Story: The Popular People (chapter 2)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Confusion Amuck

[Author's notes: Toren between what you had to do, and keeping the status quo... can anyone say thei might do things differntly?]

Chapter Two: Confusion Amuck



Abigail stepped into her house, glad that her long walk was done. The girl paused in the entrance way, her mind relaying the events that were barely an hour past through her mind..She had felt bad about what she had to do to Eddie, but she already was feeling that it was the right thing that she needed to do... and it was for herself.

She stepped in to the front room and looked around.. There was her older sister and two younger brothers in the front room. They were watching something on the television while lazing on the sofa, staring at it almost blankly. The eldest of her siblings looked up, the twin boys did not.

" Hey Dweeb... Finally home?" yelled out the older girl.

Abigail left her shoes in the vestibule and stepping into the living room area, still lugging her overly stuffed book bag over a now very tired shoulder.

" Yeah... I am." Abigail said, feeling still emotionally raw from what she had to do this afternoon.

" About time you got your scrawny ass home here..." Said the girl loudly, making a little whiny noise behind her words.

" What is your problem, Kerry Anne?" Abby asked back

" If you would stop lip locking with Eddie there for just a little while... you would be getting home on time for a damn change, and not interfere with other’s lives... and I am talking about my life here..."

Abigail froze for a moment, her sister remark using Eddie had caught her a little bit flat footed. She put her flood of emotions away for the time being, not wanting any part of feeling such things for now, or showing it to her sister... who usually did not give a crap in the first place about anything that pertained to any one else.

" Why are you now so damn stiff-assed about me getting home on time?" Asked Abigail, bypassing diving into the topic of Eddie the best she could have.

The oldest girl sat up a little more on the sofa and looked at Abigail. She seemed to grin with this smug sort of look, as Abigail came closer.

" Mom wants you to start the supper so it will be ready on time when they get home..." She said with a smirk. " Both Mom and Dad are already running rather late, judging from the message Mom had left on the phone when I came home... it might be near six thirty or something like that.."

The dark blonde girl looked at her sister on the couch, and saw the little smirk that was being flashed at her.

" Why couldn’t you have gotten supper going instead of waiting on me to do it all, Kerry Anne?" Abigail snuffed loudly, more than just a little irritated with her older sibling. " Well??"

" Just because I can, sunshine..." She smugly snuffed. " And I also can just to decide not to do anything unless Mom has asked otherwise, Dweeb..."

" So you refuse to get off your fat ass and help me out a little bit by simply getting it started for me?" Pressed Abigail, getting a little more angered at her sister’s attitude.

Kerry Anne looked at her younger sister and seemed to roll her eyes at the question she had been asked. She lifted a red and blue stripped hat over her head and coldly glared at her sister.

" My shift at McDonald’s starts in a little over a hour, dweeb..." She snuffed, giving this grin that was so damned smug " That is why I had to wait until you were finally home so you can take care of the two terror brats here... cook up a storm, so I can go an make what works out to be pocket change at the arches."

" Could you have at least been somewhat nice and cut veggies or something while waiting to go to your shift, rather than you choosing to plant your marshmallow butt there on the sofa and watch television..." Pointed out Abigail.

Kerry Anne burst out laughing, but not in an infectious sort of way.

" Why in the hell would I do something that nice for you?" She said, obviously irritated that Abigail had pressed things. " I want to just rest after my school a little bit before I go to my minimum wage slave hell..."

" So would I..." Came back the younger of the two girls. " Just because your in first year of college... you think your so high and damned mighty?"

" Yes.. So Whatever..." Dismissed Kerry Anne with a sneer. " Why should I spend what little time I have right now between my school and work?"

" Maybe just because you want to be nice to be nice for a change..." Abigail said, getting a little more irked with her sister.

