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Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1- To my eyes, open wide

[Author's notes:

She loves Eddie... but she realizes not in the way she is expected to. 

WARNING: there is hetro sex in this chapter, but it sets up things. I apologize to my fans... and will promis that this will be not only a hot story, but a good one.  You might need ice baths in most parts

DEDICATED to Sneekie and Requiem... my most loyal followers.


The Popular people

By: JD wheels


Disclaimer: This is a work of original Yuri fiction... I own all characters and events set in the story.


Chapter one: To my eyes, open wide


Abigail pressed herself up against the sweaty muscled body of her boyfriend as they were in the throws of making love in the darkness of his bedroom. They had a chance of being alone for the first time in a while... but like it had been for months before that, she was feeling nothing towards the young man who she was making love to

Eddie’s large cock seemed to feel so different as it slid into her with every pump he made, almost like it was not suppose to be even in her in the first place. She could hear him groan as he pumped away with his usual flash, writhing a little every time he pounded his member far into her depth with a raspy grunt on his lips. The more she tried to get into it, the more she started to feel like she was going to puke. This was not feeling even close to what she wanted... it was different.

His touches and his kisses and even little touches... everything that use to excite her and get her horny when they had first started dating... was not there any more. Two years into their relationship now, it was more like labour under a heavy weight rather than having hot sex. Now it was just something she wanted to get over in a hurry and forget about it... she was scared, because of this drastic change in her.

She did care for Eddie a lot still, but not like what it had been... or seemed like she had been. That coupled with her lack of sexual attraction for the blond haired man...bothered her and made her have such a deep down sadness in her. She had no idea what was going on with her, but she was starting to clue in on some things.. And they all were coming out into her mind while she was screwing her Eddie.

The truth be known, Eddie had not been fulfilling Abigail like he once had. She use to feel something deep for him...something she thought was this immeasurable thing called love and nearly animalistic attraction to the six foot three young man... now it was not even close to being like that. In thinking back on things more clearly even in the midst of having sex, she always had this sort of thought or feeling that it never felt totally natural for her in the first place to be with him.

Eddie had been her first in almost everything since they had met up on the first day in the ninth grade. He was her first love, he was her first kiss when he had sneaked one in the crowded hallway between classes and in the end was her first sexual experience she ever had... and he was the only one she had been with that way. That was how she came to this point, yet she always had been harboured fantasies about other people in sexual ways, even when they would have sex. The problem with all of these fantasies she was having, they always were doing sexual things with girls... and just girls.

She could not explain why she was having them, and just hid them and never let herself actually think about it... but they tended to come up more and more. She had noticed that she had been thinking like that more and more... the nasty term ‘Lesbian’ was beginning to come in her. Was she one, because of these fantasies? She shuttered to think like that, she could not be gay.

At school, they were looked on as the ‘golden couple’ and role models. They felt that all eyes were on them at all times. Her and Eddie were the school’s top athletes and they both always seemed to be at the very top of the honour rolls for scholastic excellence. She was on the student council and in charge of many events that were going on in the school, he was the main Quarterback and captain of the wrestling team, as well as someone who volunteers for many things as well.

They were voted the best couple in the school two years running now... quite a tag to live up to. That made the relationship a little more hard to have, but they had just went along the best that they could. Now that she was beginning to think things over like she had been feeling for years only to herself... was starting to really crush all of that..

Thinking back...almost from the very start of her relationship with Eddie, Abigail felt this very strong thing that was tugging at her from the inside. It was something that was almost screaming at her since day one...telling her that her relationship with Eddie was not right.... yet she never really listened to whatever this was that haunted her. In truth, she never wanted to hear it even if from herself.

Abigail was at the top of the popularity pyramid at Blakemoore High School, looked up to by every girl in every grade level... and was openly envied at the same time for her going with Eddie Houghton... the school’s most voted hunk. It was a teenager’s dream of being so popular and looked up to... but that part never made Abigail feel happy... she felt more like it was pressure to be just that. Over the time, a great sadness had started to creep in... despite the outward appearances..

Lately when her and Eddie would have sex, to get herself off... Abigail would have to let those hidden fantasize about other girls from school come out more and more to get the same orgasmic pleasure that she would have gotten earlier on in the relationship. One in particular fantasy that was so shocking, was about her best friend in the whole world... the one that she had hung around with since back in grade four. That was the one that just seemed to take over naturally... like as if she was drawn to fantasize about this girl.

Shannon Camwood had been Abigail’s best friend for years by now. She was so damned smart, was the head cheerleader who had led the squad to so many awards already and she was going out with Eddie’s best friend, Max Ubberman. She was kind, thoughtful and a perfect friend... that was why it freaked Abigail out whenever those fantasies come flying through her head.

Visualizing Shannon naked and pretending that she was doing to her what Eddie was actually performing on her... it was steamy. That main fantasy was the only thing that made her feel things surging in her when Eddie and her would go at it. Embarrassingly, this little trick was the only way that she would orgasm so damned hard and wet with. After her orgasm would subside and it was only Eddie and her, it made her feel like she was being so phoney... and made her realize that she was not being fair to the lad, when in her mind she was with someone else while he was making love to her

This time with Eddie was now feeling so strange, that she could not ignore what was going on in her mind any longer.. She could not make herself fantasize any longer, and never come to grips with her hidden emotions and desires that had been plaguing her for months on end. She never was person that faked anything in her life, and this was starting to make her feel like she had been and now was the biggest liar of them all... she was lying to even herself now.

Abigail could smell his musky scent mixing along with her perfume as their perspiration mingled, but that did nothing for her. She felt his rod as he slammed it deeply into her, but by now she was doing what she had been doing. She had been laying there faking her arousal and every one of her orgasms all for the enjoyment of Eddy because she cared for him so much... but now it was just fooling herself in the long run. She really did cared about the lad so much... but she was starting to really and honestly see that she was not in love with the lad any more... and perhaps she had never been..

She started to feel his muscles flexing as he was reached his orgasm, and felt him pumping her harder than what he had been... then stiffen. He was in the final stages of his orgasm, and that seemed to trigger something to finally break in her emotionally. It was as if she saw the world in total clarity.

It was right then that she knew that she could not fake this any longer, as it was threatening to drive her to madness. All at all felt like one big lie that she had been living... and letting that lie grow and shape into something that she was not wanting to live withe for a second longer. Her world now was at a turning point.

She pushed the much larger body of the man off of her, just as he had finished pumping the last little bit of seed into her body. Eddie seemed shocked at his very petite girlfriend was seriously pushing him off of her like this, and actually getting him off of her in a hurry.

" What the hell gives?’ He asked, puffing hard as he eyed her with a little air of irritation in his eyes.

She looked into the young man’s eyes, and saw the confusion of her stopping him in them. She took a breath in, knowing full well that she could not go another minute more with the charade she had been doing.

" I’m sorry, Eddie... I really am..." She said, shaking her head as she rolled away from the large muscled young man. "I just can’t do this any more."

" Do what?" He said, wiping his sweat cover face as he looked at Abigail, confused as hell. " We were making love here..."

" I know, but it is just not feeling quite right here." She said

" what do ya mean?" He asked, getting a little more upset sounding as he did not understand.

The small framed, blonde haired girl shook her head, while moving a little more away from the perplexed young man. She looked through the dimness of his small bedroom, knowing that she needed to finally come clean to him... and herself as well.

" Doing all of this, us... the two of us... you know..." She said, her words spilling out of her. " It does not feel natural..."

" Doing what?" He said, seemingly trying to figure out his girl’s words.

" All of this... our relationship and all of that..." She gasped back in response. " All of this, feels like it is not working for me..."

" Are you on something?" He asked.

" No..." She snapped back at his stupid question. " I am saying that I don’t feel the same towards you... and that makes our relationship not really working out."

Eddie was understandably confused at the moment, looking at his girlfriend with a blank look. He shifted and sat on the bed, trying to understand how they had went from screwing to this..

" Working for you?" He asked, his voice seemingly getting louder. " I love you like I have not loved anyone before... and you say that it is not working for you?"

" Yeah, It’s not..." Abigail said nodding, her heart knowing that it had to keep saying what was true. " Tis is not working out for me... I think it has not really been working for quite awhile now"

He seemed to pause, her whole body got stiffer as he thought of what Abigail had just said to him. His gaze locked on to the girl’s eyes, and he seemed to waver between anger and bewilderment.

" You mean it is not working? Do you mean us a couple? Us as lovers?" He said, stating the obvious in an attempt to understand." I don’t understand any of this...I thought things were going very well for us... dammit we have just had our second anniversary of being girlfriend and boyfriend." He shook his head. " I cant believe this..."

Abigail nodded, looking into the broad shoulder young man’s very stunned face. She knew that he was not getting it right now, and that hurt that was being shown there was coming from his heart. In fact, she was not quite fully understanding it herself. It had been brewing in her for many months, things that she had been ‘pushing’ away were now hard to ignore... feelings that she was having were becoming very clear in what they were trying to tell her. She just knew that she was, and seemed to always have, been attracted to girls.

She looked at the young man, and knew that she had to finally say something, but she never wanted to hurt his feelings in any ways. She may not have loved him, but she did not want him to be hurt either.

" Our relationship has been good...yes... but I think I am different..." She said, trying to actually explain it to him, as well as herself.

" I thought we had a very great relationship here..." He said, sitting back on his haunches as he looked at her. " We have been together for two years here.... here we are in grade eleven, and still together.... all of our friends have had many girlfriends and boyfriends in that time, and we have always loved one another so much... that is why it worked.."

" I care for you... but.." She said

" But... what?" He came back.

The young girl took a moment to think this through, she wanted to make sure of her next statement to the lad.

" How I care for you, has changed... and now I am starting to see that clearer than I have. " She tried to be a little more clearly.

" You make love to me like we always do... then you tell me that it was not going well for you?" He asked. " Sounds like crap to me.."

" It sounds like that... but it is not just like that..." She said

" Five minutes ago, you and I were literally fucking one another’s brains out... now this..." He pointed out, his mind obviously reeling from all of this. " Explain why in just a few short second, you can suddenly say you don’t love me any more."

It was not quite what she was trying to say. She did love Eddie still, but not in the way that a man and woman should. She thought out her next few words, knowing very well that she needed to be clear wit everything the best that she could be.

" It has been in my head for a long time..." Abigail started, after a few seconds. " The change in what I feel... everything... And that is what I have figured out to this point."

" So you just fuck me while you take your time and decide to dump me after I was done?" He spat, getting angry.

" That is not how I came to that decision... It is just so damned complicated..." She explained. " This whole thing that had been in my mind, making me think... and it all finally came to a head for me today..."

" So that means that you are going to dump me... for having a damned feeling?" Eddie Spat.

" Right now, the way I feel confuses me too..." She said softly, in her mind she knew he had every right to be angry. " It ‘s not that I don’t love you... I just know that things have changed... and one way is the way I love you now."

Abigail knew that was true for her, she had not purposely hid this from him... it just had came out for her, and she knew that he would not understand about the whole fantasy things. She did not understood either. She eyed the naked lad as he tried to make sense of her... and that was when she was absolutely sure that this relationship was over. Her heart knew... the two years of her relationship was now gone.

She got up and started to dress after finding the pile of clothing that was hers, much to the surprise of the lad.

" Just like that, you fuck me and then break up with me?" He said, through gritted teeth. " What, is there another guy that is fucking you? Is that what this all is... your going to another guy, after one last fuck from me?"

She whirled around and glared at the lad, his razor sharp innuendo of her cheating on him had curt her straight to the soul.

" Did I say there was anyone I was seeing?" Abigail said, hurt that he would even think that of her.

" What am I suppose to think right fucking now?" He came back, his voice echoing through the emptiness of his house.. " You all of a sudden push me off of you after sex, and tell me that our relationship is pretty much fucked here? What it the hell am I suppose to think!"

She shook her head, as she slipped on her panties. She saw why he had jumped to that thought... She already knew that she would have gone to the same place if the shoe was on the other foot.

" There is no other guy waiting for me to dump you, and I am not seeing anyone else..." She said firmly. " There is no one else, Ed... you are the only person I have ever had sex with ..."

" No one else?" He asked again, a little softer now as he looked her right in the eyes as he questioned her.

" No one else!" Abigail assured.

" Then, why in the hell do you wanna break up?" He said, half angry and half pleading as well.

Abigail paused and thought, she wanted to be as clear as she could be... he deserved at least that much.

" I don’t know why... but my feelings have changed towards you... and what I view as between us... it is not like what they were. Seeing that, I am so confused with everything..." The girl started, her eyes locked on to the young man. " I don’t understand why I don’t feel the same was as I did... but I could not keep going like it was because that is how I feel!"

" Are you driving me crazy here?" He asked, obviously feeling frustrated. " You want to break up, just because your confused over something in us going together?"

Abigail looked at the lad, he was starting to get it, but knew it will take time for this young man to understand this. It would take time for her as well to figure it all out.

" We have to break up... it is not fair to you, if I am not completely in this relationship when you are totally..." She said, her eyes welling up a little with tears, realizing the gravity of what she was now seeing she had to do. " This decision is not easy for me... but I now see it for what it is.. What needs to be done."

Ed seemed to hang for a moment, his mind turning. The angered look he had on his peach fuzz face had melted away, it was now a cross between sadness and this sense of fear that now gripped him, as reality set in.

" If you need time, I can try and give you that..." He offered up, almost pleading his case " If you need a few days or even weeks to figure shit out... Lets just try that, before taking that last step and completely breaking up."

" I have not thought of that option..." Abigail said, but feeling like I would not be the best option here... but was still thinking on it anyways.

" Lets give it a try then, Abigail..." Ed said, getting off the bed and looking at the half naked girl. " I don’t want to lose someone that has been a big part of my life as you have been, and the one that I do love still."

" It may not work out though..." She pointed out, already thinking how this might work... and end up..

" We don’t know until we try..." He said, his eyes showing that he had this ray of hope for himself.

He looked at her for a moment, and she decided to do the temporary spitting up thing for awhile. It would stave off some of that emotional pain for awhile, which she did not want to inflict on Eddie, but deep in her heart she sort of knew that nothing would stop the final outcome

" For now then..."She agreed, as she finished dressing.

" We will talk this out... I know we can... we have talked things out before..." Said the shaky voiced lad, as he started to dress too. " What ever it is, I will let you have the time to figure things through."

She finished getting dressed, but now was feeling guilty. Just taking a few weeks would not change things, and she already knew that... but it was better to take a step back though. It would give her the tile to explore this growing attraction she was having to girls... and to Shannon in particular.

