Story: Generations (V2) (chapter 3)

Authors: YuriFanGirl

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Chapter 3

Title: Among the Otome...

[Author's notes:

First off, if you haven't read Part One, please do so here: as it will tie in fairly heavily with this chapter.

This one is an interesting mix of the Anime, Manga, and my own personal touches so if you see anything too confusing take a few minutes on Wikipedia to refresh yourself.  The focus IS mainly on the characters though so it's really no big deal.  Hope you enjoy!

Generations 3


Hime/Otome Love Part Two

Generations 3 of 3

The most precious gift... 


Among the Otome...


    “You do realize I hate you, right?” the strawberry haired woman asked, hands on her hips.  The girl in question averted her eyes from the glowering redhead and held out the bouquet of flowers she'd been offering a little further.  “You eat my GEM and cause that whole 'Tragic Meister' mess, which STILL haunts me to this day I might add!  Then you drag me to some smelly little house in the middle of nowhere so I can cook and clean and take care of you and all your filthy cats, YOU being the filthiest!  Then you go and cause... this whole mess we're in now and even after all that you up and disappear for two whole days to do god knows what and leave me here to worry!” she shouted, causing the girl to wince after every accusation.  The fuming woman sighed and took the flowers, bringing them up to her nose to take in the sweet scent.  “Then you go and do something so simple and sweet that reminds me why I love you so much Mikoto.”

    “I love Mai the most too,” the girl murmured, stepping forward to steal a kiss from the now placated woman.  She began sniffing at the air before looking at Mai expectantly.

    “Yes I made dinner you goof, and you can eat it if you promise to tell me where you've been disappearing off to.”  Mikoto turned her head away as if embarrassed and said nothing.  The redhead started to speak but was cut off by a monotone voice from behind her.

    “The Crystal Princess was searching for the cause and possible cure of your conditions,” Miyu said quietly.  Mai had to fight down an involuntary shudder. Something about the mechanical woman had been bothering her lately.  True, the darker parts of her mind entertained the thought that she and Mikoto were having an affair but she knew that was just silly.  No, it was something else, something that had been in her eyes ever since that whole mess with the Dark Hime.

    “Cure for which condition?” Mai asked, turning slightly to look at the silver haired girl suspiciously.

    “The fact that you have ceased aging just as Mikoto did so many years ago.”  Mai let out a relived breath, having worried for nothing.  “However, we were unable to locate information pertaining to either of your conditions.  The information simply does not appear to be stored in any data files located on Earl.”  Mai's eyes narrowed for a bit but in the end she shook the thoughts from her mind and gave the girl an uneasy smile.

    “It's not that I'm not grateful for your help or anything, Miyu... but what are you getting out of helping her?  Doesn't it go against your programming or something?”  Miyu shook her head.

    “Your second condition offers a potential solution to a problem I have faced many times in achieving my primary directive.  It has become an even greater concern considering the primitive technological state of this world.”

    “Um, what exactly is your primary directive?” Mai asked, swallowing nervously as the girl's near emotionless eyes burned into her.

    “To ensure the continuation of my Lady's bloodline through her last living descendant and protect them at all costs.”

    “Ah,” Mai said, realizing the implications, “who's the current descendant if you don't mind me asking?”  The mechanical girl paused for a moment as if considering whether it was safe to tell the woman.

    “Arika Yumemiya.”

    “Sweet little Arika?!” Mai squeaked happily.

    “That's correct,” the android said, a slight smile appearing on her normally stoic face.  “She's due to be married in four months time, I believe that is the reason for their visit.”

    “Aww, how adorable... wait, if she's getting married than what's the problem?”

    “Maiiiiiiiiii!  Mikooooooooto!” a familiar, cheery voice called from outside the house.  The android smirked and stepped off to the side of the closed door.

    “You'll see.”  Not three seconds later the door practically burst off its hinges as Arika came tumbling into the room.  She looked around blearily for a few moments before settling on Mai's face.  With a giddy squeal she jumped up to grab the woman's hands and dance around with her in a circle.

