Story: Perpetual existence & elapsed love (chapter 4)

Authors: Lena-Ann-Rene

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 remember

[Author's notes:

This might be confusing, but bear in mind that Éliane is Madlax, not an OC.

Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)

Elian is an OC however he's practically a clone of Carrossea Doon (MADLAX)


Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

A large skyscraper stood before Éliane and Nadie. The two had finally arrived at the Harington hotel. The sandy blonde parked her car inside of the hotels secure garages. The girls were exited about seeing their close friends but felt a certain anxiety at the same time. Éliane got out of the car walked over to the other side and gallantly opened the door for the lady, Nadie. The sandy blonde reached her well built right arm out to Nadie, and then asked "So do you know what we should tell them?" Nadie grabbed her arm, pulling herself up out of the car and kick slammed the door. "How about I tell Ellis that I'm helping the Esper-girls friend find her long lost love and a magical book you think I should tell her that tonight?" -"Well actually I would hold it off till tomorrow at the restaurant." The crimson haired girl nodded. The girls made their way passed endless rows of exotic cars that were far over Nadie's price range. Éliane ran up ahead towards the elevator, pressing the 10th floor button ahead of time so Nadie wouldn't have to wait for it. The elevator opened exactly on time, just as Nadie approached its doors. Éliane never liked elevator music; fortunately for her there wasn't any. The sandy blonde turned to face Nadie, still curious on why the girl decided to help find Vanessa and the book. "Nadie can you answer one honest question?" -"Umm... yeah sure, ask me!" Éliane formed the sincerest expression she could make then asked. "Nadie why do you want to travel alone with me, leaving Ellis behind...? Nadie's cheeks turned a slight pink yet she kept her composure steady. "I don't want Ellis to get caught up in this, I mean the whole high council clergy sounds dangerous and that's why I think she should stay with Natalia. Also you already know why I want to help ...because I want you to find the truth and Vanessa." Nadie's reasoning made perfect sense to the sandy blonde and she rested her suspicions. The elevator doors opened and an elegant view of the first-class floor filled the girl's eyes. Éliane took hold of her new companions arm "Nadie I'll show you to your new room." After a minute of walking the two were at the end of the hall, in front of Nadie's new room, "here we are Miss ...Bye." Éliane let go of Nadie and hurried off to her own room, across the hall.

Nadie's Room

A brisk sound of a turning door knob filled Ellis's ears. Before the adorable short blonde could even turn around, the door opened and a girl yelled "I'm home! Did you miss me Ellis?" Only one thought lingered in Ellis's mind, the thought of her arrogant kind hearted and Naïve bounty hunter friend's return. Ellis jumped right out of her fluffy chair, and made her way for the not expecting bounty hunter. Her arms swung around Nadie's neck, embracing the crimson haired girl tightly. "Nadie ...I'm so happy that your back. I missed you so much." Nadie was used to this emotional response, but the adorable blue eyed witch named Ellis could never get enough of being with her bounty hunter. Nadie smiled at Ellis, scooping her up and carrying the adorable girl she cared for to their king-sized bed. To Ellis the bed felt softer then before, now that Nadie was there with her. Ellis turned on her side to face the bounty hunter sitting across from her on the bed. "Nadie don't ever leave me again... promise that you won't..." -"I can't promise that I won't leave you, but I can promise that I'll come back." Nadie's voice was hindering her melancholy. The crimson haired girl had to tell Ellis that she was leaving again on the day after tomorrow and that she didn't know for how long. "I have to explain that I'm immortal don't I? How do I

explicate that a certain sandy blonde almost killed me, then saved me and made me immortal in the most erotic manner... I will prove it!" Nadie set up, looking firmly at the adorable short blonde on the other end of the bed. "Ellis I have a lot to say to you, but before I began you have to promise not to hurt Éliane... do you promise?" Ellis's face filled with ambiguity, the girl had no idea as to why Nadie would want her to pledge not to hurt the elegant sandy blonde, but she was about to find out . "Umm... Ok I promise not to hurt her!" Nadie heave a sigh, and then told Ellis of what had occurred the day before yesterday. First the crimson haired girl told Ellis of the fact that she was going on a quest with the sandy blonde, second she explained how she almost died and how Éliane saved her existence -she mentioned the extravagant details. It took 20 minutes to explain just half of everything, and at the moment Ellis's face was filled with concern and antagonism, she seemed like she wasn't going to keep her promise. Nadie noticed the expression on her friend's face, "Ellis it's alright -she didn't hurt me on purpose and she even made me undying... oh and did I mention that she offered me a very expensive gift -a Lamborghini." Ellis's expression didn't change one-bit. "Nadie you don't need another car." -"Well actually something happened to our car so I didn't have a choice but to except her present, but you know it won't be mine exactly because we will be sharing it." This made Ellis only sadder and Nadie noticed it. Nadie instantly knew that she had said something wrong, "Why is she so said... is it because of our car? Or maybe it's because I received Éliane's gift -she doesn't like Éliane." Ellis got off the bed and slowly approached the door, heading out of the hotel room with tears streaming down her soft cheeks. Nadie quickly jumped up, off of the bed and dashed towards the door, following Ellis. "Wait! Where are you going?" The two were both out of the room, Nadie sprinting behind Ellis. The crying adorable blonde didn't turn around but kept on walking till she reached Éliane's and Natalia's room. Ellis pointed to the hotel room's door. "This is where I'm going." Nadie had a lack of attention skills and didn't notice that she was chasing the adorable short blonde right to Éliane's room. "Ellis you promised not to do anything to her..." -"I'm not going to do anything to her, I'm here to stay with Natalia... no actually I'm here to get Natalia. So you can stay here with your precious Éliane!"

Éliane and Natalia's room

Éliane waved goodbye to Nadie and rushed off to her room. The sandy blonde grabbed the keys out of her pocket then quietly opened the wooden door. She was planning to tell Natalia about everything that happened between herself and Nadie tomorrow at the restaurant so she had hoped that Natalia was already asleep. As she tip-toed in, the lamp next to the right side of the bed switched on, Natalia was sitting up waiting for the sandy blonde's return. Éliane's lips turned into an artificial smile, and she immediately ran up to the bed then comfortably settled down next to Natalia at the side of the bed. "Hi Natalia, I missed you." Natalia smiled back at the sandy blonde seated at her left side, noticing the false serenity in Éliane's tone and expression. Natalia gazed in the sandy blondes eyes and sincerely said, "I missed you too Éliane ... So tell me where are we having dinner tomorrow evening?" -" L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon -an extremely fancy place with bal room dancing. You should ware the finest dress you have." Natalia's smile grew even wider, "Éliane guess what... I bought you the perfect dress for

