Story: Business with Pleasure (chapter 12)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 12

Nikki arrived home just after 9 p.m. She took off her jacket, threw it across the couch, and headed straight for the bar. She poured a large scotch and took a mouthful. She closed her eyes and waited for the effects to deaden her senses.

“Rough day?” came a soft voice from behind her.

Nikki jumped and faced the voice. “Brooke? You are not supposed to be home until tomorrow!” She looked; enjoying the sight of Brooke dressed only in a t-shirt and panties. “Why didn’t you call and let me know?”

“Wanted to surprise, plus I was tired so I had a little nap.”

Nikki went to take another mouthful but Brooke held her glass down and pressed her lips against Nikki’s. Nikki instantly sank into Brooke’s long drawn out kiss. “What’s got you so uptight, baby,” she asked, stroking Nikki’s hair.

“I had to sack twenty workers today, and I met with every single one of them. Dad wanted me to hand them a letter, but I just couldn’t do that.” Nikki closed her eyes. “I hate human resource issues.”

Brooke hugged Nikki. “I know, but it is a part of your job as manager.”

Nikki stepped back. “That’s what Dad said.” Then she picked up her glass and took another drink, her head was now light and her body numb.

Brooke watched her lover struggle with the burden and decided to help take her mind off it. She snatched at Nikki’s lips, her tongue playing deep inside Nikki’s mouth. She could taste the scotch left behind. Her hands worked at releasing Nikki’s shirt from her pants.

“Oh Brooke,” Nikki groaned, her hands drifting under Brooke’s top and caressed the side of her breasts. Brooke pulled away and led Nikki into the bedroom.

Their bodies moved over each other slowly. Brooke’s lips trailed down Nikki’s body slowly, igniting her senses. Nikki’s head was spinning from the quick burst of alcohol and the pleasure being inflicted.

“Brooke…please,” she moaned, and stroked Brooke’s back as she continued her travels. She then groaned loudly as Brooke’s mouth took her. It wasn’t long before Nikki was crying out as Brooke relieved her tension.

Brooke moved up and kissed her. “You feeling a little better now?”

Nikki chuckled softly and sighed. “Yes, thank you,” she said, then rolled on to Brooke, kissing her passionately, smothering Brooke’s lips with hers. Brooke’s breathing quickly turned into pants from Nikki’s touch and gasps as Nikki’s fingers entered her depths. Brooke held Nikki tight as her climax was building, their tongues dancing into each other’s mouths. Nikki increased the thrusting and Brooke began to shake.

Nikki looked into Brooke’s eyes. “Brooke,” she murmured.

Brooke, nearing her end was trying hard to concentrate on Nikki’s voice. “Uh huh…wha…oh god…” she cried.

“I’ve missed you so much,” whimpered Nikki, she pushed hard against Brooke’s spot. Brooke spilled and cried out. Brooke held Nikki tight as she shuddered through the start of her orgasm. “I know…I know honey,” she cried out.

Nikki finished off. “I need you so much…I love you.” Nikki stayed on top of Brooke and didn’t see the effect her admission made.

Brooke closed her eyes and grimaced; she waited so long to hear those words, but knew they were hollow, brought on by alcohol and tension. She kissed Nikki’s head. “I love you too.”

One afternoon James paid Nikki a visit to her office. Nikki didn’t speak, just waited for the verbal lashing, but James put his hands up in defense.

“Nicole, I am here to see how you are holding up…especially since you had to deal with the last round of redundancies.”

“Okay, I guess,” came Nikki’s flat response. “Is there something you wanted to talk about specifically, I am very busy.”

“Okay, Okay, don’t get defensive. Is it so odd that your father would show some concern?”

Nikki relaxed a little, but she was still waiting for the real reason.

“So…you still seeing Brooke?” asked James, as innocently as he could.

Nikki threw her pen down, she knew it was something. “Dad, I am not discussing this with you. It is none of your business,” she growled.

“I’m just concerned about you…”

“Well, don’t be. I’m fine. In fact I am better than fine. I’m very happy for once so just butt out,” she warned. “So, if there is nothing else, I have work to do.”

James sighed. “Yes, there is something else. This Saturday I am holding a staff get- together at my place.”

Nikki sat back. “Oh yeah?” she asked, feeling another embarrassment was coming her way.

“Nothing fancy. Just a “thank you” to the staff. Give something back after the latest events. What do you think?”

Nikki shrugged her shoulders. “Does it really matter?”

