Story: Serving up (chapter 1)

Authors: yurigurl15

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: hope u like ^^ reviews appreciated]

I watch every game she plays, and today the girl I admire the most is picking me up from school, I‘m her new tennis girl. I've had a crush on her since the first time we met. I've hoped to one day get to play against her on the court, to see her competitiveness, to feel the power she has behind her swing. But I can’t not yet I’m still sixteen, still in high school tennis. She’s nineteen and in college tennis. She’s really popular with the girls, considering she’s never been beat before. Not once, many guys and girls have challenged her none have even come close to beating her. I think about her all the time even at school. She has another game this evening against a college senior, a guy by the name Matthew Williams. He’s supposedly the best of the best, but there is no way he’s beating Dain she’s more than the best.
 “Sarra, hello Sarra you still with me?!” that’s my friend Jean she’s my best friend in the whole world and she has been since seventh grade when we met.
 “Yeah I’m here just thinking of this afternoon’s game.” I replied opening my locker pulling my regular clothes out and putting them on the bench.
 “Oh thinking of your girlfriend again are you?” Jean asked nudging me a wide smile on her tanned face.
 “No! Jeez I don’t think about her all the time you know!” I replied a blush on my face. I knew she was right, but I didn’t want to admit.
 “Your lying, I know you have those wet dreams about her don’t ya’?” Jean asked making me blush wildly I could feel the heat on my face.
 “No I don’t you pervert!” I said shoving her lightly.
 “Whatever. Anyway you don’t have to wait to much longer in fifteen minutes the bell rings.” Jean replied opening her locker and pulling out her own regular clothes.
 “Yeah your right.” I said pulling off my top showing off my small perky breast and flat stomach.
 “You know you should really stop thinking about her all the time and find….someone else. I mean its unhealthy for you to be like this.” Jean said in her unusual serious tone.
 “ But Jean I really like-” I tried to say as I turned around to see Jean stripped from her shirt and jeans inches away from me. I just looked at her for a minute she had her long black hair pulled up into a ponytail as usual, and her big breast looked as if they had grown even more. “Jean what are you doing?” I asked as she stepped closer to me.
 “I-I can’t stand it anymore.” she said pinning my arms to the lockers.
 “Jean what’s wrong what is it?” I asked turning my head away from her bright blue eyes.
 “Wrong? Nothing I just don’t see what’s so much better about her than me. Tell me Sarra what does she have that I don’t?” Jean asked using her free hand to pull my head back up to meet her eyes.
 “I don’t know Jean, but please let me go!” I pleaded looking her  as she gazed into my jade colored eyes.
 “I’m sorry Sarra I cant stop.” she said leaning down forcing her mouth on mine. I felt her tongue slide in exploring every inch of it. I tried, but she muffled my cries, as she moved her hand down to unbutton my shorts.
 “Don’t please Jean.” I said as she kissed her way down my jaw line to the nape  of my neck. She didn’t answer making tears start falling down my blushed creamy colored face.
 “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.”  Jean said in between breaths of her light kissing up and down my neckline.
 “Jean its n-not right!” I yelled at her. She ignored me again ripping off my light pink lace bra. Her hand ran up my smooth belly groping my left breast making me yelp, when she squeezed and flicked at my nipple. She licked and kissed her way over to  my right breast playing with it with her tongue. The sensation felt good, but the only person I wanted to do this was Dain.
 I moaned out loud when she bit down on my sensitive nipple. “Like that huh?” she asked. I didn’t answer I just turned my head and looked away in shame. She let go of my right breast moving back over to my left, her hand wandering back down to my waist line.
 I felt myself shiver, for the first time in my life I was scared of Jean. “Jean your s-scaring me please just stop. I’m sorry I’m so sorry for the way I’ve treated you, but don’t do this to me.” I told and pleaded to her. She stopped and backed a few inches away from me. “Sarra…” she whispered my name her voice sounding hurt. I knew she wasn’t trying to hurt me. I had always knew that she loved me, but I can’t help who I fall in love with and that’s Dain. I love Dain the same way Jean loves me. I looked at her, she’s beautiful she could get anyone to love her. I love her, just not the same way she loves me. I stepped toward her. “Jean, don’t cry, please.” I said touching her forearm.
 “Don’t touch me I’m a monster!” she yelled snatching away, her blue eyes sparkling with tears.
 “No no your not! Don’t ever say that!” I yelled back at her “Jean I know you can’t help what you feel for someone, so please don’t blame yourself. You did nothing to hurt me, I’m fine look.” I said pulling her hands down from her eyes.
 She looked worryingly at me. I smiled at her, then embraced her. I held the taller girl as she cried on my shoulder, I couldn’t help but fell bad about refusing her. I held her in silence, then I heard the door creak open. I was too late, I turned around to see Dain staring at us with an “okay what the hell’s going on here?” look on her boyish face. I jumped away from Jean covering my small breast. “It’s not what it looks like.” I tried to explain. Jean looked over at me then finally noticed Dain standing there. Jean silently pulled her pants and tee-shirt back on and headed toward the door.
 “Dain.” Jean greeted the tall jock looking girl walking past her and out the door.
 “So I’m guessing your Sarra then right?” Dain asked avoiding what she had just seen.
 “ Um well yeah.” I said holding out my hand. Dain just stood there a blush showing on her light colored face. I looked down at my exposed breast where Dain had been looking, my face turned beet red. “Oh my god!” I said turning away from Dain’s gazing eyes desperately trying to find my scattered clothes.
 “I’m sorry about that.” I said fully dressed in my  white and green tennis skirt and green Nike sports shirt a shy smile on my face…….

To Be Countinued

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