Story: The metamorphosis of a Catholic Schoolgirl (all chapters)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter One - A moment in time...

[Author's notes: Going to the bathroom can't change yur life...Can it?]

The metamorphosis of a Catholic Schoolgirl

By Jd Wheels


Chapter one: A moment in time...

Disclaimer: I own the story and all things inside of it... all you just have to do is enjoy it.



It was nine ten in the morning, first period class was done... finally. I moved through the packed hallways, feeling like a character in some weird arcade game as I wove through the hundreds of girls that came to this girl’s school like I did, as we only had about ten minutes between classes.

St. Tomas Catholic school for girls was a nice school, ad I had gone to this particular one since I was in the fifth grade. My mom and dad never liked public schools, telling me more than once of the evils that it had in it’s walls. Since starting Kindergarten, I had gone to Catholic schools .Now that I was in Junior high, grade nine, it was just a way of life.

It was not that bad. I had good friends and great teachers, even though they were stodgy and ridged in their practices. The place was not for everyone, I have to admit, but I put up with the hard religious rhetoric and the sometimes cranky nuns because I had always gone to all girl catholic schools. I guess I never knew any better. I always had gon to them, but I always had felt a little different that the other girls... but I never had quite figured out why I did.

When I walked into the second floor bathroom wash my face a little and perhaps go to the bathroom if I needed to, I was only thinking of being quick about it. Being ‘tardy’ as the nuns put it, was not an option and almost looked upon as a sin. It happens though, but most of us try not to be because of the verbal lashing we would get. Little did I ever suspect that Ashley Caleb, the beautiful blond who sat right in front of me in home room, would be there, and doing something that shocked me.

There Ashley was, her hand was up her little plaid skirt while her blue eyes were shut tight. She was making soft moaning sounds as she fingered the front of her white panties she wore as her forehead was shiny with sweat. Despite everything that I knew that was holy and pure in the bible, I found myself becoming very turned on as I watched her continue to masturbate herself.. If she actually did know I was there, it was apparent that she didn’t care.

I watched in awe yet feeling so explosively stimulated as she kept rubbing herself. Her left hand had now started to creep up her green shirt to start rubbing one of her breasts under the fabric while she had herself wedged between the last sink in the row and the wall at the farthest end of the bathroom. She now had popped her finger inside of her underwear, and I watched as it moved under the wet spot. I could tell that the wet area was growing fast, under what she was doing to her. Ashley’s moans began to grow louder as she leaned up against the wall.

My heart was pounding in my chest, telling myself how wrong it was for her to be doing this.. But I was for the first time, not believing myself. Stunned into silence, all I could do was watch as she masturbated.

What I wanted to do was keep watching this pretty thing as long as I could, but I knew it was my duty to speak up and let her know I was here. I would have felt way too guilty otherwise. Besides, masturbation was a sin, and I couldn’t let Ashley drowned in sin as I already had. I felt bad that I had, and I never wanted anyone to feel that way ever


I cleared my throat purposely, but that never did get her attention. She just kept stroking herself, and moaning so sexily, and I was sure she was ready to have that most taboo of things in the Catholic teachings... an orgasm.

" Um...Ashley..." I whispered cautiously as I touched her arm lightly.

Her blue eyes snapped open and she jumped back. Her face lost all of it’s colour as she stared at me with her eyes opened wide.

" Jenny?? Well... I ...uh..." She stammered as she pulled her hands out of her panties and shirt, wiping them on the hem of her skirt. " I was....Uh... I just had a...a itch!"

She looked so pretty being caught like this, along with that look that told me she knew her explanation was very lame indeed. I instantly hated myself that I even had thought of her like that in the first place. I stood there, not quite knowing what to say, unlike what I had been just a few seconds ago

" Oh. Okay." I tried to turn my eyes towards the mirror, away from her blushing face... because I also felt how red and hot my face was becoming.

She smoothed out her clothes a little, her eyes still holding a mix of shock and shame in them. I wanted to continue what I was going to say, but it seemed to have been stuck in my mouth.

" May I ask you something?" She asked, her voice quivering.

" Uh, sure..." I said back, still unable to say what I had originally planned to.

" you...don’t you... do this too?" She left it at that, her full, pink lips open slightly.

I wanted to chastize her for doing what she was doing, as I was taught to do throughout my life... but I knew that I needed to be honest about it too. I had done the very same thing as she was doing, although I never have done that in public yet.

" Yeah.... I have done that too" I said, softly.

I made myself move away from her and slip into the nearest empty stall I could find to hid my embarrassment, and also the fact that I was feeling so sexually excited by what she had been doing. I also wanted to hid a certain other little hidden secret as well... the fact that I had masturbated while thinking about her more than once, Shame had made me not think about it, but at least I was telling myself the truth now.

That was my little secret that I had been keeping pretty much to myself... and from myself.. Now it was in my head front and center, the instant that I had walked in on Ashley pleasing herself..

I heard Ashley turn on the water and work the soap dispenser as I stood in the stall, and sigh. I pressed myself against the stall wall, panting silently as I tried to get the vision of her fingering herself out of my mind. How much seeing her had turned me on, that was pretty much out of the question

" I’m going straight to hell for this..." I told myself, just like ever time I had masturbated. That is what I had been told for years.

The water stopped suddenly, and the very pretty blonde girl called out to me while I stood there inside the stall, her footsteps telling me that she had came right up to the stall’s door.

" Can I ask you another question?"

" Go ahead..." I said, hearing how my own words shook when I spoke them

" So...who do you think about know... do things like this?" She asked, her voice shy and meek.

I froze, my mind battled between truth and lying.... and between what I had been doing to myself and the strong teachings of the church. I was trapped in more ways than hiding out in a toilet stall.

" from school.... and celebrities, I guess." I admitted without going to the real truth of what my fantasies were, feeling how my heart raced in my chest.

" Oh..." She replied back, then she went totally silent..


As I stood in the cubical, I had already started to move my own hands under my skirt as my resolve weakened as my whole body tingled away like mad. Ashley had turned me on so much that I, too, was feeling the need to touch myself... I felt so guilty about it, but at the same time I could not stop myself from doing so.

" Who do you...uh...think about?" I asked, pressing my pointer finger against my throbbing clit under my own pink heart print panties I had chosen to wear today, surprising myself that I had even came out and asked something like this while actually masturbating.

Ashley said nothing for a moment and I was thinking that she was disgusted by my questioning her that way. I slowed my hand, telling myself that I could not continue on with the question had just lobbed out other for Ashley, or the act that I was perpetrating on myself while I had asked.

" You!" Her voice said with one singular word, and all with just a little waver to it.

I stopped touching myself, my hand frozen my place. I was shocked as heck, she had been masturbating while thinking of me?. I was not even close to expecting that to come out of her mouth... but my mind was reminding me that I had been doing the same thing for about a year, while thinking on her.

" Huh?" I stammered, feeling how my heart had jumped at what I heard come from the gal.

" I’m sorry. I’m really sorry." She stammered and spluttered loudly from just outside the stall door. " I was thinking of you when I was... you know..."

As shocked as I was when Ashley had said what she did...I could hear so damned clearly the extent of her conflict the second she had said it. I knew I mirrored the exact same things... but truthfully with the reality of the deep feelings I had for the wonderfully beautiful girl, hesitation was going out the window at this point.

I pulled my fingers out from my panties and unlocked the door with a trembling hand. Stepping out into the main bathroom, I found Ashley was partially crying, obviously ashamed that she had admitted it to me. I stepped towards her, as she moved away from me... her face showed that she had divulged something that was deep and personal to me..

" Don’t be sorry." I told her, seeing how pretty her face was, even in her own inner horror.

I knew what I was feeling so totally damned immoral and just plainly disgusted with myself, but I couldn’t help it. I was finally understanding the depth of my attraction to the girl. It was more, deep and so real.. And her boldness had now forced me to look at myself, and my feelings.

I moved in one swift motion in front of Ashley, I quickly pushed her up against the brick and tiled wall and looked deep into her face. God help me, my mind was ready for the one thing I had always tried to hid from myself.

" I think about you too when I... you know." I admitted, despite the loathing I had for myself saying it.

" Jenny..." Ashley started, but I silenced her with a kiss and my tongue.

I’d never french kissed, or even just kissed, anybody before... but from Ashley’s cat like moan when I had planted my lips onto hers, I knew that I must have been okay at it. I felt her shiver a little and begin to wrap her arms around me, and I admittedly, was also shaking with excitement

" I never thought you were a lesbian, too." Ashley said when I pulled away. She looked right at me, her eyes locking with mine " Sort of knew about... myself being gay..."

" I...I never thought I was either, but also did in a way..." I admitted, that little reality was clear...I knew I was going to go to hell for that.


I kissed her again squarely on her gorgeous lips, moving ever so deliberately on to her slender neck, making a trail of kisses down to her collarbone.

" This is wrong, so very wrong, I know.. But..." She whimpered, with a little sound. " It does not feel like it..."

" I know." I said, feeling close to tears, as the word ‘sinner’ screamed at me from the inside. " I know it is."

" Kiss me then..." She breathed, throwing her concerns and fears away.

In that moment, whatever I had also held from my faith left me. I kissed her with a passion that I never knew lived inside of me... a passion that was now fuelled by Ashley being there with me. It was wrong by every account... but I did not care, and the pretty girl seemed to agree with that.

We kissed for a few moments longer, exploring each other’s bodies over our clothes. I was still belittling myself silently in my head, but my body was starting to overtake those thoughts.

" you mind if I...touch you?" She asked, naively, blushing... thankfully she had broke my thoughts off.

" No..." I said, giving in to my lust.

Ashley smiled and slowly reached up under my skirt, pausing for a moment when she felt just how soaked the crotch of my panties were.

" Did I do that to you?" She cooed, her eyes now alight with passion and sensuality as she seemed to feel my excitement more.

" Uh-huh." I replied, caressing her nipples that were sticking out from under her shirt.

Ashley pushed me then up against the wall and started to touch my little sex that was oozing away in my panties, her initially nervous hands were teasing me. She looked deeply into my face, her gaze smoldering away with a heat that was primal... and lighting the very same thing deep inside of me.

The girl paused for a second to pul my underwear down to just past my thighs, and brought her hand up between my legs. I trembled as her fingers started to lightly touch the outer parts of my sex, causing my pretty pink folds to quiver and send little shocks of pleasure through me. I moved my hips instinctively, wanting to feel her touches even more

"Mmm...Ash......" I moaned, and she finally dipped one of her fingers deep into my now alive hole. I gasped as she began to move her finger inside of me, and then I shuttered and gave a moan. " Yes...please, Ashley."

Just when felt like I might explode in a frenzy of pure ecstasy, Ashley stopped fingering me and drew back her hands. We hung there for a moment, seeing this strange yet playful smile. I stared at her, as that look was making me feel the first few shivers of pre-orgasms shoot through me.

" What...?" I asked, wondering if she wanted to stop this thing that we were doing... That had crossed my mind, but in the end, I did not really want to quit.

Before I could say another word, Ashley’s hand was back to my pussy, but this time she boldly pushed two fingers deep into me, touching places I never even knew was inside of myself. She pumped those fingers into me while kissing my neck in the meantime. I could not help but gasp as my body was starting to release waves of juices over her wonderful fingers.. the sensation was unreal. She pumped me furiously, and I was beginning to get lost in the vortex of absolute pleasure she was making.

She kept on, touching my inner soul that ended up making me come so alive, while building me closer to the point of exploding. I craved that so much, craved the fact that this amazing girl was going to pushed me over the edge faster than at any time I had tried to do it myself... I could not have enjoyed it any more than what I was.

Lost with the amazing fingers that probed so deeply in me, I had forgotten until right then to reciprocate. I wanted her to cum as well.

" Ash...let me...lay you down." I panted. I wanted to orgasm, but I wanted to orgasm with her.

Ashley smiled and let me guide her to the floor, our eyes never once unlocking from each other. I undressed her slowly, like I was unwrapping this perfect gift of a girl, and taking pleasure as each little beautiful inch of her was becoming exposed to my hungry eyes... and to reaffirm my fantasies.

Her body was just as I imagined it would be. I found her shaved bare of any hair, her pussy shone with her juices up at me. Her little folds quivered and pulsed as I looked at this remarkable work of art that her body held. With her bra off, I marvelled at her breasts, they were quite large and round, the dusty pinkness of her nipples were such a sweet thing to behold as they raised and lowered with each breath she took..

I bent down and next to her while she arched her back up in lust, planting a kiss on one of those amazing mountains she had.

" Jenny... fuck me, please fuck me." She half sobbed and half giggled with excitement, tears forming in her eyes as she tore at my clothes.

She had me soon without a stich of clothing, where then her finger found it’s way back inside of me the moment the last piece of my school uniform was tossed to where her’s were. Finally having it resting inside of me. I shuttered as I could feel it insert and go in, I wanted it so badly, but I wanted her as well. I knew what I had to do.

I pulled away and made her lay flat on her back, and I simply crawled on top of her. I made it so my pussy was hovering over her face, so her little slit was right in like with my face as well. I looked at her little shaved pussy, revelling just how it was there for me. Taking in it’s beauty and the soft aroma that came from it, my mouth watered like mad as the urge to lick it consumed me. Lowering my head, I gave in to my carnal urges

I let my tongue slide into her delicate pussy, tasting her with an open heart. She started to lap at my so very alive hole as well, accidentally nipping me and causing great amounts of pleasure and pain. I returned the favour, lightly biting down on her little button with my front teeth. I felt her hips mash up against my face the second I did that, and I knew that sent her such pleasure as she had brought me.

We lapped one another like crazy, feeling the flow of how our bodies were writhing against one another in our dance of lust as we raced towards the climaxes that each of our own bodies were promising. I was just enraptured with how sweet Ashley tasted, and I was captivated by just how that girl was getting her tongue inside of me. I could feel her tongue as it as it hit places, sending me to a pinnacle which I never even knew could have existed inside of me... and one that I never wanted to ever have ended.

I climaxed just before she did, my body literally bathed her face with what seemed to be gallons of juices... and she seemed to be licking ever last little bit up. It was the best orgasm I had ever experienced. My entire body trembled while I was in the grip of it all. I could barely keep my tongue going on her wonderful little sex, but I never once stopped. I knew that she was not far off, and that was my goal now

Her hips mashed her pretty slit into me all of a sudden, and my mouth was immediately flooded with her body’s sweetness. Ashley’s body shook and twitched as her climax took her over. I kept on lapping away, working very hard to pull out ever last little part of her orgasm that I could. I felt her scream into my pussy as it hit her, and I felt myself shiver and gasp into her as well. That scream she had made into me had brought another wave of an orgasm out of nowhere to grab a hold of me with intensity. As it blasted through me, it was clear that this one was almost as good as the one than had rocked me.

I kept on pleasing her for many minutes more... riding her waves of pleasure as she shook and humped away. I finally felt her body relax, and she became so silent and still. I could feel that from head to toe, Ashley entire body was very limp under me. I could not help but let a small giggle pass my lips, it made me feel so good that I had made her completely spent.

In the glow of the aftereffects of our time together, we just laid there a few moments longer, now turned face to face as out hands gently roved over on another’s nakedness, mindlessly caressing one another in the quiet of the bathroom

Ashley soon turned her head to look deep into my eyes. I could already tell that there was something that she was not wanting to say.

" We’re...going to be really late for our next class." She sighed with a little bit of defeat, her eyes showing that she did not want it to be that way.

" I know..." I gasped, the reality of what we had done flooded me with guilt... but with happiness creeping through it.

" The nuns are going to be mad..."She said.

I nodded and began to rise from the where we had been laying for awhile. Reluctantly, we put back on our hurriedly discarded uniforms, watching one another in agreed silence while we did. We were doing it as quickly as we could, but it was clear, at least to me, that we were doing this only because we had to.

Soon we were ready to go, but yet we lingered a little before we started to leave the bathroom. I held her hand, as we readied to hurry off

" Let’s meet up later... at lunch...." She said to me, catching my lips in a quick kiss before she ran out of the bathroom.

" What are you going to say to your Teaching Nun in class?" I said, knowing that were so lat for class

" Simple, bring up the ‘monthly’ thing, and that usually stops them..." She giggled. " They are quite squeamish with that little subject.

I smiled and nodded, but I was also wishing that I was the one who thought of that. It was simply pure brilliance on her part... yet amazed that this normally shy girl could come up with something like that.

I closed my eyes and let out a long and deep sigh, as she waved and hurried off after one last kiss. I felt my heart sink just a little, not wanting her to be gone.

I gathered myself and left the bathroom as well, not really feeling that I wanted to go to my Latin class. I sighed and made myself do that, knowing very well that I already was in just a wee bit of trouble... not just with the nuns, but inside of myself as well. Conflicted would be a better way of trying to explain it

As I speed walked up the stairs, heading to my class on the top floor of my school... I found my mind was working overtime. My mind was so jumbled now, the gravity of what Ashley and I had done was swirling in my head... as was the still ever present guilt.

Taking two steps at a time, I wondered if we would meet again, and not just for lunch. I was hoping for much more than that... another conflicting thought.. I also felt a this sharp sort of pang from being away from the girl already starting to grow inside of my heart.... a longing that was causing all of the conflict that now rattled around inside my mind. Number two.

Little did I know at the time as I fought the ‘sinner’ tag I was laying on myself constantly as I hurried off to my class already in progress... that this would be only the very beginning of things.

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  I usually do this, have a few stories on the go.  It helps If I get blocked on one, to go to the next one.

With that said, you can tell I am blocked on my story " Trailer..."  I finished chapter one of this new one... now I have beat it and will continue with each story.

"Trailer..."  will be updated tonight. I have been inspired!!  I am also writing chapter two for this one as well.  When I get inspired, I damn well get inspired.:)


Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Apple Red

[Author's notes: Getting close to the one you love is good, but there is many paths that one should never take.]

Chapter Two - Apple red



Lunch time rolled around, and the school seemed to burst alive when the bell rang for it. With every single student going to the cafeteria, it was sort of like a huge gaggle of geese that were landing on some placid lake... it was noisy and crowded as the hallways filled up with hungry girls..

I entered huge cafeteria, getting into the serving line where you could choose what it was that you wanted to eat that day. I ventured a look back at the over three hundred or more girls that were lined up behind me. I could not help but giggle a little as I was thankful that I had gotten down here quick enough to escape the huge crush of students. I hated crowds, even though my school was so damned large

Looking at a chalkboard attached to the wall, I saw what was on the menu for our cafeteria today. Grimacing as I read, I could see that it was not quite the best selections the student of food services have had doled up for us.

Written in bold bright pink chalk, the menu was clear. I had a choice between a fish and chips platter, some really greasy looking lasagna that looked far from anything good, a stack of stale looking egg salad sandwiches or a choice of either a bowl of chili or mushroom soup. There was bowls of fruit, little snack cheeses and other little things, but I tended not to go for anything like that..

It was a no-brainer... I took the fish and chips, along with can of coke. It was not my favourite meal they had ever offered here, but I knew from going to St. Thomas long enough by now... this was going to be the only option to go with. The only good thing about the fish platter... at least I knew that it would be edible.

I went through and hurried to my usual spot, a corner booth that was at the very back of the large dining area. I always took that spot so I would not have to be swamped in the middle of a veritable sea of girls who crammed themselves into every corner of the dining area. Another reason was that I could sort of escape the scrutiny always staring eyes of the Nuns... they always seemed to be lurking around everywhere.

Living at various schools like this most of my life, I should be use to having the ‘big penguins’, as we called them, hanging around all of the time. Surprisingly, it never quite worked out like that for anyone... I found myself hating being under their watchful eyes every single moment of each day.

As I took my seat, I was not quite sure if the amazingly beautiful Ashley would actually show up to have lunch with me. I was nervous to meet up with the girl after what had ‘happened’ earlier, but there was a side of me that was yearning to see Ashley again. I was more than feeling conflicted... I also was feeling convicted as well. What we had done, was against ever single thing I had been taught in church since I was a little girl, and that played in my head over and over again.

I had battled this strange sort of needing I had to see the girl again....which was being offset by the huge feeling of guilt that had built in after our little tryst in the washrooms upstairs. My mind kept replaying the ‘sinner’ tag over and over again, almost getting louder every time it did so. It was a real battle inside my mind over this, yet it seemed like their was no answer. I wanted to be happy, but I knew that God did not like the ‘lesbian’ thing either.

After the nuns had led us in the saying of grace like ever meal time, everyone in the dining hall was free to partake of their food. I took a look around, noticing that some of my fellow students were eating like they had not seen food in years everywhere. I chuckled and thought back to last summer vacation when I hung around my slightly older cousin Chad.

He had constantly told me his theories on boys, girls and other more odd things that were attached to life. He even had said ‘ girls can be pigs’ more than once, trying to make a point that in some respects, boys and girls were not as different as they seemed to be. I have to admit, Chad is a idiot, but he might just have something here when I looked all around myself in the dinning room.

I bit into one of the fish sticks from my plate, the saltiness of it making me think that I might have chosen wrong for my noon meal. The heavily batter rectangle of fish tasted as horribly as it looked. It was very gross, but after seeing the other choices that had been layed out for us today... I concluded that the fish I was eating was the only real choice. The cafeteria was not known for having any real level of culinary excellence.

I had just swallowed when. I was then joined by the beautiful Ashley, just like she had said she would. I smiled at the first glance at her, my palms got almost instantly wet as she hurriedly slid in to the seat of the booth right next to me, putting her tray of food down. I felt all weak inside at just looking at her, my mind replaying the morning’s activity.

" Hi..." She said sweetly, her face still showing the confusion that this morning had brought to her.

" Uh, Ashley..." I said with a stammer, hearing how my voice was wobbling a little.

She looked at me, her eyes still held a noticeable smokiness that made me tingle all over. I smiled back, and I could see her blush a little. I found myself looking at her very intently, and not being able to look away from her amazingly deep blue eyes. She was gorgeous, just doing the simplest of things like sitting down to join me. I was shocked at my reaction... conflicted once again.

Ashley seemed to take a deep breath while looking at me, clearly searching for something to say... but her mind was not coming up with anything. I just waited for her to start talking, my own tongue was stilled as well

" Did you have a good morning, Jenny?" The girl asked, her cheeks reddening a little.

" It was... rather interesting... " I said after a second, feeling my own cheeks were growing very hot.

" That is so... understated, I would say..." She said, a little titter of a giggle coming out of her.

We sat and ate for a few minutes, talking mindlessly about pretty much anything that we could come up with as we did. Neither one of us was quite sure of what to say or do at the moment, and we just opted for mindless chatter. I could feel this sort of tension hang around us, and tried very hard to ignore it... but I looked into her eyes and I was once again feeling those tingles shooting through me once again.

Ashley leaned onto me after a few minutes, after taking a glance around. I noticed that she was acting a little more nervous than even what she was when she sat down. I waited to see what she was going to say, fear that she was now beginning to hate what we had done filling my mind.

