Story: Furry Relief (all chapters)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Furry one shot here

Furry Relief

By Jd Wheels



DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hamtaro, nor do I make any money off of my writings at any time.


Lara felt so much pleasure, and being with this wonderful girl was icing on the cake... the one that was the love of her life. She could see Kana’s wonderful face, sweat beading off of her amazing lean body while they made love together. She was a vision of beauty and brains rolled into one, and she was all hers.

She felt Kana’s pert breasts up against hers, drawing her to lift up and mash her own little boobs into those mounds. She could smell the soft flora of both of their perfumes mixing with the odours of their love-making. It was more than quite stimulating of a feeling, and it was the culmination of everything including the hand of the girl’s which was exploring and touching her quivering sex.

Lara could not even clearly think any longer, when Kana had one slender digit pushed into her and began to pump away. A second finger joined in rapid succession, adding to everything by leaps and bounds.

"I love how wet you are getting under my touches, Lara... your so tight and slick inside of you, and smell like sweetness..." Kana whispered as she thrust her finger in and out of Laura's tight little whisper so softly yet firm as well. " I can show you how I love you... I’m going to make you cum..."

"Oh, Kana... you make me feel alive..." The young brown-haired girl moaned uncontrollably as she felt her classmate's thin fingers hitting places that she had never knew were inside of herself. "Your fingers... are... AH!!"

The darker haired girl smirked at the gasping Lara, as her finger probing had hit home... making Lara shutter when she had hit certain grouping of nerves deep in her velvet recesses... causing great exchanges of pleasures.

"You feel so good to my fingers... your like velvet around me..." Kana breathed, while bringing her head down between Lara’s thighs, lips almost coming into contact with wet outer folds she found trembling. " Your going to cum... let me light your fuse and make you blow!!"

Lara shuttered, and watched Kana’s head dipped between her elevated knees. She could feel the warmth of breath on her wetness, adding to the great anticipation of what the girl was going to do to her right then. She was about to explode at that point already... and what Kana was about to do was going to push her over that edge with amazing force.

"Ah, I love you an’..." Lara tried to squealed, but her words were cut off when Kana had plunged her tongue into her wetness, while never once removing her finger either. It was a sensation that could never have been explained... and Lara gasped.

Kana was purposeful, calculating as she brought Lara quickly to a even more heightened state... and made her sit right on that the edge of exploding. The girl used both tongue and fingers to great effectiveness, making Lara gasp. The brown haired girl now felt something come over her, taking over ever sense she had. She shot her hips out to meet the invading tongue as something was exploding out of her.. It was right there, then was shattering her mind, body and soul...


Laura awoke with a start, not quite knowing what was going on as she found herself in the darkness of her bedroom. She layed there panting really hard, feeling wet not only from the heat under her blankets, but she felt quite wet between her legs from her dream.. Then it all came back to her.

She thought about what she remembered, and felt herself being to feel very tingly in places she had never had before. It shot up right through her, giving her a feeling of a building energy she could not explain even to herself.

"What was that!" she blushed, bringing her hands up to cover her flushed cheeks. "I can't believe I had that kind of dream... again... but it was so...."

Kana, her best friend and the prettiest girl in class was making it hard for her to sleep for the last few weeks. This night, was the strongest dream ever... she had been with the girl all day, henceforth the reason behind it. She had felt this attraction towards the girl for a very long time, longer than what she was admitting to... but now her very own subconscious was adding to it all and making it harder than ever..

It was so vivid of a dream, so real, she thought. She could feel her young sex twitching between her legs like crazy at that moment. She tried to calm herself down as her breathing was becoming more deeper, but found that sensations really was not wanting to leave her. In fact, this feeling was growing by the second as was evident by her panties, the crotch of which were extremely wet and sticky at the moment.

Hamtaro, who had heard owners sleepy moaning and groaning, was now wide awake in his cage on the desk. Looking through the thin metal bars of his gage, the little furry animal seemed to be quite intrigued that his beloved Lara was wide awake at this time of the night.

" What goin’ on with Laura?" His little face seemed to be saying as he looked at his owner sitting in her bed.

Tilting his fluffy furred head slightly, he looked at the girl for awhile longer and ended up making a very cute little Hammy moment. He did seem actually concerned the way he looked at Lara, as he had stayed almost silent through it all.

Through the dimness that was in her room, Laura noticed Hamtaro's gaze was on her. With a little smile, she got herself to sit up on the edge of the bed. In the silence of the night, she looked at the little animal, apologizing to the little hamster for waking him up like that. He seemed to look right at her, making her believe that he understood her apology and had accepted it.

Her eyes lingered on Hamtaro a for a few seconds, as she thought how he was so soft and fuzzy looking, and he always seemed so inviting. Strangely tonight, Hamtaro looked strangely more inviting in a different sort of way. Lara stayed looking at the little puff-ball for a moment, but for the life of her... she did not understand.