tomorrow, it's in the closet so if you want... you can try it on in front of me. Sound good?" The sandy blonde just nodded, leaping off the bed and dashing into the walk-in closet. "Oh Natalia what does it look like?" -"It's at the end of the closet... long white and new!" The dress quickly caught Éliane's eye. It was extremely long and looked as if it was made of only white silk, a V-cut front and barely perceptible straps made up the upper half of the dress. The lower half appeared the most elegant, with long thin layers of silky clothe. "Wow she really knows me. The dress is perfect." Éliane softly lifted the dress off its hanger and gently took it out of the see-trough bag. The sandy blonde decided to change inside of the closet instead of stripping herself bare before the mid-height blonde. Natalia perceived that Éliane wasn't going to change in front of her. "Are you done yet Éliane?" The sandy blonde yelled back. "Almost... get ready to see the sexiest woman alive." -"I am ready to feast my eyes on...the self professed sexiest woman alive!" Natalia instantaneously became aware of what her response sounded reminiscent of. "That came out too damn sensually... I hope she didn't notice." A few moments later Éliane turned the lights in the closet off. Natalia's eyes focused on the tall lean figure of the sexy sandy blonde before her. Gorgeous could not describe the transcending attractiveness Éliane possessed, anyone with a since of sex-appeal would be drooling at just the sight of her. Natalia was no exception. Luckily for Natalia the lamp was dim and her desiring expression wasn't visible. The elegant sandy blonde slowly neared Natalia, walking like a runway model. "Does it look good?" -"Well ... yes, you look good!" Natalia used all of her self control to keep herself from saying something regrettable. A surge of fear went down the mid-height blonde's spine as she realized that the sexy woman in an elegant white dress was approaching her. "I brazenly want her to be this close to me but what if I... what if I do something deplorable." Natalia took in a burning hot deep breath deciding to control herself and do nothing more then engage in conversation. "I'll get my mind off her body if I just focus myself on a conversation about ... what happened yesterday. I should tell her about that waitress, Vanessa Rene. The flirting between me and Vanessa is got to be a good topic. Receiving the woman's phone number and Vanessa's fiancés name ironically being Elian ... They are all good topics yet this is hardly the time to chat about something that'll make me only think of desiring her body more -I'll just tell her the part about Vanessa's fiancés name." By the time Natalia stopped her pondering Éliane had already comfortably seated herself closely beside the mid-height blonde. Natalia opened her mouth and began to speak. "Hey would you like to hear something interesting?" -"Yeah, what's interesting?" "I met this waitress whose fiancé had a similar name to yours ... I believe his name was Elian and her name is V..."- A thunderous banging on the door stopped Natalia from continuing. Éliane looked up then quickly stood up and walked over to the wooden door. "Don't worry I'll get it so you can just rest." The sandy blonde reached up her right hand, unlocking the door and slowly turning the silver knob. Before she could even finish the door swung fully open. Ellis and Nadie were standing before her; Ellis's face was covered in tears.

Ellis walked right passed the elegant sandy blonde, ignoring her for all she's worth -a seemingly impossible task. Nadie just stood in the doorway, not daring to move. Ellis grabbed Natalia's hand and pulled her out of the bed, "We have to go! I'll explain everything when we get to my room -so don't ask any questions." Natalia was dumbstruck, and all she could do was nod her head. The two girls

walked off towards the door, hand in hand. Right before reaching the rectangular doorway Ellis stopped, facing Nadie Ellis firmly stated, "We'll be there -at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon tomorrow at 8:00! If you two have anything you want to say to us, save it for tomorrow. Well Good-night Nadie!" The adorable short blonde walked passed Nadie, with her face still drenched. Éliane wasn't sure of what happened but she fittingly guessed that it had to do with herself. The crimson haired girl sighed as she saw Ellis slam the door across the hall. After a few minutes Nadie walked inside of the dimly lit room, closing the wooden door behind her. Éliane leaned of the wall next to the closed door, moving in front of the crimson haired girl's way. Marveling with eye brows closely knitted, Éliane asked Nadie about what happened between her and Ellis. Nadie responded, "I told Ellis everything ... me becoming immortal, the car and that I'm leaving to go on a quest with you." Both girls walked to the bed whilst discussing Ellis's overly emotional reaction. After the two were seated a top the water bed all Éliane did was nod in understanding. "Nadie are you going to sleep on the bed or do you prefer the floor?" -"I'll sleep in the bed, obviously." Nadie didn't have enough time to look over the sandy blonde, but now the girl was seated straight in front of her and she noticed how elegantly sexy Éliane looked. "You look so attractive right now. Is this the dress you plan to ware tomorrow?" -"Yeah, it's the dress Natalia got me. Nadie tomorrow morning lets go buy you a dress twice as elegant." Éliane stood up, and then began to slowly make her way to the large bathroom. The sandy blonde knew Nadie's gaze was focused completely on her; she didn't need to see to discern. She stopped halfway in, and daringly asked in a sultry voice. "You need to take a bath before you get in bed with me so would you mind joining me in the spell of rain?" Nadie's face turned a ripe red, however it was to shady to see a change in skin tone -and she knew it. "Yes I would be happy to join you." Éliane was about to make a comeback, grinning like an idiot, "Wait she just said yes ... she'd be happy to take a shower together with me. This will sure be exciting." And at that, both girls went inside and began to undress -turned away from each other.

Ellis's room across the hall

After the girls arrived in Ellis's room Ellis explained everything that Nadie had told her about 2 days ago and the fact that Nadie agreed to leave on a quest for something with Éliane. Natalia's expression wasn't changed a bit from what she heard, but on the inside she was screaming. "Éliane is leaving to search for that book ... she made Nadie immortal. Not me but her!" Ellis grabbed on to the girl's shoulder, burying her adorable face in Natalia's chest. "Natalia you know how much I love Nadie... and she's leaving me to go with your friend. That's why I'm sad." "I understand you better then you know. I feel the same way about Éliane as you do regarding Nadie so I understand your pain." Ellis merely started sobbing harder then before. Natalia patted the crying girls head gently, soothing her. Natalia whispered softly in Ellis's ear. "Nadie will come back to you, I promise that she will. Éliane loves only one woman -the woman from her past who she made immortal with the book that Nadie wants to help Éliane find. So you see Nadie isn't going to end up with her but nor am I." A hinder of sadness seeped trough Natalia's voice as she finished her sentence. "Hence Ellis you don't need to be this heartrending... she'll comeback to

you." The girls stayed in each others arms for a few more minutes; until Ellis stopped crying and went on to take a bathe with a fresh tad of hope, Nadie may perhaps still be hers.

