Story: Perpetual existence & elapsed love (chapter 6)

Authors: Lena-Ann-Rene

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 Nearing truth

[Author's notes:

Important: Clare is an OC she isn't Madlax

Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)

Elian is an OC however he's practically a clone of Carrossea Doon (MADLAX)


Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

No cars were in sight and the road was straight for miles on end. Nadie pressed the paddle to the metal, rapidly increasing the cars momentum. Country road began to zoom by faster and faster till it was all a colorful blur. Madlax pressed a button on the side of her door which scrolled the window down. She put her arm trough the window and stretched it out wide, feeling the resistance of wind press against her skin. No clouds were present and the sun was beaming brightly in the endless azure sky. Madlax moved her eyes to look at Nadie's face and softly said. "We should be there in 30 minutes -since your going at 200mph." Nadie smiled to herself and dared to speed the car up a notch, then cunningly replied. "Make that 20 minutes." A slow pickup truck came into view, heading in the opposite direction of Nadie's rented car. Madlax clenched her teeth as Nadie made a sudden dodge, avoiding the car ahead. A loud scream escaped Madlax's lips as the girl tried to move her right arm. Madlax's right arm had been hanging out the car and when Nadie made the rapid turn, the pickup truck and Madlax's arm collided at a velocity of almost 300mph. There was nothing left of the sandy blondes right arm, only bleeding bits of clothing remained hindering in the wind. Madlax had to grind her teeth, to keep from screaming in outmost pain. Nadie kept her eyes peeled on the road and didn't notice what happened. A strange wave of white light swept trough the right armless shoulder and began to form into a white transparent skeletal structure. The structure began to gain density until it was fully solid; the strange waves of light wrapped around the bone and began to turn into red flesh, soon covered by new skin. The sandy blonde's arm was grown back fully -as if nothing happened. Madlax felt the deadly pain dissipate and the feel of her fingers return. She brought her new arm back inside the car and crossed it with her other arm. "Nadie would you be more careful, you hurt me when you made that turn." The crimson haired girl didn't respond -she didn't know of the little incident. The new arm felt just like the old one, nothing changed except a part of the green jacket tearing off. Madlax glanced over the speed meter, noting that Nadie had reached the cars maximum speed barrier. "How long will it be till we arrive?" -"It'll be 2 more minutes." Nadie replied whilst fixating on the road. The sandy blonde brought out the map she bought from an interactive display; she took it out of her pocket and looked over the poster on the back. There was a picture of a villa, and a caption reading, "High Council Mansion." Madlax crumbled the map up and looked out the window, seeing the same villa as the one on the small poster, a few miles away.

Arrival at the high council clergy mansion

The mansion was a long concrete building stretching for what seemed 800 yards. It was planted on top of a flat mountain next to the rocky sea shore. Nadie parked the car on the side of the road, right before the gates to the mansion. Both girls walked out and slammed their doors simultaneously. Nadie looked over Madlax's clothes, noticing an entire jacket sleeve missing with stains of dried crimson seeped trough the fabric. The crimson haired girl wasn't aware of the fact that Madlax latterly had her arm torn off, and re-grown. Just as Madlax approached the tall dark gate and tried to open it Nadie asked. "Where is your sleeve ... and why is the right side of your jacket soaked in red -did you have your period?" Nadie realized that her joke was a bad one, cursing herself for making it. Madlax acted as if she didn't hear the last part of Nadie's statement and softly answered. "You know when you made that turn

to avoid hitting a pickup truck... well my arm was reaching out the window and it hit the truck. But I'm fine now so I won't blame you." Nadie wasn't quite sure of what happened to Madlax, but she knew it had something to do with an injury fatal enough to leave a large stain of blood and tare off a sleeve.

Nadie and Madlax climbed over the fence to get unto the mansion grounds. There were no signs of life around the mansion; it was overgrown with weeds and thorns appearing as if it had been abandoned. Madlax felt a strange familiarity with this old place, she remembered smelling this same scent somewhere it the past. Nadie noticed the windows were shattered and the roof had some holes in it. The sandy blonde took both of Nadie's arms and brought the girl near to her, then softly whispered. "I think no one lives here so we can sneak in." Nadie nodded then asked. "Have you been here before ... if you worked for the high council clergy more then 160 years ago then you have probably been here before?" -"I feel like I've seen this place before but I'm not sure." Madlax let go of Nadie's right arm, but fastened her hold on the crimson haired girls left, pulled the girl forward and ascended up a tall staircase to the front doors of the organizations mansion. Anticipation was the only feeling running trough Madlax's blood as she twisted the door knob. The knob however didn't turn all the way as the doors were locked from the inside. Nadie suggested. "Let's just climb trough the window -its shattered." The sandy blonde complied with Nadie's advice and dashed to the nearest window she could find.

The two were inside of a large hall leading into a dark chamber. "Nadie do you have a flashlight ... ah wait I have a backlight on my phone, never mind." Madlax took a cell phone out of her side pocket, turned the backlight on and aimed the beam of light towards the chamber at the end of the hall. Both girls began to slowly walk towards the chamber. Madlax noticed a few old paintings hanging on the concrete walls. While walking the sandy blonde turned her head to Nadie and in a poignant voice said. "Do you think I'll find anything ... or do you think this is a dead end -if we don't find anything then we are back at square one." -"You have to be more optimistic Madlax ... and even if you don't find anything, it doesn't mean this trip is worthless. We can still enjoy this trip even if we don't find information on the books whereabouts." Nadie's voice sounded reassuring, making the sandy blonde feel a bit better. Madlax stopped for a moment, and then raised her phone to light the entire chamber before her. The chamber looked as if someone cleaned it everyday, there were no weeds and not a spec of dust. The chamber resembled the inside of a European cathedral; walls were painted with angels and burned out candles stood in golden placers. Madlax noticed a rather familiar corner at the very end of the chamber; some strange icons were positioned right on the wall, each had a picture of a woman clad in either a black or white clergy like robe with expensive gemstones as buttons. The sandy blonde moved the light closer to the icon, reviling the painted woman's face. Stunned could not describe what Madlax felt when she realized who the woman in the picture is, "It's me ... that woman is me." Madlax heard herself say as she comprehended her thoughts. Nadie walked over and looked down at the icons. The crimson haired girls jaw dropped at the sight, and she stammered. "Why... why are you in all of those paintings? All of them are over 300 years old ... except for the last one -it reads, "April 14 1839." Madlax read the dates signed at the bottom of each icon; next she gazed up into Nadie's eyes and said. "Each one marks a different century and I'm depicted in different settings, also my appearance changes a bit in each and every one. I think they might mean something, they must have been painted for a reason." Next Madlax picked up the one from 1839 and gazed over it in detail. The painting showed a

