Story: The metamorphosis of a Catholic Schoolgirl (chapter 1)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter One - A moment in time...

[Author's notes: Going to the bathroom can't change yur life...Can it?]

The metamorphosis of a Catholic Schoolgirl

By Jd Wheels


Chapter one: A moment in time...

Disclaimer: I own the story and all things inside of it... all you just have to do is enjoy it.



It was nine ten in the morning, first period class was done... finally. I moved through the packed hallways, feeling like a character in some weird arcade game as I wove through the hundreds of girls that came to this girl’s school like I did, as we only had about ten minutes between classes.

St. Tomas Catholic school for girls was a nice school, ad I had gone to this particular one since I was in the fifth grade. My mom and dad never liked public schools, telling me more than once of the evils that it had in it’s walls. Since starting Kindergarten, I had gone to Catholic schools .Now that I was in Junior high, grade nine, it was just a way of life.

It was not that bad. I had good friends and great teachers, even though they were stodgy and ridged in their practices. The place was not for everyone, I have to admit, but I put up with the hard religious rhetoric and the sometimes cranky nuns because I had always gone to all girl catholic schools. I guess I never knew any better. I always had gon to them, but I always had felt a little different that the other girls... but I never had quite figured out why I did.

When I walked into the second floor bathroom wash my face a little and perhaps go to the bathroom if I needed to, I was only thinking of being quick about it. Being ‘tardy’ as the nuns put it, was not an option and almost looked upon as a sin. It happens though, but most of us try not to be because of the verbal lashing we would get. Little did I ever suspect that Ashley Caleb, the beautiful blond who sat right in front of me in home room, would be there, and doing something that shocked me.

There Ashley was, her hand was up her little plaid skirt while her blue eyes were shut tight. She was making soft moaning sounds as she fingered the front of her white panties she wore as her forehead was shiny with sweat. Despite everything that I knew that was holy and pure in the bible, I found myself becoming very turned on as I watched her continue to masturbate herself.. If she actually did know I was there, it was apparent that she didn’t care.

I watched in awe yet feeling so explosively stimulated as she kept rubbing herself. Her left hand had now started to creep up her green shirt to start rubbing one of her breasts under the fabric while she had herself wedged between the last sink in the row and the wall at the farthest end of the bathroom. She now had popped her finger inside of her underwear, and I watched as it moved under the wet spot. I could tell that the wet area was growing fast, under what she was doing to her. Ashley’s moans began to grow louder as she leaned up against the wall.

My heart was pounding in my chest, telling myself how wrong it was for her to be doing this.. But I was for the first time, not believing myself. Stunned into silence, all I could do was watch as she masturbated.

What I wanted to do was keep watching this pretty thing as long as I could, but I knew it was my duty to speak up and let her know I was here. I would have felt way too guilty otherwise. Besides, masturbation was a sin, and I couldn’t let Ashley drowned in sin as I already had. I felt bad that I had, and I never wanted anyone to feel that way ever


I cleared my throat purposely, but that never did get her attention. She just kept stroking herself, and moaning so sexily, and I was sure she was ready to have that most taboo of things in the Catholic teachings... an orgasm.

" Um...Ashley..." I whispered cautiously as I touched her arm lightly.

Her blue eyes snapped open and she jumped back. Her face lost all of it’s colour as she stared at me with her eyes opened wide.

" Jenny?? Well... I ...uh..." She stammered as she pulled her hands out of her panties and shirt, wiping them on the hem of her skirt. " I was....Uh... I just had a...a itch!"

She looked so pretty being caught like this, along with that look that told me she knew her explanation was very lame indeed. I instantly hated myself that I even had thought of her like that in the first place. I stood there, not quite knowing what to say, unlike what I had been just a few seconds ago

" Oh. Okay." I tried to turn my eyes towards the mirror, away from her blushing face... because I also felt how red and hot my face was becoming.

She smoothed out her clothes a little, her eyes still holding a mix of shock and shame in them. I wanted to continue what I was going to say, but it seemed to have been stuck in my mouth.

" May I ask you something?" She asked, her voice quivering.

" Uh, sure..." I said back, still unable to say what I had originally planned to.

" you...don’t you... do this too?" She left it at that, her full, pink lips open slightly.

I wanted to chastize her for doing what she was doing, as I was taught to do throughout my life... but I knew that I needed to be honest about it too. I had done the very same thing as she was doing, although I never have done that in public yet.

" Yeah.... I have done that too" I said, softly.