Kerry Ann looked at her younger sister, and shot her one of those very clearly saying ‘I don’t give a real shit about what your saying or you’ looks before turning her attention back on the tv again. It was very clear that Abigail’s older sister was now going to ignore her smaller sister completely.

Abigail grumbled and hurried up to her room to put away her book bag and stuff before doing what she had been left to do by her mother. The girl was feeling beyond livid, hating that her older sister could always be such a bitch at the best of times. Today show of attitude clearly set out that Kerry Anne was going above and beyond her normal bitchy self...she was now being a one hundred percent queen bitch. It was clear, that Kerry had out did herself.

Stepping into her room and throwing her book bag on the bed, she sighed and was relieved that it was off of her shoulder finally. Abigail then winced and started to move her shoulder a little, working out the stiffness of having the bag on her shoulder the entire time she had walked herself home. She took her cell phone off of where it had been clipped on to her purse strap.. It was then that she noticed that her cell phone was flashing, telling her that people had left messages for her.

She looked at the little screen and noticed that there had been six messages left on her phone in the last forty minutes or so. She curiously began to scroll through the names so she could see who’s messages might be in need of a very quick call back before she started to do her forced chores.

Four calls were from Eddie, which she had expected but quickly had decided to ignore for the time being. She was not in the mood to listen to what he might have to say, considering that she had just basically dumped him just a little over an hour ago... and right in the middle of having sex as well. She was still feeling confused to why she felt like that it was the best for her just because she had been with him for two years.. But it seemed like she was not being herself, if with him any longer.

One message was left from her best friend Shannon, just asking her if she wanted to study together tonight and the other one was from another friend Sasha... but all it said was for her to call back and that was it. Nothing seemed to be really urgent to have to deal with at the moment, so she just left the messages on the phone.. After what happened, she did not want to see anyone for at least tonight.

Abigail put her cell on the charger for now hurried herself down stairs to start supper for her family that would be there. She would have to call Shannon and Sasha back after supper was over and done with... and hope that she did not have to kill Kerry Anne before that..



Later that evening, the house was all quiet and still. The twins were in bed, and actually quiet for a change. Abigail’s Mom and Dad were relaxing in the front room and there was no Kerry Anne to deal with... her shift did not end for a few hours more, which suited Abigail just fine.

With her sister not around any more to torture her, that gave the small dark blonde haired girl a chance to slip herself up stairs to be alone for awhile. She was glad of that all, as the house was actually quiet and still. Finally having the time to be alone in her room, she felt a little better in some respects... but she still was more than feeling simply confused. Within her very own heart and mind, she was unsure of everything that she was, what she had become and even questioned who she was deep inside.

Abigail had already realized that she not called back Sasha or Shannon like she had planned to do earlier on, but that seemed to be a very low priority right now to her. How her day had ended, and why it did all added to that feeling that now went trough her... she was just not in the mood for talking at this point, to no one. She was feeling this huge weight of regret mixing with a sort of feeling you had when you knew your doing the right thing. The combination truly sucked.

The girl just layed herself back on her bed after grabbing something off of her nightstand. She rolled onto the bright colours of comforter that was there, and let out a sigh as she took one look across the room... seeing that she had locked her bedroom’s door already. That made her feel a little better, feeling like she needed to be alone with all of this.

The object she had gotten off of her beside was a silver framed picture, which she now held up so she could look at. She smiled at the picture, as it seemed that this photograph had a lot of deep feelings for her. She looked at the image for long seconds in the silence of her room, and it seemed as if her mood had started to lightened just from doing that.

The picture she had in her hands was of her and her best friend Shannon, taken at one of the local amusement park sometime in the heat last summer. They had just gotten off the infamously named ‘The Stomach Tornado’ roller coaster and they got the ride-jockey to snap the photo for them arm in arm before the nausea caused by the ride could catch up to them.