" We have a little... situation going on here...." She said, in a almost halting type of whisper. " It is one I know that you have not noticed yet..."

" A situation?" I echoed back, a little surprised at her blunt but shaky tone.

" Trust me... this situation is a real doozie." She whispered, looking right into my eyes.

I looked straight at her for a second, not quite getting exactly what she was trying to elude to

" What is it?" I asked back in a whisper of my own.

" It’s going to be sort of.... embarrassing... when I say it" She said, her voice becoming even more tight.

My mind was flying with thoughts that we had been ‘discovered’ this morning or something like along those lines. I looked at her, setting myself for whatever this could be all about.

" Just tell me..." I said, seeing her face half was serious and half almost like she was trying to stop herself from giggling.

I heard her give a very strange sounding giggle in the back of her throat, as she turned to look at me fully in the face.

" After... you know what happened..." She started, her face going even more of a deeper shade of red at this point. " We sort of ended up having a very... unusual situation on out hands ..."

" Something wrong?" I asked, still unsure of just what it was that she was trying to say to me.

Ashley started to blush ever brighter than what it already had been, and seemed to be very shy at the moment of telling me what ever it was. She leaned in, her face only an inch away from my ear.

" I.. Uh... I put your underwear on instead of mine.." She said with a wavering giggle of chagrin.

" I have your panties on?" I stammered, as shocked as her face was showing disbelief at the situation

" And you have mine on..." She said in response, giggling a little harder.

I was feeling very shocked quite embarrassed at this point. I looked down at my lap and then up at her, now realizing why my underwear had been feeling a little strange to me when I was in class. I had thought it was just my raging guilt making me feel uncomfortable... but with the fact that I knew now that I was waring her panties, this made all the more sense. I closed my eyes and giggled. This was very unexpected.

" I used the bathroom before coming here... and noticed it." Ashley giggled.

I just shook my head, and found myself laughing at this little situation. It was such a strange thing to have happen, but here we were.... wearing the other’s underwear.

" This is very strange..." I commented, looking at the laugh flushed face who looked at me.

" Your telling me..." She nodded, obviously feeling the same way as I was over things.

We stopped laughing finally, after drawing a glare from one of the nuns as she walked around watching everyone. Looking at one another, we knew that we needed to think of a way we could fix this up.

" What do we do then?" I said, feeling a little odd at wearing another girl’s panties... but also a little ‘horny’ at the thought of it.

" That is my question..." She said, laughing too. " I don’t really know what to do."

" Me neither." I said, this was one problem I never envisioned having ever in my life.

We sat there, thinking of a way to rectify this without causing any more embarrassment than already was happening. Suddenly I had an idea suddenly.

" I think if we right after lunch we just go for a walk and slip into one of the washrooms, we just might get to exchange them without being too mortified..." I said, not really having any other idea to clear this up.

" Some of the girls hang in there after lunch and stuff... remember?" Ashley pointed out quickly.


I snuffed and knew that she was right. I should have thought it through. Some of the more tougher of girls always hung in the bathrooms on breaks and nights to sneak a cigarette or talk about sneaking out of their dormitories and going into the city to meet boys. With all of them in there, it would be not possible to be discreet about this little problem.

" Shot my idea all to hell..." I whispered, making sure that my swearing was not heard by the dog-like ears of the Nuns. " Any other ideas?"

" Not at the moment..." She said, her brow furrowed as she thought on the matter. " I was hoping that you might have one

For a few minutes, we thought on out mutual problem, but it was going nowhere fast. We just kept on while eating our lunches, each hoping the other would hit on something..

Just as we were almost finished out lunch, Ashley looked at me and smiled a little. The girl’s angelic face started to blush very brightly, but there was this glow of an idea in those wonderful eyes that peered at me.

" What number is your dorm room?" She asked then.

" I am in block ‘C’, room 305." I said, already getting a handle on what she was saying to me.

" Here is the plan..." She said, leaning in to me. " I will sneak over to your building after evening mass and do it there.... or just wait until after the Nuns complete the room checks at Ten."

I thought that would limit our embarrassment greatly. That was a perfect thought, and I wish I had came up with it earlier.

" You think you can pull it off, getting to my dorm room without the penguins seeing you?" I asked.

" If girl’s like that Stacy Kirby and her group of friends can get themselves off the school’s property to go and see boys in the city..." She started, smiling. " I think I can get to your dorm room without any trouble at all."

" Perfect..." I whispered, still a little bashful over the days events.

She flashed me a very sweet smile, letting me see the relief that was flowed over her face. I felt very better as well, but the strangeness of what the day had brought still played with my mind for awhile more.

We both just relaxed a little and simply began to talk with an ease that had not been there today. As we did, I found Ashley had slid her hand under the table, and had gripped my hand in a clasp only lovers would have understood. I gripped Ashley’s hand tightly back in response to it, my heart was now fluttering away in my chest as I neve wanted to let that hand go. By the soft grip that she had me by, it seemed like she did not want to let go either.

Being with Ashley like this was still very awkward in many ways, and it did not help that I still had so many thoughts roaming around in my head. Through it all, I became aware that I was feeling so happy with just being with her. When I looked into her eyes as we talked, this odd sensation would flood right through me. That feeling was almost like if being with this girl... made me feel like I was complete. I could see a light in her eyes, a certain glow that just was so incredible. I smiled, as my heart finally was talking to me.

There it was...I was in love. Never in my life had something been so clear that I could not deny it. Looking at her, as she seemed to lean in every time I talked.. Almost as if she was hanging on every word I spoke.

Somewhere in the back of my head, there was that voice that had been screaming at me. It was telling me that I was going to go to hell for loving Ashley... the total opposite of what my heart was telling me.

After lunch period was done, we both parted ways as we needed to get to our next classes. Ashley and I both did not really want to, but we knew that there was no way of avoiding it, and skipping a class was very much looked down upon by the penguins.

I hurried myself up the steps up to the top floor, my English class was awaiting me up there. I noticed that I had a spring in my step and I was giggling away under my own breath while my mind flashing with images of that very lovely blond girl. I could not help but be smiling as broad as anything as I entered the classroom... regardless of that voice that was in my head.

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - An act of God?

[Author's notes: You may think you have found something... but it turnes out to be nothing at all.]

Chapter Three - An act of God?



Feeling very fidgety, I stood and could see how dark this night had became through my dorm room window. There was not even a moon present in the sky as I looked, and noted just how strange that made everything look.

I had watched the deepening clouds roll in just before the evening mass had started earlier on, throwing the St. Tomas into a very deep darkness even in the earliest evening. Even after our Prayers were over, the night seemed to have only deepened the darkness as the entire student body headed to their respective room for the night. The evening’s gloom was only broken by the many tall walklamps that lined all every path that wound their way through every corner of the large campus that St. Tomas had.

I had walked back to my dorm alone, one eye on the sky as I crossed from the church over the courtyard to our living quarters. This night, was just one of the darkest I had seen as the threatening clouds were telling a story of it’s own... they were foretelling of a storm they held until it was just the right time for them to unleash it’s fury on to the land far below them.

Even when I got to the building with out one drop of rain being felt, I knew that it was only a matter of time until those clouds released their watery loads. I could hear the telltale rumble of thunder that was quite far away still, but the flashing of lightning on the horizon told of it nearing our school.

I then just watched the storm developing from my dorm window, using it to make myself ignore the mindless chatter that I could hear coming from the hallway just outside my door...talking was always happening at this time of night I could hear also so very clearly that there was a couple of the girl’s on my floor who were starting to really argue loudly, sounding almost like two spitting cats out in the hall.

As time went on, the girl’s loud argument had changed into a raging shouting match that had the fury of a huge storm out on the sea. I could clearly pick out many very colourful swear words and name calling were being brandished as boldly as if they were weapons. The heated argument was so venomous and vial in it’s intensity, that it was beyond being civilized. I tried to ignore all of it, not wanting anything to do with whatever it was that started all of this.

I was uninterested in what ever those girls were so violently at odds with one another about. Just listening to it as it raged on for what seemed to be hours, I was becoming even more than sure that I really did not want to know what had sparked all of this off..

As I turned back to watch the coming storm move ever closer, my mind rationalized the argument out. It seemed to me that as the school term dragged on, nerves begin to get frayed and so all of this started becoming a common thing at St. Tomas..

I looked at my clock beside my bed, and read that it was almost eleven o’clock... and wondered where Ashley could be. She had said she would sneak out to exchange our underwear right after the Nuns had made the last bed checks for the night. It was already way past that set time, and she had not shown up yet. I sighed and lowered my head

I was feeling so nervous while I was waiting here, it was almost driving me to feel insane. I was just wanting to steal away just a little time in with her tonight... and that urge to see her was making me almost burst from the inside out as I waited.. I tried deep breathing and getting my mind off of it... it was not working any way.

I looked over at a small package I had wrapped up in pretty pink tissue paper that I had set on my bed. These were Ashley’s panties which I had mistakenly put on earlier on in the day. I had lovingly washed and dried the pair of white with little flowers undies for her, then lovingly wrapped them up in the thin paper for privacy purposes. They now were waiting for their owner to arrive, but she was not here yet

Perhaps Ashley had not been able to sneak away from her dorm room over in the ‘B’ building, as the nuns could be very vigilant at times... or she may have just decided to wait and try exchanging out things sometime tomorrow. I had no idea which of these explanations it could be, but in the long run, that never mattered. All I wanted was to see her pretty face again, and to taste those wonderful lips... the ones that made me shiver with just the slightest of thought of them brushing up against mine.

Shaking my head again, I felt so helpless that I felt this all consuming need to see her. It was so weak sounding, but was the truth... I knew that, even though I was looking at an eternity of eternal damnation for even just feeling that way.

I heard the voice of Sister Geraldine out in front of my door, which brought me out of my conflicting thoughts in myself. I shook my head, and listened to the new things going on outside my door. After more than fifteen minutes of the arguing just out side of my door, it had brought up to the floor one of the very cantankerous Sisters to straighten out what ever it was that had started the verbal war..

I cringed at the thought of being the one who was facing Sister Geraldine like the girls out there were doing. No one in their right mind would have actually wanted the Sister up here... especially how much of a hard-liner she was... she was like Rambo, dressed in a Habit.

Sister Geraldine was one of those Nuns, that you never wanted to cross paths with when you were doing wrong. By the sounds that were coming from the hallways, for the arguing girl, it was too late for that. Over and over again, the older Nun’s voice was getting louder by the second, cutting through the student’s yelling as easily as anything as she lay down the rules in a no-nonsense fashion. It was clear to me just standing in my room, the Nun was not too happy about having to come up here. Each word was spit with the explosiveness of a hand grenade going off.

She was one of the tougher of the ‘penguins’ that had been assigned to our school. She was a teacher of languages and deportment, and also holding a position that was second only to Mother Superior Abigail... who was the head of St. Tomas.

Between the Mother Superior and Sister Geraldine, both of them I always had tried to stay in good graces with. If you did do something wrong, you could only pray to the good lord above that it would not be Sister Geraldine who came to speak with you about it.. The only worse one to have see you in times that you had done wrong..was the Mother Superior herself.

I was a nervous wreck all over again, as my mind went back to waiting for Ashley...and the waiting was now getting to me. I looked at the clock again, and saw only two minutes had passed since I had looked at it. I found myself wringing my hands, as this was beginning to feel like torture to me.

" C’mon..." I whispered to my very quiet room, getting even more impatient.

I sat down on my bed, trying hard to keep myself still and simply wait for awhile more as quiet as possible. I listened and could hear that it now had fallen very quiet out in the hall. It was good to hear the silence again out there, as the shouting had been fast and furious between a group of girls out there. I had wondered at one point if it could have escalated into punches and stuff, but now that was moot point.

The good Sister had gotten things calmed down in no time flat, and my dormitory block had settled back into peace. I snuffed, as it never did take long for that penguin to take charge... you would have to be very stupid, have a deathwish or just extremely stubborn as hell to go toe to toe with that Nun. For most people, they would have lost badly.

I sat for another twenty minutes, watching the time go by as I waited. It was getting harder and harder to wait.

Soon, I just got a little bold idea stuck in my head. Getting my little package from my bed, I hurried out of the room. I had decided that I was going to be the one who brought her panties to her... wanting t have just a few precious seconds to see her before I had to return and go to bed. I smiled as I thought of that, feeling my heart fluttering with impish glee at it, while I tip toed out of my room to do just that.

The halls of my floor was empty of anyone now... and there was no signs of even one Nun as I started down the hall. I knew that the arguing parties had been sent to their rooms for the night, but not after getting an stern earful from Sister Geraldine. If they knew what was good for them, they all had went more than willingly and left whatever had started all of this behind them.

The whole dormitory was as still as you could ever get around here, witch was saying something. I hurried down the stairs towards the breezeway tunnel that connected each of the six dorm buildings to one another. I smiled, anticipating seeing the girl again, and I had a plan that made me smile even broader.

" She was going to get the kiss of a lifetime." I said to myself.



‘B’ Building was as calm as mine was now, as I hurried up the main stairs and to the second floor. There was no lights on under any of the doors, and the only ones that were on were the soft hall lights overhead.

I knew the room number to Ashley’s room, and headed there with quickened yet silenced steps. My heart was going like crazy while my mind replaying the main event of the day... causing me to shiver a little. The panties I had changed into so I could clean the ones that I had mistakenly put on were already starting to get really wet... already my juices were dripping down my inner thigh, my sex was twitching wildly as I neared my destination.

I found her door at the farthest end of the send floor hall and stoped. Nervous, I looked at the dark wood of the door and took a deep breath.. My heart now racing a little more as I stood there. I leaned in to listen for a moment, wanting to make sure that the girl was in her room at the time.. Not really wanting to just leave the package for her to find if she had take off to the bathroom or something.

That was when I heard sounds from inside the room, something that at the moment... sounds very familiar.

" I many not have been the most experienced person around this school, far from it..." I said to myself.

I knew that those sounds were actually moans of pleasure that came from just behind the door I was in front of. I gigged and guessed that she was in there pleasing herself just like I had found her in the bathroom earlier on. I knew right then that she probably had started that and just lost time... the reason for her not showing up like she had planned to. Just the thought of her rubbing her wonderful sex again, made me feel even more tingly than I had been.

I reached for the doorknob and was going to go in and surprise the beautiful blonde I wanted to catch her in the act, then maybe help her out with her small problem. Excitedly, I swung the door open, feeling that it was unlocked. I had a plan, and god help me, I was going to make her smile.

I entered, and I thought my knees were going to buckle right there. What had greeted me when I stepped in, made my heart drop in my chest and caused me to gasp out as I felt like I was going to faint.

Ashley was on her bed in the room, alright, but it was not in self pleasing herself either. The truth was far more blatant, and way more hurtful than I had ever had imagined while I had been hanging outside the door.

She was lying on the bed, her uniform skirt was hiked high over her shapely ass with her panties clearly hanging around one ankle. A girl with very short brown hair was kneeling on the floor next to the bed, her face was buried in between Ashley’s very shapely thighs. The thin girl’s tongue was clearly visible lapping away at Ashley’s outer sex like mad while having one of her fingers of one hand stuffed deeply into those rose like folds, pumping her digit in and out of Ashley.

Ashley was laying there moaning and writhing under the other girl’s tongue, hips grinding her pussy into the face and hand that was making her shutter in pleasure. I could not move, as I watched the one that I was falling in love with, being with someone else.

The girl, who I knew was named Louise Anderson, was the one that had her face buried between those legs. Continuing to pleasure Ashley, Louse and Ashley were both oblivious that I had even walked in. That girl continued to work on the girl on the bed, she too was making little noise of pleasure as she lapped away happily.

I had gasped so loudly, that Ashley’s eyes cracked wide open. She had this look of horror on her face, as she came to realize that I was standing right there. She made a little sound as she began to get herself up

" Jenny..." She stammered, moving so the girl between her legs suddenly snapped her head up.

I took a step or two back, my mind trying hard to make sense of what I was seeing, but my heart already knowing the truth of the matter. My body shook, and I felt almost like I was going to be sick to my stomach.

Ashley was quick to sit up and get off the bed, pushing away the girl that was still on her knees on the floor, licking the juices off of her lips as she watched in silence..

" I..." Ashley stammered, as she neared me while pushing her skirt down to hide her bareness. " Let me explain..."

I shook my head violently, taking another step to leave the room. She followed me, her face was a mask of red ness and disbelief.

" Come back please..." She called out to me, pleading with an air of desperation while trying to stop me from leaving. " You saw what you did, but it is not what you are thinking..."

" NO!!" I finally screamed, but my mouth could only come out with that single emphatic word.

I shook my head, words failed me again as I came to see what was happening here. Reality now had sunk in... I was not Ashley’s only lover, she had only taken from me what I had stupidly given her... and I had freely. It seemed all to be a very horrible, and painful joke that had been played on me.

I threw the package I had clutched in my hands at her, hitting her in the chest while I continued to back out of the room. She caught the package as it slid off her chest to the floor, while her eyes staring at me with a look of desperation in those blue eyes of hers. She looked at me and seemed that she was going to say something, but I refused to let her have that chance to spit her lies.

I had seen what I saw, there was no mistaken thing that she could explain away to me. There it was... the girl that openly handed my virginity to, had been with another... and all only after a few hours of being together for the first time. I had gave my self to her more freely than with anyone before, fighting everything that had short through my mind as I had started to let my heart win over... and that never even mattered to that witch.

Turning on my heels, I shot down the hall at a full run...not letting the girl to get a chance to say one word to me. With tears now streaming down my face, I bolted for the stairs at the end of the hall, wanting nothing more than to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. I could hear Ashley was calling for me to stop and come back, but there was no chance in hell I was going to do that.

I shot through the doors that were the barrier between the two buildings like I had been shot out of a cannon. I could hear that people had woken up with all of the shouting Ashley was doing as I left. Some had stepped out into the hallway to see what was going on, and all they saw in the end was me running headlong away from there, my face streaked with tears as I blew by them all.

I slammed the door hard as I entered my room, locking it tight to keep out the world out. I was sure I had woken up the entire place, as the door’s sound already had echoed throughout the floor I lived on like it was thunder. I did not care at this point, none whatsoever. The whole world could just go to hell and kiss my ass. My catholic upbringing had just been shoved right out of the window.

On to my bed and threw myself on it, making the headboard crack the wall hard with a sharp sound My tears now were coming in torrents as I buried my face deep in my pillow to keep my sobs from being heard. Uncontrollably, my body shook as I cried harder than I ever had done in my life, my hurt was all too apparent.

Feeling so betrayed and completely humiliated, I layed there and cried, ignoring the flurry of knocks that were coming on my door. I could hear that there were many voices from my dormitory mates calling out for me to answer them, as my pillow had ended up not muffling all of my crying. I just ignored them, and cried even harder into my pillow, my body shaking violently with each wail I did..

As I layed there, listening to the storm that had finally broke outside as nature had promised it would, I knew what was happening to me. God had punished me for my wanton lusts and going against ever last one of his teachings like I had, and had exacted his punishment on me in spades.

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Voices from different angles

[Author's notes: People say many things. Some are clear, some are not... and some hurt.]

Chapter Four - Voices from different angles



I rolled over and let out a long groan, as bright and unwelcomed light was streaming in the window... pushing me to be awake. I could hear the morning birds twittering outside, loud and clearly. God forgive me, I wanted them to stop their racket.

I sat up on the edge of my bed, already feeling how heavy my body felt this morning. Every part of me felt like I weight a ton or more and my chest hurt so much from crying for hours... and the reason behind why my throat felt so raw and raspy. I took a deep breath in, trying to loosen my chest a little as I chased the sleepiness away, along with thoughts of Audrey.

I looked down at myself as I sat on the edge of my bed, seeing that I had slept in my clothes all night. I felt so gross in them, as I had sweat alot... it seemed. I stood up and began to peel them off, forcing myself to do so. I needed to shower and change into a clean uniform, so I can really make myself start my day. It would do no good for me to hid in my room like some hermit, even thought I wanted to at this point. It would be a lesson in futility anyways.. I cannot hide from God in the first place.

Finally out of those bed wrinkled and sweat soaked clothes, I put on my robe and readied myself to go to the shower room at the end of the hall. I looked at the time as I gathered up my bathing kit and towel I needed for this I was a little shocked that it was barely a few minutes after six in the morning.

I just shook my head and exited into the hall, listening to the stillness that St. Tomas was in the grip of. Heading down the hall with noiseless steps, I was glad that it seemed I was the only one up yet.

The shower room was empty, which was a good thing. After what I dealt with the night before, having to be sociable was not on my lists of things I wanted to do this morning... it was actually far from it. I threw off my robe and stepped into the nearest shower stall, hearing the soft echo of my own bare feet reverberate through the showers. Turning the faucet handle on the wall, I hoped that I could enjoy it even a little.

The water was running very hot this morning, which I had to admit was one of the perks being the first one in the showers. It was nice to actually have hot water to shower with, but it did little to cheer me up. With the water cascading over my head and down my body, I stood there feeling like I was wanting to cry again, but I found that I had no more tears left. I made a sighing noise and took my soap and set to work taking off the layer of sweat that my body had made over the night while forcing myself not to think.

It was not working, as I continued to see in my mind the girl I liked so much being with another girl. fighting off the feeling of betrayal I was having course through me, I wanted my mind to stop it. It was stuck there, and strongly too. It really seemed like God was really wanting me and to see the errors of my ways... and I accepted his punishment the best I could have... but I worried if the damage had been done.

After my shower, at least my body was finally felt better. I put back on my robe, smelling the light hint of soap coming off of my skin.. That little bit of pleasure seemed to lighten my heart just a little... but only a little. I just gathered up my bathing kit thought of getting back to my room, not wanting to see anyone just yet.

I had roughly about a hour until breakfast was to be served, more than enough time to dress. I really did not want to, but knew the penguins never liked people who skipped any classes whatsoever... and with them knowing the school even more that we did, they would find any person that tried.

Twenty minutes later, I had dressed and went for a little walk. Oddly, as I walked, I ended up finding myself heading into the old church that was the center of out school’s life... both in a figurative way and also with where it was situated on campus. It was not done on purpose, my body seemed to lead me into it.

Stepping in to the sanctuary of our school’s chapel, I found it still was dark and very still. The pews were sitting empty, but somehow having a inviting look to them... giving the room a very strong sense of reverence. As I stood there, the incense from the mass the night before still could be smelled in the air... and I breathed it in.

I looked at the large wood caring of the crucifixion that hung over the altar. It was lit by a single floodlight situated over it, the face of Jesus was the main focus of the lights purpose. I felt so small, as I looked at our saviour’s face, and felt my guilt now really building in my heart... along with the heaviness of shame.

I went to the front and made the sign of the cross on myself as I knelt down in front of the Jesus, still not too sure why I had came in here in the first place. I prayed for forgiveness and for the soul of Ashley as well... some habits die really hard.

