Story: Perpetual existence & elapsed love (chapter 7)

Authors: Lena-Ann-Rene

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 Date

[Author's notes:

Important: Clare is an OC she isn't Madlax

Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)

Elian is an OC however he's practically a clone of Carrossea Doon (MADLAX)


Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

Air gushed in violent flows, hitting as hard as it would feel to hit the ground from a two story building constantly. The impact of this flow propelled Ellis's body almost completely out of the plane and into mid-air, yet her hand clutched on to a luggage handle bar over her seat, keeping her inside the broken off tail end of the plane. She glanced down, seeing the oceans waters draw nearer, grow larger. Ellis instinctively knew she would die if she didn't do something at this very moment.

Elian buckled Natalia's seatbelt on, grabbed on to a bar and slowly made his way to the far back of the plane -where the parachutes were. He figured. "We will die if we get sucked out of the plane and if we stay inside ... I need 3 parachutes and a boat, that's our only chance at survival." A compartment at the bottom left of a large luggage containment caught his eye, it read, "Emergencies only". He grabbed on with his left hand to the door handle leading to the restroom and began unlocking the emergency compartment. "Shit, its empty ... where are the parachutes, what can I do now?" Elian yelled out as he realized there was nothing to help him -nothing to save them. He soared up, reaching for the bar. By mere centimeters, he missed it. The vacuum of air lugged him to the broken off front of the plane, where there was nothing but a big hole with air sucking trough. Just as his body was about to fall out, a hand caught his arm, pulling him back inside. Shocked, he gasped. "Natalia, what are you doing" As the mid-height blonde heaved him to the metallic bar over an array of 10 empty seats. He saw her smile as she opened her mouth to respond, but a slight shake of the plane stopped her, she almost bit her tongue off and lost her words as the air gushed , sucking her out. Elian could only watch what happened next with his eyes peeved on every single detail. Ellis tumbled out of the front just as Natalia lost her grip, got hold of Natalia's arms and pushed the girl with magnificent force seemingly uncanny for a girl Ellis's size. Next thing he knew was holding on to Natalia's unconscious body that flew in against bone crushing winds, which he managed to catch, and pull back with his left arm. He tightened his hold on Natalia's waist and watched as Ellis descended alongside the tail end of the plane. Ellis appeared to have lost consciousness, after pushing Natalia back in with unruly force. Only one thought went trough Elian's mind. "Ellis you're using your powers subconsciously now ... to save Natalia, to save all of us -I hope you use your ultimate powers before it's too late, before we die." The plane was now less then a mile from the ocean surface, they had less then 2 minutes before it'd hit.

Rain began to pour from the skies that shattered the plane in two with their bolts of electricity. The funny part was that the plane and droplets were descending at the same velocity, so the droplets seemed to be stuck in place -motionless as if time stood still. Ellis's eyelids shut, her body lifelessly falling along side, but a moment changed everything. The adorable short blonde's body, the plane and all else stopped moving completely. Elian felt no more gushing air streams punching his body; he didn't feel like he was falling. He let go of the metallic bar, carefully placed Natalia in a seat and walked over to the front edge, where Ellis was seemingly floating on air. Her eyelids opened just as he reached his right arm out, to pull her back. Ellis's eyes were a strange tone of blue with a certain kind of power shining vibrantly. "Her powers ... they did this on their own, she wasn't aware of any of it." Ellis stood straight up in mid-air, starred piercingly throw Elian's eyes and said in an unusual voice. "We are the same Elian -we are both fake." Elian's eyes grew wide at the girl's words, he yelled. "What do you mean fake? How am I fake, I don't know what you mean!" Ellis didn't respond but only starred, her arms went forward and her head moved back as energy began to engulf the plane and everything inside. The plane rapidly

raised higher trough the air and things inside it didn't move an inch from all the intensifying speed. Elian's mouth dropped as he saw the front half of the airplane reconstruct molecule by molecule, it looked as if the plane was growing itself a new front like a lizard regenerating a lost limb. He also noticed the settings around him change, clouds of boiling thunder deformed into small white puffs and soon faded to where all stars and sky were clearly perceptible. A flow of string like lights wrapped around the whole of the plane increasing reconstructing particle speeds dramatically. Rendering final touches to the planes nose where a pilot would have been located. Elian fell dumbstruck seeing this sort of power -it had a similarity to Madlax's power. Standing right before the door to where the pilot would be located, Elian thought. "Time ... she turned around time in a way best suited. Madlax can't control time to create, destroy and reconstruct however Ellis has power over time -she can bring back the dead." Elian figured the pilot would be dead if all Ellis did was reconstruct the plane, but if she spun around time then the pilot would be alive and well inside the control room as if the lightning never struck him. Whilst twisting the doorknob to the control room a contradicting thought came over Elian's mind. "If she reversed time then how do I remember all of this ... why am I aware of it -she changed our destinies, she changed the events." He swung the door open and saw the pilot at the controls, everything as it was before the storm. Elian cleared his trout, walked up behind the pilot then curiously asked. "Do you remember seeing a storm, a bright bolt of lightning?" The pilot slightly jerked his head, and said in an estranged tone. "There was no storm or lightning sir Elian. I'm not quite sure what you mean." -"I see then thank you." Elian turned around, slowly walked out, shut the door, next looked around and spotted Ellis reclined in her seat with her eyes shut. He saw Natalia also asleep in her seat. "So no one but me remembers what happened ... Ellis was possessed by her powers so she wouldn't remember and everyone else -its as if it never happened, the pilot doesn't even remember." Elian softly set down on the seat next to Ellis, tapped her on her right shoulder but did not get any response. Next, he rocked Natalia back and forth; she woke up immediately and almost jumped out of her seat. After she calmed down he asked her the same question he asked the pilot -he got the same response. However, he wasn't going to let this pass by, he would certainly find a way for Ellis to control her powers, so he'd know why only he remembered what happened and what she's truly capable of.

