Story: The Popular People (chapter 1)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1- To my eyes, open wide

[Author's notes:

She loves Eddie... but she realizes not in the way she is expected to. 

WARNING: there is hetro sex in this chapter, but it sets up things. I apologize to my fans... and will promis that this will be not only a hot story, but a good one.  You might need ice baths in most parts

DEDICATED to Sneekie and Requiem... my most loyal followers.


The Popular people

By: JD wheels


Disclaimer: This is a work of original Yuri fiction... I own all characters and events set in the story.


Chapter one: To my eyes, open wide


Abigail pressed herself up against the sweaty muscled body of her boyfriend as they were in the throws of making love in the darkness of his bedroom. They had a chance of being alone for the first time in a while... but like it had been for months before that, she was feeling nothing towards the young man who she was making love to

Eddie’s large cock seemed to feel so different as it slid into her with every pump he made, almost like it was not suppose to be even in her in the first place. She could hear him groan as he pumped away with his usual flash, writhing a little every time he pounded his member far into her depth with a raspy grunt on his lips. The more she tried to get into it, the more she started to feel like she was going to puke. This was not feeling even close to what she wanted... it was different.

His touches and his kisses and even little touches... everything that use to excite her and get her horny when they had first started dating... was not there any more. Two years into their relationship now, it was more like labour under a heavy weight rather than having hot sex. Now it was just something she wanted to get over in a hurry and forget about it... she was scared, because of this drastic change in her.

She did care for Eddie a lot still, but not like what it had been... or seemed like she had been. That coupled with her lack of sexual attraction for the blond haired man...bothered her and made her have such a deep down sadness in her. She had no idea what was going on with her, but she was starting to clue in on some things.. And they all were coming out into her mind while she was screwing her Eddie.

The truth be known, Eddie had not been fulfilling Abigail like he once had. She use to feel something deep for him...something she thought was this immeasurable thing called love and nearly animalistic attraction to the six foot three young man... now it was not even close to being like that. In thinking back on things more clearly even in the midst of having sex, she always had this sort of thought or feeling that it never felt totally natural for her in the first place to be with him.

Eddie had been her first in almost everything since they had met up on the first day in the ninth grade. He was her first love, he was her first kiss when he had sneaked one in the crowded hallway between classes and in the end was her first sexual experience she ever had... and he was the only one she had been with that way. That was how she came to this point, yet she always had been harboured fantasies about other people in sexual ways, even when they would have sex. The problem with all of these fantasies she was having, they always were doing sexual things with girls... and just girls.

She could not explain why she was having them, and just hid them and never let herself actually think about it... but they tended to come up more and more. She had noticed that she had been thinking like that more and more... the nasty term ‘Lesbian’ was beginning to come in her. Was she one, because of these fantasies? She shuttered to think like that, she could not be gay.

At school, they were looked on as the ‘golden couple’ and role models. They felt that all eyes were on them at all times. Her and Eddie were the school’s top athletes and they both always seemed to be at the very top of the honour rolls for scholastic excellence. She was on the student council and in charge of many events that were going on in the school, he was the main Quarterback and captain of the wrestling team, as well as someone who volunteers for many things as well.

They were voted the best couple in the school two years running now... quite a tag to live up to. That made the relationship a little more hard to have, but they had just went along the best that they could. Now that she was beginning to think things over like she had been feeling for years only to herself... was starting to really crush all of that..

Thinking back...almost from the very start of her relationship with Eddie, Abigail felt this very strong thing that was tugging at her from the inside. It was something that was almost screaming at her since day one...telling her that her relationship with Eddie was not right.... yet she never really listened to whatever this was that haunted her. In truth, she never wanted to hear it even if from herself.

Abigail was at the top of the popularity pyramid at Blakemoore High School, looked up to by every girl in every grade level... and was openly envied at the same time for her going with Eddie Houghton... the school’s most voted hunk. It was a teenager’s dream of being so popular and looked up to... but that part never made Abigail feel happy... she felt more like it was pressure to be just that. Over the time, a great sadness had started to creep in... despite the outward appearances..

Lately when her and Eddie would have sex, to get herself off... Abigail would have to let those hidden fantasize about other girls from school come out more and more to get the same orgasmic pleasure that she would have gotten earlier on in the relationship. One in particular fantasy that was so shocking, was about her best friend in the whole world... the one that she had hung around with since back in grade four. That was the one that just seemed to take over naturally... like as if she was drawn to fantasize about this girl.