She dressed and started to leave the room. She saw a still half naked lad still sitting in his room, pondering all of this. She paused, as she was still pretty conflicted, even though she already knew that she was doing something that was right for her.

" Can I call you from time to time then?" He softly asked, just as she was leaving the room.

" After awhile you could..." Was all that she could say, his voice seemed so small at the moment. " I just need some time to sort things out before we start feeling things out together."

" How long do you think you’ll need?" He asked back, his booming voice holding a noticeable waver to it.

She stopped for a second, partially out of the door by now. She sighed, not quite knowing how to reply to that... when she did not quite know herself. Things were more than just a little screwed up at the moment.

" Honestly.." She started, slowly closing the door behind her. " I don’t know how long that will be."

" Oh..." Was the only thing she heard from Eddie.

She closed the door and started down the little hallway, afraid that if she stopped, she might make a decision that would be detrimental to her. Her decision was the right one, or was it, she thought. She had not a single clue on which side that answer would fall onto, but she knew that this day had been coming for some time..

She walked through the house, happy that there was no signs of his family yet... that was why they always had alone time at his house after school. They usually had two hours until they came home. Today, she was happy for the time to leave... but sad that the lad would be alone for almost an hour.

Abigail opened the front door and went out of the house, her emotions were mixed right up at the moment. She was beginning to second-guess herself, like she was prone to do from time to time... but she still was sure that she was doing the right things for herself.

She closed the door and went down to the sidewalk, starting off on the thirty minute walk to her house. She walked away from the two story brick house on this quiet cul-de-sac, not once glancing back to look at the window that was Eddie’s. She was very afraid of what she might end up feeling if she did.

Quickly far down the street, Abigail became actually glad for the long walk ahead of her at the moment. It would give her time to mull over everything in her head,. even though she knew that it might not change things in any way.

She was not sure on telling her friends of the break up, what to say. All she knew was most of them would think her crazy for doing so. She would not tell Shannon right off... she was part of the reason for the break up. She wanted first to see what her feelings were towards girls... then see what that had to do with what she felt for Shannon.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am really blocked on other stories... but this story came out while working through the others.  I have most of it and will be posting rather quickly. ]

Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Confusion Amuck

[Author's notes: Toren between what you had to do, and keeping the status quo... can anyone say thei might do things differntly?]

Chapter Two: Confusion Amuck



Abigail stepped into her house, glad that her long walk was done. The girl paused in the entrance way, her mind relaying the events that were barely an hour past through her mind..She had felt bad about what she had to do to Eddie, but she already was feeling that it was the right thing that she needed to do... and it was for herself.

She stepped in to the front room and looked around.. There was her older sister and two younger brothers in the front room. They were watching something on the television while lazing on the sofa, staring at it almost blankly. The eldest of her siblings looked up, the twin boys did not.

" Hey Dweeb... Finally home?" yelled out the older girl.

Abigail left her shoes in the vestibule and stepping into the living room area, still lugging her overly stuffed book bag over a now very tired shoulder.

" Yeah... I am." Abigail said, feeling still emotionally raw from what she had to do this afternoon.

" About time you got your scrawny ass home here..." Said the girl loudly, making a little whiny noise behind her words.

" What is your problem, Kerry Anne?" Abby asked back

" If you would stop lip locking with Eddie there for just a little while... you would be getting home on time for a damn change, and not interfere with other’s lives... and I am talking about my life here..."

Abigail froze for a moment, her sister remark using Eddie had caught her a little bit flat footed. She put her flood of emotions away for the time being, not wanting any part of feeling such things for now, or showing it to her sister... who usually did not give a crap in the first place about anything that pertained to any one else.

" Why are you now so damn stiff-assed about me getting home on time?" Asked Abigail, bypassing diving into the topic of Eddie the best she could have.

The oldest girl sat up a little more on the sofa and looked at Abigail. She seemed to grin with this smug sort of look, as Abigail came closer.

" Mom wants you to start the supper so it will be ready on time when they get home..." She said with a smirk. " Both Mom and Dad are already running rather late, judging from the message Mom had left on the phone when I came home... it might be near six thirty or something like that.."

The dark blonde girl looked at her sister on the couch, and saw the little smirk that was being flashed at her.

" Why couldn’t you have gotten supper going instead of waiting on me to do it all, Kerry Anne?" Abigail snuffed loudly, more than just a little irritated with her older sibling. " Well??"

" Just because I can, sunshine..." She smugly snuffed. " And I also can just to decide not to do anything unless Mom has asked otherwise, Dweeb..."

" So you refuse to get off your fat ass and help me out a little bit by simply getting it started for me?" Pressed Abigail, getting a little more angered at her sister’s attitude.

Kerry Anne looked at her younger sister and seemed to roll her eyes at the question she had been asked. She lifted a red and blue stripped hat over her head and coldly glared at her sister.

" My shift at McDonald’s starts in a little over a hour, dweeb..." She snuffed, giving this grin that was so damned smug " That is why I had to wait until you were finally home so you can take care of the two terror brats here... cook up a storm, so I can go an make what works out to be pocket change at the arches."

" Could you have at least been somewhat nice and cut veggies or something while waiting to go to your shift, rather than you choosing to plant your marshmallow butt there on the sofa and watch television..." Pointed out Abigail.

Kerry Anne burst out laughing, but not in an infectious sort of way.

" Why in the hell would I do something that nice for you?" She said, obviously irritated that Abigail had pressed things. " I want to just rest after my school a little bit before I go to my minimum wage slave hell..."

" So would I..." Came back the younger of the two girls. " Just because your in first year of college... you think your so high and damned mighty?"

" Yes.. So Whatever..." Dismissed Kerry Anne with a sneer. " Why should I spend what little time I have right now between my school and work?"

" Maybe just because you want to be nice to be nice for a change..." Abigail said, getting a little more irked with her sister.

Kerry Ann looked at her younger sister, and shot her one of those very clearly saying ‘I don’t give a real shit about what your saying or you’ looks before turning her attention back on the tv again. It was very clear that Abigail’s older sister was now going to ignore her smaller sister completely.

Abigail grumbled and hurried up to her room to put away her book bag and stuff before doing what she had been left to do by her mother. The girl was feeling beyond livid, hating that her older sister could always be such a bitch at the best of times. Today show of attitude clearly set out that Kerry Anne was going above and beyond her normal bitchy self...she was now being a one hundred percent queen bitch. It was clear, that Kerry had out did herself.

Stepping into her room and throwing her book bag on the bed, she sighed and was relieved that it was off of her shoulder finally. Abigail then winced and started to move her shoulder a little, working out the stiffness of having the bag on her shoulder the entire time she had walked herself home. She took her cell phone off of where it had been clipped on to her purse strap.. It was then that she noticed that her cell phone was flashing, telling her that people had left messages for her.

She looked at the little screen and noticed that there had been six messages left on her phone in the last forty minutes or so. She curiously began to scroll through the names so she could see who’s messages might be in need of a very quick call back before she started to do her forced chores.

Four calls were from Eddie, which she had expected but quickly had decided to ignore for the time being. She was not in the mood to listen to what he might have to say, considering that she had just basically dumped him just a little over an hour ago... and right in the middle of having sex as well. She was still feeling confused to why she felt like that it was the best for her just because she had been with him for two years.. But it seemed like she was not being herself, if with him any longer.

One message was left from her best friend Shannon, just asking her if she wanted to study together tonight and the other one was from another friend Sasha... but all it said was for her to call back and that was it. Nothing seemed to be really urgent to have to deal with at the moment, so she just left the messages on the phone.. After what happened, she did not want to see anyone for at least tonight.

Abigail put her cell on the charger for now hurried herself down stairs to start supper for her family that would be there. She would have to call Shannon and Sasha back after supper was over and done with... and hope that she did not have to kill Kerry Anne before that..



Later that evening, the house was all quiet and still. The twins were in bed, and actually quiet for a change. Abigail’s Mom and Dad were relaxing in the front room and there was no Kerry Anne to deal with... her shift did not end for a few hours more, which suited Abigail just fine.

With her sister not around any more to torture her, that gave the small dark blonde haired girl a chance to slip herself up stairs to be alone for awhile. She was glad of that all, as the house was actually quiet and still. Finally having the time to be alone in her room, she felt a little better in some respects... but she still was more than feeling simply confused. Within her very own heart and mind, she was unsure of everything that she was, what she had become and even questioned who she was deep inside.

Abigail had already realized that she not called back Sasha or Shannon like she had planned to do earlier on, but that seemed to be a very low priority right now to her. How her day had ended, and why it did all added to that feeling that now went trough her... she was just not in the mood for talking at this point, to no one. She was feeling this huge weight of regret mixing with a sort of feeling you had when you knew your doing the right thing. The combination truly sucked.

The girl just layed herself back on her bed after grabbing something off of her nightstand. She rolled onto the bright colours of comforter that was there, and let out a sigh as she took one look across the room... seeing that she had locked her bedroom’s door already. That made her feel a little better, feeling like she needed to be alone with all of this.

The object she had gotten off of her beside was a silver framed picture, which she now held up so she could look at. She smiled at the picture, as it seemed that this photograph had a lot of deep feelings for her. She looked at the image for long seconds in the silence of her room, and it seemed as if her mood had started to lightened just from doing that.

The picture she had in her hands was of her and her best friend Shannon, taken at one of the local amusement park sometime in the heat last summer. They had just gotten off the infamously named ‘The Stomach Tornado’ roller coaster and they got the ride-jockey to snap the photo for them arm in arm before the nausea caused by the ride could catch up to them.

Abigail in fact never did throw up because of the ‘Stomach Tornado’, she hardly ever got sick anyways. Shannon was a different story, she lost her cotton candy just a few seconds after the man had finished taking the picture. Oddly, the very gross memory of Shannon puking up this wretched looking pink sludge all over the wooden platform to the ride, sparked Abigail to giggle a little. Aside from that memory, the picture held way more than comic relief.

She was drawn to the picture, to search ever detail carefully. She eyed the image of herself and Shannon for awhile, not quite sure why she was finding herself doing it more and more. She had always felt like her heart was pulled to the girl, more than she would have ever dared to admit... and she always had fought those sort of emotions she had in one way or another. There were too many of those times to count. She sighed and now realized that it was the case all over again for her... once again fighting back all of those feelings she truly hated she had, yet she knew deeper still that she enjoyed as well

The pretty face of Shannon in the picture was one that was so amazing looking, it always made her feel so good just looking at it. Out of the possibly hundred or so photos she had of them together over the years doing all sorts of things... this picture was by far her favourite one that she owned.

She looked intently at Shannon’s long light blonde hair that was framed her tanned face wonderfully in the photo... that bronzed tan bringing out dark blue eyes that were so captivating. Long angular lines of her body, and fullness of her lips was a perfect accompaniment to just how amazing the girl was. She could be a international runway model or something like that, Abigail always had thought.

Abigail smiled, as her eyes traced the model like angles and curves of Shannon’s cheekbones, then started to stare right at that smile in the photograph that seemed to stop her no matter what she would been doing. It had always in the past, but these days... the smile of Shannon drove her to more than just distraction... and had caused her mind to wander to things of a more ‘carnal’ tilt... as her grandmother would have said. It had been doing that for longer than she had been wanting to admit.

She felt her heart fluttering wildly, her mind’s eye could not get off the image that she had in her head, even when she turned away from the picture. It did not help, her mind kept playing that image in her head

In truth, Abigail had always thought that Shannon was perfect... she always had been a perfect friend, one of the perfect girls as well and even was the perfect cheerleader. Plainly, she though that Shannon was the most perfect person she had ever met... but that was also why was she so damned attracted to her. Just the thought of Shannon did things to her... right now, she felt herself starting to tingle all over while she looked at the photo she held.

She knew the tell tale signs of herself getting horny, but she had never felt it quite like it was at this sort of level before. It was feeling like there was a fire was raging throughout her body and soul, and it was being fuelled by a perpetual supply of gasoline. The more she tried to ignore her growing arousal... the more it seemed to become larger than life..

Just from looking at Shannon’s picture, her panties had became very wet, her body now was vibrating like crazy and she noticed that she was beginning to sweat. As she layed there, she finally started to move her hand, and was right then undoing the top button on her jeans, while her mind flew with images. Her urges were now bigger than ever in her head, and she gave in to them.

Abigail suddenly found herself unable to quell her needs any longer and slid her jeans along with her little bikini underwear down her short but lean legs... her urges now made her on full red alert status. She could not hold back any more, she needed to release some of this before she would explode.

The girl then kicked the pulled down clothing off of her legs, where she kicked them off the bed. Almost as soon as they were off, she felt the slight coolness of the room on her bared and very soaked sex. The sensation of that was brought to her wetness, seemed to make her become even more turned on than she had been... stoking the inner fire that was now raging in her.

She reached down between her now raised knees and her finger found its way to her erect lower lips, and it was like a electric jolt. She let out a long groan and arched her back until only her shoulders and heels were on the bed, the pleasure that had came through her made her feel as if she was going crazy..

" Shannon..." She softly whispered to herself as her whole body started to twitch at just that single brush of her fingertips as she brushed between the folds.

Tracing her finger around her rose coloured button at the top of her sex, she gave a shuttered even harder and her hips began to move with it. She gasped loudly, and she was engulfed int ever sensation. It was not hard to fantasize at the moment, the image of Shannon naked with her was so clear in her mind’s eye... seeing the girl naked in the showers after gym class over many years of being in school together, made imagining Shannon to be more than just a little easy.

Abigail could perfectly picture Shannon’s awesomely perky breasts that were so full yet not too large, and how they never sagged but lightly swayed when she moved. She then started to envisioned the girl’s slim yet well rounded hips and the athletic flatness of stomach that led to the short cropped her wheat coloured thatch of pubic hair. All of this was there in her mind, fuelling her arousal.

She began to trace circles around her little nub, and felt herself quiver with pleasure... then when she plunged her forefinger into her wetness, and that quiver became a huge earthquake of ecstasy. She inserted a second finger and then plunged them both deeper inside, then quickly hit the little cluster of nerves situated there. She but her lip to keep from crying out and alerting the house, as she was totally flooded with pure pleasure.

Abigail whimpered and cooed every time she would pump her fingers into herself, her mind now was pretended that it was Shannon’s long and very slender fingers exploring her to the very core. All of the sensations cascaded through every part of her... the orgasm she was building was now getting larger by the second. The pressure now built up like a over filled balloon, a balloon that she was desperately wanting to have pop.

