Story: Crying Slytherins: The Pain and Art of Love, Sex, and War (chapter 1)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1: Right Decisions

[Author's notes: This first chapter is essentially about Pansy realizing where her choice has led her and if it was a wise one. Also, there's smut!]

Crying Slytherins: The Pain and Art of Love, Sex, and War


[Chapter 1: Right Decisions]



I knew there was a problem when people began to whisper as I passed them in the halls, the Great Hall, and even the common room. Then the glares from both sexes and from all houses began to cloud the corners of my eyes. Hermione came to me one day, wide-eyed, and confirmed what I had suspected: Everyone knew about Hermione and me. The Slytherin and Gryffindor Head Girls were dating; everyone knew. How? Well, the story differed depending whom you asked. Millicent heard it from Blaise, who said he had heard it from a fifth year Gryffindor and so on. Hermione was confronted by Ron, whom had heard it from a group of sixth year Hufflepuff girls. Things were not pretty.

It was not long before we had enemies, despite never having officially admitted our relationship to anyone. Draco Malfoy seemed to take the utmost offense; surprisingly, so did Ron Weasley. Soon began a small war amongst not only Draco and Ron against us, but as well a large war between themselves. There is no way to understand why the choices of two people had ignited such a heated situation, especially when we had no real say in what was happening. Boys shall be boys I suppose, but Hermione would lecture me if she heard me say that kind of thing. Either way, it was only a matter of time before either party would make their move on us; so we fled to Dumbledore on Hermione's persistence.

To say I was not fond of the Headmaster wouldn't exactly do justice to how I really felt. I suppose the Slytherin persona leapt out whenever he was near, but I contain myself. My dear girlfriend was under enough strain as it was. Not only was there a now small war between Slytherin and Gryffindor within the walls of Hogwarts; outside as well, raged a much larger war between humanity and the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord had gained considerable power within the time he had returned, but I never understood his purpose. What would it matter to have all the muggles dead and only 'dark wizards' left to roam the earth? Why the bother? It was not like he was going to live forever. What would he rightly get out of it? A quick pang of arousal? Ugh, that is a rather disturbing thought.

Back to the matter within Hogwarts, Hermione and I found ourselves facing the long bearded fool of a headmaster. He gazed at us as if we were barely visible as Hermione's talented mouth quickly informed him of our situation. When she had stopped, appearing as though she had just taken her first breath ever, Dumbledore steepened his fingers and stared at us in silence for a moment.

"Well . . . ?" I finally asked impatiently, earning a sharp jab in my arm from the Gryffindor at my side.

He smiled. "Well, now that I have the full story, I propose we should separate you from the rest of your classmates until tempers cool down. I give you the option of either being under the care of Sybil Trelawney in the Astronomy Tower . . . " Hermione and I both sneered. "Or hiding out in the dungeons with Professor Snape." Hermione scowled with disgust, but I smiled. Professor Snape had not acted differently toward us, although I suspected he'd been a little harsher than usual with Hermione; I felt safe with Snape. My beloved however had an honestly hard decision to make. From what she had told me during our private conversations during after hours in the classroom she had first confessed her heart to me, she had difficulty deciding which one she despised more. As I watched her wrinkle her nose, clearly deep in thought, I couldn't help feel sorry for her.

For the first time, since the rumors had begun about us, I had noticed how distraught she had been. As much I wished I could reach out to her and assure everything would be okay, I never could. Emotions were still not my cup of tea. She had taught me how to cry. Bloody hell, she even taught me how to be happy without being cruel. However, she had failed to teach me empathy; which I desperately wished I had then. Her troubled face and mind had gone ignored because I could not express my feelings well, much less know how to comfort others. Grasping her hands, I pressed my forehead against hers, rewarded by a deep blush on her face. The only time we were this close was when we kissed or spent our night hours together with nothing but each other for warmth. I did not kiss her, though I honestly wanted to.

"We should stay with Professor Snape, love. You two may not exactly get along, but so long as I am by you, I will keep you safe and assure you he will not bother you as much," I said, smiling when I finished.

