Story: Aika's love for a Silvite (chapter 1)

Authors: Egami Rorrim

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Chapter 1

“Looks like we’re going to be stuck in Nasrad for a little while.” Aika said while sitting on one of the beds.


“What are we going to do tomorrow?” Fina asked.


“Well, I was thinking about finding some place to work.  We have to save up some gold.  Let’s put aside the money we got from Clara.  If we save up some more, we can buy a small ship and go looking for Vyse.” Aika replied.  She then rocked back and leaned forward with a satisfied look on her face and asked, “What do you think, Fina?”


“Yes!  That sounds like a good plan.” Fina answered with a delighted expression.


“Well, tonight let’s get some rest and hope for the best!” Aika suggested, then reclined on the bed.  However, her enthusiasm soon left her when she said, “But I wonder how Vyse is doing, though…” Fina got a worried look on her face and turned to the window.


“Vyse…I wonder if you’re looking at the same moon right now…” Fina asked with concern in her voice.  Aika felt bad for making Fina begin to worry.  She knew that Fina wasn’t very emotionally strong, but she still brought up the subject.


“You know, we shouldn’t really worry.” Aika said with a cheerful sound in her voice.  Fina turned her head away from the window, curious at what Aika was saying.  “I’ve known Vyse for a long time.  Whenever there was danger, he stood up to it without any remorse or fear.  Plus, he’s a Blue Rogue, and a great one at that.  He’s not going to let some separation and desertion slow him down.  I know wherever he is; he’s trying to find a way to find us.  Let’s stop worrying about him and stay focused on trying to find him like he is now.” Aika explained.  Aika’s words made all of Fina’s worry disappear and uplifted her spirit.


“You’re right Aika!  Let’s do our best to find Vyse.” Fina said with a serious, yet delighted expression.


“Aye Aye!” Aika replied with her hand raised high.


The next morning, Aika and Fina walked around Nasrad together, looking for a place that would hire them.  However, Nasrad was mostly a trade center, which meant that it was mostly made up of stands selling novelty wares.  Fina suggested asking the sailors who imported the goods, but Aika knew they wouldn’t hire them.  For one, they’d have to travel long distances to get to the location with the merchandise, and two they would ask for a background check, and she knew that they wouldn’t be too pleased about having two air pirates help carry expansive cargo.  At midday, Aika and Fina rested next to the fountain in the middle of Nasrad.  Aika let out a sigh of frustration and said, “Finding work was harder than I thought.  Maybe we should’ve asked Clara to drop us off somewhere that isn’t a trade center.  Right Fina?”  There wasn’t a response.  “Fina?” Aika asked, looking to see where Fina had gone.  She saw her in front of a bulletin board that was covered with different flyers.  Aika walked up to her and asked, “What are doing?”


Fina turned around and answered, “I saw all these papers on here and thought maybe one of them would help us find a job.”


“Oh, good idea.” Akai claimed, and started looking over all the flyers.  After a few minutes of looking, Fina found one that had the words “help wanted” written on at the top in big letters.


“Aika, I think I found one.” Find said, and handed her the flyer.


Aika took the flyer and started reading aloud what was written on it.  “The Nasultin is in need of some new dancers.  He’s looking for dancers who are very experienced and know how to please their viewers.  They also need to be very young and in good, physical shape.”  There was more, but Aika thought that was a good place to stop.


“Do you think it’s something we should look into?” Fina asked.  Aika looked up from the flyer with a disgusted look on her face.  She had forgotten how naïve Fina was, and knew she didn’t know any better.


“I think the better question is do we want to look into it.” Aika responded.


“Why, what’s the job like?” Fina asked.


