Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 12)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 12

Title: 12.Shinobu-The Delicious Treat pt.2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina or any of its characters, this is just a work of fiction



The cake girl nervously turned to face Kanako, who was sitting on the couch, dressed in a black dress with a long split up the front, revealing all of her legs and the form-fitting spandex-like shorts. Kanako was also stroking Kuro who was on her lap, sleeping.

“Um… please don’t eat me.” Requested Shinobu as she walked out of the hole backwards.

“Eat you?” questioned Kanako. “Why would I want to-“ adds Kanako before quickly looking puzzled and started sniffing the air.

This quickly began to worry Shinobu as she quickly looked around to decide which way to run, but was surprised when she heard Kanako’s next comment…

“Eww, what’s that smell!?” comments Kanako as she bring her left hand up to her nose and pinching it closed.

“You… don’t like it?” asks Shinobu, becoming relived.

“Of course not! You smell like that cake a friend gave me.”

“So that was your cake!?” asks Shinobu shocked.

“Yeah, but Naru’s still fine, so I guess it didn’t work, by the way, why are you holding a foot-shaped piece of cake?”

Shinobu quickly looked side to side to see that it was clear and quickly walked in front of Kanako, who quickly placed her left hand out to Shinobu, signaling her not to come too close.

“Kanako, you have to help me! I accidentally ate that cake, and now I’M cake! And if someone sees me there gonna try and eat me, you’re the only one that doesn’t seem to be effected by the smell.”

Kanako looked surprised at this.

“You mean, the cake actually worked?”

“Yes! Just look at me! And this…” replies Shinobu lifting her detached foot in her left hand. “This was attached to me! Suu said as long as my head wasn’t eaten, my body would reform. It’s true, Suu ate both of my arms and my right leg before she started feeling ill and said she was going to the bathroom, Suu could be back at any moment, will you help me please?”

Kanako gently moved Kuro from her lap to the right of her, stood up and walked in front of Shinobu and placed her right hand on the cake girl’s left shoulder, feeling the soft texture of the icing.


Then the two heard Naru’s sister, Mai’s voice nearby, “Hey, that smell is back…”

“Kanako!” whined Shinobu quickly, worriedly.

“Ok-ok!” Replies Kanako grabbing Shinobu’s left arm and began to walk towards the stairs.

Kanako heard Shinobu gasp and suddenly no resistance from her arm, Kanako turned around to see her holding Shinobu’s entire left arm and quickly gasps in surprise and dropped it to the floor and looked to Shinobu to see her with only her right arm, she also looked surprised.

“Well you’re not a very firm cake…”

Seconds later, Mai entered the room, dressed in a white shirt and blue skirt, the redheaded pig-tailed girl immediately became excited at seeing Shinobu and quickly started running towards her.

“Shinobu follow me!” quickly stated Kanako as she quickly darted to the nearby stairs.

Shinobu immediately did as Kanako suggested and followed her. However, once Mei saw Shinobu’s arm on the floor, she gave up on Shinobu for the moment and quickly got to her knees and started eating the detached limb. Kanako stopped at the top of the stairs, also causing Shinobu to stop, as she looked down to Mei focused on Shinobu’s arm, then looked to the foot Shinobu still held onto…

“So that’s why you have that.”

“At least I know it would work as a distraction now.”

Kanako then smirked, “Yeah, it would…”

“Um, Kanako?” questioned Shinobu as she slowly backed away.

“Don’t worry, I have no interest in eating you, let’s go before she finishes with your arm.” Replies Kanako quickly walking past Shinobu.

“OK…” states Shinobu before looking down to Mei again, seeing her finish off her arm, then look back up at her. “Um, Kanako, I hope where we’re going isn’t far…” states Shinobu as she quickly walks back to Kanako.

“No, why?”

“Naru’s sister has already finished my arm.”

“That quick!” asks Kanako shocked.

The two then heard the quick foot steps coming up the stairs and the two turned to see Mei quickly come back into view.

“Yummy cake! I must have more!” demanded Mei.

Shinobu quickly threw her foot to Mei and she, along with Kanako quickly ran the other way. However, this only bought Shinobu a few seconds as Mei practically shoved the entire foot into her mouth. Kanako and Shinobu turned a corner and encountered Kitsune on the other side, dressed in a blue shirt and jeans.

“Hi you two-“ began Kitsune, but Kanako quickly cut her off and ran past her, commenting, “Not a good time right now!” as she quickly ran past her, followed by Shinobu.

Kitsune looked puzzled when she noticed Shinobu, then started sniffing the air.

“That smell!”

Now both Mei and Kitsune was chasing then.

“You know Shinobu…” began Kanako as they ran. “If their still behind us when we get to your room, your going to be in trouble.”

“What do you suggest then?” asks Shinobu.

Shinobu was then shocked as Kanako ripped her remaining arm from her and threw it behind them. The pleasure went through Shinobu nearly made her loose her balance and fall as now, at the moment, she was armless, besides her regrowing of her left arm, which was about halfway down.

“Ahh!” gasped Shinobu.

“Sorry, but it works…” replies Kanako as she looked back, seeing Mei and Kitsune wrestling over Shinobu’s right arm.

Fortunately for Shinobu, the two reached Shinobu’s room without any further meetings.