I made myself move away from her and slip into the nearest empty stall I could find to hid my embarrassment, and also the fact that I was feeling so sexually excited by what she had been doing. I also wanted to hid a certain other little hidden secret as well... the fact that I had masturbated while thinking about her more than once, Shame had made me not think about it, but at least I was telling myself the truth now.

That was my little secret that I had been keeping pretty much to myself... and from myself.. Now it was in my head front and center, the instant that I had walked in on Ashley pleasing herself..

I heard Ashley turn on the water and work the soap dispenser as I stood in the stall, and sigh. I pressed myself against the stall wall, panting silently as I tried to get the vision of her fingering herself out of my mind. How much seeing her had turned me on, that was pretty much out of the question

" I’m going straight to hell for this..." I told myself, just like ever time I had masturbated. That is what I had been told for years.

The water stopped suddenly, and the very pretty blonde girl called out to me while I stood there inside the stall, her footsteps telling me that she had came right up to the stall’s door.

" Can I ask you another question?"

" Go ahead..." I said, hearing how my own words shook when I spoke them

" So...who do you think about know... do things like this?" She asked, her voice shy and meek.

I froze, my mind battled between truth and lying.... and between what I had been doing to myself and the strong teachings of the church. I was trapped in more ways than hiding out in a toilet stall.

" from school.... and celebrities, I guess." I admitted without going to the real truth of what my fantasies were, feeling how my heart raced in my chest.

" Oh..." She replied back, then she went totally silent..


As I stood in the cubical, I had already started to move my own hands under my skirt as my resolve weakened as my whole body tingled away like mad. Ashley had turned me on so much that I, too, was feeling the need to touch myself... I felt so guilty about it, but at the same time I could not stop myself from doing so.

" Who do you...uh...think about?" I asked, pressing my pointer finger against my throbbing clit under my own pink heart print panties I had chosen to wear today, surprising myself that I had even came out and asked something like this while actually masturbating.

Ashley said nothing for a moment and I was thinking that she was disgusted by my questioning her that way. I slowed my hand, telling myself that I could not continue on with the question had just lobbed out other for Ashley, or the act that I was perpetrating on myself while I had asked.

" You!" Her voice said with one singular word, and all with just a little waver to it.

I stopped touching myself, my hand frozen my place. I was shocked as heck, she had been masturbating while thinking of me?. I was not even close to expecting that to come out of her mouth... but my mind was reminding me that I had been doing the same thing for about a year, while thinking on her.

" Huh?" I stammered, feeling how my heart had jumped at what I heard come from the gal.

" I’m sorry. I’m really sorry." She stammered and spluttered loudly from just outside the stall door. " I was thinking of you when I was... you know..."

As shocked as I was when Ashley had said what she did...I could hear so damned clearly the extent of her conflict the second she had said it. I knew I mirrored the exact same things... but truthfully with the reality of the deep feelings I had for the wonderfully beautiful girl, hesitation was going out the window at this point.

I pulled my fingers out from my panties and unlocked the door with a trembling hand. Stepping out into the main bathroom, I found Ashley was partially crying, obviously ashamed that she had admitted it to me. I stepped towards her, as she moved away from me... her face showed that she had divulged something that was deep and personal to me..

" Don’t be sorry." I told her, seeing how pretty her face was, even in her own inner horror.

I knew what I was feeling so totally damned immoral and just plainly disgusted with myself, but I couldn’t help it. I was finally understanding the depth of my attraction to the girl. It was more, deep and so real.. And her boldness had now forced me to look at myself, and my feelings.

I moved in one swift motion in front of Ashley, I quickly pushed her up against the brick and tiled wall and looked deep into her face. God help me, my mind was ready for the one thing I had always tried to hid from myself.

" I think about you too when I... you know." I admitted, despite the loathing I had for myself saying it.

" Jenny..." Ashley started, but I silenced her with a kiss and my tongue.

I’d never french kissed, or even just kissed, anybody before... but from Ashley’s cat like moan when I had planted my lips onto hers, I knew that I must have been okay at it. I felt her shiver a little and begin to wrap her arms around me, and I admittedly, was also shaking with excitement

" I never thought you were a lesbian, too." Ashley said when I pulled away. She looked right at me, her eyes locking with mine " Sort of knew about... myself being gay..."

" I...I never thought I was either, but also did in a way..." I admitted, that little reality was clear...I knew I was going to go to hell for that.


I kissed her again squarely on her gorgeous lips, moving ever so deliberately on to her slender neck, making a trail of kisses down to her collarbone.

" This is wrong, so very wrong, I know.. But..." She whimpered, with a little sound. " It does not feel like it..."

