Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 11)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 11

Title: 11.Shinobu-The Delicious Treat pt.1

[Author's notes: Shinobu's already yummy looking, but what happens when she REALLY becomes yummy? [VORE]]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina or any of its characters, this is just a work of fiction


“Mmm… what’s that smell?”

This was the first question from Shinobu as she awoke, before realizing that she’s blindfolded and laying on a hard surface that wasn’t her bed. Those two facts didn’t worry Shinobu much until she also realized that her hands and feet were bound to the flat surface she was laying on; and from a faint breeze over her body, felt that she was nude.

“H-Hey, where am I!?” states Shinobu quickly starting to panic and trying to vainly pull her hands free.

To Shinobu’s relief, she quickly heard Suu’s voice.

“Oh! You’re finally awake!” replies Suu’s voice happily.

Shinobu felt Suu removing the blindfold and once she had her sight, saw that she was in some sort of well lit lab, Suu at her left, also nude; but got the shock of her life upon looking at her own body…

“AH! W-W-W-What happened to me!?”

Shinobu saw that her body was completely blue and the texture of her skin quite odd, from the movement of her body, the usual lines that would form from certain positions, remained as a kind of crevice.

“Shinobu calm down!” states Suu. “Your fine.”

“Fine!? My skin is blue! What happened to me!?”

“Well actually, that’s not your skin, it’s yummy icing!” replies Suu before running her right index finger over Shinobu’s belly and creating a line as she gained a generous amount of icing on her finger and sticking it in her mouth. “Mmm!”

“S-So, I’m covered in icing?” asks Shinobu calming down considerably.


“Well can you free my hands and feet now?” asks Shinobu as she pulls against the restraints, before a few moments into it, Shinobu felt a pleasurable wave go through her before her right arm quickly lifts, but without her hand.

Shinobu’s eyes widen in shock and looks back to the restraint to see her hand on the other side of it, but instead of seeing blood, only saw what looked like vanilla cake made up the inside of her detached wrist. Shinobu was about to scream but Suu quickly placed her right hand over her mouth before she did.

“Shinobu, calm down!” states Suu.

Shinobu looked to Suu with fear clear in her eyes as she continued to scream into Suu’s hand.

“Shinobu it’s ok! It’ll grow back.”

At this, Shinobu quickly stopped her screaming and looked at Suu puzzled, before she removed her hand from her mouth.

“W-What?” asks Shinobu. “How?” adds Shinobu as she looks and her handless arm.

“I don’t really know.” Answers Suu as she reaches over Shinobu’s body and takes her detached hand and happily taking a large bite of it, covering mouth with blue icing, much to Shinobu’s shock.

“Hey! What are you doing!? I need that!” states Shinobu.

“Since you seem to have forgotten, I’ll explain it to you.” Replies Suu. “There was a piece of cake in the kitchen, the smell was sweet, just like you now. The smell drew everyone into the kitchen, you too, nobody knew where the cake came from. You said that the smell was too much and just had to eat it, but the others wanted to eat it too. You grabbed the cake and started running, everyone started chasing you! It’s was really fun!” explains Suu happily as she ate more and more of Shinobu’s hand, all the fingers were gone, along with most of the palm.

“But… that doesn’t sound like something I’d do.” Comments Shinobu.

“And everyone chasing one person for a piece of cake isn’t something they’d usually do either.” Replies Suu. “Anyway, as we were chasing you, you were eating the cake, no one could catch you! You’re a much better runner than Keitaro!”

“Can you get to the point Suu, please?” requested Shinobu as she looked at Suu finish off her once attached hand.

“Ok-Ok… So after you finish off the cake, you stop running and tease everyone about how good it was, then Motoko got really angry and started chasing you with her sword, then everyone else started chasing Motoko to stop her. After a few minutes though, you stopped and fell to the ground and everyone tackled Motoko before she could reach you. As Naru and Kitsune held down Motoko; Me, Mutsumi, Sara, Keitaro, Naru’s sister and Haruka all checked on you…” Suu then placed a finger on her chin. “Now that I think about it, Kanako was the only one not part of the whole event…”

“What about me!?” asks Shinobu.

“Oh yeah! Sorry, anyway, we saw you start to turn blue, you were holding your stomach like you were in pain, you hair turn kinda frosty blue…” replies Suu before reaching to Shinobu’s hair and pulled a chunk of Shinobu’s hair from her head, bringing another wave of pleasure through her body as she gasps quickly. “…And really firm.” Commented Suu as she bit off a piece of Shinobu’s icing hair.

“Hey! You can’t take off parts of me and eat them!” states Shinobu

Suu only smiled and continued with the story…

“Anyway, once you turned completely blue, you passed out, then you started to give off the same smell the cake had. Everyone started to get drawn to the smell again. For some reason, the smell didn’t effect me much and I saw that started licking you, they looked like hungry zombies!”

