Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 1)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

Title: 1.Untested Concoction

[Author's notes: Su's made a new, but untested elixer, but what happens when Shinobu sneaks the first drink?]

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina, this is just a perverse work of


The small dark-skinned blonde stood in front of the sink of the kitchen
of the Hinata house adding the finishing touch to her latest liquid
invention by adding a few servings of water to the small bottle she had
in her right hand. The bottle previously held a very sour liquid that
Su bought in a candy store. After shaking up the bottle with the lid
replaced, Su started to open it to test the flavor when Sara suddenly
rushed in and grabbed her from infront of the sink, dropping her newly
mixed drink in the sink, the top still on.

"Hey, you have got to see this!" exclaimed Sara dragging Su out of the

"W-Wait, I-"

"Come on, hurry up, we're gonna miss that loser go airborne again if
you don't hurry." stated Sara


A little bit later, Shinobu came into the kitchen, went to the fridge
and took out a bottle of juice. After closing the door, she noticed the
sink faucet had been partly left on. Not wanted to waste water, she
went to the sink and turned of the flow of water completely. It was at
this time, Shinobu noticed the small dropped bottle in the sink.

"This one of Su's bottles with that sour liquid in it. I wonder what
it's doing here. Oh well, I'll just return it to her."

After removing the bottle from the sink, Shinobu paused for a moment
and looked behind her. Seeing no one, she placed her juice down and
untwisted the cap on the other bottle and took a quick sip of it. She
was quickly surprised by the taste, it was not at all sour, in fact, it
was quite sweet, really sweet. Shinobu took one more quick drink before
replacing the cap and retrieving her juice and leaving the kitchen.

On her way out, she heard the well familiar statements "PERVERT! and
DIE URASHIMA! together, then and loud boom and the scream of Keitaro as
it quickly began to fade.

A somewhat sad look crossed Shinobu's face.



"That was great!" happily stated Su to herself as she made her way back
into the kitchen to get what she left.

Upon looking into the sink, the girl was shocked to not find the bottle
she left.

"Oh no! Where could it have gone? I haven't even tested it yet, so I
don't know what effect it was..."

The girl then dicided to return to her room.

"Hmmm, but Naru, Motoko, Sara, Mutsumi, and Keitaro couldn't have taken
it..." thought Su as she walked to her room. "... That leaves ether
Shinobu or Kitsune... Wait a minute, I saw Kitsune on the couch
sleeping, that leaves Shinobu. She must've taken it. Well, since she
obviously still alive, I guess I have nothing to worry about."

Su sighed in relief as she reached her room. Then heard Shinobu call
her name from up the hall.

"Hey, Su, I was just looking for you, here." states Shinobu as she
hands Su her bottle.

"Oh, thanks... hey, it feels lighter." replies Su as she holds the
small bottle.

Here, Shinobu blushes a little.

"Oh, well, I took a little drink or two."

"And you feel ok?" asks Su.

"Yeah, why?"

"Um, no reason. Thanks for returning this." replies Su.

"Your welcome, see you later." states Shinobu before turning and

Su then goes into her room, or should I say, self made jungle and then
quickly takes a big gulp of what's left in the bottle. After about
thirty seconds, Su sighs in disappointment.

"Nothing... oh well, at least is tasted good."

Su then went to a large branch and laid on it.

"I wish it did at least something..."

At this moment, Tama-chan floated over to Su and landed on her stomach,
sliming at her. Su smiled back as she placed a hand on its shell.

Su then got a very odd feeling within her, well not that odd, she
recognized the feeling but why at such a time? She groaned at how
strongly the feeling then suddenly hit and literally rolled off the
branch she was laying on. She hit the floor but she felt no pain from
the impact, it was serverly drowned out by incredible serge of arousal
that was rushing through her young body.

She firmly grasped her crotch with her right hand as she squeezed what
she could of her left breast with her left hand moaning uncontrollably.

"Ah! W-Why... am I feeling so... horny... all of a sudden?"

She then quickly moved her right hand into her panties and thrusted two
fingers into herself swiftly before groaning hard in unbelievable
pleasure attacking her body.

"W-What's w-wrong with me? I can't s-stop myself..."

Su's green eyes the clouded over as her sudden lust totally claimed her
senses. She then spied Tama-chan floating over her looking concerned.
Su then quickly shot her left hand up and snatched the turtle out of
the air...


"Ooooohhhhhh.... my head..." groaned Su as she woke.

