Story: The Popular People (chapter 5)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Someone knows something

[Author's notes: Ignorance is not bliss... just painful.]

Chapter Five: Someone knows something



Abigail was glad to be home, this day had been screwed up right from the start. All day, she had been handling things the best she could, now at home... she hoped to have some sort of a respite from all of this crap for awhile. Her only hope of that as she stepped into the house was that her sister would not be there and things were sort of calm and nice.

She found that her older sister Kerri Anne was still home this afternoon, but was busy on the phone, chatting away like mad. It seemed like the girl was not going to work today, as she was still in clothes she had worn to go to school this morning. She seemed more relaxed as well, another tell tale sign that her sister was not going in, and that made her a little worried that they might start fighting again... as usual.

The younger girl hurried her way past where the girl was sitting and headed up to her room, glad that it seemed as if her sister was too busy talking on the phone at the moment. She eyed Kerri Anne as she passed, and saw that her sister basically ignored her anyways when she did so, which was a very good thing. Having to be talkative and somewhat civilized with her right now was not in her vocabulary at the moment, so Kerri Anne’s indifference was a very lucky sort of thing.

Going up the long flight of stairs, she could hear her two brothers were somewhere in the house playing a very loudly. With the sound of the two screaming at one another in play , it was a very good thing as well.... if those two little hellions were occupied like it seemed they were at the moment, that meant they would not be bothering her.

She just headed straight up to the top floor of the house where her room was situated, she could only be thinking how very lucky that these things had came into line for her. She just wanted to be left the hell alone... and was hoping t do that and just hide away in her room for awhile until her parents got finally home.

She threw her school bag on the floor ring next to the doorway as she entered her room. She was feeling that she had more than enough crap for one day, and just wanted to hide away for most of the evening time. She had actually daydreamed about it off and on through today.

Abigail flicked on her television that was at the end of her bed, and a hoped a little bit of watching television just might help her to relax. Her whole body and mind felt so damned tense at the moment, even her hair seemed to feel that way as well. Needing to stop and try to relax herself, she just flopped herself on to her bed, and hoped she could get herself to become more relaxed.

Her mind soon had drifted away from the reality show she was watching, and back to the pool of problems that seemed to be cluttering her world. Even with her best efforts to help herself and stop thinking like this, it seemed that her mind was not about going to give her that small break any time soon. It had quickly drifted off into places she was hoping she would not have to deal with this afternoon

Abigail laid there silently while her mind started to brood over everything that had been going on lately. Questions of her own life, her loves and even her own self swirled and bounced in her head... things she never had ever thought of before now demanded to be dealt with. Even the talk she had with her friend Kelli in the showers over the actions of her so called teammates... that was only adding fuel to the fire of confusion she was having..

All of what she was thinking about were things that had never even had entered in to her mind before to even start to think about. Now all of these thoughts had literally inundated her, and was as real as anything. So many things to think over and sort through, and in all of that... so many problems.

The girl was unsure of things, totally not knowing what to do with all of these confusing feelings she was having, feelings and thoughts she knew were different than most. She was also not able to get over the hurtful nature shown by so many of her track teammates. It seemed like overnight, her world and everything she held near and dear... had changed, all without a moment of understanding with why it had done so.

All of this sort of reality was new to her, and all of this also seemed to be all at once for her. Questions of her own sexuality now seemed to be a big deal to those people who she had known for so long, when it never had been before. The question of her own sexuality also was the main thing she had been trying to avoid in some ways, but always seemed to be coming up anyway.

"Even if I am gay or somethin’..." She thought to say to herself, that thought alone was overwhelming her.. " Can people be so cruel to someone just because of that?"

The answer she was looking for to that one, seemed to be a very resounding ‘yes’ even in her own mind. That little insight was huge for her, and her heart drop heavily in her chest. Very quickly, things were starting to come very crystal clear to her, and others unanswered questions seemed to be getting there.... and she had this feeling that her life as she had known it... had oddly ended right there.

Putting her hand over her eyes, she layed there and pondered what she had been thinking about. It was very clear with some things... others were just starting to become clear. Good or bad, that was what is happening to her. She took a deep breath and layed there, not believing what she had been thinking about.

" What is wrong with me?" She asked herself in her head over and over again... disbelieving what was there still.

