Story: The metamorphosis of a Catholic Schoolgirl (chapter 3)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - An act of God?

[Author's notes: You may think you have found something... but it turnes out to be nothing at all.]

Chapter Three - An act of God?



Feeling very fidgety, I stood and could see how dark this night had became through my dorm room window. There was not even a moon present in the sky as I looked, and noted just how strange that made everything look.

I had watched the deepening clouds roll in just before the evening mass had started earlier on, throwing the St. Tomas into a very deep darkness even in the earliest evening. Even after our Prayers were over, the night seemed to have only deepened the darkness as the entire student body headed to their respective room for the night. The evening’s gloom was only broken by the many tall walklamps that lined all every path that wound their way through every corner of the large campus that St. Tomas had.

I had walked back to my dorm alone, one eye on the sky as I crossed from the church over the courtyard to our living quarters. This night, was just one of the darkest I had seen as the threatening clouds were telling a story of it’s own... they were foretelling of a storm they held until it was just the right time for them to unleash it’s fury on to the land far below them.

Even when I got to the building with out one drop of rain being felt, I knew that it was only a matter of time until those clouds released their watery loads. I could hear the telltale rumble of thunder that was quite far away still, but the flashing of lightning on the horizon told of it nearing our school.

I then just watched the storm developing from my dorm window, using it to make myself ignore the mindless chatter that I could hear coming from the hallway just outside my door...talking was always happening at this time of night I could hear also so very clearly that there was a couple of the girl’s on my floor who were starting to really argue loudly, sounding almost like two spitting cats out in the hall.

As time went on, the girl’s loud argument had changed into a raging shouting match that had the fury of a huge storm out on the sea. I could clearly pick out many very colourful swear words and name calling were being brandished as boldly as if they were weapons. The heated argument was so venomous and vial in it’s intensity, that it was beyond being civilized. I tried to ignore all of it, not wanting anything to do with whatever it was that started all of this.

I was uninterested in what ever those girls were so violently at odds with one another about. Just listening to it as it raged on for what seemed to be hours, I was becoming even more than sure that I really did not want to know what had sparked all of this off..

As I turned back to watch the coming storm move ever closer, my mind rationalized the argument out. It seemed to me that as the school term dragged on, nerves begin to get frayed and so all of this started becoming a common thing at St. Tomas..

I looked at my clock beside my bed, and read that it was almost eleven o’clock... and wondered where Ashley could be. She had said she would sneak out to exchange our underwear right after the Nuns had made the last bed checks for the night. It was already way past that set time, and she had not shown up yet. I sighed and lowered my head

I was feeling so nervous while I was waiting here, it was almost driving me to feel insane. I was just wanting to steal away just a little time in with her tonight... and that urge to see her was making me almost burst from the inside out as I waited.. I tried deep breathing and getting my mind off of it... it was not working any way.

I looked over at a small package I had wrapped up in pretty pink tissue paper that I had set on my bed. These were Ashley’s panties which I had mistakenly put on earlier on in the day. I had lovingly washed and dried the pair of white with little flowers undies for her, then lovingly wrapped them up in the thin paper for privacy purposes. They now were waiting for their owner to arrive, but she was not here yet

Perhaps Ashley had not been able to sneak away from her dorm room over in the ‘B’ building, as the nuns could be very vigilant at times... or she may have just decided to wait and try exchanging out things sometime tomorrow. I had no idea which of these explanations it could be, but in the long run, that never mattered. All I wanted was to see her pretty face again, and to taste those wonderful lips... the ones that made me shiver with just the slightest of thought of them brushing up against mine.

Shaking my head again, I felt so helpless that I felt this all consuming need to see her. It was so weak sounding, but was the truth... I knew that, even though I was looking at an eternity of eternal damnation for even just feeling that way.

I heard the voice of Sister Geraldine out in front of my door, which brought me out of my conflicting thoughts in myself. I shook my head, and listened to the new things going on outside my door. After more than fifteen minutes of the arguing just out side of my door, it had brought up to the floor one of the very cantankerous Sisters to straighten out what ever it was that had started the verbal war..

I cringed at the thought of being the one who was facing Sister Geraldine like the girls out there were doing. No one in their right mind would have actually wanted the Sister up here... especially how much of a hard-liner she was... she was like Rambo, dressed in a Habit.