Shannon Camwood had been Abigail’s best friend for years by now. She was so damned smart, was the head cheerleader who had led the squad to so many awards already and she was going out with Eddie’s best friend, Max Ubberman. She was kind, thoughtful and a perfect friend... that was why it freaked Abigail out whenever those fantasies come flying through her head.

Visualizing Shannon naked and pretending that she was doing to her what Eddie was actually performing on her... it was steamy. That main fantasy was the only thing that made her feel things surging in her when Eddie and her would go at it. Embarrassingly, this little trick was the only way that she would orgasm so damned hard and wet with. After her orgasm would subside and it was only Eddie and her, it made her feel like she was being so phoney... and made her realize that she was not being fair to the lad, when in her mind she was with someone else while he was making love to her

This time with Eddie was now feeling so strange, that she could not ignore what was going on in her mind any longer.. She could not make herself fantasize any longer, and never come to grips with her hidden emotions and desires that had been plaguing her for months on end. She never was person that faked anything in her life, and this was starting to make her feel like she had been and now was the biggest liar of them all... she was lying to even herself now.

Abigail could smell his musky scent mixing along with her perfume as their perspiration mingled, but that did nothing for her. She felt his rod as he slammed it deeply into her, but by now she was doing what she had been doing. She had been laying there faking her arousal and every one of her orgasms all for the enjoyment of Eddy because she cared for him so much... but now it was just fooling herself in the long run. She really did cared about the lad so much... but she was starting to really and honestly see that she was not in love with the lad any more... and perhaps she had never been..

She started to feel his muscles flexing as he was reached his orgasm, and felt him pumping her harder than what he had been... then stiffen. He was in the final stages of his orgasm, and that seemed to trigger something to finally break in her emotionally. It was as if she saw the world in total clarity.

It was right then that she knew that she could not fake this any longer, as it was threatening to drive her to madness. All at all felt like one big lie that she had been living... and letting that lie grow and shape into something that she was not wanting to live withe for a second longer. Her world now was at a turning point.

She pushed the much larger body of the man off of her, just as he had finished pumping the last little bit of seed into her body. Eddie seemed shocked at his very petite girlfriend was seriously pushing him off of her like this, and actually getting him off of her in a hurry.

" What the hell gives?’ He asked, puffing hard as he eyed her with a little air of irritation in his eyes.

She looked into the young man’s eyes, and saw the confusion of her stopping him in them. She took a breath in, knowing full well that she could not go another minute more with the charade she had been doing.

" I’m sorry, Eddie... I really am..." She said, shaking her head as she rolled away from the large muscled young man. "I just can’t do this any more."

" Do what?" He said, wiping his sweat cover face as he looked at Abigail, confused as hell. " We were making love here..."

" I know, but it is just not feeling quite right here." She said

" what do ya mean?" He asked, getting a little more upset sounding as he did not understand.

The small framed, blonde haired girl shook her head, while moving a little more away from the perplexed young man. She looked through the dimness of his small bedroom, knowing that she needed to finally come clean to him... and herself as well.

" Doing all of this, us... the two of us... you know..." She said, her words spilling out of her. " It does not feel natural..."

" Doing what?" He said, seemingly trying to figure out his girl’s words.

" All of this... our relationship and all of that..." She gasped back in response. " All of this, feels like it is not working for me..."

" Are you on something?" He asked.

" No..." She snapped back at his stupid question. " I am saying that I don’t feel the same towards you... and that makes our relationship not really working out."

Eddie was understandably confused at the moment, looking at his girlfriend with a blank look. He shifted and sat on the bed, trying to understand how they had went from screwing to this..

" Working for you?" He asked, his voice seemingly getting louder. " I love you like I have not loved anyone before... and you say that it is not working for you?"

" Yeah, It’s not..." Abigail said nodding, her heart knowing that it had to keep saying what was true. " Tis is not working out for me... I think it has not really been working for quite awhile now"

He seemed to pause, her whole body got stiffer as he thought of what Abigail had just said to him. His gaze locked on to the girl’s eyes, and he seemed to waver between anger and bewilderment.