She held off for as long as she could, but the orgasm was right there lurking and wanting to take over. She reached up over her head and gripped the headboard of her bed, as her fingers hit that spot deep inside of her again. She groaned and ground her hips up against her hand, feeling her juices now coating her hand, butt and the bed under her. Shaking and gasping out her friend’s name over and over again, Abigail felt the orgasms flooded her and spirit her into a world of delight.

Sweaty, Abby finally had the orgasms stop. She felt as limp as over cooked spaghetti, ad just as hot She laid there panting, her fingers still stuffed inside of her wetness. She had never made herself have a orgasm quite like that before, she was actually feeling satisfied at the moment. She sighed and layed on her bed, while a blissful sort of feeling slowly washed over her.

She layed there for a few moments, then her reality started to creep into her momentary blissfulness. Thinking back of the many times she had felt like she was horny with just thinking about Shannon... this time it was different. This was the first time she had ever given in to the urges of any kind, ending up that she had fingered herself while thinking about Shannon..

She shook her head, as she was starting really to feel so ashamed of herself for doing this, for thinking this... and everything else she could pin on herself. She had broke up with Eddie to sort a lot of things out inside of herself... but at this point, right now... this just had seemed to complicate things.

" Why did I just do that?" She asked herself, laying there and looking at the ceiling that was lit by just her beside lamp.

She layed there for awhile, the pleasure she had felt was long gone. This day had not been the best that she ever had, it had not even had a hint of that, this just capped it all off. With a sigh, Abby sat up on the edge of the bed and took off the rest of her cloths she still had on. She found where her pants and underwear had fallen beside the bed, and that triggered a small bit more guilt in her, reminding her of masturbating to the image of her best friend.

She battled the feeling that it was so sick of her to do such a thing while thinking about your best friend for years, but deep down she felt this odd sense of a release of tension that had came from it. There were two opposing sides, and her e she was in the middle of it all.

As she stood up and started to move towards her little bathroom to take a shower and also let her sheets dry as well, she noticed there were more messages on her phone. Leaning in to look at the display, it was clear that they were all from either her friend Sasha, a little freakily from Shannon and there was one from Eddie.

Messages left by Sasha and Eddie did not bother her, but the fact that Shannon had called twice while she had been fantasizing about her... freaked her out a little bit. She just tried not to think about any of that, but it really was not working. The guilt was right there, and as always never easily ignored.

She left the messages on the phone and went for her shower. She wanted to clean up and get to bed a little earlier, and not to talk to anyone at the same time. She had a feeling that the next day at school was going to be a long one..

[End notes: Author's Note:  This story is slow being written, edited and posted, but this one seemed to need more TLC than most of mine in the past.  Guess I am going for serousness here, as well as being tanalizing( ( I need to do that also).  So be very patiant with me... I promise it will be worth it.]

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Raised voices of Confusion

[Author's notes: Things are hard, even when a decision are right.]

Chapter Three: Raised voices of confusion



Strickland High school was alive and bustling on the last day before the advent of another weekend. At only seven thirty in the morning, there were already a multitude of teens and some teachers as well in the large structure that was the school.

Even at this very early time... it seemed like quiet a few of the three thousand plus students who attended Strickland was there already. It was as if the whole building knew that two days off were coming.

Abigail reached her locker, after having finished the twenty minute walk to her school. She opened the metal door and started to sort out what she would need for the first two periods of the day. She had English first off with Mrs Parrot and then Algebra with the weasel looking Mr. Goodsmeyer... both of those classes were at the opposite end of the school, third floor, and needed her to carry both classes text books because it was too slow for her to run back for the second one.

As Abigail pulled out what she needed for classes, she noticed a movement down the hall. She could see that the movement was in fact Shannon running down the hall. The light blond headed girl was in full flight and was obviously was headed straight to where she stood at her locker.

" You never phoned me back last night, or even text me??" The girl called out quite loudly, as she neared where Abigail was at the moment. " I wanna talk to you right the fuck now, Abigail Galy!!"

" Hu?" Abigail asked, in shock.

Her friend, Shannon rarely was one to swear, even rarely doing that when they were together and away from school. The fact that she was in the middle of one of the main hallways, cursing away like her father does when he stubs his toe in the middle of the night... told her that the girl might have heard something already..

Shannon stopped right beside her friend and looked at her with a very wild look in her eyes. Abigail waited, as she knew that look. Shannon would be quiet for a second, then whatever it was that was burning her ass right now... would end up catapulting out of her as if a dam had broke.

" Why did you not tell me you were going to do this yesterday, girl?" Shannon uttered frantically. " And I had to hear it like I did??"

" What did you hear..." Abigail said, already having more that a fair guess to what her friend was talking about.

" You know what I am meaning..." Shannon said.

" No.. I don’t..." Said Abigail, but she already had formulated what that was.

Shannon just stood there for a second, and then she started to speak quiet fast.

" I was just told by my sweetheart Max that you and Eddie have broken up over some sort of stuff..." She said with a sternness in her voice. " Now I need to know if that is all true or not, Girl!!"

Abigail sort had thought that Shannon would have heard about the break up this way, but she also had forgotten that it could have been this fast. The reason for that was Max and Eddie had been best friends since they both had been in elementary school... she should have known that right after she had broken up with Eddie, that he would have contacted his best buddy. She was hoping not to be dealing with the fallout from what she had to do so quickly this morning... but school was like living in a soap opera magazine, things true or not do get around very quickly even if you do not want it to.

She sighed, as what she had done with herself in the privacy of her room came back to her, and that thought was triggered by Shannon being there. For that small split second of time, Shannon’s beauty had froze her and she could not eve say one word back to the girl standing there.

" Well? Are you gonna tell me or what..." Shannon asked in frustration, as Abigail stood there and did not even say a word.

" Eddie and I..." Abigail said, coming back to reality.

" Yes... Eddie and you..." She said with a snarkish tone. " What is so damned hard about such a simple question?? Did you or did you not break up with Eddie yesterday afternoon?"

Abigail looked at her best friend while thoughts about everything swirled around in her head. Here was the girl that had made her break up with Eddie possible, so as to figure some things out that inside of herself was not so easily answered, was the one grilling her about it. The irony of it was not lost on her.

" We did break up..." Abigail said, with a tone of finality to it.

Shannon looked at her friend, mouth open as the words that Abigail had uttered seemed to not want to sink in. Abby looked at her shocked friend, seeing that her forced revelation had a unexpected reaction from Shannon. That was her being so damned silent.

" Jesus fucking Christ... you mean that you two breaking up was all true??" Shannon loudly spat. " Max and I thought that Eddie might have been lying or misunderstood some shit when he said that you two had split... but I needed to hear it from you one way or another."

Abigail looked at her friend, seeing those remarkable blue eyes locking onto her while waiting for the answer to come. She knew that she needed to verify it, or else her friend might have her brain melt on the spot

" Yes... we did break up... " The girl said again, this time it was just as hard as the first time.

Shannon shook her head, and looked at Abigail. She seemed to be reading Abby’s mind for a second.

" Why? What happened?" She asked, her questions rattling out of her mouth almost faster than Abigail can understand. " Just yesterday you to went off to be... you know... alone..."

" It is sort of complicated in a way.." She said, knowing that some of it she could not reveal.

" Complicated?"

" Yes.." Abigail said, hoping that she could skirt around actually saying more.

Shannon’s eyes flew wide open and she gasped. It seemed like the girl had thought on something.

" Did that pig go out and cheat on you or something? Is that why you broke up?" The girl asked " If that is why you two have broken up... well, I’m gonna kill that asshole myself an then I know that my Max will kick his ass as well and...."

" No... that is not why..." Abigail quickly answered, stopping the girls tirade with a gentle voice of her own.

Shannon’s brow now was furrowed a little, as she looked at her friend. Her question seemed to have hit a snag, the tone in her best friends voice seemed to be that little sticking point.

" He did not screw around on you?" She asked, stunned by the girl stopping her rambling.

" No..." Plainly answered Abigail, wanting to make sure that was not even going to be a issue. " He did not fool around on me..."

" Then did he flirted? Did he talk to another girl behind your back? Tried to do something too kinky with you?" She said, rattling off scenarios as fast as her mind was picking them out.

" He actually did not do anything wrong..." Answered Abigail, with a shake of her head.

Shannon stopped for a second, by the look that was in her eyes she was pondering all of this over once again. The girl was perplexed.

" I don’t think he had ever hit you or even called you any names.." Thought out loud Shannon.

" He has never hurt me, swore at me or done anything to me other than be a jerk once in awhile.." Said Abigail, assuring her friend of that fact... and whished in some way that was the case.

" They all can be jerks at once time or another..." Agreed Shannon. " So, if not that..."

" The break up was not about anything he had done or even said to me..." Abigail said.

" Then what was it that made you want to all of a sudden break up with him?" Shannon pressed.

Abigail leaned up against her now closed locker and looked at her friend. It was hard to explain, and hide what she was feeling right now. With Shannon only a few feet away with her big blue eyes... it was extremely hard.

" Things had just changed over the last little while...." Sighed Abigail. " And that change was inside me... not him."

" Does that me that it was you that cheat on him then?" Shannon asked.

Abigail looked at her friend with her mouth open wide. She could not believe that Shannon would have even gone to that place, much less actually asking her that question.

" Hell no... I never cheated on him... Shannon, nobody cheated on nobody!" She said, feeling a bit hurt at her friend going there. " That is not even close to the reason why I have broken up with him..."

" Then... why?" Shannon then flatly asked.

Abigail was stuck now, like a fly on flypaper. What could she say to explain things without lying her ass off. She knew that it was not a good idea to explain to her how her feelings have grown past being Shannon’s best friend. She already knew that was not a good thing to do, but she had not really figured out just what to say.

" I just did not feel the same way towards Eddie any longer..." She said, being as truthful as she could be. " What I had felt, I had started to question too... It’s just all really messed up..."

" You don’t love Eddie any more, hu?" Shannon asked, as Sasha came out of a crowd to join them.

" I do love him still, in a way... but not like in love..." Abigail shook her head, she really did not. " That part that is in side of me... has changed."

The newly arrived Sasha seemed to already know what was happening, and what was being talked about already. She nodded, her eyes fixed onto Abigail as Shannon spoke.

" You guys always seemed so overly happy... especially you..." Said the short haired girl, with a little smirk.

" Even when you, Eddie, Max and Me all went to the movies a few weeks back... you seemed so sickeningly happy that I thought I was gonna puke..." Came in Shannon, then she got this look of pure seriousness. "... What happened between then and now?"

Abigail looked at the pretty girl as she asked her question. She saw the concern that was in those amazing eyes for her, and that made Abby tingle. The were deep and full of emotions, that was what she saw, and that look seemed to touch her heart at that moment..

" If she only knew what I was feeling..." Abigail lamented inside of herself for a split second of time.

Abby then made herself stopped her little daydreaming, doing that only confused her more than what she was at the moment. She just answered her friends question... which she already knew was a very honest one to have asked.

" I guess my feelings have changed for Eddie over quite a while, Shannon..." Abby spoke up. " When we double dated to that movie... even then I was having many of these feelings."

" You were thinking about breaking up...even then?" Shannon asked.

" Even then... and it just grew from then..." Nodded Abigail back.

" Happens, ya know..." Came in Sasha, brushing back her light brown hair from her eyes.

" I never even thought that would ever happen to you two..." Shannon mumbled, obviously surprised with the revelation.

" Neither did I..." Admitted Abigail, blushing a little as she found herself staring right into Shannon’s eyes

Shannon seemed not to notice that her friend was staring at her. She only nodded as the bell rang loudly through the hall for school to start. The girl made a little strangled type of sound as she turned on the balls of her feet.

" Well talk more..." She said, hurrying off to her class. " You, me.. At lunch!"

Abigail sighed and turned, as Shannon hurried off to her class..

" I should get up to my class too..." The girl said to her friend Sasha, who had not left yet.

" I guess I need to go to my English class then.. " She sighed back to Abigail, showing that she was not thrilled at the prospect of an hour in class.. " We’ll meet up and talk later?"

" Yeah..." Abigail said, as she walked off to a nearby staircase to get to her first class.

Sasha seemed to linger for a second in the hall, watching as Abby ran off to the stairs. The short dark haired girl just seemed to force herself to walk off in the direction of the English and Linguistic hallway, and letting the girl disappear upstairs.



The first two classes went off without a hitch for Abigail... although they were each rather boring being that they were so damned early in the morning. The one was way more boring that the other one.

She had nearly fell asleep more than once while she had been in Algebra class. Mr. Hollander had always had such a monotone voice that it always tended to nearly lull anyone to sleep. Abigail had always thought that the term she could use for that man’s teaching ways was just plain boring people to death. She wondered if that was the main reason to why a quarter of the class was nearly failing the subject, while the other parts were hovering below their school averages.

Third period rolled around, Social Studies was on the table. That was one of the few classes the young Galy girl actually enjoyed going to every day. Even though she was getting high marks in everything she was taking this semester, as usual, it was one of those classes that was more interesting than anything. She knew the fact of that, but she knew that even the ones she really hated, were way too important.

Abigail had already swapped her books for what she needed for the last class before lunchbreak at her locker and was hurrying to the class that was down near the main offices of the school. She was beginning to think that the day was going better than what she had been worried it would be, and that was the exact point when her sort of good day was destined to drop off the cliff of life and into a bottomless chasm of no return.

As she neared the class room of Mrs. Baxter, Abby could see that there was someone outside of the door that she was not really wanting to see at the moment. She sighed and kept going down the hall, there was no way of avoiding this person. It was clearly Eddie standing there in the hallway, and was waiting on her to arrive for class.

" Oh damn shit..." She spat to herself, seeing the tall young man waiting for her near the door. " Why now?"

The lad saw Abigail was nearing where he was. The very broad shouldered lad stood up from leaning on the brickwall of the hallway, and took a step or two to meet with Abigail.

" Hi..." The tall blonde behemoth of a lad said, seeming like he was rather sheepish at the moment.

" Uh... Hi..." Abigail said, knowing that there was no way out of this situation for her.

The two stood for a second in the hallway, the awkwardness of the situation was as thick as pea soup.

" Could we go off and just talk here?" The lad asked.

" I got class right now..." She simply stated.

" C’mon... Skipping one class once won’t hurt..." He said, almost pleading with her. " I wanna understand why you broke up with me, and see what we can do to fix whatever it is... I have not slept all night."

