Story: When the Wrestling Stops (all chapters)

Authors: RattlesnakeRose

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Chapter 1

Title: When The Wrestling Stops

Dixie Clements stood in the corner of a empty ring in a empty gym. She glanced at a wall clock and frowned. Candy Cane was late, very late. Recently Tina Armstrong, the champion of a rival promotion, had declared herself the queen of the ring, and issued a open challenge to any "lesser" promotions to try and prove her wrong. After several weeks of running her mouth, Dixie finally contronted her. The two had a brief scuffle that was quickly pulled apart by security, but the challenge was made loud and clear. Over the next few weeks, both ladies would exchange verbal blows on their respective promotion's television programs.
"Ya can tell that bleached blonde bimbo that she isnt even the toughest woman in Texas, let alone the world." Dixie taunted.
"That overweight sow is used to wrestling in mud, put her against a real woman and she'll sing another tune. I could beat her AND any other girl from that bush league fed at the same time" Tina replied cockily.
Tina's promotion wouldnt risk allowing their brash world champ into a two on one scenario, so they settled on a tag match. In one month they would clash on pay per view with the winning team proving its dominance in the world of wrestling.
Initially, Dixie planned on teaming with her long time friend and rival Reiko. The two had great chemistry together and she knew she could count on the daugther of the great Kamikazi Rose. However Reiko suffered a nasty concussion in what wouldve been her last match before she started training. The powers that be decided Dixie would should team with the very woman who sidelined Reiko. Enter Candy Cane. The young Canadian had attacked Reiko before the bell even sounded, and brutalized her for several minutes before finally finishing her with a sickening DDT onto a steel chair. When asked about her thoughts of the upcoming tag match, Candy Cane replied "Pfft, whatever"
Back in the gym, Dixie had enough. Candy Cane was supposed to have been there to train over an hour ago. She started packing her gear into her duffle bag when she heard the door open. In walked Candy Cane, listening to her I-pod and more or less oblivious to the world. Worst of all she wasnt dressed to practice. She was dressed for the mall! Dixie placed a hand on her hip and narrowed her eyes as the teen walked past her without so much as a look of recognition. Candy Cane stretched a long piece of gum out of her mouth, and stuck it to the wall. That did it!
"And where the hell have you been? We have a huge match coming up and you just waltz in a hour late and unprepared! Do you want to get creamed"
Candy Cane stared at Dixie for a moment before grinning. "Hey, Im ready, if you need to practice, go for it. But Im not putting my life on hold so I can teach you how to fight. I just came by to see how you were doing, but if your going to spaz out, forget it. Besides, the only reaon we are doing this tag bullshit is so you can put off giving me a title shot." With that, Candy Cane turned and started for the door. Dixie was speechless. She could feel her anger rising as she watched the disrespectful teenager stroll out the door of the gym. This was going to be a rough month.

Meanwhile, Tina grunted as she braced her self for another blow. She was holding a large cushioned blocker that Hitomi was unloading on. The young german-japanese fighter quickly accepted Tina's invitation to her team. The two had played volley ball together and were close friends. Initially Tina's fight promoters were cautious of allowing Hitomi to participate in the match due to her lack of formal wrestling training, but Tina assured them she was a quick study and they would work together in preperation for the match. And wow the girl could hit. Her small frame was decieving as she was a powerhouse. After several more minutes of striking, a timer buzzed. Both ladies relaxed for a moment.
"Well, your strikes are top notch, but we need to drill you on some holds." Tina said, wiping the sweat from her face.
"Ooh ooh can I try the top rope powerbomb?" Hitomi asked enthusiastically. Tina laughed out loud. Watching her attack the heavy bags, sometimes it was easy to forget that Hitomi was barely an adult. She certainly could act like a child sometimes, but she supposed that was part of her charm.
"No girl, you need to learn to crawl before you learn to run. First lets cover the basics." Hitomi, while still somewhat immature, was a deadly fighter. Tina thought to herself "We are going to destroy those bitches!"

And so it was fight night. The stadium was sold out, and the expected buyrate on the pay per views was through the roof. Fans of both wrestling leagues were out showing fierce support for their respective ladies. The rules would be simple. The ladies would fight one on one until a tag was made. The match could be decided by pinfall, submission, or knockout. A knockout would be decided by the referee in charge of the match. Striking with a closed first would be allowed. Finally if the participants left the ring, a ten count would be administered. The match would continue until a winner was crowned.