I was just going to stand and leave the sanctuary, when Father Bowman appeared from his office that was behind the altar.

" Ah, Jenny..." He said, his warm voice almost musical as it echoed through the sanctuary. " I did not know anyone was here at this hour...,"

I stood up and looked at the man, feeling the guilt pound through me. I bowed my head as he neared.

" I came in here to think and pray for a while until breakfast was served, Father..." I said.

" Getting a little head start on your prayers for the day, I take it?" He asked.

" More like doing some searching..." I blundered out.

" Some soul searching?" He added in, his eyes sparkling with his understanding.

" Something like that, Father..." I said, feeling my face growing hot.

The old priest looked at me, studying my face for a few seconds.

" It appears to me like you are having a crisis in your faith?" He asked.

" It’s something like that..." I agreed, not quite ready to tell my priest about my crossing the rules of my faith.

He looked at me for a few seconds again, the gentleness in his eyes bore into me, causing my guilt to rise up a little more inside of me.

" Feel you have done something wrong?" He asked, leaning on one of the backs of a pew nearest him.

" Yeah.." I said, amazed that he had picked up something like that without knowing details.

" Sounds like you are dealing with something that is quite personal and deeply serious here..." He said.

" I am..." I said, my voice was sounding really flat

" May I be of any help?" The old priest asked, his sincerity was clear.

I shook my head, wanting to take a little more time to process things until I was ready to reveal my sins.

" Not yet..." I said, honestly.

" Taking the time to look it over for yourself is a good thing." He nodded, getting the fact that I was not going to say at the moment.

" Yeah." I agreed, feeling the man was searching my face with all of the love the man had.

" Then you know where I am, if you do..." He said calmly, reassuring me in some way. " Every day, I hear confession like clockwork... you know the times, and I will be there, Jenny."

The older priest turned to return to his office, but he oddly stopped. He turned and looked where I was. He smiled.

" I don’t know what is that you are having such a conflict with... but please take a little advice from this old priest to heart..." He said, wisdom oozing from him. " God walks with you always... talk to him as you would me, whether you have done right or have done wrong... just leave your heart open to find out who it was that he has made you... he will teach you his ways... lessons through our bad and good deeds, and thus help you through times that are confusing or hard."

The man nodded and turned, giving a warm smile as she did. Father Bowman left me to pounder what it was that he was saying. It was cryptic, as many of his teachings were from the pulpit... I knew nothing to what he was trying to usual. In the end, I usually did figure what he would be getting at... but I was afraid of just what I might end up finding once I understood his words.

I made my way out of the old brick and stone made church, deciding to go to the small park area that bordered the main doors into the cafeteria. I wanted a little quietness, and to try and not to over think myself to death in the process. Clearly where my head was at this point, that will be a tall order to do.



Looking at the breakfast I had been given as I sat down in my usual spot, I wrinkled my nose. The eggs looked good, but the hash browns looked like they had been burnt to a crisp. The slice of orange that went with it did not seem all too good either. I sighed, as that was the only choice available to get... there never was a choice at breakfast.

As I began to eat, a dark haired girl joined me. Here was my longest friend in the world, now coming on to four years.

Kerri Hanson was tall with very long dark hair and deep resonating brown eyes, quite a sight compared to my smaller size. Pretty, popular and smart... I wondered from time to time how we had became friends like we had. I was nowhere near what she was, but somehow there was a connection that was there.

Kerri smirked as she took her place.

" You look like hell there, girl..." She said, seeing my face for the first time today.

" I didn’t sleep very well..." I said flatly, hesitantly answering her comment while looking at her.

The girl only nodded her head as she took her seat, but did not seem at all satisfied with my reply to her.

" Is that all?" She pried, eyeing me as if to tell me she knew better..

" What do you mean?" I asked, seeing this little glimmer that she knew something.

" Because I heard that you were sort of really upset about something late last night..." She said. "Carol Evans saw you running through the halls in ‘B’ building, and it all got back to me.." She leaned in, her face only a couple of feet from mine. " So... tell me...What’s that all about?"

I shook my head and did not answer. I was not going to have this sort of conversation with her... I already knew that she would not understand in, even if I divulged everything.

Kerri had a boyfriend that went to a prestigious prep school that was in the city... and was not in any way attracted to girls. I had met him while on a day pass to shop in the city, and by the way they acted with one another in the short time I was with them... she really would not understand it.

" Had a small sort of disagreement with someone..." I said, lying my butt off to escape saying what really was going on with me. " ... it has been resolved, and it is done."

" Had a bit of a argument with someone, eh?" Kerri said, still looking deeply into my face as she talked. " With who?"

" It don’t matter any more...It has been settled, and I will let it be settled!" I said, putting a finality on it.

Kerri nodded, seeming like she was going to drop trying to drag it out of me, which was more than fine with me. I was not going to say a damned word, and she knew that now... but her face told the fact that she still wanted to know.

Right at that moment, two other girls slid into the booth we were at, each with a tray of food. The two that had arrived to join us were Heather Kingsburough and May Gideon. These two were the other half of my main circle of friends, ones that I had known for as long as I had known Kerri for.

The redheaded girl named May, who was the most energetic of out little group seemed to be more animated than normal, even for her. I could see that there was something on her mind, while the mainly calm an cool Heather seemed to be as laid back as usual.

" Did ya all here the news?" May said almost instantly, through her strange southern accent.

" What did your gossip hearing ears get now?" Asked Kerri with a snuff, showing that she knew the girl all to well.

" Ya wouldn’t believe me... but I gotta say..." She giggled back, obviously what ever it was excited her to the point that she was going to vibrate off the face of the earth..

" Just spit it out then!" Kerri said, getting impatient with the girl.

May seemed like she was going to burst at any moment, which made Kerri roll her eyes. The red head looked at each of us for a second, her impish smile now wider than ever.

" Two girls from ‘B’ building got caught skinny dipping out in the reflecting pond early this morning..." She finally blurted out, her words literally tumbling out of her.

" That has happened before, you know..." Kerri said.

" Not like this..." Came back the red head, almost more excited than she had been. " They were making out in the water...."

" That is just sick..." Suddenly said Heather, who rarely spoke.

" They had their hands all over, and I heard one of them had a finger up in the other one... in her you-know-where..." May rattled out, her words were coming out like a raging waterfall as she ignored Heather’s comment..

I heard the news, and stayed silent. I did not know how to react after yesterday I just sat and listened instead... hearing how the girls were talking about it with such disgust.

" They were doing that?" Kerri said, her mouth falling open.

May nodded her head so hard, it seemed to hurt.

" Yes, Yes!!" She said, hopping in her seat. " They were both found totally naked... touching one another like lovers..." Nodded May, adding. " They were caught as they were kissing with tongues and they were feeling...places..."

" This is a load of shit?" Asked my best friend, obviously sceptical of the girl’s news. " Who saw these people?"

May leaned in, and looked right at Kerri who waited for an answer.

" Amy Tanner saw it along with a couple others who were going for their shift in the kitchen this morning..." The girl informed, with rapid words... her accent making it hard to understand. " I actually saw the girls who had been caught with my own two eyes... two of the nuns were pulling them in by the arms, spouting scriptures like they had ate the bible... and those two girls were still were naked..."

" Who were the ones that were caught?" Kerri asked, now seeming all too curious

" Yeah, who were they?" Came in Heather, still using as few words as she could possibly had gotten away with.

May smirked and giggled, seemingly loving gossiping like this. She took a second to looked at each one of us...almost as if she was doing it for dramatic effect or something.

" Gail Brinchuck and Tracy Green." Said the girl, almost proud with the fact that she knew. " Can you believe that??"

I was expecting to hear that it had been Ashley and that girl I had found her with... but this revelation shocked me. I was not expecting these two names to pop up in the same sentence together..

Gail was one of the group of girls that were constantly sneaking off from school to meet boys in the city... she had been caught many times trying To hear that she had been the one caught with a girl like that, really shocked me. It was the last one I thought of that way, besides myself...I admitted. This was perhaps why it did make me stop and think.

Tracy Green on the other hand, had long been rumoured to be a lesbian. That story had gone throughout the school as a rumour more than just once since I came to St. Tomas. I had actually heard it about a month ago again. I was guessing now that was more than just whispers in the halls.

I found myself actually feeling quite a bit of sympathy towards the two girls, then instantly started to feel guilty that I was feeling that way. I heard my friends still were talking away about it, there was no way of ignoring the disgust they felt for the two girls loving like they had been... or the fact that they had gotten caught. It was horrible to hear even my best friend talking like that, each word felt like it was cutting in to me...even if they never knew about me Ashley and I.

I realized that I had started to feel the weight, the weight of feeling out of place now. Even though I was with all of my best friends in the world, I realized that I could never talk this thing through even with Kerri. After hearing how they talked about it, I knew that... and my mind was knowing also that it could have been me that had been caught like that.

I just quickly finished up the last of my breakfast and stood up. Feeling very uncomfortable with my friends...even with myself, I needed to leave right now.

" Uh, I’ve gotta go now..." I stammered, slipping out of the booth with my empty tray.

" You going?" Asked Kerri, a little surprised that I had stood up..

" Uh, yeah..." I said meekly, hearing the vibration in my voice as I said it.

" You know that classes don’t start for another half an hour or so..." My friend pointed out, looking at me with a questioning stare.

I shrugged my shoulders while looking at her... I never gave a reason. I waved at the group and headed out the door, putting my tray where it was meant to be. I wanted to just leave, feeling more uncomfortable than even when I first came to St. Tomas. This was different though... way beyond different.

As I left, I caught sight of Ashley sitting with her group of friends deep in the groups of girls. She looked at me, then turned her head a little. I did the same, and made a beeline right out of the cafeteria as fast as I could... my heart could not take seeing her just yet.

I went searching to find a quiet place to hide away in until classes would start, wanting to hid just a little more. My mind was even more sure of what was happening to me, and around me. God was punishing me for my actions, and for the way I lusted... and he was showing me the errors of my ways ever so clearly now.

I repented in my head over and over again, hoping and praying that I could escape the ‘hell’ thing. As I hurried on my way, my only real prayer was that Our heavenly Father had heard me.


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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Interesting

[Author's notes: Do you realize who your friends are... some of us are oblivious.]

Chapter Five - Interesting



Evening mass was just letting out, and I was glad because it signalled an end to the day.. After having a day like today, It was a blessing to see it leave. My day was long, painful and simply uninspiring as well. I could not wait to get back to my room, close the door and sleep...since I had gotten very little the night before.

I hung with my friends for the walk back to the dorms, trying to have a air of normalcy in my daily life. They were talking away about the one week break we were going to get, the one before our mid-terms were going to start.

Kerri and Heather were going away with their families for that week, and they talked about it excitedly. Kerri was going to see relatives in England, while Heather was going to a amusement park in florida... with her three other siblings. May was going off somewhere with her older sister for the little vacation, a sunny beachfront house near Los Angeles. Myself, had absolutely no plans at all.

My father, who owns a few companies in the medical field, was usually flying all over to meetings and drumming up more business. With his schedule, I never knew when he was going to be taking time off. My mother was a Doctor of Pediatric Oncology, usually she was either at work or going to work. It made getting together for family vacation times, even though it was just the three of us, very difficult. Being an only child, it made it tough.. Having professional parents made it more so.

Kerri looked at me as we walked across the courtyard to the dorms. I caught her eyes, and saw she was looking directly at me.

" You have not said two words yet.." She pointed out.

" Not much to say..." I said back. " Just listening to you three talk..."

Kerri snuffed.

" Your parents have not gotten any plans for you on our week term break, right?" She already knew, damn... she always did..

" No.." I admitted.

" You mean you might be stuck here at school that whole week with the penguins?" Came in May, overhearing our conversation.

I nodded and felt a little sad. With everything that had gone on, having no plans for the vacation made this time a little harder to take. I should have been use to it by now after all of this time, but honestly... I never got use to it

" With Dad at another Medical convention for the company that week in Hong Kong... He could not get away." I said.

" What about your Mom?" Heather asked, again using as little words as possible.

" She is on the Children’s Cancer board... She won’t make it..." I admitted, with a little tightness. " Their fund-raising season right around the corner... she is the president for her hospital, and probably would not be able to take some time either."

" Crappy." May came in with. " You cant just fly home and relax at your home for that week?"

I shook my head.

" Mom thinks I am still a little too young to actually stay alone..." I said, not hiding my feelings towards that.

" I’d say its crappy that you will have to be staying here for the week..." Agreed Kerri. " If that was my parents, I’d be more than just a little choked they were making me stay here for seven days pretty much alone."

" I’d die if mine did that.." Commented May.

" My Mom still tries things like that..." Said Kerri, shaking her head as she understood my being upset with my Mother

I had to admit, that was more than just ‘crappy’, but May’s blunt words still stung me. I sighed and fell silent again, as the three others went on to a better topic. I was glad for that, knowing that they had done that just for me. Just because I was down, doesn’t mean that everyone had to be.

We split off from each other after awhile, we had took our time getting there on such a wonderful night. Kerri and I were in the same dorm building, and headed inside together. May and Heather lived over in ‘A’ block, and they made their way over to it. They waved as the left, May as usual was the animated one as she bounced when she did.

Our building was a hub of activity. Here were girls standing in the halls and stairwells talking away. Others were just loitering around waiting to use the payphones in the main area that all buildings had. Some looking very impatient as they waited their turns, others seemed to be almost falling asleep on their feet as they waited in line. I snuffed, as that was always a sign that a vacation period was coming up.

I noticed that Kerri had stopped to talk to Christine Stolls, the assistant to the school president, as we headed to the stairs. I snuffed and kept going, not knowing how long the gal might be yakking for. Feeling very tired, down and just plainly antisocial at this point, I made my way up to the floor that my room was on..

My room was silent when I came in. I was glad to be finally back in my room, feeling the relief of having some needed solitude. I closed the door to preserve this quietness all for myself, so no one would just ‘pop’ in.. I slipped off my blazer and hung it up on a hanger next to the door, knowing that I was, and not wanting, to go anywhere this night. I was going to try and just relax.

Turning from the door, I quickly spied that there was a envelope with my name written on it, sitting on the very corner of my desk. Even in the dimness that shrouded my room, I could the writing on the front of the whiteness. I had a feeling like the envelope just might be from Ashley, as I looked at it. I snuffed and never once moved, judging from the almost calligraphic style the writing was penned in.. I was now certain that it was from the girl..

I just picked the off white envelope up and looked at it. Almost instantly I could feel my hurt and humiliation flooding back to me, along with the horror of finding the two girls involved in their little tryst. To save myself from all of the agony that it was bringing me, I hurriedly slipped the envelope into a drawer without opening it to see what it said... being that it was the best option for my state of emotional health.

I completely did not want to deal with Ashley even remotely trying to explain things, or if she was going to justify everything...even if she had taken the time to write it all out. Even the very thought of Ashley, made me hurt deep inside of my chest. I knew what I saw, and there was nothing she could do to explain it away. How could Ashley ever explain away being found half naked and sprawled out on a bed, and having another girl’s head between your legs? That was all too clear to me.

I quickly stripped out of my uniform, hanging up what was needed to be... and thankful that I had. It felt like I was actually stripping off the day and tossing it finally aside. Even taking off my underwear so I was as naked as the day I was born... normally I was a little prudish in some respects, it just felt liberating to do it.

I found my favourite nightgown I had layed out this morning for myself, a Peasant shirt style that was very long. I slipped it over my bare body, feeling a twinge of comfort coming over me as it enveloped me in it confines. This nightie always had made me feel better whenever I wore it, so that was what I was hoping for.

I took my books and binder to the bed with me, knowing that my Algebra homework would not do itself. It would distract me for awhile, I had said to myself. I did not totally believe that it would, but it was something to do other than mull over everything over and over again. I hated that I was doing that all day, even when I was trying to concentrate in class.

I had a plan in place now... I would just listen to the radio softly while doing this damn work, hating that it seemed that Sister Mary, the Algebra teacher, always gave huge amounts of homework to do. The last three weeks, except for two days not in order... she had loaded us down with the work.

I sighed and just made myself ready to do damned work. I was hoping that doing this would help me to stop my mind from spinning with all of these thoughts and emotions that had been assaulting me all day. I was also hoping very badly that it would help me finally get some sleep.

I turned on my radio I had on the nightstand, having it already set on my favourite station. I climbed into bed and set up my books on my lap after making sure I was comfortable sitting up against the fluffiness of my pillows and tucked into my warm blankets. I started in on my work, while a gentle song wafted to my ears.

I actually felt myself starting to feel more relaxed, except for the fact that I hated the work in front of me. Looking at the pages of the book, I started on one of the equations, my mind already seeing what needed to be done to it.



I must have dozed off for a little bit while doing those damned equations, because I jumped when a knock came at my door. I looked at the clock, and saw it was just about ten thirty or so..

" I must have been tired..." I muttered to myself, while the knock came at my door again.

I reluctantly got up to answer the door. I had just thought of leaving whoever it was, but I did it anyways. I opened it, hoping that whoever it was and whatever they needed would be quick about it.

Opening the door, I found Kerri stood on the other side, looking at me with those piercing eyes she had..

Dressed in what I could have explained the brightest, vibrant orange nightgown that hung to her knees, she stood there. It was not my favourite colour normally, liking more calm shades that this neon that she wore, but on her I would have to say it did well.

" Still awake, Jen?" She asked, with a smirk as she stepped in.

" Doing that Algebra stuff..." I said, looking at my friend as she passed me into my room.

I had a sense that she was not here to just hang out with me, the flatness in her eyes told me that. I closed the door and waited for her to speak. Knowing her, she would not mince her words for very long... that was here most basic of traits.

Kerri did not disappoint me, because she was going to be her normal self. She turned almost only a few scant seconds. She made a very straight and obvious eye contact with me.

" Now that it is just you and me, girl... I came to talk..." She said, her voice was monotone and purpose driven.

" Talk?" I said, knowing what she was eluding to.

" You damn well know about what..." She said, her bluntness was taken to a higher level... even for her. " What in the hell is going on with you today?"

" What do you mean?" I said back, playing a little bit dumb.

She shook her head and crossed her arms in front of herself. She was not being fooled at all.

" Hey, we have known each other for a few years here... don’t treat me like I am dumb here..." She said, staring at me. " Gotta tell you that you are acting way weirder than I ever seen you do..." She sighed. " You always were someone that is a little different, and that is probably why we became friends... but right now, the way you have been acting is beyond just your normal quirky self."

I heard the concern that was in her voice as she spoke, but I was not going to tell her what was going on, especially after how her and the others had talked today.

" Its nothing..." I finally said.

" An empty shoe box has nothing inside of it... and you are not a shoe box" She said right back, her sarcastic humour telling me that she was not wanting to hear that.

" Don’t worry... I am just having a bad day..." I said.

She looked at me. She was taking what I said and thinking on it for a moment.

" Is it because of that argument you said you had with someone last night?" She asked.

" Yeah!" I said, wanting so desperately to actually tell my story to my best friend, but knowing that I could not.

" You never told me who that were arguing with..." She pointed out.

I sighed. I knew she would not stop until she had a convincing reason for my obvious mood.

" It has been settled.. So I don’t want to talk about it." I said, rehashing what I had said earlier in the day while my mind thought of the hidden letter in my desk..

" You sure that it is?" She asked.

" It is..." I said, trying to make it sound better than what it ended up doing. " I am just... upset because of my Mother’s choice of me staying here for the vacation week." That was true, but it felt like I was lying again.. I was not telling the entire thing.

Kerri then did something I had never seen her do before. She suddenly crossed the room to me, she lifted her hand and cupped my face. Kerri was a gentle, kind person... but she never showed stuff like this. Her outward appearance always one of strength and near stoniness, so this was a complete shock to me I had no idea how to handle it, because it was out of character for her.

" If you ever want to talk about it... you know where I am." She said, her hand was so soft on my cheek.

" Uh, yeah..." I stammered, not knowing how to take this sudden show of gentleness from Kerri.

She nodded, yet moved her hand quickly away from my cheek. It seemed like she had realized what she was doing, and she reverted back to her stoic self.

" I will take you word for it..." She said, turning her self to the door. " But I feel that there is more to it than what you are saying." She sighed and put her hand on the doorknob. " I will be there to listen to you, Jenny, if you decided to talk...but I have to let you decide that for yourself."

" It is settled..." I tried to assure her. It was to a point, it was my emotions that were the problem.

" It may be... but I still feel that you are not telling me the entire thing." Was all the girl said, her voice starting to have that air of concern in it again.

She opened the door and left. When she had closed the door behind her, I found that I had to tell myself to breath. I looked at the door for a few moments, unsure of what feelings I was having. That was unusual of the girl.

Sighing, I headed back to bed. I started to do my homework again, but now I was feeling guilty that I had not told the girl. I was trapped between wanting to say something to my best friend, and knowing what her attitude was toward lesbianism. It was another problem, that I was going to lose with either way. Now thinking more on the unopened letter, that was exasperating the entire thing.

I just pushed that out of my head and did my work, there was nothing more I could do to solve this. I fell asleep again while doing the work, my mind now flaking out.

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 - Many lies, blocked truths and what is( New edit)

[Author's notes:

When someone has you by the nose... they tend never tom let go.


WARNING:  Scene depicting hetro sex in is chapter.  It is apart of the whole story( so don't freak people)... just watch and see what I have instore here.


Chapter Six - Many lies, blocked truths and what is



It was Friday now, a day that had opened with heavy rains over the St. Tomas campus. It had started as just showers overnight, but now as the girls headed off to classes, it was like a sheet of pure liquid, coming down like a virtual torrent.

Wearing my school issued rain Pancho, I slugged through the rain to the school buildings just off to one side of the large open courtyard. The ground felt like a sponge under my feet, as the water had collected everywhere. I grimaced at the feeling of my shoes being wet, not being able to find my rain boots this morning, even after looking through everything I owned.. It made me feel miserable, and added to my very dark mood

It had been three days since I had seen Ashley, the pain that had been plaguing me was still there. My mood was about as dark as the skies over me, the rain soddening my feet was just the cherry on top . I felt as if I was one with those clouds that hung in the dreary morning sky, even though outwardly I had put on a face of being normal again. I knew doing that was just another lie, but how could I come out and say what had gone on?

May hustled up beside me, seemingly so happy to be out in this rain this morning. She stomped her rain booted foot in a nearby puddle, and was heard to giggle away with such glee as if she was a kid.

" Reminds me of when I was a little girl..." She said, watching herself walk through the deep water that was now like one large mud puddle around the school. " Forgot how fun rain was."

" You are finding this ‘fun’, don’t you?" I asked my friend with a sideways look at her.

" It is a total rush to do this... I think it is something as you grow older, needs to be done once in a while." She commented, with a playful smirk on her freckled face. " To remember to be free..."

I looked over at the redhead, and could not believe how perky she was this early in the day. I shook my head as I could not fathom it, my mind kept reminding me that my feet were very wet and cold by this time..