Ellis: 5 hours later

The pilot's voice over the telecom woke Ellis up, she recalled having a nightmare about an airplane falling and crashing down in a grand explosion but soon it faded into nothingness. The pilot announced that they were 20 minutes from the London Airport and should get ready for a steady descent and change in altitude. Ellis peered out her window noting no ocean but only buildings and long streams of green fields. She spun back around, gazed at Natalia and said while yawning. "We are almost there ... finally I can get off this plane." -"Yes, so put your seatbelt on, it's not safe to have it off when a plane is landing." Ellis complied, snapping the belt on, and then smiling at Natalia. Just as Ellis finished, Abruptly

Elian asked. "Did you have any dreams in particular?" Ellis placed a finger over her lips, thought for a moment, then eagerly replied. "Yes I had a dream about an outburst and something falling ... it was scary but I can't recall what happened, why do you want to know?" Elian staggered a bit as he responded. "Eh, no particular reason, just wondering." Ellis noticed his suspicious retort. He added. "Ellis when we arrive at my mansion I'd be more then happy to introduce you to a library full of ancient English books on the subject of witches, mysticism, and supposedly how those kinds of powers work." A beam formed across Ellis's face, she realized that she was stirring closer toward gaining control of her powers; this trip was not going to be a useless vacation after all. Ellis smiled and doggedly answered. "I can't wait to see your library ... our first destination is your mansion!"

Madlax & Nadie: At Their honeymoon suite

Yesterday both girls' learned of the truth to how the organization controlled Madlax with a single page of the book -the page she now owned. The ex-organization member informed Madlax of a mansion belonging to Vanessa's family, located in England along with a major branch of the high council clergy. Madlax set on going to England as soon as possible but she also promised Nadie a date at the finest restaurant in Paris tonight, so she decided on going to England next thing tomorrow -it would be a short flight. The sandy blonde lay upon the heart shaped love bed with a laptop laid out before her, showing images of Vanessa's mansion -they looked somehow familiar to her. She clicked on an image of the room titled Vanessa's room. The page took a minute to load, then when it did, Madlax felt a weak array of foreign emotions come and pass like a wave hitting the seashore. The picture displayed a bed positioned to the far back of the room, a balcony right across from the white door and a large brown wardrobe to the side of Vanessa's bed. Madlax felt familiarity with this place, she was sure that visiting it would unlock some memories. A powerful vibration rattled Madlax and caused the laptop to jump up and down on the soft bed. Madlax instantly knew the source of vibration -Nadie pouncing on to the bed next to her. The crimson haired girl crawled on all fours behind Madlax, positioned her body over the sandy blonde's lying figure and observed the computer screen. Nadie softly asked whilst gently residing on Madlax's back. "So what are you looking at ... could it be -naughty pictures of me taking a shower?" Madlax smiled in hilarity, and then shook her head. "No, these are old photographs of the place the ex-member tolled us about. But you know ... I do have naughty pictures of you -and me." Madlax's voice was juiced with sensuality and Nadie couldn't help but gawk and contemplate if the girl actually meant what she said. Nadie practically quivered when she said. "Where did you get the naughty pictures of me?" -"Natalia send them in an Email -want to see?" Nadie didn't hesitate to respond. "Yes show them to me!" Madlax clicked on a file attachment, pressed open and watched as 4 pictures popped up. All four were of the same moment but in different angles. Nadie felt her body temperature rise uncontrollably, seeing herself and Madlax lying in bed, intertwined against each others uncovered forms. "Is that what we did the morning before the dance -and the elevator?" Nadie heard her mouth

open and those words flow out, on their own. Madlax jerked her head up from facing the computer and turned her neck to face Nadie, who was blushing madly on top of her backside. "Yes we did that, or did you forget what happened between us ... I'm not proud or ashamed but it's a fact that we ..." Madlax briefly paused, then looked straight in Nadie's blue eyes covered with fully dilated pupils, continuing. "It's a fact that we are attracted to each other." -"Well I know that I'm attracted to you, you know that too, so there's no reaso... wait did you just say we, you?" Nadie was stunned; Madlax clearly said she was attracted to her. Madlax crawled out from under Nadie, watched as the crimson haired girl sat up, and then wrapped her arms around the girl's neck from behind, softly whispering. "Yes I've been attracted to you since the first time I met you -that's probably why I saved your life." Nadie sarcastically remarked. "That's a nice raison d'être." Madlax took Nadie's chin in her right hand, gently turned the girl's head to face her and said. "Learning French are we now... Nadie I lied when I said I wasn't interested in you, if we are going to give this a try -we should take it slow, starting with today's date!" Nadie felt a strange emotion build up inside of her; she had an urge to kiss the sandy blonde right there and then. Madlax let go of Nadie's chin, took her laptop, switched it off and hopped off the bed. The sandy blonde arrived at the exit door, rolled her eyes to see Nadie, who was still sitting on the red heart shaped bed, and loudly said. "I have to arrange Dinner at the fancy restaurant we're going to tonight, so a limo will pick you up and get you to the restaurant, where I'll be awaiting you and only you. See ya tonight Nadie." Madlax waved a hand whilst slamming the door shut. Nadie only sat as still as a rock on the jelly soft bed and watched the door close, there were too many thoughts rushing trough her mind and they were all confusing at that. "I don't understand ... she wants to take it slow, is she referring to our relationship? And the computer with those pictures, she took it with her... she's probably looking at them right now -that Madlax, a real perv." Tiredly, Nadie picked herself up off the bed and dragged to the bathroom. Tonight would be her first official date with Madlax, and to add to the good, the date was going to be the most romantic date she'd ever go on. Nadie noticed that shelf of pheromones and perfumes that came with the fanciest honeymoon suite in France, an idea washed over her, she pondered. "I don't want to take things slow in Paris, and after all we are staying in the perfect room for making love ... so if I ware some pheromones I'm sure I'll seduce her tonight. After the romantic date we have a perfect place to come to -this bed."

Paris France: Madlax searching for a perfect restaurant

Streets of dazzling lights and fancy French restaurants on every corner paved on as far as the eye could see. Madlax was keen on finding a place with a perfect view of the Eifel tower and settling for no less -she would make sure this dinner to be more romantic then the one she and Nadie shared before the elevator. She visited over 10 different establishments, not finding one romantic enough for her tastes. However an idea of outmost romance filled her mind. "What if I lease a hot air balloon ... it could fly right over the Eifel tower, we would have the best view from up there... she would be amazed."