“Well…” Aika started, but then started thinking about how she should describe it.  Then, she started visualizing working herself and Fina working as dancers.  They were both wearing outfits that resembled Belleza’s when they first met her, and they were standing in front of the Nasultin.  Even though she at first thought the job was degrading, she found the outfit very comfortable.  She glanced over at Fina, who had an alluring look in her eyes.  She then scanned over her entire body.  The reveling garments made here look very attractive.  She finally caught a good sight of her breasts.  Even though she had seen their size from what her dress revealed, they seemed bigger in that outfit.  After getting a good view of them, she looked down at hers, which seemed small compared to Fina’s.  However, Aika just found that even more attractive.  Aika’s attention was then broken by the sound of a gong being struck.  Aika faced the Nasultin, and both her and Fina bowed.  Then, they started dancing.  She wasn’t sure how, but Aika was dancing like she was an expert in the field, Fina as well.  The dancing itself was a moderate speed and very erotic.  They were both rubbing their bodies and shaking hips.  Then, at the finale, Aika and Fina drew towards each other and rubbing against each other in sync.  The session ended with Aika and Fina embracing each other, in the sense of a mother embracing her frightened child (with Aika being the mother and Fina being the child).  The Nasultin gave a mighty applause and began throwing mounds of gold to them.  Yet, Aika had no interest in the gold.  Her attention was all on Fina.  This was the first time she had been this close the Fina, and with hardly anything on.  The scene aroused Aika unlike before, except for the “other times”.  Fina looked up at Aika, with an expression that made her seemed just as aroused as Aika.  They both stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity, but they both seemed to enjoy it.  Aika reached down and removed the translucent cloth from her face as Fina did.  Then, the brought their faces closer and locked themselves in a passionate kiss.


“Aika, are you alright?” Fina asked in confusion.  Aika never explained what the job was like.  She started to, but was then trapped in a daze.  Fina’s question snapped Aika back into reality.  Aika looked back down at the paper, and gave an insulted hmph. 


Then she crumpled the paper, tossed it over her shoulder, and answered, “You don’t want to know.”  Aika and Fina continued looking over the fliers, hoping that one of them would have an “appropriate” job that they could perform.  It didn’t take long for Fina to find another flyer with the words “help wanted” at the top.


“Would this one be acceptable?” Fina asked while handing Aika the new flier.  Aika received the flier and read over it silently, just in case it was another “inappropriate” job.  Fortunately, this flyer was from a tavern, saying that it is in need of waiters or waitresses.  When she was done reading the ad, Aika turned to Fina and nodded with delight.  They both went to the address that was on the handout.


When they entered, the tavern owner asked, “Welcome, what can I do for you ladies?”


“Actually, we’re here because we’d like to take you up on your offer.” Aika replied while holding up the ad.


“Well, how can I resist two lovely women?  Of course you two can work here.” The tavern owner accepted.


“That’s great!” Aika exclaimed.


“Thank you very much.” Fina said while bowing.


“Oh stop.  You’re going to make an old man blush.” The owner said.


“So when can we start?” Aika asked.


“Well, if you’re not busy, you could start right now, but you’d better hurry.  It’s almost time when all the tourists swarm this place.” The owner explained.


“That’s fine with me.  How about you Fina?” Aika asked.


“I am okay with that.” Fina answered.


“So it’s settled.  There are some aprons in the back.  Hurry up and get changed.” The owner said.


Aika was about to say aye aye, but figured it would be better if she just said, “Yes sir.”


Work at the tavern had a pattern to it.  There were times when the tavern was almost empty and times when it was packed.  Despite all they have done, Aika and Fina found keeping up with all of the customers quite challenging at first.  Thankfully, on the third day, they were able to perform their jobs adequately, and they both found it enjoyable.  There hadn’t been any incident, until the fourth day.


It was the second time of the day when the tavern was packed, and Aika and Fina were busy trying to receive and deliver everyone’s orders.  “Two bottles of loqua over here” and “Six orders of fried Red Sardis” were just some of the orders that were thrown around.


“I’d like a glass of water, please!” one of the customers ordered.


“On the way!” Aika responded while filling a glass.  She walked over to the customer to deliver the order, but she bumped into Fina and spilled the water on her.  “Oh I’m sorry Fina!” Aika apologized.