"Very well, Pansy." She smiled back, a small sigh left her lips and grazed mine.

"Good, then I shall send for Severus and inform him of the situation" Dumbledore broke in, killing our happy little moment. Did I mention how I loathed him?

So within a short time, we were holed up in our own chamber in the dungeons. It had been decided best we stayed in the same room, which we did not argue a word about. Oddly, I could've sworn I caught Dumbledore give a small smile and wink to Hermione, but when I looked carefully it had disappeared.

Right now I was lying quietly on the queen size bed that was so thoughtfully included with the room. Hermione was busy placing our possessions, which had been in the room already when Snape brought us here, in proper order. She did not have to do it, but she was nervous; she had to do something. Perhaps I could not rightly say I knew Hermione well enough, for we had only been dating for two and a half month, but I knew enough to say that the idea of sharing a room with me was the main trigger of her anxiety. Smiling, I took no offense at the knowledge. Hermione trusted me, and I trusted her. It was simply the intimacy factor that uneased her. Despite her brash behaviour two and a half month prior, Hermione Granger was fearful of being so close to me for too long. She feared that I would learn her bad habits or perhaps become tired of her. Very little could push me to stop loving her for such trivial things. Not even the knowledge that she had once gone to bed with Ronald -- though the idea still uneased me, as well as amused me, at times.

My breath suddenly caught in my throat. Had I just said I loved her? Those unspoken words had just passed through my thoughts silently, but I did not fear them. Could I tell her those words and mean them earnestly? I had not dared breathed those words to her before. Hermione finally sat at the edge of the bed, close enough for me to reach out and pull her down. Which I did, because I had the need to tell her those words. I wanted to say 'I love you, Hermione Granger' to her. Yet when I looked at her face, the words failed and died away. For the first time, I realized I was afraid of them, terrified that I might scare her away. Still, that didn't make sense, I had never been scared of them when she breathed them into my ear.

"Pansy, do you really love me?" Her voice surprised me. "Is everything that is happening really worth it?"

Dear Merlin, she was crying and caressing my face as I held her by my side. Even if it weren't true, how could I say no to the beauty that became her when she cried? Thankfully, I believed it was worth it, but I still could not find the strength to say that. Instead, I kissed her mouth and felt her inhale as she choked back a sob. It dawned on me that I would drive her mad if I continued to beat around the bush like this. Rolling on top of her, I wiped away her tears and smiled at her.

"You worry too much, Hermione. Do you think I would sacrifice everything for anything else?"

Yes, I was eluding the main question, I know, but she seemed relieved by my answer nonetheless. Her mouth came back to mine, her hands seeking shelter along my back and shoulders. The guilt I had been feeling owing to my lack of empathy was forgotten, for the moment at least. Right now, my mind and body hungered for the wild-haired maiden who was undoing the zipper to my robe as she devoured my mouth with her own. She pulled my robe away leaving my breasts bare for her. Recently, I had learned that Hermione disliked struggling with my bra when she was horny, so I stopped wearing them unless absolutely necessary. The smile on her face was reward enough for my memory, but her warm mouth on my breasts was much better. I sighed in satisfaction, pulling my arms free from the robe's sleeves and placing my hands in her hair.

She grasped one breast and pulled the nipple, simultaneously biting down on the other one. I cried out in pain and pleasure, tangling my fingers in her hair as I watched her with total lust and love. She bit harder and through the pain I could feel my pussy grow wet. Greedy, I wanted more. More pain, more pleasure, more Hermione. I pulled her hair hard enough for her to get the hint. She half-ignored, half-complied by switching her mouth to my other breast but letting her hands fall down to where the robe rested along my mid-section. Hermione bit me harder as she slowly freed my abdomen and hips. I had to lie down so she could get the robe off the rest of the way; I was saddened when she stopped biting my nipple, but not for long. My beloved slipped off my robe and underwear in two quick and very well practised motions. Before the garments could find a final resting place, Hermione was on her knees with her delicate mouth making quick work of my clit.