By the time Ellis had finished bathing Natalia already lay in bed awaiting her adorable friend's return so she could speak some sense to the girl. "Ellis if you want Nadie not to be in love with Éliane ... why would you put them together in the same room, and worse the same bed. Sometimes I just don't understand that girl's logic." Ellis and Natalia were now both lying on the bed, a person apart. Natalia noticed how childish Ellis's Pajamas were, a yellow top and pants with pictures of little ducks all over. "Maybe she didn't think of what could happen between Éliane and Nadie while in bed together... something already happened when they were both unconscious so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again." Natalia rolled over 3 times, till she was an arms length from the childish short blonde. Facing the naïve girl, Natalia smirked in amusement and whispered. "Nadie and Éliane... I wonder what they are doing at this given moment don't you? They are in the same room, in the same bad and you made it happen ... aren't you proud?" Ellis felt a surge of dread creep trough her being. She had undoubtedly done something regretful; she was a catalyst in Nadie's rapport with the elegant sandy blonde. Ellis's heart was pounding like crazy, her face filled with horror. "Natalia you don't think that what I did is stupid..." -"Yes I do but even if those two do hit it off, I still think that you'll have Nadie in the end... if Éliane finds that woman and the book." "And if she doesn't, then what?" Natalia frowned. "Then maybe Nadie would stay with Éliane -they're both immortal and we aren't Ellis. In all truth you'll grow old, die... and Nadie will be left alone without anyone to love her. That's the problem with all of this. If Éliane finds the other immortal woman then Nadie will be alone and miserable but if she doesn't then..." Natalia abruptly stopped, realizing that this was all too agonizing for Ellis and herself. "Never mind what I said. The book might be able to make Nadie mortal again or vise-versa with you." Natalia's attempt to cheer Ellis up failed miserably or so she had thought. Ellis smiled happily at Natalia, acting as if she hadn't heard anything or as if she didn't care. "Natalia do you have a key to your room... I would be glad to use it." Natalia's face turned into a boiling pot of mischief. "Yes I do, why ... do you plan on using it?" -"Yes, early tomorrow morning I plan on seeing what your friend and my friend are up to." Natalia's smile only grew larger then she softly murmured. "Tomorrow let's both see what they are up to -I'll bring a camera. But you must promise me not to scream if you see something frightening, is it a deal?" Ellis nodded in grave anticipation and promptly buried her head in the pillow -snoring no more than a minuscule later.

Éliane & Nadie, after shower

Both girl's had bathed at the same time, although not together. Éliane took up the stand-in shower, washing her tall lean body comfortably, however she would have preferred the Jacuzzi Nadie had occupied. The crimson haired girl did want to bathe mutually with the sandy blonde but realized that she would blush to death if she did, so she made the girl take a separate shower instead. Éliane was first to finish and walk out the steamy shower with her tremendously long dripping blonde hair clung to her soaking wet body. The other girl heard Éliane's footsteps and couldn't help but stare at the naked elegant figure emerging before her. To Nadie's dismay the sandy blonde hair of the latter covered her body completely. Not a single sensitive spot of her body was visible. Éliane grabbed a blue towel off the golden holder located on the opposite wall to the Jacuzzi. The door quickly opened releasing humid

steam into the room. Before Nadie could even breathe the door had shut and Éliane was out of sight. Nadie pondered, "Well this isn't fair at all now is it. She got to see me undressed but I can't see her." The crimson haired girl set up straight then released the water from the Jacuzzi. Nadie was drained and it was 11:00PM, if not later so she was extra willing to get some sleep. The crimson haired girl got out of the empty Jacuzzi, clutched a red towel then proceeded to dry herself before putting something on. Whilst drying her knee-long crimson hair a thought creeper inside of Nadie's mind. "I forgot to take my sleepwear with me when Ellis kicked me out. I have nothing to wear!" This frightened Nadie for a morsel of a moment -until she recognized that she should just wear nothing. "It's perfectly normal to sleep in the nude, isn't it?" She placed the towel down, opened the door and made her way to the bed. Nadie was careful not to be loud; she wasn't keen on having the blonde spot her naked figure. When Nadie lastly unraveled the sheets to get in, she saw the sandy blonde on the other end of the water bed fast-asleep. Or so she thought.

Next morning 5:00AM

The alarm clock buzzed loud enough to awaken someone next door or deafen the unlucky person whose ear was to close. Natalia and Ellis both instantly jumped up and out of bed. Yesterday they had planned to catch the elegant sandy blonde and Nadie sleeping together -without them ever knowing. Natalia had realized that she left her camera in her own room, so if she wanted to get a photo of the two, she needed to sneak in the room, grab the camera, take a picture and then quietly sneak out without awakening them. Natalia turned the door knob, swinging the wooden door open for Ellis to walk trough. "Ellis are you certain that you want to go... I mean I can get the picture and then show it to you." Ellis shook her head. "No I want to see this in person." -"Pervert!" Ellis only snickered at the comment. "But you're the one taking the picture ... so you're more a pervert then I." The girls were standing right before the door leading to the room in which their victims lay fast asleep. Natalia pulled out a silver key and advanced to slowly turn it. "Click" the door unlocked. Both girls took in deep breaths before proceeding to open the large wooden door. "Ellis remember what I said -if you see anything unsettling just cover your mouth and close your eyes. Got it?" Ellis whispered with a determined expression. "Yes sir!" Natalia's face also gleamed with determination as she turned the silver door knob. The door sluggishly opened, without a single sound. Both Ellis and Natalia stepped in. They looked over at where the king-sized water bed was positioned in the large rectangular room. The beds covers were enveloping the sandy blonde and Nadie. Nether Ellis or Natalia could make out what was happening bellow the silk sheets of the large bed. Natalia leaned over to the adorable short blonde, and then whispered in her ear. "I entrust you to lift-up the covers while I get the camera, can you handle it?" Ellis nodded and moved stealthily to the bed. She took 2 complete minutes to arrive at the foot of the bed. Two long slender bodies occupied the bed, which Ellis was sure of. After seeing this Ellis sneered mischievously. "Their body outlines are so clear ... they aren't wearing any clothes. Why is Nadie lying naked under those sheets with her?" Ellis gulped at the thoughts that came rushing with blood to her head. "Wouldn't taking a photograph of them naked and asleep be wrong?" Before Ellis could finish her

thoughts, Natalia had already arrived. The mid-height blonde looked enthusiastic with a camera in front of her face. Natalia's expression showed that she was rendered speechless. Ellis grew hesitant of this whole idea; this day's recollections wouldn't leave her anytime soon. Her hand went down to the soft white sheets covering the girls' bare bodies. A gentle downward slide of Ellis's hand sent the sheets spiraling off. Two graceful female figures intertwined with one another lay on the soft water bed. Surprisingly Nadie's body leaned against Éliane's; she was on top of the sandy blonde. The girls' legs were entangled and their arms in a tight embrace. Their position could only be called a lovers cuddle after a long night of a passionate love. Ellis felt her cheeks began to heat up. She turned around to face Natalia. The mid-height blonde's face might have been on fire -the heat in her friends face was redder then her own. Natalia sheepishly whispered. "Do you think its okay to take a picture of them undressed devoid of their consent?" -"We already got this far so why should we not? Take it, now!" Natalia was surprised by Ellis's self-control; she had expected the adorable girl to do something horrific at the sight of the two so close together. The camera snapped a few times without a single flash of light. Its shuttering noise rattled the sleeping young women but their eyelids kept closed. "Did you get them?" Natalia nodded. Both girls' tiptoed out of the room, silently locking the door behind them.

