Story: Hidden House (chapter 1)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1- Sisterly advice

[Author's notes: Going to the bathroom, sometimes ends up changing your life.]

Hidden House

By: Jd Wheels


Chapter One: Sisterly advice

** Disclaimer: I do not own FULL HOUSE, nor do I make any money off of what I write.**.

Thirteen year-old Stephanie Tanner turned over in bed to look at her clock with frustration, 1:05 AM. She groaned in frustration as she threw the covers off her teenage body. She sleepily grumbled a little as she threw her legs out of her nice warm bed, finally having to admit that she had to go to the bathroom and this early in the morning too... she was not happy about that.

She opened the door of her shared room as silently as she could, not wanting to wake her sister Michelle who was slumbering peacefully in the other bed. She made her way across the hall to the bathroom, stumbling a little on absolutely nothing because she was still half asleep at the time.

Closing the bathroom door, she flicked the light on and pulled the toilet seat up in a bit of a hurry. She whipped down her pyjama bottoms as fast as she could have done, then her cotton panties because she had missed pulling them down too in her hast while, struggling to keep her pee right where it was... but nature was trying to be kind of cruel to her. She did get them down, but felt a few dribbles already were coming out of her

Stephanie plopped her bare bottom down on the icy cold seat, and instantly flinched at the cold which automatically made her start to pee only a fraction of a second later. She groaned as her bladder empty with a heavy torrent, thinking to herself that it was too early in the morning for her body to do this to her.

Stepping out after finishing, she headed back to her bed. In the hallway, she heard two distinct sounds that stood out in the quietness of the house. From her Father’s room she could hear loud snoring, which was not abnormal in any way... he always could wake the dead with that sound.. It seemed to resonate even here in the hallway, and she chuckled a little at it.... it was a sound that was unexplainable unless you were there to hear it.

The other noise was coming from her older sister DJ’s room. It wasn’t close to being as loud as her father’s buzzsaw snoring always was, but it was different than anything she had heard in her house before. Stephanie went up to the door and put her ear against the portal, not quite knowing what to make out of it.

She could hear the sounds clearly were coming from inside DJ’s room. As she stood there and listen, it seemed almost like as if someone was moaning and a panting from behind the closed door. Confused, she was unsure of just what it was that she was hearing, and her curiosity was starting to take hole. She cautiously opened the door slowly so she could looked inside and see what it was that she heard.

She could see that there was one light on, and she moved her eyes to find her sister. She could see DJ was laying on her bed, her pyjama pants and underwear down around her ankles and a magazine in her hand. Stephanie looked dumbfounded at DJ and the placement of her right hand, seeing that her older sister had two fingers buried deep inside of herself, pumping it int and out

"S- Steph?!" Gasped DJ in shock, as she saw her sister standing there with her mouth hanging open in shock..

DJ immediately removed her hand from her very wet pussy and moved it across the bedspread trying to remove the juices from it. She stared at her sister, still shocked to see her standing there.

" DJ, what are you doing?" asked Stephanie, feeling her face was becoming hot as she looked at her nearly half naked sister

"Steph, I was a……well……" DJ stammered very hard, trying to think of an excuse but saw that Stephanie was clueless about her little after bed-time events.

They hung there for a moment, neither one of them saying a word.

" Steph..." Finally said DJ, feeling like now she had to explain herself. "Have you ever wanted to touch yourself in your private area when you are feeling excited?"

" My private area...?" asked Stephanie slowly, feeling her face becoming hot as she looked at her sister.

" Yeah, in your panties..." DJ clarified.

Now finding herself thinking about it, Stephanie felt her panties were become warm and wet where her legs met her body. She looked down and saw the wet spot forming on the crotch of her bottoms

" Oh, I think I just wet myself!" Said a surprised Stephanie, her hand feeling her pussy through her pajamas.

DJ smiled and got up. She loosely puled up her pyjama bottoms and moved past her shocked sis to close the door. She then turned and got Stephanie to sit down on her bed.

"You didn’t wet yourself Steph, you’re just turned on." The girl explained with a smile.

" I’m turned on?" Asked Stephanie, not understanding what that meant.

DJ took a deep breath in, seeing that she would have to explain this in just a little more detail to get Stephanie to understand. Clearly, her sister did not know anything about sex or masturbation yet.

" Yeah, see when you get sexually excited you get wet down there... you feel it in those areas." She started, being as basic as she could think of being. " When people get turned on they usually will touch themselves until they get this really good feeling come through them..."

Stephanie looked a DJ weirdly, as her mind flittered back. Her dad had always taught her it was dirty down there and she shouldn’t touch it, but she had felt something like that in the past.. So had a little idea of what her sister was saying..

" But, Dad say that it was dirty down there." She said, her innocence shining through her eyes.

DJ gave a small giggle and faced Stephanie, she had gotten the very same advice a few years ago..

" Dad said that to you because he didn’t want you to be touching yourself when you were little..." She explained, finding it a little hard to be as simple as she could be. " ... but now you’re grown up and can do it."