    “You're never going to believe it Mai-chan!  I'm getting married!  I'm getting married!”

    “That's great sweetie and I'm glad to see you after so long but please, take it easy...” Mai said, managing a giggle although she was starting to turn a little green.

    “I can't take it easy, I'm getting married!” the girl shouted, continuing to bounce around despite the woman's protests.  

    “Arika, what are you doing?!  Stop that, this instant!” Mashiro shouted from the entrance, having finally caught up to her Meister.

    “But I'm right at the best part!” Arika whined before turning back to Mai.  “It's Mashiro!  I love her and she loves me and all that other good stuff!  Mashiro and I are getting married!”  Realization of the cyborg's dilemma hit the now very ill woman and she managed a smile.

    “That's great Arika but please...”

    “Knock it off you idiot!  Can't you see you're hurting her?!” Mashiro interjected.

    “What do you mean, Mashiro-chan?”  The girl in question slapped a hand to her forehead.

    “Look down, stupid...” she said, trailing off to mutter various reasons why she couldn't believe she'd fallen for such an idiot.  Confusion plastered all over her face, Arika looked down, eyes nearly popping out of her head when she did.

    “Holy crap Mai, did you know you're pregnant?!”  Even the cyborg sighed at that one.


    “I can't believe you ate all that food!  I'd made enough to feed seven people provided you aren't one of them!  Were you just going to let your pregnant lover starve or something?!  And we have guests too!  What are we supposed to feed them now, cat food?!  Well we have plenty of that because all the damn cats refuse to eat it after you gave them my table scraps!”

    “Wow, I guess it's true what they say about pregnant women...” Mashiro murmured, wincing slightly as Mai continued to tear into Mikoto in the other room.

    “Not all of them,” Miyu said quietly, “I've known some that were quite pleasant the whole way through.”  Arika looked up at her expectantly and the android shook her head.  “Your mother wasn't one of them,” she said, cracking a small smile.  Arika looked down and blushed. Mashiro casually slipped her hand into the other girl's and laced their fingers together.

    “And you say she can still materialize?” Arika asked.

    “She chooses not to out of fear of upsetting the baby but, yes, she is able to do so,” Miyu responded, eying Arika carefully when the girl wasn't looking.

    “That's so crazy... a pregnant Otome that still has her powers... are you sure she never...”

    “Mai Tokiha has only ever had sexual intercourse with four people.  All of them have been female.”

    “Oh?” Arika asked, a rather naughty gleam appearing in her eye.  “Who were the other three?”

    “Other than the Crystal Princess they were...”

    “Hey, hey, hey…!  Who said you could go telling other people that stuff?!” Mai shouted as she entered the room, a very sullen Mikoto trailing along behind her.

    “...Sarah Gallagher, Natsuki Krueger, and Shizuru Viola, I believe the last two were during a threesome.”

    “Oh, that's it you hunk of tin!  I'm frying you!” Mai roared, preparing to materialize her Robe.

    “I apologize but Arika's priority supersedes your own.”

    “Oh...” Mai said, taking in a few breaths to calm herself.  “Still, you didn't have to tell them about the threesome... I swear you love to antagonize me or something!” the girl whined.  The cyborg merely blinked.

    “Wow Mai-chan... not only with your room attendant but with your roommate and her girlfriend at the same time!  Not too mention they're three of the Five Columns, the Headmistress of Garderobe, and now Mikoto the Cat Goddess!” Arika stated in wonderment.

    “She must have a thing for high class girls!” Mashiro chimed in.

    “Oh shut up, all of you!  It's not like the first three were famous when I... oh just shut up!”

    “I love kinky Mai too,” Mikoto said quietly, earning a half glare, half grin from her lover.  “Mai shouldn't get so mad, it's bad for the baby...” the glaring half died away as she threw her arms around Mikoto's neck, sobbing into the girl's shoulder.  Mikoto slid her own arms around Mai and began gently rubbing her back, whispering quietly into the pregnant woman's ear.

    “I'll be sure to do sweet things like that after I get you pregnant, Mashiro.”