Abigail felt bad that the lad was so hurt by what she had to do for herself. She looked into his broad face, and could see that he was more than just upset. From knowing him for so long, she read that he also had a high level of desperation that was filling his entire being.

" Eddie..." She started, feeling her own guilt now was wrestling with what she knew was right. " I know your hurt and all... but there is nothing that can fix this..."

" You don’t know what I feel, you cant even get that close to knowing!" He growled. This was different than the lad Abby knew for so long. " You just up ‘n’ dump me like that..." He said, getting louder withe every word. " ... it’s bad enough, doing in the middle of having sex, that is so screwed... now you are not going to give me a try for a better explanation?"

Abigail knew that how she had done, she might have done it way different if she had a chance.. Telling him before sex might have been a better way to go, but she also knew how hard she had been fighting, and having sex was just wrong for even herself to do.. No matter how hard she had fought this growing uneasiness that she had whenever she had been with Eddie over months, it was quickly becoming very clear that it was not going to go away, until it had been dealt with

She hated hurting him like she had done that to him, but she was beginning to resent that she was with him, because she was feeling so differently. She had tried to talk to him about it, more than just a few time. The sad truth was that he either did not hear her all of those times... or the lad that had pledged his love had simply chosen not to.

" I tried to talk to you, Eddie... many times." She said, after verifying the fact with herself. " You either dismissed what I had been saying... or you had simply ignored it... I see that now."

" You always were trying to read things into everything... sometimes when nothing was even there... " He said, looking right into Abby’s face. " I knew that you would work it out for yourself, but now I see that I was wrong... now we have to work it out together."

" I did not read things into things, or make snap decisions, you know that!" She snuffed at him. " I was trying to tell you things that I felt, and hoped that you were actually listening to me."

" You were?" He said, his voice telling that he did not totally believe that.

Abigail shook her head. She understood that he might have not picked up n anything she had been trying to say, but her heart and mind were both screaming at her. No matter how this all was playing out... Eddie and her was over, and there was not one shred of evidence that could change her mind.

" I don’t feel the same towards you as I have... talking will only prolong a bad situation and make it worse." She said, trying to be diplomatic as she could be. " I explained that and..."

" How can you love me one minute, and then not the next??" He asked, interrupting her.

" I just said that it was not just like that..." She said. " I was feeling different for a long time an I was not wanting to see it, and not wanting to accept it for the longest of times..."

" Are you fucking someone else? Is that it?" He growled. " If you are, you have the fucking nerve here..."

Abigail was stunned that he went there. For the second time, people went there... although if she would have thought about it then, she might have understood why he had thought that.

" Eddie, you should know me regardless..." She defiantly said. " I am not ‘fucking’ anyone as you put it. You are the only one I have had sex with... ever!!"

" The what in the fuck is wrong??"

Abigail sighed, this was not going well.

" I just said that I was not feeling the same towards you that I had been..." She said.

" so, you are trying to say that you do not love me any more?" He asked, his eyes dropping a little.

Abigail took a breath in, knowing that she had to explain this a little better, even tough she had to hid some facts. She could see the pain this was causing, and new she had to continue in a different way.

" I love you still... but not that way any more." She tried to clarify, hoping that this would clear things up and make their breaking up a little easier. " I care about you still ... who would not, after two years... but not it that way any more."

" Do you still love me though!!" He asked sternly. " That is all you have to say, and that is all what I am wanting to know. still... love... me?"

The girl took a pause, checking her heart before she gave the lad an answer back... one that was unwavering in her feelings. Her mind fluttered back to Shannon, and how she had been feeling over the past six months plus that she had been ignoring from herself. It was then that she knew, that she had to be blunt.

" No I don’t... not the way you are wanting me to say..." She said finally.

She watched his face drop, and his shoulder slump forwards. He seemed deflated to her. He looked at her after a moment, then his face changed to a mask of being angered..

" Are you now gonna tell me you’re a dyke or something?" He came out of nowhere with.

" Say what?" Spluttered Abigail in disbelief.

" You heard me... are you a dyke then?" He spat, no hint of being nice was in his words.

Shocked to hear the boy’s accusation, and how sharp and unfeeling it had been thrown at her with made her stop. She knew there was no way that he would know what was going on in herself... she was still in the dark about her own sexuality as it was... but his words of hatred still hit her.

" Your accusing me of being gay because I told you that I did not love you any longer?" She stammered, surprised at what had just come out of this boy that she had loved in some way..

" You dump me right out of the damn blue... just because you had some sort of a so called ‘feeling’?" He snapped so loudly, the he ended up causing some of the other students in the hall to stop and listen to the argument going on. " What other sort of thing can I come up with to explain that?"

" Lower your voice..." She tried to urge, seeing that all eyes were on her.

He continued like a wild man, not caring about anything at the moment other than his fury he was unleashing on to the girl. He stood and looked down on the much smaller girl, not caring if he was intimidating.

Along with the confusion she was having about this very same thing, these words seemed to really hurt Abigail to the very core of her being.

" Eddie..." She stuttered weakly to the lad, feeling the emotional pain overtake her as well as the fear from this boy she once loved..

" Your either really fucking dumb, don’t know what you fucking want or your really are a goddamned dyke..." He spat with great anger. " Pick one so I can be sure of something."

" Stop it... your making a scene here!!" She whispered in fear, as he stood right in front of her, menacingly glowering down at her.

" What is it? Are you just trying to hurt me... or are you wanting to turn into a cunt- licking fuckin’ dyke instead of realizing what I feel and work some shit out?" He said. " We were going along, noting out of the ordinary and then...WHAM... I was blind-sided by this crap!!"

Abigail shook her head, feeling the hate fuelled wrath that was being hammered on to her. She took a deep breath and knew that she had to reason with him in some way, but how was the question.

" You cant accept that I was the one who broke it off..." She said, not wanting to let his words hurt her like this.

" I would, if you were not being a bitch!!" He shouted, not bing very loud.

" Listen to yourself..." She said, seeing that more and more people were crowded around listening. " You are not listening to anything I am trying to say and are just being unreasonable right now."

" Why should I listen to someone who just broke up with me because of a little ‘feeling’??" He shouted back, his low voice exploding throughout the halls.

A teacher came out of one of the classrooms, probably because of the argument that was going on. He marched right up and between the boy and girl, pushing them away from one another with rough force.

" What ever this is all about, doing it with swearing and loud voices in the halls are not going to be tolerated around here." Mr. Hunter said, seemingly very irritated at the two that stood on either side of him. " Do I make myself wholly clear on that point, or do I have to clonk some heads together here?"

" Yes.." Abby said softly, taken aback after having the man suddenly appearing there.

" We are just discussing a few things..." Said the lad, obviously upset at the man’s intrusion into this.

Mr Hunter looked like he was not ever remotely caring what was going on or why, other than the shouting and swearing the two were doing. He seemed determined to break this up at all cost.

" I don’t care what the problem is here Miss Galy and Mr. Houghton.." The man warned, as he glared at the two who had been verbally sparring. " You both do not have to shout it to the world in the halls."

" Yes, Sir..." They both said

" One more word out of either of you, and you will both be going see Mr. Van Dreiser. What ever squabble you two are having can be resolved after school hours or on break." He snuffed and waved them on.. " You two just have to get to class and right now, or else I will drag you both down to the office!!"

At the threat of seeing their beloved yet very stern principal, Eddie shut his mouth and stormed through the crowd of people that had gathered to watch our sceptical. The teacher then stormed off, after giving a angered look right at Abigail as the bell to start class went off and echoed through the school.

The girl could clearly hear the buzzing from the crowd, and just wanted to run away and hide. She just lowered her head and went into class, seeing that many of the people standing around and watching this sight were from her class.

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Rumours Abound

[Author's notes:

Who can be really a friend... and who can twist a knife in your back?

That is a question as old as time itself.


Chapter Four: Rumours abound



On the clay track out behind Strickland High school, a large clustering of many people were moving slowly around the oval. The whole grouping of students seemed to move as one, but there was more than a few straggling runners behind them as they laboured in a huge attempt to keep up.

Up near the front of the main mass of runners, Abigail ran along with the amoeba like pack with such effortlessness that it seemed like she was fluid. She was smoothly pacing herself keeping up with the leader who was a long and very skinny boy on her left while keeping a eye on the few students that were directly behind her.

The girl really did not seem to being even close to exerting herself at the moment, her strides were fluent and loose like a cat on a leisurely jaunt. She seemed focussed as she went along, seemingly making each stride as long as her shorter frame could really give her.

As the main pack of runners passed the starting line on the track area, Abigail could hear the two coaches yelling out from the infield area....urging them all to go a little faster than they were at the moment.

" Come on, people... Pick it up, you are not all eighty year olds here... I wanna see hustle before I dismiss you from this practice time..." Shouted Mr. Hammerland, the one who worked with the boys, and was also the football coach as well for the Strickland Saints.

" I want to see everyone really beginning to sweat and grunting on the next few laps..." Yelled out Ms. Vascombe, the female coach. " We are not going to have you all stop until both Coach Hammerland and myself are really satisfied that all of you are giving it all that you’ve got!"

Abigail swallowed and started to pick up her pace with little effort, knowing that her coaches were going to be on their asses all afternoon until most of the people here did what they were being told to. Both coaches were known for pushing ever boy and girl to heights that were nearly impossible to meet, and she knew that she had to push her own levels to get better..

She heard a collective groan go up from the other runners, but ignored them all as she kicked her speed up to the next level. She easily passed the almost anorexic thin looking lad on her left as she did, and sped down the track at a greater clip.

She heard the lad swear a few times, and knew that he was having a little trouble in getting himself to the next gear. She smiled and settle into the new pace as smoothly as she had been with the last speed, easily making the transition. As she lengthened the accumulated distance between the pack and herself, she heard a few more choice swears that were being hurled at her. She just passed the words off and seemed to continue to really concentrate in on every one of her strides.

Twenty minutes later, the whole track team were all scattered across the field that was the inside of the track. There were groans of pain and grumbles of many complaints coming up from most of the team. There were even a few sobs in the crowd, but no one seemed to be willing to let themselves be seen doing it.

Abigail was laying back on the soft grasses, panting away hard. She had pushed herself hard because City finals for Track was about a month away. She was ranked third in the whole city, and she was pushing herself to move into that first spot... a feat never done by anyone from Strickland High School. In her heart of hearts, that was the man reason why she pushed herself like she had been... but there was a alternate reason as well.

She had to admit that she was pushing herself on this day to make her mind from constantly mulling over every single thing that had been happening over the last while. Even right now, her mind was so busy, she only heard a few words spoken by the coaches only a few yards away from where the whole school track team had all collapsed.

Coaches Hammerland and Vascombe seemed to be rehashing over about the upcoming City Finals meet held at the large stadium downtown, and they were doing it all with their normal aggravating ways of making an encouragement type of speech. The details that were being given Abigail had already put it to memory, but she wished that they would stop... they were notorious for repeating themselves.

Abigail was just wanting to take a nice hot shower and then just head off straight home... her school day had seemed so much more longer than what a school day would have been normally. The day had really dragged on, and the argument that she had with Eddie had not helped any either.

The girl was pretty sure that it was some sort of a weird effect from what has been happening in her life the last couple of days, she was almost assured of that. It made long days of school seem so endless in a really bad way... sort of what it was doing to her today.

Abigail then snapped back to reality, realizing that she had not been listening to the head of the Strickland Track and Field team. She found that the coaches were still droning on, spouting things that they already had said many times before.

The girl just groaned deep in her chest, because she knew that the two coaches were on some sort of a verbal roll at the moment, and recognized that it very well might be almost ten minutes or so before the two would finally would end up running out of steam. She tried to listen politely, but because this was all what she already knew... made it ten times more difficult.



Sixteen very long and almost painful minutes later, the track team was finally dismissed. Every last member seemed to be relieved on this unusually hot day to be heading to those showers, as fatigue seemed to hang in just how every member seemed to move. The people went into the school, all glad that the school day was now officially over and done with.

Standing directly under the spray of a hot shower, Abigail felt the tension was beginning to be soothed out of her. She muttered a little to herself in pleasure about how good that steamy water felt on her, while relishing those sensations as it cascaded over her tired and very dust caked body.

" Ahh..." She said, giggling to herself that she was enjoying this as much as she was.

After a minute more, Abigail started to notice that there was no one showering next to her. There were others in the large showering area, but the shower spots that were on either side of her were empty. There were more girls who were waiting just outside the shower room, in the little corridor between the showers and the dressing room. That fact made her realize even more, that things were changing.

From her shower spot, she saw even her long time friend in the track team, Carol Stalls was waiting in the doorway rather than taking one of the empty spots on either side of her... and she was more than sure that Carol knew this fact as well. Abigail was perplexed by seemingly being snubbed... because there was no other explanation that was going to justify what was happening. It was clear, that things were not even close to being the same.

Kelli Masson, one of the three female high jumpers was the closest person to Abigail in the showers, standing in a stall only two over from her. She had known the light brown haired girl since they had been in the third grade together, even thought they had never became the best of friends... but she was one of those people that you have seemed to have known forever..

" Hey... Kel..." She called out to the girl..

" Yeah..." Said back the girl, almost as if she had come out of a daze due to the heat of the water.

Abigail thought out the question she was going to ask next as quickly as she could making sure that it would not sound too stupid in the process of saying it.. She looked up and into those light hazel eyes of her friend, and decided just to come out with it and ask.

" Is it me, Kelli... or are people sort of like, trying to avoid me?" She asked carefully.

Kelli looked at her friend, then took a quick glance at the doorway to the showers while she nodded very lightly.

" They are..." She said so short like, but not like she was angry either.

" W... why?" Asked Abigail, dumbfounded at the fact that was actually happening to her.

Kelli moved to the shower area right next to the girl, and seemed to make a conscious effort to make eye contact..

" There is this sort of... talk that is going around the school..." She said.

" Talk?" Abigail asked.

" You know... rumours... it’s is a whole lot of gossip..." Kerri said, keeping her back towards the people standing in the doorway. " The rumours I heard are about you.... And is very strange stuff..."

Abigail looked at Kerri with her mouth dropping open a little, as that was a surprise for her to be hearing from the much taller girl.

" About me?" The girl asked, as she could not believe that she was being talked about like this.

" Yeah..." Said Kelli, nervously.

