Story: Perpetual existence & elapsed love (chapter 2)

Authors: Lena-Ann-Rene

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 Vanessa Rene

[Author's notes: This might be confusing, but bear in mind that Éliane is Madlax, not an OC.
Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)]

Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

Darkness swallowed a seemingly endless stream of dirt paved with cracked cement, stretching for miles on-end. Shadows of numerous sharply thorned green plants blurred passed Nadie's eyes. Only canyons seemed grand enough a sight to remain constant. Wheels churning at speeds capable of slashing bare flesh into bright red shreds, the vehicles immersive speeds rapidly pumped bursts of adrenalin into both girl bloods. Exhilarating couldn't describe the feel of a Lamborghini Reventon roaring at full velocity through traffic less road. A mere inch of the window slid open could give birth to a vacuum at these speeds nearing 200mph, not to mention what would occur if one slid down the entire window. Time slowed down to a halt inside the Lamborghini Reventon, Éliane and Nadie felt it, a minute ticking on for what seemed an hour.

Éliane's body comfortably seeped into the fine leather seat of Nadie's new car. The blonde's arms resided atop the seats arm bars, head leaned back on to the soft head pillow and legs stretched out wide. Éliane's eyes were shut, barring a cigarette shaped pretzel half berried behind her lips, moving inside of her mouth. The silence between the two was beginning to take its toll and the two knew they couldn't continue on like this for another moment. "Umm ... Nadie would you care to know why we met at that fort today, and how I know your friends?" Éliane turned her head to face Nadie. "Yes but that's just a slice of what you need to tell me." "Yeah I know." Nadie smiled, "good! Then please continue." "Alright then, braise yourself for what your about to hear, and believe what I say Nadie my chauffeur." "Ok, I lend you all of my humble attention my noble savior" Both girls chuckled at what each one had just said.

Éliane paused for a moment to recollect her thoughts, and then began to explain. "Well the simple answer to why we met is that my friend Natalia wanted to see her two only friends, Nadie... you, and Ellis. Natalia's mansion at the ancient village wad burned to a crisp and all she had left was me and the bounty hunter and witch who she knew had traveled south to Win Marika, the eternal city ...and so I asked her what she wanted to do now that she was free like the wind with me by her side and she said "all I want is to see my two only friends who traveled south", and I told her that I would help find the bounty hunter and witch that she seeks, it took 4 months but by the guidance of fate we ended up staying at the same 5 star hotel as you and Ellis."-"So let me guess ...Ellis told you where I was and you came here to get me. Is my guess correct?" Éliane nodded. "Well yes, but do you want to hear the details?" "Obviously, do you even need to ask?" Nadie stopped, urging the blonde to continue. Éliane grabbed a pretzel, slid it in her mouth, continuing where she left off. "We got a first class room. The next day me and Natalia decided to have a day of relaxation so we went to the indoor first class pool ...when we got there Natalia noticed a short blonde girl speaking to the steward and he seemed rather angry with her. Natalia ran up to where the two were standing to see what the commotion was about and I evidently followed, as you can see my curiosity often tends to get the best of me." The sandy blonde smiled softly, Nadie began impatiently. "So can I guess what happens next?" Nadie tilted her head slightly towards the blonde, still keeping her left eye focused on the road ahead. The blonde nodded her head and Nadie began.

"That short blonde girl is Ellis and she was trying to get into the first class pool ...that Ellis she is always like that, she isn't as innocent as she first appears to be." Nadie smirked at what she stated. "I'm guessing that Natalia told him that Ellis was her guest and the Steward left her alone. Am I right?" "yes,