    “I'm sure you will... hey wait, what the hell makes you think you can knock me up?!  You're not some freaky Cat Goddess thing!”

    “Hey!” Mikoto called out over Mai's shoulder, shooting Mashiro an insulted look.

    “I meant that in a good way, Mikoto, just keep cuddling your lover.”  The girl seemed to accept the response and went back to her comforting.

    “If it is indeed possible it would likely be Mashiro that impregnated you, Arika,” Miyu said calmly.

    “Ha, you see!  I told you... wait... what the hell makes you think I can knock her up?!” Mashiro shouted as a wide grin spread across Arika's face.

    “Are you gonna do sweet things for me when I'm pregnant, Mashiro-chan?”

    “I'm not going to get you pregnant!” Mashiro huffed angrily as a blush spread across her cheeks.  She turned her head away slightly, “...and of course I would do sweet things for you... you'd look so beautiful too... your belly all swollen and...”  She paused for a moment and shook her head to clear away the thoughts.  “Stop putting crazy ideas in her head!” the lavender haired girl shouted, pointing an angry finger at the cyborg.

    “I'm not saying it is likely, only that it is a possibility because you, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, are also the reincarnation of a Hime.  Whether Mikoto is unique in this ability because of her status as the Crystal Princess or not has yet to be determined.  It may be possible for you to reproduce in the same manner.”  This explanation stopped the sputtering Queen dead in her tracks.  She appeared deep in thought for a few moments before turning suddenly to Arika.

    “No more sex for you!” she shouted.

    “What?!  No!  Why?!”

    “I'm too young to be a mother, that's why!”

    “But... but...” Arika was searching desperately for something to cling to, “maybe it's only a certain position or something?  Mikoto, what kind of kinky sex stuff is Mai into?”  The girl opened her mouth to respond but it only came out as a choked gasp as Mai's cuddle transformed into a throttle.

    “You say one word and you'll be cooking your own meals till you're dead and we both know that isn't anytime soon!” she growled before turning and smiling sweetly at the girls, dropping the near lifeless Mikoto to the ground.  “Oh, do forgive me, it seems I have to remake dinner,” she said, standing and walking towards the door.  “Miyu, will you be a dear and give me a hand?” she asked in the same sing-song voice.  Even the cyborg looked a little nervous as she stood to follow the woman out.

    “I'm scared Mashiro-chan!” Arika said, huddling closer to her lover.

    “So am I Arika... hey!” the lavender haired girl shouted, slapping at the hand that was sneaking its way up the hem of her shirt.  “You're crazy if you think you're getting a baby after seeing that!”


    “What's wrong?” Mai asked, not even needing to roll over to know Mikoto was pouting.

    “Miss my pillow,” the girl said, reaching around to pat Mai's breasts.

    “I know, it just doesn't feel right sleeping without your weight on me but I can't lay on my back and... Mikoto?” she questioned, noticing that the breast patting had turned into breast rubbing.

    “Mai looked so beautiful today,” the girl whispered, placing a few kisses on the back of the redhead's neck, sending a few shudders down her body.

    “You know what I'm in the mood for, Mikoto-chan?” Mai asked seductively, trailing a fingertip in slow circles across the back of the girl's hand.  The girl sat up expectantly and began pulling her shirt up over her head.  “Peanut butter!” Mai cried out with such intensity that Mikoto fell backwards off the bed in surprise.  “Mikoto!  Are you okay?” Mai asked the pair of legs sticking up over the side of the bed.

    “Wanted sex!”

    “You're crazy!  I'm all bloated and disgusting!”  Mikoto's shaking head popped up over the bedside.

    “Mai is beautiful, glowing!”  Mai sighed.

    “I'm sorry, but it's hard to get in the mood like this.”

    “Haven't been in the mood for two months...” Mikoto muttered quietly under her breath, apparently not quiet enough.

    “I heard that!  It's your fault I'm stuck in this whole mess anyway, little miss steal-my-GEM-and-seduce-me-without-bothering-to-tell-me-I-could-get-pregnant!” Mai shot back, instantly regretting it as the hurt look flashed across Mikoto's face.  She took a deep breath to calm herself and held out her arms.  “I'm sorry, Mikoto, I didn't mean to make it sound like that.  I'm just so... I didn't mean it sweetheart...”  The girl sniffed and then slid into the woman's arms.