Abigail thought it through for a second, feeling that her life right now was going to turn on a dime at any moment. She saw how the girl was making sure that the people waiting outside was not going to know that they were talking to one another. Making a choice, Abigail then made an effort to be discreet as well..

" What type of things are being said about me?" Probed the girl with a forced whisper, feeling more shock coming on.

" You don’t wanna really know what some of these things are that are flying around this school..." Kerri said, adding. " When I heard it all... I could not believe any of the crap myself..."

" Tell me...." Abigail asked, making sure that she was being clear. " I wanna know what it is that makes all of these people want to not be near me."

Kelli shook her head.

" No... I don’t think that you really want to hear any of this..." She said. " It’s pretty out there, even for the rumour makers at this school..."

" What is going around?" Abigail asked, almost desperately. " Kerri... Tell me what..."

" I really do not want to be the one who actually end up telling you all of this..." She said, her brow furrowing as she looked at Abigail.

Abigail looked at her friend, and could tell what the look was all about right off the bat. She took a deep breath, and knew what she had to ask next.

" I have a right to know what these things that are being said about me..." Said the girl back, her voice was tight. " I have a right to know what people are saying, and all being done behind my back."

" You sure?" Asked Kerri, she was very hesitant at this point.

" Yes!" Abigail replied back.

Kelli took a deep breath in, it seemed like the girl did not want to tell her what she knew, but the face showed that Abigail was right in having a right to know what was being said behind her back.

" The rumours are that you have broken up with Eddie... because you had decided that you were gay or somethin’..." She blurted out before she had a chance to not say it.

" More people know that we broke up?" Abigail said.

" You and Eddie have broken up?" Kerri said, with her eyebrows held high on her face.

That part was out now, and the young Galy girl seemed to be a little thankful that it was.

" Yeah... we broke up yesterday..." Admitted Abigail.

" That I sort of thought that part could have been true..." Kerri said, then she got a little stiff " but the other part of all of this, I do not believe..."

" The part of where I am gay or something?" Asked Abigail.

Kerri nodded her head, but it still seemed hard for her to have come out and tell what she had known. She shifted under the water that was coming down on her and she seemed to be still uneasy with it all

" That was just how it was told to me earlier on today ..." Kelli said, almost meekly.

" Who did you hear this from?" The shorter girl asked, wanting to know her source.

" From Tracy Keller, a girl who is in my fifth period English lit class..." Informed Kerri

" What else did she say." She pressed, as she thought that she knew the girl from her own third period class.., and one who had been there when Eddie and her were having it out.

Kerri sighed pretty deeply, which was a good indication that she was going to say what it was, even though she really did not want to.

" Tracy had told me she and heard that you and Eddie had broken up over the fact that you had came right out and screamed at him that you were a lesbian, and he was useless to you."

Feeling like she had just been kicked squarely in the chest, Abigail could only stand there and vacantly stare at her friend. This piece of news was hitting her quite hard, in a way it was hitting home on her as she stood there in utter shock. She had been scared of addressing that very topic even to herself in private, now it seemed that everyone else in the whole damned school was going to be putting that question about her under the microscope.

" She said that was what the fight was all about...? Whispered Abigail, feeling her heart fall as she heard all of this.

" Tracy said that she was there and had heard most of this stuff when you two were fighting." The reply came from Kelli, and she also added. " She said she was standing right there as you two went at it..."

" That was not what I said... hell, it’s not even close to it." She knew that part was true." Abigail said with impunity.

She wanted to know that she had never said such a thing, but she also was not about to say that was what Eddie said. She was not about to say what was goin on inside of her mind yet to anyone. It was clear that this was one of many people who could have started this tornado of rumours. There had been many people crowded in the hallway when Eddie and her had their impromptu explosion.

The girl looked at Abigail, as she nodded... her face becoming less intense. It seemed like she had resolved all of this for herself.

"I did not ever really believe it when I heard it, but I knew the truth lay in what was being said..." Scoffed Kerri, shaking her head to show that she did not believe the rumours. " It was literally one of the most stupidest rumours I have ever heard get started around here in a very long time..."

" Eddie and I did have a argument in the hallway in front of my classroom earlier..." Said Abigail, in a soft voice over the noise of the shower. " But I never said that to him..."

Kerri’s eyes seemed to flicker with a light.

" I thought it was something like that..." She snuffed, relaxed by the girl’s assurances in this matter. " People start to gossip about pretty much anything at this school... but it shows how fucking stupid some people are to believe shit... especially around here."

" Yeah.." Agreed the girl back to Kerri, although she said it with a shaky voice that was covered by the shower noises.

With that information filling her head, the girl let Kerri return to her shower in peace. Kerri seemed to be at ease more now that she had told everything... but Abigail was feeling so many mixed up emotions with all of this information... and felt like people were on the brink of turning on her as well

At this point, Abigail had finished up her shower, there was no need to hang around here to be ignored like this from the others. She simply hurried out of the shower room and pushed past the group that was congregated just inside the dressing room area, not wanting to show what it was that she was feeling right now or that she knew exactly what they were doing to her.

Abigail heard a flurry of whispers go through the group, picking out the words like ‘dyke’ and the odd phrase ‘that’s so gross’ a few times. Other more derogatory terms were also muddled in the words, but as a whole... it showed the group was all in agreement with the sayings The hurt increased when she saw that people hurried in to have their showers, once she had left the showers.

With her confusion that was now even making her question who she was, that was very hard.... with the words that had came from people, some of whom she had known for many years by now, was like a knife in her back She was feeling more than just hurt... way more than what she ever wanted to let anyone know.

" What if I am really gay??" Kept popping into her mind, as she felt herself thinking on the girl that was in her dreams and even her waking thoughts.

She had just hurried past this continuously whispering group of nearly naked girls and straight to her gym locker. She had enough of everything, and of everybody as well. It seemed like people were making up their own minds about her rather rashly, even when she could not make any determination about her own self. The only thing she really knew was the pain in her heart was real.

Abigail hurried and changed, hoping that she would get out and away from her before any of the others could finish up their showers. She slipped out of the gym and quickly left the school via the closest exit that she could find to use, while trying to make sure that nobody saw her leaving on a dead run.

Little did she know, that someone saw her running away from the school, like if she had been shot out of a cannon.  The person watched Abigail leaving the school grounds, and seemed to be instantly saddened by it.

Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Someone knows something

[Author's notes: Ignorance is not bliss... just painful.]

Chapter Five: Someone knows something



Abigail was glad to be home, this day had been screwed up right from the start. All day, she had been handling things the best she could, now at home... she hoped to have some sort of a respite from all of this crap for awhile. Her only hope of that as she stepped into the house was that her sister would not be there and things were sort of calm and nice.

She found that her older sister Kerri Anne was still home this afternoon, but was busy on the phone, chatting away like mad. It seemed like the girl was not going to work today, as she was still in clothes she had worn to go to school this morning. She seemed more relaxed as well, another tell tale sign that her sister was not going in, and that made her a little worried that they might start fighting again... as usual.

The younger girl hurried her way past where the girl was sitting and headed up to her room, glad that it seemed as if her sister was too busy talking on the phone at the moment. She eyed Kerri Anne as she passed, and saw that her sister basically ignored her anyways when she did so, which was a very good thing. Having to be talkative and somewhat civilized with her right now was not in her vocabulary at the moment, so Kerri Anne’s indifference was a very lucky sort of thing.

Going up the long flight of stairs, she could hear her two brothers were somewhere in the house playing a very loudly. With the sound of the two screaming at one another in play , it was a very good thing as well.... if those two little hellions were occupied like it seemed they were at the moment, that meant they would not be bothering her.

She just headed straight up to the top floor of the house where her room was situated, she could only be thinking how very lucky that these things had came into line for her. She just wanted to be left the hell alone... and was hoping t do that and just hide away in her room for awhile until her parents got finally home.

She threw her school bag on the floor ring next to the doorway as she entered her room. She was feeling that she had more than enough crap for one day, and just wanted to hide away for most of the evening time. She had actually daydreamed about it off and on through today.

Abigail flicked on her television that was at the end of her bed, and a hoped a little bit of watching television just might help her to relax. Her whole body and mind felt so damned tense at the moment, even her hair seemed to feel that way as well. Needing to stop and try to relax herself, she just flopped herself on to her bed, and hoped she could get herself to become more relaxed.

Her mind soon had drifted away from the reality show she was watching, and back to the pool of problems that seemed to be cluttering her world. Even with her best efforts to help herself and stop thinking like this, it seemed that her mind was not about going to give her that small break any time soon. It had quickly drifted off into places she was hoping she would not have to deal with this afternoon

Abigail laid there silently while her mind started to brood over everything that had been going on lately. Questions of her own life, her loves and even her own self swirled and bounced in her head... things she never had ever thought of before now demanded to be dealt with. Even the talk she had with her friend Kelli in the showers over the actions of her so called teammates... that was only adding fuel to the fire of confusion she was having..

All of what she was thinking about were things that had never even had entered in to her mind before to even start to think about. Now all of these thoughts had literally inundated her, and was as real as anything. So many things to think over and sort through, and in all of that... so many problems.

The girl was unsure of things, totally not knowing what to do with all of these confusing feelings she was having, feelings and thoughts she knew were different than most. She was also not able to get over the hurtful nature shown by so many of her track teammates. It seemed like overnight, her world and everything she held near and dear... had changed, all without a moment of understanding with why it had done so.

All of this sort of reality was new to her, and all of this also seemed to be all at once for her. Questions of her own sexuality now seemed to be a big deal to those people who she had known for so long, when it never had been before. The question of her own sexuality also was the main thing she had been trying to avoid in some ways, but always seemed to be coming up anyway.

"Even if I am gay or somethin’..." She thought to say to herself, that thought alone was overwhelming her.. " Can people be so cruel to someone just because of that?"

The answer she was looking for to that one, seemed to be a very resounding ‘yes’ even in her own mind. That little insight was huge for her, and her heart drop heavily in her chest. Very quickly, things were starting to come very crystal clear to her, and others unanswered questions seemed to be getting there.... and she had this feeling that her life as she had known it... had oddly ended right there.

Putting her hand over her eyes, she layed there and pondered what she had been thinking about. It was very clear with some things... others were just starting to become clear. Good or bad, that was what is happening to her. She took a deep breath and layed there, not believing what she had been thinking about.

" What is wrong with me?" She asked herself in her head over and over again... disbelieving what was there still.

As Abigail laid there in pondering what was thundering in her head, a figure appeared at her slightly open door to her bedroom. She did not even know the person was standing there, nor did she see the look this person was giving to her while being there in absolute motionlessness in the doorway

Kerri Anne had appeared at the door of her sister’s room, but had said nothing for the longest time.

She stood there for a few very long seconds watching her sister on the bed, knowing that the girl had not seen her yet. She seemed almost to be soft in a way, her sour face not even close to being there

" Abigail?" She slowly said.

Abigail jumped a little when she heard a voice from the doorway. She sat up on the bed with a start, and that was when she saw that it was her sister who was had just called her name. She was surprised to see her there, as the girl never usually came to this side of the third floor of the house normally.

Abigail fought through the clutter that still sat in her mind, then she could focus on her older sibling

" What?" She stammered, a little flustered as she came out of her deep thoughts in a matter of a few seconds.

Kerri stepped in to the room a little, her demeanor was one of softness that was rare to be seen on her..

" Just wanted to tell you that both Sasha and Shannon have left a few messages for you on the house messages..." She said, leaning up against the door jam. " Seems like you had decided to shut off you cell phone or something, and they were tired of leaving you messages I think...."

Surprised to hear that, Abigail pulled the cell out of it’s pouch on her belt. She instantly saw for herself that her little purple coloured device was indeed not on at the moment. It was the first time she could remember every doing that, except on the rare occasions that it was on purpose.

" Oh..." Gasped Abigail, seeing the thing made her remember that she had turned off her phone earlier to put it in her gym locker, and had not turned it back on. " I did not have it on..."

" See... Told ya..." Sighed the girl back.

" Do you know what the messages said?" Inquired the girl, a little sheepish that she had done that.

Kerri Anne shook her head, as a little frown crossed her smooth face.

" Both messages just had said to tell you to check your damned cell messages and get back to them ASAP..." Kerri Anne informed. " That was the extent of their messages..."

" They did not say why or what they were needing?" Asked a now very curious Abigail.

Kerri Ann rolled her eyes a little. She folded her arms lightly and looked at the younger girl on the bed.

" They both just said for you to phone them right away and that was it... just like I said..." Frowned the girl, seemingly turning back to normal. " What am I here, your fucking secretary to phone them back up and ask them what they were needing from you?" She shook her head. " Just listen to them, and see what they want yourself."

She looked over at her older sister, then back to the small purple coloured cell phone she held in her hand.

" That’s all then, tour saying?" Sighed Abigail, hearing that her question was irritating her sister somewhat.

" That is all!" Reaffirmed Kerri Anne, her aggravated sounding voice suddenly softening a little again with her reply.

" Thanks.." Said Abigail, seeing that even with that snap in her voice, her sister was more gentler than normal.

Kerri Anne then left, but not before taking one last long look at her sister who was still sitting on the bed. She had noticed something might be a little off with her young sister, but could not for sure say that something really was. The older girl only pondered what she was seeing for a moment a moment or two, never once moving from the spot where she was.

This sort of thing was not very common for the usually crabby girl to notice about Abigail.... the way she usually was with her sister, was always in direct conflict with the younger girl at every turn. This time was different for Kerri Anne. She was almost overcome with concern for her younger sister, seeing something very different in Abigail’s eyes and not being able to really know what she was seeing. Abigail seemed a little less like her self, almost if she was off a little. She watched the girl for a moment more, but still could not put her finger on what she was sensing.

Dismissing what she was feeling at the moment, Kerri Anne simply walked away from her sister’s room slowly after a few seconds of lingering there. She did not show what was inside of her mind, as usual, but the older Galy girl seemed to be curious at the unusual actions that she had noticed in her younger sister’s behaviour.

Abigail checked her phone right after her sister had left the room, wanting some privacy to do that. She saw that there was quite a few messages waiting there for her once the damned thing was turned on. She scrolled through the list, wanting to see just who other than her friends had left a message.

Two messages each were from both Sasha and Shannon. She had been told about them already, so was not surprised, but it was what else she had found waiting on her phone that made her shutter a little bit..

In between the messages left from both Sasha and Shannon, were many messages that had been left from Eddie. Abigail could feel her own face sour into a frown when she noticed that the boy had left close to six messages in a row for her, and by the time stamps that was next to his name, it was all with in a twenty minute span of time when she had been busy with her usual track workouts.