burning village in the middle of a lush jungle, a woman clad in a white dress stood observing the whole ordeal on top of the tallest tree with two gold swords crossing into an x. Madlax moved her face closer to the painting, noting a frown on the woman's lips and what looked like a tear dropping onto the burning village below. A sudden flash appeared in Madlax's mind, the picture came to life for a moment and she could feel herself as if she was the woman in the painting. "Madlax are you okay!" Nadie nudged the sandy blonde on the shoulder, getting her back to reality. A few moments later Madlax looked around the chamber, noticed something lying on a frame and picked it up. "This ... is this page from the book? I feel something pouring on to me when I hold it, it feels so nostalgic." Madlax gazed over the paper; the text was in strange characters she couldn't read. Nadie glanced over Madlax's shoulder, seeing the strange paper. "Madlax what is that?" -"It's a page from the book ... the page the organization owned... my page -this is how they had control over me, with this mere page." The sandy blonde's voice was sobering as she responded. "I will keep this safe ... until I find the book and put it back." Madlax carefully rolled up the sheet of paper and placed it in her jacket. A quit sound of footsteps came from the hall, growing louder as they neared. Nadie grabbed the sandy blonde and rolled her down bellow a small wooden table then placed a finger before her lips and whispered. "Don't make a sound, there is someone coming ... be ready to fight." The sandy blonde slowed her breathing, as the figure entered the dark chamber. "Meow... meow." Nadie's eyes grew wide in relief and her lips formed into a smile as she realized that a cat was the figure. "It's only a cat." Nadie stated in relief as she stood up and neared the little figure at the entrance to the chamber. She bent down, reached an arm out and began to brush the cat's fur. Nadie tilted her head to Madlax and yelled. "You can come out now it's just a cat -not a member of the high council clergy!" Madlax however didn't move a muscle as she noticed a larger shadow creep into the chamber. The shadow made its way behind Nadie then stopped 10 inches from the girl. Madlax gasped as she saw a weapon in the figures hand -it was a fully loaded gun aimed straight at the back of Nadie's head. The figures index finger began to slowly slide to release the trigger. "Bang!" The gun fired a bullet. Nadie soared up at the deafening noise and landed next to Madlax, who was standing motionlessly with both arms holding something in place. The sandy blonde had somehow managed to practically teleport from under the table to where the figure was standing with a gun clutched between his fingers and move his arm away from Nadie's head just as he pulled the trigger. Madlax snatched the gun away almost instantly after it fired and caught the figure in a dark cloak defenseless. "Don't move or I'll shoot you." Madlax whispered to the man in a cloak. The man complied. Nadie was still unaware of what happened exactly but she was sure that the sandy blonde had saved her from the man in a cloak. "Madlax is he a member of the high council clergy?" -"I'd guess so but lets ask." Madlax tilted her head to face the man, then softly asked. "Are you with the high council?" The man didn't respond but kept starring at Madlax. "Are you not going to answer me?" Madlax asked whilst pointing the gun straight at the man's forehead. The man rose his hands up in surrender, then slowly walked over to the icons placed in the far corner of the room. Picking up an icon from 160 years ago, he said. "This is you Madlax. It happened on the same day it was painted -April 14 1839. I remember sending you on that mission ... to burn down those villages, I also remember assigning you as, what's her name ... Vanessa Rene's bodyguard. And to answer your question, yes I was part of the organization but I quit 160 years ago. I will not harm you or your friend -I thought you were some trespassers, that's why I almost shot her."

The ex-high council clergy member led Madlax and Nadie into the dining room and served both girls fresh hot coffee. He refused to introduce himself but agreed to tell Madlax all he knew about the book. Nadie set across from Madlax and the man clad in a cloak set at the end of the 7 feet long wooden table. Madlax had too many questions and this man had the answers -he assigned her as Vanessa's bodyguard so he was sure to know where she was ... or at least who she was. Madlax brought out the page from the book and placed it on the table, then asked. "Is this from the book? Is it the page you used to control me?" The man honestly answered. "Yes it's the only page that the organization has ever seen, and it is what gave us control over you Madlax -Gods-hand." The sandy blonde brought the page closer to her face, and asked. "Why does it not have control over me now ... and can you read what it says?" -"I don't know the answer to your first question, however it might have something to do with your memories. And the only thing I could find a translation to is the title, "MADLAX." The sandy blonde rolled the page back up and placed it in her jacket, gazed up and asked the biggest question plaguing her mind. "Tell me all you know regarding Vanessa Rene!" The man took a sip of his coffee, looking strangely at Madlax, wiped his mouth off and responded. "I'm surprised that something such as this concerns you. I don't know anything about the woman... except that she came to Sonika from London. There is an estate in London that belongs to her, but she's long dead by now so why does this interest you?" -"She's not dead because she's immortal -like me. I need to find her because I love her!" Madlax responded with determination in her voice. The man didn't question her intents but just nodded in response, and then brought out a pen and paper, quickly jutting down the precise coordinates of the Rene estate. He clicked the pen, placed it back in his pocket and handed Madlax the small sheet of paper with all the information he had on Vanessa written on it. "Before you leave for London, you should know the organizations current headquarters is located there ... be careful Madlax. I have heard rumors from creditable sources tell me that the organization knows you're alive, and they are searching for you." -"I'll follow your advice... oh and thank you for the information." Madlax stood up from her chair, walked over to Nadie and helped the girl up as well. She waved a hang at the man holding a coffee cup, and walked out trough the front doors with Nadie trailing close behind.

Madlax took the drivers seat and Nadie took the passengers seat, Madlax was pretty sure she was the safer driver of the two. "Are you ready to leave France and go to London?" Madlax eagerly asked. Nadie felt a sudden flow of emotions repressed from the stormy night spent in the elevator wash over her. "We are in France, the country of romance and love ... and we haven't even done one romantic thing together this whole damn time. Madlax I'm not letting you leave this place till you take me out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in all of Paris." Nadie looked around, noticing the car was already moving at full speed, she turned to Madlax in full resolve and stated demandingly. "Before we even think about leaving, we'll go to the finest restaurant in Paris and spend a memorable day together ... how about tomorrow?" -"Sure then it's a date." Madlax replied teasingly. Nadie pondered for a split second. "What should my relationship be with you ... a friendship, companionship or a love? Madlax I wish I knew how you feel about me, I wish I knew what I feel for you." The sandy blonde's thoughts were impeccably similar to Nadie's, she also wasn't sure of the cause of her earlier desires for Nadie. When she just met the girl she felt a strong attraction to her but as she got to know Nadie the attraction seemed to fade, but only to return during the sensual dance the two shared. "There is something about you Nadie. I can't put my finger on it but there's a certain kind of chemistry I feel when I get to close

to you, to your body. If you try it again I'm not sure I'll resist you. And I know you'll try it again, Nadie I cant wait till tomorrow's dinner. Vanessa forgive me." Madlax cleared the thoughts from her mind -she had all the time in the world to pounder on it and now was a time to enjoy the drive and focus on the road ahead.