Abigail in fact never did throw up because of the ‘Stomach Tornado’, she hardly ever got sick anyways. Shannon was a different story, she lost her cotton candy just a few seconds after the man had finished taking the picture. Oddly, the very gross memory of Shannon puking up this wretched looking pink sludge all over the wooden platform to the ride, sparked Abigail to giggle a little. Aside from that memory, the picture held way more than comic relief.

She was drawn to the picture, to search ever detail carefully. She eyed the image of herself and Shannon for awhile, not quite sure why she was finding herself doing it more and more. She had always felt like her heart was pulled to the girl, more than she would have ever dared to admit... and she always had fought those sort of emotions she had in one way or another. There were too many of those times to count. She sighed and now realized that it was the case all over again for her... once again fighting back all of those feelings she truly hated she had, yet she knew deeper still that she enjoyed as well

The pretty face of Shannon in the picture was one that was so amazing looking, it always made her feel so good just looking at it. Out of the possibly hundred or so photos she had of them together over the years doing all sorts of things... this picture was by far her favourite one that she owned.

She looked intently at Shannon’s long light blonde hair that was framed her tanned face wonderfully in the photo... that bronzed tan bringing out dark blue eyes that were so captivating. Long angular lines of her body, and fullness of her lips was a perfect accompaniment to just how amazing the girl was. She could be a international runway model or something like that, Abigail always had thought.

Abigail smiled, as her eyes traced the model like angles and curves of Shannon’s cheekbones, then started to stare right at that smile in the photograph that seemed to stop her no matter what she would been doing. It had always in the past, but these days... the smile of Shannon drove her to more than just distraction... and had caused her mind to wander to things of a more ‘carnal’ tilt... as her grandmother would have said. It had been doing that for longer than she had been wanting to admit.

She felt her heart fluttering wildly, her mind’s eye could not get off the image that she had in her head, even when she turned away from the picture. It did not help, her mind kept playing that image in her head

In truth, Abigail had always thought that Shannon was perfect... she always had been a perfect friend, one of the perfect girls as well and even was the perfect cheerleader. Plainly, she though that Shannon was the most perfect person she had ever met... but that was also why was she so damned attracted to her. Just the thought of Shannon did things to her... right now, she felt herself starting to tingle all over while she looked at the photo she held.

She knew the tell tale signs of herself getting horny, but she had never felt it quite like it was at this sort of level before. It was feeling like there was a fire was raging throughout her body and soul, and it was being fuelled by a perpetual supply of gasoline. The more she tried to ignore her growing arousal... the more it seemed to become larger than life..

Just from looking at Shannon’s picture, her panties had became very wet, her body now was vibrating like crazy and she noticed that she was beginning to sweat. As she layed there, she finally started to move her hand, and was right then undoing the top button on her jeans, while her mind flew with images. Her urges were now bigger than ever in her head, and she gave in to them.

Abigail suddenly found herself unable to quell her needs any longer and slid her jeans along with her little bikini underwear down her short but lean legs... her urges now made her on full red alert status. She could not hold back any more, she needed to release some of this before she would explode.

The girl then kicked the pulled down clothing off of her legs, where she kicked them off the bed. Almost as soon as they were off, she felt the slight coolness of the room on her bared and very soaked sex. The sensation of that was brought to her wetness, seemed to make her become even more turned on than she had been... stoking the inner fire that was now raging in her.

She reached down between her now raised knees and her finger found its way to her erect lower lips, and it was like a electric jolt. She let out a long groan and arched her back until only her shoulders and heels were on the bed, the pleasure that had came through her made her feel as if she was going crazy..

" Shannon..." She softly whispered to herself as her whole body started to twitch at just that single brush of her fingertips as she brushed between the folds.

Tracing her finger around her rose coloured button at the top of her sex, she gave a shuttered even harder and her hips began to move with it. She gasped loudly, and she was engulfed int ever sensation. It was not hard to fantasize at the moment, the image of Shannon naked with her was so clear in her mind’s eye... seeing the girl naked in the showers after gym class over many years of being in school together, made imagining Shannon to be more than just a little easy.