“It’s alright, Aika.” Fina returned.  Aika looked to where she spilled the water.  The water landed on her breasts, and unfortunately, the apron was white and her dress was white.  Fearing what would happen, Aika took Fina’s hand and rushed her into the employee’s restroom.  “What’s wrong, Aika?” Fina asked.


“I need to get the water off before…”Aika started while getting paper towels from the dispenser, but decided not to finish.


“Before what?” Fina asked.


“Nothing.  Take off your apron.” Aika ordered, and Fina did as she was told.  The water had already leaked through.  Aika reached for the water, but stopped right before it.  “Um…you don’t mind that I do this, right?” Aika asked.


“Of course not.” Fina answered with a reassuring smile.


“Okay, just checking.” Aika said, then started rubbing the watered area.  Even though she knew she shouldn’t, Aika felt Fina’s breasts more than she needed, but not so much that Fina would get suspicious.  They were very firm, and despite not having a bra on, they were very upright.  She didn’t show it, but Aika was enjoying every touch. 


It wasn’t too long for the owner to bang on the door and yell, “Aika, Fina, hurry!  I’m getting swamped out here!”


“Sounds like we should get out there.  Are you done?” Fina asked.  Aika looked down and saw she was unknowingly cupping her right breast.


She quickly removed it and answered, “Oh, yes, but you should wear my apron just in case.” Aika suggested.


“Okay.” Fina replied.  Once they swapped aprons, they rushed out and got the tavern back into order.  The day finished without any other incident.


“Whew, this was a tough day.” The owner said while wiping his forehead.


“I hope the next couple of days aren’t like that.” Aika said.


“Yeah, otherwise we all might die working.” The owner joked, which caused Aika and Fina to giggle at the remark.


“Well, we should head back.  We’ll see you tomorrow.” Aika said.


“Wait, I have something for you two.” The owner said, then ducked under the counter and started looking for something.


“What is it?” Fina asked.


“Here it is.” The owner said as he popped up while holding a pouch in his left hand.


“What’s the pouch for?” Aika asked.


“There’s a public bath a couple blocks up.  I figured that you girls would probably want to wash yourselves off before tomorrow.” The owner detailed.


“Wow, really?  You’re paying our way into a bath?  You’re the best boss ever!” Aika claimed, excitedly.


“Yes, thank you very much.” Fina said while bowing.


“Oh please, you girls deserve it.  Not to mention that I think having you two here has increase my business, and I can’t have you two looking less beautiful than you already do.” The owner complimented.


“You have a point there.  Alright Fina, lets go to the bath.” Aika said, then received the pouch and some written directions on how to get there.


“Have fun, and don’t stay out too late.” The owner said.


“We’ll try not to.” Aika said, then closed the door behind her.  “This is great!  I haven’t had a good cleaning in a long time!” Aika excitedly yelled as she and Fina were walking towards the public bath.


“Neither have I.  I’ve also never been to a public bath before.” Fina revealed.

“Wah, you haven’t?!  They don’t have hot springs where you’re from?” Aika asked.


“Um, no.  Is that bad?” Fina asked, a little discouraged.


“No.  I guess I forgot how much your home doesn’t have when compared to here.” Aika answered.


“Yes.  There are so many things here that I’ve never seen or even heard of before.” Fina said.  Aika and Fina didn’t say anything else on their walk to the public bath.


When they reached the public bath, a young woman at the front desk said, “Welcome to the Nasrad Springs.  Will it just be you two tonight?”


“Yes.  Here’s our payment.” Aika said as she handed the woman the pouch.  The woman then emptied the pouch of the gold and counted it.


“Very well.  You’ll find the changing room in the back, and you can get to the bath from there.  Please enjoy yourselves.” The woman said.


“We will.” Aika assured, then she and Fina headed for the changing room.


When they entered, Fina asked, “Um, Aika, what do we need to change into?”