" It is not quite a ‘rush’ for me..." I replied.

" Ah, it’s all how you look at it..." She piped in, smirking impishly. " I could let the rain get to me... but why?"

I had to giggle at May, she was right... in her usual irritating perky sort of way.

" Your hyperness is killing me at the moment..." I said, through my laughing at her.

" Your starting to sound just like Kerri would, if she was with us..." She laughed out, looking at me.

" Is that a bad thing?" I asked her, with a real smirk on my face as may’s playfulness had picked up my mood a little.

" Nah..." May replied back, with a gleam in her eye. " If you are Kerri though... just shows you are hanging around her way too much."

I could not help but laugh at that, the impish grin May had given me at that moment the giggles. I shook my head.

" Your crazy..." I said back to the girl.

" I like the term ‘Constructively Weird’ a little better, My dear Jenny." She piped in, leaping into another puddle just off of the brick and stone path we were on... and landing with a big splash. " Sounds much better, and less whacked... don’t you think??"

I shook my head, finding myself liking the girl look on life. She may be very weird and always was more than a touch strange, but that was May... and I would not want her to be any other way. I just walked on towards school, and she hurried to catch up to me.

We followed the path to the main doors of the school building, shr was still being very animated as she tried to catch raindrops on her tongue. May’s continuous bouts of craziness this morning had put me into a little lighter of a mood...something that had been next to impossible for the last few days.

Once inside the building, I was quick to retrieve a second pair of shoes and knee-high socks from my locker. I always had stashed away a extra pair of each for such an emergency... Now with the grounds of St. Tomas starting to look like it was getting ready for another Noah and the Ark experience, I was glad that I had planned this out awhile back. Wet shoes and socks were a pet peeve of mine.

May just headed off to her locker just down from where mind was, after a wave and a giggle. I concluded that yes, May was one of those people that simply had to stand out...which was her charm. I gathered up all of the books and stuff for the day, waiting for May to return so we could walk upstairs together.,

As I waited next to my locker, I started to wonder where Kerri and Heather were this morning. It was nothing out of the ordinary to have either one of them show up later than me, but it did hit me for some odd reason this morning. I don’t really know why it jumped out at me, but it was there

My first period class had not started yet, when I got to the room. I took my seat at the far end of the room beside the windows, sort of ready to learn a thing or two about twentieth Century literature. On a day of rain like it was, it sort of was the thing top do. I laughed at myself for that, seeing that I actually was wanting this class to start.

Still mulling over things in my head like I had been for the past few days, I was finding that it was beginning to get a little easier to push some of it aside. Some of the hurt was still very much there, but it was getting a little easier to handle. I sighed and just waited, listening to the hum of the students as they passed the time waiting gabbing to one another.

Sister Alexandra, our Literature teacher came in and started to get herself ready for the coming class at the front of the room. I watched the slightly middle aged woman as I kept my mind occupied, noting just how organized this penguin was. I eyed her half smiling face, and found that it made me smile a little as well

Sister Alexandria Benson was a very firm handed teacher, one that was truly a by the rules sort of Nun. She was one of my favourite nuns, I had to admit. She was not as abrasive or stern like some of the other Nuns were... If you simply did your work like you were suppose to, always try fairly hard and listened up in class, she was easy enough to get along with.

The Sister suddenly moved from her desk at the front and came over to me. The woman’s smile was actually very warm and inviting this morning. I looked up at the Nun, not quite knowing why she was headed in my direction

" Jenny..." She said, greeting me with her eyes. " I have a wee favour to ask of you, before we get started today..."

I smiled and bowed my head a little, showing the reverence we needed to towards all of the Nuns.

" What is it, Sister?

" I have a small job for you to do for me..." She said, so I waited for her to say what it was.

The Nun leaned on my desk, her habit flowing forward and framing her wrinkling face so her warm eyes were the focal point..

" Once I have taken rollcall here, I was wondering if you would take the attendance report of any tardy people and others whom seem to be skipping out down to the office for me?" She whispered, which was the usual way she talked when talking one on one with anybody.

" You want me to do that?" I asked, feeling instantly stupid that I had responded like that.

Sister Alexandria looked at me for a moment, probably because my reaction had startled her a little.

" That is what I said, Jenny..." She beamed, realizing why I had the shocked look on my face. " I know that if I let you take these cards down to the office, you the one student in this class that will come back promptly, and not be like the ones that would just constantly dallies."

" I can do that for you, Sister..." I said with a smile, bowing my head slightly again.

" I will call you up, when I am ready for you to do that for me..." She said, her broad smile seemed to be extra bright this morning.

She returned to her desk to ready for the class that was now only a few minutes from starting. I felt a rush of my body relaxing. I guessed that with the trust the woman was putting in me, it made me feel kind of important. It’s amazing what the feeling of someone trusting you could do for a person’s moods.





I put the attendance cards in the little box on the counter stood there for a moment, feeling good that I had helped out a little bit. The older Nun behind the desk nodded, but said nothing as she gathered them up and took them where ever they went.

" Mission accomplished!" I giggled to myself as made my way out of the head office

It had been a longer walk from my class than I had remembered it to be, but I made sure that I was as quick as I could have been. Finished the little task for Sister Alexandria, I made a purposeful decision to hurry and return up to my class. Quickening my steps as I headed away from the office, I made my way through the deserted hallways of St. Tomas to return to class.

It was weird to be walking through the empty halls like this, but I seemed to feel almost a sense of pleasure as I did. It was actually feeling very calming, almost soothing while I made my way through the maze that was the school. I appreciated the silence that was around me, and could now understand why some people would take their time getting back to class.

I decided to take a rarely used staircase that I knew that was just past the janitor’ area at the end of the art hallway. That whole area had just finished being renovated a week ago, so there would be no classes going on until sometime next week or so after they had been restocked with supplies. I thought it would be a great idea to make better time up to the class and show my respect I had for Sister Alexandria.

I was going through the Art hall, smelling the freshness of the new paint that had been used in the renovating. It was actually kind of stimulating to smell the paint, and made me look forward to my own art classes that were going to start up again. It had been well over two months since anyone had a Art class... I knew many students that were waiting for that to finally come

I happened to glance through the only open door that was in this hallway that led to the stairwell I was going to use. What I suddenly had caught sight of, froze me to the spot... my mind trying to grip what my eyes had came upon.

There was a man and a girl in that open art room. The young gal was laying on top of one of the long tables that were a staple in the art areas, and she was totally naked except for her skirt. I could see that her skirt had been shoved over her hips and nearly was up around her breasts. The remainder of what I knew was her uniform, I could see was had been thrown all over the tile floor under the table.

The man, who I recognized as one of the part time janitors here at St. Tomas, had his pants down at his ankles and was standing between the young girl’s lean legs as they hung over the edge. The man was moving his hips, pumping away like a triphammer while his unshaven face shone sweat as he moaned loudly. The girl seemed to also be in the throws of something as she was arching up in what seemed to be ecstasy. The two were making these types of noises that were almost animalistic, raw and actually felt unnerving to me.

I never have seen a man and woman having sex before, but knew enough from books I had came across and other things I saw on television to know what they were doing. I could not make myself even move an inch, half shocked and sort of half intrigue at what I had inadvertently stumbled on to.

The man was thrusting his hips like crazy into the girl, while he spat such vial things to the girl as he rammed himself into her. She seemed not even to mind the crudeness this man was speaking to her, as the sounds of her panting away could be heard very clearly... even from where I was standing in the hallway. I was starting to feel extremely awkward just being there and watching like some hypnotized person... even though all I wanted to do was just leave.

I finally started my turn to leave, and continue on to my class... while trying not to alert this you couple that I had been watching them like I had been. . As I looked over one last time, I saw the girl on the table turned her head, and she had seen me. I was stopped again, as I saw her sweat streaked face for the first time.

I was shocked to see that the girl on the table was in fact the girl I had been dreading bumping into for days. There was no mistake who this girl was either... it was clearly Louise Anderson. I was stunned, as I had not seen this girl since I had found her in between Ashley’s legs that horrible night... and now I was even more shocked now that I found this girl in an abandoned part of the school... and she was with a man no less.

The girl cracked this almost lewd smile right at me as the man who was with her grunted and stiffened in mid movement. I could see that the man’s whole body was now shaking as he pounded away even more furiously on her. As suddenly as he had started to shake, he just simply stopped. The man then stepped away, grunting in satisfaction to himself as he did.

" You are such a fucking little slut..." He said with a sneering laugh, as he looked down at her.

With that one comment, the man never saw me standing there with a blank look on my face. All he did then was pulled up his pants and walked off... headed to the back of the classroom with an arrogant stride in his step. He quickly vanished into a metal door that was at the very back of the classroom, leaving Louise splayed out... naked and panting on the long wooden table.

I stepped back to try and leave, but the girl on the table already knew I was there.... her eyes seemed to now be locked onto mine. I wanted to run away, but I could not for the life of me simply move my legs to get out of there.

Louise sat up and hopped off the table, her face having such a evil type of smirk on its smooth skin. She stood there for a moment, not even trying to gather up her discarded clothing as she looked right at me... instead she actually kicked off the skirt as she began to walk towards me,

With in moments, she was standing in front of me naked and unflinching with that fact. As she looked at me with this strange glint, I was sickened by the fact that I could see little white droplets oozing down the inside of her legs, from her private region.

" It seems that you like watching me fucking I think... you have seen me twice now..." She smugly said, seeing that I saw what I was seeing. " Perhaps you are a voyeur or something..."

I shook my head, horrified at what I had blundered onto. With every passing second, I was becoming more sickened by the look that Louise had in her dark brown eyes as she stared at me.

" You just... you know... with that man..." I stammered, not knowing quite what to say... or just how I could get myself to run away.

" You cant eve get out the question ‘Was I fucking that man?’" She said so coldly, her eyes holding a smug pleasure in them as she mindlessly played with one of her bare nipples. " Just say it...."

" But you are with Ashley..." I blathered out, feeling the distaste of what this girl was doing... even though I was still hurt by what I had seen before this.

" How simply sweet of you to say it like that?" She asked, looking at me like I was beneath her.

" Well, are you not?" I said, seeing her coldness.

She smugly snuffed and looked at me, her eyes showed that she had no emotions or feelings in them.

" Your so innocent, it makes me sick..." She spat. " She is just a pussy to me... but she is a damned good one at that... " Louise said flatly, looking at me. " And Mr. Fuck-me-silly here, is nothing more than dollar signs to me... just like Ash is..."

" Just a..." I stammered in my surprise, getting what she was saying.

I could not believe what I was hearing. Was she actually using both that creepy looking man and Ashley, and for the basic reason of greed? My mind spun with it

" You are just using Ashley just for that?"

Louise smirked, giving me a look that chilled my very soul. Louse then took a step closer to me, her smug smile now was broader than it had been.

" Why not... she is pretty, sexy and so fucking rich... and with the added bonus of her family having major power in and out of everything..." She said. " I can get her to do anything for me... and with her money, I can have anything I want, when I want it. The sky is the limit.... "

" That is sick...’ I said. " Your using Ashley..."

She then smirked, seemingly so pleased with herself.

" The best part of it is that I will have something to blackmail her with at some time in the future." She said. " Her family will probably pay some big money to keep the fact that their little angel had turned out to be a dyke in school."

" You would... do something like that?" I stammered, getting what she was saying.

" I can get anything I fucking want out of this situation......" She cooly said.

" But...what about that man?" I said, referring to the man I had caught her with a few moments ago..

" Mr. Johansson there pays me rather well for what I do for him, sort of getting a bonus as well... he has a schoolgirl fetish.. and I just am lucky enough to cash in on him." She laughed with so much callousness, the nodded. " Sweet Ashley is a guilty little pleasure of mine as well as a means to an end... which works out perfectly. I use them, and get exactly what I want as well!"

I shook my head in disbelief at what I was hearing. I felt sick to my stomach, as Louise calmly admitted her plans to me.

" That is just so sick..." I spat out, feeling such a deepening revulsion towards this girl.

" You are just so naive..." She smirked. " You still believe in love and shit like that. Realize something, little girl... that is nothing more than crap, and get as much as you can with what you’ve got..."

I cold not believe how cold this girl was speaking of Ashley. I looked at that girl’s face, and saw how her eyes seemed almost dead and piercing, as if her soul was nothing more than black marble.

" What your doing with that man is like prostitution, if your taking money like that..." I stammered.

" That is how to live here in Catholic hell..." She came back with, smirking with a glinting in her eye, calmly fingering her private area as she spoke.

" Selling your body like that, and doing it behind Ashley’s back?" I said.

Louise suddenly started to laugh, a laugh that sent cold fingers up my spine.

" I have been screwing her tasty cunt for awhile now... but she always had it in for you, she has admitted more than once to me... no matter though, I pity that she felt that way for you.... What I do for her is better than what you can do, I just made sure that she knew it." She smirked. " I get the benefits of being good."

" She liked me still?" I stammered, but knew those words had not been told to me in kindness.

" She was going to leave me for you, that was her intention the night I went to her room... but, what I did to her sweetness changed her mind." She smirked. " She tasted extra sweet, and I was so turned on when you came in on us... I knew right then that I had won."

I shook my head, hearing how matter-of-fact this girl was telling me all of this. The girl seemed not to even care for Ashley, or anyone else... only for herself. I felt my stomach flip again,

" You’re a very evil person..." I said, assured that this girl was just that.

" Just someone who knows what she wants... and how to get it..." She flatly said to me.

I went to walk away, my mind knowing that it would be hard to warn Ashley of this person. I knew that Ashley might not believe me at first... or she just may not chose not to at all. I had to say it, the pretty blonde girl had every right to know everything, and the right to dismiss me at any time... but she needed to know.

Louise stepped in front of me and pushed me against the wall of the hall. She pinned me there, and smirked

" You are thinking of going off to tell on me, I bet..." She said.

" Ashley has the right to know why your with her, and that you are cheating on her in such a wretched way..." I said back, confident in my words. " ... And the Head mother would be interested in knowing what her custodian was doing as well."

" I don’t think you will be so quick to be so damned moral like you are doing...’ She murmured, smiling as if she was not in any trouble at all. " The truth has a way of dying around here..."

" Why do you think I won’t, just because you said that?" I spat back, seeing that evil glint in the girl’s eyes.

The short brown haired girl looked right at me, her eyes flashing as she looked right into my face.

" Ashley was the one who cheated on me... with you..." Louise said, looking at me. " But, I forgave her in my own way... really I did not mind that you two were fucking in the first place, but I so hate the prospect of losing what I had though... a girl needs to live, you know."

" She will drop you in an instant, and then you will be expelled as well..." I said, ignoring her. " I will see that you are... your twisted and sick!"

Louise shook her head with confidence, laughing at me as if I was nothing to her.

" I don’t’ think so, Bitch..." Said the naked girl, as she grabbed my private place through my skirt. " Say it all... hell, yell it from the steeple in the church... It will not matter..." She hissed at me. " You will only end up looking like a scorned lover or some misguided girl who will stop at nothing, even lies toward the one she wants... nobody will believe you..."

" I will only tell what I have seen..." I defiantly said. " Truth is a powerful thing..."

" Tell the truth, right..." She smirked. " No one will listen yo you..."

" Yes..." I said, standing to her, trying to ignore her groping hands.

Oddly, the girl burst out laughing at me, putting her face right up against mine as she did.

" I don’t think so either... neither Ashley or the Head Mother will ever believe you!" She smirked again. " What would happen if it got out that you were a goddamned dyke here...what would the penguins think of that? How would you explain that fact to your so proper family? What would everyone here at school think of you then?" She laughed again, and made sure I was locked into her gaze. " I don’t think that any of your so-called friends would be even the remotely supportive of you then... don’t you think?"


I gasped as she gripped my crotch, feeling how strong she actually was. Her fingers were now moving, fingering my privates place through the fabric that was the only barrier. She seemed to relish the fact that I was a little shocked at this.

" Humm..." She said, her hand now was rubbing where it was. " Feels like your little snatch there is quite nice there as well.. And I know a thing or two about snatches!!"

" Let go of me..." I said, moving her hand a little away from where it was, but partially successful at it..

" I know you like this... from what Ashley said to me..." She breathed, moving her hand back and was starting to try and snake up the front of my skirt. " Let me show you, the pleasure I give Ashley... so you know that you have no possible chance in hell with that juicy little slut."

I pushed her away from me, as her hand had started to try and make it’s way through the leg hole of my panties. She laughed and looked at me, as I stopped it..

" Guess it’s your loss there..." She said. " I was going to give you a little pleasure, after I have deflated you here so badly." She laughed. " You have no recourse here... but I will please you with a gift of myself... A sort of a offering that does make something out of your nothing... all you have to do is ask.... since you have lost everything else there..."

" I would die first..." I said, sliding away from her finally.

She chuckled again, shaking her head at me like as if I was nothing but something on the bottom of her shoe.

" Well, I expected you to be pathetic, as I always thought you were..." Louise said with a sharpness, standing still in front of me so unabashed at her unclothed state. " You just shown me just how goddamned pathetic you really are... and it is sad to see a girl of St. Tomas like this..." She snuffed. " I wonder what Audrey even saw in you..."

The girl began to laugh with such a malicious type of glee while returning into the room, slipping into ignoring me as she did. I shut my eyes and lowered my head, knowing very well that Ashley had me in a corner... and her words had slapped the heck out of me. I was now in essence... had been silenced by everything the girl had said. In the card game of life, she had all of the winning hands right now.

I ran off down the Art hallway, wanting nothing more than to get away from that girl. I hit the heavy door at the end that led to that mainly unused stairwell, all the while I heard her laughing as I did. I closed my eyes and continued, her laughter was like acid to my heart... her laughter was much more painful.

I found my feelings were still very much alive for Ashley... something I had thought had been long gone after that night I caught her with Louise. Whether it was the wicked realization of truth that Louise had confessed to me, or the fact that my feelings had never left or changed with the situation... All I knew was I was now feeling the depth of how I still cared for that beautiful blonde girl.

I held my head as I raced off almost blindly away from the now oddly silence that draped the Art room hallway. Waves of varying thoughts and revelations were now battering my soul, all of it now was almost too much for me to handle. It seemed to me like everything, and everyone including God, was against me. Nowhere to turn... and no one to hold out a hand in help.

I got scolded the moment I came in to the class again, for disrupting everyone. I tried to stammer out an apology to Sister Alexandria, but my lips could get not a single word to pass them. I could only listen to the Sister, but even that showed that no words were entering me either.

The Sister gave it to me for a few moments for my lateness of returning to class, but ended up not make too much of a big deal out of it. I was thankful for that little gift, as I did not know how much more I could have taken after all of this.. I was in a state that was beyond what I could even explain... even of I was going to do that

I tried to get into the lesson that was being taught to the rest of my classmates, but my mind was too jumbled. I felt so much All over again.

Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - Fitting a few pieces...

[Author's notes: People sometimes don't listen to themselves.... we ignore what there is right in front of us all the times.   Jenny realized that fact all too well.]

Chapter Seven - Fitting a few pieces...



Sitting on the edge of the bed in my room, I found myself feeling such a deep hate at the silence the middle of the night was bringing to me. It hung around me like a heavy darkened drape, and that just made me feel more frustrated. Even wearing my favourite nightie had done nothing to help

The digital clock on the bedside glowed with it’s soft red glow and read that it was just past one in the morning, something that my sleep deprived brain did not want to know. I rubbed my eyes and groaned, I really did not want to deal with another sleepless night... I had enough of them in the past weeks.

It was pretty much past two days which had passed, since having the small ‘run in’ with Louise and the sleazy looking man who she had been with in the art area. Plainly speaking, it has been two days of pure hell. I was now beyond frustrated at not being able to let things go so I could get some sleep. No matter what I did or tried, it did not work.... it felt like if it was pushing me almost to a state of madness.

What that girl had been doing in the class room with the very scruffy man, not to mention what she had brazenly and so matter-of-fact told me right after... kept playing over in my head. I could not focus on anything else but those few moments, which always ended up haunting me into my dreams when I finally closed my eyes.

Extremely frustrated was a very kind way of describing what this all was filling me with. In short, it was the reason that I have not gotten but a few very short hours of sleep in the last roughly forty-eight. I was wanting nothing more than to slip off into sleep, and let my mind finally stop all of it’s gymnastics.

I had already ended up trying anything that I could think of to help myself get some sleep over the course of it. Counting sheep did nothing but frustrate me, soft music from my radio did the same and I hated drinking warm milk so that was out of the question to try. It was now official... my mind was unable to reach unconsciousness.

Sitting there on the that first night, I finally brought out that letter that Ashley had left me, and which I had stashed away... something that I had to admit, I had been thinking about reading for awhile but had stubbornly put off. I opened it and shakily read it, hoping that seeing Ashley’s side of things, would end up helping me... I was out of other ideas at that point.

That letter started the two days and nights in which I would read that note over and over again throughout the night... to the point of memorizing every single word of it.. It ended up being a mistake to be reading that letter, it just ended up causing a whole lot more stress to jam into my all too fatigued brain and pushed the slim chance of sleep I was clutching at even farther away.

The letter held the exact same things that the unabashed Louise had told me that one morning...yet in the girl’s handwriting, the details showed confusion and uncertainty which Ashley was going through within herself. The words on that page also seemed to also show that the girl had a great deal of remorse, and was fighting to say exactly what she was feeling towards me... and they were clearly speaking of how confused she was over the strange hold Louise seemed to have on her.

I shuttered each time I would read that part over, the pull of all those written emotions made me want to cry right along with her. I could feel those emotions, and identify with her confusion she was having... and wished that I could be strong enough to come out and tell her what I had seen, and what Louise had said about her. I hated myself at that moment, because that I could not make myself become brave enough to speak out.

Reading it over like I was doing, I saw between the lines that Ashley had wrote. The heavy handed and completely controlling hand of Louise was so clearly evident through the girl’s writing. You could tell that she had wrote this out of the presence of Louise, but she also fought her own inner turmoil as she did.

The cocky short haired girl clearly had a hold of Ashley, just like she had so smugly boasted to me that day. Seeing through some of that, the girl’s grip could not hid the depth of Ashley’s sadness and the mounting confusion that had been brought out either. It was becoming very clear just how Louise was manipulating the pretty blonde...even though Ashley’s words on the page never came right out and said it.

No matter how many times I went over and read Ashley’s letter.... It really did seem that this very evil girl with the overly self-righteous attitude, had both Ashley and myself backed into a corner. Ashley by choice, and me by threats and the fact that I could not prove things even if I did speak up.

That first night after seeing Louise and the man, I had only gotten about two hours of sporadic sleep that time, and had basically walked through the next day in a total fog. Today had been more of the same as I just went along with life. Now as I just had been laying her for a few hours, the silence of the dorms had not brought me any sleep.

I was beginning to feel as if I was in a strange type of limbo...and I was starting to feel more and more that I just might be going a little crazy at the same time. I needed some luck or something to come for me.