Very loud punk music performed by "The Killer Bambies" rang out as Candy Cane jumped out from behind the curtain. Wearing her standard schoolgirl uniform, the 18 year old Canadian was smoking. She had her red hair pulled up into pigtails. Her white blouse was completely unbuttoned but tied at the buttom to conceal her already well developed breasts. She wore a oversized belt that hung below her hip on top of her very short plaid skirt. Her knee high boots clicked on the walkway and she pumped her leather gloved fists into the air, hyping up her supporters. She was feeling amped up big time. Though she didnt bother to train with that blow hard Dixie, she had been working out herself and it showed. Her exposed belly looked tight. She had a very lean and muscular look to her in general. She entered the ring and climbed to the middle rope and continued to pump her up fans even as her partner's music sounded.

Dixie came out dancing and the arena lit up. She was in her trademark cow pattern chaps that showcased her curvy ass. Her vest was loosely tied so it showcased her amazing rack. The tall blonde carried the Rumble Roses world title belt over her shoulder and she finished her routine and continued down the ramp, slapping hands with some fans on the way. She entered the ring and couldnt help but to feel a bit anxious. She knew Candy Cane was tough. Anyone who could take apart Reiko the way she did had to be. However she really wished she had a partner who didnt irritate her to the very core. Well, no time for regrets now. She'd have to make the best of it in this match. Whats she really wanted was a chance to get her hands on Tina. The rival Texan had insulted her and her company. Both women were too proud to let the other's comments go unanswered.

Loud techno interrupted her thought as Tina and Hitomi came through the curtain together. Tina was wearing a crimson spandex onepiece. It was laced along the thighs and across the chest, showing off massive amounts of cleavage. She was wearing similiar colored knee high boots and elbow pads. Hitomi was wearing a identicle colored costume consisting of a high cut tank top with a golden eagle on the front and extremely short spandex shorts. She was wearing similiar elbow and knee pads as Tina.