Ellis and Natalia could only speculate why the two girls' were nude, and in each others arms -in bed.

Nadie & Éliane, 7:30 AM

A soft and slender arm traveled up and down the crimson haired girl's bare back. She had felt this same sensation a short while ago. "This is such a pleasant feeling, I must be dreaming." But it wasn't a dream, this was real. Nadie's hands caught the arm that was massaging her back. She brought it up to her face, placing the affectionate hand against her right cheek. The warmth coming off the body bellow Nadie's overwhelmed her. Nadie was now awake with her eyes still shut but consciousness intact. Éliane lay bellow her, she was sure of it. Heat rose over the limit in her body, Nadie felt a jolt of pleasure then fear creep trough her entire being. It worried Nadie a great deal that her ever-rising body temperature would arouse the sleeping beauty underneath her. However much she had wanted the sandy blonde to stay asleep didn't mater; Éliane would wake up nonetheless, whether it is now or in an hour. Nadie thought on attempting to get off the girl and after gaining a tad of confidence she advanced. Éliane however felt the movements above her body and stopped Nadie at her attempt to act as if nothing happened between them. The sandy blonde's arms wrapped tightly around Nadie's form, immobilizing the girl. Éliane's face moved closer to Nadie's. She whispered words of milk and honey. "Don't you dare leave me Vanessa ... I won't let you go anywhere without me." The sandy blonde's voice sounded sweeter then any desert ever made. Nadie experienced Éliane's unbreakable love for Vanessa first hand. "I stand nowhere close to Vanessa in your heart ... But then why do you hold me in her place?" Éliane's lips progressed closer to Nadie's. A kiss brushed on the crimson haired girl's lips -seeping trough Nadie's very soul. Nadie trembled at the hard-pressed kiss against her cherry red lips. This was Nadie's first kiss, yet it was truly meant for another woman -Vanessa Rene.

Éliane felt a warm female body pressed on her; she had thought it to be the dream with Vanessa. The experience was however more realistic then ever. The heat escaping from her lover's body she felt absorb into her, the force of her lover's weight pushed her, and the scent filled her. This dream was far more vivid then any she had experienced and she by no means wanted it to end. There was always one thing Éliane wanted more then anything -to feel the true flames of Vanessa's lips again. She pulled the woman closer, placing zero space between their lips. The kiss beyond doubt did what she had wanted. Fire grew on every contact of their mouths. But something began to change, the dream began to fade, until she felt that she was no longer with Vanessa yet the kiss still lingered. Éliane's eyes slowly opened, she saw a crimson haired girl above her, kissing her hard. "What happened? Why are we kissing... why am I letting her kiss me, or is she letting me...?" The sandy blonde rolled herself and the girl atop over to where she was above the girl kissing her. A few short moments passed and neither dared to break away. Both feared of what would happen if they did, they didn't know what to say to one another or if they would even be able to speak. Éliane ever so valiant and Nadie, so arrogant finally parted lips simultaneously -after 10 minutes of nonstop making-out. Both girls gazed into the others eyes, afraid to say a word. Nadie felt an urge to ravage the girl's lips again; however she knew that if she did, she wouldn't have an explanation. "Éliane kissed me out of impulse, she wasn't even awake when she did it ... she was making love while dreaming of Vanessa, I was merely a form that she thought was Vanessa's so I should just tell her that." Nadie smiled ever so slightly, and then opened her mouth to speak, Nadie was still puzzled over the fact that she enjoyed it but this was not the time to think it over. "Éliane before you assume anything let me speak, okay?" Éliane's voice trembled as she answered. "Yes please do, I would like to know." Nadie had become aware of the fact that they were both without a stitch of clothing. She felt her cheeks fill with blood and her heart pound as hard as a hammer yet it didn't really matter at the moment sense they had both experienced far greater sensation. The crimson haired girl gazed straight in Éliane's eye's and began to explain her hypothesis, as to why they made love for possibly the entire night. After Nadie was done Éliane became the one to turn the brighter shade of red. "Nadie I... I am sorry for doing something so malevolent to you. I can't be forgiven, can I?" To the guilty sandy blonde's awe, Nadie only smiled at her and gave the shocked girl a hug. "I forgive you, in fact, it really wasn't malevolent ... it was more like astonishing. And before you say anything stupid you should know that I still wish to help you find the woman who you love this much. I won't take no for an answer so don't try me!" Éliane's lips formed into a wide smile while still in her friends embrace. "Thank you Nadie, I truly feel overwhelmed with emotion right now; however we must get dressed and then go shopping for your elegant dress that you'll wear for the engagement later, tonight." Nadie untangled her arms from around Éliane's back and covered the girl's eyes with her hands. "Can you keep them closed while I run to the closet?" -"I can't promise anything right now." Éliane replied teasingly. Nadie slowly took her hands off the sandy blonde's magnificent face; the girl's eyelids were clamped shut. Nadie quietly edged off the bed, after getting off the bed she dashed inside the closet and slammed the door shut. At her queue Éliane opened her eyes and then eagerly jumped off the bouncy water bed, landing onto the white carpet.

2 Hours anon: At the Mall

Ellis and Natalia have avoided the sandy blonde and the crimson haired girl, when the two tried to visit. Ellis wouldn't open the door and so Éliane and Nadie gave up on the idea of going shopping with their closest friends and instead went together.

The mall was larger then any other in this country. Most shops were American although fair amounts were Spanish or European. There seemed an endless array of signs written in all sorts of languages. Éliane however planned on only visiting the pricey ones. She had decided to empress the crimson haired girl as much as she could today -the least she could do to repent for her sleep-lovemaking. A store with a display of colorful long dresses caught Éliane's eye. The sandy blonde dragged Nadie around the entire mall ever since they have arrived. Nadie sighed in relief as she saw her friend decide to finally choose a store to check out. The girls walked trough the turning glass door, stopping before a rack filled with staggering dresses that were each worth more then Nadie made in 3 months. Nadie scowled at her friend, she didn't want to feel like she owed the sandy blonde anything. "I'm sorry but these dresses are way too pricey. I can't have you spend that much money on me... I'd feel like I owed you something..." -"Aren't you forgetting what I've done to you, I owe you more then money can buy because I took your... first kiss." Nadie laughed. "I see then ... so I don't have to feel guilty and neither do you!" Contented the girls looked over the prissiest dresses, they'd picked out the ones that both Nadie and Éliane found mouth-watering.

