Story: Business with Pleasure (chapter 5)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 5

The company arranged a celebration for its entire staff on achieving their targets for the financial year. The party was arranged to be held in James Wilson’s stately mansion.

Nikki, restless and nervous, moved around the room. Her eyes quickly picked up Brooke, and her breath caught in her throat. Brooke was wearing a long red dress, low cut in front, and split up the side. Her hair was let down and flowing as she gracefully moved around the room, talking to staff. Nikki got herself a drink, aware that one of her father’s speeches was not far off. Her eyes searched the room until she caught Brooke again. This time she noticed Brooke was caught in the corner with the company sleaze. She noticed Brooke trying to leave, and him catching her arm, holding her there. Nikki went immediately to cut in.

“Brooke, glad I have caught you. I have some ideas I want to talk over with you now.”

Brooke smiled and nodded with relief.

“Lay off Nicole, give the girl a break,” he poked fun at her.

Nikki squared off with him. “Hey, Cole. Shouldn’t you be somewhere else?” she sneered.

“Where?” he scoffed.

Nikki leaned in, intimidating him. “Your wife,” she said, and pointed. Cole rushed off, but not before deliberately colliding into Nikki.

“Are you okay, Nikki?” Brooke asked.

“I’ve always hated that guy. Pig.”

Brooke giggled. “Well, you showed him.”

Nikki relaxed from confrontation mode and turned to Brooke.

Brooke clicked her tongue. “You really look good in that,” she said, flirting subtly.

Nikki rolled her eyes. “Brooke,” she replied, warning equally subtly.

Brooke smiled wickedly. “I was only saying. Come on, we are supposed to be celebrating,” she said, and pulled her on.

James got up and congratulated everyone on an excellent year, especially gushing over Brooke, making it well known that without her they wouldn’t be celebrating.

“I would also like to say,” he continued, holding up his scotch, “Brooke you have come a long way in such a short time. I had expected you to learn a lot from Nikki, but I think it was the other way around.”

Nikki’s feet felt like stone, her stomach started feeling sick. “Here we go,” she muttered under her breath.

James continued. “I actually think it should be Nicole who is assisting you,” James laughed and then wrapped it up.

They all clapped. Brooke, worried about Nikki’s feelings, looked around for her. She went outside to look, and found Nikki was getting into her car.

“Hey wait…don’t go,” Brooke called.

“Why not?” she spat. “This is your night, Harvard girl. Take it in while you can,” she said, shaking with her confined rage.

Brooke dropped her head. “I am sorry…he had no right to say that.”

Nikki’s eyes started to reflect the hundreds of parking lot lights as she fought back tears.

“You work damn harder than any of us. I have learnt so much from you. Your father has no idea what goes on in his own company, Nikki, you know that. You know what…I am going to go tell him that right now.” Brooke’s courage picked up and she marched off.

The car door slammed, and Brooke felt an arm holding her back.

“Are you crazy? You don’t want to be taking on the old man…you may be his favorite at the moment, but he will crush you and it is not a nice feeling Brooke, trust me.”

“He’s an asshole…” Brooke immediately realized what she had said and blurted out, “Ooops.”

Nikki laughed, “Yeah, I bet that’s what you thought of me when we first started working together.”

Brooke smirked. “Actually, no…I had a bit of a different thought,” she replied, and winked. Nikki shook her head.

They continued to mingle, and Nikki decided to drink away her sorrow.

After a few hours, Brooke found Nikki outside, staggering around in the dark. Brooke touched her arm.

“You okay?” she asked, in a truly caring manner.

“I finished in top 10 at Harvard. Not in the top 5 like he did, oh no, the top 10. HE was soooo disappointed. I hate this job!” she spouted and clumsily knocked her glass over, smashing it on the ground.

Brooke pulled hard on her arm. “But, you are good at your job. Come on, lets forget about it,” urged Brooke.

Nikki faced her. “How old are you Brooke, 23? 24?”

“Ummm, I’m 22.”

Nikki groaned. “Oh god. You will have my job before your next birthday. Shit, you will be CEO in under ten years,” Nikki’s envious side showing through. “Everything is so screwed up, I need to get outta here.” She pulled away from Brooke, and staggered, nearly falling to the ground.

“I don’t think you are driving, Nikki. I will call you a cab.”

They walked back towards the house, and Brooke rested Nikki up against the wall. “Stay here,” she said gently.

Nikki reached for Brooke and stroked her hair and face. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Beautiful and intelligent.”

Brooke blushed. “So are you, Nikki,” and lightly poked her.

Nikki moved off the wall. “Nah…I am 28, no partner, workaholic, no life. No…anything…” she finished, dropping her head.

Brooke lifts her chin. “Nikki please don’t do this to yourself, you know…” but never finished her sentence because Nikki grabbed her lips with hers, pressing against her. She backed Brooke against the wall and pressed her tongue into Brooke’s mouth.

Nikki didn’t care, she needed something, and groped clumsily at Brooke, who moaned as Nikki’s hands roamed her body. Nikki kissed, licked, and nipped at her neck.

“You smell soooo good,” she swooned. Brooke rubbed at Nikki’s chest hard.

Nikki roughly grabbed at Brooke’s dress, releasing one of her breasts. Nikki kissed her way down, and took it in, her tongue dancing over the nipple.

“Oh god, Nikki!” she moaned into the cold night air. Her hands stroked Nikki’s hair.

Nikki slid her hand down Brooke’s shapely thigh and pulled her leg around her waist, and then reached down into her. She easily took Brooke who was wearing no panties. She slipped in, and deep. Brooke cried out at the forcefulness and bit Nikki’s shoulder.

Nikki’s head was hazy, her chest heaving from the exertion.

Brooke was struggling, “I can’t Nikki, I can’t get…”

Nikki pulled out and reinserted with two fingers, jamming her up. Brooke winced but she was instantly relieved, biting down on Nikki’s shoulder as she finished. Nikki, hadn’t pulled out immediately, then as if the haze lifted, she realized what she had just done, and looked down on Brooke in horror.

“Oh God, what have I done…” and started to back away then ran off.

“I…wait…”called Brooke.

Brooke quickly pulled herself together and went after Nikki, but Nikki had already driven off.

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