James’ patience was wearing thin with his daughter’s flippant attitude. “Yes of course it does, Nicole. Why do you have to be so pretentious all the time?” he growled.

Nikki backed down. “Okay, Okay. I think it would be a good gesture. So, who is paying for it?” she asked.

“The company, of course,” said James.

Nikki didn’t utter a word and James reached in to jacket pocket and pulled out the check, putting it on Nikki’s desk. She noticed it was the check she made out to her father for the last function.

“You don’t really think I would take my daughter’s money? God, what kind of a Father would that make me?” he chuckled.

Nikki smiled and reached for the check. “Thanks, Dad.”

Nikki was already in bed reading a book when Brooke appeared in one of Nikki’s nightshirts. It was oversized and down to her knees. Nikki couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“Oh yeah, great laugh. It’s not my fault you are so much taller. I need to leave more things here. I’m sick of looking like this. Look at me…ahhhh,” she groaned.

“I am looking. You look great in anything, honey, or nothing,” she teased.

Brooke flashed her a glare and rolled her eyes. She got in to bed. “You are so incorrigible,” she teased back, and pushed Nikki away.

Nikki wasn’t giving up and pushed Brooke down and leaned over her. “Who’s a bit crabby tonight?” She started to kiss her.

“Stop it, Nikki…I am not in the mood,” she said, and pushed her off.

“Hey, come on. I was just trying to cheer you up,” she sulked.

“I’m just sick of forgetting to bring my clothes, now I have to leave earlier tomorrow morning to go home,” she whined. She looked at Nikki. “I’m sorry, it’s not a chore. Just tired that’s all honey.” Nikki didn’t respond.

Brooke sat up. “Nikki, really, it’s okay.”

Nikki leaned in and kissed Brooke then dropped a bombshell. “Then move in with me.”

Brooke looked at her in shock. “Nikki, I don’t know. It’s a bit soon don’t you think?” she said nervously.

“Brooke, I am sick of this too. I want to be able to go to bed with you and wake up with you every day, not just a few days here and there.”

Brooke still didn’t know what to say.

“You are so much a part of my life, not having you here hurts…” She groaned, “Oh god…” the words had not come out as she had hoped. “If you don’t like this place then let’s buy another one, something you’d like. I really don’t care, all I want is for us to be together…because…because I love you,” she finished, the words gushing out.

Brooke was stunned by Nikki’s honesty. Nikki waited anxiously for Brooke to say something, anything.

“Are you sure?” came Brooke in a small voice.

“Yes…yes…just having you in my working life is not enough. I want you without the boundaries, just you and me, us, together. Like I said, if you don’t like this…”

Brooke put a hand over Nikki’s mouth to quiet her. “The place is fine, anywhere with you is fine, plus you have a fantastic bathroom,” she giggled. She then kissed Nikki tenderly. “Okay, when do you want me to move in?”

“This Saturday…oh wait…the work party. Sunday morning. I will arrange the movers, oh god I love you so much,” Nikki said like an excited kid.

Brooke stopped. “Whoa…wait…what party?” she asked confused.

“It will be announced tomorrow, but I will let you know.” Nikki filled her in on what Dad had arranged.

Brooke groaned. “Let’s not go. I can’t stand to hear him put you down in front of everyone.”

“I can’t not go, Brooke. You know that. Look, everything will be fine. I haven’t seen Dad in such a great mood for a long while. Hell, he sat in my office this afternoon and we talked for about an hour. It felt good,” Nikki said.

“He’s nice to you now, but I still don’t get the time of day,” Brooke said jealously.

Nikki cuddled her. “He’s only jealous that’s all,” justified Nikki.

“Of what? What could he be jealous of?” asked Brooke.

“Well, I got in first; you know…sleeping with the secretary and all, and he didn’t get a look in.” Nikki went into fits of laughter.

Brooke picked up a pillow and smacked her. “Oh is that so? You and your father compete in things like that?”

Nikki tried to hold in her laughter and let out a snigger and shrugged. Brooke continued to pound Nikki until she couldn’t stand it. “Okay, okay…”

Brooke poked Nikki in the side. “Well the father wasn’t as easy as the daughter,” she crowed.

Nikki jumped Brooke. “Hey, that’s not true,” she said, pinning her. “You take that back.”

Brooke giggled and stroked Nikki’s face. “But I’m sure I got the right Wilson,” she said, pulling Nikki onto her lips. “Your father has no chance. I am truly in love with his daughter.” Brooke kissed her and then snuggled down onto Nikki’s chest.

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