Story: The Popular People (chapter 8)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 8 -Unconscious acts

[Author's notes: Out of the blue, comes confusion that raises one's heart to hights.]

Chapter Eight - Unconscious acts


The drab white eggshell coloured walls of her hospital room greeted Abigail, as she woke up from her unscheduled nap. She blinked a few times as she slipped out of her state, a little more than just surprised at her self that she had fallen asleep so deeply after talking with her Parents... what had been talked about flooded back to her..

Her mind quickly cleared the fogginess that always came when she was waking up. She realized that she was still in the hospital because of those drab walls, instead of being in the dream she was having. She was not quite sure what she had been dreaming just before she had became awake, but the feeling she was getting left over from it told her that for a change... it had been a very nice dream.

She layed there for a moment, and wished that she could remembered even a small part of that dream she had been having... so she could think about it when things got dark and gloomy for her... and she really needed to have a little break after having to talk to her parents like she had to. To her frustration, she could not even remember a fraction of the dream she knew she had. She had just her reality... and that stank.

She sighed and shifted her body a little, her broken ribs were still feeling painful for her, and laying like she was just aggravating them a lot. Grimacing, she tried to ignore it the best she could have while she tried to find another position that would be better... and was glad when she had found one rather quickly.

At that exact moment as she felt her body relax in the new placement she had found, came a voice that came out of nowhere.

" Uh.... Hi!" It said, sounding somewhat hesitant in it’s tone..

Startled, Abigail sort of jumped a little bit then quickly jerked her head to the side of look over in the direction of where the voice had seemed to have came from, as she had no idea that anyone had been in the room at the time.

Standing halfway into the room looking over at her, was Sasha.. Needless to say, Abigail was surprised to be seeing the girl was here in the hospital room.

" Hey their Abby..." Sasha said to Abigail, giving a small sweet sort of a smile.

" Hey Sasha..." Abigail answered back, moving a little in the bed so she could see the girl more clearly as she got to the bedside.

Abigail stared at Sasha for a moment, feeling sort of strange very awkward as well to see someone from school here. Her mind flashed with so many things at once, she felt a little light headed because of it. Settling herself down, she started to make real sense of what all of these thoughts... and the accompanying emotions, really were about

Even though she knew that Sasha had been the one that had literally saved her from that very vicious beating and the other thing back in that park area... she was unsure just how to really react to finding the girl here. Many things were going through her mind all at once again, as the memories of that evening were now flooding back to her in very vivid and painful clarity.

Collecting herself, Abigail looked at the soft smile that sat on Sasha’s face, and knew she had to say something to break this awkward feeling that was hanging in the air. It was clear that the girl was also fighting hard to find something to say... but was not able to do so, thus the reason for this dead silence that hung. She tried once, and found that her own vocal chords were still not working as yet.

Abigail took a very purposeful deep breath, knowing that she just had to go for it and say what she wanted, and let the words come out rather than try and force them.

" You saved me..." Abigail simply came out with, getting to the point to end her speechlessness.

The girl’s face became red coloured and she gave a small smile.

" Yeah... I guess I did..." Bashfully said Sasha, as a look of deep shyness crossed her smooth face.

" No... I want you to know that I knew what you did for me..." Abigail started, feeling such a debt of thanks to the girl. " and that I really know that you came through for me and helped.... and you have my thanks as well..."

Sasha nodded, a deeper shading of redness crossed her fair skin of her face and she dropped her eyes to the floor for a second. She seemed to shift a little on her feet, and it was obvious she was not knowing how to react to Abigail heart filled words of gratitude..

" I could not just hear about something like this in the first place, and do nuthin’..." She finally said.

" Most people would have just done basically nothing to help me.... just overhearing stuff like this...." Pointed out Abigail, knowing just how most people were at school, or even in general... getting involved was not usually a priority

" I needed to do something to help...." Blushed the girl.

