Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 10)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 10

Title: 10.Shinobu's Gotta Go!

[Author's notes: Shinobu has to pee, but there are things in her way, can she hold out? [WATERSPORTS]]

Disclaimer: I don’t Own Love Hina or any of its characters; this is just a work of fiction.


It’s currently in the middle of the afternoon at the Hinata house, while Shinobu sits in her room at her desk doing her homework, wearing a white and blue shirt with a blue-jean skirt and white socks on her feet.

As Shinobu neared the end of her homework, she paused for a moment to stretch out her arms, before returning to her work. Shinobu hadn’t put her lead to the paper for three seconds before Naru, quite cheerfully, opened her door and walked in.

“Hey Shinobuuuuu!” commented Naru smiling as she walked to the blue-haired girl’s left side.

Naru was dressed in her usual yellow shirt, red skirt and stockings.

“Huh? What is it Naru?” asked Shinobu looking up at Naru.

Whom just smiled and leaned forward to look at Shinobu’s face more closely, causing the younger girl to look at her puzzled.

“Um, Naru?”

“Cutie!” stated Naru suddenly and nearly bursting into laughter.


“You’re a cutie! Ya know that!?” asked Naru giggling.

“I-I, uh...” trailed off Shinobu, confused as to what to say.

“Come on Shinobu, say it!” smiled Naru.

“Um, say what?”

“That you’re a cutie!”

“But Naru, I...” replied Shinobu surprised by the request as she slowly began blushing.

“Come on, just this once? Say ‘I’m a cutie’!”

“...” Shinobu had opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came out.

“I’m gonna bug you ‘till you say iiiiiiit!” stated Naru as she placed her right index finger to Shinobu’s nose, causing her to cross her eyes for a moment to look at Naru’s finger before looking back to Naru.

“Naru, did you drink some of Su’s juice again?”

“Heh, so what if I did? I came to play with cute little Shinobu!”

Shinobu’s blush was in full bloom at this statement, before she looked at Naru puzzled.

“Naru, if you can to... play, with me, why did you drink some of Su’s juice?”

Naru grinned as she moved her finger that was on Shinobu’s nose, down to her lips and surprised her by inserting her finger into Shinobu’s mouth.

“I drank some, because, I want be extra horny when we play.” Replied Naru in a teasingly sexual tone.


Naru had quickly placed her left hand around Shinobu’s lower jaw, suggesting to Shinobu not to talk as Naru got to her knees.

“Suck my finger?”

Shinobu quickly looked at Shinobu’s puzzled.

“Come on, practice makes perfect Shinobu. Suck on my finger.”

Seconds later, Shinobu closed her eyes and groaned slightly. A moment later, Naru felt Shinobu’s starting to suck on her finger, grinning at this, Naru began to retreat her finger, then returning it inside Shinobu’s mouth.

“Very good Shinobu...” commented Naru before nearly completely removing her finger and adding her middle finger.

Naru noticed Shinobu didn’t mind the added finger and after a few more back and forth thrusts, had a ‘why not?’ thought and slowly pushed her two finger’s deeper into Shinobu’s mouth, managing to hit the back of her throat.

Shinobu’s only reaction to this was a quick squeezing closed of her eye’s, Not what Naru was expecting as she raised a brow to this, before smiling and inserting her finger’s a bit deeper into her throat and keeping them there. After two quick heaves, Shinobu quickly began coughing and raised her hands to Naru’s hand to full out her finger’s, covered in her saliva.

“Wow Shinobu, it took you a few moments to cough...” commented Naru smiling.

Shinobu wiped away the remaining saliva from her mouth and turned her attention back to her homework, blushing even redder than before.

“Shinobuuuuuu! Have you been working on your gag reflex?” asked Naru nearly giggling.


“Oh! I didn’t know a cutie like you were such a pervert!” stated Naru now giggling. “There’s only one reason a girl would practice not gagging.”