She felt she was on her stomach, and quickly noticed she was missing
all her clothes as she lifted herself to her hands and knee's, her eyes
still closed. Simple getting into this position was tiring, she shook
all over, like she had just been scared and ran a hundred yards.

"What happened? I'm so tired, and the spot between my legs is

The girl tiredly sat up on her legs, cupped her right hand over her
crotch and felt it absolutely soaking wet, her inner thighs and legs
were soaking wet as well.

"What did I do?" asked Su to herself tiredly.

Su then inserted two fingers into herself and found that they went in
with absolute zero resistance.

"What the..."

She then pulled out and added a third finger, again, zero resistance.
Starting to get worried, Su pulled out a second time and put all five
of her fingers together and pushed them into herself. She gasped in
total shock as she only then, felt slight resistance.

"What in the world did I do!? I was hardly ably to fit three fingers in
there before!"

She then lifted herself to her unsteady feet with the aid of a nearby

"That drink must've had an effect after all. Well, it's not that bad,
if all I did what masturbate like crazy."

She then noticed Tama-chan passed out on the floor to her right. Simply
looking at the turtle, Su could tell it was drenched in fluid as well.

"No... I couldn't have..." stated Su in utter shock.

"Yeah, you did." came Sara's voice, surprising Su immensely as she
looked around her room quickly.

Sara the emerged out of the greenery infront of Su.

"Man, I never thought you would get her to fit." states Sara leaning on
the same branch that Su was currently propped up on.

"Are you saying, me, and Tama-chan..." stated Su in shock.

"Yep, what ever you had to make you do what I saw, I want some too."

"I can't, Shinobu drunk some and I finished it off." answered Su.

"Oh, that sucks. Anyway, you seemed to have been focus pretty much on
Tama-chan..." states Sara.

"That must be what the effect is! Once it starts, the first thing you
see you start... I have to get to Shinobu! She has a habit of running
into Keitaro." exclaims Su as she tiredly gets some new clothes and
puts them on.

"Ewwwwww...." replies Sara at the thought that now was going though her

"Shinobu only had a little bit, I might be able to catch her before it
starts taking effect." states Su.

"What do you plan to do once you catch her?" questions Sara.

"..." replied Su looking at Sara, blushing.

"You can't be serious, your both girl's." states Sara shocked.

"You got a better plan?"

"Well, what about making sure she doesn't leave her room?" suggests

"Yeah, that works too. Thanks Sara." replied Su as she quickly left the

"Man, poor Tama-chan... she'll probably never be the same again..."
states Sara.

Outside her room, Su's energy was coming back to her as she rushed to
Shinobu's room. She quickly opened the door as she reached her room.

Spotting the girl lying on her bed.

"Hey, Shinobu, you feeling ok?" asked Su as she rushed next to Shinobu.

"I'm... not ok, I feel strange..." replies Shinobu lowly, her breathing
beginning to quicken.

"Ok, I'm going to go close the door." states Su as she does so and
returns to Shinobu.

Su then places a hand over the girl's eyes.

"What are you feeling?"

"Why is your hand over my eyes?" asks Shinobu as she lifts her left
hand and moves Su's from her field of vision.

"Well, what are you feeling?" repeats Su.

"Feeling?" here Shinobu begins to blush. "I'm, not feeling anything,
but tell me, do you what do you think I should be feeling?"

"What do you mean by that?" asks Su nervously.

"Su, I know this has something to do with that bottle I drank out of
earlier. What was it?"

"Well, apparently, it turned out to be a type of 'horny juice'." states
Su truthfully, blushing.

"Really? Well, that would explain a lot, I've been feeling exactly that
for that last ten minutes. It just suddenly hit me out of nowhere, It's
a good thing I was in my room at the time. "Ooohhh, I don't know how
long I can fight it. My hands want to go between my legs so bad..."

"You're fighting it? Oh yeah, you only had a little bit of it, so I
assume it wouldn't have as strong an effect. Ok Shinobu, listen to me,
make sure you don't leave your room ok?" states Su.

Shinobu then closes her eyes, sighing as her legs begin to rub
together. "It's getting stronger..." moans Shinobu.

"You want me to leave?" asks Su.

Shinobu then opens her eyes, Su quickly notices her blue eyes have a
clouded look to them.

"No, don't go. Stay here."

"Ok, I'll just go to a different part of the room..." states Su.