Dixie couldnt help but to notice that her opponents certainly seems like a more cohesive unit. She turned her attention to her own partner, or at least tried to. Candy Cane wasnt in the ring. It took her a moment to find the teenager outside near the crowd barrier talking to some of her friends in the audience. Was she really taking this match so lightly? Dixie left the ring as Tina and Hitomi entered and walked over to confront her "partner.
"What the hell do ya think you're doing?" she demanded. Candy Cane looked at her with a sneer, then turned her attention back to her friends.
"See? I told you shes a bitch." Candy Cane said to one of her hooligan friends, who looked at Dixie and laughed. Grabbing Candy Cane by her shoulder, she spun the smaller girl around to face her. Candy Cane pushed Dixie's hand away.
"What the fuck is your problem? Why are you sweating those two so much? The one has never had a match before in her life, and the other cant make up her mind if she wants to wrestle, model, act, or sing. This should be no problem. Just stay out of my way, let me do my thing, and we'll be out of here in no time." the young Canadian shouted, inches away from Dixie's face. Dixie felt her patience tested to its limits. She wanted to slap the little bitch right then and there, but too much was riding on this match. She'd have to keep the peace, at least for the night.
"Fine, lets do this then." Dixie said, and both of them entered the ring. The ref motioned for all four ladies to come to the center of the ring while he went over the rules. The squared off for a staredown, none of them really listening to referee who droned on in the background. The two blondes and the two teenagers across from each other respectively.
Candy Cane seemed rather smug standing across from Hitomi. She had a full 5 inch height advantage over the rookie. She used her size advantage to arch her back slightly and thrust her 36 inch bust towards Hitomi'a face, grinning arrogantly. While her and the young auburn girl were equally developed in the chest area, Candy Cane's open blouse exaggerated her breasts which she was rightfully very proud of.
Hitomi meanwhile eyed up the leggy redhead, looking for any apparent weaknesses. Her stomach was tight, her biceps well defined. Hitomi could fine no fault in the 18 year old's body. She however might have found a mental one. Pride. The pigtailed redhead was flaunting her chest arrogantly as if it were going to intimidate her. Hitomi could likely work that to her advantage. Hitomi hated girls who were full of themselves, well except for Tina. She brought her fist up and cracked her knuckles. Candy Cane stiffened a little. Perhaps she was underestimating the young german-asian.
Next to them stood the two blondes. Rather than quietly analyzing each other as their younger partners were doing, they were both talking trash. It seemed like they would come to blows before the match even started. Dixie was slightly taller than Tina, but looked more well muscled. Their faces were only inches apart, their chests pressed against each others, neither lady was backing down.
Finally the ref instructed all four ladies to return to their mutual corners. Tina and Hitomi talked briefly before Hitomi left the ring to stand on the apron. Across the ring Dixie and Candy Cane appeared to be arguing. Tina approached them with her hands out to her sides, asking what they were doing. Finally Candy Cane relented and started to exit the ring slowly. Dixe and Tina began to circle each other, each looking for a chance to make the first move. Candy Cane stopped midway between the ropes and was looking for a opening. When Tina turned her back to her, she reversed direction and entered the ring quietly. The bell hadnt rung yet to start the match. Candy Cane was a master underhanded tricks like this. She rushed up behind Tina and delivered a a jumping knee straight into the middle of the blonde's back. Tina fell to her hands and knees. Dixie eye'd Candy Cane, obviously not aproving of such tactics, but the ref backed her up to her corner and ordered her to leave the ring. Candy Cane smiled wickedly as she circled the blonde champion. Sizing it up, she kicked Tina squarely in the ribs. Tina fell to her stomach, holding her sides with one arm while trying to get up with the other. Candy Cane stomped Tina's hand, causing her to yelp in pain. Wasting no time, Candy Cane reached down and grabbed Tina by her shoulder length blonde locks and pulled her to her feet. Cocking back she threw a stiff punch into Tina's stomach to keep her on the defensive. Candy Cane, with two handfuls of hair, guided Tina into a corner. She grabbed both of the blonde's shoulders and lifted a knee high into Tina's stomach, crashing in just below her breats. Breath wooshed out of Tina's mouth and she was helpless to stop the oncoming assualt. Candy Cane was one of Rumble Roses most feared strikers. She had a brawling style that put many other women on the injured list. She started to fire punches all over Tina's body. Leather covered fists were connecting with almost random precision with her face, stomach, and breasts. Candy Cane draped Tina's arms over the ropes on either side of her, giving her free range of the blonde's body. She stunned the blonde with a particularly nasty hooking punch to the jaw, then turned her attack a bit more south.

"So these are the boobs Ive heard so much about? Im really not impressed. Looks like a fat set of udders to me. Definately nothing compared to mine." Candy Cane laughed. She targetted Tina's sexy orbs for abuse. Tina's spandex attire was barely containing her huge breasts BEFORE they were being hammered, it was a miracle they were able to now. Alternating between jabs to the nipples, hooks to the sides, and uppercuts that nearly caused them to hit Tina in the face, Candy Cane was really giving her a working over. She stopped for a moment, stepped back, and cupped her own breasts, pushing them up and adjusting them, further mocking Tina.