that's exactly what she did, after all you and Ellis were staying in the cheapest and least privileged room available, but don't you worry about a thing because I'm considerate enough to change the room where you are staying to first class, right across the hall from mine!" Nadie sarcastically remarked. "Why thank you for your concern but you spoil me much. The car, the hotel room... oh speaking of the hotel room, you are paying for it, right?"-"Yes" Nadie sighed in relief. "Thank god, but you must really care for Natalia, to do all this for her." - "I do care for Natalia but I am not doing this out of care, I'm doing this because I owe her a big favor, and actually I am returning that favor right now. After I drive you back, I'll be done with that favor and then I and she can go our separate ways." Nadie's smile formed into a frown at some of what her savior bluntly said. "Then that means that you two aren't friends after all ...your doing this to return a favor not out of friendship." Éliane brought her left hand up, placing it on Nadie's right, stroking it gently. "Nadie don't frown, after all it means that there is no one standing between us. Once we arrive at the hotel I'll arrange diner to tell Natalia about what happened between you and I and you'll explain everything to Ellis ...and after that we will stay together forever but not out of a favor." Nadie's eyes grew wide, as she became dumbstruck and confused. Éliane's left hand grabbed the steering wheel as she noticed that the crimson haired girl wasn't paying any attention to the road. "You need to explain yourself don't you", the blonde said to herself rhetorically. "Hey that's my line! Well then explain. I'm listening." Éliane placed her left hand back on top of Nadie's and began to explain what she truly meant. "I said forever, meaning for eternity, it was meant to be taken literally! I saved your life back then. Haven't you wondered what I did too"-"Ohh, I know what you did to me." A mischievous grin formed on Nadie's cherry red lips. "You took advantage of a beautiful young maiden, by undressing her whilst she was unconscious and doing something despicable to her ... taking her precious innocence without her consent.

Éliane's jaw practically dropped to the floor, her cheeks were burning red like two flames. "She doesn't actually think that I took her innocence ... does she?" The blonde pondered on the implications of Nadie's words for a minute, not noticing that her left hand was still lying atop of Nadie's. Nadie took a look out of the corners of her eyes to see how the blonde took what she had just said. "Ohh, so she is blushing but her hand is still on mine. I wonder if she even notices it." Nadie couldn't keep herself from laughing so she just let it out. "Éliane you should see your face, its redder then a cherry and your hand is burning hot!" "Nadie I did nothing of the sort, you misinterpreted what happened and ...and I didn't take anything from you (except your Porch), in fact I gave you something back there, it was the only way that I could save you." The sandy blonde's face returned to its normal complexion. "So what happened to me while I was unconscious?" Éliane looked surprised, "Nadie aren't you goanna guess?" -"No, to be honest I can't even begin to imagine what you did to save me, so I would like you to tell me." Éliane tightened her grip on Nadie's hand then began. "After you fell unconscious I took off all your clothes and proceeded to heal your damaged body ...the only way that I knew how." - "And how is that?" Nadie raised an eyebrow. "I saved you by making you immortal so that your wounds would heal; like I said earlier it's the only way I knew ... the only way to save your life at that point was to give you eternal life." Nadie wasn't sure on how to respond. "The weird thing is that it worked." -"Why is that weird?" - "Simply because I did it only once before ... 160 years ago, with the books power, but to be able to without it is new to me." The crimson haired girl gasped at what she had heard. "Éliane you are that old?" -"No I am far older but I don't remember anything from before about 160 years ago and the

memories that I do have are mostly incomplete with gaps in them ...especially ones from 160 years ago, the 1840s." I remember the 1840s and everything from 10 years ago unto now but the 150 year gap of nothing still remains..." -"Tell me ...what happened 160 years ago." -"I remember being a mercenary for the high council clergy, the powerful book and Vanessa Rene - the woman that I love more then the world itself." The sandy blonde paused then gazed at Nadie, checking for a look of approval, "Please continue Eli, tell me about Vanessa." "I loved Vanessa Rene and she loved me back. I know it; I feel it, remember it. There is a reoccurring memory in my dreams where we are together bed."