Madlax found a seat at a small outdoor café next to the road and some palm trees, placed her laptop on the white round table before her, next she clicked on Google and searched for private hot air balloon renting. Soon Madlax found what she was looking for, "Renting of Balloons for 3,000 dollars"; she clicked rent, placed the order and memorized the location where she would retrieve her purchase. Contented, she shut the screen off, picked up the slick PC and gently placed it inside of her backpack. She stretched her arms out, yawning at the setting sun. "Now that the location of where we eat is settled ... there's still a question of where to order the food from." Madlax crossed her arms over the table, looked around to see if anything would catch her apatite, then noticed a sign at the end of the next street, reading, "List of Paris' top restaurants" Madlax made out what the restaurant at the very top of the list was called, memorized it, then stood up and began to walk the 12 blocks to where the rented air balloon was being prepared for her romantic date.

Madlax crossed a street leading to the restaurant she chose, strode trough the doors, got the young hosts attention and stated. "I would like to order 2 bottles of you oldest finest wine, 1 large dish of your best pasta and 2 servings of the finest chocolate cake in all of France." She cleared her trout and added. "I want it all placed on top of a building with a great view of the Eifel tower ... no actually it should be placed on the tower itself, on its base." The host who was a dark-haired young man in his 20s had a look of both confusion and astonishment in his dark brown eyes, he shook his head then stated in bad English. "We can't douh thate ... whe don't deliver our food to places so unreachable." Madlax's smile only grew wider at those discouraging words as she brought out a stack of 6,000 dollars and handed it to the young man. She softly said. "I think you can manage, if not then I guess your number 1 rating will fall to a two -I'll be sure to give a bad service review if you don't get it done." He quivered in place, hesitating to accept her money but in the end accommodating her challenge to the restaurant establishment -the food would be placed upon the Eifel tower.

It took Madlax 20 minutes to reach the hot air balloon location. She gazed around for the perfect balloon for a romantic date, a blue and red colored balloon caught her eye, and it had a swirl of red inside a bubble of dark blue fashioned on its fabric. The sandy blonde told an employee of the company that she'd like to rent the red and blue balloon. He nodded his head, went up to a strange looking panel, pushed a button and Madlax watched as air puffed the volume of the drop shaped balloon up. Madlax reached out her red cell phone, "8:25PM"; and dialed Nadie's number. The phone rang twice before Nadie's loud voice filled it, Nadie said. "Hello Madlax!" -"Hey I'm just calling to say that I'll pick you up. Please go to the very top floor of our hotel building and wait there." A short lived silence filled the phone, and then Nadie doubtingly asked. "What... Why do I need to go to the roof?" -"It's a surprise, but just trust me and wait for me -I'll be there for you." Madlax closed up the phone and focused her attention to the fully blown balloon quadruple the size of a yellow school bus. "Its ready madam!" the employee yelled from the control area. Madlax nudged her head back, smiled at the man then preceded into the basket bellow the staggering balloon. There was a table smacked in the middle with two small wooden chairs across from each other. Madlax resided in a chair, reached her right arm out and pulled a string connecting the balloon to placers that kept it down to the ground. The ground grew distant as the balloon ascended over brightly lit streets of Paris. A thought sprang trough Madlax's mind. "I have zero experience navigating this thing. But then again this new model has computerized controls ... so I

should be able to take this baby for a ride to first pick Nadie up and then the food." Madlax had a small LCD display that she was given by the employee earlier; the display marked both of her destinations and navigated the inflatable in the direction to the roof top Nadie was waiting on. Madlax watched as people bellow her walked about the streets and interacted in numerous ways. Rows of cars she could barely distinguish filled the view bellow, rooftops with colorful billboards spread as far as she could see. Madlax placed her finger against the interactive screen, scrolled down a list of songs and albums then chose an album by a singer named Clare. There were speakers installed around the passenger basket of the inflatable. Madlax adjusted the volume, relaxed her body in her chair, closed her eyelids and listened to the calming music that blocked out the noises below her. Within 10 minutes Madlax could make out a staggeringly tall building ahead of her, she squinted her eyes, and saw a figure dressed in a long almost maroon dress standing on top of the roof -Nadie.

Nadie thought waiting on the roof was rather odd, nevertheless did as Madlax said. She wore her best dress, her most seductive dress with a perfectly cut neckline and good form to show off her attractive features. Nadie only wondered why the sandy blonde would tell her to wait here. "She might have planned for us to have dinner on the roof ... it is a romantic idea after all, and maybe she went to preorder the food, which would make things easy -we could make love on top of a 12 story building with a great view." Nadie gazed around seeing the time and confirming that Madlax would be there any minute now. A large air balloon got her attention, it was flying lower then the top of the Hotel where Nadie was, however she noticed it slowly began to rise until it was at the same level as the Hotels roof top. She strode to the very edge of the concrete roof, grabbed unto a metallic railing then leaned over as far as she physically could without falling over. As the inflatable neared she heard music grow louder. Nadie recognized the music playing to be a song by a pop singer she heard of -Clare. A figure of a girl stood inside of the basket tied to the hot air balloon, as it neared she made out who the girl was. "Madlax." She thought as the balloon neared jumping distance. The sandy blonde girl in the inflatable opened up a small door of the passengers' box, smiled and reached out her right hand to Nadie. Nadie quickly leaped for the hand reaching for her, caught it and practically crashed into Madlax, knocking the sandy blonde down with a wobble and ending up positioned over the girls' body. Madlax didn't seem to mind the position she was currently in with Nadie, she didn't move away but just lay there at the bottom of the passengers' basket with Nadie spread over her. Nadie blinked a few times realizing that the pheromones were working, the said. "This is very romantic. You rented a balloon as our restaurant table -I'm impressed." -"Glad -I'm glad you like it, but the best part is yet to come." -"Oh, then I can't wait to see what you have planned for tonight." Nadie replied whilst getting of the girl and placing herself in a seat. Madlax stayed down, for a brief moment wondering why she felt such strong sexual energy when the crimson haired girl lay upon her. "We did this kind of thing many times before but somehow... it feels like I had an aphrodisiac -I wonder why." Shortly after pondering about her exhilarated attraction to Nadie, Madlax picked herself up and sat across from the girl who was admiring the lush view of Paris from above the ground. Nadie had a breathtakingly beautiful smile planted on her face; Madlax couldn't bring her eyes away from the crimson haired girl's wet cherry red lips. Madlax noticed a shift in Nadie's position, slight movements of her delicious curves, and almost as if in slow

