Story: Cold Nights and Warm Bodies (all chapters)

Authors: Shadow

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Chapter 1




The look in her eyes was one I knew well, one that dared me to follow her. She slipped away from the crowd of people and out of the room. I quickly excused myself from my current company and followed her.

As I stepped out into the darkened entryway I could just see her stop and shoot me a seductive look over her shoulder as she slid into the shadows of a spare bedroom. My heart beat faster as I neared the room where she was waiting.

Slowly I stepped through the doorway, closing it quietly behind me. As I turned around my eyes fell upon her beautiful nude form lying on the bed. The moon’s light reflected off the snow outside and spilled through the window onto her pale skin. I felt breathless as I stood drinking in the angelic image before me thinking that I must be dreaming. She rose from the bed and walked towards me, her long black hair flowing lightly over her pastel skin. She pressed up against my warm body and lightly kissed me. My hands slid down her sides to her hips and gently pulled her closer into me, deepening the kiss. Our breasts rub together as she moaned quietly into my mouth. Her hands unbuttoned my shirt revealing my large breasts. I let my shirt slide off of my shoulders and fall to the floor as she ran her tongue over my hardening nipple. Biting down lightly she gently sucked at my stiffed nip eliciting a sharp moan. I ran a hand through her soft dark hair, pulling her up slightly. Our tongues fought for dominance as our arousal grew to almost unbearable heights. I finally gave in to her and allowed her tongue to enter. She explored every surface of my mouth, gently circling my tongue in the process. The stud in my tongue attracted her attention as she began to carefully suck and tug on it. Her every action increased my desire for her but I could tell she was not one who just wanted to fuck. She liked to play, tease, and torture her partner before getting into the real rough sex we were both sure to enjoy. Her left hand twisted my nipple while her right began to unzip my pants. I wiggled free from the tight bottoms and stood before her completely naked.

She traced my figure with hungry eyes, her tongue lightly licking at her lips. Suddenly I felt a hand grab the back of my head as her lips mashed against mine. With one sharp tug she pulled me to me knees by my hair. I moaned as she stepped even closer to my face, soaking pussy just brushing the tip of my nose. I looked up into her eyes glaring down at me. I knew what she wanted me to do and there was no way I could possible disobey her commanding stare.

My tongue extended so that the tip slightly grazed her swollen clit. A low moan escaped her soft lips as I drew small tight circles around the stiffened nub. Her hands ran through my hair, lightly pulling and tugging. My tongue worked around her sensitive button, increasing in speed as she pulled even harder on my hair. I moaned into her pussy, feeling her tighten as the vibrations rippled across her. She pulled me up and kissed me passionately while backing us onto the bed. She pushed me down and climbed on top of me. Our warm bodies rubbed together as two of her fingers found their way into my tight wet pussy. I gasped as she thrust her fingers in and out of me. Smiling at my reaction she touched one finger to her lips as a reminder that we had to be quiet. I nodded as she took me hand and placed it on her wet cunt. I grinned as my fingers slid easily into her. She bucked against my hand causing hers to push into me more. Slowly we pumped our fingers in our partner’s pussy, tightening around them. I felt my orgasm growing quickly, but this feeling was stronger than ever before. She looked into my eyes and I knew that she was right on the edge as well. Our fingers sped up as we reached the climax. I came harder than ever before, my body shook from the intensity of my orgasm. I fell back onto the bed as she collapsed on top of me. Our bodies trembled as we lay there panting, enjoying the feeling of pleasure. She kissed me lightly and rolled onto her side as the waves of passion slowly faded.

I snuggled closer to her, pressing our tired bodies closer and sighed quietly. She wrapped her arms around me, “That was amazing baby. God I love you.” She whispered happily into my ear.

“I love you too,sweetheart.” I whispered back, “We should really have more parties like this huh?” We giggled quietly and fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, completely oblivious of the party and its guests.

[End notes: if people like it i may end up spicing it up more and making it quite a bit longer.]

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