Story: Love Never Leaves (chapter 1)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 1

Chloe and Alexandra met at medical school. Alexandra was studying to be a doctor and Chloe was already a nurse. They both in their late 20s, Alexandra was slender, shoulder length hair brunette. Chloe, shoot from the hip, blonde short hair. Chloe was save the world, , protester and peace keeper, a free spirit that pushed boundaries while Alexandra by the book, responsible, not a risk taker.

Alexandra had always dated guys but when she met Chloe at the medical school campus bar she immediate fell in love with this free spirited woman who always seem to be on a mission. Alexandra's family never approved of her relationship with Chloe but it didn't bother her, they were each others strength, and in-separable.

Alexandra’s hands reached back and touched the headboard, moans and groans echoed around their tiny bedroom. The room was lit with candles giving off a soft glow, Chloe believed in doing her bit for the environment.

Chloe worked hungrily between Alexandra's legs, licking and swallowing all that was offered. Alexandra body bucked, Chloe held her hips and flicked at Alexandra's swollen spot until she reached her peak

Chloe surfaced and made her way up the bed to Alexandra. The kissed passionately before Chloe broke free

"Oh wow baby, you were flooding like the Amazon in monsoonal season" coos Chloe

Alexandra sat up and Chloe sat in her lap. Chloe kissed Alexandra tenderly "you are so beautiful, so radiant every time we consummate our love."

Alexandra laughed "Chloe you should have majored in poetry or something."

Chloe grabbed Alexandra's hands and became serious "Have you given any thought to my suggestion."

Alexandra groaned, took a breath and looked into Chloe’s puppy dog eyes

"right... you want me to pack up and move to the jungles of Cameroon Africa with you for 12 months. Work in appalling conditions with the Red Cross to provide medical aid to the undomesticated inhabitants

Chloe scowled "they’re not animals, they are human beings and are entitled to medical aid like everyone else."

"then let their government handled it, why do you always feel you have to seek out missions."

"Alexandra... It's a worth while cause"

"You want to put our lives at risk for a country whose own government won't help, plus there's the matter about rebels going around killing who ever they bloody like. This is not an adventure Chloe, its…….

"we won't be in any danger, like I said we will be with the Red Cross and have guaranteed our protection. There will be no remote towns. I wouldn't be doing this if I thought it was going to put us in danger" Chloe’s eyes watered "but I understand your worry and the fact it wouldn't go down well with your parents…. like everything else I do"

Alexandra grabbed Chloe’s face "You listen to me Chloe Jane Poole it's got nothing to do with them, it’s to do with us, these are my concerns for our safety. I love you and I don’t know why you can’t be happy here"

"Alexandra I want to do more than just suture wounds and give enemas. I want to make a difference, even if it’s just a ripple."

"Oh Chloe" exhales Alexandra as Chloe starts to work her guilt trip

"I know the pay sucks, the living conditions will be less than desirable, but Alexandra the people we can help, save the mothers so they don’t die in child-birth. Alexandra I can't do it by myself."

"Chloe" Alexandra groaned as Chloe slowly rubbed her clit, building her up

"It's only 12 months" whined Chloe who started to plant kisses side of Alexandra’s neck and nibbled at her shoulder

Alexandra’s body craved more "you are sooo mean, my sexual content-ness rides on my answer doesn’t it... so cruel Chloe"

Chloe licked Alexandra’s nipple "I would never do that to you” she lies... “it will be fun my love, to experience another culture, to learn and also teach. It's a once and a lifetime experience.”

Alexandra slipped down the bed "ok ok ok... yes I will go with you."

Chloe sank down between Alexandra legs and relieved her sexual tension again.

The girls touched down on a small runway in Cameroon Africa, and was greeted by local doctor, an African called Tanyarn

"Dr Alexandra Taylor, Ms Chloe Poole." Both girls answered and followed their colleague to the Red Cross base camp.

They settled into their small living quarters, the weather was hot, humid and it rained on and off for days. Chloe lay with Alexandra in their small cot, stroking her hair "Have I told you today how much I love you"

Alexandra smiled "at least a dozen" Alexandra kissed her lover "and I never get tired of hearing it"

Chloe pulled out box from her coat pocket, she removed the chains that contained joint love hearts. She pulled them apart and put one chain around Alexandra’s neck and the other around hers. "now we are together, even when we are apart."

3 months passed and the long hours, limited supplies were having a toll on Alexandra. She pleaded with Chloe for them to leave but Chloe always managed to convince Alexandra to stay, that they were making a difference. Alexandra caves in as she always does to her partner’s persuasions.

Chloe rung out a damp cloth and wiped Alexandra's forehead and arms to cool down her fevered body. Alexandra opened her eyes and stroked Chloe’s worried face. Chloe grabbed Alexandra’s hand and kissed it "I'm so sorry" choking on her words

"hey hey cmon where's that Chloe bed-side manner that I love"

"If I hadn't dragged you on this stupid quest, you never would have got this"

"Chloe you were not to know the vaccinations wasn't going to work on me."