" Stop it!!" I said to myself more than once, trying to make all of the stuff flying around in my head to quit.

My luck had really now turned literally soured... my own brain was stubbornly continuing to churn away. I had no idea why my one brain was doing this to me, but I was unable to stop any of it.

I stood up from the bed, tired of just sitting there and mulling over things without an end... finding that just staying still was letting my mind do what it was that I was trying to stop. I could feel the exhaustion throughout my body deepening.... I needed to sleep, and needed it very soon.

I just began to wander around the darkness of my room, pacing on the small throw rug that was there. I was hoping that doing this might help sooth my racing mind once and for all, but even after just a few minutes of doing that... it was clear my mind was not going to stop. It was getting to that point that I wanted to scream.

As I continued to pace the floor, I found that I was now letting myself truly think things through now. I had been fighting it for many hours throughout the days, but I hoped that in letting it just fly with it... it may just settle me enough to actually close my eyes and get that much needed sleep I craved.

It was then, that I discovered my mind just might have had a purpose in keeping going like it had been doing. I began to notice that my mind had been focussing on one part of that little incident I had blundered on to... my brain was constantly playing that part more than the others. It was weird.

" Dear God... Help me..." I whispered rubbing my eyes with my palms, hoping that some divine intervention might get my mind to stop.

The part that kept playing in my head like some broken DVD... was of that creepy janitor stepping away from Louise after ‘finishing’ with her. I could see him in my mind then pulling up his pants and simply walking off like as if nothing had ever happened. That single image now was haunting me so much, but the question was why was that little fraction of what had gone on bothering me like that.. It was so odd how that memory seemed to just sit there and play faster in my head.

" What is going on here..." I said to myself, seeing how my one mind was trying to tell me something.

Even after I noticed, that part was playing that part over and over again... now I was unable to explain why it was... even to myself. I kept on pacing my small room like a cat out on a midnight prowl, as that was the only thing I could really control at the moment. It was as if, something was telling me that I needed to concentrate on that moment in time.

It was a few minutes later, I stopped in the very middle of my room and looked up from just staring at the floor while I paced. It seemed as if something had suddenly dawned on me why my minds unprovoked attentions had been bothering me like this... it was beginning to come to me that I had subconsciously picked up on something which seemed was not adding up for me..

I realized that the sleazy maintenance man had turned away from the door to the hallway after having sex with Louise, and had gone to a door at the very back of the room. He never looked around or took a second glance back at Louise... but just headed directly back to that metal door at the very back of the class.

As I pondered what my mind was bringing up, I was becoming more aware of a overlooked fact. The very creepy man had not even tried to use the door that was the obvious way out. He had not even looked over when he was done his thing, simply had made a very crude comment to the naked Louise splayed out on the table and simply walked off like he had been doing nothing at all and straight back to that door. I could see him doing that so clearly, and was very sure exactly that was what he did.

Thinking on that fact a little harder still, I never did know what that door even led to, but it was very strange that the man exited that way rather than pass me in the hallway to leave. If he had needed to leave by the door I was standing at, he would have known I was there... but he never even had tried to. By his actions of just walking off, I assured myself that he never even had a clue I had been even there... and that he had already planned all along that he would be leaving the girl by that way.

I started to seriously wonder why that man had used that door to leave the way he did. I had seen some other doors like that in only a very few rooms throughout St. Tomas, but I never knew what they were for. I came to note to myself that the rooms that seemed to have the same doors were in the newer parts of the School. What were those doors leading to? That peaked my interest right there

It now was in my head... I needed to know what those doors were leading to and why that man had used that exit. I had no idea why I needed to, other than to have some real evidence to tale to both the Nuns, and Ashley. All of them really needed to know what was going on... it may sound a little selfish for me to feel that way, but I felt so strongly that they everyone needed to know.

I turned and grabbed the clothes I had on earlier, my mind now was really focussed on that damned door I was remembering in the Art classroom. It was almost as if there was a feeling that door was the key to ending this hell I was in... and it was also going to br the piece of the puzzle that would end up helping Ashley.

I did not care if Ashley and I were going to be together or not, even though I still was harboring some very strong feelings for the pretty girl. I just knew that something had to be done about the sleazy man and Louise. I wanted not to feel as if I was being bound and gagged by the words and o so subtle threats that had been spoken to me. I already knew that Louise would do anything it took, to keep her where she was.

Dressed and with my mind now focussed in, I snuck out of my room and quietly made my way downstairs. I knew what route to take to get outside without being caught, which was no secret except for the penguins it seemed. I used the way the girls would sneak out to meet up with one another and the rides they secretly had set up to go into the city and meet boys.

I was using this way to sneak my way out for a bit more of a constructive purpose than those girl did.. That made me giggle a little bit, as I made my ways through the silence that gripped the hallways.

I made it outside without a soul even seeing me, relieved that I had. Through darkness, I used the shadows where lights never reached and headed straight to my goal. That was the huge building far across the courtyard that was the school itself.

[End notes: NOTE:  Hehe... watch and see what I have thought up.]

Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 8 - Curiosity is a real scary thing

[Author's notes: Fear... it protect you... but what does Curiosity do?]

Chapter Eight - Curiosity is a real scary thing



The school was very still in the night’s quiet, perfect as I slipped in from a side door. I knew this entrance had been broken for awhile and the alarm would not have gone because of that. It was the perfect entry way for me to go and check on these things that were driving me a little nuts... but in doing this, I thought I was nuts anyway..

I was glad to get inside after hurrying across the campus while trying not to get spotted out after curfew. Once in, I found the school to be as spooky as the night outside was. Hearing only my own breathing, it just heightened the feeling.

The halls seemed so much bigger than in the daytime, the silence making the hairs on my neck stand. I could feel my heart pounding so hard in my chest at this time, but I could not turn back... what ever drove me to even search this out was keeping me from running back out and stopping all of this.

The halls were empty, as I made my way deeper into the school. I found myself hearing different and strange noises from all around me, making me shiver a little.. I kept an eye out for anyone that might be still in the school even this late at night, the noises were a constant reminder of that possibility.

On the surface, there seemed to be nobody inside the large place... but I knew that could be very deceiving. I had seen lights on in here many times since coming to school here, telling of people always being in here at one point or another. It seemed like there was no one in here still, but cautiousness was what I needed to keep in my head.

With only the emergency lights to show me the way, I headed straight for the Art hallway and that room which was my goal. I was unsure of what I might find, or if I would end up finding anything of the sort. I just needed to do this, despite my reservations I kept thinking up. Being already here and in the school, made that all a moot point.

When I found the entrance of the art hallway, I could see that it was really dark all the way down its length. I was as close to being pitch black as you could get, because only one set of the emergency lights at the far end the only source of light. It was just enough to see where that room was, and that it was still sitting open. I also could see that other doors were still shut like they had been a few days ago. It seemed like no one had been down this way since.

I made myself hurry down the hall with a quickened yet quiet step, my heart now pounding even harder as I went for that open doorway. I wanted to get in, see what it was that I needed to seen...and get out of there. As simple as it seemed, I knew that things like this could never be that simple.

It was total darkness I found as I stepped in to the room. I shut the door quietly behind me, thankful that they were new doors and hinges installed. I had my hand poised on the light switch as I closed the door, wanting to time it perfectly. I had not seen anyone in the building yet... but I wanted to take no chances at all... how would I explain what I was doing here in the first place If I got caught.

I then flicked on the as soon as I had that door closed all the way. I had remembered that this particular Art room had no windows to the outside, so flicking on the light would not arouse anyone’s suspicions in any way. It helped me to be as stealthy as I could get myself to be.

I was instantly blinded for a second, as the flourescent lights flared to life above me. I squinted against the brightness which flooded the room, my eyes actually hurt for a second as well. I stood there for a few moments to let my vision adjust, and things became clearer for me. I finally could see everything in the room as I looked around myself.

I surveyed the room as I listened to the sounds of my own breathing that seemed to be very loud. I purposely ignored the long wooden table that was just off to one side, as that was bringing back the memories of what I had seen that day. It was the very one that Louise had been on that day... and just the thought of it made me shiver a little.

I focussed myself on the task that I had came for, wanting to do what I had came here for... then get myself out of here as fast as I can.

I saw the grey door I was curious about at the far end of the room. I eyed the flat grey metal for a few moments, pondering that this thing was the reason for my little excursion out on this night. I hurried and made my way to that grey barrier, just wanting to calm whatever was driving my curiosity like this... and perhaps then I could end up finally sleeping soundly for the first time in days.

I tried the knob the instant I got there, and found that it was locked up tightly... I had expected that the door would have been, but I needed to make sure... I guess. Dead end.

I flattened my head against the cold metal, listened with my ear while feeling the coolness of the door against my face. I could not hear a sound on the other end, not even a faintest of one. I stepped back and looked at the locked door, and realized that I had done all of this sneaking around for nothing.

" Darn!" I whispered to the silence.

I had thought about this possibility while I was sneaking my way across the large courtyard to get here, and it had more than once made me thing I should have simply turned around during that time. Now with the locked door making the questions I had still unanswered like they were... I knew that there was no way right now to get them. I turned so I could get myself out of here, without getting caught

I took only a step when I spotted a very thin wire that was coming out from out of the top of the door. It was almost perfectly hidden in the groove where wall and roof met, something told me that was not normal at all. I eyed the off white wire, following it as it ran along the ceiling of the room and away from the door. I followed the wire while moving, wondering just what this little wire was about.

It went along and led straight to the door that I had came in. It seemed to go into the wall next to an small fresh air vent just next to the room door. I moved a little to one side, getting a better angle to see if that wire actually went anywhere else... and that was when I spotted something just out of plain luck. There hidden in that little air vent, I could barely see the recognizable shape of something sitting in the vent. It was clearly was a small web camera sitting on the other side of the grill that covered the vent opening.

I was curious and climbed up on to a smaller of those long tables that was sitting directly under the vent. It seemed that table had been placed there for a reason, I thought it might be because of that little camera.

I peered through the little vent the best that my short stature could do, and could tell that the camera had been focussed right on the very same table that Louise had been laying on when I had caught her with that horrid janitor. That was when certain things started to really dawn on me. It was clear that things were a little more ‘kinky’ that just Louise doing what she was doing for cash. It may have also been more than what the girl knew was going on with her little plan... or there was a possibly she might be a party to way more than what I could see was on the surface.

Either way whatever was happening was going, this was getting more and more creepy by the second... I may be somewhat naive of things, but I am not stupid. What ever was going on, was making me nervous.

I hopped off the table and quickly shut the room’s light off, noting that the little LED light on the camera itself - was not on at the moment.. The camera was not on at the time, which was a good thing. I did not want to take a chance at being recorded at this point, and having that creepy worker knowing that I had seen what I had saw in more ways that one... I had taken too many risks already.

I was out of the classroom very fast, every part of me was screaming for me to get out of there. It seemed my bravery I had bolstered myself with was gone. I wanted no part of this in any way... getting myself out of here was the first step to making sure of that

Making my way through the maze of school halls as quickly as I could... all I wanted was to just get back to that broken emergency door I had slipped in earlier and get myself back to my dormitory as fast as I could. It had cured me of the curiosity that had popped into me.

As I neared where the broken fire exit was at the end of a very dark hall, I suddenly heard a noise. I froze right where I was in the darkness of the shadows, hoping that I had just heard a random sort of noise that had broke the stillness of St. Tomas. I heard it again much to my horror... identifying that it was clearly a single set of footsteps that I had heard. I was under fifty feet away from my goal of the exit, and found myself scared to even move. As I hung there, the footsteps were clearly coming in my direction.

My mind flooded with trying to figure out what I could do, while the fear telling me what I could not. It was a battle in my head that was not helping my situation. I peered back through the dimness, and could see a shadow covered figure far down the hall. It was coming ever so closer to me with every moment that passed I knew if I moved right now, that person would see or end up hearing me. I stayed still for a while more, weighing my options.

By the shape of that figure, I was more than just sure that it was not one of the Sisters or even the Father himself. The silhouette told me that it was a man, but nothing else... and that brought a new flood of fear. I knew the man might be in here in the first place, something my mind had been reminding me of since I had hatched this plan.

I did not move so as to keep myself covered by the veil of darkness that hung in this hall. I could hear whoever it was coming down the hall way, moving very slowly as it headed right to me.

Glancing around, I saw that there were no open doors to any of the rooms which I could have decided to bolt into. There also were no other little corners to hid in this short hall either, my options were just where I was standing and that was that.

The reality was that the only way out of this hallway and this situation was straight through the very same door that I had came in earlier. I was stared at the door and felt myself now really sweating. That partially open fire exit was my only means of escape.

" What am I going to do here!!" I asked myself, looking right at the dimness covered door.

It was now coming ever clearer... I had a choice. Getting caught, or making a break for it and possibly getting caught as well. My chances, like my options, were not many. I listened to the person getting closer and closer... I had to make a decision, and make it rather fast.

I set myself to take off as fast as I could, staring at the door for what seemed to have been a very long time. Taking one last deep breath, I flung myself forwards and literally bolted for the door.

Thankfully, the door was still sitting open a little as I hit it. I heard a voice call out for me to stop along with a string of swearing that never had been seen inside our school. It registered in my head, the voice belonged to that creepy man I had been dreading coming face to face with.

I knew I was obscured almost completely in darkness, but my fear was that the man still would have been able to recognize me.. But I was not about to hang around to find that out if that creep of a man did or didn’t. Bursting out of that emergency exit, I hit the grass running, and kept on moving.

I ducked into a large stand of trees that were planted almost up against the building.. Running full out, I was not quite sure if the man was hot on my heals trying to catch me at this point as I pushed my legs to move as fast as I could get them to go... But I was not going to stop and find out if he was or not.

Using that cover, I made my way around the edge of school and kept on moving. As I got myself out of there, the only thing I heard was the pounding of my heart in my ears as I hurried back to my room.



I made it into my dorm, after taking more than just a few precautions against being caught or even seen. I had ran through the trees, crouched low behind bushes and never used any of the lit paths as I made my way back. I was like some sort of ninja, as I made my escape.

Slipping into the dorm building, I finally paused to look over my shoulder. I had figured out that the man had lost me somewhere near the school or he had not even try to get me.. but I was glad that I had made absolutely sure that he never spotted me...At least I was almost sure that he never knew who I was.

I snuck upstairs and entered my room, not making a sound as I did, Closing the door, I stood there in the stillness of my little room, puffing quite hard from all of the running and ducking like I had done to get here. No one had seen me coming or going, and I chalked it up to being really lucky.

With my heart slowing down finally, I moved into my room more while leaving the lights off purposely so no one could see that I was up... or that the man could have seen that and made a calculated guess that it had been me sneaking around in the school tonight. I already knew that there would be more than enough light coming in through my window from the pathlights three floors below, that I did not need to.

I was looking forward now to just undressing and slipping myself into my bed for the night. I was feeling totally worn out by my little excursion, not to mention from my mind working overtime and not letting me sleep either. I was optimistic that I would sleep finally, my mind seemed to have finally slowed enough.

Pulling off my clothes and quickly readied to hang them up, it was them that I spotted that there was a folded piece of paper on my bed by the little low light from the window. I was shocked, as the paper had not been there when I had left to do my ‘detective’ stuff ... but there it was. Looking at the paper as it sat in the dim light, I instantly was feeling nervous towards it.

I wondered if it could have been from Ashley again, pleading with me to forgive her... or perhaps from Louise to threaten me again if I did not keep my mouth shut. Either way, I was more than hesitant to even find out who had left that note, but deep inside of me... something was telling me to check just what it might say. I moved to my bed and picked it up, the feeling had won out.

On opening it after having a slight internal argument with myself, I found that it was a short note left by my best friend, Kerri. I saw on just opening it, that it was a rather short piece the girl had written me... a little unusual considering the girl had almost OCD like qualities when it came to writing notes or anything else. She had never left me a note before, that had been shorter than three pages long..

All the message said was to meet her before our classes started behind St. Thomas Cathedral’s attached theatre, which the school used for lectures, plays and parties in. It did not say why she wanted to meet or anything even close to any explanation...she just told me to meet her there and ended her note with that.

I was a little confused by it, but knew that I just had to meet up with her and things would be explained. I folded the note back up and just slipped into bed, not even bothering to put on a nightgown.

So tired from everything, I fell asleep right away... it probably was more like I had slipped into a coma or something. The fear of what I had discovered had been overtook by my sheer exhausted state. Good thing for me.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Just a fill chapter... just wait, this will get very interesting very fast.]

Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 9 - A lighter shade of confused

[Author's notes: Just when you think you know someone... you may find that your perception was all wrong.]

Chapter Nine - A lighter shade of Confused



I felt better this morning the second my eyes popped open... and not as dragged out and heavy as I had been feeling also. I noticed how wonderful that was from the second I had came to realize that another day had come around.

Laying curled up in my blankets and sort of enjoying the warmth that it was bringing me, I actually wanted to get up for a change. It was a far cry from e last few days of wanting to cover my head in these blankets and imitate a hibernating turtle... I now had the urge and energy to get up and greet this day that was just starting head on. I just was glad to feel this sort of lightness again.

I swung myself out of bed, and actually found myself really motivated to the extreme. With the sun shining so brightly on to the campus right below my window not to mention how that same light made my room seem cheery and happy... it made me wonder if this was going to finally bring me a great day. I needed to have one of those type of days, I decided that I was going to have one for myself.

I deserved that much fro the world.... after having so many of those types of grey days in a row, just the thought of it made me feel a little more optimistic than had been my norm over the last little while. This morning was such a real joy to actually wake up and see, that it made me break a huge smile even before getting myself out of bed.

On the flip side of my mood, I still was pondering what I had found and everything from last night. That was so vivid in my memory, but I also knew that I could do nothing about the many suspicions that came with finding the camera and stuff..

I had not really decided whether or not to keep looking into it or not, although my curiosity was still making me lean towards the yes side of things... even though I had been chased by that creepy guy. That did temper the extent of my feeling like I was wanting to continue on investigating.

I decided to just leave the camera and everything associated with it alone for the time being still and focus on what I had to do today. I wanted to have a little fun for a change, and also find out what was going on with Kerri for leaving that rather unusual note for me. That was clearly a priority for me to talk with her like she had asked to, considering that she has been one of my best friends.

I started to think back on some things, and found myself remembering this very strange saying that my Father had coined to me long time ago. Once my mind had brought it up from where it had laid dormant all of this time, the piece of wisdom he had given me seemed to have some actually merit with what was happening to me these days.

‘Some things can be fixed when they were not over-thought, it is the passage of time which usually straightens most things out as long as the person knows the consequences when even the passing of time don’t work.’ I could actually hear his low booming voice echo in my head... exactly the way he would say it.

Taking my fathers so good, yet so very long-winded piece advice into consideration coupled with what I had seen and the crappy few days I have had... that was a great piece of advice. Right there, I made the final decision for myself. I had to stop doing my little Nancy Drew imitation for now. Getting myself into trouble just because I was having this odd sense of curiosity that was driving my actions, was not a good idea at all.

To learn to back off like this, I have to thank my father later for. He always wanted me to stop doing things like this. I thought this through, and instantly knew that when it came to where those impulsive genes came from... I got the full truckload from my mother, or at least that was how my father always tried to explain away my actions.

Standing up and making a first step on the hardwood floor, I shuttered and pulled up that foot. The room, I found, was more than just a little cold on my naked body... and even colder feeling on my feet so early in the morning. The coolness had instantly gave me goosebumps all over my skim, even popping up in places I never knew could have them develop in the first place.

I shivered and thought about stuffing myself back into bed where it had been way warmer. I quickly came to realized that the harsh blast of cold was coming from my air conditioner. It was clear that damn thing was on the fritz once again, which was the reason behind the bone chilling antarctic feeling in my room.

I just wanted to get my day off right, and that was my mind set. I forced myself to start moving, reminding myself to tell the custodian for this dorm to fix the AC again.

" Damn useless piece of garbage!" I actually swore to myself, hating that this seemed to be happening a little more than usual... even though it had been very warm weather for a month now.

I was really starting to shiver violently as I started to move around the room a little faster than my normal leisurely pace, I was hoping that moving more briskly might warm me up enough to be comfortable in the grasp of my indoor arctic exhibit, while I cursed my air conditioning vent. Moving did seem to helped only a little bit, and I knew exactly what I had to do to help that out.

I slipped on my favourite royal purple coloured terrycloth robe before stopping to grab myself a clean uniform out of the closet. All I wanted to do was to have a quick shower before breakfast and meeting Kerri. I was feeling so dusty, sweaty and grimy from my little detective excursion the night before that my need to clean up was nearly this all consuming sort of thing. The fact that getting myself to have a shower would also warm me up the quickest way helped me move a little more speedily.

I quickly gathered up the things I needed to not only have a shower with, but my hair supplies and deodorant and stuff I would needed after. I knew I had to hurry to beat the crush of people that would be all trying get in and shower. I wanted warm water to help shuck off the freakish cold of my dorm room, instead of having to endure a cold shower because I was not fast enough. I had to have one of those very cold water showers a few days ago, and I was not wanting to endure another one after this.

I looked at the clock on my beside table as I went to leave my room. It was just a small bit before seven in the morning right now... I was just on time to make sure of having enough hot water. I giggled as I hurried out of my room, I was early... and that was starting to point to having that great day I so wanted to have.



The air was warm and just a little muggy feeling as I hurried across the school courtyard to meet with Kerri. I could smell the amazing aroma of freshly cut grass wafting on the light breezes, which made me feel so good. I love this time of spring, I told myself as I made my way down the brick pathway.

Making my way quickly, I could see that there were only a few people walking around on the campus grounds this morning. Most of St. Tomas’s girls were probably already waiting in the crush of the dining hall for breakfast to be served out. I was really looking forward to today’s breakfast, knowing very well that it was egg and hash brown day... my favourite morning meal food of all time.

Just the very thought of those scrambled eggs and the golden brownness of the diced potatoes spurred me on to walk a little faster to hurry and meet with Kerri. I wanted to talk over whatever it was that was so important, then head back for breakfast. I felt my stomach growl real hard with just thinking about that amazing meal... so I increased my steps and headed for where we were suppose to meet up. I wanted dearly to taste that breakfast, and my body was agreeing with that.

The Saints Hall loomed over me as I skirted around the outside of the building. I looked up at the stone statue of Saint Michael that was at the very peak of the huge roof as I hurried by, and shivered. Even though I knew that it was firmly attached to the Saint’s Hall, I always seemed to envision how that statue would come toppling off the roof to crashing to the ground... and right where I would be standing. I shuttered and kept on walking as I averted my eyes down at my feet as I moved.

This was honestly a childish little fear I always seemed to have gotten since I had been going here at St. Tomas...Ever since my first day. Every time I would ever go by, ore even inside of this over one hundred year old building, that little vision would jump out and hit me. I had it under control enough to the point that no one ever knew I was still having it, but I hated that damned fear always.

