Story: Peeks at an Autobiography (chapter 1)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Peeks at an Autobiography


Sure it had seemed impossible, and definitely wrong on more levels than one, but it couldn't be helped. From a young age Nenene was a very stubborn person, no matter what the situation. Sitting at her computer, she laughed a bit at the memory. Sure, it had been a long while since it had happened, but it was something she wasn't willing to ever forget. No amount of time, no amount of one night stands, no quantity of extraordinary events could make Nenene Suminegawa ever forget her ex substitute teacher, Yomiko Readman. Nor her first time with that former teacher.

Things had started innocently enough, a steady and great friendship with the older woman. That was great for a long time. Eventually, though, Nenene found herself surprised to find she wanted more from her teacher. Something between those blue eyes and that childish smile captivated her - still did, in fact. When the attraction to her teacher began, Nenene would have to excuse herself repeatedly to the bathroom where she would splash cold water onto her face. Not too long after, once the cold water stopped working to help her calm down, she ran home and fell to her knees in the privacy of her bedroom. Her hand unable to leave the wetness between her legs until she was well worn. Those had been the only times in those days when she had been glad that her parents were in America.

It was after those moments that Nenene would drag herself down to the bathroom and take a shower. Remaining always thankful that her tears mixed with the water so she didn't have to know exactly how long she had cried. One day, after this kind of series of events, a knock came at her apartment door. Still dripping from her shower, she pulled on a robe and draped a towel underneath her wet hair.

"Who is it?" Nenene asked approaching the door, slightly miffed that someone was bothering her.

"Oh, sorry, Nenene, Did I disturb you?" Yomiko asked as she stood uncertainly in the doorway.

Nenene grabbed the ends of the towel and held them up to her face. She did not want Yomiko to see how red her face had become. For a minute, the younger woman debated whether to kick Yomiko out or just stay frozen there with her face burning. Her paranoia caused her to imagine that the evidence of what she had done some twenty minutes ago was still apparent. It wasn't, of course, but she still felt like she could smell her cum on her fingers through the towel.

"Maybe I shouldn't have come." The older woman began to back away from the doorway, but Nenene grasped her hand. Forcing a nervous smile, Nenene tugged at Yomiko's hand a little. "No. It's okay. I just came out of the shower. I'm just surprised you're here. Please, stay."

In five minutes, Nenene was setting a teakettle of hot water for tea from the stove and placing it on a tray that she then carried into the living room where Yomiko sat. Setting the tray on the table, Nenene began to pour them tea. "So what happened? Why are you here Yomiko-sensei? ," She asked, handing a cup to her teacher.

"I just wanted to tell you something." Yomiko slowly sipped the hot tea.

"What could be so important that you didn't tell me earlier?"

Yomiko hesitated, the tension obvious in her shoulders, before bringing the cup from her lips and placing it carefully on the coaster in front of her. Those big blue eyes, which Nenene had come to love despite herself, lowered to her lap. She said nothing for a long while.

"Well, I wanted to share something with you, but I can't. I shouldn't even be here but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to see you before . . . " She trailed off, shaking her head. "There I go. Saying more than I want to."

The older woman started to stand, but Nenene beat her and held her position in front of Yomiko. Refusing to meet her eyes, Yomiko kneeled at Nenene's feet. "What is it, Yomiko? Why can't you tell me? ," Nenene asked, crouching down far enough so she could see Yomiko eye to eye. Gently placing her fingers under the older woman's chin, she brought Yomiko's gaze up from the floor. For a moment, the light glared across Yomiko's glasses making it impossible to see her eyes. Without any warning, Yomiko grabbed Nenene's hand, pulling it gently away from her face, and kissed her.

Eyes wide open stared through Yomiko's glasses at closed eyes filled with tears. This had been the chance Nenene had yearned for so long. So when she felt Yomiko begin to pull away, Nenene wrapped her hand around the back of Yomiko's neck and held her in place. No way was she going to let the person she loved the most get away so easily. Years later, Nenene had hated herself for doing exactly that, and in some ways still did. However, seven years ago, Nenene had had what she wanted.

Sometime during the kiss, Nenene's robe and towel had fallen away, exposing herself to Yomiko. Yomiko then let Nenene push off her coat and undo the buttons to the vest beneath. The shirt fell away next revealing a white lace bra and a blushing Yomiko and Nenene. Lying back, Nenene pulled the older woman on top of her, reveling not only in the kiss they were sharing but in the feel of Yomiko's near naked flesh so close to hers. For so long she had wanted this and now that it had finally happened, Nenene pressed herself against Yomiko, wanting more of her. Understanding the simple gesture, Yomiko moved her lips away from Nenene's and down to her nipples. Simultaneously, she slipped a hand between the younger woman's legs, her fingers sliding easily into Nenene's newly aroused body. Gasping, Nenene inhaled sharply, unsure whether she wanted to breathe and lose such an important moment or start moaning and weeping from the absolute pleasure of it.

Her lungs won the debate and she gasped a breath as Yomiko grazed a nipple with her teeth. Her next breath was a moan as Yomiko began moving her fingers in and out of Nenene. It wasn't long before Nenene was rocking her hips against the older woman's hand and clawing at the floor, trying not to scream too loud so the neighbors wouldn't get suspicious. In the end though, the combination of teeth and finger fucking brought out loud shouts of Yomiko's name and incoherent screams as Nenene went over the edge. As her body shook and shuddered, Nenene felt herself incredibly exhausted. Pure satisfaction does that, Nenene noted years later with a smile.

Panting and too tired to move, Nenene felt Yomiko's hand, the clean one, wipe away the tears she hadn't realized she had cried. Another kiss was shared and Nenene passed out from exhaustion smiling back at those incredible blue eyes. Those tragically sad, blue eyes. It was the last time she saw Yomiko until that fateful day at the National Diet Library. Nenene had awoken several hours later, covered with a blanket and Yomiko long gone. It was a wound that hurt for five long years, and still hurts.

Once everything had settled down and the Paper Sisters settled into their permanent residence at Nenene's apartment, Yomiko Readman settled into her own life with Nancy Makuhara and Nancy's son, Junior. While they remained friends, Nenene had never spoken about that time with Yomiko. Some nights though, Nenene found herself secretly wishing Yomiko was lying beside her in bed. Seven years is a long time for two people. Fortunately, it doesn't mean things have to end. If there’s a hope, there’s always a chance.

Nenene Suminegawa smiled and hit 'Save' on her computer screen.



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