Sister Geraldine was one of those Nuns, that you never wanted to cross paths with when you were doing wrong. By the sounds that were coming from the hallways, for the arguing girl, it was too late for that. Over and over again, the older Nun’s voice was getting louder by the second, cutting through the student’s yelling as easily as anything as she lay down the rules in a no-nonsense fashion. It was clear to me just standing in my room, the Nun was not too happy about having to come up here. Each word was spit with the explosiveness of a hand grenade going off.

She was one of the tougher of the ‘penguins’ that had been assigned to our school. She was a teacher of languages and deportment, and also holding a position that was second only to Mother Superior Abigail... who was the head of St. Tomas.

Between the Mother Superior and Sister Geraldine, both of them I always had tried to stay in good graces with. If you did do something wrong, you could only pray to the good lord above that it would not be Sister Geraldine who came to speak with you about it.. The only worse one to have see you in times that you had done wrong..was the Mother Superior herself.

I was a nervous wreck all over again, as my mind went back to waiting for Ashley...and the waiting was now getting to me. I looked at the clock again, and saw only two minutes had passed since I had looked at it. I found myself wringing my hands, as this was beginning to feel like torture to me.

" C’mon..." I whispered to my very quiet room, getting even more impatient.

I sat down on my bed, trying hard to keep myself still and simply wait for awhile more as quiet as possible. I listened and could hear that it now had fallen very quiet out in the hall. It was good to hear the silence again out there, as the shouting had been fast and furious between a group of girls out there. I had wondered at one point if it could have escalated into punches and stuff, but now that was moot point.

The good Sister had gotten things calmed down in no time flat, and my dormitory block had settled back into peace. I snuffed, as it never did take long for that penguin to take charge... you would have to be very stupid, have a deathwish or just extremely stubborn as hell to go toe to toe with that Nun. For most people, they would have lost badly.

I sat for another twenty minutes, watching the time go by as I waited. It was getting harder and harder to wait.

Soon, I just got a little bold idea stuck in my head. Getting my little package from my bed, I hurried out of the room. I had decided that I was going to be the one who brought her panties to her... wanting t have just a few precious seconds to see her before I had to return and go to bed. I smiled as I thought of that, feeling my heart fluttering with impish glee at it, while I tip toed out of my room to do just that.

The halls of my floor was empty of anyone now... and there was no signs of even one Nun as I started down the hall. I knew that the arguing parties had been sent to their rooms for the night, but not after getting an stern earful from Sister Geraldine. If they knew what was good for them, they all had went more than willingly and left whatever had started all of this behind them.

The whole dormitory was as still as you could ever get around here, witch was saying something. I hurried down the stairs towards the breezeway tunnel that connected each of the six dorm buildings to one another. I smiled, anticipating seeing the girl again, and I had a plan that made me smile even broader.

" She was going to get the kiss of a lifetime." I said to myself.



‘B’ Building was as calm as mine was now, as I hurried up the main stairs and to the second floor. There was no lights on under any of the doors, and the only ones that were on were the soft hall lights overhead.

I knew the room number to Ashley’s room, and headed there with quickened yet silenced steps. My heart was going like crazy while my mind replaying the main event of the day... causing me to shiver a little. The panties I had changed into so I could clean the ones that I had mistakenly put on were already starting to get really wet... already my juices were dripping down my inner thigh, my sex was twitching wildly as I neared my destination.

I found her door at the farthest end of the send floor hall and stoped. Nervous, I looked at the dark wood of the door and took a deep breath.. My heart now racing a little more as I stood there. I leaned in to listen for a moment, wanting to make sure that the girl was in her room at the time.. Not really wanting to just leave the package for her to find if she had take off to the bathroom or something.

That was when I heard sounds from inside the room, something that at the moment... sounds very familiar.

" I many not have been the most experienced person around this school, far from it..." I said to myself.

I knew that those sounds were actually moans of pleasure that came from just behind the door I was in front of. I gigged and guessed that she was in there pleasing herself just like I had found her in the bathroom earlier on. I knew right then that she probably had started that and just lost time... the reason for her not showing up like she had planned to. Just the thought of her rubbing her wonderful sex again, made me feel even more tingly than I had been.

I reached for the doorknob and was going to go in and surprise the beautiful blonde I wanted to catch her in the act, then maybe help her out with her small problem. Excitedly, I swung the door open, feeling that it was unlocked. I had a plan, and god help me, I was going to make her smile.

I entered, and I thought my knees were going to buckle right there. What had greeted me when I stepped in, made my heart drop in my chest and caused me to gasp out as I felt like I was going to faint.

Ashley was on her bed in the room, alright, but it was not in self pleasing herself either. The truth was far more blatant, and way more hurtful than I had ever had imagined while I had been hanging outside the door.