I scooted around to the back of the building, a place that was always used for important meetings with people sop we could be assured that the ‘penguins’ were not going to be around. It was used at time for other things like little trysts as well.. Or I had heard. That made me giggle with the onset of nerves. I had never thought about that towards Kerri ever, but the fact that the place was used for that still made my mind go there..

There was no one there yet among the large stand of trees that was the meeting spot. In the shadow thrown by the hall’s building, it was actually kind of creepy despite it being a very bright and sunny day. I looked around the little open part as I waited, feeling my nerves a little more than usual.

I knew I was completely on time, and hoped that Kerri would be as well. I knew that because I had been the one being that had arrived, was more than a little odd. Kerri was one of those very prompt type of people, the way she obsessed about doing that was almost bordering on being close to Obsessive Compulsive, this was still the first time that she had been late meeting anyone in a year or so. I waited, thinking that even my best friend could have been held up.

A rustling sound caught my ear, and I turned as I thought Kerri had shown up. I was gong to give her a smart remark or to about her being late. She always did that when I was late, because I was more often than not. Today, was my chance to give, rather than to receive that sort of ribbing.

I was thoroughly shocked as I turned, it was not my best friend who had shown up to meet me. It was none other than Louise who had shown up there.

" I knew that you would come if I wrote that note up just like if I was Kerri..." She said, looking at me.

" That was your note...?" I stammered, feeling so damned pissed off in a instant that I wanted to pummel her to a bloody pulp.

" I did..." She said flatly as her usual trademark smug smile was not even on her face at the moment.

I felt my muscles in my shoulders starting to really stiffen and get sore as they tightened more than I had ever felt before. I felt this wave of anger instantly crawl up into my chest, and go to ever last part of my body as I glared at the girl. I had never felt so angry in such a short amount of time.

" You have stooped to a new sort of low here, Louise... that is even for you, bitch..." I shot back, feeling angry that I had been pretty much duped. " Why in the hell would you do a damn thing like this?"

" Jenny.... I just had to..." She started.

" Why in the hell did you think that you had to?" I said so aghast that I could barely speak at the moment.

Louise seemed to stay basically calm as could be, even though it was clear that I was rip-roaring mad at the moment. She paused as I never said another word, simply staring at her with a fixed glare.

" You would have never came, if I had just left a note that was from me... and if I tried to talk face to face, you would not even let me do that..." She said.. " This was the only option that seemed would have worked."

" After what you did to me, did to me and everything else I have seen you do... I would have ignored you ass...." I said, feeling my anger rising in my chest. " I will put it in words you will understand....Fuck you!"

" But..." She stammered a little.

" Just go to hell!" I said, putting a heavy accent on the last word to emphasize it.

I went to turn ad storm off, and just leave the girl standing there in the wake of my anger but she stopped me with a unusual soft touch of her hand.

" Please... listen to me, Jenny..." She said, the smugness and such that usually was in her voice, was not there. " I am in big trouble here..."

I was going to be the bitch from hell myself and just walk off, but I found that I could not even move. There was something in the tone in her voice, and in the way she was just being made me rethink my anger. I stopped and looked right at her, my mind not quite grasping this change in acting on the part of this girl.

" If you have found yourself bein’ pregnant, I can’t help you with that... and neither if you have caught some disease from that scumbag you were with for money... and if you want redemption for your deeds..." I said, almost growling by now. " ... you know that confessions are on sundays..."

" I wish it was any one of them..." She said, her voice wavering, " I know what to do about those things in a heartbeat... I don’t know about what I find myself dealing with...."

I was stunned to see things that I never knew the girl could ever feel or that I would see in her. There was a fear hanging in Louise’s eyes, a fear that was clearly genuine. I could see that all of this might not at all be a ploy... seeming that it was all just someone that was reaching out. I knew that I needed to find out a few things.

" What is it??" I found myself asking, against my better judgment.

She looked at me, and did not smile.

" I found a few pictures of myself that had been posted up on the Internet on a sleazy site that was all down on a compact DVD... one that I am horrified to see..." She said, stumbling over her words as she tried to explain. " It is of me naked and screwing that worker you caught me with... in all of it’s horrible details...."

" Pictures?" I said, thinking back to the web camera that had been hidden in that classroom.

" More than pictures..." She started to say, seemingly relieved that I seemed to be listening to her.

" It was actually perhaps that it was more along the lines of a video of you screwing, was it not..." I said bluntly, thinking back to what I had found.

The girl blinked a few times in a row, and her mouth made a instant ‘o’ shape as she looked right at me. She was not expecting that I would even know something like that.

" Yeah... did you see it too?" She gasped, very surprised at what I had divulged to her.

" I have not seen the pictures of you......" I said, now seeing that I needed to explain myself more than just this.

" What do you mean not exactly?" Louise prodded, obviously hearing that which was in my voice.

I would have never say anything about it only a few minutes ago, still angered over everything that had happened between the two of us... now here I was telling here about what I had found playing ‘Nancy Drew’ last night. I told her what I had been suspicious about, the breaking into the school and what I found when I had searched through the largely empty room where she had been ‘having fun’ with that very creepy school worker.

Louise just stood there and listened while I came out with everything. Her eyes were showing the huge amount of shock she was feeling towards this all... and perhaps her mind was now realizing a few things about herself all at the same time that I was telling her about it all. I was seeing that in her. What ever it was, seemed to hit the girl.

When I was finished saying all of what I had to explain, I watched as Louise shook her head in disbelief.

" There was a heating vent... with a goddamned webcam stashed in side of it?" The girl stammered.

" Yes... there was a camera there...." I replied, nodding at her. " I got on a table and saw it myself... it was the same sort of camera we have installed on the computer labs up on the second floor in school."

" And you also saw that there was some sort of cord or wire that you saw really did led into that room at the back of that classroom?" She asked. " And that door was right at the very back of that same room?"

" Yes..." I said.

" And it was locked?"

" I tried it myself... it was locked..." I replied back.

Louise stood there for a moment, looking at the ground. It was more than obvious that the girl’s mind was flying with every little piece of information I had given. She seemed at first more than a little bit confused, then she seemed to be getting this air of being angry without saying a word.

" I always had wondered why that asshole always finished with me, and then hurried into that room with that stupid smirk on his face...." She gasped, as she held her face in her hands. " He would just leave me there to dress and count the money he left, and now I see what he might have been doing too..." She shook her head and took a long breath in " Guess I deserve that."

I stood there for a moment, my anger wanted to agree that she did deserve all of this shit and then some, but I knew that was not right to think. Nobody needed to be taken advantage of like this, especially with their own bodies... not even this bitch of a girl who had come between the me and the first person I had started to really like in that way. I looked into her sad eyes, and I could not believe how I was feeling at the moment. I was beginning to like her in someway a fact that was now blowing my mind.

Louise then looked right at me, her face now sported a few tears on her cheeks..

" What in the hell am I gonna do now, Jenny... What?" She said, looking so defeated, with her shoulders slumped forwards. " God, I am so embarrassed about all of this... oh, damn!! I don’t know how I got to this point in my life..."

I was stunned at the change that had come over this girl, a change that made me not want to hate the her any longer. I disliked the fact that I was now starting to think of ways I could possibly help her. It shocked me to even think that way, but deep down I knew that it was the right thing to do as well.

" I don’t know what we can do... but if you want some help..." I offered, almost before I was sure I wanted to.

She blinked, her face now was a mask of blankness.

" You would... actually help me do something about this?" She asked me.

" Sure, I will..." I said, still in a state of my own shock at how I was feeling so willing to help her out like this.

" But what I have done... and everything that you have heard of as well..." She sputtered, showing her remorse she now was having... and all of it seemed pretty much honest " You will help me?"

Truth be known, I had no clue to what in the hell either one of us was going to do, or the fact that I still had some reservations about doing this in the first place.. This was one situation I had never even thought of, little alone had came across. Myself, I had absolutely no idea to even start. I ended up explaining to her that we needed to meet sometime later and discuss what we might be able to do. I was clear with the point that I really had no idea yet, but she was so happy that I was going to help. She agreed to meet during our free time that was always scheduled just before everyone was to be in bed.

With that idea set in place, I just left it as that so I may hurry myself to get to breakfast for something to eat Louise hurried past me and headed straight to the dining hall as well, waving as she did. She had said that we might have to hide that we were talking, until we could have some sort of plan in effect... if it was the creepy man using that camera, he should never know that we were talking.

I had agreed to that for safety reasons, but a little part of me was still pretty deeply suspicious of the girl... despite my apparent urge to help her out all of a sudden. I fought the fact that I was now willing to trust and even help someone who had done all of this crappy stuff to me in the first place... and all just because I had a feeling to do so.

I finally got to the large building that housed the dining area, I was still mulling over all of these new developments as I did.

" I hope I am not setting myself up for anything..." I said to myself, knowing very well that I had set wheels in motion... and there seemed to be no brakes on them all.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTE: Told you the next chapter was going to be up... sorry about the delay... I finally broke my writer's block on all of them at once.  Bear with me, I have new chapters for most of my stories that are still going:)]

Chapter 10

Title: Chapter 10 - The unexpected Turn

[Author's notes:

You try to help people you may or may not really should be in the first place... but whetheryou do or you dont,  life also starts to play with stuff in the mean time.

 For Jenny... life does just that...


Chapter Ten - The unexpected turn

Evening was slipping into the latter hours as I sat on this hard metal chair... my but was starting to hurt. I looked at my watch and saw that it had been a very long time that I had been sitting here already. I frowned and looked up, I was getting a little more than just miffed at siting here like this waiting for Louise..

I sat with a hot cup of coffee at the small coffee shop area we at St. Tomas called the Angel’s mug. It was a student run coffee shop that was set up in a building where we hard some recreational rooms that were for games and movies. The place also had inside it the swimming pool and the smaller pool for baptisms and the huge St. Tomas Trinity Library was also attached on to. The place was so large, that it had on staff almost twenty librarians and up to one hundred helpers

This building was officially and stuffily, called The St. Tomas Respite and Recreational center.... but the students all called it Freedom hall. This building was so important to the student body, and it was true to be saying... everyone at one time or another, met up at The Angel’s Mug... just because the Sisters who run the place never really ever went there in the first place.

I had waited in a out of the way table for Louise to meet with me for now passing the ninety minute mark, and she still had not shown up. I had already drank down three full coffees in that amount of time, but all that I had to show for it was a real need to pee... which made it a little more difficult to be sitting her waiting so patiently.

" Where is she?" I had asked myself more than a few times throughout the ninety minutes. Stubbornly, I continued to wait for the girl to show because of her nervousness of the situation.

Soon it was closing in on almost two full hours and I was really starting to have to pee more than just badly... it was beginning to feel as if I was going to explode while sitting at the table. I bit the inside of my cheek to try and distract my mind for the feeling of that great pressure that was now inside of my pelvis area... but that did little, if anything, to help.

Even looking down into the mug of coffee in front of me for any sort of an distraction, made me really get the need to go even worse in a fraction of a second.

" Come on!!" I said to myself, regretting in a way that I had agreed to this at the moment.

I found myself wiggling a little bit in my seat as I sat there, but that did not help.... it was getting harder to sit there. I tightened my thighs together a little to see if that would help... but it did not. I was not about to start to ‘hold myself’ like I had when I was a little girl and I really had to go, but even crossing my legs a little harder did nothing to relive the rising tide in my body.

The feeling that I just might have to clutch myself to stop a river of yellow was beginning to cross my mind with each passing second as an option. It was starting to actually hurt pretty badly with the act of trying to stop myself from just peeing myself right there. I bit the inside of my cheek again with a little harder of a nip, and tried not to think on it, but that was not going well either.

I just decided to wait for a few minutes more, then leave and use the bathroom before I made sort of a coffee sea right under my chair. It was getting that damned bad to hold back my tide... the damned coffee seemed to always pass right through me at the best of times... my nerves from the past few days did all the rest today. I took a deep breath and tried to wait for just a few minutes longer.

After a few moments of trying to stop myself from thinking on it, I could not hold it any longer... it was get to the bathroom right now or I would have a yellow river cascading down my legs.

" Screw this!!" I whispered to myself, knowing very well that I was losing the fight to stop this.

I abandoned my still half cup of coffee and made a beeline for the nearest bathroom which was across the openness of the mezzanine area. I knew that was the closest bathroom that there was. I squeezed my inner muscles down there as tightly as I could get them to go as I sped walked across the tile floor of this large place, hoping that I would get to my destination without embarrassment..

I was almost at an all out run by the time I was halfway across the open area, already identifying that I might have only a fifty percent chance of me making it to the toilet in time... and the other fifty percent held the real chance that I would end up pissing myself despite my amazingly speedy feet that I was using to good use. I grit my teeth harder and kept my feet moving as fast as I could get them to... I was not about to let myself fall into that type of humiliating situation without trying.

In the stall, I just barely got down my undies and sat when the dam exploded and literally poured out of me. I was so shocked at how much pee I had stored up inside of me... to the point that it was seeming that it would never end as I sat there. I think Noah’s Ark might have been easily floated by me.

I giggled with a slight bit of embarrassment with the sounds that was like a hose coming up from under my butt, but I had to admit that it was rather impressive for my very small frame to end up holding so much like it had been.. I had only three and one half cups of coffee, yet I knew that I should have not been surprised any... I usually would only have two cups in an entire day, and not in the space of a few hours.

Now that I was feeling much better after going, I just decided to head back to my room. I wanted no more coffee for now until breakfast.... and I was also tired of just waiting for Louise to finally show up. I was pretty much sure of the fact that Louise would not be showing up any time soon, and I was feeling my exhaustion starting to fill me. I needed a good nights sleep and hopefully I would feel a little more centred afterwards.



Soon I was in my dorm building and walking the length of the hallway headed to my room. I was so glad to be heading to my room at the time, I found myself not angry any more at being stood up by Louise any more. I just thought that she would get a hold of me sometime tomorrow... or had decided to help her own self out without any body else helping. Either way, tonight I was too damned tired to care.

I was walking down the main hallway that led to the other hall that my room was on, I surprisingly met up with my best friend Kerri. When I saw her, I thought right off that she seemed to be returning to her own dorm room from the direction where my room was located. She was perhaps looking for me.

She saw me nearing and hurried over to me, as I continued to come down the long hallway.

" Where in the heck were you tonight?" She suddenly asked, always the blunt person that she was.

I blinked and found myself a little shocked, while she looked at me with her eyes that were always seemingly so serious...

" Where was I...?" I asked back, not quite shocked with her bluntness... not after all of these years.

" Yeah... Where were you?" She nodded, as she reached my side. She seemed to be a little annoyed in a way after finding me " I looked for you right after supper to see if you wanted to go and do something in the rec area or something and you were not anywhere that you usually are..."

" I went for a coffee..." I said, not wanting to divulge the reason why to even my best friend here.

The girl looked at me a little funny, but seemed not to be too upset. Her face softened as she fell into step with me

" Why did you go to swill that mud we call coffee all on your own?" Kerri asked. " It seems like a lonely thing to do..."

" Just wanted to... go and sit awhile..." I said, trying to make it a little honest sounding.

" Would have gone with you, you know... I was bored to ruddy tears, and that was why I was looking for you tonight..." She said, with a small chuckle. " I was tryin’ to save myself from the sheer torment of boredom that was picking at my brain... but of course I could not find you until right now..."

" Sorry..." I said meekly, wondering if she was trying to be funny... or was she deadly serious? It never was totally clear when it came to Kerri.

Her burst of laughter answered my second or two of wondering, she was kidding around after all..

" Ha... Can’t wait for the spring break to come finally..." She said, her eyes tearing up as she laughed. " I need to seriously get away from here for a while, or I will end up sucking my thumb while crouched in some far off corner of this wretched school while drawing with a crayon in my toes..."

" I was feeling like that earlier on..." I commented, trying to play with the girl’s attempt at humour.

" That was another reason why I needed a distraction from the boredom tonight..." She giggled. " The walls seem to be caving in on me like mad..."

" We all do need to get out of here..." I said, then stopped my own words.

I was instantly saddened as I inadvertently had reminded myself that I was not going on a spring break thing this year. I fought how I was feeling about that, already feeling bad enough for not being able to explain about the situation I was finding myself in with this whole Louise thing. I took a deep breath and tried to relax my mind, as this all was nobody’s problems but little ol’ me.

Kerri looked at me... almost as if she had somehow known what my thoughts at the moment. I swallowed hard and stayed silent, as I knew that she had her world famous feelings happening.

" But your not going to be leaving for this spring’s break .." She said, as she looked at me rather sadly.

" Forget about that......" I said, feeling the amount of concern toward me through her words. " It is no real prob for me...!"

" I told you that you could come along for the break if you needed to get outta here..." She said, her voice wavering. "... my parents won’t mind very much as long as we explained your situation..."

I shook my head, knowing that Kerri needed to connect with her family... without the excess baggage of Ninety three pounds that would constitute being me. I knew that could not happen anyways. In knowing her younger sister who also goes here at Saint Tomas as well, I had heard through that younger girl how thrilled their parents were to have a chance to have a complete vacation... and to be together as well. That was important to all.. I was not going to horn in on it.

" You know very well just how much your parents are looking to have their family together for the first time in years..." I said, making it clear that I knew this little piece of news. " I will not have that disturbed any."

Kerri looked at me, and she could not hide the sadness that was in her, sadness that was for me.

" I hate seeing you having to be all alone for two weeks straight, and staying here in the lap of school hell..." She blurted out. " Being with the penguins... that is just shy of being purgatory..." She shook her head. " I hate that is what is going to happen to you, Jenny girl..."

I flashed a smile to my best friend, hoping that would calm her enough to know that I understood her situation and was not upset at the decision I had made for myself.

" I will be just fine..." I tried to assure her, but in a way not totally believing that myself either.

" But it just does not feel right to know that you will be basically the only girl left here on campus..." She said, looking at me. " It makes me a little sad, but it also makes me so damned angry with your family as well. You are left alone here all alone once again, that will make it three years running...."

" I am going to be fine..." I said back."

" No your wont...your just too damned nice to..." She said, but I stopped her words

" Just drop it, I will be fine, I promise that I will be..." I said, feeling sad and loved at the same time as the girl was genuinely worried about me.


It was true though....I was not looking forward to having to stay at school for the whole spring break. If I let it, it actually really did hurt me. It was not something that was pleasing to my parents as well, having to leave me at school over vacations really did make them seem so sad. Regardless how badly it seemed to bother them, the reality of it all was that it was what it had to be. Each were needed to speak on behalf of their medical expertise at many conventions over the next three months.

God, love my parents. They are the top ones in their fields of medicine... but that meant that this same sort of thing would happen over and over again throughout my life. It had in the past, and that was the way my whole life sometimes it had unfolded. They loved me very much, I knew that for sure and never doubted it for a single moment... but to be truthful as hell, it was hurtful in some aspects.

Kerri nodded and smiled, the topic was dropped finally... and that was good for me. We went on to speak about some term papers that were going to be due to be handed in a few days from now. She was acting that she was a little playfully upset with me because I already had done two out of the three papers already, but was glad that I offered to help her if she ended up needing it. She was not made about it, but she should have remembered that I always seemed to be the first one to finish things like this.

We parted ways for the night, on a happy note. We made plans to have breakfast together in the morning, and then help one another through another boring day of classes. When you are in St. Tomas, it is the way people got through. I just headed to my room, almost swearing that I could hear my bed calling to me... as well as the extreme exhaustion I was having... it has been a long few days, I had to admit.

My room was quiet when I stepped into it, and I found that fact made me feel the happiest that I had been in a while. After everything that had been going on, along with what had not go on as well... I was wanting to enjoy a little bit of solitude. I wanted to have the chance to consolidate all of my thoughts and feelings to a more manageable level so it would be much more easier to think.

I closed the door and turned around to find the damn light switch so I would not bump into things... that was when I saw a shadow in the darkness. I was startled as I saw the figure in the darkness. I was scared instantly, thinking it was that scary worker coming to get me or something... thinking he knew what I knew and was going to make sure that I kept my mouth shut.

I reached for the door, and wanted to get myself the heck out of there and the danger that now made me so frightened

" Please, don’t be scared, Jenny... it’s me.." Said a female voice, which stopped me from fleeing the room. " It’s me..."

I instantly knew who it was that was standing there in the darkness, set back in the shadow that the light from the window never reached. The sweeter than candy voice came out was none other than Ashley, lovely sweet and confusing Ashley. I swallowed hard, as it was the first time since catching her in bed with Louise that we had been in the same room together alone.

I froze and stood there in the darkness, not quite knowing what to do at that moment. I could still see her silhouette, but not enough to see her face... and that darkness sort of matched the fact that I had no clue to why she was there in the first place.

" What is it that you want?" I asked surprisingly direct even for myself, not really knowing what else to say.

" I... I needed to come ‘n’ see you..." Ashley said, stammered a little. " I wanted and really needed to clear up some things between us."

I reached out and flicked on the light finally, wanting to see what it was that Ashley was wanting from me. I fought back the anger and hurt I guess I still had, and was wanting nothing more than to hear what she had to say... and wondering if I should tell her that I was suppose to help Louise... or not.

Ashley stood there, in a long and very unshapely nightgown that was a scary and totally hideous shade of dark purple. The nightgown did not flatter the amazingly lean body I knew she had under it, to the point that I was thinking that this very article of clothing the girl was wearing might be just the thing my mother would wear. That made me shiver, and I tried to stop thinking about that..

I looked into her face intentionally, and saw that it held this deep sort of remorse, remorse that hung deep in those blue eyes she had. I swallowed and found myself unable to say anything to her, yet every small fibre of my being knew that Ashley was hear for a really important and honestly serious reason.

Ashley seemed look at me while she was in a sort of a hanging pause, her eyes showing me the deep extent of her deep emotional state she was fighting back. With a sigh, she made eye contact with me, making sure that I saw that she was not going to run off or anything else for that matter..

" What I did to you was wrong... and I had to just be truthful about everything." She finally started, being so deliberately straight forward. " The truth of the matter is I don’t know why I was not truthful to your from the very beginning... I only really wanted you, and I was still ending up in bed with Louise..."

I was surprised, as her words came out so strongly and was bolstered with the sheer clarity of truthfulness. I heard it loud and clear from the very first word... she was telling me the unabashed truth. I was now conflicted by the pain of seeing her with Louise, and the pain of struggling still with my own somewhat still quite confused sexuality through all of this.

" I don’t understand that..." I said, being honest right back to her... I had no clue to the reasons behind it all.

" Strange thing is, I don’t know or understand it all even within myself..." She sighed. " As stupid as that really sounds..." She looked right at me. " You ask whatever you need to... you will get the unvarnished truth."

I fell into thinking about the question, shocked that she was that open towards me like this. I weighed the different questions until I had the one that needed to be answered before all other ones.