As she begins to get up from her knees next to Shinobu on her bed, the
blue haired girl quickly grabs Su's right hand.

"No, touch me, I want to feel your touch." states Shinobu as she starts
to sit up, her breathing quickened.

"Huh? Shinobu come back, you don't know what your saying." states Su
trying to take back her arm.

Suddenly, Shinobu dives off them bed, forcing Su to the floor as she
looms over her then gives her a kiss full of lust, her cheeks red with

"Come on, touch me, I want you to touch my pussy so bad." breathes
Shinobu as she takes Su's right hand and tries to make her hand touch
her between the legs.

"Shinobu get a hold of yourself!"

"I can't help it Su, I'm so horny. Please, touch me..." pleads Shinobu.

"But, we're both girl's..." tries Su, feeling her own body beginning to
be turned on by Shinobu's pleading.

"I don't care, I just want you to touch my pussy. Oooohhh, I'm so wet I
can feel myself dripping, my panties must be soaked. Su, I'm begging
you, touch me... Before I go crazy." begs Shinobu as she begins to lick
the skin of Su's neck, causing her to gasp.

'Well, I am responsible for this...' thinks Su. 'She's not being too
forceful though, yet...'

"Su..." states Shinobu in a whimpering voice.

Su then moves her right hand from Shinobu's hold as she moves it under
her skirt that has ridden up from her earlier dive of the bed,
completely exposing her white panties. The moment Shinobu feels Su's
hand cupping the wet fabric of the crotch of her panties, she gasps in
pure delight as she tenses.

Su could feel the soft, aroused lips between Shinobu's legs through her
panties. They were very warm and clearly dripping, Su could feel it,
Shinobu's panties glided over her lips almost effortlessly as Su
started to rub the spot, causing the blue haired girl pant and whimper
in pleasure as she rested her forehead on the floor to the left of Su.

"Su... I want, I want you to penetrate me... with your finger's,
please." pants Shinobu.

Su obliged and uncovered the fabric of her panties from Shinobu's
aroused labia. Su didn't it, but felt a trail of fluid streaming from
her. The dark skinned blonde was surprised at this...

'Wow, that's some stuff that I made. It feels like she's peeing on my
hand...' thinks Su as she angles her head on the floor to see the fluid
falling to her hand, it had a slightly thicker texture as it appeared
to 'ooze' out and through her fingers.

"What are you waiting for?" whined Shinobu.

Su promptly inserted her middle and ring finger into her, Shinobu
tensed strongly and gasped in pleasure as, with the help of her
vagina's lubrication, Su's finger's slid in with little resistance. Su
quickly hit the barrier inside Shinobu and stopped, hearing no sound of
complaint from her, Su decided not to go further and start to slowly
pump her fingers in and out.

"Oooooohhhhhh... yes, that feels so good..." moans Shinobu.

Su then felt a small hand slid under her shorts and touch her spot.

"H-Hey, what are you doing?"

Shinobu lifted her head and smiled as she looked at Su.

"I don't want to be selfish..."

Su then felt two of her slender fingers slid into her, feeling her hole
open so easily to her fingers.

"Your so loose..." states Shinobu.

Su immediately began to blush from this.

"I bet I could stick my whole hand into you..." smiles the blue-haired

Shinobu then used her other hand to pull Su's fingers out as she
shifted her position so that she was looking down to Su's panty-less
crotch as she quickly removed her shorts. Shinobu also removed her
panties as well, and Su was given free sight of her puffy, wet garden.

"Shinobu what are you doing? This is..." states Su seeing and feeling
Shinobu's fluid dripping down onto her face.

Shinobu then positioned her fingers of her right hand together and
attempted the insertion of it in Su's wet hole. She found it quite an
easy action, her hand all the way to her wrist was inside Su, who
currently has her mouth hung open, apparently, Shinobu's action is
highly pleasurable.

"Wow, you're really loose, I wonder how it fills to have a whole hand
in you."

Shinobu then smiled as an idea came to her lust filled mind.

"What about this..."

Shinobu then began to withdraw her hand, hearing a sharp gasp from Su
as she felt a slight squeezing of her hand. She then pushed her hand
into Su again, hearing her gasp; "Shinobu!".

Shinobu then lowered her upper body to the floor some as she then tries
to insert her other hand into Su. Attempted this, she got her other
hand 1/3 of the way in before hearing a groan from Su and finally, a
hard resistance as Su's hole wouldn't stretch out anymore.