" You mean it is not working? Do you mean us a couple? Us as lovers?" He said, stating the obvious in an attempt to understand." I don’t understand any of this...I thought things were going very well for us... dammit we have just had our second anniversary of being girlfriend and boyfriend." He shook his head. " I cant believe this..."

Abigail nodded, looking into the broad shoulder young man’s very stunned face. She knew that he was not getting it right now, and that hurt that was being shown there was coming from his heart. In fact, she was not quite fully understanding it herself. It had been brewing in her for many months, things that she had been ‘pushing’ away were now hard to ignore... feelings that she was having were becoming very clear in what they were trying to tell her. She just knew that she was, and seemed to always have, been attracted to girls.

She looked at the young man, and knew that she had to finally say something, but she never wanted to hurt his feelings in any ways. She may not have loved him, but she did not want him to be hurt either.

" Our relationship has been good...yes... but I think I am different..." She said, trying to actually explain it to him, as well as herself.

" I thought we had a very great relationship here..." He said, sitting back on his haunches as he looked at her. " We have been together for two years here.... here we are in grade eleven, and still together.... all of our friends have had many girlfriends and boyfriends in that time, and we have always loved one another so much... that is why it worked.."

" I care for you... but.." She said

" But... what?" He came back.

The young girl took a moment to think this through, she wanted to make sure of her next statement to the lad.

" How I care for you, has changed... and now I am starting to see that clearer than I have. " She tried to be a little more clearly.

" You make love to me like we always do... then you tell me that it was not going well for you?" He asked. " Sounds like crap to me.."

" It sounds like that... but it is not just like that..." She said

" Five minutes ago, you and I were literally fucking one another’s brains out... now this..." He pointed out, his mind obviously reeling from all of this. " Explain why in just a few short second, you can suddenly say you don’t love me any more."

It was not quite what she was trying to say. She did love Eddie still, but not in the way that a man and woman should. She thought out her next few words, knowing very well that she needed to be clear wit everything the best that she could be.

" It has been in my head for a long time..." Abigail started, after a few seconds. " The change in what I feel... everything... And that is what I have figured out to this point."

" So you just fuck me while you take your time and decide to dump me after I was done?" He spat, getting angry.

" That is not how I came to that decision... It is just so damned complicated..." She explained. " This whole thing that had been in my mind, making me think... and it all finally came to a head for me today..."

" So that means that you are going to dump me... for having a damned feeling?" Eddie Spat.

" Right now, the way I feel confuses me too..." She said softly, in her mind she knew he had every right to be angry. " It ‘s not that I don’t love you... I just know that things have changed... and one way is the way I love you now."

Abigail knew that was true for her, she had not purposely hid this from him... it just had came out for her, and she knew that he would not understand about the whole fantasy things. She did not understood either. She eyed the naked lad as he tried to make sense of her... and that was when she was absolutely sure that this relationship was over. Her heart knew... the two years of her relationship was now gone.

She got up and started to dress after finding the pile of clothing that was hers, much to the surprise of the lad.

" Just like that, you fuck me and then break up with me?" He said, through gritted teeth. " What, is there another guy that is fucking you? Is that what this all is... your going to another guy, after one last fuck from me?"

She whirled around and glared at the lad, his razor sharp innuendo of her cheating on him had curt her straight to the soul.

" Did I say there was anyone I was seeing?" Abigail said, hurt that he would even think that of her.

" What am I suppose to think right fucking now?" He came back, his voice echoing through the emptiness of his house.. " You all of a sudden push me off of you after sex, and tell me that our relationship is pretty much fucked here? What it the hell am I suppose to think!"

She shook her head, as she slipped on her panties. She saw why he had jumped to that thought... She already knew that she would have gone to the same place if the shoe was on the other foot.

" There is no other guy waiting for me to dump you, and I am not seeing anyone else..." She said firmly. " There is no one else, Ed... you are the only person I have ever had sex with ..."

" No one else?" He asked again, a little softer now as he looked her right in the eyes as he questioned her.

" No one else!" Abigail assured.

" Then, why in the hell do you wanna break up?" He said, half angry and half pleading as well.

Abigail paused and thought, she wanted to be as clear as she could be... he deserved at least that much.