" Were you always with Louise before me?" I asked, wanting to get the answer, and hope to have something to base the choice of what to do now on.

The girl in the rather ugly nightie nodded, but her eyes said that there was more to just that. I waited to hear what she had to say about that, knowing that I needed just to keep my emotions in check for now and listen..

" I have been with her before... Mostly just casually like... It was not like we were in love, although she had claimed to be a few times..." She came out with, but her eyes locking on to mine with a smile on her face. " I had always had this deep feeling ob being pulled towards you, I always wanted to be with you though... and never just for some sort of sex thing either... it was a little more!"

" And what was Louise to you?"

" Louise was more along those lines of a sex thing..." She sheepishly admitted to me.

" And you never told me because..." I asked, curious with her answer to come.

She took a deep breath again, but it was not in any way to delay what she wanted to clearly say.

" You and I were only together that once in the bathroom, instantly I wanted to have a chance to stop what ever it was I was having with Louise...something I would say was not very good anyways..." She said, her voice never once showing any deception with her explanation. " I was so glad that you and I had that one time... and realized that I wanted a real honest-to-God relationship that was deeper than sex... and that sort of relationship was what I wanted to be with you and you only.."

" Not like you and Louise seemed to have?" I asked with a small sputter, actually surprising myself with my frankness.

" With out a doubt, yes!!!" The girl smiled at me, her eyes now started to twinkle away. " That is exactly what I was meaning."

I had to admit, that it made sense to me, and it all was there.... and my feelings that I had towards her never had left yet. I was now a little upset with myself for the way I had acted through all of this. Talk about having a temper tantrum like a little kid... I had that, and then some... I jumped to some not so clear cut conclusions that were wrong as hell. I looked at the girl standing across from me, and that feeling I always had towards her was coming back. I had screwed up, it seemed... but it seemed like she really had fucked up as well.

Ashley crossed to me and looked into my eyes with a steaminess that could not be mistaken. She took my hands into hers, and then stood there for a moment in the quiet that was my room.

" What about it, My dear Jenny?’ She asked softly, with a mischievous smirk now flashing across her wonderfully shaped face.

" What about what?" I asked back, playing along with her seemingly mischievous tone

The girl blushed a little as she heard me as my question, but never once did she unlock her eyes from mine. I could feel my own face growing hotter by the second, as I awaited her answer.

" What I am trying to say is could we start this all over again... for real..." She said, that smile of her’s making me shiver. " You and I having a real sort of relationship... and I promise that there are no surprises for you."

" Your not ‘doing’ anyone else, are you?" I asked in a blurted voice, half serious with the question and half not.

She shook her head, as her expression told me that was the truth.

" No... that I can tell you I am not..." She giggled, knowing very well that my question had some honesty to it.

" Your not?" I asked again, although it was not a serious.

" No one else is in my life like that... and I can genuinely say that I am through with Louise totally..." She said, taking a very small pause to look at me even deeper that she had been. " I only want you..."

I looked at the girl for a few moments, reading the truthfulness that was still on her face. Even her so expressive eyes told the fact that she was honest and very sincere... she really wanted to have a relationship with me now. The question was I wanting that from this girl, and would be open to throwing the past hurt away.

" Are you going to try and convince me to go out with you, or just stand there like a statue?" I said, hating myself that I was using some really cheap and cheesy line I remembered from some movie I had seen a few years ago.

She stepped forward and lightly pinned me against my room’s door that was directly behind me. She looked at me for a second, before she leaned in and lightly touched her lips to mine. I could not stop myself at that moment from kissing her back, as she felt so good while she leaned her body against mine. We both shivered, as she sunk into the pleasure vortex that our kiss was having on us both. Her kiss was answering me in big bold letters now.

I could feel her hand starting to rubbing the small of my back through my school blazer, my mind started to swoon. Even that little contact, was making my knees grow wobbly and my breathing to increase in deepness and speed. I felt my body shiver and my mind was quickly forgetting that I had promised that I would help the ex-lover of who had seemed to have now became my girlfriend in the last few minutes... and the conflict that might be bringing into my life. The only thing I was surly aware of at this time was the heaving warmth of that body which was pinning me against the door.

I could not even make a solid thought, as I felt her hand now was busy caressing my left ass cheek through the fabric of my skirt now, as her lips softly were at work raining down little pecking kisses on the skin that was just under my ear. I gasped and felt a wave of shivering flow through ever last part of my body. It was clear that my mind was not going to work in any way at this point of time... The girl’s kisses, touches and her flowery scent of shower gel was making sure of that.

When Ashley’s sneaky hand quickly had moved around to my front, and then quickly had dipped into my plain white undies where her fingertips quickly found and started to tickle my secret place’s softness in the matter of a blink of an eye. I shuttered and let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as her fingers had found their way into me, making even my insides start to vibrate. I whimpered and licked my lips as I relished the feeling of her probing finger going deeper inside of me... my mind seemed to be completely shut off at this point

I could not stop myself as my passions seemed to have taken command of me and ousted any of my natural common sense my mother always said I seemed to have. I kissed her and we melted against one another where we both sunk to the floor. The second we were on the area rug that was there, we were already pulling off one another’s clothes as our lust rose.

It was at that point, that I found out that under that hideous nightie Ashley had been wearing, she had been totally naked all along. I was sort of glad in finding that out, and in taking it off... I found it to be so satisfying. She was so beautiful, I thought, as we paused to look at one another now naked bodies. She looked as good to me as the first time I had experienced her amazing form... only that all seemed to be times twenty as I looked at her.

I leaned in and kissed her as we intertwined on the rug, my own fingers had sot out and quickly found the girl’s wet center as we began to kiss so passionately again. I felt her body shutter in pleasure, my hand instantly getting soaked by her pre-orgasmic wave. She never stoped her own fingers, which made it more than official... our own circle of lust was now very much completed.

Making love to Ashley on my room’s floor shot the waves of pleasure through me like electricity... sparks that I greedily wanted to consume me. My thoughts that I had about everything else earlier was now totally gone... my need for the girl that was wrapping around me was all consuming and that blocked any real sense I had.

I had to really admit, this might not have ben the greatest of ideas to let my guard down so fast... considering I had been hurt by the same person who now had two fingers stuck deeply inside of me while sucking the tongue out of my head in the process.

Lets be honest here... Love makes you do real stupid things... lust even more than that. If that was going on right now... I should stop and really ask myself what the hell was I thinking in agreeing to help Louise, then doing this with Ashley?

I just might be regretting all of these things in the not to distant futures.. I just might crash and burn if I am not careful. For now, the softness of Ashley was all I really could focus on.

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Sorry about the delay... it has been a very busy few months.  On to the story... you will love what I have planned for Jenny... or you may question my mental status.


Either way, you'll love it.


Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 11 - Poof!!

[Author's notes: Things change... but do thei just up and vanish?]

Chapter Eleven - Poof!!


As bright sunlight brought me out of a heavy sleep of total exhaustion. It took a moment or to for my mind to start grasping what had happened over the last few hours of darkness... and what my circumstances were right at this very moment.

I remember how passionately and fully I had gave myself to Ashley last night... and making love with her until the wee hours of the morning. I could smell her sweetness even just laying there as I tried to wake myself a little more, but I had a notion that she was not there in person... I could not feel anyone laying next to me.

I made myself open my eyes and found that I was still laying on the rug that was the scene for the love making night. I was curled up under one of my loose blanket I kept around thrown on top of me, keeping my naked body warm and protected from the coolness of the room. By the lack of sounds like breathing or that knowing feeling of someone beside you, made it clear that Ashley was not with me this morning

I sat up and shuttered. I could feel this very unusual sensation of heaviness sweeping throughout my body all at once. I gasped, as I knew that it was a great flowing of fatigue that had a hold of my body as I tried to will myself to wake up. Through my still half asleep haze, I knew that this feeling was a combination of a lack of proper sleep with the vigorousness of lovemaking Ashley and I had engaged in. I had no one to blame for my lack of energy, but me and my hormones.

I giggled a little, as I now fully recollected just how vigorous Ashley and I had gotten into it like. I was a little sore, and my special place also felt just a teeny bit sore as well... but I would not admit how much it really felt like that.

" Oh man!" I sighed to myself, rubbing my eyes with my hands, my body not willing to wake up easily.

I took a deep breath in and tried to focus myself a little. All I could think about was just going back to sleep, rather than get myself up and go to classes. In truth, I wanted to find Ashley again and crawl back into bed with amazingly warm yet so soft body... to sleep or anything else that just might ended up crossing our minds. That sounded like pure heaven, as I did not want to even get off the floor... that was how strong this feeling really was.

I shook my head and tried to dislodge that thought right out of my head, telling myself not to daydream. It sounded still way too good for me, despite the fact that I had to go to classes.... rather than lounge around.

I noticed that there were two pillows down on the floor with me, another reminder that Ashley did fall asleep with me after we had made love... something that made me yearn for her even deeper than what I had been a second ago. I was brought out of my little musings when I saw that there was a handwritten note folded nicely on the pillow that had been used by her earlier. I picked up the yellow lined paper and read what it held for me with great excitement..

The note read like this.

" Had to go and shower and stuff before classes.... I hate to have to go to class in this awful nightgown I was wearing( You did not notice... I think, but My ma bought it for me...yuck!), meet me later...k? Luv ya, A." I giggled, as I saw there was a ‘PS’ scrawled at the bottom of the page. " FYI...I have your underwear on, and it is on purpose this time... you can collect them later from me... but there are no surprises with that... other than me in them."

I sighed and finally got myself off the floor, feeling in a very calm space mentally today. I ultimately knew that I had to get myself moving if I wanted to have time to clean myself up before having breakfast. I put away the note into my desk drawer, and then cleaned up the makeshift bedding place so no one would realize what had happened the night before if they unexpectedly came to my room... Kerri would do that, I was more than sure.

While picking up my hastily discarded clothes, I verified that my underwear was indeed in the possession of the pretty girl that had light a fire in me like no one ever had done before Knowing all of this, I had to admit it made me feel oddly very aroused just thinking of her wearing my underwear. I hoped that did not mean that I was a pervert or something, but I loved being aroused by it anyways.

I put on my robe and headed off to take a nice shower as well. As I exited and headed to the shower area, I found myself whistling as I did... and I never whistled very often in the first place. Love does wonders for a person’s mood... and I hoped that no one would notice... I knew that I could tell no one about all of this, knowing the fear of the ‘lesbian’ tag was still alive and kicking like a mule.

About three quarters of an hour later, I was in the dining hall looking at what this place tries to pass off as Scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. I was worried about tipping people off with my good mood to what had so gloriously happened to me last night... what I had been given for breakfast has shot down my good mood in a split second.

Looking at the food on my tray with seriously sceptical eyes, the breakfast looked more like it was lumpy grey spackle that had came with a side order of roasted fried gravel. Even the overly blackened toast that came with it looked more like a housing shingle than a food item. They usually would serve up fairly good meals for most of the times here in the dining room, but I was not convinced that this could ever be called edible. It was one of those servings that made you want to feint being ill to skip the meal. My appetite had been crushed squashed and chased off.

Kerri joined me at the table I had occupied over on the far right of the long area. She had the same thing on her tray as I had been given Her face showed the regret of her coming down for breakfast was well intrenched.

" These can’t be eggs and hashbrowns?" She said, eyeing her food with a little sneer.

" That is what they were called..." I sighed, agreeing with my friends’s observations

" This stuff they cannot think crap would be good for us... looking like this?" She said, eyeing her meal.

" Guess they think otherwise..." I came back with. " It is not what I would be calling Eggs and Hashbrowns..."

" Can this actually be called real food?" She snuffed.

" Not by my definition..." I quipped

The girl across from me poked the grey lumps with her fork, while giving a low grumbling noise at the back of her throat. She had a look of sourness planted on her face, as it showed that she was not quite enjoying the fare she had been given either. I had to agree with that as well.

" I think they have invented a meal that is so bad, we lose weight because we want not eat it..."

" I was thinking more along the line that they were trying to invent some natural pothole filler..." I came back with.

" That was what they were probably goin’ for..." Snuffed Kerri. " But it is not edible I think..."

" It is not food, that is for sure..." I laughed as I eyes my own food laying on the plate in front of me. "... but it was all we got..."

" Do you think a huge blast of some ketchup might help it become a little closer to food?" She asked flatly, giggling at my attempt of humour.

I eyed what was on my plate again, and had to shake my head in response to Kerri. Nothing in this world would or could make this stuff edible enough to get down, I was sure of that. I would rather eat very cold tofu... since I hated the spongy food in the first place, it told how I felt about it all

" I would have to say ‘no’ to that..." I said.

Kerri took one last look at her food, and she seemed to sigh rather deeply after a few minutes. I eyed her plate as well, and had to admit that even on someone else’s plate, the eggs and potatoes did not look very appetizing.

" I think your right..." She sighed, as she took her seat across from me. " Choking them down would be hard, even with the ketchup." She shook her head as she took a small sip of her hot beverage. " At least the coffee seems to be better than the norm."

" The coffee?" I asked.

I looked at my steaming cup of the dark liquid. I was so repulsed by the meal, I had not even noticed. By the smell of that coffee coming to my nose, it was clear that it was made better than it had been over the last little while.

" Seems like it..." I said, mentally thanking God for at least this small good thing with the meal.

" It actually is the best thing on this tray..." Kerri said with a smile, showing me that she was probably echoing my thanking of the lord above.

Just as we started to eat, a very excited May raced over. Never one for having any tact or anything close to it, the girl loudly started to talk.

" Did’ya hear the news you guys?." The flame red tressed girl said, pretty much yelling that as she neared.

Kerri looked at the red head, and I could see she was a little perturbed at the girl... but that seemed to be always.

" I may really regret letting myself ask this of you, May... but what is it that you are talkin’ about?" She asked, looking at the girl who seemed to not be able to slow herself down.

May took a seat at the table and looked at the both of us.. Obviously ignoring Kerri’s sarcastic question.

" I overheard the penguins talking between one another outside of my dorm building... It is so fucking amazing that you both will wonder what the hell is going on ‘round here..." She said, her words flowing out of her like a ice-jammed stream during a storm. " I tell ya that I nearly fell over when I heard what those black and whites were yabbering about..."

Kerri turned her head sharply and leaned right into her face. It was clear to anyone, my friend was pretty much pissed off at the girl with the whiplash tongue

" Could you... get on with it?" Said a very short Kerri through tightly clenched teeth, as she instantly had stopped the girl’s verbal diarrhea from continuing on.

" What..." May stammered after a moment of being shocked by Kerri.

" In plain and way more coherent English and without your tongue running amuck... will you just get to it!" She sharply said, almost as if she was warning the girl about her imminent danger.

May looked at Kerry, and she seemed to be feeling a little annoyed at my friend stopping her from talking like she had been only a few seconds earlier. She looked at the stern face of Kerri for the longest of times, and seemed to chose not to complain about it... which I would have went for if Kerri was looking at me like that..

" One of our students has been found to be missing from the campus today.... and has been since their last bed check late last night..." She said, obviously stopping herself from going on and on.

Kerri looked at May, and her face grew blank. She really did hate when May was running on at the mouth, like some out-of-control motorboat... but it seemed like this piece of news had peeked her interest.

" Someone is missing?" Kerri asked.

" One of the girls who is housed in dorm ‘G’. Third floor..." She said, then stopping herself from saying more

" Who?" Asked Kerri, now wanting the girl to continue on and her voice was not as tight as it had been earlier..

" That Girl that is so out there about bein’ a Lesbian..." May said, bouncing even while she was sitting there. " I think her name was Louise Anderson... yeah... that was her name..."

I felt my body grow cold, I was sure that all of my blood had drained out of me in that moment. I was not quite sure what to do, but my mind flew back to the hours I had waited at the Angel’s Mug for her the night previously... and how angry I had been with the girl that she had not shown up like she had said she would. Hearing the news like I had, I started to wonder now if she had been missing since then... I had no clue.

I collected myself the best that I could have, sure that my face was drawing everyone’s attention..

" This... Louise girl... is missing?" I finally said, after fighting for control of my voice box.. " I mean is this girl missing... or just run off?"

I really hated to lie like this to both my best friend and one of the people I had known the longest as well, but did not want to seem like I actually knew Louise... or I might have had to explain all of the other stuff just to make sense out of it all. Just the comment by May about the Lesbian thing made it clear that I could not utter a word of it.

May nodded and looked at me, obviously not hearing my light stammering I had been doing..

" By what I had overheard being told by Sister Adele... it was more like she has simply run off..." May said, obviously making very sure her answers were shorter than usual and avoiding Kerri’s scorn. " It was told that some of this girl’s clothes and other stuff were gone from her room when the Nuns had checked it after finding her gone."

" She ran off?" Kerri said, her eyes showing shock.

" Is that all you heard about it, May?" I asked, wanting any information I could get regardless how nosy it seemed I was being at the time.

The red head paused for a moment, as if she was checking her memories of what she had overheard..

" Um... that is all..." May said, turning to talk to Kerri.

" Was it with anyone?" Kerri asked, it was a obvious choice to ask about.

" There was no mention of anyone else being missing..." May said, shaking her head.

My friend seemed to ponder the whole thing for a second, while I was still trying to let things sink in.

" Dunno what to think about this all..." Sighed Kerri, adding with a little snorting sound. " That girl always did seem more than a little strange anyways... even after the whole ‘I’m gay’ thing."

" More than just strange..." Agreed May.

I nodded, but my mind was buzzing. This was disconcerting as all hell, and I had no idea what to do about any of it. Something deep inside of me was feeling something that was bordering of fear.

As Kerri and May started to talk together, with a few other girls that seemed to have eavesdropped on the entire story the red head had relayed to us, I excused myself from the table and hurried out of the dining room. I knew that I had to do something, after hearing what I just had heard.

I really felt like I needed to find Ashley and fast... and then explain thing to her even though it was a tale of almost unbelievable levels. Maybe then, the two of us could figure out exactly what it was that we needed to do to find out what was going on.

I headed out to see if I could find Ashley, after already knowing that she was not in the dining hall yet. I needed to find her, and really badly. In truth and in my heart... I had a really bad sense of something was horribly wrong here.

Chapter 12

Title: Chapter 12 - Flash of Silver

[Author's notes: Seeking out Ashley to try and make some sense of what might be up with Louise... Jenny finds something that is not what she wants, and she feels a cold grip on her soul...]

Chapter Twelve - Flash of Silver




Running like a rabbit that was on too much of a sugar diet, I got to the dormitory that Ashley lived in pretty much record time. That was surprising for me, considering that the girl’s building was the farthest away from the purposely centred Dining hall of all the dormitory building... set up against the hundred year old stone wall on the farthest edges of the east side of the campus.

I must have looked like some crazy person or something as I was running away from the dining hall toward the dormitory. Frankly, I think that I had knocked over a few of the younger girls from the primary grades like some large and equally as stupid football player from one of the boy’s schools that were in the city limits.... I was so focussed only on getting to Ashley at this time, I was not really thinking.

The dorm building seemed very still. I sprinted up the stairs a quickly as I could, still being winded by the run over here. I hurried up to the floor where the girl’s room was, startling the heck out of a few straggling girls that were unfortunately almost knocked over in the process of my assent. I called back my apology, but I heard only a few swears back. Screw them, I told myself

Once getting up to Ashley’s door, another problem... one that I had not even thought about running across the campus. I had pushed open the partially open door after a quick knock on the wooden portal and stepped in and came to find that Ashley was not in her room.

Ash’s room was so neat and immaculately in the light of the lone bedside lamp, so damned clean that I had to blink... the last time I had been in here I had not noticed the cleanness for reasons my mind did not want to dredge back up. I was a extremely tidy person, my mother had always said it was starting to border on an obsession... but I bet my parents never saw a room like this one. I was beyond overly neat and was organized to the tenth power. I shook my head because I knew that this was way past my sometimes necrotic tendances

I stood there amidst the nearly pristine clean room, trying hard to figure out what was I going to do next. Finding that she was not in her room had been more than a little surprising to me.

" Great!!" I mumbled to myself, still panting hard from all of the running I had done to get here. " Where is she?"

I was starting to wonder if I had somehow missed seeing her sitting in the dining hall, or inadvertently had passed her by in my haste to get here in the first place.... or if she had decided to go another route across campus for breakfast. Even though those two were more than just possible, I was more than just really sure that I had not passed her... but the emptiness of her room made me have doubts about that even them..

It was right then when I reminded myself that Ashley’s door had been sitting open a little when I found it. , so it was more than logical that she was still somewhere on this floor. Nobody who went to our school would leave their dorm rooms wide open like this even a little for the most part... so it was obvious that she was perhaps still on this floor somewhere... the question was there was almost a hundred room in this building alone. Where to start/.

I started to leave to check the bathroom area on this floor first off... that was the most plausible place to start... most people would leave their room open if they were just going there for that couple of minutes everyone needed to do. I knew that finding the facilities would not be very hard to find in the first place...the bathroom was almost exactly placed where it is in all buildings on the campus... perhaps planned that way by the ones who founded St. Tomas over seventy years ago.

After hearing about Louise, I was really needing to talk. The promise that I had given to the now missing girl was not a issue any more, we needed to get all of this out in the open if we were going to find out what has happened to the girl... and hopefully the ramifications would not be as harsh as my mind was making it all out to be. I had this feeling that it was more than just the girl had ran away from school... I had no proof of that, but I was sure that something was very wrong.

I was walking, and saw a dark skinned girl that usually hung around with Ashley, walking towards a large staircase that led down. I thought that the girl just might know where the girl was, and thus shorten the search.

" Hey, Connie..." I called out to the young girl with the jet black and very curly hair..

The girl stopped on hearing my call. She smiled as I came up to her. .

" Hey girl!" She said, with her somewhat strong southern accent, which I always had like the sound of.

" Hey..." I replied.

" What you doin’ in my dorm?" She asked. " Is breakfast that bad that you need to hide clear across the school grounds?"

" Trying to find someone... " I just giggled, remembering for a moment about the bad breakfast she had waiting in the dining hall. "

"Who?" Connie asked, always one to try and lend a hand.

" Looking for Ashley..." I said. " Have you seen her this morning?"

The deeply dark skinned girl paused for a moment, shifting her book bag she had on one shoulder. It was apparent that she was searching her memory.

" Saw her in the shower room ‘bout an hour ago. Saw her in passing right after I was done..." She thought out loud, as was her usual way. " She was going in to shower right then, but I have not seen her since."

" You sure?" I said, a little frustrated by now.

" Yep..." She drawled with a smile, the added with a chipper tone that made the morning feel slightly better than it had been.. " When I see her, I will tell her that your lookin’ for her."

The girl waved as she turned and started to hurry off. Calling out to another girl that was just starting to go down the nearest staircase, Connie raced and joined this person as they went down the steps and was probably off to probably get some breakfast before classes started. I knew that she might think twice about them hurrying over once they see the menu items.