" Do... what?" Steph asked, still not putting the two things together.

DJ saw that it would take something a little more to get her sister to understand. She thought about it for a few moment, going through the different ways she could help her now pubescent sister to understand. She did thing of one way, and grinned.

" Here I’ll have to show you." She calmly said, getting Stephanie to stand up from the bed.

DJ moved her hands to her sister’s pants and pulled them down, taking her panties along with it. She gazed at Stephanie’s wet, hairless pussy as she stepped out of her bottoms. DJ then motioned Stephanie to lay down on the bed. She picked up the magazine she had when her sister had caught her and gave it to Stephanie.

" Here, use this it will make you feel more wet and excited. A good tip for masturbating yourself is to look at naked people." She said. " Just look at the pictures and put your hand on your pussy and rub lightly.. You’ll feel something amazing, and then get the hang of it."

Stephanie took the magazine and her eyes widened, it was filled with pictures of ‘well developed’ girls naked and in many very alluring poses. Stephanie looked at DJ and then back to the magazine. A little awkwardly she held the magazine in one hand and placed her other hand right on her now very wet slit..

Stephanie tried to rub herself softly with the pads of her fingers in exploration. She was feeling some little sensations going through her, and it did feel really good as well, but nothing as ‘amazing’ as DJ had described it.

" Hey, DJ am I doing this right?" She said, moving her fingers over the softness that was nestled between her legs.

DJ saw that she was not quite getting the way to do it. She knew that a little more ‘sisterly’ prompting might be in order here.

" Well, it is one way to do it, but I think you will enjoy this way I’m going to do way more." She said, smiling " You can put the magazine down."

Stephanie put the magazine down and DJ positioned herself on the bed so her mouth inches way from Stephanie’s pussy. Her sister watched with great curiosity, obviously apprehensive with the whole thing.

" Hey, Steph, try not to make too much noise." She quipped with a smile as her head lowered..

DJ put lips onto Stephanie’s pussy, and she got the strangest feeling. DJ was now kissing her pussy, moving her lips across the petal like folds with such a gentle touch. Stephanie could not help but let out a moan of delight, as sensations started to flow from where DJ was kissing her. She could feel her sister’s tongue was now trailing over her little folds, causing her to lurch back against the bed with this amazing feeling of pleasure..

" Steph, don’t worry, it won’t hurt," DJ said as she came up from between her legs and kissed her passionately.

Unlike any kiss Steph had ever experienced, which was not many... DJ started to use her tongue to push into her mouth and started to play with her tongue. DJ’s hands were also exploring her still developing breasts, squeezing them in her palm with enthusiasm... which made her tingle everywhere. Stephanie gasped, as all of the sensations rocked her. She kissed DJ back with zeal, making herself groan in delight.

"So can I try to licking you again?" asked DJ between kisses, panting heavy as she continued to squeeze those wonderful little mounds in her hand.

" Yes!" said Stephanie filled with emotion, her voice vibrating as she was now anticipating what her sister was going to do..

DJ smiled and slid down her sister’s body again. In seconds, she started to lick her younger sister’s pussy again, but this time she put everything she had into it. She delighted in how sweet her sister tasted, the juices made her tingle all over. DJ stopped herself from getting horny for the time being, as she knew this was Stephanie’s lesson... but she was hoping that there would end up a little ‘return’ from Stephanie. She pushed even that image out of her mind, concentrating one ever lap and lick she was doing to her sister. She was determined that her sister’s first orgasm will be one that would be hard to forget.

It wasn’t long until Steph was starting to breath very heavily, moaning away as her body started to vibrate under ever lick her sister was doing. DJ had replaced her tongue with her fingers at that time; moving to suckle at the little button right at the very top of Stephanie’s slit. She could feel her sister starting to really vibrate now... The girl was getting close to her climax, and she was going to be the one who explodes her for the first time.

DJ made sure that she sped up her finger, driving them even deep into her sister. She could see blood on her finger when she pulled it back for a second, but the girl seemed to have not even noticed the taking of her cherry. Stephanie had her virginity taken sure enough, DJ thought, but she never noticed. The girl was glad for her sister.

The girl on the bed started to really vibrate now, her lean body writhing and shaking as she moaned. Instinctively, Stephanie grabbed one of DJ’s pillows and began to bite down on one end, as her hips were lifting to meet her sister’s wonderfully busy tongue without any prompting from herself... the muffled scream of a name could be heard, and Stephanie knew that she was the one who called out her sister’s name.

The younger Tanner girl’s orgasm exploded into DJ’s mouth and over her pumping digit as well...and Stephanie really began to rock her hips like mad, urging every pulse of sensation for surge through her. She could feel her sister lapping up every drop of her juices that was now cascading out of her, sending her more sensations than ever. She could feel her whole body was now in the grip of something that was so amazing, and she just let it take her away in it’s pleasures.