“Can you leave, I need to finish my homework.” Requested Shinobu.

Naru got to her feet and looked over Shinobu’s shoulder to her homework and smiled, “You only have two left...” replied Naru before grabbing Shinobu’s chair and pulling the surprised girl from her homework.

“Naru! I have to finish my-“

“You’re a pervert girl Shinobu.” States Naru as she quickly walked infront of Shinobu.

“No I’m not!”

Naru simply smiled at this and to Shinobu’s surprise, sat on her lap, facing her and removed her yellow shirt, revealing her white bra.

“Pervert girl’s need pervert attention.”

“I-I’m not a pervert!”

“Oh really? I guess a pervert girl wouldn’t allow herself to be given an orgasm by her friends huh?”


“And I don’t think a pervert girl would willingly give her friends an orgasm ether huh?”


“Oh, and my favorite, a girl who’s not a pervert wouldn’t enjoy completely, and utterly drenching her cute bear-face panties would she?” asked Naru removing her bra.

“B-But... you... a-and...” replied Shinobu unable to think of reply.

“Heh, and I don’t think a pervert girl would be as aroused as you are right now.”


“So, Shinobu, are you a pervert girl?”

“I-I... I’m... y-yes...” replies Shinobu looking ashamed.

“Yes what Shinobu?”

“I-I’m, a p-pervert.”

“Very good Shinobu! I know admitting it is hard, but once you realize you’re a pervert girl, the better you’ll be. Everybody, to some degree is a pervert.”

“Everyone?” asks Shinobu looking up to Naru looking happy.

“Yep, everyone.”

“So, if everyone’s a pervert, even you, why do you get mad at Keitaro all the time?”

An annoyed look quickly crossed Naru’s Face.

“Hey, you wanna orgasm or not!?”

“W-Well, not rea-“

“Well too bad! ‘Cause your getting one!”

“B-But I don’t want one!”

“Of course you do, you just don’t know it yet!” replied Naru as she removed herself from Shinobu’s lap and got to her knees and reached to Shinobu’s skirt, before the younger girl placed her hands on her’s.

“Naru stop! Please, I don’t want an orgasm!”

Naru suddenly stopped and looked up at Shinobu with a wondering looking on her face.

“You, really don’t want one?”

“No, I’m sorry.”

Naru sighed and returned her hands to herself as she stood.

“Actually, I’m the one that’s sorry, I shouldn’t have tried to force myself on you.”

“It’s ok.”

“Well, I’m still really horny, I need to get Su’s juice outta me before Mai comes, I‘m going to see what Motoko’s doing.” Replies Naru as she picked up her bra and put it on.

“OK. If you’re still willing later on...” states Shinobu blushing.

“Heh, sure thing.” Replies Naru as she picks up her shirt and put it on before leaving the room.

Shinobu quickly sighed in relief at Naru’s departure and moved her chair back in front of her desk to finish her homework. She did manage to finish her work before a second interruption arose, her bladder.

The urge wasn’t too bad and Shinobu put away her homework first before leaving her room and going to the nearest bathroom, but she got a little surprise opening the bathroom door.

Keitaro was in the room cleaning it, currently on he’s hands and knees cleaning the floor. Keitaro also had a small towel over his nose and mouth, and had looked up to Shinobu once he heard her coughing from the cleaning chemicals in the air.

“Oh, Hi Shinobu, sorry, I have to clean the bathrooms.”

“Ok.” Replies Shinobu covering her nose and mouth wit her right hand.

“The bathroom on the other end of the house should be aired out by now.”


Shinobu quickly left the room, closing the door behind her, coughing from the fumes a few more times before her breathing returned to normal.

Shinobu dicided to instead of walking to the other side of the house, would try the second bathroom of the area. By the time she got there her urge was a bit stronger but Shinobu was sure in her ability to hold it. But Shinobu found this bathroom unusable as well as even though the door had remained open to help air out the room, there was still enough chemicals in the air to hamper her breathing.