" And you actually did somethin’... " Abigail stated, adding. " I know most people would have just not said a word, and let what might happen actually happen."


Sasha looked right at Abigail, her eyes showing that she was very intense with what ever she was feeling towards what Abigail had said to her.

" I had to do what I did.. because I could not stand what they were doing towards you because that I... Um..." Sasha had started with a very firm tone, her eyes intensely flashing with the conviction of her words, then she stopped in the middle of what she was saying and got real quiet... pausing as if she was checking her own words. "... I just had to..."

" Because of what?" Started to ask Abigail, hearing the way she had just stopped her words.

" I just had to, you know... Just needed to..." Answered back the girl, although somewhat sheepishly. " Could not just stand by and the them hurt you like they were planning to do..."

Just the way Sasha had said her answer and then backed off a little, made Abigail pause. It was like Sasha had answered her with a whole heart full of conviction and something that was in her mind at the time, and then made herself draw back from the spark of emotion for some unknown reason. The girl in the hospital bed eyed her friend for a few moments more, and realized that she had been acting weird for awhile now.

The girl broke the silence, with a small sounding voice.

" Do you know when you will be getting out of here?" Sasha asked, her voice wavering a little as it was more than really obvious that she was trying to change the subject at the moment

" They want to keep me to watch on how I am healing up, I guess..." Abigail said, still pondering in the back of her head what she had sort of figured out. " They say that it will be about two more days..."

Sasha nodded and gave a little smirk.

" Could be a whole lot worse than being stuck her for two days more, you know..." She said, looking at Abigail for a second.

" Worse?" Asked Abigail.

" Yes, it could be worse..."

" How could it be worse than this?" Said Abigail, hearing a impish tone cut through the girl’s shyness.

The girl giggled a little shyly as she looed at Abigail.

" It could be three more days..." She said, giving a little shrug to go along with the very bright at toothy smirk she flashed.

Abigail laughed a little, the girl’s humour helping her to ignore the pain from her injuries when she did. She and to admit, when it came to giving some sort of a trademarked smart-ass comment or some sort of pain in the ass comeback, Sasha usually took the gold medal for it. She was truly known for that. Abigail was still feeling like the girl was holding back something from inside of herself... even as Sasha had started to do wisecracks with her.

Of course, Abigail was only speculating on what she was hearing in the tone and such, but that is what she felt coming from the girl. The way she had made the comment to her, was sounding just a tad off from her usual ‘give it all or nothing’ sort of humour she had. She was wondering if she was actually reading too much into stuff... it was only a few days since the attack she had endured.

Despite Abigail’s growing curiosity with whatever was going on inside of that girl’s mind, she was more thankful for her friend just being here. After what had happened and everything else that had came along with it, she was glad to see she had at least one friend in the world that she could seem to trust. Right now, she felt like friends were seriously in short supply for her... and that was the reason why she was thinking that there was somethin behind the girl’s words.

Sasha stood there and looked at Abigail, a small sort of a smile was coming right across her face.

" I’ll come up and visit you tomorrow then..." She said, that little hesitation now a thing of the past. " You want me to bring anything?"

" If you can change the menu of the food they bring us around here... you can do that." Abigail said, trying her hand at being sarcastic.

" Afraid I can’t do that for ya..." She said with a shrug. " I could be persuaded to sneak you up a burger or something...."

" Ohh, after lime Jell-O cubes and what I love to call fake roast beef... that sounds like heaven to me..." Sighed Abigail, reminding herself that cheeseburgers had always been a bit of a weakness with her.

" Do you want me to bring some fries with that as well?" She teased.

A noise suddenly broke the two girl’s talking, a rumbling growling sort of thing that came from Abigail’s belly. They both laughed, when they had realized that Abigail’s stomach had made that rather large growling sound after Sasha had asked the question..

" Oh!!" Gasped Abigail, putting her hand on her stomach area, and she giggled as she felt so embarrassed..

