Story: Business with Pleasure (chapter 4)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 4

After resigning their biggest client Nikki was leaving for the day and dropped past the project room, to get an update on Brooke’s progress.

“How is it going,” Nikki asked.

Brooke looked up and smiled. “Huh, oh, great. They rang three times already today. They want something tomorrow.

“You have a problem with that?” Nikki asked.

Brooke looked down at her effort. “No…shouldn’t be a problem. Good night, Ms. Wilson.”

“Goodnight, Brooke,” she responded, then left.

Nikki was down in the parking lot, unlocking her BMW sports car when she  had a nagging feeling.

Back in the office, Brooke had her head in her hands, moaning.

“Brooke, are you okay?” came a voice.

Brooke sprang up, surprised. “Yes, Ms. Wilson, I am fine. Did you forget something?”

Nikki stepped towards the design and Brooke covered it up. Brooke let out a nervous laugh. “Hey, no peeking. Wait ‘till tomorrow.”

Nikki ignored her and removed the cover, finding as she expected nothing.

Brooke wanted to die. She had tried so hard to impress her boss, now it was all undone. Nikki looked at Brooke.

“A little over our head now, are we?” she asked coyly, with a sly smile.

Brooke nodded. “I thought I could do this.”

Nikki took off her jacket and rolled up her sleeves. “This is going to take a lot of coffee.”

Brooke went to get it. Nikki stopped her.

“No, I will get it. You phone Soho’s Chinese and order some takeout. Tell them to charge it to my account.”

Brooke looked quizzical, and Nikki chuckled. “I’m a regular,” she added.

Nikki returned with a hot pot of coffee and a white board. “Ok, well, lets get some ideas going.”

Brooke went blank and shook her head. “Brooke, you used your initiative to get this job, now you have to use your imagination.” Nikki moved towards the board. “Ok, I will start off. Then we bounce ideas off each other, write it up no matter how silly it sounds.”

After much banter, eating, and laughing, Brooke confidently took the pen from Nikki and joined up some of the points to create a concept that they could market to their clients. Nikki looked at it.

“Yes, yes, that’s it,” Nikki commended. She looked back at Brooke. “You are brilliant my girl.”

Brooke felt a little jump in her stomach as she pleased her boss. She looked at Nikki admiringly and a little more intensely. Her shirt was pulled out of her pants, her sleeves rolled up, and her cheeks rosy.

Brooke was brought back to reality with a snap from Nikki’s fingers. “Hey, Brooke, are you listening…I think this will do.”

“Oh great, I will just get it processed and printed, then…” She went to leave when Nikki grabbed her.

“No, you have done enough for tonight.”

“Ms. Wilson…”

“Brooke, please call me Nikki. I feel so old when you call me that.” Her guard was dropping. “We have staff that can take care of this tomorrow,” she lightly ordered.

Brooke’s eyes dropped.

“Brooke, you have done a fantastic job. I’m proud of you, I just don’t want to burn you out, that’s all,” Nikki said with a comforting smile.

Brooke looked up and smiled at the compliment, she was so excited, and then followed it up with something stupid. Nikki reached across Brooke for her jacket when Brooke unexpectedly kissed Nikki, a light press of the lips. Nikki froze.

What had happened didn’t register with Nikki for a second. Once it did, she pulled herself back, bumping into the doorframe.

Brooke blushed. “I…I…it was, I’m sorry…I’m just tired,” she said, trying to justify her action.

Nikki turned around and exited the office as quickly as possible. She was lightheaded, and she knew she had to get home.

Brooke returned home and fell into bed with a moan. “You stupid cow…” she said, then giggled uncontrollably. “Oh my God, it was sooo good.” She found herself extremely aroused as she played the kiss over and over again in her head. Her hand slipped down in between her thighs and she personally relieved the tension.

The following day, Brooke was nervous as she stepped into the office. She laid her stuff in her office, and slowly headed towards Nikki’s office. On the way, Sarah stopped her, grabbing her by the arm.

“Hey, guess what?” she asked.

Brooke blushed, nervous and unsure. “What?”

“Nikki called in sick,” Sarah said in a surprised tone.

“Yeah so…we all get sick,” Brooke said, defending her friend.

“No…Nikki has never had a sick day in 9 years with the company. You should hear what they all are saying…”

Brooke cut her off. “If she is sick, she is sick. I’ll take care of everything today,” she said, and then headed towards Nikki’s office.

It was the end of the day, and Brooke found herself standing outside the plush penthouse-like apartment. She gathered all her courage and pressed the buzzer.


“It’s Brooke,” she replied, trying to sound as if nothing was wrong.

There was a silence, in which Brooke’s heart raced, and then a very welcome click let her inside the apartment. Brooke walked in, her eyes astounded. The living room was practically the size of her whole apartment.

“Brooke,” croaked a voice.

Brooke turned and faced Nikki, who was on the other side of the room. She had never seen Nikki in anything other than corporate wear. Now though, in her casual jeans and t-shirt, she looked even more gorgeous to Brooke’s eyes.

“Ummm, Ms. Wilson…” Brooke stammered. “I thought you might want to hear how the project was received with Birmingham Architectures & Construction.”

Nikki gave no response, just shrugged.

Brooke continued, undaunted. “Umm, they liked it. They’re going to go with it for the next few years.”

“I already know,” Nikki replied, sitting on her couch.

Brooke was starting to feel uncomfortable. Things were not going the way she had practiced all day. “Oh.”

Nikki stared coldly at Brooke. “My father made sure I knew it,” she gritted out.

Brooke didn’t know whether or not to sit.

“Is there anything else?” Nikki bit.

Brooke got the hint and turned to leave.

“Ummm, yeah. Just one other,” she replied, turning back around. “I want to apologize for my behavior last night. It was totally inappropriate and unprofessional.” She blushed. “I can’t believe I did that.”

Brooke’s uncomfortableness registered with Nikki, who chuckled. “Don’t worry about it Brooke. And please…call me Nikki.”

Brooke relaxed a little. Nikki continued, “These things happen…forget about it…I have.”

Brooke left not long after, and Nikki poured herself a drink, instantly draining it. She looked back at the front door, shaking her head. “Nikki, get it out of your head girl, it’s not worth it.” She cursed at herself.

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