" I know." I said, feeling close to tears, as the word ‘sinner’ screamed at me from the inside. " I know it is."

" Kiss me then..." She breathed, throwing her concerns and fears away.

In that moment, whatever I had also held from my faith left me. I kissed her with a passion that I never knew lived inside of me... a passion that was now fuelled by Ashley being there with me. It was wrong by every account... but I did not care, and the pretty girl seemed to agree with that.

We kissed for a few moments longer, exploring each other’s bodies over our clothes. I was still belittling myself silently in my head, but my body was starting to overtake those thoughts.

" you mind if I...touch you?" She asked, naively, blushing... thankfully she had broke my thoughts off.

" No..." I said, giving in to my lust.

Ashley smiled and slowly reached up under my skirt, pausing for a moment when she felt just how soaked the crotch of my panties were.

" Did I do that to you?" She cooed, her eyes now alight with passion and sensuality as she seemed to feel my excitement more.

" Uh-huh." I replied, caressing her nipples that were sticking out from under her shirt.

Ashley pushed me then up against the wall and started to touch my little sex that was oozing away in my panties, her initially nervous hands were teasing me. She looked deeply into my face, her gaze smoldering away with a heat that was primal... and lighting the very same thing deep inside of me.

The girl paused for a second to pul my underwear down to just past my thighs, and brought her hand up between my legs. I trembled as her fingers started to lightly touch the outer parts of my sex, causing my pretty pink folds to quiver and send little shocks of pleasure through me. I moved my hips instinctively, wanting to feel her touches even more

"Mmm...Ash......" I moaned, and she finally dipped one of her fingers deep into my now alive hole. I gasped as she began to move her finger inside of me, and then I shuttered and gave a moan. " Yes...please, Ashley."

Just when felt like I might explode in a frenzy of pure ecstasy, Ashley stopped fingering me and drew back her hands. We hung there for a moment, seeing this strange yet playful smile. I stared at her, as that look was making me feel the first few shivers of pre-orgasms shoot through me.

" What...?" I asked, wondering if she wanted to stop this thing that we were doing... That had crossed my mind, but in the end, I did not really want to quit.

Before I could say another word, Ashley’s hand was back to my pussy, but this time she boldly pushed two fingers deep into me, touching places I never even knew was inside of myself. She pumped those fingers into me while kissing my neck in the meantime. I could not help but gasp as my body was starting to release waves of juices over her wonderful fingers.. the sensation was unreal. She pumped me furiously, and I was beginning to get lost in the vortex of absolute pleasure she was making.

She kept on, touching my inner soul that ended up making me come so alive, while building me closer to the point of exploding. I craved that so much, craved the fact that this amazing girl was going to pushed me over the edge faster than at any time I had tried to do it myself... I could not have enjoyed it any more than what I was.

Lost with the amazing fingers that probed so deeply in me, I had forgotten until right then to reciprocate. I wanted her to cum as well.

" Ash...let me...lay you down." I panted. I wanted to orgasm, but I wanted to orgasm with her.

Ashley smiled and let me guide her to the floor, our eyes never once unlocking from each other. I undressed her slowly, like I was unwrapping this perfect gift of a girl, and taking pleasure as each little beautiful inch of her was becoming exposed to my hungry eyes... and to reaffirm my fantasies.

Her body was just as I imagined it would be. I found her shaved bare of any hair, her pussy shone with her juices up at me. Her little folds quivered and pulsed as I looked at this remarkable work of art that her body held. With her bra off, I marvelled at her breasts, they were quite large and round, the dusty pinkness of her nipples were such a sweet thing to behold as they raised and lowered with each breath she took..

I bent down and next to her while she arched her back up in lust, planting a kiss on one of those amazing mountains she had.

" Jenny... fuck me, please fuck me." She half sobbed and half giggled with excitement, tears forming in her eyes as she tore at my clothes.

She had me soon without a stich of clothing, where then her finger found it’s way back inside of me the moment the last piece of my school uniform was tossed to where her’s were. Finally having it resting inside of me. I shuttered as I could feel it insert and go in, I wanted it so badly, but I wanted her as well. I knew what I had to do.

I pulled away and made her lay flat on her back, and I simply crawled on top of her. I made it so my pussy was hovering over her face, so her little slit was right in like with my face as well. I looked at her little shaved pussy, revelling just how it was there for me. Taking in it’s beauty and the soft aroma that came from it, my mouth watered like mad as the urge to lick it consumed me. Lowering my head, I gave in to my carnal urges

I let my tongue slide into her delicate pussy, tasting her with an open heart. She started to lap at my so very alive hole as well, accidentally nipping me and causing great amounts of pleasure and pain. I returned the favour, lightly biting down on her little button with my front teeth. I felt her hips mash up against my face the second I did that, and I knew that sent her such pleasure as she had brought me.