    “Mai doesn't regret meeting me?”  Mikoto asked, tears rimming her eyes.  Mai smiled and reached up to caress her cheek.

    “You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Mikoto.  You gave me peace during the most difficult time of my life.  You gave me purpose when I was confused about the path I should take.  Then you gave me love and filled the pit of loneliness I didn't even know was emptying out my heart.  I love you Mikoto... more than words can say...”  The girl had to sniff back a few tears before continuing.

    “Mai doesn't regret...” she placed her hands on the woman's swollen belly, “this?”

    “This baby... our baby is like all those other things you've given me put together.  I couldn't imagine anything making me happier than being the mother of your child.”  Their lips came together in a passionate kiss, each trying to put as much love as possible into the contact before they pulled away, eyes gleaming.  “You're still not getting any sex tonight though,” Mai finished with a giggle.

    “Evil!” Mikoto shouted, swatting Mai's arm.

    “We have guests!  What would they think if they heard us having sex in here?!”  Before Mikoto could respond Mashiro could be heard from the other room.

    “We're not having sex, we're guests!  What would they think if they heard us having sex in here?!”

    “But you looked so beautiful today, Mashiro-chan!  Besides, Erstin didn't seem to mind when she caught us!  She even offered to...”

    “That's because she's a pervert and Nina... we're not having sex!  Didn't we just agree not to until we figure out if you'd get pregnant?”

    “I'm not going to get pregnant, we've had sex lots of times and I never... never got pregnant with... with my sweet Mashiro's baby...”

    “Hey hey hey!  I see that look on your face!  You WANT me to get you pregnant!”

    “I do not!”  The two continued to argue back and forth, Mikoto looked at Mai with a raised eyebrow.

    “Answer's still no!”  Mikoto threw her hands up in exasperation and hopped off the bed.  “Where are you going?”

    “Bread or spoon?”  Mai blinked a few times and Mikoto sighed.  “Peanut butter you want more than me.”

    “You're... you're actually going to get me some?”

    “Can't please Mai with body, please her with food.” Mikoto said simply.  Mai looked downright shocked.

    “Spoon will be fine!”  Mikoto scampered out of the room and returned with the promised treat, handing it to the practically bouncing redhead.  “I don't think I've ever loved you more than I do right now!” Mai stated before dissolving into squeals and moans around a spoonful of the stuff.  Mikoto rolled her eyes and yawned, turning to head for the doorway.  “Where are you going, sweetheart?”

    “Spare pillow,” she called out over her shoulder, leaving the redhead to ponder the words for a moment.

    “She wouldn't...”  The sounds of Arika squawking indignantly could be heard.

    “Hey!  Mikoto, what are you doing?!  No, stop it!  Not like this!  I want Mashiro to get me pregnant!”

    “I knew it!” Mashiro shouted triumphantly.

    “...she would,” Mai giggled before shrugging and spreading out across the bed, gleefully devouring another spoonful of her favorite craving.


    “I can't believe that girl!  First, she runs off and partners up with the Cat Goddess of all people and doesn't bother telling me.  Now this!” Natsuki shouted, sending a few cats that had been lounging nearby scurrying off up the trail.

    “Ara, my Natsuki is so cute when she worries about her loved ones,” Shizuru cooed sweetly, taking Natsuki's hand in her own.

    “Oh... shut up,” the now deeply blushing woman muttered as she turned away from her giggling lover.  The two walked the remainder of the way up to the secluded home in silence.  “That girl doesn't honestly think she can keep me in the dark about something like this,” Natsuki muttered to herself as she prepared to knock only to have the door open before she had the chance.  An extremely disgruntled looking Mikoto stood in the doorway, glaring sleepily at the two women.  One of the cats Natsuki had frightened earlier was curled around her legs, glaring at the two with equal ferocity.