Nadie went inside the dressing room to try on the 3 outfits she had picked. She wanted Éliane to come there with her but the sandy blonde told her that she wanted to be staggered by Nadie's appearance. Firstly Nadie put on a silky blue satin dress; however it didn't match her, so she tried on the next two, a colorless strapless dress and a long elegant red one. After starring in the rectangular mirror for 30 seconds Nadie was certain that this particular dress suited her perfectly, she chose the elegant red one.

When the sandy blonde saw her friend walking towards her, she gawked. The girl looked beautiful beyond doubt. Éliane was definite of one thing -the dress would be bought.

Nadie felt giddy subsequent to the dress being adored by her immortal friend. At a McDonalds the girls bought two extra-large fries and one medium drink with two straws, to share. They spent 30 minutes driving around town and eating their scrumptious food. It was barely 1:00 PM; they had a lot of time to kill before the engagement. "Nadie, do you want to go somewhere special? Like a museum or something." -"That sounds good, maybe we can learn more about the 1840s and the book." Nadie scratched her head. "It all sounds like history to me." Éliane giggled in response.

The national museum of Mexico City appeared smaller on the inside then the outside and the artifacts were all closely inched together. Éliane and Nadie were only interested in looking up things concerning an ancient book and the high council clergy. The girls found four exhibits that were completely related

to the high council clergy. It had seemed that the organization developed to become extremely powerful at many times in history. Another display spoke of a mythical Gods-hand who would slaughter armies of men and eradicate cities of people at the organizations will. Nadie instantly knew who the Gods-hand was -Éliane. The girls considered this a useful piece of information regarding the book but the thirdly exhibit was the most informative. The display spoke of the ancient whereabouts of the high council clergy and their divine intention. The organization was apparently related to a wealthy family whose mansion was located in France. Éliane and Nadie instantly decided France as their first destination. They planned on getting relevant information out of who ever lived in that place.

Winds became stronger and clouds formed to cover the sky. Most of today was as sunny as ever but after the girls left the museum, a gray-white colored sky hanged above them. The time was around 4:00, Éliane and Nadie had decided to spend the next 4 hours discussing their plans on going to France. They drove up to a lush green park with a pond right in the middle.

Nadie placed her head on Éliane's lap. Éliane was seated against a large green oak tree with its many branches reaching out to the heavens. An atmosphere of nature and cleanness filled the air, a scent of the numerous breeds of flowers absorbed trough the girls nostrils. Éliane's warm hand stroked the top of Nadie's head, swooshing her friend's long crimson hair into different hair styles. Nadie relaxed lying with her eyelids closed and shielded from the occasional sun beams by the sandy blonde's shadow. Neither girl spoke for almost an hour. Enjoying the environment, the scents, the sounds and scenery was mesmerizing, besides they still had 3 hours before the engagement. "Nadie" Éliane whispered in a sweet caring tone. She noticed that the girls blue eyes were shut, "She must be sleeping." The sandy blonde was beginning to feel a certain urge to close her own eyes, however she resisted. Éliane stuck her hand inside the breast pocket of her green jacket. A slick rectangular metallic object caressed her fingers; she grabbed the iPod and pulled it out, placing the earphones in her ears. A romantic song began to play and she couldn't help but to sing along with the lyrics -ever since she acquired that iPod, she couldn't stop from singing along to each and every song she liked, it was a habit. As Éliane softly hummed, she drifted into a half-asleep state. Soon both girls were asleep in each others arms, Nadie atop the sandy blonde whose body slithered downwards onto the grassy surface.

2 more hours passed and it was about an hour prior to the engagement in the classy restaurant. The weather and location were so nice that both of the immortal girls managed to sleep for a few hours unaware that they were going to be late unless they woke up this very moment and rushed to the car, probably speeding to get there on time. Nadie felt a drip of something fall on to her face, then another until she felt her entire face dripping. She opened her bright-blue eyes and noticed that it was as dark as night. Nadie jumped off the sandy blonde awakening her friend in the process. She took a silver watch out of her pocket and looked closely at it. Nadie couldn't make out the numbers for it was to dark to see something without a backlight. Éliane was faster in response and brought out her cell phone. "Nadie it's 7:08 PM" she murmured. The sky was as dark as night and it was summer, and only 7:08. Rain had been the cause of Nadie's face, and now entire body getting drenched. Both skyrocketed up then dashed towards their car. They had to be at the restaurant by 8:00 PM; however both their dresses were still at the hotel so they would surely be late for the important parting dinner they'd promised Natalia and Ellis.

Natalia & Ellis: in limo on the way to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Ellis and Natalia spent most of their day preparing for their decisive dinner tonight. Neither spoke about what both saw this morning. Natalia attempted at getting Ellis to talk about it but didn't get a word out of Ellis. Both were on the way to the restaurant where they'd have to approach the topic, Natalia figured to try at getting the adorable short blonde to talk again. Natalia slyly moved closer to Ellis, then asked the girl on what she thought of their morning encounter. "Ellis you know that I don't mean to be inappropriate but do you suppose that Éliane's and Nadie's relationship is more then a mere friendship?" Ellis sighed, pretending to not have heard the question. "Ellis you can't avoid the possibility. I know how you feel about her but you must be prepared to hear the worst. I have reason to believe that we were invited to attend this dinner ... to hear of their new found correlation." Natalia gazed over at Ellis, noticing that the girl's eyes were watery. "You shouldn't listen to me if I depress you so much, however you have to ask her directly!" -"I will, I deserve to know!" Ellis's eyes were now completely dry, as if she hadn't even thought to cry. Ellis took in a deep breath, determination was seeping trough her blood. "Natalia don't worry about me. If they are in a relationship then I only wish them luck. I love Nadie so I want her to be happy, not me but her ... so if she's happy with Éliane forever then so am I." Ellis's words streamed out, her voice was truly sincere. "I am a mortal and as long as that's true I cant be with Nadie but Éliane can -however I have mystical powers that I don't understand myself yet and I intend to learn how to weald them. I intend to learn how to become immortal." Natalia's face was covered in a supportive smile forged out of her lips. The mid-height blonde twirled her arms around Ellis's body and gave the sincerest girl she knew a big warm hug. "Ellis I'm proud of your resolve... I don't think I could ever be as selfless yet as determined as you." Ellis noticed that Natalia was sobbing and hugged her harder. Both girls stayed in each others arms for the rest of the drive. Ellis in the meantime prepared herself for the moment she'd ask Nadie of her relationship with the Sandy blonde.

