Story: The Popular People (chapter 6)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 - The difference between freind and foe

[Author's notes: Best friends can become a knofe in the back of life.

Warning: Chapter has rape, verbal and physical violence inside. Disgression is highly suggested]

a279; Chapter Six -The difference between
friend and Foe.

The park behind the mall was empty of anyone when Abigail arrived there. The girl was
hoping that she might not be late or something, but was really sure that she was not. With the
mall closed by this time in the day, she was pretty sure that she was still very much on time for
her meeting..

She headed through the park and into a rather large clustering of trees, to where three
picnic tables sat. That was where the meeting place for everyone was, and it had been picked for
good reasons as well.. Hidden from view of the mall and the street to a great extent, that was
were they all would sit and chat for hours on end.

She went to the interior of the trees, and found the meeting place at it’s center. There was
no one there, and no sign of anyone either. She looked around for a moment, and saw that by the
look of it, nobody had been there yet today.
“ They did say right after supper...” She said to herself, looking at her watch... but
knew that was what was needed

She sat down at one of the tables to wait, thinking at she might be early. She had to
chuckled, because she usually was early in the first place. The silence that was hanging over the
meeting area was sort of soothing, almost tranquil. She just took a deep breath in of the fresh air
and decided to just wait fir awhile.

She heard footsteps about ten minutes later, coming down the asphalt path that led into
where Abigail was at the tables. She waited to see who it was, pretty sure that it was Shannon
that had arrived.

.Shocked, Abigail saw that it was Eddie and his older sister Peggy that came into the
“ What are you doing here?” Abigail asked, as Eddie was the last person she was
wanting to see right now.

Eddie looked very upset, and his sister just looked plainly mad.
“ We are going to talk this out right here, right now...” He said. “ Since you were
not willing to when I asked...”
“ I said what I had to...” Came back Abigail.
“ Yeah, and not listen to me in the process of dumping me...” He came back with.
“ I said all that I wanted to...”
“ We are going to talk and that is that...” He said sternly, not letting this go one
little bit.
“ Cant we do this later... I am sort of meeting Shannon here...” Abigail said, not
wanting to deal with this.

Peggy suddenly laughed hard, something that made Abigail think that something was up.
“ Ha!” She snickered, crossing her arms across her chest. “ Your friend is not
“ What do you mean?” Abigail said, feeling a little upset at the words she heard.

The girl gave another laugh and stared at her squarely, her hatred seemingly set.
“ Shannon was so nice to help us out, after we explained what we thought was
going on with you She cackled.
“ She was more than nice to help out...” Laughed Eddie, this side of him was
strange and foreign to Abigail. “Which was a very big help, was it not... Sis?”
“ I know it was...” She smirked.

Abigail saw this for what it was. She had been set up, and to meet them when she did not
want to. She stood up.
“ You turned my best friend against me?” She asked slowly. “ How could you do
“ It was... easy...” She smirked back at Abby. “ And it all took the truth, of which
you no nothing about saying...”
“ Then I am leaving...” She huffed, not wanting any part of this shit that was going

Abigail went to leave, but was stopped by Peggy stepping in front of her. She looked up
at Peggy, and saw that the girl’s face was a mask of pure hate.
“ You are not going to leave until you talk to my brother honestly and give him
proper explanation for you breaking up with him...” She said, looking at the much shorter girl.
“ I have said all what I wanted to, that I was not feeling the same way for Eddie
now and that was what I was saying all ...”
“ Like that you don’t feel the same way about him...” Peggy said, in a mocking
fashion as she cut the girl’s words off. “ That is a crock of shit...”
“It is not a lie... I don’t...” Said a stern voiced Abigail, taking a step back. “ I told
him that, although I admit that I had went about it wrong.”
“ You did it wrong, or were you wrong because your hiding the real reason behind
it?” Peggy screamed at Abigail.
“ Is there another guy your too busy fuckin’ or something that you cant take the
time to tell me the truth here?” Came in Eddie, as his sister said the exact same thing also.

Abigail shook her head, and looked at the two, seeing that her escape routes we being
blocked by the two. She swallowed hard, as she felt a grip of fear now was welling up inside of
“ Hey... there is no one else that I am seeing...” Abigail said with great adamance,
never once pausing or turning her gaze away from the two that stood in accusation of her. “ I told
you in the hall that there was nobody else that I was seeing... and I was truthful about why I broke
it off with Eddie...”
“ Why did you break it off with Ed? Did you turn into some sort of fucking
woman loving dyke or just lose your mind or something?” Peggy said with a voice that dripped
with accusation. “ Did you break up with Ed because you were wanting some bitch’s cunt instead
of his dick now... or just to humiliate him in some way for fun?”
“ I told Eddie why...” Abigail came back, explaining herself the best that she
dared to. “ And that was the fucking dead truth!”