Finally the ref instructed her to let the older woman out of the corner, but Candy Cane continued the beating for several more seconds. Hitomi entered the ring and began to charge towards Candy Cane to stop the illegal corner work. The referee turned his attention to her and cut her off, struggling to get her back in her corner. This gave Candy Cane the chance to engage in even shadier tactics. Grabbing Tina by the shoulders, she smashed her knee directly into Tina's defenseless crotch. The blonde's hands instantly responded, holding her wounded area. She fell out of the corner and landed on the mat face first. The crowd reacted with with a mix of boos and cheers. Candy Cane climbed the turnbuckle Tina had just falled out of and raised her hands above her heard, basking in their cheers and jeers. Dixie began shouting at the young redhead to pin the fallen woman and finish the match. The referee returned his attention to the participants in the ring and seemed clueless as to why Tina was laying prone in the middle of the ring. Candy Cane hopped down from the turnbuckle, placed her hands on her hips, and looked down at the woman she had just brutalized. She glanced over at Dixie, who was still shouting at her. Grinning, she reached down and grabbed two handfulls of blonde hair and dragged Tina to her own corner. She deposited the wrestler right in front of Hitomi, challenging her to make the tag and get in.
Dixie was beside herself. Granted she was impressed with Candy Cane's destruction of her rival world champion, regardless of how underhanded it was, she couldnt believe the teen wouldnt simply end the match. Tina weakly reached up for the tag. Hitomi slapped her hand and hopped in the ring. Not taking her eyes off Candy Cane, she knelt down to see if Tina was alright.
"Just... kick her ass." Tina replied as she pulled herself out of the ring. Hitomi stood up and squared off with Candy Cane, who seemed amused.
"You look ridiculous in that get up. A little girl like you shouldnt be wearing a top or shorts like those." Candy Cane mocked the girl who's body was essentially equal to her own. Candy Cane knew that truth didnt matter as much as perception though, and any distraction she could cause would work in her favor. Hitomi wasnt playing along however. She was too well disciplined to fall for sure a thing. She kept her focus and slowly advanced on the redhead. Candy Cane acted first, she launched a jab that was meant to just test the auburn haired girl's reactions. However Hitomi grabbed her wrist, spun around behind her, and forced it up Candy Cane's back. Quickly she kicked the back of Candy Cane's knee, forcing her off her feet. Finally she released her arm, brought her foot up to the middle of the Canadian's back and kicked out. Candy Cane was launched chest and face first into the mat. Quickly she rolled away and got to her knees. Holding her mouth, she faced Hitomi, her overconfidence completely shattered. She thought herself one of the best standup fighters in the world, and she had just completely been outclassed and embarassed. Hitomi stood, smiling innocently, knowing she just lowered the redhead down a few notches. Candy Cane quickly got to her feet and again came at Hitomi. She threw quick flurry of punches which Hitomi masterfully blocked and swatted away. Candy Cane ended it with a high kick that Hitomi again easily blocked and pushed away. This time Hitomi twirled towards Candy Cane and caught her square in the mouth with a spinning backfist. The teenaged redhead was sent to the mat a second time. Hitomi backed up a few feet, allowing the schoolgirl a chance to collect herself. Candy Cane could taste blood pooling up in her mouth. She spat on the canvas and sure enough she was bleeding. Taking a moment to regain her senses, she got to her feet and eyed Hitomi cautiously. Candy Cane would have to try something else. She knew Hitomi was new to wrestling, so she'd take the little bitch out of her element. She knew she was bigger, most likely stronger, and much more experienced with grappling. She again circled the smaller girl, looking for a opening. Faking another jab, she lunged for Hitomi's legs and waste. Both girls toppled over and Candy Cane was quick to capitalize. She crawled up Hitomi and got her in a side headlock. Holding the struggling girl under her, Candy Cane wrenched the move. She knew it wouldnt gain her a submission, but it would take its toll and give her a moment to regain her energy. Also, it opened another window for her. The ref's view was obstructed by Candy Cane's back, so she took advantage and gouged her thumb into Hitomi's eye. Instantly Hitomi's struggles turned into full on thrashing. She screamed as Candy Cane's thumb worked into her eye socket. Finally the ref came around them and saw the illegal move. He ordered a break which Candy Cane was slow to respond to. Candy Cane finally released the hold and was backed into a corner by the ref, who threatend her with a disqualification. Candy Cane simply threw her hands out to her sides acting as if she had done nothing wrong. This bought Hitomi precious time. She got to her feet and kept her left eye closed, allowing it to tear up and recover. Looking across at Candy Cane, she remembered Tina warning her about these sorts of tricks the Canadian brawler would try. Finally the ref had finished disciplining Candy Cane and the match continued. Seeing Hitomi still favoring her eye, Candy Cane moved in for the kill. Hitomi was bent over, holding her face and apparently oblivious to her presence. Candy Cane smiled and clenched her fist, preparing for a match ending haymaker. Hitomi however was simplying luring her in. Too quickly for her to react, Hitomi pivoted forward, extended her arm to its full reach, and slammed Candy Cane in her exposed belly. It was the signature blow of her family's martial art. And it's effect was devestating. Candy Cane stumbled nearly a full 1/3 of the ring before finally coming to a stop in the corner where she slumped down onto her ass. No air was left in her lungs as she gasped. Small multi-colored lights circled around in front of her. All she wanted right now was to tag her partner and get the hell out of the ring. Unfortunately her legs werent responding.