She was lying on the bed, her uniform skirt was hiked high over her shapely ass with her panties clearly hanging around one ankle. A girl with very short brown hair was kneeling on the floor next to the bed, her face was buried in between Ashley’s very shapely thighs. The thin girl’s tongue was clearly visible lapping away at Ashley’s outer sex like mad while having one of her fingers of one hand stuffed deeply into those rose like folds, pumping her digit in and out of Ashley.

Ashley was laying there moaning and writhing under the other girl’s tongue, hips grinding her pussy into the face and hand that was making her shutter in pleasure. I could not move, as I watched the one that I was falling in love with, being with someone else.

The girl, who I knew was named Louise Anderson, was the one that had her face buried between those legs. Continuing to pleasure Ashley, Louse and Ashley were both oblivious that I had even walked in. That girl continued to work on the girl on the bed, she too was making little noise of pleasure as she lapped away happily.

I had gasped so loudly, that Ashley’s eyes cracked wide open. She had this look of horror on her face, as she came to realize that I was standing right there. She made a little sound as she began to get herself up

" Jenny..." She stammered, moving so the girl between her legs suddenly snapped her head up.

I took a step or two back, my mind trying hard to make sense of what I was seeing, but my heart already knowing the truth of the matter. My body shook, and I felt almost like I was going to be sick to my stomach.

Ashley was quick to sit up and get off the bed, pushing away the girl that was still on her knees on the floor, licking the juices off of her lips as she watched in silence..

" I..." Ashley stammered, as she neared me while pushing her skirt down to hide her bareness. " Let me explain..."

I shook my head violently, taking another step to leave the room. She followed me, her face was a mask of red ness and disbelief.

" Come back please..." She called out to me, pleading with an air of desperation while trying to stop me from leaving. " You saw what you did, but it is not what you are thinking..."

" NO!!" I finally screamed, but my mouth could only come out with that single emphatic word.

I shook my head, words failed me again as I came to see what was happening here. Reality now had sunk in... I was not Ashley’s only lover, she had only taken from me what I had stupidly given her... and I had freely. It seemed all to be a very horrible, and painful joke that had been played on me.

I threw the package I had clutched in my hands at her, hitting her in the chest while I continued to back out of the room. She caught the package as it slid off her chest to the floor, while her eyes staring at me with a look of desperation in those blue eyes of hers. She looked at me and seemed that she was going to say something, but I refused to let her have that chance to spit her lies.

I had seen what I saw, there was no mistaken thing that she could explain away to me. There it was... the girl that openly handed my virginity to, had been with another... and all only after a few hours of being together for the first time. I had gave my self to her more freely than with anyone before, fighting everything that had short through my mind as I had started to let my heart win over... and that never even mattered to that witch.

Turning on my heels, I shot down the hall at a full run...not letting the girl to get a chance to say one word to me. With tears now streaming down my face, I bolted for the stairs at the end of the hall, wanting nothing more than to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. I could hear Ashley was calling for me to stop and come back, but there was no chance in hell I was going to do that.

I shot through the doors that were the barrier between the two buildings like I had been shot out of a cannon. I could hear that people had woken up with all of the shouting Ashley was doing as I left. Some had stepped out into the hallway to see what was going on, and all they saw in the end was me running headlong away from there, my face streaked with tears as I blew by them all.

I slammed the door hard as I entered my room, locking it tight to keep out the world out. I was sure I had woken up the entire place, as the door’s sound already had echoed throughout the floor I lived on like it was thunder. I did not care at this point, none whatsoever. The whole world could just go to hell and kiss my ass. My catholic upbringing had just been shoved right out of the window.

On to my bed and threw myself on it, making the headboard crack the wall hard with a sharp sound My tears now were coming in torrents as I buried my face deep in my pillow to keep my sobs from being heard. Uncontrollably, my body shook as I cried harder than I ever had done in my life, my hurt was all too apparent.

Feeling so betrayed and completely humiliated, I layed there and cried, ignoring the flurry of knocks that were coming on my door. I could hear that there were many voices from my dormitory mates calling out for me to answer them, as my pillow had ended up not muffling all of my crying. I just ignored them, and cried even harder into my pillow, my body shaking violently with each wail I did..

As I layed there, listening to the storm that had finally broke outside as nature had promised it would, I knew what was happening to me. God had punished me for my wanton lusts and going against ever last one of his teachings like I had, and had exacted his punishment on me in spades.

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