out of her hidden labia and gathered on the floor.

“I-I doesn’t make sense…” comments Shinobu as she looks at her ‘pee’ continuing to leave her, gathering on the floor in a rising pile. “I don’t have any urge to go, but I can still pee.”

“It doesn’t make sense that your cake either.” States Kanako.

“… It still feels like I’m peeing though.”

Both Kanako and Shinobu watched as icing continued to flow out of her and after about a minute, the icing continued flowing out.

“Are you sure you didn’t have an urge?” asks Kanako.

“Yes I’m sure.”

“Hmmm… try stopping it.”

Shinobu did so tensed slightly, stopping the flow, but a string of icing remained hanging from her.

“Do you feel any kind of urge now?”

“No, nothing…” replies Shinobu.

“OK, relax again.”

Shinobu does so and moans softly as the icing restarts it’s exit from her, building on the large five inch high pile.

“It looks like, while your cake, you can pee at will.”

“Well it’s not really a useful advantage at this point.” Replies Shinobu frowning as her icing flowed out.

“That may not be true…” comments Kanako. “Stop… ‘peeing’, for a moment and try pooping.”

Shinobu stopped her peeing and looked to Kanako nervously.

“Come on, with the way things are going, I’m pretty sure it would be icing too.” Urges Kanako.

“It’s just… it’s still coming out of, ‘there’.”

“Will you try though.”

Shinobu took a long slow breathe before agreeing. Shinobu used her left hand to remove the lingering string of icing connected to her and after a pause, placed it in her mouth.

“Mmm, even my pee is good…”

Shortly after this, the reforming hole in her chest suddenly sped up.

“Hey, eating that sped up the repairing of the hole in her chest.” Comments Kanako.

“Well that’s nice to know…” replies Shinobu looking towards her rapidly healing chest.

Kanako then turned her attention to below Shinobu’s crotch and from a soft grunt from Shinobu, an object began to emerge below her and began to coil around under her, however, other than the tip of it, which was covered in blue icing, Shinobu’s ‘poop’ was vanilla cake.

“Ohhh, it still feels like I’m pooping…” comments Shinobu with her face red with embarrassment.

Kanako smiled at seeing the cake being excreted from Shinobu.

“I think my plan could be a reality…”

Shinobu then groaned once as she clenched her, ‘cake-hole’, the white cake underneath her in a neat coil.

“What’s the plan Kanako?” asks Shinobu.

Kanako got to her feet again smiling.

“It’ll be embarrassing for you, but if our effected friends really just want cake, it’ll work.”

“And it’ll save me from being eaten?” asks Shinobu as she stands, smiling.

“Yep, all you have to do is-“

Before Kanako could explain though, a sudden and hard bang came from Shinobu’s door, as the two heard the moan-like chants of “Cake! Cake! Yummy caaaaake!” from their friends.

After the initial shock and both girl’s looking to the door, Kanako commented, “They sound like zombies.”

“How did they all find where I was!?”

“Well the room isn’t exactly air-tight.” Comments Kanako.

“What are we gonna do!?” asks Shinobu panicked, “There’s no where to go! I’m trapped!”

“The window!” gasps Kanako as she starts to head to the window.

But Shinobu’s door suddenly came flying open, everyone, except Keitaro, rushed into the room. They may have sounded zombie-ish, bu their speed certainly wasn’t. Kanako herself gasped as the stamped bowled over her to reach Shinobu, how was nearly tackled to the floor before her friends surrounded her and began eating her, appearing to slowly lower into the crowd.

The sudden pleasure overwhelmed Shinobu as she cried out from the sensations that flooded her senses. Before Shinobu knew it, her legs were gone along with hr hands, Naru and Haruka worked on her left and right arm. Once she felt her pussy quickly fall victim to the mouths, Shinobu gasped of loudly as it sent the largest wave of pleasure through her, but obviously, couldn’t come now, and thus, the pleasure stopped, pain never came though.