motion the crimson haired girl's petite mouth formed into small ovals, saying. "So where is our dinner Madlax ... are we just using this balloon as a ride or a place to eat?" Madlax didn't respond -mesmerized by insignificant motions of Nadie's muscles. The snapping of fingers and a shake brought half of Madlax's attention back; she gazed straight at Nadie for a second as if thinking on what to say, and then responded. "We eat here on this table; we'll also drink wine on this table -guess where our food is waiting for us!" Nadie's expression turned into a daze as she contemplated on where the food could possibly be. She looked out and around trying to get an idea ... then gave up and dejectedly said. "I really don't know so hit me with the truth." Madlax chuckled, reached out her right arm, pointed her index finger to a tall tower full of lights then whispered with delight in her eyes. "See that tower ahead ... it's called the Eifel tower and our pasta, wine and deserts are all somewhere on it." Nadie's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped lower then Madlax thought humanly possible, staggered to death she responded. "Wow! This is so romantic; you'd do all this for me -thank you for making me the happiest girl in all of Paris." -"You're very welcome." Madlax finished sincerely. Both girls watched as the dazzling bright tower grew closer till each could reach out and touch it. Madlax was smart enough to ask the young man at the restaurant to place tracking devices on the wine bottles so she wouldn't have to search for the food -she paid 6,000. She clicked on the LCD screen, found the program that came with the tracking devices and pressed enter, navigating the balloon to where her orders were placed. Both watched as they lifted higher in the air and flew around to a side of the Eifel tower, and then stopped. Madlax saw all the fine food placed at the edge of a large metallic plate. She stood up from her chair, took two steps to the left, reached her arms out and picked up all the food at once, next placed it on the table and sat back down. Nadie noticed the food to be still smoking hot, and that there was only one large bowl of pasta with two silver forks stuck inside. She gazed over Madlax's face, trying to read her, and then asked whilst smiling uncontrollably. "Do we share?" -"Yes it's for two." Nadie's smile only grew wider as she added. "Can I spoon feed you the cake, after we eat our pasta?" -"I'd like that." Teasingly Madlax replied. Both Madlax and Nadie clutched a fork and began to eat their pasta. Nadie slurped her half of the pasta up faster then Madlax thought possible, next the crimson haired girl attempted to eat the sandy blonde's portion of the food. As Nadie gulped down a long string of pasta she realized her date's mouth was on the other end. Butterflies flew in back and fourth in her stomach as she neared those sensuous lips. Her eyelids shut when she felt the warmth radiating off of the sandy blonde's cheeks. Seconds later lips tenderly met in an innocent kiss over a string of taste pasta. "This tastes good." Madlax whispered whilst breaking 2 inches away. Nadie smiled and whispered back in a voice even softer then Madlax. "Yes you do -or did you mean the pasta?" -"Both ... you and the pasta are delicious." Nadie pursed her lips attempting to kiss those lush lips again. She didn't feel anything but air as she moved in closer with eyes shut. A second later as she jerked her head up, she noticed Madlax's seat empty and the sandy blonde leaning over a wooden rail, looking up at the stars with a gaze of longing in her forest green eyes. Nadie picked herself up, next glided to Madlax's left side, shifted her vision to what the sandy blonde was peering at, and then stated. "Madlax what are you thinking about?" -"You, Vanessa, Natalia -people who matter to me." Madlax added. "I'm thinking of where this relationship would lead us... were we to pursue it. It wouldn't be bad for us to be together but I can't let go of the past, I can't throw it away -if we grow closer then my search for Vanessa would be contradictory to our relationship because if I find her ... then you know I'll leave you without a second guess." Nadie's expression became paved with sadness at those truthful words. She slowly moved

behind Madlax then hugged the girl around her neck from behind, softly whispering. "Your past is all that stands between us ... Vanessa. Listen I want this relationship and I'm willing to risk the possibility of you running off with Vanessa -if you find her it'll only make me happy." Tear drops formed in Nadie's eyes as she spoke in a shaky voice. "Madlax we want each other, you said it yourself so why are you telling me not to be with you? Answer me!" Nadie watched as the sandy blonde tilted her head slightly to face her. There was no response for a minute; Madlax just watched the expression on Nadie's face without saying anything. A thought plagued Madlax from responding. "Why do I want her one moment and feel like I shouldn't be with her the next ... I keep fighting myself for stupid reasons -I won't fight this anymore." Before Nadie could muster a gasp, she felt a quick spin and lips pressed against her own. Madlax swung her arms around Nadie's waist and neck whilst leaning into the girl's soft well dressed body. Nadie felt a strong push as her body crashed against the rail -almost tipping overboard. Madlax's lips only pressed harder then split open on to Nadie's. Soft, wet, addicting were the only words to describe how the kiss felt to both girls'. Nadie wouldn't part lips because she sought this and Madlax made up her mind on doing this. A gentle breeze pushed strands of blonde together with crimson, Madlax wouldn't stop until Nadie forced her to -she would see how far she was allowed to take it. The sandy blondes arms untangled from Nadie's waist next went up to her shoulders then swiftly rammed her date to the wooden surface. Words were juiced with desire as Madlax whispered whilst she was positioning over Nadie's motionless slender figure. "You taste even better now Nadie ... I won't stop unless you make me, but if you do then I guess our relationship can't work because what I want is this." Before Nadie could even respond, lips were already crashed into hers. Those words however echoed in Nadie's mind, she thought. "I will never stop you if you plan on doing what I think you plan ... I will encourage it. Try me Madlax." Nadie experienced outmost pleasure as she felt the sandy blonde's hand slide under her silky maroon dress and up her thigh. Madlax stopped at Nadie's underwear, a lustful smile paved across her lips and she placed her right hand right between Nadie's lithe thighs, smiling even more. Nadie couldn't hold back a desire to simply press her thighs tightly together -she pressed them together, leaving Madlax's hand clasped in the middle. Madlax pressed her right hand harder against Nadie whilst sliding her left over the crimson haired girl's cheek. She teasingly whispered. "This isn't going to work if you lay around doing nothing Nadie; I know you better then that ... you be more aggressive then a vegetable." An uneven smile formed on Nadie's lips as she asserted herself -she placed both hands on a part of Madlax's green jacket covering the sandy blonde's chest. A moment later one of Nadie's hands slipped under the dark red shirt and bra covering Madlax's firm breasts. She gently held the sandy blonde's soft right breast in her hand, feeling warmth seep trough her being. "You're soft Madlax." Nadie whispered as a strong current of ecstasy swept her to a new plane of awareness. Madlax removed her hand from between Nadie's thighs, over her underwear and brought it up to her nose, smelling it then softly saying. "Your scent is imposing, you too are soft -I like it." Before Nadie could respond another kiss landed upon her cherry red lips. A loud moan escaped Madlax's lips as she felt Nadie's hand slide over her covered bosom. Madlax's voice sounded overflowing and melodies as she let her desire out. "SandyForest!" Softly Nadie said when Madlax stopped moaning out in pleasure. A few blinks came in response, so Nadie added. "Remember that time ... when we were driving trough México's deserts ... you came up with a nickname for me, SunSet, and I came up with one for you, SandyForest. I asked you how you'd like to use our nicknames and you said -in bed like lovers." A sparkle formed in the sandy blonde's green eyes as she remembered that day. She responded. "Well