Nadie & Éliane: At Harington Hotel

The light rain had turned into a heavy shower as the girls neared the hotel. When they arrived Nadie dashed out of the car, not even closing the door behind her. Éliane closely followed, closing Nadie's door beforehand. The two were in such a hurry that they forgot all about the elevator and ran up the long stairs instead. It took 2 minutes for them to climb up to the 10th floor -where their rooms where. The girls broke inside of Éliane's room then quickly grabbed their dresses and proceeded to change into them, in separate spaces. Éliane quickly flailed the dress on, not bothering to put on any makeup or take a shower -there was no time for it. Nadie however managed to brush her hair and forge a ponytail out of it. Both dressed, the two rushed out as if on fire. This time Nadie remembered about the elevator and went on to press the 1st floor button. They were both wearing fine dresses and it wasn't so smart to

climb down 10 floors wearing them, for one they could trip and fall and for two their dresses would certainly get dirty. The elevator stopped at the first floor and both dashed to where the Lamborghini was parked. Nadie let Éliane drive the car, although she did worry about the possibility that the sandy blonde would do something irresponsible.

The car was speeding over the speed limit at 60mph, incredibly slow compared to the cars max speed. Éliane did something responsible (for once) and turned the radio to the weather channel. The weather man said a bit about a severe thunderstorm moving into the area that'd last for the entire night. Nadie turned to face Éliane then sarcastically stated, "Well sounds like we are going to have some fine weather, just perfect for tonight." -"Yes we are Nadie" Éliane replied cynically.

Nadie couldn't help but marvel on the subject of what she should say to Ellis. "Should I tell her about this morning... she deserves to know, but this would upset her? I'll tell her that I plan on going to France with Éliane to learn of what the organization knows about the book. I just can't bring myself to articulate the part about this morning -but Éliane can." Nadie peered out the window, all she saw was the rain drops poring hard onto the glass. Nadie asked. "Éliane can you inform Ellis concerning this morning ... can you tell her what happened between us?" The sandy blonde's face appeared as if it was about to explode, it was as red as some dynamite. "Umm... why do you want me to tell her, cant you?" -"No, honestly I'm too self-conscious to do it. Please do it for me." Éliane sighed in defeat. "Fine but only if you promise me that you'll never make me do something like this ever again." -"I promise not to."

Ellis and Natalia: At L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

The chuffer opened the door for the ladies at the back of the limo. He took out an umbrella and proceeded to open it. "Please this way." The girls stepped out of the black limo, onto the marble surface at the front of the restaurant. The chuffer, an old man dressed in uniform brought a dark umbrella over the girls' heads. They made their way to the entrance. "Have a good time; the limo will be here when it's time for you to leave." The man said in a caring tone, then ran to the limo, leaving the girls to their own devices. Two men, who were wearing clothes similar to what waiters would ware stood before the tall wooden doors leading inside. The taller one on the right spoke. "Do you have reservations?" Natalia responded. "Yes it's under the name of Éliane, I am Natalia and this is Ellis." Natalia pointed her finger to the sheet of paper he was holding. "I see you may come in." Both men opened the doors then moved out of the way. Natalia and Ellis strolled in.

The restaurant looked like a ballroom from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The people present were all dressed in dresses and tuxedos. A large circled area, half the size of the entire building was placed in the center of the restaurant. Wooden tables stood around the circled area. A beautiful white chandelier hung right in the middle, above the circled marble dance floor. Natalia and Ellis settled on the second

floor, where they had a better view of the couples dancing below. 9 couples were dancing below them, it was a tango. Ellis gazed up at Natalia with her elegant blue orbs sparkling, her lips smiling. She said. "Natalia would you like to dance with me?" Natalia shook her head no then spoke in a soft voice. "I think that the dancing is only for couples -a man and a woman..." -Ellis cut in. "But then why did she invite us here... and Nadie and Éliane are both girls you know." -"That's different. You see Ellis I fully support that kind of relationship but I'm not a..." Natalia paused when she saw a man approach. He was handsome and tall with blonde hair, in his mid-twenties. This man was attractive enough to make any woman give a few stares. The young man stopped in front of Natalia, and kneeled down reaching his right arm out to her. He gracefully took her hand into his and whispered. "Would you accept my humble invitation for a dance?" A slight blush formed on Natalia's cheeks. She nodded her head yes then stood up. "Natalia, why are you accepting a dance with him but not me?" Ellis pleaded almost inaudibly. Natalia ignored the adorable short blonde and walked off with the man, leaving Ellis all alone. "Why did she choose a person she doesn't even know over me? Nadie where are you?"

The handsome young man escorted Natalia down the stairs and onto the dance floor. He was dressed in a white tuxedo matching his pants, shoes and tie. The man brushed his hand trough his silky blonde hair then introduced himself. "My name is -Elian. If its not to much to ask ... what is your name?" astonishment filled Natalia's mind. The handsome young man somehow resembled Éliane with his height, good looks and blonde hair, but what was most striking was the fact that their names sounded so similar -Éliane and Elian. "I'm Natalia." The young man smiled to himself. "That's a beautiful name." A pianist, violinist and a couple of other musicians were present, situated at the far end of the circled dancing area. Each one had a tux on and at least 3 of the men had a mustache. The song playing was a waltz.

"Shall we dance?" Elian smile's at Natalia, his deep brown eyes gleaming. Natalia brings her hand out to him. The handsome young man takes the hand then swiftly twirls Natalia around him. He moves rapidly to catch the girl wearing a long amethyst dress that is not to revealing. Natalia stands motionless after swirling around Elian. He walks up closer to his dance partner, takes her hands into his and angles Natalia's lean back to the floor. Promptly he pulls her back up, this time closer to his eye-catching face. Natalia smiles right at him then says. "You are a rather good dancer." Elian begins to form a flabbergasted expression. "Thank you Natalia for your kind complement but I believe - you're the one who's good." Both danced for another 3 rounds then thanked one another for the nice dances and parted. Elian provided Natalia his phone number just before letting her go -she took it.

Nadie & Éliane arrive 8:40 PM

The Lamborghini stopped and turned left inside the parking garage. Éliane sighed at Nadie. "Well look at this we are... 40 minutes late!" Nadie opened her door and stepped out onto the cement surface. Éliane followed.

When they reached the front entrance two men stood before the large wooden doors leading inside the restaurant. "Do you have reservations?" the taller man asked. Éliane answered cunningly, "Yes, I made reservations last night. Its under the name Éliane -which is my name." The man looked trough his list then shortly afterwards smiled and opened the doors.

A large circled floor was placed in the middle of the restaurant. Around it were tables placed under the second floor which was basically a wooden circle outline. Classical music played live by orchestra musicians filled Nadie's ears, it sounded much better to her in person then when it played on the radio. Nadie was impressed by the sheer class of this place, she has been in some fine restaurants but nothing could compare to this. Éliane looked around trying to find where Ellis and Natalia were seated then she turned to face Nadie. "Nadie I don't see our friends anywhere ... do you think that they might be on the second floor?" Nadie nodded as the two mentally decided to check the second floor.

