Story: SVU (chapter 1)

Authors: yurigurl15

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: it'll get longer along with my other stories promise!]

 "I’m just saying how could anyone kill and rape a innocent twelve year old girl?" the female SVU officer asked her partner.
 "Laurin you’ve  asked this question about every pedophile that rapes kids since you’ve gotten here, and the only answer is they are psychotic. I mean in recent research it states the pedophiles all seem to blame their sexual urges and need for sexual attention on their raping, but the cold hard truth is they are sick in the head and crazy.” the other female SVU officer told her new partner.
 “Officer Jo! Officer Laurin! We have a new rape victim, they found her in a dumpster outside the French restaurant on 354 Rodster. Its the same guy.” the dark skinned captain told the two women as he rushed out of the room.
 “Damn him!” Laurin exclaimed leaving the room following behind Jo. Blood was everywhere the smell made Laurin’s sensitive stomach cringe. The girl was only nine, the medics said she had been raped multiple times, tortured, and beaten to death just as his other victims had.
 “This is youngest yet he keeps going down, a fifteen year old, a thirteen year old, a twelve year old, and now a nine year old. Yet there seems to be a pattern. Look she has red hair, blue eyes, and she’s petite just like the others.” Jo told Laurin scanning over the bruised, bloodied body of the small girl now lying on the side walk.
 “Yeah i see what you mean but why? I mean why not blonde hair and green eyes?” Laurin asked shaking her head, her long blonde hair falling in her face.
 “Maybe they remind him of someone, or maybe that’s just what the screwed up fucker likes.” Jo answered.
 “We’ll lets send her to forensics its getting late.” Laurin said walking over to the black Cadillac getting in on the passengers side , Jo followed getting in the drivers side.
  Jo sighed “ Well how about some coffee before heading home?” she asked Laurin.
 “Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt considering I have no one to go home to.”  Laurin said smiling.
 “Alrighty then Starbucks it is.” Jo said smiling back, driving off of one of many crime scenes she had seen in the three years she had worked there.
 “So Laurin how old did you say you were?” Jo asked sipping at the hot cup of coffee.
 “I just turned twenty-five, what about you?” Laurin replied moving around on the old uncomfortable stool.
 “Me? I’m twenty-seven. I started working here three years ago, man it seems so long ago…” Jo answered sitting her coffee down.
 “So are you in a relationship?” Laurin asked looking over at Jo.
 “Nah not right now last year I broke off my five year relationship, and haven’t really dated anyone since.” Jo answered taking another sip of her coffee.
 “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.” Laurin said feeling a little guilty for bringing the subject up.
 “Nah don’t worry about it I don’t even think about her anymore.” Jo answered looking over at Laurin’s surprised face.
 “She? It was a girl?” Laurin asked  nearly choking on her coffee.
 “Yeah. I guess I should have told you sooner, I’m gay. I hope it doesn’t bother you.” Jo said glancing over to see what Laurin’s reaction was.
 “No, god no I don’t have a problem with you being gay.” Laurin said nervously looking away from Jo’s deep brown eyes.
 “Huh huhn.” Jo giggled at Laurin’s nervousness “Are you okay?” she asked keeping her gaze on Laurin.
 “Yeah its just….well…” Laurin started a blush showing on her light colored face.
 “Let me guess you’ve never worked with someone gay, am I right?” Jo asked leaning her face against her hand, her gaze still set on a blushing Laurin.
 “Right.” Laurin said looking down at her cooling coffee.
 “No problem, anyway what about you. Any relationships lately?” Jo ask a smile still on her face.
 “No, no actually I’ve never been in a relationship.” Laurin said a little embarrassed about it.
 “ Really? That’s surprising I would have thought you couldn’t keep the guys off of you.” Jo replied smiling at her hazel eyed partner.


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