“Nothing.  You just take your clothes off here and set them in one of the lockers.” Aika explained.


“You mean we’ll be…naked?” Fina asked, blushing a little.


“Don’t worry Fina, it’ll just be us girls, and you’ll have a towel wrapped around you.  But if it will make you feel any better, I’ll look away while you take your clothes off.”  Aika said.


“Oh, um…okay.” Fina said.


“Good.  There should be a towel in all the lockers here.” Aika said.  Fina chose the locker closest to her and opened it to make sure there was a towel in there.  There was, and so she turned to Aika.  Aika went to a locker that was on the other side of the room.  As Aika was taking her top off, she had a strong temptation to look behind herself.  However, she knew that if Fina saw her, she wouldn’t have an explanation for it.  After she wrapped the towel around herself and untied her hair, Aika asked, “Are you done Fina?”


“Yes.” Fina replied.  Aika turned around slowly, and saw a shy Fina wearing nothing but a towel.


“Alright, let’s go.” Aika said, then led Fina to the bath.  The bath was an indoor one.  The floor of the spring felt like very smooth marble.  The bath itself was shaped like a square.  The walls seemed to have some cushioned fabric, most likely to help sound proof the room.  On the wall was a device that controlled the temperature of the water and control of the ventilation (most likely to remove the steam from the room).  “Wow!  This is really nice.  It must be really expensive to use this bath.”  Aika then walked to the wall device and tampered around with it.  It didn’t take her long to figure out how to work it, and she set the temperature to eighty-eight degrees Fahrenheit.  “Okay, the water’s warming up.  Let’s get in.” Aika said, then walked to the bath.  She put one foot into the water.  It was cool to the touch, so it didn’t take long to get used to it.  The water went just below her shoulders when she sat down.  She guessed that the whole bath was this deep, probably due to its square shape.  “Come on in Fina, the bath feels great when the water starts warming up.” Aika claimed.  Fina walked over to the bath, and dipped her foot in the water, similar to Aika.  She was hesitant, but she eventually got all the way in and sat next to Aika.


“You’re right, it does feel great.” Fina agreed.


“Yep, now just sit here and enjoy.”  Aika said.  They basked silently for the next few minutes.  When the temperature felt like it wasn’t going to get any higher, Aika turned to Fina and asked, “By the way, where’s Cupil?”


“I left him at the inn.  I thought it wouldn’t be good if I brought him with me to the tavern.  Especially if he took his original shape when there were a lot of people were there.” Fina explained.


“Good point.” Aika said.  However, that wasn’t the question Aika wanted to ask.  She always felt for Fina, even when she first saw her.  Though, she never had the strength to tell her.  “Um, Fina, did you ever…have a boyfriend?” Aika asked.


“Boyfriend?” Fina curiously asked.


“Well, someone you’ve had strong feelings for, who’s a boy.” Aika explained.


Fina thought about it for a moment, then replied, “I have feelings for Vyse.”


“Really?” Aika asked.


“Yes.  He’s helped me out many times, and he’s encouraged me greatly.” Fina detailed.


“Oh, those feelings.” Aika said, slightly relieved.


“I have the same feelings for you Aika.  You’ve done even more for me when I think about it.” Fina added.


“Thanks Fina, I have feelings for you too.” Aika informed.

“Thanks Aika.” Fina said.


Even though she thought she shouldn’t, Aika asked, “But have you ever loved someone?”


“I love my family and all of my friends.” Fina responded.  Aika decided not to get detailed with what she was really asking for, knowing how naïve Fina was.


“Well, have you ever…physically loved someone?” Aika asked.


“What do you mean “physically loved someone”?” Fina asked.


“Um, physical love is something two people who have strong feelings for each other do.” Aika explained.


“No, I haven’t.  Would you mind showing me?” Fina asked.


“What?!” Aika asked.