Shinobu quickly left the room to clear her lungs, but to her surprise, her last cough caused a small spurt of her urine freedom into her cotton panties. Shinobu quickly gasped and closed her legs and wedged her right hand between her legs.

But Shinobu found she had no immediate worry as her hold was still in her control.

“... losing it here wouldn’t be good...” commented Shinobu as she removed her hand from between her legs and began walking down the hall.

Although, shortly after, Shinobu heard light, quick steps coming from behind her and quickly turned around to see who it was but saw no one.

“I’m sure I heard...” comments Shinobu.

Just a moment later, Shinobu turned back around and was greatly surprised by Su greeting her. Shinobu had fallen to her rear from surprise, but quickly gasped again and sent her hands between her legs, closing them around her hands tightly and shaking a little.

“What’s wrong Shinobu?” asks Su.

Shinobu quickly, got to her feet shaking as she replied, “I have to go to the bathroom!” before quickly, almost running, down the hall.

Su’s surprise greeting had surprised a rather long stream of her pee out of her, further wetting her panties, but not yet dripping, any more squirts or streams would cause drips though.

“Well I’ll help you!” states Su following Shinobu.

“N-No, I don’t want your help!” replied Shinobu as the two neared the stairs.

“Sure you do, you just don’t know it yet!”

“I am sure!”

Su chased Shinobu down the stairs, past an uninterested Kanako, But once Shinobu got to the door to the next bathroom, she noticed Su was no longer behind her.

Shinobu was quite puzzled, and worried about this and quickly tried opening the door but found it locked.

“Who is it?” came Mitsune’s voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Replies Shinobu as she walks back down the hall thinking, ‘What am I gonna do? I can’t use any of the bathrooms.’

Shinobu quickly stopped in her walking and dropped to her knees as she felt a little more of her urine slipping past her hold.

‘N-No, I can’t lose it here! I should at least go back to my room.’ Thought Shinobu as she managed to clench her urethra closed.

Shinobu didn’t want to admit it, but the damage had been done, her loss was an even bigger and longer stream than when Su surprised her, her pee passed right through her panties to her skirt. Shinobu still felt urine inside her and didn’t want the rest to come out, at least not out in the open.

Shinobu quickly got to her feet, feeling a small trail of her pee running down her left inner thigh and made her way to the living room, heading Su and Kanako in the kitchen, Su apparently annoying Kanako.

Shinobu carefully began to walk into the living room, trying to get to the stairs with out alerting Su or Kanako, mainly Su though.

“Get away from me!” came Kanako’s annoyed voice.

Shinobu gasped lowly as her heard the two coming to the living room and quickly looked around for a place to hide and quickly rushed behind a couch that faced the doorway where Su and Kanako came through. Shinobu sat with her back to the couch and her knees up to her chest, not exactly the best position to prevent a wetting...

Unfortunately for Shinobu, the two sat in the couch she was hiding behind. After a quick moment, Shinobu tensed strongly as she felt her urine trying to free itself from her bladder into her urethra. Shinobu knew if any left her bladder, the small tube leading to the exit would do almost nothing to retain it since it already had the sensation of urine flowing through it.

But as hard as she tried, Shinobu still felt her fluid leaving her.

‘N-NO! Stop! Peeing!’ thought Shinobu blushing deeply in embarrassment.

But Shinobu’s body refused to listen as it continued to release the remaining urine from Shinobu’s bladder, thoroughly wetting the upper area of her skirt and panties with her manner of sitting.

As the last of her pee left her, Shinobu saw Kuro walk in front of her, Shinobu quickly began to move to her left, but Shinobu noticed she left a puddle of her urine on the floor.

Shinobu heard Kanako comment on a smell and then to Shinobu’s shock, Kuro stated, “Looks like some had an accident, meow.”


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