Abigail could perfectly picture Shannon’s awesomely perky breasts that were so full yet not too large, and how they never sagged but lightly swayed when she moved. She then started to envisioned the girl’s slim yet well rounded hips and the athletic flatness of stomach that led to the short cropped her wheat coloured thatch of pubic hair. All of this was there in her mind, fuelling her arousal.

She began to trace circles around her little nub, and felt herself quiver with pleasure... then when she plunged her forefinger into her wetness, and that quiver became a huge earthquake of ecstasy. She inserted a second finger and then plunged them both deeper inside, then quickly hit the little cluster of nerves situated there. She but her lip to keep from crying out and alerting the house, as she was totally flooded with pure pleasure.

Abigail whimpered and cooed every time she would pump her fingers into herself, her mind now was pretended that it was Shannon’s long and very slender fingers exploring her to the very core. All of the sensations cascaded through every part of her... the orgasm she was building was now getting larger by the second. The pressure now built up like a over filled balloon, a balloon that she was desperately wanting to have pop.

She held off for as long as she could, but the orgasm was right there lurking and wanting to take over. She reached up over her head and gripped the headboard of her bed, as her fingers hit that spot deep inside of her again. She groaned and ground her hips up against her hand, feeling her juices now coating her hand, butt and the bed under her. Shaking and gasping out her friend’s name over and over again, Abigail felt the orgasms flooded her and spirit her into a world of delight.

Sweaty, Abby finally had the orgasms stop. She felt as limp as over cooked spaghetti, ad just as hot She laid there panting, her fingers still stuffed inside of her wetness. She had never made herself have a orgasm quite like that before, she was actually feeling satisfied at the moment. She sighed and layed on her bed, while a blissful sort of feeling slowly washed over her.

She layed there for a few moments, then her reality started to creep into her momentary blissfulness. Thinking back of the many times she had felt like she was horny with just thinking about Shannon... this time it was different. This was the first time she had ever given in to the urges of any kind, ending up that she had fingered herself while thinking about Shannon..

She shook her head, as she was starting really to feel so ashamed of herself for doing this, for thinking this... and everything else she could pin on herself. She had broke up with Eddie to sort a lot of things out inside of herself... but at this point, right now... this just had seemed to complicate things.

" Why did I just do that?" She asked herself, laying there and looking at the ceiling that was lit by just her beside lamp.

She layed there for awhile, the pleasure she had felt was long gone. This day had not been the best that she ever had, it had not even had a hint of that, this just capped it all off. With a sigh, Abby sat up on the edge of the bed and took off the rest of her cloths she still had on. She found where her pants and underwear had fallen beside the bed, and that triggered a small bit more guilt in her, reminding her of masturbating to the image of her best friend.

She battled the feeling that it was so sick of her to do such a thing while thinking about your best friend for years, but deep down she felt this odd sense of a release of tension that had came from it. There were two opposing sides, and her e she was in the middle of it all.

As she stood up and started to move towards her little bathroom to take a shower and also let her sheets dry as well, she noticed there were more messages on her phone. Leaning in to look at the display, it was clear that they were all from either her friend Sasha, a little freakily from Shannon and there was one from Eddie.

Messages left by Sasha and Eddie did not bother her, but the fact that Shannon had called twice while she had been fantasizing about her... freaked her out a little bit. She just tried not to think about any of that, but it really was not working. The guilt was right there, and as always never easily ignored.

She left the messages on the phone and went for her shower. She wanted to clean up and get to bed a little earlier, and not to talk to anyone at the same time. She had a feeling that the next day at school was going to be a long one..

[End notes: Author's Note:  This story is slow being written, edited and posted, but this one seemed to need more TLC than most of mine in the past.  Guess I am going for serousness here, as well as being tanalizing( ( I need to do that also).  So be very patiant with me... I promise it will be worth it.]

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