look who changed her mind." Both girls' chuckled at each other, enjoying a nostalgic remembrance for a minute until realizing how their relationship grew, how it changed and what they were in the midst of doing. Just as Nadie was about to remove the jacket, shirt, and bra covering Madlax, a deafening noise tore trough the soothing music over the speakers. The hot air balloon rocked hard as if about to twirl. Something flew right over the long sandy blonde hair on Madlax's head -missing by only a centimeter. She soared up and off of the girl she was lying on, looked up, down and around, noting what appeared as a man dressed in black with a long riffle on a rooftop near by. Madlax reached out a slick black gun, aimed and fired at the man 15ft below her whilst yelling. "Nadie remember that time when you said you could shoot better then me, well this is your chance to prove yourself. Here catch." Madlax shot the man dead on then threw the gun to Nadie. The crimson haired girl looked over the gun, and then curiously asked. "You told me you didn't have a gun! When did you get it?" -"I bought it ... no I snatched it while preparing this date for you." Madlax replied whilst climbing up a rope leading to the large drop shaped balloon itself. Another shot fired trough the fabric of the inflatable, Nadie instantly reacted with a gunshot twice as powerful, and then gazed up at Madlax who was now on top of the damaged balloon. "Madlax what is going on, why are we being shot at?" Madlax grabbed on to the vast vibrating fabric and yelled back. "They found me. The high council clergy tracked me down -just like what the ex-member said!" Only one thought ran trough Nadie's mind as she watched for targets to shoot. "Why did they have to find us now, such bad timing -why did those bastards have to interrupt my perfect date?" Nadie peered down, seeing over 4 black cars following the slowly falling hot air balloon. She aimed the gun straight at the car in front of the rest, this was her ultimate chance to show how good a shot she really was, her finger slowly slid. "Bang" The gun fired two golden bullets at once. Nadie had enough time to only blink halfway as the first car exploded from a direct hit to the gas tank, the rest followed like dominos falling in a perfect array. She swore some debris flew high enough to hit the balloon. "Is that all of them?" Madlax shouted as she balanced herself on top a balloon 50ft in the air. Nadie replied, "Yeah I got them all so far -with one double shot!" -"I'm proud." Whispered Madlax whilst raising her arms and closing her eyes. Madlax knew they'd crash-land on some street far from where they needed to be if she didn't fix the bullet holes. The sandy blonde focused her mind. String-like waves of energy circled around the whole of the inflatable and began to reconstruct all damaged areas. Nadie saw the entire display of power; she was amazed by how small bright particles breathed air back in the balloon till it was full of volume. The organization discovered Madlax's location and she was sure they'd find where she was staying, so she had no choice but to go back, get her stuff, then drive to the Airport and catch a midnight flight to London -with Nadie. Madlax jumped off the balloon, swiftly slid down a rope and landed beside Nadie. "We need to get to the Hotel as soon as possible... we need to leave this country as soon as possible." Madlax directly stated while clicking on the Hotel as her destination on the navigation display system. Nadie handed Madlax her gun back then asked. "When do we continue what we started, what about our date?" The sandy blonde briefly smiled, leaned in and kissed Nadie, reassuringly whispering. "We can finish that when we're on our way to London."

Madlax & Nadie: Arrive In their Hotel room and pack

Madlax sneaked inside the dark hotel room first and checked if there were any signs of the high council clergy rampaging or even searching the place. The ghost was clear so Madlax motioned Nadie to get in. The crimson haired girl complied, turned on the lights and walked trough the front door, towards the bathroom. Nadie shut the bathroom door behind her, leaving Madlax alone to pounder in the main room.