    “Hell you want?” she asked sourly.  Natsuki was so taken aback by the drastic change in the normally bright and energetic girl that she could only stare stupidly, mouth agape.  Shizuru, ever the diplomat, stepped forward and bowed.

    “Forgive us for the intrusion, Mikoto-dono, we heard of Tokiha-hime's condition and wished to pay a visit and possibly...”

    “Arika has a big mouth,” she said bitterly, eying the two of them like they were something foul.

    “Forgive me if I'm being too informal Mikoto-dono but might I inquire as to why you...”

    “You look like shit!  What the hell happened?” Natsuki finished the question with typical Natsuki bluntness.

    “Mai screamed all night, blames me for everything since it happened.”

    “So it's true?  She really is...”  the girl had already turned around and slumped off into the house, leaving the door open behind her.  Natsuki looked at Shizuru and shrugged before following the girl into the house.  Having been expecting some type of disaster to have befallen the place she was slightly surprised to find the home in perfect order and completely spotless.  Mikoto had laid down on one of the couches and was already snoring away by the time the two women arrived.

    “Okay, this is more than a little weird.  I wonder where...”

    “Mikoto, could you bring me a towel please?” Mai called out from the bathroom.  “Mikoto?  Mikoto!”  The two women could see that even while asleep the girl in question cringed slightly.  “Well, fine then!  I'll just go get my own through the cold air and the... Natsuki-chan!” Mai shrieked, waddling forward to throw her arms around the mesmerized woman's neck, both of them too surprised to realize that Mai was still naked and dripping wet.

    “Ara, ara... other than the pregnant belly it's just as I remember... so erotic,” Shizuru said, giggling behind her hand.

    “Shizuru!” they both called out in unison as they broke away, twin blushes spreading across their cheeks, Mikoto giggled in her sleep.


    “I still just... don't believe it!  I thought for sure you and Mikoto were...” Natsuki said, pointing randomly between the two of them.

    “Mai is my lover and my subordinate!” Mikoto shouted, nuzzling Mai's breasts while being careful to avoid putting pressure on her belly.  A quick nap and a belly full of a staggering amount of food had seemingly revitalized the girl back to her eternally youthful exuberance.

    “That means... oh Mai, how could you?!  What about all your dreams?”  Mai blinked.

    “What the hell are you talking about, Natsuki-chan?”  Natsuki simply hung her head, unable to say the words.  Shizuru giggled and made a lewd hand gesture, causing Mai's eyes to widen in shock.  “Oh!  Gods no!  You two of all people should know I'd never!”  This brought a blush to Mai and Natsuki's cheeks and a shared giggle from Shizuru and Mikoto.  “Didn't Arika explain it to you?  I can still materialize my Robe for hell's sake!”

    “All she told me was that you were pregnant and bitchy as hell so I should go visit you.”  Mai slumped forward slightly.

    “I should have known... damn that bubble headed...”

    “I hope you're not speaking ill of my Lady's last living descendant,” Miyu warned from her place in the doorway.  Mai shuddered and turned toward the mechanical woman with an uneasy smile.

    “Of course not, you know I love Arika-chan... but it's good that you're here Miyu, you can explain to them what's going on.”

    “I would love to explain the situation to the women you had a threesome with but there are more important matters to attend to,” the silver haired girl said, a small smirk on her lips.

    “I swear you love to...” Mai's voice drifted off as the android produced a large cylindrical tube from behind her back.  “What the heck is that thing?”

    “This is a particle storage and containment cell, dated to have been used during the final age of the Hime which coincides directly with the first appearance of the Otome.  This particular cell is labeled for the user of Kagutsuchi.”  Mai shifted uneasily under the the cyborg's steely gaze.

    “What does that mean?” she asked nervously.

    “Mai Tokiha... this device holds a piece of your soul...”

[End notes:

The chapters were way too uneven so I decided to break 3 of 3 in half to level them out.

Also, if you look at the picture I posted for this one, Mai kinda looks pregnant, doesn't she?  It's really subtle so you probably wouldn't notice if you weren't looking for it.  I feel pretty clever with that one ^_^


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