Hitomi's eye was still hurting badly. She walked over to the ropes and used them to help get her bearings. Still holding her eye, she felt something lightly slap her back. Tina had tagged herself in, and was looking furious. Her face was slightly puffy from the earlier beating, but aside from her sexuality and strength, the woman was known for her resiliance. And her temper.

As Candy Cane's head began to clear and her breathing steadied, she pulled herself to her feet using the ropes. She looked up to see Tina approacing her. Panicking, she looked to see where her partner was. Unfortunately she was on the opposite side of the ring, and had little chance of getting there. Turning her attention back to Tina, she was met with a thunderous slap that numbed the entire side of her face. Now it was Tina who would be working her over in the corner. Tina rocked her with a forearm blow, then like pistons she threw multiple punches into Candy Cane's weakend and bare stomach. Before Candy Cane could fall foreward out of the turnbuckle, Tina pushed her pack. Grabbing Candy Cane's blouse with one hand, she tore it open. Candy Cane's developed but still growing breasts spilled out and the crowd littereally went crazy. Candy Cane's mouth was still open, gasping for air, but she managed to weakly bring a arm up to try and cover herself up. Tina swatted it away and mocked her.

"These little things are what you are so proud of? Little girl, you have a lot of growing up to do." With that, Tina pushed Candy Cane's face back with one hand while winding the other back behind her head. She slammed it down in a brutal chop across the younger girl's chest. The smack created a echo that could be heard over the rabid fans. Tina wound back and delivered three more similiar chops to Candy Cane's breasts. Already red handmarks were forming. Tina stepped back and allowed Candy Cane stumble out of the corner. The redhead clumsily stepped towards her corner, hoping to get a tag and end her torment. She had been in the ring for the entire match so far, and just wanted to end it. She didnt even care that her blouse hung open and the world who could her tits. Unfortunately before she even got close to her corner, she felt two hands wrap around her waste. Tina locked her arms and easily picked the redhead up in a belly to back bearhug. She squeezed the younger girl for all she was worth. Candy Cane's gloved hands fought against Tina's grip to no avail. After a few moments of squeezing, Tina lowered Candy Cane down to her feet before explosively arching back into a brutal german suplex. Candy Cane's head, shoulders, and upper back slammed the canvas. Tina didnt release her grip, rolled over, and stood up, preparing to preform another. Candy Cane weakly tried to shake the cobwebs from her head. She quickly realized Tina still held her in her grip and was about to repeat the move. Screaming "Noooo!" as she was arched through the air a second time, her cries were cut short when she thudded against the mat. Candy Cane was folded up like a match book. Her boots were nearly touching her face. Her plaid mini-skirt lifted up over her belly, exposing her white cotton panties to the crowd. Again Tina held onto her, rolled over, and pulled her nearly lifeless body to her feet. Candy Cane's head and arms hung towards the mat, she was barely conscious. Normally Tina would simply end the match here, but she still enraged at the earlier cheap shot and abuse to her breasts. Tina draped Candy Cane's body across her shoulders and picked her up in a torture rack back breaker. Candy Cane's lithe body bounced around on Tina's shoulders, her exposes breasts lolled around as Tina hopped lightly on her feet to maximize the pressure on the teen's back. Candy Cane couldnt find the energy to even scream, but it felt as though she was about to be pulled in half. Holding the move, Tina walked over to Candy Cane's corner and smiled at Dixie. Still holding her helpless parter across her shoulders, she mocked the rival Texan blonde.

"Looks like you shouldve found a better partner. Is this the best you Rumble Roses whores have to offer?" Tina then simple dropped Candy Cane off her shoulders and allowed her to fall to the mat. Tina turned, and walked to the middle of the ring, stepping on and over Candy Cane's stomach as she went.

Candy Cane was essentially out of the match. The fall and being stepped on slightly brought her back from the brink of unconsciousness. She slowly rolled toward her corner, and looked up at Dixie.