Now with Shinobu able to focus and her quickly descending into the hungry mouths, she cried out, “Kanako! Where are you! I don’t think their going to stop at my head!”

Kanako managed to squirm her way out of the crowd, now missing her dress, just leaving her form-fitting black bra and the tights shorts around her waist remaining. Kanako stood and turned to Shinobu and gasped in surprise as Shinobu was down to her chest.

“Kanako! You have to help me!”


Shinobu quickly thought and gasped, “My head! As long as my head is ok my body will come back!”

Kanako was a little wary of pulling Shinobu’s head from her body, but did so anyway, reaching over her friends and freeing Shinobu’s head from her quickly disappearing body and running out of the room.

Upon reaching her room and locking the door, Kanako looked to Shinobu’s head, to see that her eyes were closed, but she was already starting to regenerate.


Kanako tried a few times calling to Shinobu as she walked towards the middle of the room and sat on the floor, but Shinobu’s eye’s remanded closed.

“Maybe she can’t be conscious without her body…” commented Kanako.

Kanako figured that was the case and places Shinobu’s head on the floor beside her to her right.

“Well your just a head now, I don’t think you have anything to worry about now.” States Kanako smiling.

About fifteen minutes later, Shinobu come to, finding her body whole again and sat up smiling, but heard Kanako beside her moan, “Ohh… Big Brother…”

Shinobu looked to her right and saw Kanako embracing a body pillow, with her legs wrapped around it.


Shinobu quickly found that Kanako was still awake, evident by her immediate flinch of surprise, before turning her head to face Shinobu, a blush clear as day on her face, although she didn’t ‘look’ embarrassed.

“Oh, your back…”

“Um…” replies Shinobu unsure what to say from seeing Kanako daydreaming.

Kanako released herself from around the pillow and stood.

“Since your whole again, we may not have much time.”

“U-Uh, what’s the plan?” asks Shinobu.

“OK, it’s simple, the other want cake, and you can make cake. So for the next two hours, your going to be making cakes for the others.”

“W-Wait a minute! Are your suggesting that I start peeing and pooping in front of everyone!?” asks Shinobu shocked.

“I said it would be embarrassing. You’ll basically be the cake version of what and ice cream machine does.”

“B-B-But I can’t do that! Not such a naughty thing in front of all my friends!”

“You have a better idea?”

“…No…” replies Shinobu disappointedly.

The two then heard the commotion of their friends nearing.

“You ready Shinobu?”

“It’s not like I have a choice…” replies Shinobu with her face red.

“Ok, Just wait here…” Replies Kanako as she walks to her door.

Kanako quickly walked out of her room to meet the crowd. Suu, who was still nude, stated, “Out of the way Kanako! We know Shinobu’s in there!”

“Yeah she is.” Replies Kanako. “After you eat her, then what? There will be no more Shinobu. Not eating her head allows her body to come back, do you think you wait until her body comes back before you start eating her again? As a matter of fact, would any of you have the willpower NOT to eat Shinobu’s head?”

From this, the crowd unsure, and after a few moments, Haruka rather calmly stated, “She tastes so good though.”

“I understand that.” Replies Kanako. “But I’ve figured out a way that you could still eat the ‘yummy cake’ and keep Shinobu safe.”

Almost immediately, the crowd requested, “Tell us please!”

“Well I’ve discovered that instead of pee and poop, Shinobu produces Icing and cake, respectively. And she can make as much as you all want. How’s that?”

The group talked with each other for a few moments before Naru spoke, “Are you sure it’s cake and icing that comes out?”

“Yep, a hundred percent sure.” Replies Kanako, “You guys just have to take turns.”

Kitsune then commented, “We can do that, we were all fighting with each other because there was only one Shinobu.”

“Ok, now that this is all sorted out, come get some cake…” replies Kanako as she opens her door, revealing a blushing Shinobu squatting in the middle of the room, with her legs spread to expose her icing covered labia.

Shinobu smiled, then nervously and embarrassingly stated…

“U-Um… w-who’s first?”



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