Another, brighter blush crept upon the cheeks of the young girl, her mind had came upon a very unusual idea that had struck her, one that she felt instantly shocked that she had even thought of such a thing. It was a strange thing to do with the little thing, but oddly she was starting to feel compelled to do something to relieve the tingles that continued to shoot through her lower areas.

She looked at the hamster again, that thought becoming even more in the forefront of her mind.

"Who would know if I tried something like that?" She asked herself, the thought was taking shape... and her boldness was actually telling her to do what was in her mind. " Only Hamtaro would know, and it's not like he could really tell anyone."

Laura stood up from the bed and tiptoed over to the small animal’s cage. She felt this odd sensation of great excitement flood her body like crazy, her mind going over just what it was that she was going to do..

" I don’t think I would hurt him, if I do this..." She thought as she opened the cage.

She lifted the little furball out and held him close to her face. He seemed to look back at her, not squirming at all. She stared right into those cute little black eyes he had, debating if she would actually be bold enough to try this... but it was getting more and more clear that she would.

" Hamtaro..." she whispered into the little rodent’s ear, seeing that he was just looking at her., "I hope this is okay with you...."

She returned to bed, Hamtaro in hand. She put him down on the pillow she usually never used and got herself into bed. She saw that the little thing never once moved but stayed there and twitched his little nose at her, and that excited her. She hurried to settle herself, thinking about what it was she had already planned out... a plan that was only a few seconds away from being put into motion.

She cleared away the blankets from the bed and sat herself to lean against the headboard of the bed. She pulled off her pyjama top and tossed it to the floor, then removed both her bottoms and her panties as well. She looked at her beginning-to-develop body and smiled... she was starting to like what she looked like already.

She noted how much she was starting to curve on her naked body. Little strawberry sized breasts were evident, her little nipples were quite erect in the coolness of her room and made her feel all tingly as she looked at them. Other girls in her class right now, were more developed, but she did not mind that she was the way she was... she loved seeing how her body was coming along in the first place.

She noted just how much her hips were curving as well, her belly flat all the way down. At the juncture of her legs and body, her very moist looking sex still was without any of the hair others her age might have right now... but she knew it would be only a matter of time when she would develop that wonderful thatch of pubic hair.

Lara stopped looking at her body and went back to her plan. She picked up the little hamster as she opened her legs, knees bent up and in a comfortable position to clear the way to the juncture of her legs and body. She looked down at her still hairless sex for a moment, seeing how it glistened with so much moisture it had on it’s soft pink surface... the time was at hand, and now her excitement made her tingle ever wilder.

Laura moved her hand with Hamtaro in it down to her amazingly throbbing sex, the anticipation was mounting. She touched the little creature to her very excited folds, and began to rub him against it lightly.

Her body twitched with the first touch of his soft fur on her outer lips. Lara shuttered deeply, waves of pleasure flooding her.

"This feels so nice." She thought, as she felt her little sex was getting even wetter, her breathing becoming heavier as the little animal’s fur touched her sex with such sensuality.

Hamtaro’s fur tickled her now erect clitoris, causing the little bud to raise up even more and fully expose itself from where it was hiding. A huge wave of sensations flooded her from head to toe, making her shiver and twitch with every movement she did with her little furry friend.

Laura looked down at what she was doing, and noticed that Hamtaro didn't look as if he minded her doing this at all with him. He seemed actually content as he hung calmly in her had, not even using his little claws to stop her. She shuttered as she continued, mind now swooning.

As she rubbed Hamtaro on to her labia, Lara also noticed that Hamtaro's shape wasn't too small, but sort of slender at times. She started to wonder if her hamster would feel almost what someone’s fingers might feel like. Blushing very badly by now, she hit on another little thing to do... but felt a little odd that her mind had came up with it.

Laura slowly then coaxed the little hamster a little inside her slippery passage, but not far enough to where is little head actually would have went. His pointy head slipped in, and that made her shutter hard.

" Oh my!" She thought as his fur tickled her soft and moist insides and his breathing made his sides rub the walls of her young entrance.

She found the hammy had stretched himself a little, so he would go in just a little farther and fit even snugger. His movements were now making Lara literally gasp, but she kept a firm yet not too tight of a hold on him. She pushed him in and out of her slightly, and it was almost like the little thing was letting her, and moving along with her to make it easier..

She picked up the pace a bit and soon found her free hand rubbing her raised little lower button while thrusting the hamster deeper inside of her. She could feel that her juices were leaking out around Hamtaro, and mixing with hamster fur. Her juices flooded out of her like a wall of wetness, leaking out of her pussy...around the hamster that was inside of her and ending up running down the crack of her ass and onto the bed.

"Oh God...!" She grit her teeth trying her best not to be too loud as her family was sound asleep in the other parts of the house... all the while she was envisioning a very naked Kana was the one with a furry gloved fingers deep in her..

Hamtaro seemed to pick the right time to began squirming, but never once like he was trying to get away. It seemed like the little thing did this on cue, and ended up causing an even more desired effect. Lara shuttered with the new sensations, as the little Hammy wriggled and twitched while being firmly inside of her body. The girl’s reactions starting to grow and build like crazy.