The sandy blonde was packed in no time. She made herself comfortable on a love cushion and waited for Nadie to finish whatever she was doing in the bathroom so they could leave. Madlax pushed her head back, crossed her arms and thought for a moment. "Nadie and I almost did it; I was the one to take it that far ... I had no control over my impulsive desires. I had the urge to tare her dress off when she spoke, when she looked and when she kissed me. But now it feels so different -what the hell came over me?" Madlax could only guess why she acted like a hormone charged teenager. Luckily and unluckily for Madlax -she soon found out the exact reason for her accelerated sexual desire. The bathroom door swung open and Nadie walked out with a face paved with indecision. Whilst in the bathroom she thought over what happened between herself and Madlax then realized that the pheromones she sprayed on her neck, dress and everything else of value had something to do with Madlax's sexual behavior earlier. "The Madlax I know would never act like that ... should I tell her the truth, or not?" Madlax peeved her eyes on a cabinet with many small spray bottles of numerous colors placed upon it, she began to walk, passing the crimson haired girl half way to the cabinet. Nadie watched Madlax pass her, suddenly realizing that she had the choice of either telling the truth right now or for sure never having a chance to sleep with the green eyed girl. Right as Madlax reached out an arm to pick up a red spray bottle, Nadie dashed to the cabinet and got in between Madlax and the bottle, gasping for air and loudly attempting to explain the truth. "Madlax there is something I need to tell you regarding tonight ... I wore 4 different kinds of pheromones all over my body, I did it to seduce you and it worked." Nadie took in some air then added. "I'm sorry for doing something so wrong ... those bottles behind me are the pheromones I used." Without saying a word Madlax picked up a bottle and looked over it, with hilarity in her voice, she said. "It reads, arouse anyone within 10 ft of you and make them want to tare your clothes off and shag you all nightlong. Nadie this is just too funny for me, I love how you think ... by the way what it says is 100 true -I wanted to rip your clothes off and do it all night when I sat across the table with you." Involuntarily, Nadie managed to ask. "Do you still want to now?" Madlax couldn't keep a straight face and began to laugh like someone on laughing gas. After a long minute of deadly laughing, Madlax brought herself together and with a wide smile and quivering voice said. "I said wanted to in past tense. But aren't we a bit desperate -to use such methods to get a girl in bed with you. Oh and Nadie I forgive you for doing it because you're the one who regrets it -our relationship could have been way more romantic but not now that might me ruined." Nadie wasn't sure on how to respond, what to say or how to act, she only knew that at least Madlax didn't hate her for what she did, but the rest was a big yarn ball of uncertainty. Nadie sat down on the soft heart shaped love-bed, forced her eyes to watch the sandy blonde's face then pleadingly asked. "Where is our relationship now?" -"Where it was before... except now we have more memorable experiences to add to our book. I still want to take it slow Nadie, what happened tonight were the pheromones -not me so we are where we were before. We are dating."

Elian & Natalia: disembark in England

A long white limousine arrived shortly after the Airplane landed. Elian's status as a social elite amazed Natalia. The handsome young man interested her a great deal. His appearance reminded the mid-height blonde of Madlax but in male form, his personality was exactly what Natalia found enchanting. The young man she still barely knew treated her like a queen with his gentleman-like behavior. Elian helped Natalia out the plane and when she almost tripped, he caught her. As all three walked up to the limousine, instead of the chauffeur opening Natalia's door, Elian opened it then kindly said, "After you Natalia." Natalia thought his behavior to be rather odd. Before the plane trip Elian was charming nonetheless he grew tenfold in the department of impressing Natalia after the flight had ended. Natalia was seated between Ellis at her left and Elian at her right; she leaned close to Ellis's ear then whispered. "Have you noticed a difference in his behavior?" Ellis frankly replied. "I don't really know him so nope, I haven't." Natalia groaned in annoyance at the fact that Ellis was of no help to her suspicions. She tried a different approach -to ask the man upfront. Natalia turned her head to face Elian, tapped him on the shoulder then boldly asked. "Why are you being such a gentleman with me ... you weren't like this before but now you act..." -"Are you displeased? Well no matter, I'm acting like this because once I was considered a gentleman in England, I remember going to a grand BAL with Vanessa, the first time I and the woman met -she didn't like me much, no she practically thought me annoying and self loving." -"I see." Natalia replied in a satisfied tone of voice. "Well I guess any man that has been around as long as Elian is bound to have many sides to his face." She looked out and around the windows, noting spectacular landmarks scattered all over. The limo turned at the side of a street, now heading straight for the London Bridge. Natalia exclaimed. "Wow it's the actual Bridge ... hey Elian where is your mansion located?" -"Over 10 miles from here, you'll know when you see it -you can't miss it." Elian replies whilst gazing out his window. Ellis jerked her head up as she saw the Bridge began to split in two before her very eyes. The bridge was slowly parting with the limo still on one end. Ellis asked. "Is that supposed to happen when there's a car on the bridge?" Elian's voice sounded anxious as he answered. "No this is isn't normal ... but I don't think anything will happen to us if we drive trough right now -we can still make it!" The chauffeur heard Elian's words and speed up the limo right over the split in the London Bridge. Amazingly the long car flew over 6 feet and landed on the other side without any trouble, the rest of the ride was easy since it was downhill.

The chauffeur stopped the limo at a large estate with an impressive garden and a grand staircase. Ellis got out and looked back to Elian and Natalia. "Don't worry I'll personally pick you up when you give me a call, my actual mansion is on the other side of that long field of trees to your left so if you want to find me I'll be there. Enjoy your stay at the grand library -I'll pick you up in 8 hours." Ellis waved at Natalia, turned around and sprinted towards the long staircase to a library where she could find the truth to controlling her witches' power.

An old man without a string of hair on his scalp greeted Ellis when she stepped inside the library. He introduced himself as a scholar of English myths of witches and other mystical phenomena. To Ellis the old man appeared as almost a wizard with his attire and long white beard. The old man led her to a section of the library located on the third floor concerning mastery of natural born witches' power. She thanked him then dismissed him and turned her attention to the endless bookshelves' of volumes upon volumes of books all regarding the subject she was interested in -she didn't know where to start. Ellis simply closed her eyelids, spun around three times, reached her right arm out and walked towards a random bookshelf, next grabbed a book, opened her eyes and read the title. It read, "Never aging witches". A smile beamed its way over the adorable short blondes face, she stated. "Is it a coincidence I found a book matching my interests exactly or fate? There is only one way to find out!" Ellis flipped to the intro page, read over every word and realized her vocabulary was limited to simplicity -she didn't understand half the words. Instead of reading it page by page, Ellis looked over the table of contents, found the page number to how witches never age, and flipped to it. Unable to read anything at all on the page, Ellis made up her mind to ask the wizard-looking man to read the book and explain it. She dashed down round staircases till she was on the first floor where the old scholar was walking around with a book clutched in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other. Ellis tapped him on the back; he swung around instantly, sighing in relief as he saw that a mere girl was before him. "How may I help you young miss?" He asked with a heavy British accent. Ellis brought the open book right to his face and eagerly replied. "Can you read this for me, and explain what it means?" The old man scrunched his eyes to the incredibly small text, then back to Ellis and answered. "I've already read all 12 volumes on this subject so would you rather me explain the entire concept -it'd take you longer reading it all." Ellis nodded, took a seat on the wooden floor and urged the man to inform her of the truth to her power.