"Do you... plan on doing anything to just standing there like a fat...fucking bimbo?" Candy Cane asked weakly, offering her hand out for a tag. Dixie looked down at her hatefully. After a moment or two of hesitation, she simply turned her back on her partner and dropped down off the ring apron. The crowd stood in disbelief. Dixie walked back up the aisle towards the dressing rooms. She knew there would be backlash for this. Her promoter would like fine and suspend her. Her fans would have questions as well. She was certain Tina would crow about how she was afraid to face her. Not to mention Candy Cane herself would have something to say about this when, or if, she recovered. In fact she could hear her already back in the ring yelling profanities at her. However all of that she could deal with when it happend. Dixie simply would not partner with such a disrespectful, arrogant little bitch.

Candy Cane watched from her prone position as Dixie disappeared behind the curtain. The street hardened teen has always believed she wasnt afraid of anything, but now terror was definately the word to describe her emotions. Her attention was brought back to the ring when she felt harsh pressure on her scalp. Grabbing a pigtail in each hand, Tina dragged Candy Cane back to the center of the ring. Too weak to fight back, she could only hope she was about to be pinned. No such luck. Tina pulled Candy Cane into a sitting position and pushed her legs apart, forming a "v". Suprisingly she sat down in the space between her things. Wrapping her long muscular legs around Candy Cane's waste, she squeezed her body a little. Not enough to really suffocate her, but more than enough to hold the weakend girl in position. Tina girlishly brought her fingers in front of her face and admired her nails. She lightly blew on them and admired the glossy crimson nail polish. Looking Candy Cane in the face, she smiled.

"I bet you wish you hadnt run your mouth before about that skank parner of yours. In about five seconds your going to wish you hadnt run your mouth about these little bug bites of yours either."

Candy Cane's eyes went wide, but before she could react Tina latched on a pair of breasts claws, digging her nails into Candy Cane's tits while simultaneously tighting her scissor grip. Candy Cane cried out in pain and grabbed Tina's arms, trying to break the hold. The referee wasnt sure if this was actually an illegal move or not. He had certainly never seen anything like this before. He simply shrugged. After several moments of this, Tina released the hold and again grabbed Candy Cane's pigtails in each hand. Forcing the teen's face into her enormous breasts, she began to smother the Canadian as well as scissor her out with her python like legs. Candy Cane fought as best she could, first trying to push away, then throwing some very weak and ineffective punches into Tina's side. Tina smiled widely and played up to the crowd. Before Candy Cane could fully pass out, Tina pulled her face out of her chest. Candy Cane's face was bright red, her eyes were closed, and her mouth hung out, a small amount of spit running out. Tina held Candy Cane by her pigtails and released her scissor hold and got to her feet. Candy Cane was on all fours, Tina's grip on her hair being the only thing keeping her from being completely laid out. Like a girl mishandling a ragdoll, Tina pulled the redhead to her feet by her hair. Standing chest to chest, Tina wrapped her arms around Candy Cane's lower back and pulled her into another bearhug. This time the ladies were face to face. Candy Cane's head titled back towards the ceiling as she gritted her teeth and weakly pushed against Tina's shoulders. Her breasts were being completely crushed by Tina's. More than squeezing the life out of her, that was the purpose of the move she realized. She couldnt help but to think back to her earlier degrading comments about Tina's tits. Now they were completely crushing and dominating her own. Giving up, she looked down at Tina's face, hoping to get some mercy. Tina's large blue eyes narrowed wickedly while her grin widened. Mercy was not on the menu tonight. Tina squeezed harder, feeling Candy Cane's tits completely surrender to hers while her body went limp. Her arms dangled lifelessly, her head came to a rest on Tina's shoulder.

The ref came over to check on Candy Cane. He lifted Candy Cane's arm up by the wrist and let it fall. The match was over, she was out. He called for the bell to end the match. Tina let Candy Cane fall back onto the mat. She seductively crawled over the young Canadian and lowered her face so it was less than a inch from the redhead's ear.

"Little girls shouldnt dress up and play big girl games. Remember that." She lightly patted Candy Cane's cheek before getting up. Hitomi ran over and gave Tina a hug as the ref held both their hands up in the air. The duo showboated around the ring for several minutes while EMTs came out to check on Candy Cane. As the redhead was put on a stretcher and pulled from the ring, she slowly began to wake up. The only thought in her head, aside from the pain throughout her entire body, was revenge. Not against Hitomi who pummeled her, or against Tina who had brutalized her. No, she just wanted to destroy Dixie, who walked out and left her to her fate.

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