Vanessa Rene: on mountain hike hear Mexico City

A sea of yellow puppies' spanned trough the desert lands surrounding a valley of mountains. The time was early morning and Vanessa planned on hiking trough the entire mountain valley before sunset. She got the job as a waitress at Le Cirque to earn some money for her travels, and when she had quit Vanessa's life became that of an adventurer -after the time spent with Madlax 160 years ago, she kept her promise of running away from all that she disliked, to be her own person. There was a small Mexican village in the mountain valley that she planned on visiting. Vanessa slammed her car door shut, threw a backpack over her left shoulder then proceeded off the road and towards the wild flower valley before the mountains. A thought came over Vanessa's mind as she stepped on to the flower grounds. "This reminds me of you Madlax. I remember you taking me to a valley similar to this one in Sonika." Vanessa felt a strong northern breeze caress her skin, she enjoyed this abundance of nature, the winds, the lush variety of plants and all else Mother Nature had to offer. She kneeled down, reached out her right hand and carefully cleaved down the most radiant yellow flower in sight. Vanessa carefully placed the flower in her hair then stood up and began to walk trough the high grasses. She had never forgotten Madlax and her love for the girl had stayed in her heart. Vanessa couldn't let go of Madlax no matter how hard she tried; the girl disappeared into a book right before her eyes, yet Vanessa had hope that one day Madlax would somehow return.

A young woman set beneath a small tree, reading a book. The woman had long sandy blonde hair and a tall figure. Vanessa ran up closer to see what the woman was reading, with utter hope that by some miracle the woman would be Madlax. She neared the tree, and then crunched down to see the woman's face. "Hello my name is Vanessa Rene; it's a pleasure to meet you." Vanessa smiled as she reached out her right hand. The woman firmly shook it and looked up from her book. Vanessa noticed the woman's bright forest green eyes and a strangely familiar smile. The young woman let go of Vanessa's hand and softly said. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, and I'm Clare." Vanessa's hopes were instantly dashed as she realized that this girl was just similar in appearance with Madlax -nothing more. Clare was dressed in clothes similar to what a hiker would ware, so Vanessa figured Clare was here on a hike. Vanessa took a seat right next to Clare and looked over the colorful cover of the book the Madlax look-alike was reading. The young woman tilted her head to face Vanessa and invited. "If you are going to hike that mountain then maybe we could team up ... what do you say Vanessa?" Vanessa took a tress of her Burgundy brown hair, untangled it with her fingers and threw it back then looked at Clare and excitedly said. "I would be honored to go hiking with you ... but I've got to warn you, I'm quite experienced in

mountain hiking so if you can't keep up I'll go on without you." -"It's a deal." Clare responded as she picked herself up and stretched. Vanessa stood up as well and gazed at the tallest mountain in the valley. Vanessa spoke in a daring voice "Clare how about we hike the tallest one first, unless you can't handle it..." -"I can handle it ... and that sounds great!"

Both women began to ascend up the jagged mountain. Vanessa took the lead and chose the hiking trail they needed to take. The trail went all the way up the tall desert mountain. There were a few zigzags they'd have to make at the top, but the longest part of the rocky path was ascending straight up. Vanessa noticed a few steep rocks up ahead, stopped and turned around to face Clare. Something in Vanessa's heart went throbbing as she took a better look at Clare, who stood with the sun shining right on to her and making it appear as if Clare had a golden aura. Clare's eyes were those of Madlax, Clare's face was that of Madlax -if Vanessa didn't know better she'd say, Clare is Madlax. The sandy blonde swung her glossy shoulder length hair back, and then brushed her bangs out of her face. Vanessa was still standing as still as a rock, gawking at the girl who was an exact copy of Madlax, all that was different was the hair style -there weren't two bangs sticking up. Quickly, Vanessa turned around and looked over the path ahead of her then a thought hit her. "This girl is the only person I've seen in a long time who reminds of her ... who's making me feel like I'm with her. I have to find a way to spend more time with her." Vanessa made a slight turn and began to ascend up a different path, a longer one where she was sure to get lost and take longer to reach the small Mexican village between the mountains. Rocks began to grow larger and wild plants became more abundant as Vanessa and Clare climbed the wrong path. Vanessa's plan was to climb the mountain till sunset, and then propose to stay at the village for the rest of night with Clare -that way she could really get to know the sandy blonde. Now the steepness was increasing and both women had to try hard not to fall and tumble off the mountain. Clare neared Vanessa's right side as she plunged a small hammer into the hard boulder below her. Clare glimpsed at Vanessa then back to the rocks below her and softly dared. "Do you want to race Vanessa? To see who can reach the top first." Vanessa was surprised by Clare's obviously completion like mindset. Madlax had never seemed the type to compete in anything, she was just too good but Clare on the other hand enjoyed the prospect of competition. "I guess she isn't you Madlax but I can't be sure now can I, after all -it has been 160 years since you disappeared from me." Vanessa answered the sandy blonde with determination flowing trough her melodic voice. "I would love to, but how about we make a small wager ... if you reach the top first then I'll have to carry you all of the way down, but if I reach it first then you'll have to do a little favor for me. How does that sound, is it a deal?" The sandy blonde appeared as if she was lost in her thoughts, she pressed a finger to her lips, smiled and replied. "I like those conditions but aren't you goanna tell me what that little favor is?" Vanessa brushed a hand trough her hair then replied with a hint of mystery in her voice. "Well it's a secret so I guess you'll have to find out when you loose." Vanessa winked then turned her head back to the surface she was climbing on. Vanessa knew that she'd get what she wants either way -she wouldn't mind carrying a girl so similar to Madlax in her arms. Both girls backed their feet up a bit, took in a few deep breathes and positioned themselves for the long climb ahead. Vanessa took the lead hammering at the rocks and moving at a steady phase. She noted that Clare was exceptionally good at her climbing, but Vanessa wouldn't back down unless it was necessary. The rocks up ahead were sharper then the rocks from before, and Vanessa carefully avoided their edges as she gripped on to them. When she was sure that Clare was far enough behind, Vanessa glanced down