“We both have strong feelings for each other, and I want to experience as many new things as possible while I’m here.” Fina said.  Aika knew Fina was completely unaware with what she meant, but Aika had always wanted to do it with Fina.  However, she didn’t want to feel like she was manipulating Fina into doing it.


“Fina, physical love may come off as bit strange and different, and it should only be done with those you really have feelings for.  It’s also something you should mention with everybody.  Do you still wish to go through with it?” Aika asked.


“I’ll be fine.” Fina assured.  Aika still felt like she didn’t inform Fina as much as she should’ve, but thought that if Fina really wanted to do it, she might as well show her.


“Very well.” Aika said, then right next to Fina.  She rested her hand on Fina’s cheek and began caressing it.  The skin was the softest she had ever felt before.  She then eased Fina’s face closer to hers, and kissed her.  The first one was a closed mouth kiss, but for the second one, Aika slipped her tongue into Fina’s mouth and began stroking the inside very slowly.  Fina did find this different and surprising, but deep down she was really enjoying it.  She followed Aika’s example and stroked the inside of her mouth with her own tongue.  After a while of making out, Aika broke free and whispered, “I’ll be right back,” stepped out of the bath, and headed into the changing room.  When she came back out, she had a pack in one hand and a few extra towels in another.  She unrolled one of the towels on the marble floor and said, “Come out of the bath.”  Fina stepped out and walked over to Aika.  “Take the wet towel off and dry yourself.” Aika said while handing Fina a new towel.  When Fina took the towel off, Aika was able to see her naked body for the first time.  Her entire body was as white as her face.  Her nipples were a pale color, and her vagina didn’t have a single trace of hair on it.  Fina dried herself very precisely, making sure she soaked up all of the water, which only turned Aika on more.  When she was done drying herself, Aika patted the towel that was spread on the ground.  Fina sat on the towel, then lay down.  Aika dug into the pack she had brought and pulled out a small purple moonstone.


“What’s that for?” Fina asked.


“I’m going to find your sensitive spots.” Aika said.  She then went closer to Fina and began making out with her.  This time however, while she was doing this, she began rubbing the purple moonstone around her body.  She started with her neck.  The moonstone was cold as ice, which made Fina shiver at first.  Aika slowly moved the moonstone down her neck and to her breasts.  She started with the left one.  Once she got to the nipple, Fina gave a small gasp.  “Looks like we found your first one.” Aika said when she broke the kiss.  She continued to caress the nipple with the moonstone, making it hard.  When she had made it hard enough, she began to lick it.  The warmth of Aika’s tongue made the nipple soft again.  Fina moaned lightly in enjoyment.  When it was completely soft again, Aika began nibbling on it with her lips.  While she was doing this, she moved the moonstone to the right breast.  She did the same thing she did to the left breast, but Fina didn’t gasp at all.  “Looks like your only sensitive on the left breast.” Aika said.


“But would you still do the right one?” Fina asked.


“I’d love to.” Aika replied, then started making the right nipple hard.  As Aika was licking the now hardened nipple, she moved the moonstone down to her stomach.  When the stone got to the navel area, Fina let out another small gasp.  Aika then slid her face down and started lightly kissing Fina’s navel.  While she was, Aika moved the moonstone down to Fina’s vagina.  She slid it around the outer rims if it, which caused Fina to make her breathing slightly heavier.  Aika lifted her head and asked, “Before I get there, would you mind flipping over?”  Fina didn’t know what she was going to do, but decided to lie on her stomach.  When she did, Aika started groping both cheeks of Fina’s butt, much to Fina’s surprise.  Aika then parted the cheeks and located Fina’s anus.  When she did, she stretched her tongue out until the tip of it reached the anus.  She then began making circles with her tongue on the anus.  Fina let out small moans of pleasure at this action.  Aika then retracted her tongue and started pumping her middle finger in and out of Fina’s anus.  This caused Fina’s moans started getting louder and more frequent.  “You like that?” Aika asked.


“Y…Yes…I…do.” Fina replied.