Memory of Vanessa

The rain was poring down hard onto the roof of the cabin we were inside of. Lightning flashed throughout the dark fearsome skies making it seem to be as bright as day if even for a second. Wind roared trough the many giant trees surrounding our cabin for miles on end. I couldn't take my eyes off Vanessa; I wanted her more then anything that night. Slowly I walked up towards the woman I loved, she did the same. We stood right over the one-person bed craving one another with nothing but the flashing lightning to light the dim room. "Vanessa there is only one thing that I want right now, do you know what that is?" -"Yes, the same thing I desire more then anything else in this world... you .......!" Vanessa grabbed my arm then slowly brought it up and placed it over her heart, "Do you feel how fast it's beating? The reason is you, only you can make it beat this fast." My love brought her hand to my heart, I couldn't help but flutter, my body temperature rose by what seemed 20 degrees. "I'm glad because your heart is beating faster then mine, so I guess this means that you love me more then I love you." All I could do was stand still, frozen facilitating the special moment, the first time she said "I love you" to me. I felt her arms pull me into an embrace. Tightening around my body, it was like she wanted to fuse into me, to become one. Lightning struck only a mile away, we felt the thunder seep trough us simultaneously. Vanessa fell on the bed taking me down with her. I opened my eyes feeling her warmth below me; she was trembling at the intimate contact. Warmth soaked trough both our bodies. Vanessa starred at me for what seemed eternity, hungrily. Another bright flash of lightning revealed her sea blue eyes glancing straight into mine, pupils fully dilated. I felt her sudden movements, she rolled us over. I was lying below her burning hot body. Vanessa leaned her head less then an inch from my burning red hot face and huskily whispered, "If you don't want me to... just say it and I won't." I wanted her more then anything so I wrapped my trembling arms around her neck, pulling her face closer to mine until our lips brushed, and whispering my desire breathlessly. "Vanessa I want you more then... no. I need you so don't even doubt it." I tenderly grabbed a lock of her long burgundy hair, brushing my fingers trough it. "Vanessa I want you to be my first time ...and my last." I felt her lips turn into a smile right before engulfing mine. Soft could not begin to describe the feel of her blazing hot lips, they felt sinuous and juicy against my own, to say the very least. Time stood still for us as we brushed lips, but something happened. Vanessa's body intertwined with mine, pressing me hard against the bed, and leaning into me ... addicted to my entire essence. I jerked my head away from her delicate lips, making her want me, hunger for me, starve for my lips. I gawked at her mischievously and whispered sensually, "If you want

me then seize me ... show me your passionate side, I know you want more then a lingering kiss." Vanessa's eyes shimmered at me; she froze for a second but only a second before she tore into me like a starved lioness seeing pray before her after weeks of starvation. Her left hand fell upon my bosom; her right grabbed the back of my head, bringing our mouths together, openly kissing for the very first time. I felt a jolt of ecstasy run trough my spine, it was the single most enjoyable feeling thus far in my life. I wanted to stay like that forever ...our mouths connected. Vanessa and I stayed this way for I don't know how long, but when I remember... it feels like eternity. My lover's mouth tasted better then any food that I have ever consumed, its surface felt softer then anything I have ever tasted, thus far. A lot more happened that night and the nights that followed but I would rather leave it unsaid. The next morning I was in a peaceful slumber with only one dream, a dream of merely one person ... Vanessa Rene. "....... Are you awake?" At the sound of her virtuous voice I opened my eyelids seeing her beautiful face over mine, "Now I'm awake thanks to you Vanessa Rene." Vanessa giggled in a girlish sort of way. A few moments anon she reached her arm out grabbing a tress of my blonde hair then stroking it. Vanessa looked up at me smiling with her sea blue eyes then whispered "Otherworldly ... that's what you feel like and that's one of the reasons that I love you." I smiled back, knowing what I must say "Vanessa I am otherworldly because I'm not the same as anyone in this world, I can never die and I have power one could only dream to have, but you know I'd give all of this up for you..." I felt unchained when I said it. My lover looked intently down at me, her face looked unwavering... "Then give it up! You don't have to do what the damn clergy orders you to because with your power you can do whatever you desire without any of the limiting factors that the rest of us have." My whole body began to feel cold, but before I could even consider a far grater warmth covered my entire body. Vanessa's sexy body spooned me into her, softly whispering, "Run away with me, just the two of us free of all and everything ... I want to be with you so if you truly love... then lets be free." At those words I melted into her, my eyes beamed into hers and I replied"Yes let's be free Vanessa Rene, for you I'd do anything and I do truly love you!" Vanessa seemed more then pleased with my response and proved me right with an elongated French kiss lasting for blissful hours, and still lingering in me now.