As Abigail laid there in pondering what was thundering in her head, a figure appeared at her slightly open door to her bedroom. She did not even know the person was standing there, nor did she see the look this person was giving to her while being there in absolute motionlessness in the doorway

Kerri Anne had appeared at the door of her sister’s room, but had said nothing for the longest time.

She stood there for a few very long seconds watching her sister on the bed, knowing that the girl had not seen her yet. She seemed almost to be soft in a way, her sour face not even close to being there

" Abigail?" She slowly said.

Abigail jumped a little when she heard a voice from the doorway. She sat up on the bed with a start, and that was when she saw that it was her sister who was had just called her name. She was surprised to see her there, as the girl never usually came to this side of the third floor of the house normally.

Abigail fought through the clutter that still sat in her mind, then she could focus on her older sibling

" What?" She stammered, a little flustered as she came out of her deep thoughts in a matter of a few seconds.

Kerri stepped in to the room a little, her demeanor was one of softness that was rare to be seen on her..

" Just wanted to tell you that both Sasha and Shannon have left a few messages for you on the house messages..." She said, leaning up against the door jam. " Seems like you had decided to shut off you cell phone or something, and they were tired of leaving you messages I think...."

Surprised to hear that, Abigail pulled the cell out of it’s pouch on her belt. She instantly saw for herself that her little purple coloured device was indeed not on at the moment. It was the first time she could remember every doing that, except on the rare occasions that it was on purpose.

" Oh..." Gasped Abigail, seeing the thing made her remember that she had turned off her phone earlier to put it in her gym locker, and had not turned it back on. " I did not have it on..."

" See... Told ya..." Sighed the girl back.

" Do you know what the messages said?" Inquired the girl, a little sheepish that she had done that.

Kerri Anne shook her head, as a little frown crossed her smooth face.

" Both messages just had said to tell you to check your damned cell messages and get back to them ASAP..." Kerri Anne informed. " That was the extent of their messages..."

" They did not say why or what they were needing?" Asked a now very curious Abigail.

Kerri Ann rolled her eyes a little. She folded her arms lightly and looked at the younger girl on the bed.

" They both just said for you to phone them right away and that was it... just like I said..." Frowned the girl, seemingly turning back to normal. " What am I here, your fucking secretary to phone them back up and ask them what they were needing from you?" She shook her head. " Just listen to them, and see what they want yourself."

She looked over at her older sister, then back to the small purple coloured cell phone she held in her hand.

" That’s all then, tour saying?" Sighed Abigail, hearing that her question was irritating her sister somewhat.

" That is all!" Reaffirmed Kerri Anne, her aggravated sounding voice suddenly softening a little again with her reply.

" Thanks.." Said Abigail, seeing that even with that snap in her voice, her sister was more gentler than normal.

Kerri Anne then left, but not before taking one last long look at her sister who was still sitting on the bed. She had noticed something might be a little off with her young sister, but could not for sure say that something really was. The older girl only pondered what she was seeing for a moment a moment or two, never once moving from the spot where she was.

This sort of thing was not very common for the usually crabby girl to notice about Abigail.... the way she usually was with her sister, was always in direct conflict with the younger girl at every turn. This time was different for Kerri Anne. She was almost overcome with concern for her younger sister, seeing something very different in Abigail’s eyes and not being able to really know what she was seeing. Abigail seemed a little less like her self, almost if she was off a little. She watched the girl for a moment more, but still could not put her finger on what she was sensing.

Dismissing what she was feeling at the moment, Kerri Anne simply walked away from her sister’s room slowly after a few seconds of lingering there. She did not show what was inside of her mind, as usual, but the older Galy girl seemed to be curious at the unusual actions that she had noticed in her younger sister’s behaviour.

Abigail checked her phone right after her sister had left the room, wanting some privacy to do that. She saw that there was quite a few messages waiting there for her once the damned thing was turned on. She scrolled through the list, wanting to see just who other than her friends had left a message.

Two messages each were from both Sasha and Shannon. She had been told about them already, so was not surprised, but it was what else she had found waiting on her phone that made her shutter a little bit..

In between the messages left from both Sasha and Shannon, were many messages that had been left from Eddie. Abigail could feel her own face sour into a frown when she noticed that the boy had left close to six messages in a row for her, and by the time stamps that was next to his name, it was all with in a twenty minute span of time when she had been busy with her usual track workouts.