I was now alone in the hallway as talking to Connie had helped me not one little bit.. I was no closer to finding Ashley than I had been ten minutes ago. I had only one other place that I could have thought where she could be. There was a small living room styled communal area that each floor in any of the dorm had... that was truly the very last place I could think where my new girl friend would end up being.

I was way down the hallway when I was relived to finally catch a glimpse of Ashley at the farthest end of this hallway near that communal area. I had started to feel a little more relieved the instant that I caught sight of the girl, I felt line a weight was about to be lifted from my shoulders.

" Wait up Ashley!!!" I called out as I started to run.

I pushed myself to catch up to her, but saw her head down a side hallway, one that was like many others that dotted throughout ever single building that St. Thomas seemed to have on its hallowed grounds.. I continued to try and call out to her several times as I raced down the hallway as fast as my patent leather clad feet could move, but she obviously could not hear me as she vanished from sight.

I ended up pushing myself to run even faster, even after the exertion of earlier, I wanted to close the gap as fast as I could have. I was not very far behind the girl but was trying to make up the ground. I felt my tired legs were almost like they were made out of rock after all of this racing around I had done... but they still giving all that they had.

That hallway was empty of any sign of Ashley when I got there, it held no clues to her whereabouts from my point of view... yet I came to realize that it just might not be hard to figure out as well. I knew that she had to be behind one of the four plain white painted doors I had found in this small utility hallway. With it being a dead end as well, there was no other way in or out of here without me seeing.

All of these rooms are nothing more than small storage rooms that were set aside for the towels and linen the school graciously supplied to us for showers and such. I was going to find Ashley after all of this time searching around, which gave my heart a lift... after really needing to talk to someone at this point of time after hearing about Louise so called running off like had been rumoured.

I made my way down the small hallway, listening at each door for which of these rooms she might have ducked into so quickly. I could see that one had a light shining from under the door, and there was a shadow moving around inside of the room. I was as curious to find out why she had gone into the room as I was anxious to talk to the girl.

I then heard Ashley’s voice behind the last door that was on the left of the small hallway. It sounded at first like she was having a conversation with herself in that small storage area, but I already knew what was really happening in there. I shook my head, as I did begin to realize what she was doing.

It was clear to me that she was on her cell phone while hiding in the storage room. People used many places like this around the school because it was something that is strictly forbidden to even have such a device on campus. That was one of the many conduct set out by the diocese of the church who owned the school enforced to the letter by the school administration... but everyone who went to St. Tomas still did it anyways, hiding in some of the most strangest places this school could offer up.

I decided to poke my head in and make her aware that I was out in the hallway and that I would be waiting until she was finish her call. I opened the door of the storage place which was unlocked and leaned in through the opening I had made for myself while hoping that I would not scare the living crap out of her in the process.... I knew she could be kind of jumpy at times..

I had barely poked my head in when I immediately was physically pulled into the small space forcefully by a hand which I already knew would not be Ashley’s. In a blink of an eye, I was slammed against the storage room door which had already slammed shut behind me because of the door return arm. I gasped as some of my air had been knocked right out of my lungs, that was the moment that I myself knowing that this was not Ashley.... but another person that had pulled me in like a ragdoll.

There I was, looking up and right into a very tall woman. I was very short, even at my age, but this woman towered over me like I was a young child... and she might have been even taller than my own father. She had this vibrant blond hair that was pulled back tightly into a long ponytail. The woman was obviously very athletic, almost having a male type of body... and as imposing as well..

I could not help but to look squarely into that face that loomed over me. Fear gripped me as I noticed how her eyes were such a vibrant cobalt blue. That intensity made those eyes feel as if they were cutting into me like a laser beam... for they held not eve an ounce of kindness in its coldness... then my worst fear was coming true.

I noticed that in the woman’s free hand, she held pointing towards the ceiling one very large and shiny silver gun. I could see that she had a single finger resting ever so lightly on the trigger, it looked natural. It was as if this tall and extremely imposing woman had been born with the weapon in her hand.

" Who the hell are you?" The very tall and statuesque woman asked with great authoritative bark, as her eyes seemed to turn the colour of steel. "Well?"

" I am so damned dead..." I swallowed hard, as this woman stared right through me.

My life started to flashed through my mind like a fast forwarded DVD, as my conscious gaze held the taller lady’s piercing stare. Instead of Ashley, I found a angry woman with a gun... feeling as if my life was ebbing away. It was the first time I could feel this type of fear... and I wished I could run off and save myself.

[End notes: Author's Note: This chapter signals a major twist in the story. I know what it is, and I am excited to write it. Enjoy!!]

Chapter 13

Title: Chapter 13 - Clarity in Storage

[Author's notes: She was sure that she was going to die... but Jenny found that it was not her time... for reasons that were horrible enough to be thinking about.]

Chapter Thirteen - Clarity in Storage



I was holding my eyes closed very tightly, waiting for the woman with the large weapon to shoot me. I could not move or anything, because I was waiting for the moment when I was going to die.

I nearly wet my panties while the silence that had fallen around me echoed for what seemed to be minutes as I had waited. Nothing came, and I realized that the only thing I was hearing was the pounding of my heart..

I then heard a voice come out of somewhere very close to me, one that I had been expecting all along when I had opened the door..

" Let her go, Auntie... let her go right away..." This voice said kind of loudly, instantly that identified the person was Ashley.

" Ashley??" My mind asked me, trying to figure it all out.

As I pondered that question, still holding my eyes closed in reflex to things that were happening. The voices kept going

" I take it that you know this girl, Ash..." The woman said as she continued to pin me up against the door, her voice seemed very stern but now was softening.

" I do... and very well, Auntie..." Ashley said, hearing the blushing she must have been doing through her words. " You could say very, very well..."

" Who then is this?" The woman’s voice said, as I felt her grasp on me was loosening a little bit.

" This is my Girlfriend, her name is Jenny." She said back, as she grabbed my hand.

" Your... girl?" The woman said, her tone was softening a little.

" She is, Auntie dear..." Sighed Ashley.

I felt the woman’s strong hand finally let me go and I opened my eyes as I was able to breath better. The fear was beginning to drain out of my body as I tried to compose myself, but I could still feel it like a stone in the pit of my stomach. I now could see Ashley standing there with this very tall woman, and I felt not scared any longer.

The very tall woman was sheathing her gun away into a holster that was tucked under her right arm, the steel like look she had been giving me was rapidly fading and she seemed almost friendly. It was at that time that I saw there was a very shiny police badge attached to the belt on her pants.

I was very confused at the moment... was this woman that had slammed me up against the back of the door while almost making me end up pissing myself... actually a Policewoman? And if so, why was she here at my school... and what was thing about Ashley calling her Auntie? So many questions and zero answers.. I felt so flustered, because I had never felt this confused before.

I looked at Ashley, not knowing what the hell that was going on. I was very much confused at this point. Nothing was making any sense at all

" Auntie? Police?" I stammered, as my heart still was beating a mile a minute in my chest. " Ashley... what is going on here?

" This is my Aunt Heather Caleb... My Aunt and who also happens to be a police officer as well." She said, so matter-of-fact.

I found myself able to move again, after the initial fear had passed fully. I looked at Ashley’s Aunt, and then right at Ashley herself. This was making my brain hurt worse than a very tough Algebra exam... almost feeling as if I was in some sort of twilight zone rerun on late night television.

" Would someone mind explaining what in the heck is going on here??." I said, getting bold enough to speak my mind finally.

Sheepishly, the girl looked at me... but I was not in the mood to be amused with her.

" It is... a little hard to explain in a very quick way, Jenny." Ashley finally said, her eyes looking right into mine.

" You better try... I have just gotten yanked in to this room like I was a sack of potatoes, slammed up against the door... pinned there while seeing that there was a gun staring me in the face so I was thinking that I was going to die..." I said feeling beyond exasperated and more angry than I ever had been.

" I can try..." Said Ashley, here eyes showing a little meekness in them.

I paused for a moment, then I felt my anger actually welling up as I looked at Ashley and her Aunt. Even if I could have stopped what was going to flair right out of me at that time, I honestly did not want to stop it from doing that... or even try to sugarcoat it a little. I was downright mad, and that was that!

" I think that you can really damn well go ahead and try and explain all of this for me." I said flaring, ignoring the strange look that was in the girl’s eyes.. I was mad, and it was coming out right now. " After all of this crap...Dammit!!! I think I deserve to have it... and a whole lot more coming from you!!"

The once scary looking woman broke a smile, and put her hand on Ashley’s shoulder. The lady’s face was now a very friendly and inviting sort of gesture to me, a far cry from what she had looked like to me a few moments ago when she held that gun.

" Let me try to explain all of this to Jenny, Ashley..." Ashley’s Auntie Cop said with the sweetest of voices which oddly calmed my anger right off the bat. " It is the least I can do, after scaring the living crap out of her..."

" yes Auntie..." Ashley said, seemingly relived at not having to face me right then.

She looked at me, and started, in a very matter-of-fact sort of way, although it was not out of intimidation.

" I am one of the main Officers that is working in a multi department operation against Child Pornography and abuse that spans many different Police services along with many other Federal Law Enforcement agencies from all over the country and even has branches internationally as well..." She started.

I was a little shocked at what the lady had just told me so smooth like.

" You mean like child abuse and stuff like that?" I asked with inadvertent bluntness, shocked with what she had said to me.

" Yes...Sexual crimes, criminal neglect or anything that would end up hurting or exploiting children in any way..." She answered back. " That is what I do."

I looked at the woman, feeling my anger now was slowly leaving my body after hearing just this stuff.

" Big job..." I commented, not quite knowing what else I could have said after hearing that.

" One that I am glad of being involved in..." She added in. " Big job, very disturbing at times... but it is something that is so rewarding at times as well...."

I had fallen quiet for a moment, that information hitting me hard. I looked at the woman, and saw the kindness that had not been there when they thought I was a threat or something.

" So you’re here at St. Tomas... because of your work..." I said, trying to sound surprised and in a questioning way, but with what I knew in my head... it probably was obvious that my mind was thinking about things.

The woman did not seem to notice my tone, and just started to explain herself in a much clearer fashion as I listened to her.

" We have tracked the origins of some extremely disturbing photographs coming out from this campus over the past few months, and I had identified a few girls involved in it, whether they were involved voluntarily or not..." The officer said. " ... in fact I am here because of investigating one specific young girl in particular who really seems to be deeper involved... and perhaps she is more than what she knows..."

I went to say something, but I was shocked with myself as soon as I had opened my mouth.

" Louise..." Was the name that I had gasped out, not being able to stop myself from letting that out. I was stunned

The policewoman that was the Auntie to my girlfriend seemed to hang for a second, staring at me right after I had said what I had said. She seemed more than just a little shocked with what I had inadvertently had let slip.

" Louise Anderson... that is the girl I was here to interview if possible, but I am now investigating her odd disappearance." She said looking at me with a questioning look, one that told me that I had really let the cat leap out of that bag. " How did you know that name, Jenny?"

I swallowed really hard, as both Ashley and her Aunt were looking at me. I could not believe that I had just gasped out Louise’s name in reflex like that, I was betting that this officer had a idea that I knew a whole lot more than she ever imagined I had, and now she was looking at me with that look people had when they discover something out.

I felt myself get instantly nervous, because I was stuck in a corner with no wriggling room what so ever.

" You know that I had something going with her before you and I..." Said Ashley, seeing that I was hiding things

" I do..." I said, knowing now that I honestly did have to spill the beans.

" You know something more..." Said Ashley, squeezing my hand. " You don’t wanna hurt me by saying something... I see it in your face..."

" Sort of..." I said, thankful that I might now shed the weight of the secrets I had at this point, been wearing.

Ashley’s’s aunt looked right at me, and seemed to sense the fact that I was in big time conflict withe myself. The woman looked at her Niece, then back at me, her face had became softer looking

" Do you know of something that I may need to know for my work?" The officer asked. " You seemed to jump on the fact that I was looking into Louise... something that I had not told you yet.... in fact there was no name out there yet"

" I do know something..." I said, knowing that I had to say it all.

" Then start when your ready..." The officer said.

" First off, let me just clearly state that I was never was ‘with’ Louise at any time..." I said, not wanting either Ashley and her aunt to get the wrong idea before I could try and explain things.

The tall lady cop looked at me, her eyes were very soft and comforting, and that was how I came to notice the strong family resemblance between this woman and Ashley... it was very clear that they were directly blood related.

" I sensed that much.. Considering how you were looking at my niece just now...." She smiled. " But I also could see that you have something locked tightly up in yourself... something that you felt almost forced to deal with all on your own."

" You... do?" I blinked, feeling so very surprised at this woman being so observant of me.

" I kind of had the same sort of an idea like that as well... but never said..." Smiled Ashley, her words were so soothing to me.. " Jen... You are one not that is able to hide things very well from anyone."

" That clear?" I asked.

" Crystal!" Said the pretty girl, her eyes locked on to mine.

With a momentary pause, I knew that I could not keep what I knew a secret any longer... I had already decided to tell Ashley before being dragged into this little room... so what ended up happening next, came pretty much naturally. I took a deep breath, then I spilled everything that my mind had been holding forth. I launched into telling them everything that I knew almost as if I had sprung a huge leak... which had been like a ten ton stone in my heart. As I did, I felt the weight of it all now was lifting, and I held back absolutely nothing in the way of information. From that damned promise I had made to Louise to seeing her with that man having sex, and everything else that had happed all just came out of me... I held nothing back.

When I was done, I instantly felt the this feeling of being so damned tired... drained to be exact, yet it was that moment that realized how holding all of this inside of myself had been weighting me down. By the look on both Ashley and her Aunt’s faces... They were hit by that weight as well, the weight of what I had held back for so long already.

The woman spoke, because it was clear that my beloved Ashley was unable to say a word after all what she just had heard..

" So this girl Louise was, for lack of a better word for it, ‘screwin’ this scumbag willingly for just some money... but had no damned clue that this scumball was in fact streaming video of her onto the computer and selling it to all of his pervert friends on line?" Officer Caleb asked

I nodded to let them know that was exactly what was, because Louise had told me exactly that when I had met her the other day. In was now wondering if I was scared of her being in trouble for a good reason.

" That was what she had told me when we had met behind The Saints hall..." I nodded. "She had actually bragged about it that day that I had caught her in the closed off wing of the school building..."

" Having sex?"

" They were..." I nodded.

" Bold, isn’t she?" Ashley’s Aunt mused, with a air of sarcasm to it.

" She is..."I said, knowing that she was just that.

" And now... she is just vanished into thin air..." She mumbled, obviously tossing everything around in her mind.

I watched the woman think over things for a second, obviously going over everything that I had said to her. I waited quietly, knowing that there were many more questions... and I was not about to start to hide things.

" ... And you have no idea if she has just ran off or have any clue that it might be because of that man doing something to her?" Ashley’s Auntie asked me.

" I was just as shocked as anyone when I heard she had ran off like that." I said, what else could I say. " I was suppose to have met her at the Angel’s Mug last night to talk over things... but she never showed up."

" So your not too sure of which one it is?" Said the woman, jotting down some of the details. " Whether she had ran off, or something a little more serious than that..."

" I just do not know..." I agreed. " I heard about her disappearance only a short time ago this morning." I paused. " Do you know who this man is.

The officer nodded, but you could tell that her mind was rolling every thing over again and again, but answered me with a little nod.

" We have a suspect in mind... His name is Carl Luthier, and has been a worker here at ST. Tomas for what we have found to be only about three years" She said, then she seemed to get a little more serious. " Does this slimebag of a guy know in any way that you know all of these types of details?"

I was pretty sure that the creepy looking school workman I now knew as Carl Luthier did not know that I actually knew any of this... or the fact that Louise had suddenly confided in me about pretty much everything that she had been involved in with him The scary thing was that I was not one hundred percent certain of that little point. The thought of that now was coldly clutching my soul.

I looked right into the woman’s face and shook my head a little.

" As far as I know... this man doesn’t know that I had seen him and Louise together, or that I actually knew anything about it in the first place...." I said, feeling a little more than worried. " Louise seemed to be very scared about everything when I talked to her the last time... yesterday morning"

" That was the very last time you actually talked to her in person?" Officer Caleb asked

" Yes..." I said.

Ashley suddenly seemed to snap out of whatever state she had been in for the last few minutes. She looked at me, and took a hold of one of my hands

" Is there any chance in your mind that this man might know of you, even if you don’t think so?" Asked a extremely worried Ashley, as she now was able to make proper words finally.

I took a second to really think about that, finding myself realizing that I actually had not thought about that possibility still... but now I was feeling more than simply concerned about it. I thought on it for more than a few seconds, my stress rising... as was my level of fear at the thought of that man knowing... and maybe coming after me to keep me quiet on it. That was scary.

" I... an not sure if he does or does not know, Officer..." I said shakily, knowing that was the way it was

Truth be known... I was about ninety-nine percent sure that this very creepy and mainly unkempt school worker did not know anything at the moment... he had not even seen me as I had stood there watching him have sex with Louise in that empty classroom where the work was being done in.. It was that nagging one little percent I did not have any answer for which fuelled my fear now... that fear now was feeling like a gigantic brick wall that I had slammed into.

The officer just sighed and was writing some of what I had said down in a little black notebook, like she had been doing for a little while now. Ashley and I stood there holding hands, as the woman finished up what she was doing. We did not know what else to do, nor did we know what else could have been said.

Ashley’s Aunt finally finished, and looked at us.

" I am going to do a little more investigating with the information Jenny has given me, so the both of you two just act normal then..." She said, looking over what she was writing in. " I have some things to look into... and hopefully that will lead us to find out if Louise is safe, or we have another crime here."

"Act... normal?" I asked, with a gasped.

" Or as close to it as possible..." She replied with a sort of smirk..

" How do we do that?" I asked, because of everything... it seemed that nothing was normal.

" Kind of hard to do that, Auntie..." Came in Ashley.

My girls’s Auntie let herself give a little giggle... hearing that the both of us had that exact same question for her. She rubbed her forehead as she nodded.

" Good point..." She finally said, after a moment of reflection on out concerns.

She then simply told us to try and just go about out lives as normally as usual, while keeping an eye out for this man who I had just implicated in all of this. We agreed to trying to really doing that, and she seemed happy with that.

The officer then just slipped out of the small storage place without another word to either one of us, only patting her niece’s shoulder as she left.. It was a strange sort of feeling as the woman had left so abruptly that I was left feeling almost a little empty inside of myself... an odd little feeling.

Now alone with Ashley in the small confines of the small storage area I had started to wonder on just how Ashley’s Aunt was going to sneak out of this dorm without ever being seen that she had been talking to us, but Ashley’s musical sort of giggling and broke my bout of self questioning.

" You are thinking how she as going to sneak outta here without being seen, aren’t you?" Audrey said, with a smirk on her prettiness.

" You read my mind..." I said, more than merely a little shocked with how observant she was.

She looked right at me and winked.

" Auntie Heather graduated from St. Tomas about twelve years ago or so..." Mt lovely Ashley explained. " She said long time ago that she knew some of the many secret exits and hallways and the locations of hidden rooms that we heard only to be rumoured about around here."

I looked at my young girl with probably one of the more curious sort of looks I probably ever had. I could see her smiling back, ready for me to say anything at all.

" Secret exits?" I asked with a lilt in my voice

" That was what she told me about may times over the years..." Ashley explained. " Since I started here at St. Tomas."

Ashley giggled and nodded.

" I know from her that there a quite a few in different Dorms and buildings all over Campus." She said, with a giggle.

Giggling, I knew almost nothing about any of this stuff, even though my very own mother had graduated from here what was even before her Aunt had.

" I have heard nothing about this...?" I said, feeling more than a little intrigued with this little piece of information.

" Auntie told me story about how she used them, but she never told me exactly where any of them actually were... neither did my own mom who had gone here too." She giggled.

" Not even a clue?" I asked, knowing my mom also had never told me any of this about hidden rooms or exits in St. Thomas. That was just like my mom.

" She said that in me finding them is the main sort of fun, Mom and Auntie Heather always told me that." Ashley said

" But have you found any of these places for yourself?" I asked, finding myself a little interested in all of this..

She shrugged a little, but kept smiling.

" Found a couple of places that are good hiding places in some of the schools other buildings and stuff... but only a few..." admitted Ashley." But I have not stopped lookin’ either."

" Show me the ones you have found sometime?" I asked, playfully.

" Sure..." She said blushing, obviously her mind had went to a more perverted sort of place.

I shook my head and looked at the girl, dirty thoughts were also going through my head all of a sudden... the power of suggestion was always strong. Damn, my father was right about that one.

" So... uh... now what do we do?" I said, a little overwhelmed at this point and wanting my mind to get out of the gutter so to speak..

" I think that we need to get some breakfast before it is all gone, and school starts." She suggested.

I shook my head and made a sour look right at her.

" Don’t think that you are really wanting to have the served up breakfast they have for today..." I suggested, as we readied to sneak out of this little room.

" That bad?" She asked, probably seeing the grimace on my face as my mind remembered that breakfast we had waiting for us.

" Yes!" I said giggling.

" Stomach pump bad?" She asked with a laugh.

" Close to it..." I broke out with a howl, remembering how bad it was.

Ashley sighed and looked at me., then tried to stop a giggle from passing her wonderfully formed lips... but never did succeed.

" Then we just have some of the coffee and save our stomachs from a fate worse than death." She purposed

" Would be the best... too bad the others might not do that" I said.

Let the truth be known the coffee was the safest thing on the menu today... and might save more than a few lives. I laughed at my own thoughts... for it was so true.

Ashley and I then exited the little room, making sure that we were not seen as we stepped out and into the small utility hallway. We looked down the small passage way and held out breaths as we listened for any movement before going into the main hallway that ran the entire length of this building.

Her dorm building was sounding as empty as any of the mausoleums that were on the school grounds far on the southern edges of the campus. You could hear only us at the time. We felt beyond lucky right now, so we hurried to get that cup coffee before school was going to start in only twenty five or so minutes. It had been more than a interesting morning already, and I was dam glad that it seemed to be calming down finally.

As we hurried down the hall to the main stairs, I thought I had caught the sight of a figure far down the hallway by way of my peripheral vision. After what Ashley’s aunt had warned us about, I immediately found myself thinking that it might have been that freaky man that had been with Louise... that was where my mind quickly had jumped to.

I took quick but a long look down the full length towards where my lover’s dorm room was located. To my relief, I found nothing... actually there was less than nothing down that hallway. There was no shadowed figure, no movement or that sleazy worker that my mind had instantly went to. It was just the hallway sitting in the dead calm of early morning.

With everything I had been told and warned about, I was guessing that my little bout of paranoia was probably going to be par for the course. I put it out of my head with a internal chuckle, and hurried off to get that coffee with Ashley. I needed to be wary, I knew... but getting paranoid was not going to help things.

Even though I was satisfied, my mind still worried if I had actually seen someone following us in that hall... but I was not going to let myself think about that for the time being.

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