" I think your body is agreeing with getting some real food into you..." Sasha said with a laugh.

" Apparently it is ..." Giggled Abigail, a little shocked at her body’s instant reaction.

" Then it is settled..." Smiled Sasha, as she threw her arms up in the air. " I will be the hamburger fairy tomorrow."

Abigail laughed, despite the pain that it brought to her body. Sasha had made her feel so much better in a short amount of time, and she had for a second, forgot about her suspicions she was having..

Sasha leaned over the railing of the bed and hugged the girl tightly in a close embrace. Abigail hugged back, actually enjoying the embrace she was getting... but noticed that the girl held on a little longer than was perhaps normal to have, but it was not too out of the normal for her to be uneasy with it.

The girl let go and stood up slowly, as if trying to be careful. She gave a giggle and just hoovered over Abigail for a second. She looked into the girl in the bed’s eyes and smiled, and she seemed to be sweating a little more than normal, even though the hospital room was kept cooler than a normal house would be.

" Sasha?" Asked Abigail, seeing the girl’s face was shiny. " Are you all right there?"

" Yeah... Sasha stammered, obviously caught off guard by the question. " Uh... Why do you... ask?"

" You are sweating a little... are you sure you are feeling alright?" The girl in the bed inquired.

The girl just did not make a movement for a moment, looking at Abigail with this odd vacant stare. She then suddenly moved forward, back over the railing of the bed. Sasha was quick as she unexplainably planted a very quick kiss directly on to Abigail’s startled lips. The kiss was a very fleeting one at best, lasting for only a couple of seconds at the very most... but it was planted fully on the lips and could never have been explained away as anything but on purpose.

Sasha then shot back from the kiss and stood there for a moment with her chest heaving hard under the shirt that she was wearing. Abigail laid there and stared at the girl with this dumbfounded look on her face. She was very obviously more than just stunned with the actions from the girl..

" Sasha?" Gasped the girl in the bed, touching her lips with her fingertips as she stared at the girl in the middle of the room.

Sasha was heard to make a strangled squawking sort of noise as she stood there, along with a gasp that told of her own surprise with herself. She made a secondary small sound and then hurriedly turned and bolted out of the room without another word spoke. She moved quickly while making some very odd sounding noises under her breath, leaving a very stunned Abigail laying there with a blank look.

" Shit!" Was the only thing that was audible in the fleeing girl’s noises.

In a instant Sasha was gone, her quick moving feet could be heard echoing as she raced down the corridor towards the elevators, then they disappeared. In a flash, the drab silence of the hospital came back

Abigail had listened to the girl’s footsteps trail off and disappear after a few seconds, her mouth hanging open. She was so stunned at this point, she had not any clue to what she was actually thinking of

" Oh..." Abigail finally gasped, after what could have been called a very long moment of pause. " She kissed me??"

The reality of what just happened came on her, and it was a combination of weirdness mixed with a strange state of it being calming as well. Sasha had kissed her, that was not in question... yet she found her self loving that kiss as its feeling seemed to hang on her lips in the silence.

She was now totally bewildered. She was now between her feelings of love and betrayal thanks to her now ex-best friend, and the assault by her by a old flame that was staged by that ex-friend and topped off by the questions she still had towards her own sexuality. She now had another thing to add into all of that... Sasha’s kiss, and the instant feelings that it seemed to have dredged up in that short amount of time.

She was unsure of what to do, or what to think as she layed there in the quietness. She layed back and played with her hair vacantly as she tried to put anything she could have into a better perspective that what it was. Right now though, nothing seemed to be even close to being understandable... not life, not herself... nothing.

" Ohhh..." She said, as she rubbed her eyes, as her mind seemed to be dancing at this moment.

For the rest of the day, Abigail wrestled with the kiss... not in any way finding out what in hell to do with it. Who could?

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTES: There it is, new chapter.   Enjoy, the next one will be quicker in coming.]

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