The pressure in her abdomen had been steadily increasing, but now it felt as though her tight little pussy... not to mention her whole body, would explode at any moment. Biting her lip to help muffle the incoming moan to end all moans, a floodgate inside of Lara seemed to literally opened and the juices came out of her like a miniature geyser. Hamtaro squirmed on cue it seemed.

She felt her whole body suddenly vibrate, and she just let go of the little furry creature and held on to the headboard of her bed with both hands. She arched and lifted her body off the bed, her open legs lifting the little hamster that was still inside of herself into the air. She groaned and gasped, feeling her own body juices shoot out of, over the little beast and down her raised ass.

Soon, her climax was over and she seemed to simply sink into the mattress under her. She collected herself to a point, laying there with her legs still spread, mainly for the safety of her little precious pet. He was not really squirming at this time either, almost as if he did like where he had ben wedged. Every time he breathed a little harder, small faint shocks of pleasure went through Lara once again... and was slowly leading her into a place that was now filled with peaceful feeling.

As soon as the young teen had recovered enough, she gently pulled her little friend out of herself. She gasped at the sensations that caused, but continued to raise the little lovely little furball, until he was up right at her to her face She was needing to really look over Hamtaro very closely, wanting to make sure without a doubt that the little hamster was not hurt or traumatized in any way.

Poor Hamtaro looked like he was completely soaked and his brown and white fur was very matted , but he seemed that he was happy and not hurt by what happened. As Lara watched him looking at her, it seemed like the little thing had put up with what happened without ever once flinching, and clearly all for the happiness and contentment of his owner... which was her.

Lara was not quite sure if that was the case or not in that small head of his... but her heart seemed to feel that was exactly what was going on in that cute little head of his. She looked at her little pet and smiled.

" You did not mind that one bit, did you Hamtaro?" She whispered to the little thing.

She heard him make a little strong but loving type of squeaking noise, the same type of one when she would hold him and pet him for hours with. It seemed that the little furry creature never minded any of this at all... she actually started to think that it made the little beast a little happier for some odd reason.

" Lets just take care of you and me both, then we can actually get back to sleep, Little Ham-Ham." She whispered to Hamtaro, while heading to her room’s bathroom.

The little thing gave a little sound of agreement, as Lara began to tip-toe across the very cold wood of the floor. She was a little nervous that she had woken anyone of her family members up in the house. With cocked ear as she moved, she listened and hoped that her little ‘deed’ had not done the worst.

Silence and stillness came to her seemed like her fears were nothing more than fears. With a sigh of being relieved, it was clear that there was not even a hint of movement throughout the house. Laura and the little Ham-Ham then continued to the bathroom to clean both of them up after their nocturnal adventure.

Once in the bathroom, she soaped up the animal with loving fingers as he sat in the bottom of the sink, watching as the little thing seemed to love the touching... then drying him off with a towel after. He seemed to make a few small little noses, telling the girl how much he loved all of this attention. She giggled softly, satisfied that her little friend was more than alright.

With Hamtaro satisfied to cuddle in the towel for a moment, Lara grabbed a washcloth and quickly washed herself off as well. She had already been aware of how her own juices had made her sex a little sticky feeling... but it had felt oddly in a good way. She carefully washed her little sex, feeling a few dull aches of pleasure in her. They were there, but the were too small and she was too tired to deal with them.

After the clean-up, she went and put the little, now very fluffy looking hamster back in his cage. She stood there and watched him for a moment, as he just curled up in his shavings at the bottom of his cage and fell asleep almost in a heartbeat of time... he seemed to be no worse for it all, for which Lara was thankful for.

She turned and made her way back to her bed. Crossing the room, she just had dismissed her discarded pajamas piled the floor, too tired to stop and put them back on for the night

As she climbed into bed, she made sure she had set the alarm to wake up a little earlier than her usual time was. She needed to make sure to be awake and have her pyjamas back on before she might have being caught sleeping naked. She knew that she should have put them on before getting into bed, but she did not want them on at this point.

As she settled in for the night, Lara had a thought cross her mind. Perhaps she found a way to help take care of those nasty little dreams. That was what she was thinking as she felt the warmth of her blankets growing. She was already sure that Hamtaro would not mind one little bit if it would happen again... but she was unsure if she would do something like this ever again.

After looking over at a picture of Kana and herself she kept on the side table, Lara closed her eyes and was almost instantly asleep. Her dreams still were about Kana throughout, but the certainly was not as ‘stimulating’ as the one had been. Guess that her little ‘thing’ did the trick for the night. At least for one night.

THE END( or is it?).

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTES: The story was in response to that challenge... now I might continue it without that stuff.  I know it wa disturbing... but I felt as a writer, I needed to push myself.  Now that I have done a Bestiality thing...NEVER AGAIN!!!  I HAVE SUCEEDED IN WEIRDING MY OWN SELF OUT.


Final note- both of my stories ( medamprphisis of a Cath school girl and Trailer of Surprises are going to be updated soon... watch for it)


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