“Wow, I didn’t think the effect would be so strong!” comments Kanako as she locks the door.

Shinobu sighed and sat on her bed.

“Finally, I’m safe!”

“For now at least…” replies Kanako as she walks in front of Shinobu.

“Please tell me this condition isn’t permanent Kanako.” Requests Shinobu looking up at Kanako.

“Well I didn’t really think the cake would work so I wasn’t really paying attention to what my friend was saying about it, but I do know it is temporary, lasting about three hours.”

“I think it’s been about thirty minutes since I changed, so I just need to avoid everyone for two and a half hours.”

“Shinobu, do you mind if I look over your body now that you’re safe for the moment?”

At this, Shinobu gasped and flailed her current arm stump around.

“Ahh! I forgot I was naked! Why’d you have to rip off both of my arms!?”

Kanako smiled at Shinobu’s inability to cover herself.

“Well I’m sure you’d rather be alive, besides, I don’t really think you’re naked.”

“How? Look at me!”

“I am, if you were really naked, your nipples would be visible, but there’s not, so I think the icing is simply a ‘tasty’ covering.”

“I-I think I see what you mean…” replies Shinobu calming down and looking to her flat, icing covered chest. “I’ve made cakes before, without icing, the cakes are just, naked.”

“So you’re not really naked. Think of it as though you’re wearing a full body suit.”

This made Shinobu smile before getting back to her feet. Kanako then looked down to Shinobu’s crotch a noticed the white ‘arousal icing’ over the area and knelt down to getting a better look.

“Interesting, I can’t see your labia, but your developing wetness here…” Kanako then ran her right index finger along the area and found that it stuck to her finger. “…Or rather icing… hmm, so when you’re aroused, more icing develops over the icing covering your labia.” Kanako then noticed the blue icing over Shinobu’s pussy turning a shade of red, then looked up to Shinobu’s face to see that a redness also developed on her cheeks. Kanako smiled at this, “Your getting horny…”

By this time, Shinobu’s left arm had finished reforming and her right arm was about halfway reformed.

“I-I’m not trying to!” replies Shinobu embarrassedly.

Kanako then looked back to Shinobu’s icing covered labia thinking.

“Hey, those two times I pulled off your arms, I think I heard you moan.”

“U-Um… yeah, for some reason, every time I lose a part of me… i-it, sends a wave of pleasure through me.”

“Hmmm… Shinobu, would you mind if I test something?”

“Um… ok.”

Kanako reached up and placing her right hand over Shinobu’s left breast, “Do you feel that?”

Shinobu flinched slightly, “Kinda, like if I was wearing a thick shirt.”

“Ok, how about this?” asks Kanako as she slowly starts to push her fingers into Shinobu.

Shinobu’s reaction to this was immediate, closing her eyes as her body tensed slightly, trembling and moaning.

“Squat down.” Requests Kanako.”

Shinobu did as requested and squatted, keeping herself balanced with her current left arm. Kanako pushed her fingers in deeper into Shinobu and this clearly pleasured Shinobu’s body more so than just being eaten as Shinobu moaned more, her sex flush now over her chest as Kanako felt from inserting her fingers, Shinobu’s trembling further increasing.

“This doesn’t hurt at all?” asks Kanako as her palm started to push into Shinobu.

“Ahh… nngh, n-no, i-it feels amazing!” replies Shinobu moaning.

Kanako smiled and pushed her hand into Shinobu and let it rest inside her as Shinobu was now moaning continuously and trembling vigorously as she looked on the edge of orgasm.

“More! Please! I wanna come!” begged Shinobu.

“Interesting…” commented Kanako lowly.

Kanako granted Shinobu’s request and slowly began pushing her hand again, Shinobu’s volume of moaning increased further and until Kanako the moment Kanako’s hand emerged through Shinobu’s back, the section that was pushed out of Shinobu falling to the floor behind her as Shinobu’s moaned out loudly and her body trembled vigorously.

Kanako noticed movement below her and looked down to see that a light blue, substance streaming out of Shinobu rapidly, pooling on the floor below Shinobu and quickly raising up in a cone, similar to ice cream in a cone. To Kanako’s surprise though, she couldn’t be amazed at what was coming out of Shinobu as the cake girl suddenly fell forward onto her as she continued to come.

Once Shinobu’s orgasm stopped, she slowly removed herself from Kanako’s arm, now leaving a large hole in her chest and Kanako’s hand and arm messy with cake. Kanako looked down to the large pile of, something, on the floor.

“Did you just come icing?” questions Kanako.

“I-It looks like it.”

Shinobu then saw Kanako place her left hand to her forehead and seem to moan in discomfort.

“Kanako? What’s wrong?”

Kanako then stood and backed away. “Nngh, I t-think your, ‘cum’, is starting to effect me.

“I have to get rid of it!” gasps Shinobu as she tries as best she can with just one hand to get as much of her cum icing in her hand, then looking around the room to see where best to dispose of it, Shinobu quickly chose her window and walked to it and tossed her cum out of the window.


Unknown to Shinobu, this was probably the worst thing she could do, nearly as soon as the highly potent cum went out the window it drew the attention of everyone less in the Hinata house, reigniting their desire to find Shinobu significantly…

To be continued

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