Story: Rapture (chapter 1)

Authors: Lowdeen

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter One


Chapter 1

She watched the much smaller blonde lie back on the soft mattress, her skin seeming to glow alabaster white in the little light provided by the lone floor lamp close by. This was like her vision and her dream all rolled into one. Looking unabashedly at her new lover, she knew she should be feeling guilt, considering what they were about to do. If they continued as they were, they would be willfully betraying two people they'd professed to love, bucking their fate, endangering the world.

Haruka had to laugh. The situation sounded like something straight out of a comic book … a world-ending love. And yet, as romantic as it might sound, as ludicrous as it was that the world's future could rest on the shoulders of a few girls still not past their teens, this was real. This was normal in her world -- a world where she donned a costume and fought against evil. Where her future was already set in stone, her duty clearly spelled out, and her hands stained red with the blood shed in the name of the greater good. She felt the weight of her world resting like a stone around her neck, threatening to crush the last breath from her weary body. She was standing at the edge of the abyss and instead of turning around like any sane person, she was contemplating jumping.

Even knowing the overwhelming odds stacked against her by virtue of her lot in life and the role she was born to fulfill, her qualms were whisked aside when her eyes met pleading blue. The compassion and love shining back at her washed over her soul like a healing wind, absolving her of all her sins, allowing her to finally breathe as the yoke of duty was blown from her shoulders. She realized now there was no turning back. Maybe her ill-advised path had already been set on that long ago day when she'd first laid eyes on this exquisite creature lying before her and felt the first stirrings in her heart. In the end, it didn't matter -- she was committed to see this through, side by side with her princess. Her koneko-chan. Guilt was but a fleeting emotion; too weak to stop her from embarking on this course once her lips had tasted the forbidden.

A whimper from the bed brought her back to the present. Her princess raised both arms, reaching for her, summoning her senshi closer. Haruka immediately answered the wordless request, unable to resist this most precious girl anything.

"Haruka … " Usagi delivered her name on a sigh as the lanky senshi slid on top of her. Their skin whispered against each other, leaving little spots of hot pleasure where satiny smooth softness met its mate before passing on.

"Haruka … please," the girl underneath her shamelessly pleaded. Delicate hands wrapped around her shoulders, trying to pull her down with surprising strength. "I need to feel you."

Haruka looked into the eyes of her forbidden love, this person who should be off limits to her and felt an overwhelming tenderness well up in a heart she thought long turned to stone. She lowered herself gently on top of the much smaller girl and immediately felt a rush of sensation like she had never experienced sweeping across her body. It felt like an inferno had ignited inside of her, melting her sinews, setting fire to her muscles; she was being burnt alive from the inside out. The flames devouring her stole her breath and she gasped for air like a drowning man.

Distantly, she heard her name being called. Her Princess. Her Usagi. She would recognize that voice anywhere. As if awaking from a dream, she swam back to reality, urged on by the slightest tinge of panic in her lover's voice. She blinked. Once. Twice. And found herself staring into concerned vibrant blue eyes. She blinked again, trying to clear the cloudiness still lingering in her vision and realized with a start that her eyes were swimming in tears. Embarrassed by what she deemed a show of weakness, Haruka turned her head to the side, unable to stare into those knowing pools any longer.

"Haruka … " That sweet voice; it called to her like a siren's song and her resistance was easily torn down like so much wet paper by that single entreaty. She turned back to her princess, the image of that beautiful face still shimmering because the tears would not stop leaking from her recalcitrant eyes.

She felt once again like that five year old girl she was twelve years ago, waiting for her Papa to dole out her punishment for breaking his pocket watch. But unlike that long ago time, the face that greeted her now was nothing like her father's stern visage. This was unconditional love staring back at her. It shone on her warmly, drying the tears that had dripped down her cheeks. Deep in her heart, Haruka felt a small piece of the bitterness and rage she'd harbored her whole life unravel its grip on the tender organ residing in her chest just a little bit.

The small hands that had been on her shoulders all this time slowly moved down until they were gently cupping her face. An understanding passed between the princess and her senshi as they stared into each other's eyes. Haruka felt the corner of her mouth lift tremulously in a half grin which was returned ten fold in the joyful smile beaming up at her. Usagi wiped the remaining tears from her eyes with the pads of her thumb and lifted her head, engaging the older girl's lips in a kiss that communicated an incandescent passion that would burn bright in the darkest space.

The kiss infused the senshi of Uranus with a deep hunger, begging to sate itself on the body of her beloved. Unwilling to hold back any longer, Haruka broke the kiss only to immediately dip back to taste the addictive sweetness across the expanse of her love's skin. Fleeting kisses rained down on the princess' cheeks, forehead, eyelids, and throat -- a random assault that drew forth a contented sound from Usagi's throat. She couldn't get enough of this angel beneath her; the more she tasted, the more she wanted … the more she needed.

Her senses were filled entirely by this beautiful creature. Her eyes saw nothing but the innocent face in front of hers. Her ears took in nothing but the satisfied sounds from that slender throat. Her skin felt nothing but the all-encompassing warmth of her lover's body. Her nose detected nothing but the beginnings of arousal mixed enchantingly with the flowery perfume forever associated in her mind as the very essence of her odango atama.

Haruka moved down her love's slim body, licking and kissing every exposed inch of skin she could reach as Usagi urged her onwards with frequent sighs and moans. When she was at breast-level, she backed up a little, much to her princess' frustration, intent on studying the perfect mounds she was about to devour. They proudly jutted out, moving with each ragged breath, their perkiness not unlike their owners' personality.

Up and down.