" I don’t know why... but my feelings have changed towards you... and what I view as between us... it is not like what they were. Seeing that, I am so confused with everything..." The girl started, her eyes locked on to the young man. " I don’t understand why I don’t feel the same was as I did... but I could not keep going like it was because that is how I feel!"

" Are you driving me crazy here?" He asked, obviously feeling frustrated. " You want to break up, just because your confused over something in us going together?"

Abigail looked at the lad, he was starting to get it, but knew it will take time for this young man to understand this. It would take time for her as well to figure it all out.

" We have to break up... it is not fair to you, if I am not completely in this relationship when you are totally..." She said, her eyes welling up a little with tears, realizing the gravity of what she was now seeing she had to do. " This decision is not easy for me... but I now see it for what it is.. What needs to be done."

Ed seemed to hang for a moment, his mind turning. The angered look he had on his peach fuzz face had melted away, it was now a cross between sadness and this sense of fear that now gripped him, as reality set in.

" If you need time, I can try and give you that..." He offered up, almost pleading his case " If you need a few days or even weeks to figure shit out... Lets just try that, before taking that last step and completely breaking up."

" I have not thought of that option..." Abigail said, but feeling like I would not be the best option here... but was still thinking on it anyways.

" Lets give it a try then, Abigail..." Ed said, getting off the bed and looking at the half naked girl. " I don’t want to lose someone that has been a big part of my life as you have been, and the one that I do love still."

" It may not work out though..." She pointed out, already thinking how this might work... and end up..

" We don’t know until we try..." He said, his eyes showing that he had this ray of hope for himself.

He looked at her for a moment, and she decided to do the temporary spitting up thing for awhile. It would stave off some of that emotional pain for awhile, which she did not want to inflict on Eddie, but deep in her heart she sort of knew that nothing would stop the final outcome

" For now then..."She agreed, as she finished dressing.

" We will talk this out... I know we can... we have talked things out before..." Said the shaky voiced lad, as he started to dress too. " What ever it is, I will let you have the time to figure things through."

She finished getting dressed, but now was feeling guilty. Just taking a few weeks would not change things, and she already knew that... but it was better to take a step back though. It would give her the tile to explore this growing attraction she was having to girls... and to Shannon in particular.

She dressed and started to leave the room. She saw a still half naked lad still sitting in his room, pondering all of this. She paused, as she was still pretty conflicted, even though she already knew that she was doing something that was right for her.

" Can I call you from time to time then?" He softly asked, just as she was leaving the room.

" After awhile you could..." Was all that she could say, his voice seemed so small at the moment. " I just need some time to sort things out before we start feeling things out together."

" How long do you think you’ll need?" He asked back, his booming voice holding a noticeable waver to it.

She stopped for a second, partially out of the door by now. She sighed, not quite knowing how to reply to that... when she did not quite know herself. Things were more than just a little screwed up at the moment.

" Honestly.." She started, slowly closing the door behind her. " I don’t know how long that will be."

" Oh..." Was the only thing she heard from Eddie.

She closed the door and started down the little hallway, afraid that if she stopped, she might make a decision that would be detrimental to her. Her decision was the right one, or was it, she thought. She had not a single clue on which side that answer would fall onto, but she knew that this day had been coming for some time..

She walked through the house, happy that there was no signs of his family yet... that was why they always had alone time at his house after school. They usually had two hours until they came home. Today, she was happy for the time to leave... but sad that the lad would be alone for almost an hour.

Abigail opened the front door and went out of the house, her emotions were mixed right up at the moment. She was beginning to second-guess herself, like she was prone to do from time to time... but she still was sure that she was doing the right things for herself.

She closed the door and went down to the sidewalk, starting off on the thirty minute walk to her house. She walked away from the two story brick house on this quiet cul-de-sac, not once glancing back to look at the window that was Eddie’s. She was very afraid of what she might end up feeling if she did.

Quickly far down the street, Abigail became actually glad for the long walk ahead of her at the moment. It would give her time to mull over everything in her head,. even though she knew that it might not change things in any way.

She was not sure on telling her friends of the break up, what to say. All she knew was most of them would think her crazy for doing so. She would not tell Shannon right off... she was part of the reason for the break up. She wanted first to see what her feelings were towards girls... then see what that had to do with what she felt for Shannon.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am really blocked on other stories... but this story came out while working through the others.  I have most of it and will be posting rather quickly. ]

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