Eddie snuffed loudly, showing that he was believing anything that she was telling him at
the moment.
“ You fuck me, then just end up dumping me? Your either screwing around on
me or you are playing like you’re a dyke to get away and making me look like an asshole in the
end...” He growled. “ Either way, I do end up looking like a prized first class fucking idiot.”
“ You cant do that to the captain of the football team like this and simply pass it
off as not liking him like that any more.. Far from it...” Snapped Peggy. “ Just tell the
goddamned truth for a change, bitch.”

Abigail took a step back, but never said a word for a few moments. What ever more she
could have said right now, would be falling on very deaf ears and anger flooded minds.. and there
was no way she was going to reveal the struggles she was having with herself anyways. It had
been hard enough to do what she had to do for herself, and now she was being cornered a pack of
wolves on a helpless young deer.
“ I said that I did not feel the same way for Eddie...” She said with a gasp,
desperate to get away from these two. “ Cant you both just accept that I have feel out of love with
“ We cant accept a lie...” Spat Peggy. “ We want the truth!”
“ It is the truth, and something that I had never changed or even deny... accept
that!” She said, trying to verbally put a final note to all of this.

The answer for Abigail came in the form of a hard punch from Peggy. It had flared out of
nowhere, and connected solidly right on the side of Abigail’s jaw with remarkable force, catching
Abigail flush.. The blow spun Abigail around, unable to stop herself. She limply fell on to the
picnic table with a loud sound, her world spinning in her mind as she hit the hard roughened
“ Answer us...” Said the taller girl, pinning Abigail top part of her body over the
table top while giving her a few knees straight into the kidneys.
“ Yeah... who is filling your little stinky puss now?” Came in Eddie whom was
also helping his sister pin her down. “ You could not be honest with me and tell me that right of
the bat, could ya?”

The girl then felt two more knees to her lower sides land, forcing her breath to be
shooting right out of her. Peggy then punched her twice right between the shoulder blades,
making it even harder for her to breath... as the pain was beyond anything she had ever
experienced before. She could taste the weathered wood under her face, and found that there
was a very unpleasant coppery taste that was now filling her mouth. She knew instantly through
the fog of pain, it was her own blood she was tasting.

Peggy stood holding the girl down, with this look of pure distain and disgust on her sleek
“ Who are you fucking right now, bitch...” Shouted the girl with venom, still
pinning the girl down on the table. “ No body breaks up with the head of the football team and
the next class president, just because she has fallen out of love with him... and we are gonna find
out why you have done this to my little brother...”
“No one... I have said that over and over again... no one!!” She gasped back in
pain, finding herself being even more tightly pinned on to the top of the long table.

Peggy leaned down on the girl a little harder, and grabbed a whole lot of Abigail’s long
hair by the handful to keep her down.
“ Just tell me now... what is it? Is it some weak assed guy or some bitch dyke girl
that is servicing you now... hu... what it is?” She asked, pushing Abigail’s face into the wood
with each word.
“ No one...” Abigail gasped out, finding it hard to even breath with the girl’s
weight on her.
“ Backstabbing little liar!!” She screeched into Abigail’s ear, pushing her face
harder into the wood of the table. Nobody does that to my brother except for that...” She hissed as
she laid another knee into the girl’s side. “ Tell me the whole sordid, or I will kick you until your
pissing blood.”
“ I swear there is no one I am seeing or having sex with.” Screamed the girl,
pleading with the girl that had her.

Peggy paused for a moment, then leaned onto Abigail and pressed her lips against the
gal’s ear, giggling with sadistic glee as she did so.
“ My brother will get the truth and the answers...” She said to the girl under her
control. “ And I think he will get the truth from ya... one way or another...”
“ What do you mean... I am not lying to you.” Gasped the trapped girl, her mind
reeling with what was happening to her.
“ You will see what I meant...” Peggy said, so flatly.

Abigail hung there, and heard the ominous words Peggy had said to her. She then felt her
pants were being puled down to the tops of her sneakers she had on, her panties followed. She
could feel the cool evening air on her bared ass as she hung there, helpless to do anything to stop
this. Between the pain and Peggy holding her down, she was truly helpless.
“ Looks like my brother is going to literally fuck the honesty out of ya, since your
not going to cooperate with us..” She cackled. “ He gets some answers and a little satisfaction as
well, eh, bitch?”
“ God no...” Gasped Abigail, struggling to get herself free... knowing that she was
about to be raped.