for a second, not seeing anyone below her. A surge of fear ran through Vanessa's spine as she thought of the worst things that could have happened to the competitive sandy blonde. Then a loud shout from above rattled her. "Vanessa why are you stopping ... did you give up already?" Vanessa looked up and noticed the sandy blonde holding on to a rock 10ft ahead of her. Vanessa sighed in relief, grabbed a second hammer out of her bag and proceeded upward -this time faster then before. Clare saw that Vanessa was nearing her at an exhilarating speed and began to climb as well. Both women where half way up the mountain and already tired of their non-stop climbing. Vanessa stopped for a moment to catch her breath at the same time as Clare stopped to catch hers. Both where tied on their climb, but neither wanted to lose -or at least not Clare. Just as Vanessa pulled out a miniature sized water bottle and took a drink, Clare grabbed on to both hammers and proceeded to climb ahead. "Hey that's cheating you know!" Vanessa yelled, choking on her water in the process. Clare let out a soft chuckle as she created more distance between herself and the naive Vanessa. A moment later both women felt a strong vibration surge trough the entire of the mountain. Vanessa looked up to where Clare was, and noticed that the girl was hanging on with one hand, to a cracking rock. "Clare!" Vanessa yelled as she realized the rock would fall with the girl if she didn't let go in time. "Clare let go, I'll catch you ... or you'll die!" The sandy blonde's fingers began to slip as she tried to regain a better hold of the sharp rock above her. Clare made up her mind and let go of the rock, trusting Vanessa's word. Vanessa quickly pulled a rope out of her backpack and threw the sharp edge straight into a rock, next she tied the rope to her waist and let go of the rock she was currently holding on to. Vanessa, pushed off the mountain, caught the sandy blonde by the hand, and pulled the girl up into her arms. Clare's face was still with fear, yet she seemed somewhat relieved. "Are ... are you okay?" Vanessa asked concerned, as she tried to swing the rope back to where she could get a hold of the mountain. Clare's arms tightened around Vanessa's waist and she nodded in response to Vanessa's question. The rope swung back and forth a few times before Vanessa caught hold of a rock with her bare arm. Vanessa undid the rope right as she neared the flat surface of a rock. Both women plunged hard on to the solid surface, feeling the pain in their backs and small scratches on their arms and legs. Clare lay on top of Vanessa with a small yet sincere smile planted across her face and sparkling eyes. Vanessa's eyes were shut as she felt the girl's body on top of her own. Clare moved her face closer to Vanessa's right ear and whispered. "Thank you for saving me ... you are the winner of that competition, so whatever your little request was is now doubled, I owe you two favors miss Vanessa." Vanessa slowly opened her eyelids and peered at the girl above her, and then said. "Oh but are you sure you should owe me so many favors, after all you don't know what they are -they could be anything." A smirk grew across Vanessa's face as she thought of what she'd like the favors to be, but Clare's words interrupted her. "That's fine Vanessa, I'm sure you'll be kind with your favors and ask me to do something favorable -I trust you. Oh and by the way... could you let me grant a special favor just for you? I don't think we'll make it back by sunset so how about we stay at the small village tonight?" Everything went just as Vanessa had hoped -Clare had offered to stay at the village and Vanessa even became a hero to the sandy blonde. Vanessa smiled and agreed with all of Clare's suggestions. Both women got up, brushed the red sand off of their clothes and began to slowly ascend up the mountain -side by side with content smiles paved on their faces.

Bottom of Mountain: Arriving at the small Mexican village

Clare was right, the sun did set before she and Vanessa made it down the mountain. Both women got lost in the small forest of long dead trees on their way to the village however Vanessa knew the approximate location of the small Mexican village and led the way. They heard howls coming from all directions and Clare asked Vanessa if she could hold on to the woman's arm -she said yes. Vanessa didn't fear the coyotes, for she knew they wouldn't hurt people unless they were startled, however she didn't say that to Clare since she liked the feel of the girl's arms wrapped around hers. Idea's filled Vanessa's mind and she couldn't control them, the thoughts of seducing the girl who looked exactly like Madlax kept persisting her. Vanessa felt a desire to wrap her arms around the sandy blonde and kiss her there and then, but she refrained from it. "If I do something impulsive now ... I won't have a chance to do something better later. If I can find a way to..." Vanessa cleared her thoughts and kept walking straight, until she noticed a bright yellow light coming from her far right. She tapped Clare on the shoulder and the girl looked up at Vanessa. "Look to your right, that's the village." Clare complied and looked to where Vanessa was pointing her index finger.

As the two neared the wooden village gates they noticed a small dog sitting in a bush, it had white spots over a black coat. Clare ran up to the puppy and picked it up then carried it to where Vanessa was standing. "Can we keep him?" Clare said whilst trying to look as cute as she could. Vanessa's eyes grew wide as she replied. "You can keep him ... but what do you mean by, we?" Clare's cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she replied. "Oh I'm sorry for saying that ... it's just that for a moment I forgot that I met you just 12 hours ago. After everything I feel like I've known you for ages." -"I feel the same." Vanessa replied with sincerity in every syllable of her words. The women walked trough the gates and saw what looked like a festival. People were dancing around in costumes, animals were running throughout the small stage in the middle of the village, and everything was decorated with colorful designs from ancient legends. Vanessa was in awe of the sheer beauty of this place, she had planned to go here for the festival however she didn't expect it to be this enhancing. Vanessa turned to face Clare, but noticed the girl wasn't there. "Clare where are you ... where did you go!" Vanessa Yelled at the top of her lungs, panicking over the girl's absence. She made her way trough the crowds in search of the sandy blonde who had ditched her. "Clare why did you leave me ... you didn't grant me those favors you promised yet you left. That's not fair at all." She was now standing right below the tall stage. A loud microphone screech startled her and she looked up to see the source of the screech. A woman stood on top of the stage, dressed in a short white dress with her hair tied back into a ponytail. "Clare... what are you doing up there?" Vanessa thought as she realized the woman on stage was Clare. The woman clad in a white dress smiled into the microphone, then softly said. "I'm honored to be here tonight and I can't wait to sing the songs from my new album, but before I began I'd like to mention a very special person I've met a short while ago. Vanessa Rene is a woman who saved my life today and she's the inspiration to a song I've written tonight. I'd like to sing a song devoted especially to Vanessa Rene ... I hope you enjoy it Vanessa... because this is for you!" Clare removed the microphone from the stand, walked over to the edge of the stage and reached her right arm out to a woman in the audience -Vanessa. Vanessa took the girl's arm and hopped on the stage, feeling a wave of both, pleasant surprise and embarrassment.

Clare tilted her head to face Vanessa, handed Vanessa a second microphone, covered the microphone and whispered. "Vanessa when you see those quos on the monitor screen light up ... sing, yume kara samete mo kono te wo nobasu yo, don't worry about it but just do it." Clare stepped back from Vanessa and began to sing.