Stephanie gave one last grunting moan into the pillow and then she felt her entire body go perfectly limp. She layed there panting for a minute, gathering herself as a calming peace flowed through her.

" Had fun Steph?" asked DJ sitting up on her knees while licking the wonderful juices off her mouth and hand.

"O-oh y-yeah!" Gasped the girl with a broad smile on her rounded face, her eyes now dancing with light..

DJ smiled gave a small kiss to Stephanie, looking deep into the dancing eyes that looked back at her. Weakly the girl on the bed was trying to move, but seemed not to be able to at the moment. Her body just wanted to sink into the softness of the mattress, and not move and simply take in the peacefulness she was feeling.

"You’re way too out of it to go back to your room. Sleep in here tonight." She offered.

" I feel so weak, but I don’t care..." Puffed Stephanie. " That was an orgasm?"

" Yes, ti was..." Smirked DJ. " Now are you going to just stay here for the night, considering you are so out of it?"

Stephanie kissed her sister and nodded her head, how she was feeling... she could not argue with that.

" Yes..."

" Cool..." Said DJ.

Steph rolled herself under the covers, feeling like she really was too worn out to head back to her bed. DJ got the covers with her sister, after taking off her pyjama bottoms and underwear too. She cuddled into her sister, who seemed to be almost asleep by now.

" Night Steph...." She whispered softly, feeling her sister next to her.

" Night, DJ." said Stephanie, swiftly drifting off to a very peaceful, very charged type of dream.

The sun was now shining brightly into the DJ’s room, and was falling right on where two young girl’s were sleeping. DJ was to first to wake up, as the light had even penetrated through her eyelids. She saw Stephanie was still asleep, and she watched the girl for a moment. Smiling as she watched the girl, she could not help herself and leaned in to give quick peck on the lips of Stephanie’s, because she could not help seeing just how pretty the girl looked just laying there.

Steph opened her eyes and smiled as she found her sister was looking at her with such great warmth.

" Morning..." Said DJ, as she had already started to rub Stephanie’s thigh under the blankets..

" Good Morning, DJ..." said a visibly shivering Stephanie, who was in the process of reaching up for a kiss.

Their lips connect and DJ fell back, Stephanie was being very bold this morning, and she literally was crawling on top of her sister this morning. The kiss that was being given was electric on her lips, and DJ felt every part of herself go into a full blown shiver.

" Wow!" Said DJ when they broke apart, panting hard after that extended kiss she had been given. " You’re a great kisser there, Steph!"

" Well... you’re a great licker..." Stephanie came back playfully as her face turned beet red as soon as she had said it. It seemed that her own words had embarrassed her.

DJ looked over at the bright sunlight that was streaming through the window. She sighed, as a playful frown came on her face, knowing what they had to do next.

" We should get ourselves dressed an’ downstairs before anyone comes in to wake us up..." said DJ pushing Steph off gently.

" Guess we should..." Agreed the younger girl back, her face showing that was not her first idea to be doing.

Steph nodded and rolled herself out of bed. She reached for her discarded pyjama pants, after finding where they had been placed with her eyes. When she stood up to pull them on, she heard a twittering giggle behind her.

"You have such a nice ass!" DJ declared looking at her sisters very taunt ass that was right in her line of sight.

" I do?"

" Well... yes?" The older of the two smirked, while she still looked at the wonderful ass.

Steph smiled and continued to pull her pants on, but the comment had made her smile even broader... but she still sported a bright red blush on her face. DJ hopped out of bed too and hurried to put on her own pajamas pants before they would have gotten caught.

Before they went out to the hall after dressing, DJ caught Stephanie in one huge passionate kiss. The younger girl giggled and kissed right back with as much fire as DJ started with. They reluctantly broke and they exited the room to head down stairs, already smelling the breakfast that was being cooked.

" Oh, Steph..." Whispered DJ, getting near halfway down the stairs.

" Yeah?" The sister said back.

" Should we... you know... do this all over again at bedtime?" DJ asked, her mind was hoping for a positive response.

Stephanie stoped on the step she was on and looked at her sister with a bright sparkle in her eyes... a sparkle that also seemed to hold a smoldering type of heat. Stephanie nodded and touched DJ’s hand and nodded with eagerness.

" I was hoping for that..." She said, smiling... seemed that she had been thinking of asking the exact same thing.

" But Stephanie... we cant tell tell Dad." DJ reminded. " We cant tell a soul about this."

Stephanie looked at her sister for a moment, a look of pure understanding was in her blue eyes.

" I know..." She whispered back, smiling. " And I definitely won’t be saying a word..." She smiled and leaned in to her sister. " Some things are just better kept between two.... and this I would say was very special."

" It is special to me too..." Agreed DJ.

The two smiled at one another, as they hurried a little more down to the kitchen, their stomachs were rumbling away pretty loudly as they could smell the unmistakable aroma of Scrambled eggs and sausages wafting up from where they heard happy voices coming from.

The two of them had realized that they both were feeling awfully hungry this morning.

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