"Oh well, one is still good." states Shinobu as she pulls out her other
hand, leaving her right one in Su. "Hey, why aren't you doing anything?
Now your being selfish." states Shinobu looking behind her to Su on her
back, her face and neck partly covered in drops of Shinobu's arousal
fluid as it continued to ooze out of her.


Su then raised her right hand and inserted her index and middle finger
into Shinobu, drawing a pleasant moan from her. Su heard an obvious and
somewhat loud squishing sound as her two fingers pushed into Shinobu.
Su was a little jolted by a sudden increase in the volume of the fluid
leaving Shinobu as some of it nearly landed right in her left eye.
Apparently, Su's finger opened her up enough to allow what was still
contained in Shinobu's vagina to suddenly come out. Afterwards,
Shinobu's 'juice' appeared to stop, but a long trail still stuck to the
top of the girl labia as it hung down to Su's upper lip.

By now, Su's face was pretty much covered in Shinobu's arousal fluid.
She tried to ignore it as she began to pump her fingers in and out of
Shinobu, again causing the girl to moan. Su herself groaned back a moan
as Shinobu continued to thrust her right hand in and out of her.

The two continued there actions for only about two minutes before the
both of them groan and moan loudly. As they edged closer and closer to
their climax, they sped up the actions on each other. Soon they both
climax, at nearly the same time.

Su moaned in pleasure as it hit her, her body stiff as can be as she
felt herself cum. Shinobu's climax was slightly different, a short but
clear, hard stream of fluid left her 'pee-hole' with an audible hiss as
she then immediately moaned loudly in pleasure before dropping to the
floor in tiredness, but her body trembled vigorously from her orgasm.

Su felt something spray onto her face but, with her eyes forced closed
from her climax, chose to ignore it.

After a few moments Shinobu rested on the floor, she pulled her right
hand out her Su, then saw an unusual sight, at least for her.

She saw a really thick, white substance leaving out of Su's vagina.

"Hey, what's this?" asks Shinobu as she scoops a finger-full of it onto
her right, middle finger and rubs it between that finger and her thumb.
"It's really thick..."

By now, Su had returned from her orgasm.

"I don't know, but every time I climax, it comes out." replies Su.

"I'm the same way, but for some reason, I end up peeing a little."
states Shinobu.

(^_^ Such innocent ignorance, it's so cute... -Ahem-, back to the fic.)

At this point, Shinobu places the finger in her mouth, tasting the
unusual substance.

"Mmmm, it's good, whatever it is."

"You tasted it!?" asks Suu shocked.

"Yes, it's good, there's a lot of it coming from you..." replies
Shinobu before spreading Su's lips apart, exposing her hole still full
of the white, creamy fluid.

Shinobu then promptly places her mouth directly on the hold and begins
to lap at the fluid, 'Mmm'ing'.

"H-Hey, what are you doing!? That's dirty!" states Su shocked

"How can something that tastes so good be dirty?" asks Shinobu as she
lifts her head for a moment before dropping her mouth back to Su's

"Ah! I-I can't believe your a-actually doing that... b-but it feels so
gooooood..." moans Su.

Shinobu now had her eyes closed as she continued to lick into Su's
vagina, trying to go deeper to get more of the tasty fluid out.

About a minute into the act, Shinobu paused strangely in mid lick but
resumed a moment later. At the sound of Su's moaning, Shinobu's eyes
shot open, her blue eyes now unclouded. She gasped in shock at what she
realized she was doing and immediately rushed from over Su, too shocked
to stand as she sat on her nude rear.

"W-w-w-what.... what was I just doing!?" asked Shinobu blushing so
profusely, that she might faint at any moment.

Su was a bit surprised at Shinobu sudden stop and didn't reply

"Was I really doing that?! I thought I was dreaming! I couldn't control
myself!" states Shinobu quickly.

"Shinobu calm down." urges Su as she sits up and places her left hand
on her right shoulder.

Shinobu then appeared to try a calm herself by controlling her quicken
breaths. "O-ok... ok..."

"What the last thing you remember?" asks Su.

"I remember... all of it, I just couldn't control myself. I'm sorry Su,
and I shouldn't have drunk what was in that bottle with out asking

"Hey, it's ok. I at least found out what it does." replies Su smiling.

"Oh, well, you have anymore?" asks Shinobu nervously.

Su's smile turned to a smirk.

"No, but I could make more..."

End ^_^

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