Up and down.

Barely finished developing, they were the epitome of femininity. Coral colored nipples capped the lovely swells, already swollen and painfully erect from Haruka's earlier attentions. They begged to be worshipped like the living jewels they were and Haruka readily obliged, moving her head back down and sucking a teat into her waiting mouth. She felt as well as heard Usagi taking in a deep gasping breath and smiled her enjoyment against the pebbled flesh.

Swirling her tongue over the sensitive nipple, she sucked as much of the breast as she could into her heated mouth while her other hand kept up a continual massage of the other breast. Several minutes passed as Haruka visited this sweet torture on the slim blonde, the escalating moans now filling the air only spurring her onwards. Haruka's mouth finally broke its suction hold on the sweet flesh and she looked on in awe that the once pink nipple had turned a fully satisfied red. Feeling that it wouldn't do to have a mismatched set, she turned her attention to the other nipple. As soon as her lips touched the sensitive nub, her beloved arched, pushing the whole breast into her delighted mouth.

She didn't know how long she spent lavishing her undivided attention on those exquisite breasts -- time held no meaning in this space where lovers dwelled. She only knew that when she started moving down again, her sweet princess was writhing and nearly incoherent, her tiny fists twisting and pulling at the bed sheets beneath her sweat soaked body. Haruka stopped again and placed her hands on top of twin thighs that quivered under her touch. Her tan skin contrasted pleasantly with the creamy whiteness underneath. She looked up, her gaze locking with those of her blue-eyed goddess and easily read the unabashed need within those loving depths.

Giving her odango atama a genuine smile, she parted those inviting thighs to reveal a liquid wellspring that instantly perfumed the air with its musky scent. A sparse patch of blonde fur topped the pink slit which glistened with moisture and Haruka wanted nothing more than to bury her face in the wetness. Moving as if in slow motion, her hands reached out and touched, for the first time, the most intimate region of her princess' body. There was a whimper -- she wasn't sure from whom it issued.

Her thumbs, placed on either side of the vertical slit, parted the outer lips and revealed the hidden pink flesh that dripped arousal. She licked her lips, no longer able to resist the temptation and swooped down, her tongue swiping along the entire length of the glistening flesh. Her princess' hips bucked, a strangled scream ripped from some unknown depth pierced the air as she continued lapping at the flowing juices. She could hardly keep up with the erratic hips bucking under her mouth so she wound one arm around the slender thighs, holding her love steady.

Her other hand moved towards the welcoming opening that swallowed up one, then two fingers in swift succession. She pushed in deeper, wishing she could fit her whole body inside that warm, safe cave, surrounded by the essence of her lover. Unexpectedly, she came against resistance and, after a confused moment where her mind struggled to make sense of this new development, realization suddenly struck her like a thunderbolt. Never even in her wildest dreams had she dare dreamt she would be the first to experience her princess so intimately. She felt gently along the thin membrane, unsure of what to do when the decision was mercifully taken out of her hands. The hips underneath her hands jerked once in a strong thrust, defying the restraining grip still around supple thighs and Haruka's fingers breached the flimsy barrier -- claiming an innocence she never thought she deserved, let alone touch.

A cry of pain snapped the senshi's head up as she frantically searched her beloved's face. Tears had already formed on the corners of warm blue eyes at the sudden breaking of the maidenhead but the blonde beauty was already bestowing on her a tremulous grin, silently imploring her to continue.

Haruka breathed in deeply, taking in her love's heavenly scent mixed with the metallic trace of blood. Her eyes still locked on strained blue, she reached up and took Usagi's hand, feeling a deep sense of peace settle over her as their fingers entwined. This was where she belonged; right here kneeling between her princess' legs, and giving as much pleasure as she could. With a lingering smile, she ducked her head and placed a tender kiss on the sensitive clit that had been straining for attention before sucking the bundle of nerves into her mouth. Simultaneously, her fingers moved deeper and faster, feeling the muscles starting to contract around her long digits. Usagi's body thrashed wildly for several minutes, bliss like she had never known enveloping her body.

With a silent scream, her princess came in a gush of clear liquids, the slender body arching and becoming rigid under her own. Her fingers continued to move in and out as she lapped up all the spilled juices, unwilling to let a single drop escape her. Never had she tasted anything so delicious as this nectar spilling into her mouth and she was determined to savor this feast for as long as possible.

An eternity later, she felt a tug on her hand still in her princess' grasp and reluctantly, afraid she would never get the chance to revisit this paradise again, Haruka moved up to the blonde beauty's side. She took the slender girl in her arms, kissing her with a longing that could not be quenched -- not even now in the aftermath of their lovemaking because, in the back of her mind, she knew this couldn't last. Eternity was a long time and this moment but a flicker.

Forever, her mind screamed. She wanted to hold her, to lie here basking in her radiance, to look into her eyes … forever.

Fate. Destiny. Words she was beginning to loathe. She felt the bitterness return to her heart. Who had set up the rules and why did she have to follow them? Why did anyone, for that matter? Their love was real -- more so than anything written in the stars. She could taste it, touch it, feel it and she would continue on this path she'd embarked on, walking by her princess' side without guilt.

She broke the kiss gently, amused that the bright blue eyes were half-hidden by drooping lids threatening to close at any moment. Sated and swimming in a wave of lethargy, Usagi blinked, looking every bit the cute schoolgirl Haruka remembered from their first meeting.

"Rest, my love," she cooed, gathering her tiny princess in her arms and kissing the top of the blonde head.

A happy smile broke across her face as she watched her dearest sleep and remained so even long after she herself had fallen into slumber's grasp.

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