Elian & Natalia: Discussing the organization

A breathtaking large fortress hidden by a forest of piney dark green trees stood before Elian and Natalia. A fountain was planted right before the staircase leading inside. The steward to Elian's estate greeted both and showed Natalia where she'd be staying. Afterwards Elian led Natalia to the main dining area, settled on an antique wooden chair and waited for Natalia to do the same. Natalia pulled up a chair and did the same. She swayed her hair back before asking. "Earlier you told me the organizations headquarters were in this country -where?" Elian motioned for a butler to get him a cup of coffee next he calmly said. "Here, this used to be the old headquarters. They still have a powerful branch in this country but their current headquarters is in Sonika." Natalia thought for a moment. "So why does he own this place if it belonged to the high council clergy..." Before Natalia could inquire, Elian added. "I've heard rumors from low ranked members of the organization; they know Madlax's ware bouts. She's still in France right now but she plans on leaving the country -they don't know where to as of now." The butler brought Elian and Natalia coffee and quickly left, urging Natalia to ask. "What will they do if they catch Madlax?" Elian let out a soft chuckle then said. "I have no idea, but my guess is they'll try and make her work for them again. Either way we don't want that to happen." Natalia nodded in

agreement. For a moment neither said a word yet both thought of the same thing -the book. Natalia knew the book to be not ordinary, she knew it wasn't literally in the same realm as humans and that a key of some sort was needed to unlock the book, to bring it into this realm -she knew as much as Elian told her, all that he knew. Natalia spoke up first, asking. "When Madlax found the book 160 years ago, how did she do it?" -"Well I forgot most of what happened that day ... we were in the far jungles of Sonika, a chamber. Vanessa was there with Madlax. Madlax somehow knew the books location, it was odd but both of them seemed perfectly aware of what the book was. I watched as Madlax spoke three strange words, a book formed seemingly out of nothingness, she picked it up, opened it and the rest I can't recall." Elian finished, then took a sip of his coffee and watched for Natalia's response. An idea hit Natalia straight in the face. "Vanessa is defiantly related to opening the book, if not then Madlax could have used the book way back when." With her new insight Natalia eagerly smiled and practically yelled out. "Vanessa is also a key to opening the book ... or Madlax being in love is, but my bet is on Vanessa." Heat, is what Elian felt spilling his coffee whilst hearing that. He quickly jumped up trying to cool himself, after a minute he settled back down with a wet stained shirt. Natalia couldn't help to laugh at the hilarious display of slapstick comedy. After both calmed down, Elian composed his posture, winced at Natalia then stated. "I agree Vanessa might me a key also, but why?" Neither knew the answer but Elian was determined to get hold of Vanessa and tell her everything he knows, he was certain that if he brought Madlax and Vanessa together in Sonika, the book would be found.

7 hours anon at Grand Library: Ellis exercising her powers

The old man explained every single detail on witches and their age control ability, Ellis fell asleep and started snoring halfway into his speech. Over an hour passed by, when she awoke, the wizard like scholar was already long gone. Ellis remembered a few theoretical key points on controlling her aging -hypothetically she had a natural ability to transform from a young 16 year-old to an elderly wrinkled 80 year-old. If she could master this power she'd literally be able to never age, she'd be able to stay with her immortal Nadie forever -never die and leave the light of her life behind. Ellis stood up from the hard wooden floor, looked around, next chose a direction then began to walk towards the rows of long staircase reaching to a 7th floor. Dusty bookshelves spanned as far as the eye could see, most books were first additions, and Ellis was sure there were over a million books here. She stopped when she reached the final floor, where she'd be alone to exercise her powers. A large oval mirror stood positioned between two extra dusty bookshelves, Ellis strolled towards it, wiped the dust off then looked at her reflection, from head to toe. Ellis saw a short girl, blonde with shoulder length hair evenly cut and a jeans jacket over a dress reaching her knees. She made one or two faces, sticking her tongue out, observing as the girl in the reflection did the same. Next Ellis closed her eyelids, focused her mind on serenity, thinking. "This should work ... the books said it'd work, also the atmosphere of first additions all dealing with witches powers enhances my own power. Nadie this is for you." A lingering