The fact that he had did this, made her feelings of loss and irritation intensify. She sighed to calm herself down as she wished that he would stop leaving all of these calls to her. Right now, she was already feeling way too confused inside of herself to deal with whatever his feelings were. Whether they were of being inadequate, or hurt... she knew that she could not deal with any of it..

" I just don’t wanna deal with it..." She said to herself, as she looked at the text on the phone.

With a sigh and a quick thumb, the girl just deleted all of Eddies messages without even listening to them. After making sure that those messages were completely gone, she then proceeded to listen to the other messages that were still left on her phone.

The few messages that were left by both of her friends, were more than a little confusing for the young Galy girl. They were in fact, a little shocking at the same time. She had to play each of the messages back a few times each, just to be sure what it was that was being said... she was hearing from both of her friends

Both Sasha and Shannon had left messages for her to meet them some place right after she had supper. It was not anywhere near an unusual for her friends to ask of her... but it was what each one wanted that was a bit more different. Each one of the girls wanted to see her in the evening....but each were wanting her to come to a different location than the other girl... away from the other.

Sasha wanted to urgently meet Abigail at a local restaurant called ‘ McCabe’s Grilled Goodness ’ where some of the athletic club and others from school hung out for coffee. The message seemed a little frantic by the way the girl had left it, that alone seemed right out of character for Sasha to be acting like, yet the girl had never left a clear reason behind why it seemed so urgent for Abigail to leet up with her.

Shannon wanted to meet up with her at the same exact time, but behind the J. Dinsmore Mall. The place the girl was wanting to meet was at was in a small local park that was located right behind that large complex. This was an area that some of the people from school always had hung out in to smoke cigarettes and just talk for awhile. She had been at that park many times before because of people she knew that went there, even though Abigail had never started the habit of smoking.

This was not an unusual request from her best friend to meet her at the park area they called Leafland... but today the thought of meeting up with Shannon there felt a little creepy to her. She thought on that for a moment, unsure of why she was feeling that way to her best friend’s request... This was not in any way out of the ordinary, yet it felt like it was very much not quite right.

She just snuffed, deciding that after everything that had happened, she was simply being too sensitive and that was the cause for her feeling like she was. Now she was just feeling overly silly, as she realized how she had jumped into this sort of thinking in the span of a heartbeat..

" I am being way too suspicious here... too suspicious for my own good..." She murmured to herself, realizing how she was thinking. She giggled a little and shook her head, sh could see just how irrational she had been. " Just how silly am I being, thinking like this... these are my friends."

Abigail was unsure of who she was going to meet up with as she deleted the rest of the messages from her phone. The problem with choosing was that they both seem to want to meet at the exact same time as the other. Two friends wanting her to meet, each clearly wanting to meet separate from one another... and perhaps not even knowing the other’s request in all of this stuff..

The girl was clearly unsure of just who it was that she would meet. She could only hope that If she meets one like she had been asked to, the other would understand after.... or at least they could in a way. Both did sound urgent for some reason... but she had a sense that each was for a different reason. She thought that if she did meet with one, that might help her mood out a little better than her first plan of hiding away.

She started to think about the pretty Shannon, and she felt herself feeling all warm inside all over again. She could see the girl’s smile reflected in her mind’s eye, and every last soft angle of that face was also burned into her memory. More and more, that single memory had been coming up... but it was one that she was finding harder to ignore.... as the pleasure that came with it ran deep.

She could not help but break into a large smile, and she felt her insides were starting to feel like she had the granddaddy of all cases of butterflies. Just thinking about seeing Shannon again, made her nervous. In the middle of enjoying the image that was firmly in her head, she felt herself really starting to lean towards meeting with Shannon tonight.

Abigail sighed, as that Shannon’s amazing eyes were stuck in her mind, just the way they had been capturing her for the longest of times. It was at that second, she knew exactly who she was meeting after all. She knew that it was wrong to want to see this girl just because of her hidden yearnings that were steadily growing, but her mind was thoroughly made up. No matter what, she needed to see Shannon, and was pretty sure that Sasha would not be too upset with her in the end..

She set aside her phone and hurried her way down stairs, hearing that her parents had gotten home at the exact same time. She knew that supper would be served very soon.

[End notes: Author's note: Ahh you get two chapters here... more tho come.. sorry for it being slow in the plot, but bare with me... you wont regret the next few chapters.]

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