The fact that he had did this, made her feelings of loss and irritation intensify. She sighed to calm herself down as she wished that he would stop leaving all of these calls to her. Right now, she was already feeling way too confused inside of herself to deal with whatever his feelings were. Whether they were of being inadequate, or hurt... she knew that she could not deal with any of it..

" I just don’t wanna deal with it..." She said to herself, as she looked at the text on the phone.

With a sigh and a quick thumb, the girl just deleted all of Eddies messages without even listening to them. After making sure that those messages were completely gone, she then proceeded to listen to the other messages that were still left on her phone.

The few messages that were left by both of her friends, were more than a little confusing for the young Galy girl. They were in fact, a little shocking at the same time. She had to play each of the messages back a few times each, just to be sure what it was that was being said... she was hearing from both of her friends

Both Sasha and Shannon had left messages for her to meet them some place right after she had supper. It was not anywhere near an unusual for her friends to ask of her... but it was what each one wanted that was a bit more different. Each one of the girls wanted to see her in the evening....but each were wanting her to come to a different location than the other girl... away from the other.

Sasha wanted to urgently meet Abigail at a local restaurant called ‘ McCabe’s Grilled Goodness ’ where some of the athletic club and others from school hung out for coffee. The message seemed a little frantic by the way the girl had left it, that alone seemed right out of character for Sasha to be acting like, yet the girl had never left a clear reason behind why it seemed so urgent for Abigail to leet up with her.

Shannon wanted to meet up with her at the same exact time, but behind the J. Dinsmore Mall. The place the girl was wanting to meet was at was in a small local park that was located right behind that large complex. This was an area that some of the people from school always had hung out in to smoke cigarettes and just talk for awhile. She had been at that park many times before because of people she knew that went there, even though Abigail had never started the habit of smoking.

This was not an unusual request from her best friend to meet her at the park area they called Leafland... but today the thought of meeting up with Shannon there felt a little creepy to her. She thought on that for a moment, unsure of why she was feeling that way to her best friend’s request... This was not in any way out of the ordinary, yet it felt like it was very much not quite right.

She just snuffed, deciding that after everything that had happened, she was simply being too sensitive and that was the cause for her feeling like she was. Now she was just feeling overly silly, as she realized how she had jumped into this sort of thinking in the span of a heartbeat..

" I am being way too suspicious here... too suspicious for my own good..." She murmured to herself, realizing how she was thinking. She giggled a little and shook her head, sh could see just how irrational she had been. " Just how silly am I being, thinking like this... these are my friends."

Abigail was unsure of who she was going to meet up with as she deleted the rest of the messages from her phone. The problem with choosing was that they both seem to want to meet at the exact same time as the other. Two friends wanting her to meet, each clearly wanting to meet separate from one another... and perhaps not even knowing the other’s request in all of this stuff..

The girl was clearly unsure of just who it was that she would meet. She could only hope that If she meets one like she had been asked to, the other would understand after.... or at least they could in a way. Both did sound urgent for some reason... but she had a sense that each was for a different reason. She thought that if she did meet with one, that might help her mood out a little better than her first plan of hiding away.

She started to think about the pretty Shannon, and she felt herself feeling all warm inside all over again. She could see the girl’s smile reflected in her mind’s eye, and every last soft angle of that face was also burned into her memory. More and more, that single memory had been coming up... but it was one that she was finding harder to ignore.... as the pleasure that came with it ran deep.

She could not help but break into a large smile, and she felt her insides were starting to feel like she had the granddaddy of all cases of butterflies. Just thinking about seeing Shannon again, made her nervous. In the middle of enjoying the image that was firmly in her head, she felt herself really starting to lean towards meeting with Shannon tonight.

Abigail sighed, as that Shannon’s amazing eyes were stuck in her mind, just the way they had been capturing her for the longest of times. It was at that second, she knew exactly who she was meeting after all. She knew that it was wrong to want to see this girl just because of her hidden yearnings that were steadily growing, but her mind was thoroughly made up. No matter what, she needed to see Shannon, and was pretty sure that Sasha would not be too upset with her in the end..

She set aside her phone and hurried her way down stairs, hearing that her parents had gotten home at the exact same time. She knew that supper would be served very soon.

[End notes: Author's note: Ahh you get two chapters here... more tho come.. sorry for it being slow in the plot, but bare with me... you wont regret the next few chapters.]

Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 - The difference between freind and foe

[Author's notes: Best friends can become a knofe in the back of life.

Warning: Chapter has rape, verbal and physical violence inside. Disgression is highly suggested]

a279; Chapter Six -The difference between
friend and Foe.

The park behind the mall was empty of anyone when Abigail arrived there. The girl was
hoping that she might not be late or something, but was really sure that she was not. With the
mall closed by this time in the day, she was pretty sure that she was still very much on time for
her meeting..

She headed through the park and into a rather large clustering of trees, to where three
picnic tables sat. That was where the meeting place for everyone was, and it had been picked for
good reasons as well.. Hidden from view of the mall and the street to a great extent, that was
were they all would sit and chat for hours on end.

She went to the interior of the trees, and found the meeting place at it’s center. There was
no one there, and no sign of anyone either. She looked around for a moment, and saw that by the
look of it, nobody had been there yet today.
“ They did say right after supper...” She said to herself, looking at her watch... but
knew that was what was needed

She sat down at one of the tables to wait, thinking at she might be early. She had to
chuckled, because she usually was early in the first place. The silence that was hanging over the
meeting area was sort of soothing, almost tranquil. She just took a deep breath in of the fresh air
and decided to just wait fir awhile.

She heard footsteps about ten minutes later, coming down the asphalt path that led into
where Abigail was at the tables. She waited to see who it was, pretty sure that it was Shannon
that had arrived.

.Shocked, Abigail saw that it was Eddie and his older sister Peggy that came into the
“ What are you doing here?” Abigail asked, as Eddie was the last person she was
wanting to see right now.

Eddie looked very upset, and his sister just looked plainly mad.
“ We are going to talk this out right here, right now...” He said. “ Since you were
not willing to when I asked...”
“ I said what I had to...” Came back Abigail.
“ Yeah, and not listen to me in the process of dumping me...” He came back with.
“ I said all that I wanted to...”
“ We are going to talk and that is that...” He said sternly, not letting this go one
little bit.
“ Cant we do this later... I am sort of meeting Shannon here...” Abigail said, not
wanting to deal with this.

Peggy suddenly laughed hard, something that made Abigail think that something was up.
“ Ha!” She snickered, crossing her arms across her chest. “ Your friend is not
“ What do you mean?” Abigail said, feeling a little upset at the words she heard.

The girl gave another laugh and stared at her squarely, her hatred seemingly set.
“ Shannon was so nice to help us out, after we explained what we thought was
going on with you She cackled.
“ She was more than nice to help out...” Laughed Eddie, this side of him was
strange and foreign to Abigail. “Which was a very big help, was it not... Sis?”
“ I know it was...” She smirked.

Abigail saw this for what it was. She had been set up, and to meet them when she did not
want to. She stood up.
“ You turned my best friend against me?” She asked slowly. “ How could you do
“ It was... easy...” She smirked back at Abby. “ And it all took the truth, of which
you no nothing about saying...”
“ Then I am leaving...” She huffed, not wanting any part of this shit that was going

Abigail went to leave, but was stopped by Peggy stepping in front of her. She looked up
at Peggy, and saw that the girl’s face was a mask of pure hate.
“ You are not going to leave until you talk to my brother honestly and give him
proper explanation for you breaking up with him...” She said, looking at the much shorter girl.
“ I have said all what I wanted to, that I was not feeling the same way for Eddie
now and that was what I was saying all ...”
“ Like that you don’t feel the same way about him...” Peggy said, in a mocking
fashion as she cut the girl’s words off. “ That is a crock of shit...”
“It is not a lie... I don’t...” Said a stern voiced Abigail, taking a step back. “ I told
him that, although I admit that I had went about it wrong.”
“ You did it wrong, or were you wrong because your hiding the real reason behind
it?” Peggy screamed at Abigail.
“ Is there another guy your too busy fuckin’ or something that you cant take the
time to tell me the truth here?” Came in Eddie, as his sister said the exact same thing also.

Abigail shook her head, and looked at the two, seeing that her escape routes we being
blocked by the two. She swallowed hard, as she felt a grip of fear now was welling up inside of
“ Hey... there is no one else that I am seeing...” Abigail said with great adamance,
never once pausing or turning her gaze away from the two that stood in accusation of her. “ I told
you in the hall that there was nobody else that I was seeing... and I was truthful about why I broke
it off with Eddie...”
“ Why did you break it off with Ed? Did you turn into some sort of fucking
woman loving dyke or just lose your mind or something?” Peggy said with a voice that dripped
with accusation. “ Did you break up with Ed because you were wanting some bitch’s cunt instead
of his dick now... or just to humiliate him in some way for fun?”
“ I told Eddie why...” Abigail came back, explaining herself the best that she
dared to. “ And that was the fucking dead truth!”

Eddie snuffed loudly, showing that he was believing anything that she was telling him at
the moment.
“ You fuck me, then just end up dumping me? Your either screwing around on
me or you are playing like you’re a dyke to get away and making me look like an asshole in the
end...” He growled. “ Either way, I do end up looking like a prized first class fucking idiot.”
“ You cant do that to the captain of the football team like this and simply pass it
off as not liking him like that any more.. Far from it...” Snapped Peggy. “ Just tell the
goddamned truth for a change, bitch.”

Abigail took a step back, but never said a word for a few moments. What ever more she
could have said right now, would be falling on very deaf ears and anger flooded minds.. and there
was no way she was going to reveal the struggles she was having with herself anyways. It had
been hard enough to do what she had to do for herself, and now she was being cornered a pack of
wolves on a helpless young deer.
“ I said that I did not feel the same way for Eddie...” She said with a gasp,
desperate to get away from these two. “ Cant you both just accept that I have feel out of love with
“ We cant accept a lie...” Spat Peggy. “ We want the truth!”
“ It is the truth, and something that I had never changed or even deny... accept
that!” She said, trying to verbally put a final note to all of this.

The answer for Abigail came in the form of a hard punch from Peggy. It had flared out of
nowhere, and connected solidly right on the side of Abigail’s jaw with remarkable force, catching
Abigail flush.. The blow spun Abigail around, unable to stop herself. She limply fell on to the
picnic table with a loud sound, her world spinning in her mind as she hit the hard roughened
“ Answer us...” Said the taller girl, pinning Abigail top part of her body over the
table top while giving her a few knees straight into the kidneys.
“ Yeah... who is filling your little stinky puss now?” Came in Eddie whom was
also helping his sister pin her down. “ You could not be honest with me and tell me that right of
the bat, could ya?”

The girl then felt two more knees to her lower sides land, forcing her breath to be
shooting right out of her. Peggy then punched her twice right between the shoulder blades,
making it even harder for her to breath... as the pain was beyond anything she had ever
experienced before. She could taste the weathered wood under her face, and found that there
was a very unpleasant coppery taste that was now filling her mouth. She knew instantly through
the fog of pain, it was her own blood she was tasting.

Peggy stood holding the girl down, with this look of pure distain and disgust on her sleek
“ Who are you fucking right now, bitch...” Shouted the girl with venom, still
pinning the girl down on the table. “ No body breaks up with the head of the football team and
the next class president, just because she has fallen out of love with him... and we are gonna find
out why you have done this to my little brother...”
“No one... I have said that over and over again... no one!!” She gasped back in
pain, finding herself being even more tightly pinned on to the top of the long table.

Peggy leaned down on the girl a little harder, and grabbed a whole lot of Abigail’s long
hair by the handful to keep her down.
“ Just tell me now... what is it? Is it some weak assed guy or some bitch dyke girl
that is servicing you now... hu... what it is?” She asked, pushing Abigail’s face into the wood
with each word.
“ No one...” Abigail gasped out, finding it hard to even breath with the girl’s
weight on her.
“ Backstabbing little liar!!” She screeched into Abigail’s ear, pushing her face
harder into the wood of the table. Nobody does that to my brother except for that...” She hissed as
she laid another knee into the girl’s side. “ Tell me the whole sordid, or I will kick you until your
pissing blood.”
“ I swear there is no one I am seeing or having sex with.” Screamed the girl,
pleading with the girl that had her.

Peggy paused for a moment, then leaned onto Abigail and pressed her lips against the
gal’s ear, giggling with sadistic glee as she did so.
“ My brother will get the truth and the answers...” She said to the girl under her
control. “ And I think he will get the truth from ya... one way or another...”
“ What do you mean... I am not lying to you.” Gasped the trapped girl, her mind
reeling with what was happening to her.
“ You will see what I meant...” Peggy said, so flatly.

Abigail hung there, and heard the ominous words Peggy had said to her. She then felt her
pants were being puled down to the tops of her sneakers she had on, her panties followed. She
could feel the cool evening air on her bared ass as she hung there, helpless to do anything to stop
this. Between the pain and Peggy holding her down, she was truly helpless.
“ Looks like my brother is going to literally fuck the honesty out of ya, since your
not going to cooperate with us..” She cackled. “ He gets some answers and a little satisfaction as
well, eh, bitch?”
“ God no...” Gasped Abigail, struggling to get herself free... knowing that she was
about to be raped.

She could feel Eddie was up against the roundness of her ass, his cock already out and
poised at her... she could feel it already poking at her entrance while she hung there. She
struggled to free herself and to stop this humiliation from happening, but Peggy was holding her
down tightly... so Abigail was at their mercies, and there was not a hell of a lot that she could do
for herself.
“ Give it to her, Brother...” Peggy urged loudly, laughter tinging every last word
she spoke.
“ She is going to talk... and I am gonna make sure that she does here...” He said,
laughing deeply in his chest. “ Just watch as I make her admit things that she is hiding from me,
and remind her of what she has given up as well.”
“ Or at least you can really teach her a lesson she will never forget... and think
twice about doing this to another person...” Added in Eddie’s sister.
“ Yeah!” He laughed, the tone was colder than ice.

Abigail closed her eyes, knowing that she could do nothing. She waited for the pain of the
man’s member slicing it her, knowing that he would not stop this time if she was in pain. By the
wild look in his eyes, along with the anger that seethed through him...he was more than willing to
inflict every little bit of pain he could on her at the moment. There was nothing that she could do
or say to change that.