Awakening from dream,
it extends this hand ...

To call with the same strength
If it is to be accustomed to heart
With scar of no human amount
I catch

Already, the air does even a little, it is
The dawn when this wall deteriorates

From dream awakening,
to the dream which you do not see yet I et. al being one person,
only it continues to run, it is the rolling which is being perplexed,
my gravitation which it creates once upon a time to you

It was let flow to loneliness and/or lie although
hid made a mistake with lie and/or and/or
many degrees and "loving lastly"

When seeing dusk of the expectation
which grows tired so it is clean, it cried

Jumping in the reset button with intention of goal,
I et. al turning the same place round and round,
the ru it is once upon a time with the spirit
leaving which is you who exceed the gravitation of yesterday

Clare stopped and let the violinist play on whilst gazing at the woman she devoted the song to. Vanessa felt a strange sentiment of familiarity with Clare's voice and the song itself. "Clare's voice is so similar to Madlax's when she sings ... and the song -Madlax wrote the same song for me 160 years ago ... she sung it to me with only a violin as her instrument and I did the chorus. Clare is Madlax, she has to be." The music picked up and Clare started to sing again. Vanessa gazed at the monitor and also sang in full familiarity with the song and her quos.

I encounter you
Awakening from dream,
I et. al making connection dream,
without being disgusted in someone whom
you do not see yet it extends this hand,
in you where the gravitation where heart and
the body which it is are and are not enough search love reaches

Awakening from dream, it extends this hand ...

Vanessa watched Clare resonate the last part of the song, then ran up to the girl and hugged her for all she was worth, not caring about anything but the current moment. The crowds cheered and clapped as the music stopped playing. Vanessa let go of Clare and began to walk off the stage, but the sandy blonde's arm caught her and restricted her from leaving. "Vanessa what did you think of that song ... did you like it?" Clare asked with a mellow smile planted across her gorgeous face."I loved it and it felt Nostalgic singing and hearing you sing it. Thank you for this second favor." Clare lowered her microphone so no one could here her whisper "Vanessa wait for me inside the small inn at the far edge of the village, and just so you know this wasn't the second favor." Clare's words made Vanessa's heart flutter more then ever before. Vanessa nodded that she understood the sandy blonde's request, placed down the second microphone, stepped off the stage and dashed to the inn Clare mentioned.

An old couple greeted Vanessa at the inn and led her inside a clean room with two fresh beds ready for her and Clare. Vanessa took a seat on the bed placed against a white wall with a round window. A thought crossed Vanessa's mind as she placed her bag down whilst reaching out a towel. "If she's Madlax then does she remember me? The song I'm sure is the same one as the one Madlax wrote, she looks and sounds exactly like Madlax ... so does that mean she is Madlax?" Vanessa felt a strange confusion ... she had expected Madlax to be the way she was 160 years ago yet this girl wasn't. There was only one way for Vanessa to know if the girl was Madlax or not -to ask her if she's immortal or not, but of course much more subtly. Vanessa softly placed her head down on a pillow, stretched her arms and legs out and gazed up trough the round window, remembering how she ended up traveling to Sonika -where she eventually met Madlax 160 years ago. "Elian if I would have known your true intentions, I would have never agreed to go on that trip however, then I would never have met Madlax nor would I be alive today."

Vanessa's memory: Elian's invite to Sonika -160 years ago.

Vanessa set on a long rectangular window frame admiring the view of the busy city streets of 19th century London. She noticed a few carriages parked outside the mansions tall black bard gates. "This is truly a useless way of life ... to be sheltered or rather imprisoned in this mansion; I want to travel the world, to be an adventurer." Vanessa brought up her right hand then drew a circle on the window; next she drew a small house in the circle and a large forest across from it. "I want to go from this tiny little

house to the lush forest ... I need to runaway from this restricting Victorian society -but how?" A loud noise from across the hall of her main suit rattled Vanessa; she jumped up from the window frame and landed on the wooden floor then ran into the hall to see what made the loud sound.

A young man in his early 20s stood in the main living area, dressed in a brown casual suit with a tie and pocket watch hanging from his attire. Vanessa instantly recognized the young man -he was Elian Santamiere, the well brought up gentleman from France. She had only met him twice before but she knew him like a book. Elian Santamiere was an arrogant, self absorbed, egotistical man who spoke of his great accomplishments in the High Council Clergy organization both times she met with him. Vanessa wasn't fond of the man but she had to admit, it was more fun with him around. Her Mother and Father both died when Vanessa was only 7, and since she was their only child the mansion and all of her Fathers wealth fell on to her -along with the responsibilities. Planned-out, was the only way Vanessa could describe her life, she had no excitement and most of the time she spent studying with the finest tutors in all of London. Vanessa never had a choice on leaving the mansion and her fortune behind to go out into the world -but that was about to change.

A steward bowed to Elian and helped the young man remove his jacket. Elian approached the long circular table planted in the far end of the room, pushed out a chair, took a seat and motioned for Vanessa to do the same. Vanessa thought this visit to me rather odd, it wasn't expected and he wasn't bragging -yet. "So what brings you here today Elian?" His lips formed into a smirk as he replied. "I'm here to visit an old friend ... you Vanessa." -"Though would you mind telling me why you came?" Elian made a silly frown then said. "I see you're displeased to see me ... no matter, I think you'll be interested in my proposal..." -"Have you come to ask my hand in marriage?" Elian laughed at Vanessa's inquiring. "No not that kind of proposal, its one you'd actually accept. Vanessa Rene what do you say about going on a quest to find a rare book?" Vanessa's eyes grew wide in astonishment and a glow of hope sprouted its seeds in her. She answered Elian with outmost excitement. "I say yes if you don't accompany me ... and if the quest is trough an interesting wild land not yet explored." -"Well that's good! that means your going to Sonika. Oh and Vanessa you'll be leaving next week. I arranged for a carriage to pick you up." Vanessa's face showed more emotion now then it had with her entire life combined. She soared out of her chair like a child and rushed trough the hall to her room. A wooden dresser at the left of the room caught her eye; she dashed to it and opened it. There were scores of old dresses covered in spider webs -her mother's dresses. Vanessa dug trough the spider webs, throwing all the piled dresses to the floor. Soon there were none left but a large leather backpack at the very bottom of the dresser. Vanessa picked it up realizing it was rather heavy and swung it over one shoulder then turned around and saw Elian in the doorway with a smile paved on his face. "So I'm leaving next week ... but how am I going to get away from here unnoticed?" Elian walked trough the doorway and replied with certain secrecy in his voice. "Don't you worry about that Vanessa ... you'll easily be able to leave this place if you... pretend to be my Fiancé, then they'll surely let you leave. I guess in a way I am asking your hand in marriage, what irony." Vanessa wasn't sure on how to react, she wanted to see the world, to travel but she never once wanted to be a wife -especially his wife. Vanessa gulped down her astonishment and asked in the most serious tone she could muster. "Elian I will not marry you -and you won't get my fathers fortune, I'm not gullible enough to let you twiddle with neither me nor my father's riches! Now tell me Elian is that your plan, are you trying to find a reason to marry me for the money?" - Elian leaned against the door and stated. "No Vanessa I would never think you to be such a fool. And I said pretend to be engaged nothing more or less. You won't actually be my Fiancé Vanessa, you'll only pretend so that you can get out of this country, and then you'll be free to explore wild lands not yet roamed by men -no strings attached." Vanessa still had her doubts with the young man's plan but agreed with his plan nevertheless. She let Elian take his leave and fervently waited for next week to come around.