We lapped one another like crazy, feeling the flow of how our bodies were writhing against one another in our dance of lust as we raced towards the climaxes that each of our own bodies were promising. I was just enraptured with how sweet Ashley tasted, and I was captivated by just how that girl was getting her tongue inside of me. I could feel her tongue as it as it hit places, sending me to a pinnacle which I never even knew could have existed inside of me... and one that I never wanted to ever have ended.

I climaxed just before she did, my body literally bathed her face with what seemed to be gallons of juices... and she seemed to be licking ever last little bit up. It was the best orgasm I had ever experienced. My entire body trembled while I was in the grip of it all. I could barely keep my tongue going on her wonderful little sex, but I never once stopped. I knew that she was not far off, and that was my goal now

Her hips mashed her pretty slit into me all of a sudden, and my mouth was immediately flooded with her body’s sweetness. Ashley’s body shook and twitched as her climax took her over. I kept on lapping away, working very hard to pull out ever last little part of her orgasm that I could. I felt her scream into my pussy as it hit her, and I felt myself shiver and gasp into her as well. That scream she had made into me had brought another wave of an orgasm out of nowhere to grab a hold of me with intensity. As it blasted through me, it was clear that this one was almost as good as the one than had rocked me.

I kept on pleasing her for many minutes more... riding her waves of pleasure as she shook and humped away. I finally felt her body relax, and she became so silent and still. I could feel that from head to toe, Ashley entire body was very limp under me. I could not help but let a small giggle pass my lips, it made me feel so good that I had made her completely spent.

In the glow of the aftereffects of our time together, we just laid there a few moments longer, now turned face to face as out hands gently roved over on another’s nakedness, mindlessly caressing one another in the quiet of the bathroom

Ashley soon turned her head to look deep into my eyes. I could already tell that there was something that she was not wanting to say.

" We’re...going to be really late for our next class." She sighed with a little bit of defeat, her eyes showing that she did not want it to be that way.

" I know..." I gasped, the reality of what we had done flooded me with guilt... but with happiness creeping through it.

" The nuns are going to be mad..."She said.

I nodded and began to rise from the where we had been laying for awhile. Reluctantly, we put back on our hurriedly discarded uniforms, watching one another in agreed silence while we did. We were doing it as quickly as we could, but it was clear, at least to me, that we were doing this only because we had to.

Soon we were ready to go, but yet we lingered a little before we started to leave the bathroom. I held her hand, as we readied to hurry off

" Let’s meet up later... at lunch...." She said to me, catching my lips in a quick kiss before she ran out of the bathroom.

" What are you going to say to your Teaching Nun in class?" I said, knowing that were so lat for class

" Simple, bring up the ‘monthly’ thing, and that usually stops them..." She giggled. " They are quite squeamish with that little subject.

I smiled and nodded, but I was also wishing that I was the one who thought of that. It was simply pure brilliance on her part... yet amazed that this normally shy girl could come up with something like that.

I closed my eyes and let out a long and deep sigh, as she waved and hurried off after one last kiss. I felt my heart sink just a little, not wanting her to be gone.

I gathered myself and left the bathroom as well, not really feeling that I wanted to go to my Latin class. I sighed and made myself do that, knowing very well that I already was in just a wee bit of trouble... not just with the nuns, but inside of myself as well. Conflicted would be a better way of trying to explain it

As I speed walked up the stairs, heading to my class on the top floor of my school... I found my mind was working overtime. My mind was so jumbled now, the gravity of what Ashley and I had done was swirling in my head... as was the still ever present guilt.

Taking two steps at a time, I wondered if we would meet again, and not just for lunch. I was hoping for much more than that... another conflicting thought.. I also felt a this sharp sort of pang from being away from the girl already starting to grow inside of my heart.... a longing that was causing all of the conflict that now rattled around inside my mind. Number two.

Little did I know at the time as I fought the ‘sinner’ tag I was laying on myself constantly as I hurried off to my class already in progress... that this would be only the very beginning of things.

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  I usually do this, have a few stories on the go.  It helps If I get blocked on one, to go to the next one.

With that said, you can tell I am blocked on my story " Trailer..."  I finished chapter one of this new one... now I have beat it and will continue with each story.

"Trailer..."  will be updated tonight. I have been inspired!!  I am also writing chapter two for this one as well.  When I get inspired, I damn well get inspired.:)


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