She could feel Eddie was up against the roundness of her ass, his cock already out and
poised at her... she could feel it already poking at her entrance while she hung there. She
struggled to free herself and to stop this humiliation from happening, but Peggy was holding her
down tightly... so Abigail was at their mercies, and there was not a hell of a lot that she could do
for herself.
“ Give it to her, Brother...” Peggy urged loudly, laughter tinging every last word
she spoke.
“ She is going to talk... and I am gonna make sure that she does here...” He said,
laughing deeply in his chest. “ Just watch as I make her admit things that she is hiding from me,
and remind her of what she has given up as well.”
“ Or at least you can really teach her a lesson she will never forget... and think
twice about doing this to another person...” Added in Eddie’s sister.
“ Yeah!” He laughed, the tone was colder than ice.

Abigail closed her eyes, knowing that she could do nothing. She waited for the pain of the
man’s member slicing it her, knowing that he would not stop this time if she was in pain. By the
wild look in his eyes, along with the anger that seethed through him...he was more than willing to
inflict every little bit of pain he could on her at the moment. There was nothing that she could do
or say to change that.

She shut her eyes tightly and tried to think on a naked image of Shannon to protect her
from this, even as she felt her tears falling down her face. He was right there, and she was
trapped... it was that moment, she dreaded ever making her decision. She felt him setting the tip
of his thing against her opening more, and it was only a few seconds until he did what he was
going to do.
“ No... Please...” She whispered to herself, resigned to what was going to happen
in seconds.

Suddenly there were voices yelling and cursing like mad, and the feeling of Eddie’s thing
against her private area was gone. At theat moment, there was massive amounts of swearing
from Eddie as he seemed to be getting farther away. The girl on top of Abigail suddenly was
gone, as she could now breath once Peggy’s weight had been lifted off of her. She tried to say
something, but she found that it was very painful to be getting in that first long breath as her ribs
felt like they were on fire..

Abigail then slumped to the ground beside the table, finding that every last part of her did
not want to move. She just sat there in a daze on the grass under the picnic table, trying to see
what was going on as the whole world seemed to be foggy and a little wobbly.

She could see that someone had her ex-boyfriend down on the grass and was punching
him very hard, a knee on top of the lad’s chest to keep him there. She tried to focus her eyes to
see what exactly was going on, as it seemed almost as if all around her people were fighting.
Through half open eyes, she saw exactly who it was.

It was Ed’s best friend, Max, who was the one laying the heavy beating down on the lad.
Eddie, who normally was always the strongest and largest in any crowd, had been easily knocked
off his feet and had blood coming from his face. It was more that clear that Max was just laying a
straight out licking on him, yelling at him as he did... but she could not make out what he was
actually saying. Abigail never noticed that Max was a little larger than Eddie was... perhaps
because he was a linebacker or something like that... but to see Eddie thrown around like as
ragdoll like this was shocking to say the least. She saw how the lad controlled Eddie so easily, as
if he was weak or something.

Abigail then turned her head to where another fight was taken place. She saw that Penny
was being literally beaten on by two girls. To her surprise she found that it was Sasha along with
her sister Kerri Anne who were delivering kicks and blows to the girl that was now curled up in a
protective fetal position.

She could not believe that there was her own big sister was the one doing most of the
damage to Peggy. It surprised her to see her sister had came to her in defence of her like this,
considering how they had been at one another’s throats over the past couple of years... yet, there
was Kerri Anne pounding on Peggy like she was.

With a great effort, Abigail tried to get up and pull her pants up, but her body seemed that
it would not cooperate and she slumped down again. She felt a great amount of pain in her lower
back from where she had been kneed and she just fell sideways shoot through her, and her vision
was getting a little cloudy..

A soft hand touched Abigail’s face, and she turned to see who it was. There was Sasha,
who was kneeling beside her with Kerri and right behind her now
“ You rest...” She said sweetly, her eyes seemingly welling up with tears. “ Your
sister called the ambulance and police so everything will be all right.”
“ Stay down, kid....” Agreed Kerri Anne.

Abigail went to say something, but she could not. Helpless to even move because of the
pain and bleeding for her mouth she layed there while both Eddie and his sister ran off while the
sirens of the police were very close to where she was. She was safe, but in her head, she felt far
from that at the moment.

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