Vanessa at the inn: present

A knock on the door rattled Vanessa; she soared out of bed and ran into the main room. The old lady with long gray hair and wrinkles that made her look like she was well over 80 twisted the door knob and opened the door. Clare stood panting in the doorway with a smile forming on her beautiful face as she become aware of Vanessa's presence. The sandy blonde walked trough the door and made herself comfortable on an old couch facing a black & white television set. The old lady shut the main door, walked into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner for the two young women. A moment later Clare moved to the edge of the couch then motioned for Vanessa to take a seat next to her on the old couch. Vanessa smiled and happily complied. There were many questions streaming trough Vanessa's mind as she gazed at the beautiful singer who was almost certainly her lost love or the reincarnation of her. Vanessa sat barely an inch from the sandy blonde and had an urge to kill the space between herself and Clare but resisted. Before Vanessa could back away, Clare threw her arm around Vanessa's back, leaned into the couch then softly whispered. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the concert ... I wanted to surprise you and it made me happy that you didn't know who I was...." Vanessa wasn't certain of what the girl was talking about and why she was sorry. Vanessa slightly tilted her head to see the girl's forest green eyes and asked. "Why are you sorry ... and what do you mean, I don't know who you are?" -"I'm a singer and quite famous in the states and England. I came here to get away from the fame ... I met you and well I enjoyed the time we spent together Vanessa. You were kind to me not because of my fame but because of something far more sincere." Vanessa didn't know what to say to the girl. Clare cleared her trout and continued. "Would you like to listen to some of my albums?" -"I'd love to hear you sing again." Vanessa replied in the most angelic speaking voice ever created. Clare dug into her pocket, brought out an extremely small green iPod then she placed one earphone in her ear and the other in Vanessa's. "I want you to listen to my favorite songs with me and tell me your honest opinion on them."

While Clare and Vanessa listened to the songs, the old inn keeper lady prepared dishes in the dining room and set up the table for dinner. A few minutes later the old woman walked back in the main living area and noticed the two young women sitting on the coach and listening to music in front of the TV set. She walked over to the couch, looked down at the two women sitting exceptionally close to one another, cleared her trout then spoke. "Dinner is ready and both of you are welcome to it!" Both Clare and Vanessa soared up at the same time, turned then smiled at each other, and then dashed inside the dining room as if racing.

A large pot of roast beef stood on a clean but overused stove, the aroma from the food smelled like all the best spices combined. Vanessa realized she was drooling at the tasty food and quickly wiped her mouth off before Clare could notice her improper behavior. Vanessa pulled a wooden chair out, set down and watched as Clare took her seat next to her. "Wow this food smells as good as Madlax's cooking ... I wonder if Clare can cook -maybe that should be one of her favors." Soon the beef was prepared and placed inside of traditional Mexican plates that would be served to all four people and the little spotted puppy Clare found at the entrance to the village. Vanessa licked her lips as she saw her food being placed before her. Clare appeared to be starring at her dish when Vanessa seized a quick glimpse of her. This made Vanessa curious on weather or not Clare was romantically interested in her, when Vanessa looked out of the corners of her eyes she noticed the sandy blonde's forest green orbs fixating on her but when she turned her head straight at the girl, Clare quickly averted her attention to her plate of roast beef. "This is odd; people only avert their eyes like that when they're extremely attracted to that person, so does this mean Clare is -attracted to me? Come to think of it the song she

sang for me was rather romantic. Hmm I wonder if there's a way to get her to admit she wants me..." Vanessa thought as she cut a slice of her food off. Tonight she would spend an entire 12 hour night with the beautiful sandy blonde, in separate beds but still in the same room. Vanessa's food was already eaten up, after only 5 minutes, in the past she would eat slowly and saver the taste of her food but since meeting Madlax and tasting her cooking other foods would pale in comparison. Full, Vanessa stood up from the table, thanked the gray haired old lady for the delicious food and hurried off to her and Clare's room. Vanessa felt uncomfortable with the fact that there wasn't an indoor shower however a private outdoor spring did arouse a certain kind of sentiment she couldn't name. Slowly Vanessa grabbed a white towel off her bed and proceeded outback to the natural spring, however a warm hand fell upon her shoulder and she turned around. Clare stood behind Vanessa with a towel in her left hand and a bar of soap clutched between her fingers, she took a hold of Vanessa's arm, and let the woman lead her to the spring outback without saying a word.