Nadie began to sob, "That is such a beautiful memory, especially Vanessa asking you to runway with her." Tears streamed down Nadie's face as she smiled remorsefully. Nadie took the hand Éliane had laid atop her own and brought it up to her bosom, "you know I wish that I could have someone like that in my life, someone who loves me more then the world. Éliane you're lucky to have had that..." -"I'm glad that you think that but I wouldn't say that I am lucky..." Éliane removed her hand from the crimson haired girl's chest, took in a deep breath and continued. "Like I said before -I don't remember everything from back then clearly but I am certain of one thing... I made Vanessa immortal with the book's power 160 years ago and so she should be alive right now. Vanessa Rene is somewhere in this world, I'm sure of it and I will find her!" Nadie looked at the sandy blonde's determined face and proceeded to ask a daunting question. "160 years ago... this happened that long ago and after all that

time you search for her? But how did you two get separated in the first place?" Éliane crunched on another pretzel while thinking about what happened. "All I remember is finally finding the book with Vanessa after what I think is between a few months to a couple of years after the vivid night we spent together in the cabin and after we ran away together, although I cant be sure... its still the most logical order of events that I can piece together from my memories." Éliane yet again paused, taking in a massive amount of pretzels all at once. "Crunch...Crunch. I turned her immortal right when I found the book, I would guess that maybe that's the reason that we kept on searching for the book in the first place... for Vanessa to become immortal so we could be together forever. When I opened the book something happened to me and to Vanessa ... the book's essence almost killed her! I was entranced by the book's essence, witnessing all of the horrid memories of my past as a merciless mercenary of the high council clergy flash before my eyes and disappear out of my mind, lost forever. I heard a cry from behind me, turned around and saw Vanessa hurt, almost dead but barely alive. My self control and willpower merged and I used the last of my strength combined with the book's power to give her eternal life. Vanessa's body fully healed, I began to cry tears of joy, but then something happened to me... the book's essence entrapped me inside of its realm..." -"So that explains how you two were separated ." The crimson haired girl declared to herself. "If that's what you can remember then what don't you..." -"I don't remember anything before 1840 and I am sure that I've been around for many years before 160 years ago. I don't know how me and Vanessa met either ... The memory of Vanessa however is precious to me." Éliane focused her gaze on the window and continued. I believe the book is capable of returning my lost memories so I want to find it ... I don't know where to look but the organization that I worked for -the organization that tried to kill me is my clue." Nadie's face filled with astonishment as she tried to comprehend this confusing new information all at once. The crimson haired girl licked her lips then asked, "The organization you worked for tried to kill you ... but your immortal aren't you?" -"Yeah, they erased all of my memories but fortunately for me Natalia brought them back, actually she in some way shattered the chains that restricted my recollections from 160 years ago. That is why I'm free now; just like half of what Vanessa wanted ... all I need now is to find her so we can be free together." Nadie's mind overflowed with wonder, "She has an interesting past, a goal and a lost love that she wants to find. I haven't been on a journey for a while. Maybe I should help her find the book... it could be fun with her." She wondered awhile longer till Éliane again broke the silence, "Now that you heard my life story, would you care to tell me your own?" Nadie sped up the car 20 more mph, now going at 221 mph. "Hmm... my life story? Well I lived in a village with my parents as a child but it got burned down and everyone but me died. I traveled trough a desert for 2 days and I was about to die from lack of water but a kind old man found me. He took me to the city orphanage but I refused to go, I would rather die then be imprisoned in an orphanage. The old man then told me that a child like me had three options: 1. to live in the orphanage and hope to be adopted, 2. be a homeless person without a future and 3. Train to become a bounty hunter who could protect herself, earn money and freely travel across the continent. Guess what I choose!" -"Let me see...your skills as a bounty hunter suck and you live in a hotel, so I'd say you look like you choose option 2, right?" Éliane clearly knew the option that Nadie selected but just had to humor the girl. The crimson haired girls face turned redder then her hair at the sandy blonde's unconsidered words. "I look like I'm homeless and you think my skills are bad? Is that how you feel about me?" Éliane let out a loud giggle, but quickly stopped herself then straightforwardly asked. "Can you prove me wrong? Can you shoot me... scratch that, can you shoot

