Story: Something Calls (chapter 1)

Authors: CueDollof

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Chapter 1

Title: Say Who?

[Author's notes: Quicky licky. Probably revise later.]

"Fuck you, whoever you are! Stay away from me!" Cue shoved off the woman's chest and backed into a corner, hugging himself and sliding to the floor.

The nurse approached him slowly and carefully, knowing the danger he posed. "Now sir, please calm down. The medic wants a look at you."

Cue shook his head and, within a split second, darted to the door. It shattered to splinters, the remaining inch of wood swinging on the hinges. He was out of the building before an alarm could be raised.

Cue Dollof was a wanted man, a legend, an angel, a demon, a saint, a burden. He was a danger, a mass murderer, yet innocent. How, you may ask? Cue had taken in the Darkness, an entire entity, consisting of all of the darkness in the world. He sought to escape insanity, and in a way he had. After that last tear of blood, he had never known anything again. It was as if he was dead. The body, however, rampaged for centuries. When it disappeared, people thought him gone. He became a myth, a wives tale, until a traveler found his body near a secluded mountain village.

[End notes:

Will finish soon. sorry.


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