The spring was as round as a circle and the size of 20 Jacuzzis. Desert sands filled the surroundings with a few cactuses a safe distance away. Vanessa swung her Burgundy brown hair back a bit, next reached her arms up pulling the pink shirt she was currently wearing off completely in one swift move. Next Vanessa pulled her shorts off, threw them down hard into the sand and walked closer to the water with her fingers undoing the bra as she swung her thighs. The revealing bra however wasn't budging and she couldn't take it off -by herself. Vanessa deliberately tilted her head ever so slightly to face the girl who was gawking and practically drooling like an idiot behind her, and in a sensual tone whispered to Clare. "I can't undo my bra, so Clare you help me untangle the binding." Just as Vanessa had wanted, the naïve sandy blonde walked behind her and placed both hands on the back of her bra. Vanessa felt the girl's body trembling as she carefully undid the bra and let it fall to the red-hot desert surface. Clare asked in a soft yet rattled voice. "Is this okay?" Vanessa twirled around at an incredible rate, with Clare's arms still touching her soft body as she turned. Now Vanessa was facing the flabbergasted sandy blonde whose eyes were as wide as two seas. Clare's mouth practically dropped as she observed Vanessa's perfectly shaped breasts, she felt drool build up in her mouth and almost seep out. Vanessa only smiled to herself as she noticed how hungry the girl looked when she starred at her bare upper half. "So I was right ... she finds my body extremely delicious. This is good!" Vanessa thought as she tapped the preoccupied sandy blonde's shoulder to get the girl's attention. After she snapped out of her trance, Clare literally soared forward, dogging Vanessa's chest by mere centimeters and instead falling right into the clear blue water. Splashes dropped all over Vanessa and soon Clare found the gorgeous Burgundy haired woman swimming in the water next to her. Vanessa knew Clare was embarrassed to death by her behavior but it didn't stop Vanessa from playing on with her seduction. Ripples of clear blue formed trough the water as Vanessa's arms elegantly swayed trough it. "Clare aren't you going to take your clothes off?" Vanessa inquired in a curious tone. Clare's face was clearly visible in the blue luminescent moon light, and Vanessa could distinguish the girl's expression turn into a canvas painted with crimson apprehension. Clare didn't bother to answer Vanessa in words but instead showed action, she ripped the soaked clothes off there and then. Vanessa felt a quiver spiral down her spine and reflect in her entire body. "Wow her body is as beautiful as I've imagined it ... it's just like Madlax's nude form. The size of her breasts, her hips, her thighs ... oh god Clare you are Madlax, but how the hell do I know for sure?" Vanessa hesitated for a moment but managed to move herself to where Clare's naked form was making ripples throughout the spring. The water below Vanessa's waist felt strangely cold for a desert spring but she figured that it was because of how hot it was above the water. Vanessa took in a deep breath, dived under the sparkling water and swam to where she saw a pair of legs moving around. She reached both arms out, grabbed Clare's legs and pulled the girl to her, underwater. Both women tried their best not to laugh or panic as they saw each others naked forms wavering below the surface. Vanessa took hold both of Clare's hands, caressing them then, brought the girl closer and into a heartfelt

embrace. Clare reacted similarly, embracing Vanessa whilst still underwater and pushing the woman as close as the woman would let her. There were too many thoughts rushing in and out of both women's minds however one consideration prevailed -both felt an overwhelming desire to bring their mouths closer together. Vanessa closed her eyelids and pushed her ruby red lips passed the friendship barrier, Clare simultaneously did the same. A passion from deep within released itself from Vanessa's heart and pressed on to Clare's lips as a sentiment of its existence. Vanessa had sworn not to open her heart to anyone in this world but her Madlax, however this girl -she was sure was a reincarnation of Madlax and hence Vanessa's heart was opened again, releasing all its utter most desires in a torrent all at once. A strong push against Vanessa's lips almost made her breath in water. She wanted to prolong the kiss but not under the water. Both women ascended their heads out of the water, bodies still connected in an almost bone braking tight embrace. Vanessa breathed in and out hard, as if she'd run a day long marathon. A fear was building its way trough Vanessa's being as she pondered. "The kiss ... was it a one time thing for her, is she going to kiss me again -wait what am I thinking, I know she will let me do it again." Vanessa moved her face an inch apart from Clare's and breathlessly whispered in the most romantic tone attainable. "Kiss ... may I kiss you again?" Clare replied just as breathlessly. "Yes you may, but only if one of those favors I owe you involves a single bed and the two of us in it." Vanessa felt a surge of joy seep inside her heart; Clare had said something she was dying to hear constantly ever since she met her. Vanessa loosened the embrace to where she could respire without having to put in excessive effort, slightly opened her lips then fiercely crashed them into Clare's fully parted lush lips. Ecstasy couldn't describe what Vanessa experienced while kissing a woman who completed her in every way. Vanessa‘s body fell back unto the shallow end of the spring as Clare pushed her, secondly Clare crashed into the water over the latter's body and met lips with the woman again -this time deepening the kiss. Vanessa had no interest in stopping but something inside of her kept telling her to, the feel of this woman was just like that of Madlax yet there was a difference, "This girl, she's not immortal. The scratches from before, from the hike, I can feel them on her skin ... they would have healed if she was the Madlax I knew. Also this girl ages, she hasn't been around for 160 years or longer because she's not the woman who I thought her to be -she just looks and sounds like her, that's all." Even with those thoughts Vanessa still felt an urge to keep kissing the girl -to go further. She managed to control her desires, untangled her arms from the sandy blonde's back and instantly parted lips with the girl, leaving a colorless string like link between their lips. A few seconds passed by as Clare became aware of the fact that Vanessa had stopped the kiss , moved away, and was now drying herself off as if nothing happened. Unmistakably, Vanessa winked in a seductive manner then hurried off inside of the inn, making the sandy blonde more then eager to follow suite.

Clare opened the ragged door, slowly stepped inside, and then walked to where Vanessa lay in only a bath robe tied with a sash, on a small wooden bed positioned next to a wall. Clare heard Vanessa's voice, stopping her just as she was going to fall on to the woman's extra seductive body. "Don't ... before we take this any further you should know why I'm attracted to you!" Clare was confused by the woman's pleading statement so she set down on the edge of Vanessa's bed, looked the woman in the eyes and asked in just as pleading a tone. "What are you talking about?" -"I'm only attracted to you because you look and sound like my first love -not for you but for someone else, my love is with Madlax ... my first love." Clare felt her heart brake in two useless pieces of red, for Clare also felt an attraction to Vanessa for unknown reasons. She had never loved a single person in the entire of her life but the one woman in her dreams, a woman with long burgundy brown hair and the softest petite lips one could ever taste, a woman who was just like Vanessa Rene. Clare blinked a few times, feeling tears began to form in her forest green eyes then she said in a trembling voice. "Vanessa I'm also attracted to you for a similar reason. I had a dream every night from ever since I can remember, the dream had one woman in it, that woman looked exactly like you, her voice is your voice ... soothing and melodic." Vanessa's

expression became first unreadable, then indomitable in déjà vu. She took Clare's hand and brought it up to her clothed chest, caringly whispering. "I'm not a psychiatrist but what that sounds like is a memory of your mother from when you were a baby..." -"That could be true but I don't remember my mother or my father ... my uncle raised me and made me into a singer, that's pretty much my life." Clare responded in an almost inaudible mumble. Vanessa felt compassion for the girl, and soothingly whispered. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." A moment later Vanessa took Clare's hand into her own and began to retell her own life story. " I only knew my parents for 7 years ... they died from some disease, or at least that's what I was told as a child but the truth is my parents where murdered by an organization for disobeying their wishes. The one who murdered my parents ... I remember seeing that person vividly.