“Then you’re going to love what I’m going to do next.” Aika informed, then withdrew her finger.  “Now, lay on your back again.” Aika instructed.  When Fina did, Aika positioned her head above Fina’s vagina.  She started licking the vagina, but didn’t dig her tongue inside it.  The licking started off slowly, but over time became faster and harder.  Fina began moaning louder than she had before, and she started squirming.


“Oh…my…Ai…Aika.” Fina said.


“I know what you want.” Aika said.  She spread Fina’s vagina and stuck her tongue as deep as she could.  Once all the way in, she stroked the inside as hard and fast as she was able.  This new sensation felt too much for Fina.  She squeezed her breasts, trying to keep herself from writhing. 


“Ahh…Ai…Ai…Aika…ahhh.” Fina barely let out.   Then, after only a minute, Fina let out a scream, and then fell flat on the towel.  Aika removed her tongue and knelt up.  “Wha…what was…that.” Fina asked.


Aika swallowed and answered, “It’s called an orgasm.  It’s what happens when you make love physically.”


Fina, who now caught her breath, “Does that happen to everyone.”


“Only to women.  Want to make me have one?” Aika asked, alluringly.


Fina smiled and replied, “Yes.”  Aika took her towel off and swapped places with Fina.  Fina first looked over Aika’s body.  “Your skin is darker than mine, and your nipples are as well.” Fina stated.


“The skin is probably because I’ve spent more time outside than you.  As for the nipple color, I think that just depends on the person.” Aika explained.


“Ah, I see.” Fina said.  Fina started by sucking on Aika’s left nipple.  The way she was doing it reminded Aika of an infant whom her mother was nursing, which is why she started stroking Fina’s hair.  When she moved onto the right nipple, she reached down to Aika’s vagina and started caressing it with her index and middle finger.


“Oh…starting down there already?” Aika asked.  Fina replied with a muffled yes.  When she was done with the nipple, Fina brought her head down to Aika’s vagina.  She mimicked what Aika did when she licked her vagina.  While Aika was distracted with the enjoyment, Fina reached under Aika and stuck her middle finger inside her anus.  Aika’s eyes shot open in response, and when they did, Fina started pumping her finger in and out and started licking deep inside Aika’s vagina.  Theses combined actions made Aika squirm and moan just like Aika did.  “Oh…Fina!  You…lea…learn quick.” Aika said.  Fina’s speed quickly picked up, which only made Aika thrive even more.  She reached down and held Fina’s head in place and said, “Oh yes!  Oh yes!  Oh yes!  Like that!  Keep going.  Keep going!”  It didn’t take long, but Aika fell silent, and white cum shot into Fina’s mouth.  Fina retracted her finger and tongue, and Aika lay down on the towel, catching her breath.  She looked up and saw Fina still had the cum in her mouth.  “It’s alright, swallow it.” Aika assured. 


Fina did as Aika said, and gave a satisfying, “You tasted good.”


“Thanks for the compliment, you did too.” Aika laughed, which caused Fina to laugh as well.  “Let’s clean ourselves up.” Aika suggested, then walked into the bath.  Fina agreed and got in next to her.  The women then started cleansing their entire bodies.  When Aika was done, she looked over at Fina and said, “You missed a spot.”


“Really, where?” Fina asked, looking all over her body.


“Right there.” Aika said, then quickly started making out with Fina.  This session lasted longer than the first one, and they enjoyed it even more. 


When they were done, Fina rested her head on Aika’s body and said, “Thank you, Aika.  I never experienced anything like this in my life.”


Aika cuddled with Fina and responded, “I should thank you as well.  I’ve wanted to do this with you for a long time.”


“Was I the first one you did this with?” Fina asked.


“Actually, you were my third.” Aika revealed.


Surprised, Fina looked up and said, “Really.  Who were the first two?”


Aika put her index finger on her mouth and said, “Shhh.  Another time.  For now, let’s just enjoy the moment.”


Fina smiled and said, “You’re right.”

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