Story: Waste My Time (chapter 1)

Authors: faeryneko(biohazard)

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: Ratings will probably go up in later chapters.]

Reina sighed and brushed back a strand of hair. Her grades weren't getting any better. She was even flunking Home Ec! "I wish I could be as carefree as you." She scratched the black rabbit's ear.

"Reina! It's tme to leave for school!" Her mother stuck her head out the back door. "Stop talking to Ebony and get going, sweetheart!"

"Yes mom." Once inside, Reina was swarmed by animals. Her family ran a shelter/daycare for animals. The place was always alive with excitement. "Bye guys!" She waved and slung her bag over her shoulder and grabbed a slice of toast to eat on the walk to school.

"Have a good day, Reina!"

Reina waited by a fence for her friend. "Hello Reina, waiting for Aisha again?"

"Yes, Mrs. Ryans." Reina nodded politely.

"She should be- Ah! Here she is now."

"Bye mom!"

"Bye Mrs. Ryans!" The two girls waved.

"So how was telling your 'rents?" Aisha asked.

"Not good. I guess I'm gonna be busy after school, 'cause Mom said I need a tutor." Reina blew her hair out of her face. Aisha handed her a hair tie. "Thanks." She pulled her hair back.

"Any idea who it's gonna be?"

Reina frowned. "Not a clue."



"Here." Aisha droned out.


"Here." Reina copied Aisha's bore tone.

"Sorry I'm late. I got some bad directions." A new voice called. A girl stumbled into the classroom.

"That's alright! Class, this is our new student, Rebecca Sommers. Ms. Sommers, please take a seat next to Ms. Ryans."

"So you're a newbie, huh?" Aisha stared at the new girl. Rebecca nodded. "Welcome to West Point High, home to vicious man-eaters, wipeouts, and freaky teens in general."

"Great." Rebecca gave a weak smile and shifted in her seat.

"Will Reina Valencia and Rebecca Sommers please report to the principal's office. I repeat, Reina Valencia and Rebecca Sommers to the principal's office immediately. Thank you." Crackled over the intercom system. Reina shared glances with Aisha and Rebecca.

"What did you do?!" Aisha hissed.

"Nothing.. this time. I think.." Reina mumbled.

"Well girls, I believe you heard the announcement." Ms. Adams' smoothed out her skirt. "If you'll follow me Miss Sommers. I am sure that Miss Valencia knows the way quite well by now."

Aisha stifled a laugh by coughing. Reina slapped her head as she stood and walked by. What did she do to end up there this time?

[End notes: There it was. It'll get more interesting, I swear.]

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