The Gryffindor was a tease, as I had learned the last time we made love. Purposely, she waited until I was just about to scream bloody murder before deciding to stop. In disappointment, I groaned and begged -- just a little. I still had some pride in being a Slytherin. However, she refused to give me the release I wanted until I had pleasured her. Sometimes I wondered if maybe she would have been better off in the Slytherin house. She was certainly sneaky and manipulative enough to fit right in. With a grunt, I pulled myself up into a sitting position, very aware of how wet and sensitive my pussy felt, and locked lips once more with my love. Her mouth was sticky with my fluid but I did not care. My hands crept down to the bottom of her robe and found an area I could pull it up from without making her lie down. Pulling away from the kiss, I yanked up her robe, surprised to find no panties in my way.

"You certainly have many tricks up your sleeves, don't you? ," I asked with a smile.

"If only you knew." She smiled back.

She threw herself back and I pushed the robe up her stomach but stopped midway. I didn't have to touch her pussy to know how aroused she was, her thighs shimmered when I pushed them apart. Ignoring her core that she desperately wanted me to attend to, I kissed her again as I found her nipples through her robe. Pulling at them, I waited until they stood up from my attention and she was whispering for me to stop. Complying slightly, I stopped pulling them and bit down softly on them through her robe. Hermione was a bit more sensitive to pain then I was so I did not bite as hard as I had wanted, though I was very tempted then. My leg rubbed against her wet pussy and she cried out, desperate to be touched at her core. Now she was begging, her fingers in my medium-length straight hair that fanned against part of her body. Biting a little harder then I had been, she closed her eyes and moaned. Taking the opportunity, I thrust two fingers into her vagina.

The new sensation took her breath away and she fell backwards, her lithe body balancing like an acrobat. I pulled my fingers out slightly and thrust them back in with a grin. As I had suspected, her body could not hold it's position and she fell backwards onto her back; her legs straighten out reflexively. Quickly seizing the moment, I threw myself between her legs, devouring every inch of flesh I could find. As her cries of surprise and pleasure quickly changed to moans and pleas of not letting up, I drove my tongue home, tasting her honey deep in her vagina before pulling back. As expected, she was not happy, but then again, I wasn't entirely thrilled either. We had hit a check mark in our little game of chest. This queen was not going to submit without either being pleasured first or at least at the same time. Hermione, desperate to climax, grinned and began to finger herself.

"Cheater!" I laughed, swatting her hand away from her clit.

"There's no rules in love or war." She grinned back, rubbing her breasts suggestively.

"I think I may have a solution to our dilemma."

Grabbing her hips roughly, I pulled her toward me. Carefully, I slid one of my legs beneath one of hers and the other over her other leg. Ours clits rubbed together slightly at first but a quick reposition of both our bodies and we were soon shouting out incoherent declarations of love and promises we would not remember later. Almost at the same time we hit our climax, our bodies arching and our cries lost in a brief silence. Then it was over, Hermione's cum was mixed with mine on our thighs making us one for a second. We lay panting, ours legs intertwined for some time before either of us dared to speak or move.

"Hermione?" My voice was hoarse.

"Yes, Pansy?" Hermione's voice was hoarse as well.

"I love you." I'm embarrassed to say I blushed when I spoke.

Quiet, Hermione untangled her legs from mine and climbed on top of my naked body. She gazed long and hard into my eyes, perhaps looking for the truth. This simple act reminded me of that night that Hermione declared her love for me in that dark classroom. She was crying then but now she was smiling. I would kill for that smile. It was me who began to cry. The moment overwhelmed me. I had done right in agreeing to date Hermione. She was never going to cry over me again because I would always be there for her. At that moment, I wished I had done right with my mother as well. However, I knew I had redeemed myself to her.

"Pansy? Why are you crying?" She brushed my tears away as they fell with one hand.

"Because I'm so lucky." I said with a smile.

Hermione kissed me and invited me for a shower with her. Walking to the shower room with Hermione pulling me along, I really did feel lucky, for the time being. Yes, this had been the right decision.


*To Be Continued*

[End notes: More to come... When I write it! My apologies. ^^;;]

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