She shut her eyes tightly and tried to think on a naked image of Shannon to protect her
from this, even as she felt her tears falling down her face. He was right there, and she was
trapped... it was that moment, she dreaded ever making her decision. She felt him setting the tip
of his thing against her opening more, and it was only a few seconds until he did what he was
going to do.
“ No... Please...” She whispered to herself, resigned to what was going to happen
in seconds.

Suddenly there were voices yelling and cursing like mad, and the feeling of Eddie’s thing
against her private area was gone. At theat moment, there was massive amounts of swearing
from Eddie as he seemed to be getting farther away. The girl on top of Abigail suddenly was
gone, as she could now breath once Peggy’s weight had been lifted off of her. She tried to say
something, but she found that it was very painful to be getting in that first long breath as her ribs
felt like they were on fire..

Abigail then slumped to the ground beside the table, finding that every last part of her did
not want to move. She just sat there in a daze on the grass under the picnic table, trying to see
what was going on as the whole world seemed to be foggy and a little wobbly.

She could see that someone had her ex-boyfriend down on the grass and was punching
him very hard, a knee on top of the lad’s chest to keep him there. She tried to focus her eyes to
see what exactly was going on, as it seemed almost as if all around her people were fighting.
Through half open eyes, she saw exactly who it was.

It was Ed’s best friend, Max, who was the one laying the heavy beating down on the lad.
Eddie, who normally was always the strongest and largest in any crowd, had been easily knocked
off his feet and had blood coming from his face. It was more that clear that Max was just laying a
straight out licking on him, yelling at him as he did... but she could not make out what he was
actually saying. Abigail never noticed that Max was a little larger than Eddie was... perhaps
because he was a linebacker or something like that... but to see Eddie thrown around like as
ragdoll like this was shocking to say the least. She saw how the lad controlled Eddie so easily, as
if he was weak or something.

Abigail then turned her head to where another fight was taken place. She saw that Penny
was being literally beaten on by two girls. To her surprise she found that it was Sasha along with
her sister Kerri Anne who were delivering kicks and blows to the girl that was now curled up in a
protective fetal position.

She could not believe that there was her own big sister was the one doing most of the
damage to Peggy. It surprised her to see her sister had came to her in defence of her like this,
considering how they had been at one another’s throats over the past couple of years... yet, there
was Kerri Anne pounding on Peggy like she was.

With a great effort, Abigail tried to get up and pull her pants up, but her body seemed that
it would not cooperate and she slumped down again. She felt a great amount of pain in her lower
back from where she had been kneed and she just fell sideways shoot through her, and her vision
was getting a little cloudy..

A soft hand touched Abigail’s face, and she turned to see who it was. There was Sasha,
who was kneeling beside her with Kerri and right behind her now
“ You rest...” She said sweetly, her eyes seemingly welling up with tears. “ Your
sister called the ambulance and police so everything will be all right.”
“ Stay down, kid....” Agreed Kerri Anne.

Abigail went to say something, but she could not. Helpless to even move because of the
pain and bleeding for her mouth she layed there while both Eddie and his sister ran off while the
sirens of the police were very close to where she was. She was safe, but in her head, she felt far
from that at the moment.

Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - A sign that has trust...

[Author's notes: When life seems to crumble, family has a way of surprising you...]

Chapter Seven: A sign that has trust



The sun was flowing through the hospital room window, making things feel a little more than bright and cheery as the day was now creeping towards a third over.

The light seemed happy on it’s own, but the one that was in the bed next to the window looked far from that. The girl seemed to be about as far away from bright and cheery sunlight as you could possibly get... it was obvious that her mind was pretty much far away from the room as well.

Looking up at the ceiling of the room, Abigail did not feel any of that cheeriness that the morning seemed to be bringing into her hospital room... her face was a mask of a thousand different emotions all at once. These emotions seemed to be churning inside of her to the point of almost exploding out of her, as it seemed they were coming one after another..

Two days had passed since that horrible evening when she had been attacked by both Eddie and Peggy in the seclusion of the park. She relived everything in horrible detail that had been done to her and screamed at her over a thousand times, but that was the tip of the iceberg for what was coming for her now. It was haunting her sleep each time she closed her eyes for a little rest, and it seemed to be there even into her waking hours.

The physical pain she was having was stemming from her three cracked ribs and also some very bruised kidneys... but the pain of all of that was not even close to being as painful as the bluntness of truth she had gotten after she had been brought to the hospital that evening. It was a sort of horrible truth which hit her soul like a sledgehammer, and threatened to completely destroy her with the weight of things she had never even knew was in her life.

The police had been there already to tell her that they had charged both Eddie and Peggy for the beating and the near sexual assault which had been perpetrated on her. It was through the explanation of the why they had been charged so fast, that really haunted Abigail’s very soul. After interrogating the both of them strenuously, and added in with some other investigation that was done, the truth came out to the officers and got back to her .

It was completely and despicably laid out that Abigail had been clearly set up to have her be attacked and then humiliated... orchestrated by her long time friend and the girl she felt so strongly towards.... and that was Shannon. That sort of information was almost as hard to take as the near rape from one boy she had loved.

After more information came out, it was clear that Shannon had been the one who called the house and left the messages on Abigail’s cell as well... to simply lure Abigail to get at least a beating. It was a plan, that seemed to had came together out of some sort of resentment coupled with other people emotions... all that had came into play with it.

The plan seemed to center around the fact that Abigail had dropped Eddie as her boyfriend foremost, followed with the many rumours that Abigail was gay. These tow things seemed to have stoked the anger and resentment everyone seemed to have against her, and the fear of the unknown of not truly knowing also made it that way. Abigail was perplexed by the reasons that were known about that had led to what had happened to her, the others were a total mystery.

Abigail had fought the pain in her heart that was caused by someone she had started to believe she deeply love, after already knowing for years. Getting set up like this and having a figurative knife plunged into her back, was a pain she had never had before... it was truly worse than her physical pain she was having.

" Why did she do this to me... after all of the time we had known each other?" She continually asked herself, as the silence of the room always made it comer out.

Her thoughts were broken with her sister coming into the room. She saw a softness on Kerri Anne’s face that she had not seen since they were both kids. The fact that Kerri showed this side of her after all of what has happened to her, made Abigail feel as if she was drawing closer to her sister at the moment.

" Hey there, Kid..." The older girl said with a smirk, getting to the bedside of Abigail. " Looking good today."

Abigail shrugged, not quite knowing how she was feeling today as yet. She looked right at her sister, words were nor coming out of her mouth. Her sister then took her had in hers and squeezed it softly, another thing that she rarely does.

" Came before my lasses started...." She began.

" Why?" Abigail asked back, hearing something a little odd in how Kerri Anne was talking to her.

Kerri Anne seemed to understand that Abigail knew something was up. She cleared her throat, a purposeful look crossed her fair skinned face.

" The cops came early this morning and talked to Mom and Dad... you know..." She started, slowly bringing in the subject. " I overheard some things as they were informing them of things in their investigations..."

" Listening in?" Abigail asked with a shrug, trying to play around to deflect her internal pain. " Or is it like Dad always asks you... were you sort of eavesdropping?"

" Well, yeah..." Said the girl, a little sheepishly as her face turned a bit red. " I was sort of... hanging around in the kitchen when they were there.... "

" What did the police say to Mom and Dad?"

Kerri Anne seemed a little hesitant to start telling her what it was that she knew, but she seemed to be resigned that she had to tell her..

" They said that Eddie and his sister attacked you because you had broken up with him a few days ago... egged on by his sister and set up by your rat of a friend Shannon..." She started, then paused for a second. " Is that true that you broke up with him?"

Abigail nodded, no use hiding that fact from her sister..

" Yes..." She agreed.

" You did break up with him...." Said Kerri Anne, looking a little less than surprised. " What for?"

Abigail got a little quiet for a moment, but saw that her sister was giving her all the time in the world to answer her.

" I had not feel the same about him for months, I guess... not like he still said that he said he felt about me..." Said the girl in the hospital bed. " Things changed in me, I guess the best way of saying it was."

" What did he do that made you drop him? You two seemed so much into one another, it made me wanna barf at times" Asked the girl, her tone told of someone who was confused about things. " That is what I wanna know."

Abigail looked at her sister and just shrugged her shoulders a little.

" He did nothing at the time..." She blurted out, the memories of what had happened in the park came back to her. She wet her lips and pushed what happened away for her mind. " I cant explain it..."

" Can’t or won’t?" Came in Kerri Anne, her voice was one of comfort.

The girl looked at her older sibling and shrugged... it was in fact, a little of the two at the same time. She could not say what was in her mind, nor explain it if she wanted to either. She sighed, and that had seemed to soften Kerri Anne even more.

" I thought so... " She muttered a little, her voice was soothing to Abigail. " Then you rest... I just stopped in before my classes started anyways."

Kerri Anne gave a simple nod of her head as she started to turn to walk to the door. That made the girl I the bed seemed to be a little surprised at that.

" Your not going to push me to say something ‘bout it?" Abigail asked, a little shocked at it all.

A smile came across the older of the two, as she turned back and walked to her sister’s bedside and actually held the prone girl’s hand again.

" Why do you say that I would do that to you?"

" You are always so nosy, always having to know things and such..." Abigail came back with, slowly. " but now you seem like... like..."

" I seem like I am not doing that?"

" Yeah..." Nodded Abigail, seeing that her sister was not mad with her pointing that out.

The glimmer of understanding came through the older girl’s face.

" Most of the times, I do things like that to simply annoy the living hell out of you on most occasions...." Kerri Anne Came back with. " But I do know when I should and should not do that to you... just never have shown that, I guess."

" Why are you doing that now?" Abigail asked.

A softer glow appeared in the girl’s eyes as she looked at Abigail. Gone was the that angry and very attitude fuelled look she normally sported. She looked at her sister in the bed, ands there was great tenderness that came through her gaze.

" Right now it is seriously not my place to worm my way into.... if you figure things out, and wanna talk it over, we will talk..." She smiled. " That is what sisters are suppose to do, when talking to parents are out of the question... and I have sort of forgotten that part of the sister thing..."

" You... would talk to me like that?" Abigail asked.

Kerri Anne giggled a little, hearing the inflection that was in Abigail’s voice to her. She nodded.

" Fucking hell yeah..." She replied.

" Why would you now?" Posed the girl right back, obviously a little wary of this side to her sister..

" I realized that I had not been quite the sister I am suppose to have been, I guess..." She started, then her face got more serious looking. " But Mom and Dad might want to know the reasons why this all happened, and why people they trusted to be around their daughter... had done something like this and would not be as kind as I am. They have waited on asking until you were better, so it is a matter of time for that...."

Abigail sort of knew that the time to talk to her Mother and Father had been coming for more than awhile, and nodded to show that she had been thinking about it. If she actually was her parents, she too would want to know what was going, and need a explanation to help that along also. She did expect it to be that way, but was sort of wanting to delay it a little while longer... but knew that forgiveness time was all too short... and quickly running out.

She just watched her sister as she started to leave the room again to continue on to her College classes... and marvelled at the fact that after all of this time of being at one another’s throats... she was still looking out for her in the end. Abigail suddenly found herself calling out to her eldest sibling she had.

" One question I really need to get an answer for here..." She called out to Kerri-Anne, as it suddenly had popped into her mind. " How did you know about what was going to happen to me... and showed up to protect me?"

Kerri Anne smirked a playful grin, as she turned back towards her sister.

" Your wanting to know how I had arrived at the park and ended up saving your scrawny ass, literally?" The girl replied back, half giggling with her answer as she went back to the girl’s bedside.

" Well... yeah..." Said Abigail, surprised with how right her sister was with knowing exactly what she was going to say.

Kerri Anne looked at Abigail straight in the face, her eyes never once wavering as she locked on.

" Sasha phoned back after you had left that evening... and she went absolutely nuts after I told her where you had gone... she had started to actually cry...sobbing like a mad woman... " She started, her voice was stiff.

" She was crying?" Said a very shocked Abigail.

" I was unsure of why she had became so god-damned upset all of a sudden, and just got her to calm the fuck down so she could tell me every thing..." She continued to explain to her younger sis. " She did after a few moments, and that was how I was told about this set up shit that bitch, Shannon, had pulled on you."

" Sasha knew about all of this..." Asked Abigail.

Kerri Anne stiffened, and made even firmer eye contact with Abigail.

" More like tried Sasha was trying to stop this shit from happening..." She said

" How did she know what was going on?"

" She said that she overheard them planning this the day it happened... When Shannon was on her cell phone at school with Eddie on the other end, plotting all of this out." Kerri Anne explained." She actually overheard Shannon planning all of this out... against me?" Spluttered Abigail, shocked at the callousness of her former friend.

Abigail was shocked at the details that only know, she was starting to hear. Kerri Anne nodded, and seemed to give the girl a second to digest the information.

" She over heard it all, and was scared about what had been planned for you." Kerri Anne said. " In desperation, Sasha phoned and hoped she could calm herself enough to tell someone, because she was afraid to try and stop it physically on her own..."

" She is a very small person..." Abigail said, knowing how diminutive Sasha was, as she did stand under five foot and weighing less than a hundred pounds soaking wet.

" Yeah... that was what she told me." Agreed the girl. " I could really understand the fact that she was so afraid of stopping it.

Abigail thought on the information for a moment, then looked right at her sister.

" And you actually came and protected me?"

" You are my sister there Kiddo... I just had to..." Smirked Kerri Anne, her warm smile was back on her face. " Besides, I am suppose to be only one that has the right to physically torment the hell out of you is me.."

" You do that normally.." Laughed Abigail, seeing the sparkle her sister’s eyes held as she kidded with her.

" Being a sister... that is my job..." She smirked, through fits of snickering..

They looked at one another for a few minutes, connecting with just there eyes. For the first time in many years, they each could see through the animosity they had been having when they would have been butting heads like they did... and notice just how much the other actually meant to them. It was the world.

Watching her sister turn and head off to return to her College classes, Abigail found for the first time in a long time, she was feeling so glad to having an older sister like Kerri Anne. It was a feeling that she had not had in a very long time... and she was feeling so glad for it right now.

The girl feeling more relax that she had been in awhile, sighed and layed back. Seeing her sister, had made the whole difference in her life. She only wished all of her problems could have been settled like that.



It was nearing the middle of the afternoon that same day... what had been foretold by Kerri-Anne, had finally happened. Both of the girl’s parents arrived at the hospital and were looking for answers to most of their unanswered questions pertaining to all of what had happened..