“Are you saying that the cake I ate, turned me into cake!?” asks Shinobu shocked.

“Yep! A really yummy one too! Sara pulled your arm off and Naru chased her for it and someone else pulled your right leg off below the knee.”

“Didn’t you try to stop them!?”

“Of course! I took your head.”


“Yeah, and I brought your head here to my secret lab, I noticed that from your neck down, more of you started to form, so I placed you on that table your on now and you rapidly started to reform.”

“So, you saved me.” Replies Shinobu smiling. “Thank you Suu! Now can you release me?”

Suu then smiled.

“I can’t do that Shinobu.”


“I had to wait for like fifteen minutes for you to reform, smelling your sweet scent all that time…” states Suu as she lowers her face to Shinobu’s left arm and licks the icing down to the white cake underneath.

“W-Wait a minute!” gasps Shinobu. “You brought me here to eat me!?”

“Hehe, you’re all mine Shinobu. Seems as long as your head isn’t eaten, all of you will come back to eat again!”

“But I don’t want to be eaten!”

“You taste so good though!” replies Suu as she walks to Shinobu’s feet and grasps her right foot and took a large bite out of it, taking away Shinobu’s big toe an the one next to it, causing Shinobu to gasp in pleasure again.

Shinobu then thought, “Why does it feel good every time some part of me disappears?!”

“Suu Stop!” pleaded Shinobu.

Suu though ignored her as she continued and within seconds, Shinobu’s entire right foot was gone down Suu’s throat and bringing waves of pleasure through Shinobu’s body.

Suu moved Shinobu’s leg from the restraint and began starting on her leg, the farther up she ate, the more pleasure it gave Shinobu, not allowing her to protest being eaten, although she wanted to.

Suu’s speed was astounding, within just minutes, Shinobu’s right leg all the way to her pussy, which gained numerous beads of what would be arousal wetness, instead were spots of icing; was gone. Suu was also on the table Shinobu was laying on now, on her knees

Suu quickly licked up the arousal icing off her pussy before quickly moving to Shinobu’s right arm.

“Suu stop! Ahh, Nngh…” requested Shinobu between the transition between Suu’s eating of her leg to her arm before the pleasure started again.

Suu was moaning herself, from the delicious taste of Shinobu as she devoured her arm quicker than Shinobu’s legs.

As Suu moved to Shinobu’s left arm, pretty much ripping away her arm from the restraint, again, sending pleasure through Shinobu’s body as the edible girl looked to her two missing limbs with concern.

Just as quickly as her right arm disappeared into Suu’s belly, so did her left arm, much to the unwanted pleasure of Shinobu.

Now with just her left leg remaining, Suu sat over Shinobu’s belly with her back to Shinobu and grasped her leg to pull it from the restraint like her arm, but groaned and released Shinobu’s leg and placed her hands over her stomach.

“Suu what’s wrong?” Asks Shinobu, glad that Suu had stopped.

“My stomach hurts…” groans Suu as she slowly removed herself from Shinobu and slowly walked away.

“Hey, where are you going!?” asks Shinobu.

“I have to go to the bathroom, don’t worry, you’ll be whole again before I come back… with an empty stomach, hehe-ohh…” replies Suu as her giggling was interrupted with a groan.

Shinobu saw Suu turn right after walking a distance and then the sound of a hatch opening and closing. Shinobu then looked at her partially eaten body, but with no arms and only one leg, there was no chance of an escape, so Shinobu sighed as she was forced to wait for her body to regenerate.

Shinobu’s reforming didn’t take long, just about seven minutes, her hands hadn’t formed yet, but everything else had and Shinobu sat up and realized her first problem, her left foot was still restrained. Shinobu looked her forming hands then her foot, after a few moments, Shinobu pulled on her foot, taking a considerable amount of effort for Shinobu to force her leg, without her foot, free.

Shinobu then turned and hopped off the table and balanced on her right foot and started to hop down the hall she saw Suu take, but stop and short distance and look back to her foot on the table.

“As long as I’m like this, the others are probably going to be after me…”

Shinobu then hopped back to the table and looked to her hands to see that her hands were now formed and nervously took her foot from the table.

“I might be able to distract one of them with it…”

Shinobu looked down to her left foot to see that it was starting to come back and hopped down the hall and turned the corner to see stairs leading up to a hatch, looking down to her foot again, Shinobu saw that her left foot was now back and able to walk now and walked up the stairs and pushed on the door and quickly found herself in the middle of the living room of the Hinata house, but then…

“Why are you blue, and naked?” came Kanako’s voice behind her.

Shinobu quickly thought, “Oh no! I just finished reforming!”

To be continued

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