Chloe got up and in frustration hit the contents off their table "and now you are going to have these fever bouts for the rest of your life." Cries Chloe

"It's going to ok." The bed spins again Alexandra lies back down.

Chloe sat next to Alexandra and stroked her face “sweetheart I am going to look after you for the rest of your life and even after that."

Alexandra laughed "I will hold you to that honey"

Alexandra bounced back after a few weeks and was back working in a small town just 4 hours from there base camp. This was furtherest they had traveled in the 6 months. After 2 hours of suturing, plastering broken bones, vaccinating and child birth the sun was starting to set. The medical team packed up there supplies ready to leave.

Alexandra took final look in on the woman who had just given birth. "ok, that's all I can do" said Alexandra as she pulled her gloves off

"She's going to need monitoring, just in case she bleeds again. I'm going to stay back for a few hours, Tanyarn will come back for me" started Chloe

Alexandra shook her head "no... absolutely not" fired back Alexandra "you have heard the reports of rebels in this area. We were not even supposed to be out here."

Chloe huffed and kicked the ground "Alexandra you know I'm right"

"I don’t care that you are right the answer is still no. Why the fuck do you have to be the martyr." Spat Alexandra

Chloe noticed Alexandra was perspiring heavily and worried her fever was coming back

"It's ok guys, I'm happy to stay." Came voice behind the girls

"Ben... are you sure" said Chloe

Ben looked at Alexandra and nodded "Yeh, go on, I'll catch you guys later tonight for a beer."

Chloe, Alexandra, Tanyarn and few other medical staff sat quietly around the table. Chloe dropped head in hands "I can't believe it"

Alexandra jumped up from her chair and ran from the room

Chloe walked into their quarters to find Alexandra on bed crying. She sat down and stroked her back "hey sweetie"

"don't... just don't" growled Alexandra

Chloe stood up as Alexandra sat up "we are here to make a difference, nobody was going to get hurt you said. Ben is now dead and they killed everyone in that village"

"I know"

"I am so ashamed Chloe, I'm ashamed of the way I feel about it" cried Alexandra

Chloe went to hug her but Alexandra pushed her away

"I'm ashamed because I'm relieved" cried Alexandra "It could have been you, but I' am relieved it was Ben" Alexandra cries became quicken gasps as she couldn’t control her breathing

Chloe wrapped her arms around Alexandra and held her why she sobbed uncontrollably. “shhhh slow down, catch your breath.”

Alexandra sat on bed, pulled her legs to her chin, eyes still puffy. Chloe sat down in front, wiped her face with damp cloth, her fever was returning

Alexandra grabbed her "Chloe I want out, I can't do this anymore. I'm scared all the time, the government isn't doing nearly enough to protect us.

Chloe nodded "I know honey"

"I want us to go home. I want to go home first thing tomorrow morning" Alexandra trying to control her breathing

Chloe held her "sure baby, I'm happy to do that."

Alexandra relieved that she wasn’t going to fight on it, hugs and kisses her

"when we return, you still want to go ahead with our plans" asked Alexandra worried at how easy her lover had given in

Chloe kissed Alexandra and pushed her down onto the bed "Of course, when we get back we will get married and start a family. That hasn't changed for me" Chloe bit lightly at Alexandra's neck " I think we should practice right now"

The girls resolve their tensions of the day's events

Next day Chloe and Alexandra headed towards the airstrip where a plane was waiting for them. The rain was heavy and the road was turning into muddy streams, the jeep was sliding.

"fucking hell Chloe, if you get us out of this alive I will give you sex every day for a year"

Chloe laughed as she fought the road "promises, promises" her eyes caught something in the rear mirror. She accelerated faster through the jungle near Malabo. Chloe had to fight hard to keep the jeep from sliding down into the valley.

Alexandra looked behind seeing the vehicles gaining. "Chloe" Alexandra in a scared voice

"It's ok..." Chloe remain calm. She hoped that they were going to take the next turn but cursed when they continued straight down after them. The jeep lost traction and slid sideways until it hit side of tree.

Chloe dragged Alexandra out "cmon" they ran through the jungle. They could hear the vehicles stop and people yelling.

Alexandra foot slipped and she fell down. Chloe dragged her up "run" the sounds of gun fire caused panic as they now ran for their lives. Alexandra stumbled sliding towards edge of the valley. Chloe grabbed her and they took off again when Alexandra felt Chloe stumble. Alexandra went back "Chloe" the voices of the men getting closer

Alexandra eyes focused on Chloe’s shirt stained with blood

"Alex... run" she pushes Alexandra away as the pain in her side worsened

"no Chloe I won't leave you." She cries

Chloe grabbed Alexandra and kissed her "I love you, I will find you." She pushes Alexandra down the side of the valley

Alexandra tumbled and slide colliding with branches, she heard her arm snap as she hit a rock before she stopped her fall. She hid behind a large rock cradling her arm, the bone sticking through her forearm. She could hear the voices almost above her, they weren’t English "Chloe" whimpered Alexandra

There was a moment of silence, followed by a short burst of gun fire that echoed around the valley, Alexandra gasped quickly putting hand over her mouth suppressing her scream.

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