For nearly two straight hours, they asked about the reasons whys such great friends and a polite and respectful boyfriend would end up turning on her like they had done,. They were shocked and horrified at the fact that their daughter was found beaten up in the park with her pants pulled down while their oldest daughter and a family friend were fighting off these other so called friends who had done all of this in the first place.

" We just want to understand what it was that lead to all of this happening to you." Her mother kept saying.

" Your mother and I are quite upset and worried about you and all of this that has transpired." Her father said, seemingly stoic in his shock. " Your actions as well, young lady..."

" I know..." Was the only real thing she could get in, other than very short answers to their questioning.

" We are very worried..." The woman butted in, not even noticing that she had cut off her husband so rudely.

Her parents went on, and on, telling her things that dropped her heart into her stomach. They told her that they knew about her being ‘sexually active’ now, a thing that had came out of the police interrogating Eddie and his sister. The Police had given her parents access to the transcripts of the two had made, and every sorted thing that Abigail had done with her now ex, was right there down in black and white.

Humiliated, embarrassed and quite sadden and very much feeling so low, Abigail just listened as her mom and dad went down the laundry list of everything that had been her life... and now layed in basic ruins in the wake of what had happened to her.

Everything they were asking her, were honest questions... asked out of love for the girl in the hospital bed, but Abigail had asked the very same things to her own self over the last few days she had laid there in the hospital. She answered as many of the questions to the best of her abilities for herself, but she did end up leaving out a few certain points for reasons that felt very necessary.

She felt bad that she purposely had left out her little ‘confusion about might being a lesbian’ thing for the time being, but right now she did not know if that was the truth or not. She frankly was not sure of a whole lot of stuff at the moment. All that she really knew was she was still as confused as she has been lately, and getting the royal shit kicked out of her had not helped her either.

On the flipside of things...She was more than just simply aware that her parents were as confused or even more, with the situation that they found themselves knee deep in... but in a totally different way. She could see that registering in their eyes as they looked at her. It hurt to see her parents like that, but there was not much else she could do for them.

Her Mom and Dad finally left to return to their respective offices and the jobs there of, after taking a little time to talk to the doctors. Abigail just waited, wanting to hear how much longer she would have to lay here, and be subjected to boredom and the worst food that she had ever had the un-pleasure of actually eating. The boredom she could handle, unflavoured lime jell-o, was harder than that.

Soon, young Abigail got the word that she would be in the hospital for a at least two days more. Because of the severity of the cracks to her ribs, the pounding her kidneys had taken at the hands of Eddie and his sister, it was clear that they were being rather cautious to the point of being anal.

There was a good point to all of it though. She was so damned exhausted after being with her parents as they grilled her for answers. The energy it would have taken to get up and dress to go home seemed impossible, she was already lying down... a bonus right then. She closed her eyes, and could actually feel her body relax as she laid there.

Abigail quickly drifted into a light sleep for awhile, finding that she was now just tired. It really seemed as if her mind needed that little space. Drifting off so quickly, she never even noticed that there was a lone figure that was standing just outside of the hospital room, looking in on her.

Hidden a little by a deep shadow, the figure just stood there for awhile and watched the girl sleep.... never once making a move to go into the room. It seemed simply to linger in the doorway, as if it was trying to figure out what to do next. It never did leave, but just stayed there and seemed to pounder the sleeping form for a long while later.

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 8 -Unconscious acts

[Author's notes: Out of the blue, comes confusion that raises one's heart to hights.]

Chapter Eight - Unconscious acts


The drab white eggshell coloured walls of her hospital room greeted Abigail, as she woke up from her unscheduled nap. She blinked a few times as she slipped out of her state, a little more than just surprised at her self that she had fallen asleep so deeply after talking with her Parents... what had been talked about flooded back to her..

Her mind quickly cleared the fogginess that always came when she was waking up. She realized that she was still in the hospital because of those drab walls, instead of being in the dream she was having. She was not quite sure what she had been dreaming just before she had became awake, but the feeling she was getting left over from it told her that for a change... it had been a very nice dream.

She layed there for a moment, and wished that she could remembered even a small part of that dream she had been having... so she could think about it when things got dark and gloomy for her... and she really needed to have a little break after having to talk to her parents like she had to. To her frustration, she could not even remember a fraction of the dream she knew she had. She had just her reality... and that stank.

She sighed and shifted her body a little, her broken ribs were still feeling painful for her, and laying like she was just aggravating them a lot. Grimacing, she tried to ignore it the best she could have while she tried to find another position that would be better... and was glad when she had found one rather quickly.

At that exact moment as she felt her body relax in the new placement she had found, came a voice that came out of nowhere.

" Uh.... Hi!" It said, sounding somewhat hesitant in it’s tone..

Startled, Abigail sort of jumped a little bit then quickly jerked her head to the side of look over in the direction of where the voice had seemed to have came from, as she had no idea that anyone had been in the room at the time.

Standing halfway into the room looking over at her, was Sasha.. Needless to say, Abigail was surprised to be seeing the girl was here in the hospital room.

" Hey their Abby..." Sasha said to Abigail, giving a small sweet sort of a smile.

" Hey Sasha..." Abigail answered back, moving a little in the bed so she could see the girl more clearly as she got to the bedside.

Abigail stared at Sasha for a moment, feeling sort of strange very awkward as well to see someone from school here. Her mind flashed with so many things at once, she felt a little light headed because of it. Settling herself down, she started to make real sense of what all of these thoughts... and the accompanying emotions, really were about

Even though she knew that Sasha had been the one that had literally saved her from that very vicious beating and the other thing back in that park area... she was unsure just how to really react to finding the girl here. Many things were going through her mind all at once again, as the memories of that evening were now flooding back to her in very vivid and painful clarity.

Collecting herself, Abigail looked at the soft smile that sat on Sasha’s face, and knew she had to say something to break this awkward feeling that was hanging in the air. It was clear that the girl was also fighting hard to find something to say... but was not able to do so, thus the reason for this dead silence that hung. She tried once, and found that her own vocal chords were still not working as yet.

Abigail took a very purposeful deep breath, knowing that she just had to go for it and say what she wanted, and let the words come out rather than try and force them.

" You saved me..." Abigail simply came out with, getting to the point to end her speechlessness.

The girl’s face became red coloured and she gave a small smile.

" Yeah... I guess I did..." Bashfully said Sasha, as a look of deep shyness crossed her smooth face.

" No... I want you to know that I knew what you did for me..." Abigail started, feeling such a debt of thanks to the girl. " and that I really know that you came through for me and helped.... and you have my thanks as well..."

Sasha nodded, a deeper shading of redness crossed her fair skin of her face and she dropped her eyes to the floor for a second. She seemed to shift a little on her feet, and it was obvious she was not knowing how to react to Abigail heart filled words of gratitude..

" I could not just hear about something like this in the first place, and do nuthin’..." She finally said.

" Most people would have just done basically nothing to help me.... just overhearing stuff like this...." Pointed out Abigail, knowing just how most people were at school, or even in general... getting involved was not usually a priority

" I needed to do something to help...." Blushed the girl.

" And you actually did somethin’... " Abigail stated, adding. " I know most people would have just not said a word, and let what might happen actually happen."


Sasha looked right at Abigail, her eyes showing that she was very intense with what ever she was feeling towards what Abigail had said to her.

" I had to do what I did.. because I could not stand what they were doing towards you because that I... Um..." Sasha had started with a very firm tone, her eyes intensely flashing with the conviction of her words, then she stopped in the middle of what she was saying and got real quiet... pausing as if she was checking her own words. "... I just had to..."

" Because of what?" Started to ask Abigail, hearing the way she had just stopped her words.

" I just had to, you know... Just needed to..." Answered back the girl, although somewhat sheepishly. " Could not just stand by and the them hurt you like they were planning to do..."

Just the way Sasha had said her answer and then backed off a little, made Abigail pause. It was like Sasha had answered her with a whole heart full of conviction and something that was in her mind at the time, and then made herself draw back from the spark of emotion for some unknown reason. The girl in the hospital bed eyed her friend for a few moments more, and realized that she had been acting weird for awhile now.

The girl broke the silence, with a small sounding voice.

" Do you know when you will be getting out of here?" Sasha asked, her voice wavering a little as it was more than really obvious that she was trying to change the subject at the moment

" They want to keep me to watch on how I am healing up, I guess..." Abigail said, still pondering in the back of her head what she had sort of figured out. " They say that it will be about two more days..."

Sasha nodded and gave a little smirk.

" Could be a whole lot worse than being stuck her for two days more, you know..." She said, looking at Abigail for a second.

" Worse?" Asked Abigail.

" Yes, it could be worse..."

" How could it be worse than this?" Said Abigail, hearing a impish tone cut through the girl’s shyness.

The girl giggled a little shyly as she looed at Abigail.

" It could be three more days..." She said, giving a little shrug to go along with the very bright at toothy smirk she flashed.

Abigail laughed a little, the girl’s humour helping her to ignore the pain from her injuries when she did. She and to admit, when it came to giving some sort of a trademarked smart-ass comment or some sort of pain in the ass comeback, Sasha usually took the gold medal for it. She was truly known for that. Abigail was still feeling like the girl was holding back something from inside of herself... even as Sasha had started to do wisecracks with her.

Of course, Abigail was only speculating on what she was hearing in the tone and such, but that is what she felt coming from the girl. The way she had made the comment to her, was sounding just a tad off from her usual ‘give it all or nothing’ sort of humour she had. She was wondering if she was actually reading too much into stuff... it was only a few days since the attack she had endured.

Despite Abigail’s growing curiosity with whatever was going on inside of that girl’s mind, she was more thankful for her friend just being here. After what had happened and everything else that had came along with it, she was glad to see she had at least one friend in the world that she could seem to trust. Right now, she felt like friends were seriously in short supply for her... and that was the reason why she was thinking that there was somethin behind the girl’s words.

Sasha stood there and looked at Abigail, a small sort of a smile was coming right across her face.

" I’ll come up and visit you tomorrow then..." She said, that little hesitation now a thing of the past. " You want me to bring anything?"

" If you can change the menu of the food they bring us around here... you can do that." Abigail said, trying her hand at being sarcastic.

" Afraid I can’t do that for ya..." She said with a shrug. " I could be persuaded to sneak you up a burger or something...."

" Ohh, after lime Jell-O cubes and what I love to call fake roast beef... that sounds like heaven to me..." Sighed Abigail, reminding herself that cheeseburgers had always been a bit of a weakness with her.

" Do you want me to bring some fries with that as well?" She teased.

A noise suddenly broke the two girl’s talking, a rumbling growling sort of thing that came from Abigail’s belly. They both laughed, when they had realized that Abigail’s stomach had made that rather large growling sound after Sasha had asked the question..

" Oh!!" Gasped Abigail, putting her hand on her stomach area, and she giggled as she felt so embarrassed..

" I think your body is agreeing with getting some real food into you..." Sasha said with a laugh.

" Apparently it is ..." Giggled Abigail, a little shocked at her body’s instant reaction.

" Then it is settled..." Smiled Sasha, as she threw her arms up in the air. " I will be the hamburger fairy tomorrow."

Abigail laughed, despite the pain that it brought to her body. Sasha had made her feel so much better in a short amount of time, and she had for a second, forgot about her suspicions she was having..

Sasha leaned over the railing of the bed and hugged the girl tightly in a close embrace. Abigail hugged back, actually enjoying the embrace she was getting... but noticed that the girl held on a little longer than was perhaps normal to have, but it was not too out of the normal for her to be uneasy with it.

The girl let go and stood up slowly, as if trying to be careful. She gave a giggle and just hoovered over Abigail for a second. She looked into the girl in the bed’s eyes and smiled, and she seemed to be sweating a little more than normal, even though the hospital room was kept cooler than a normal house would be.

" Sasha?" Asked Abigail, seeing the girl’s face was shiny. " Are you all right there?"

" Yeah... Sasha stammered, obviously caught off guard by the question. " Uh... Why do you... ask?"

" You are sweating a little... are you sure you are feeling alright?" The girl in the bed inquired.

The girl just did not make a movement for a moment, looking at Abigail with this odd vacant stare. She then suddenly moved forward, back over the railing of the bed. Sasha was quick as she unexplainably planted a very quick kiss directly on to Abigail’s startled lips. The kiss was a very fleeting one at best, lasting for only a couple of seconds at the very most... but it was planted fully on the lips and could never have been explained away as anything but on purpose.

Sasha then shot back from the kiss and stood there for a moment with her chest heaving hard under the shirt that she was wearing. Abigail laid there and stared at the girl with this dumbfounded look on her face. She was very obviously more than just stunned with the actions from the girl..

" Sasha?" Gasped the girl in the bed, touching her lips with her fingertips as she stared at the girl in the middle of the room.

Sasha was heard to make a strangled squawking sort of noise as she stood there, along with a gasp that told of her own surprise with herself. She made a secondary small sound and then hurriedly turned and bolted out of the room without another word spoke. She moved quickly while making some very odd sounding noises under her breath, leaving a very stunned Abigail laying there with a blank look.

" Shit!" Was the only thing that was audible in the fleeing girl’s noises.

In a instant Sasha was gone, her quick moving feet could be heard echoing as she raced down the corridor towards the elevators, then they disappeared. In a flash, the drab silence of the hospital came back

Abigail had listened to the girl’s footsteps trail off and disappear after a few seconds, her mouth hanging open. She was so stunned at this point, she had not any clue to what she was actually thinking of

" Oh..." Abigail finally gasped, after what could have been called a very long moment of pause. " She kissed me??"

The reality of what just happened came on her, and it was a combination of weirdness mixed with a strange state of it being calming as well. Sasha had kissed her, that was not in question... yet she found her self loving that kiss as its feeling seemed to hang on her lips in the silence.

She was now totally bewildered. She was now between her feelings of love and betrayal thanks to her now ex-best friend, and the assault by her by a old flame that was staged by that ex-friend and topped off by the questions she still had towards her own sexuality. She now had another thing to add into all of that... Sasha’s kiss, and the instant feelings that it seemed to have dredged up in that short amount of time.

She was unsure of what to do, or what to think as she layed there in the quietness. She layed back and played with her hair vacantly as she tried to put anything she could have into a better perspective that what it was. Right now though, nothing seemed to be even close to being understandable... not life, not herself... nothing.

" Ohhh..." She said, as she rubbed her eyes, as her mind seemed to be dancing at this moment.

For the rest of the day, Abigail wrestled with the kiss... not in any way finding out what in hell to do with it. Who could?

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