moment passed and nothing appeared to change, no powers seeped out of Ellis's being. She kept her eyes sealed shut, trying again to collect every particle of witches power running trough her blood. A surge boiled trough her, her skin felt like it was being rippled by rocks and no words could describe what she experienced on the inside. Painful, hellishly dreadful were the words that went around in agonizing circles in her mind. She wanted to stop extracting her powers there and then but the desire for Nadie kept her at it -she wouldn't impede now. The pain grew tenfold, Ellis let out a cry similar to a dying persons last word. Then suddenly the pain dissipated to nothing -as if it never happened. Ellis slowly opened her eyelids, looked in the human-sized oval mirror then gasped at what she saw. The figure reflecting off her was completely different from the 16 year-old girl she saw earlier. A woman 6 feet tall with silky strands of blonde gliding down to her lower back, transcending blue orbs as her eyes, a well built slim female form with every curve perfectly formed as her body. One though ran trough Ellis's dumbstruck mind. "She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen ... is this me?" Ellis raised her right arm over her head, and then slid it down against her hair -the gorgeous woman in the mirror did the same. Ellis instantly knew she had succeeded, she changed her age perfectly. Softly Ellis whispered to the mirror. "Would Nadie like this me? What would she think were she to see me like this?" The voice she whispered sounded as melodious as the finest classical master piece. Ellis was truly amazed by this older version of her. Flawless was the only word capable of describing the fully grown Ellis, she could be portrayed as a woman in the same league as Madlax if not exceeding. If she had to guess she'd say she was a 26 year old right now -the number she thought of whilst transforming. "I'm good enough for Nadie, I feel so confident with myself right now ... you'll be blown away the next time you see me Nadie -I promise." After gazing over her fully grown body and getting used to its feel, Ellis noticed her clothes were too small, revealing the forms of her eye-catching curves. Deafeningly loud, the clock rang indicating it was almost time for the library to close. Ellis realized Elian would be here any minute to pick her up, she was sure the man wouldn't believe her to be Ellis if she claimed to with this stunning appearance. An incoherent thought ran trough her mind as she began to focus her powers, to change back to normal. "I wonder if Nadie would be turned on by me looking like this, I bet she'd be drooling over the 26 year-old me. Nadie when we are together, when it's just the two of us -I'll astonish you, you'll like this." This time the transformation was faster and not at all painful. After returning to her 16 year-old self, Ellis noticed a tear in her jacket, bra and dress, however her attention shifted to the sound behind her. She twirled around and saw the hairless old scholar with Elian standing beside him. Elian walked up to Ellis then eagerly asked. "Did you find anything of help?" Ellis shook her head and disappointingly whispered. "No Elian I haven't -but thanks for bringing me here." He shrugged, and then began to descend the stairs, Ellis following close behind whilst pondering. "I don't trust him, and it's better off if he doesn't know about my age changing ability -I'll tell Natalia about this when he's out of sight." Without another word, Ellis found a comfortable position in the limo, and watched as the library dissipated out of sight. She wouldn't tell Elian of her powers and she would be keen on getting Natalia to leave his mansion with her as soon as possible. Something about Elian she reviled... invisible to a normal person.

Mexico: Vanessa & Clare

Clare and Vanessa stayed at the Mexican village, between a mountain- valley for 2 days. Early morning on the third day Clare received a phone call from her manager, informing her of a change in schedule -she would have to catch the next Plane scheduled to England for a concert. Clare soared out of bed, leaving Vanessa in the covers, grabbed a clean light blue bra, matching underwear, and began to hop on one foot whilst putting her garments on. Vanessa just sat in bed, amused by the girl before her, gawking without a stitch of clothes on -only white sheets covering her bare body. Huskily, Vanessa asked. "Why are you in such a hurry ... don't we have a week left?" Clare finished buckling her bra then met Vanessa's eyes and sadly stated. "I have an unexpected schedule change, I have to catch the next plane out -I need to fly to England for a damn concert!" The sandy blonde walked over to Vanessa's left, next she leaned half an inch from Vanessa's warm parted lips, adding. "Would you like to come?" A smile formed over Vanessa's face as she did her play on words. "Oh but Clare you already had me come ... over 20 times last night..." A boiling red blush formed on the sandy blonde's cheeks as she replied. "I meant to England with me ... but 20 -I'm impressed with myself." Vanessa giggled then happily stated, "I'd love to come to England with you, so yes I'll come", before wrapping her arms around Clare's back and kissing the sexy girl hard against the lips. Both kept the juicy kiss going till Clare opened her eyes, blinked a few times then swiftly tore away. Vanessa followed the queue, slide out of bed, quickly slithered her clothes on like a soap slipping out of a hand, and proceeded to helping her current lover pack. Clare and Vanessa had undoubtable chemistry for one another -to Vanessa Clare was the closest thing to Madlax in the world, to Clare Vanessa was the woman from her dreams, the woman of her dreams. The second night the two spent under one roof brought them closer together then most people would get in a year -they were a match. Soon both were packed and ready to depart. A small helicopter landed right outback on the calm water spring, causing ripples to surge throughout the water. Without warning Vanessa swept Clare of her feet and carried the girl over the shallow water to the small helicopter, like a prince carrying his princess. Carefully Vanessa placed the girl into the helicopter then proceeded in, slid the door shut and watched the surface bellow shrink in size, becoming a formless green blur.

Madlax & Nadie: On their way to the French Airport

Madlax took the steering wheel, handed Nadie her gun, and drove off from the Hotel. The organization members were still tracking them so Madlax drove at full speed trough the night streets of France. Madlax slightly tilted her head to see Nadie then stated. "We are being tracked; you see that black car behind us -its trailing us! Fasten you seatbelt, I'm going to lose him." Nadie complied as the car swiftly turned a corner. The black car followed, turning the same corner. A smile spread over Nadie's face as she slid her window open and pulled out the double-shot handgun. "I'm going to shoot on our next turn, drive somewhere dark -where there aren't witnesses." Nadie stated. Madlax noticed a shortcut trough a lifeless forest and took it. Interring the lightless forest, she slowed the car down to a snails phase, glimpsed in the front view mirror then signaled Nadie to shoot at the black car behind them. The

crimson haired girl closed her eyes, slid her index finger and listened as recoils hit ground. Seconds later debris flew amidst the air, Nadie swung her head around back, watching a fireworks display of bright red and yellow flames filling air with smoke. "Good job Nadie ... all we have to do now is get the hell out of this country -the Airport is two streets away." Madlax raised the speed by 40mph, turning to a double lane. An airplane flew roaring low over the sports car Madlax was driving. The sandy blonde gazed over beautiful streets of French architecture and culture, she dreaded on leaving such a romantic country however had no choice, as the organization already tracked her down. 10 minutes passed like seconds. Nadie was relieved to be back at the oversized Airport they came threw a few days ago; it somehow felt familiar with its international charm. It was 12:35 PM and a section of the Airport was thankfully still open. Madlax ran trough now empty space usually filled with thousands of people, stopping at a reception desk, then reaching in her pocket and pulling out money for two one-way tickets to London. She looked up at the reception clerk, smiled and softly said. "I'd like two tickets for the next flight to London." The clerk, and old man dressed in uniform, looked over a flat computer screen on his desk then back to Madlax, and stated. "Madam the next flight leaves in 5 minutes, I still have over 30 empty seats so you can buy the tickets..." -"Yes hurry and give us the tickets." Madlax demanded, showing the man her money. He nodded, took her money and almost instantly handed her the tickets. She grabbed them, gave one to Nadie, urging the girl to follow her in the direction of the departing plane.

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