Vanessa's memory: 1821 London England

A sound of soft footsteps awakened me; I rubbed my eyes then slipped out of the large bed in my oversized room. I was always curious as a child so I couldn't resist finding out what had caused the noise. There was a crack between the door and doorway so I didn't have to pull up a chair to twist the door knob open. Slowly I made my way rough the long hallways of our mansion, concentrating to hear the barely audible footsteps nearing my parents' bedroom. Just as I was about to knock on their door and ask if they made the noise, the door crept open and I saw what looked like a person half dead and brutally tortured pressed against the other side of the white door. I couldn't make out facial features in only the moon light but I was sure that this was my father; his eyes were as blue as ever even when his body seemed to be dismantled his arms twisted and full of deep cuts. I called out "Daddy what happened to you, why are you bleeding, please stop bleeding, where's Mommy!" He let out a loud screech then coughed up a pool of fresh blood and fell to the hard wooden floor -right before my feet. I was frozen still in fear and shock as I saw his eyelids began to close and his pulse stop. A pool of blood lay below him, rushing closer to my feet, brushing against my white furry slippers. I didn't comprehend the situation. I dropped to my knees, put my hands over his shoulders, shaking him and screaming with tears streaming in torrents down my face. "Wake up Daddy, please wake up ... I'm scared." Accidently I slipped and turned his body over to where his back was against the floor. His stomach was slashed through completely; red and slippery; I saw his guts before my eyes. All I remember after that is turning my head to face the length of the room beyond the crimson soaked door and seeing my Mother's body peacefully lying on the silk sheeted king sized bed. My body soared up on autopilot and my legs dashed me to where my Mother peacefully lay as if sleeping. Before I could reach her a figure walked out from behind a curtain, kneeled down to me, reached out a slick blood soaked blade and pointed it at me, right between the eyes. I was too perplexed and horrified by what I've witnessed to make a slightest shudder; the figure with the knife pulled back, threw the tainted knife down and smiled at me in an eccentric way. I can't remember the murderers face but that smile I will never forget. It placed a finger softly against my lips, brushed a hand trough my hair, and then gently lifted me up into its arms and carried me past the door and out the room. I had wanted to scream my lungs out, to battle my way out of the murderers arms but something wouldn't let me, an unfamiliar comfort seeped trough me as I resided in its arms. The figure walked quietly trough the hall until it found my room, gently I was placed down into my bed and tucked all the way in. Before it left I heard a feminine whisper come from her mouth, she whispered. "I'm sorry child, you don't deserve any of this and I will not hurt you because I wasn't ordered to. I couldn't get anything out of your parents; they were too stubborn to tell me what they knew about the book. They have seen the book and rumor has it, they kept a page but now we'll never know." Back then I didn't know what she was talking about (later I found out). She stood up from my bed and walked towards the window, after a blink she was gone, and then somehow I fell fast asleep.

Next mooring I woke up thinking last night was only a horrid nightmare. To make sure I got up from my bed then looked down at my slippers -they were filth less white, no stains of crimson. I breathed a sigh of relief confirming that it was a nightmare -my slippers would have been soaked in blood if that tragedy really occurred. I however needed to be assured so I ran out of my room, trough the long hall and stopped at the door to my parents' room. My right hand slowly reached out to turn the door knob, I felt chills run down my spine and a fear reap its way trough my mind, I thought, "What if it was real ... what if my parents died before my eyes..." Before my hand could even clasp the knob, it swung open and 3 maids walked out with buckets of red died water and smears on their aprons. All of them acted as if I wasn't even there, walking passed without any proper greeting with disgusted looks upon their faces. I rushed passed them. A dustless room filled my view; it was as clean as a sanctuary -no signs of last nights struggle. I stepped beside the bed where my Mother lay motionless last night and glanced around, noticing a man in his late 40s dressed as a detective standing beside the curtain the woman appeared trough last night. I asked him what happened last night; he frowned at my inquiring, placed his large hand on my head, and motioned me out of my parents' room, saying. "One day you'll be enlightened by the truth but for your sake I hope that day never comes."

Vanessa & Clare: Present

Vanessa had told Clare her entire story but of course left out the fact that it happened 179 years ago. This was an important event in her life and it shaped a lot of it -she wouldn't be around today if this never happened, she wouldn't of met and fallen in love with Madlax were this to never have occurred. Vanessa realized this was the first time she's ever told anyone of that night, she only briefly mentioned it to Madlax but just as quickly changed the subject 160 years ago. Carefully, Vanessa observed Clare's reaction to her life story, she noted a sympathetic and soothing expression paved on Clare's face. Some minutes passed as both women lay together, not saying a word but enjoying their connection, their past's similarity.

By now Clare was in no mood to make love or play flirtatious games with the woman lying beside her. Vanessa's story felt as if it was real, like it was happening to Clare right there and then, she felt that she knew the murderer for some reason or maybe that she was. Clare didn't dare say it but she on multiple occasions had a dream where a little girl walked inside a blood soaked room and saw her standing there with a knife clutched in one hand and a page in the other -this dream always brought her to tears. Softly Clare brought her arms around Vanessa and tightened the woman into a heartfelt embrace. Vanessa was facing away from Clare and the sandy blonde faced Vanessa's back, brushing her face in the older woman's hair. Guilt and longing were all the sandy blonde felt for Vanessa. Before hearing the older woman's story, Clare thought Vanessa to be an attractive woman ideal for her in every way, she fell for Vanessa the moment she glanced up from her book and saw her gorgeous face. However after this her feelings changed dramatically, from desire and longing to a whole different kind of longing and overwhelming guilt plaguing her entire being. She still felt an overpowering attraction but somehow it became 10 times deeper in meaning.

Both women spent the night in each others arms. In the early morning Clare informed Vanessa she was staying at the village for the rest of this week and asked her to stay with her -Vanessa happily agreed.

Natalia, Ellis and Elian: Earlier that day at Mexican airport

Natalia prepared all of her dresses and packed them neatly into 8 separate suitcases the size of half a person. Ellis warned the mid-height blonde on several occasions that this was simply too much luggage for a private jet to carry yet Natalia didn't pay attention. When the two arrived at the Airport, Elian spotted them and greeted Natalia excitedly then gave Ellis a firm handshake. He noticed the staggering amount of luggage and all suitcases appearing as if they were about to burst, next looked Natalia straight in the eyes and frankly said. "You won't take all that with you, the plane isn't designed to hold that much weight." Natalia scowled at Elian, turned around, and began to walk. The man didn't bother calming her but instead chose on making conversation with Ellis. He said. "Well I'm betting you want to know who I am what I do and where I'm from ... so ask me anything and I'll try hard answering it." He looked at Ellis whilst walking passed the luggage check point, awaiting her response. All three stopped when the security guard caused Natalia to

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