Éliane ran up the carpeted stairs, which was unexpected since she was wearing a floor-touching dress which one could easily trip over. Nadie ever so arrogant followed her friend, nearing the sandy blonde's fast speed. 1/3 of the way up the long elegant red dress caught under Nadie's right foot, and before she knew it she was falling down the stairs ... backwards. "Ahh..." she let out a piercing shriek. Nadie's head hit the stairs hard, then her body flipped over her head, she was rolling like a ball down the stairs. The sight was both startling and slyly entertaining. Éliane turned around only seconds after Nadie's voice made a loud noise and a few people yelped at the sight. What the sandy blonde saw was something red at the bottom of the staircase and no sight of the girl who was just standing next to her. "Wait is that ... Nadie?" Éliane stood motionlessly pondering until it hit her, "She feel down the stairs!" The sandy blonde dashed down at incredible speeds nearing Nadie's motionless body. Éliane knew that Nadie was fine and that something like falling down Mt. Everest wouldn't hurt her, much less falling down the stairs. But the fact that people saw Nadie tumble down the stairs so glaringly meant that they thought the crimson haired girl was hurt and it'd be unconvincing and suspicious to state otherwise. Éliane kneeled down to Nadie and leaned close to the crimson haired girl's ear, she whispered. "Nadie don't move, pretend that you are injured." Éliane then realized that her friend was still fully unconscious, Nadie's immortal body had yet to heal itself.

A crowd of people had gathered around Éliane and Nadie, the crimson haired girl was still unconscious but her body was fully healed. Ellis and Natalia had noticed their friends' presence; they ran down the stairs as quickly as they saw them. Nadie's eyelids began to slowly open up, soon she was fully conscious. Éliane helped her up, making it appear as if Nadie had hurt her ankle and nothing more. All four slowly walked up the stairs. The people that had gathered also left, seeing that nothing severe occurred.

The girls' settled around their table. Éliane looked over at Nadie and then let out a deafening laugh. "Nadie that's the second time in one week that you would of died... if you were mortal." Ellis gazed at Nadie, smiling and holding back tears of gratitude.

The sandy blonde knew that she was the one who needed to acquaint Ellis with the incident between herself and Nadie this morning. This wasn't a topic she planned to speak of tonight but she made a promise to Nadie so she had to it. Éliane picked up a glass of ice cold water and took a sip. The sandy blonde slowly drank the entire glass of water, so slowly that the ice itself melted and turned into water. A waiter strolled over to the table, looked over the four girls and asked them what each wanted to drink. "I'll have your finest wine." Natalia said smiling. The middle-aged man laughed to himself then shook his head. "Would you like anything else that isn't alcoholic? Natalia's expression was between that of a pissed off man who didn't get what he anticipated or that of a child who didn't get a charismas present. She sighed then answered "I'll have the most flavorful cocktail you have... virgin." The man nodded and proceeded to take everyone else's orders. Nadie and Ellis ordered root bears and Éliane ordered a coconut shake. The man wrote it all down and ran off. Ellis opened her mouth to speak simultaneously with Éliane; both realized that they were regarding the same topic. Éliane was surprised by the fact that Ellis knew about it. "Ellis about me and Nadie, I ... everything was my fault, what we did and all." Ellis asked. "What do you mean?" Éliane took in a deep breath then continued. "I kissed Nadie, actually make that 10fold a kiss..." -"I know. I saw you two ... together in bed, so I know about your relationship and I'm all for it if it makes Nadie happy." The sandy blonde's expression was that of shock. Ellis had assumed that Nadie was in a relationship with the sandy blonde, which wasn't true at all. Nadie was also alarmed by Ellis's assumption. Nadie said "Ellis we aren't in a relationship and that's not why we invited you to this dinner ... we invited you and Natalia to inform you that we're going on a trip to France. There is a certain book that I want to help Éliane find and we have a lead in France." Nadie explained most of the fine points regarding the book, and that she and Éliane were just friends. Ellis however knew better then to believe Nadie's words ... even if Nadie wasn't yet in a relationship with Éliane and even tough Éliane was in love with a certain woman from 160 years ago, Ellis still discerned that the two had burning chemistry between one another and something was bound to erupt.

The waiter asked the four girls what they'd like to order, Éliane advised the other 3 not to get anything too large or they'd be unable to dance after the food. The girls complied and each ordered a seafood dish. The waiter wrote it down and left.

Elian at his table

A tall handsome young man set at his table drinking a glass of wine. He turned his head to the left as he heard a loud shriek coming from the stairway. A woman in a long red dress was tumbling down the stairs violently. The woman's body rolled over her head, and then she fell head first onto the marble

floor 14 ft from where she started. He knew full well that a normal person couldn't survive such a devastating fall. He reached his hand inside his briefcase and pulled out a small cell phone shaped object. The object had a lens and a LCD screen with touchable zooming buttons. He placed the item before him and proceeded to zoom-in on the girl who should have been mortally injured ... or dead. "Amazing I've found you ... yet somehow you look different Madlax." The LCD screen showed every detail of what was happening to the seemingly dead girl clad in a red dress. Particles invisible to the eye moved rapidly around the girl's body -reconstructing it. Her neck began to twist back to its natural position and her bones reattached inside her body. The young man saved the data observed with his apparatus. He flipped a slick black cell phone open and began to dial a number. As he dialed he looked back at the girl with his naked eyes. "Wait... the other one -the one in a long white dress, could she be? Yes. Madlax as I recall had blonde hair and she was not so inept, but then who's the other one -it can't be my Vanessa." He threw his phone down on the table and grabbed the strange device he recently used. The screen showed a menu listing different viewing modes; the man scrolled down the list till he found what he was searching for and pressed it, "Chemical/elemental substance view." The device gathered data on the girl with long sandy blonde hair nearing her feet and an elegant white dress; she was kneeling over the mysterious girl who had fallen down the stairs. A few seconds passed as the device gathered information concerning what the girl's body was made of -if he was right the device wouldn't know. A list of numbers and symbols appeared before him. He gasped. "You... you really are Madlax -I've finally found you after 160 years. I wonder if you'll recognize me, you the creation of the book." The young man smiled to himself, satisfied. His right hand clutched the phone back, and then pressed the call button. It rang 3 times, and then a strange voice answered. "Why have you called Elian?" it asked. -"I've called you because I have news that will interest you." -"You have my attention Elian ... is it regarding the book or -Madlax?" Elian answered softly. "The latter option -Madlax, I've found her." The speaker on the other end didn't reply for a minute. Elian added. "I don't know if she remembers back then but since she's alive and well, I'd say she definitely didn't lose all her recollections, unless somehow she got them back." The voice replied. "Find out what she remembers, approach her and find out Elian -that's an order!" The voice hung up. Elian put the phone away. He took another drink of his wine then glanced back to where he last saw Madlax. She wasn't there anymore; he moved his eyes around, trying to discover Madlax's location until he noticed four girls setting at a table on the other end of the restaurant. "Natalia she's Madlax's friend ... what a pleasant coincidence."

The four girls

The wonderful aroma of the ready food filled the girls' noses. Four dishes were placed atop the rounded wooden table. Ellis's mouth had drool leaking out. Both Nadie and Natalia found this adorable and funny. The adorable short blonde noticed the looks on their faces, realizing why they were starring -she quickly wiped it with her napkin. The food in Natalia's mouth tasted better then anything from the other

places she had visited. "This is delicious!" Natalia called out as she took another bite of her salmon. Éliane's eyes fixed on Nadie. For some unknown reason the crimson haired girl appeared very attractive tonight. Nadie dug into her lobster, not paying attention to anything but the food. Éliane leaned back in her chair scowling. "Vanessa is it worth looking for you? After all this time will I find you if I find the book?" Éliane brushed a hand trough her hair still gazing at Nadie. "Is it possible that I want Nadie ... but the only one I should want is Vanessa shouldn't I...?" The sandy blonde picked a fork up and proceeded to eat her crispy catfish. Éliane was done in under 10 minutes and waiting for the rest to finish their food. Nadie and Ellis finished second and Natalia was only half done. Ellis smiled sincerely at Nadie as the latter wiped her mouth of lobster grease. The adorable short blonde asked. "Nadie would you like to dance with me?" Nadie gazed over at Éliane, seeing if the sandy blonde objected or not. "Yes Ellis lets dance together." Nadie said, seeing that the sandy blonde didn't mind. Ellis soared out of her seat, walked around the table to Nadie, took her hand and progressed down the stairs onto the dance floor. The two walked until they were in the middle of the circled dancing area, when they stopped Nadie placed both arms around Ellis's neck and Ellis wrapped her arms around Nadie's slender figure. The two danced slowly, it appeared very romantic to most of the people watching. Five other couples danced on the marble dance floor along with Ellis and Nadie, some where giving off glances but it didn't bother Ellis or her partner. Natalia picked up her cocktail then held it out to Éliane who was holding her coconut shake. "Cheers Éliane." -"Cheers Natalia." Both happily said as their glasses struck each other. Each moved her glass back and drank the remaining portion of her drink. After placing her empty glass down Natalia gazed up at Éliane then whilst still smirking said. "It looked like you and Nadie really hit it off last night, so why are you sitting here and drinking with me? You know you should be dancing down there with her ... after all, isn't that why you invited her here -to show her how you can dance?" Éliane's head jerked up, her expression was unreadable. "I'll dance with her if she asks me to... if she doesn't then I'll be happy to watch her dance with Ellis." The sandy blondes face was now clearly heartfelt, her eyes focused on the dance floor below where Nadie and Ellis were dancing slowly like an old married couple. "Hey Natalia tell me about your love life, have you met anyone new?" -"Yes actually a handsome young man asked me to dance with him... Elian was his name." The sandy blonde's face showed astonishment. "Well look at that ... you like guys with the same name as mine." -"What is that supposed to mean?" Éliane gave out a soft chuckle. "Oh nothing -it just means you like people similar to me." -"perhaps I do." Natalia's index finger circled around the empty glass. She stood up and pushed her chair under the table. "Éliane I got to use the bathroom so I'll be back in a minute." Natalia waved her hand and left into a long hallway.

Nadie leaned in closer to Ellis, brushing against her, and then whispered softly. "Do you have something to tell me Ellis?" -"Yes Nadie I want you to be happy... and after you find the book -comeback to me." The crimson haired girl observed the melancholy expression on Ellis's face. Ellis added. "I know that I'm mortal Nadie, but I promise that I'll find a way to become immortal with my powers. I hope that Éliane finds her past and Vanessa so we can..." Nadie embraced the girl for all she's worth, holding her tight against her own body. Nadie tilted her head to Ellis's right ear and spoke in a soft loving voice. "I want that to. I want it as much as you do because it'll make everyone happy." Ellis had to keep her blue eyes from watering-over, she had to control herself or she would kiss Nadie frantically right there and than. Her mouth made its way towards Nadie's and sopped only inches from Nadie's, she didn't have power

over her urge to kiss the crimson haired girl clad in an elegant red dress in front of her. Just as her lips killed all the space between them Nadie's head jerked away. Ellis looked at what Nadie was starring at. There was a man approaching Éliane by the side of her table. Nadie's eyes marveled with jealousy, the man was about to ask Éliane to dance with him. Ellis did nothing as she saw Nadie dash off the marble dance floor, in the direction of the table where a certain sandy blonde was sitting idle.

A few minutes before

Natalia didn't go to the bathroom but actually snuck to where Elian was awaiting her -Elian had text-messaged her during dinner and for some unknown reason she obeyed the text message. The large hallway led to the kitchen on the right and a balcony with a perfect view of the city and a table for two on the left. Natalia walked onto the balcony, it was raining but a brown roof covered the table from getting soaked. Elian inclined against a balcony wall and held a cell phone in his left hand. Natalia slid a chair from under the table and set down comfortably; Elian smiled at the girl and proceeded to do the same. "Natalia I'm glad you came. I need you to tell me something about the girl with long silky blonde hair, the one in a white dress." Natalia wasn't her usual self, for some reason she obeyed the man's wishes and didn't question him. Elian did something rather simple to her; it was a form of hypnosis that made her unaware of what was happening yet capable of recalling anything she remembered. "Tell me Natalia is that girl immortal, and what is her name." Natalia replied in a mechanical lifeless tone. "Yes she is immortal and her name is Éliane." Elian's face turned to that of surprise, he knew full well that the girl's real name was Madlax but the fact that the girl's assumed name was Éliane dazzled him. "Madlax why do you think your name is Éliane... so similar to mine, Elian. I guess this could mean that you only remember fragments of your memories, but I have to be sure." Elian picked up a bottle of wine and poured it in his glass till it was half full. "Natalia tell me then, who's the girl in the red dress ... what's her name and is she also immortal... and if she is, why?" The girl replied automatically. "Her name is Nadie, yes she's immortal and I believe Éliane caused her immortality." Elian was overwhelmed by the new data; he had not suspected that Madlax could do such a thing as to turn a human immortal with her bare hands. "Madlax I'm surprised, I have thought that the book was the only thing capable of forging immortals but now I know that you are too gifted. You are the books creation and ...this powerful, then I can only speculate of what the book itself

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