down a bird in mid-flight?" Nadie looked at the sandy blonde's daring face with one eye still focusing on the road ahead, "I can but not at night so I'll prove it to you tomorrow morning! I want you to recognize that my skill is good." -"I was kidding, Nadie you don't have to prove yourself to me and I know you choose option 3, you don't look anything like a homeless bum either... although you do look like you need plastic sur... I mean you need a better haircut, yeah!" The sandy blonde quickly corrected herself not wanting to offend Nadie any further. "Nadie would you please continue your story, I really want to know." Nadie felt a bit offended by her savior's previous comments but was reassured by the sandy blonde's apologetic tone. "I choose option 3 and the old man taught me all I know about bounty hunting, after 2 years of training when I was about 10 he let me side with him as an apprentice and he agreed to give me ¼ of what he earned for each bounty that I assisted him with catching. I did that for about 3 years and then we went our separate ways, so basically I've been bounty hunting ever since." -"Then how long is ever since?" -"Ever since is 6 years of bounty hunting." Éliane looked over the 19-year-old bounty hunter, and asked. "How old do I look?" Nadie didn't reply but abruptly pressed down the break paddle, slowing the car to a halt. After the vehicle's tires had seized to turn Nadie pushed down the light button, switching all of the Lamborghinis lights on. It was now bright enough to see the sandy blonde clearly. Nadie turned to face Éliane directly, looking her over inch by inch. "She is definitely under 20 and over 15 so she's around 17 in appearance." Nadie stared at the blonde for a bit longer, now admiring the girl's looks. She realized what she was doing and quickly gazed up into the latter's eyes, answering the previously asked question. "Well you look 17 to me, so even if you are an immortal who lived for more then 160 years your still 2 years younger then me. So you must show respect, as I am your elder." Éliane cracked up at this, seeing the crimson haired girl's expression when she spoke in an inventive tone of voice was more entertaining then any TV show or movie. Nadie realized that the blonde was laughing at her and joined in, while thinking of something striking to say next. After a minute Nadie stopped laughing and moved her face closer to the sandy blonde's own until they were almost touching noses. "Éliane I was just wondering ... how old was Vanessa?"-"I don't actually remember how old she is but she looks like she's in her mid 20s." Nadie's lips bent into a mischievous grin. "So Vanessa is at least 7 years older then you and at most 12? I didn't know that you fancied older women, but you know I'm an older woman, 2 years older ... in appearance so..." Éliane blushed for a brief moment, partially from the girl's suggestion but mostly because of Nadie's warm breaths hitting her face, her cheeks. "What are you trying to tell me... is it that you think that I am interested in you? If that's it then you should know that I'm not... Nadie I love Vanessa so the only woman that I'm interes..." -"I didn't mean anything like that, I was trying to get back at you for making fun of me! ... Apparently you took me seriously." Nadie's face was like a steaming tomato, Éliane could feel the heat. The sandy blonde sighed, moving her head away from Nadie's. Nadie moved back as well, laying her head back in the leather head pillow.

The moon and stars were brighter then anything else for miles around and the only lamination. Éliane reached her arm out switching off the cars lights. Her eyes gazed up at the starry skies above, "Somewhere... in this world you exist -Vanessa. I will be with you again, I promise." Nadie's mind was on the girl gazing at the havens, Éliane. The constellations were aligned tonight, both girls felt the

puzzling beauty of the unknown absorb trough their eyes. Éliane turned her head to face Nadie, "You know ... I don't know which constellation is mine or if I even have one but Vanessa's is Sagittarius." The sandy blonde pointed her index finger up, towards the heavens. Nadie looked up, becoming aware of Vanessa's constellation at its prime ravishing the sky. "Éliane do you everwonder if you and Vanessa are both looking at the heavens above and thinking of one another simultaneously?" Éliane answered with a heartfelt smile forming on her lips and in her eyes, "Yeah I'm wondering right now, if she is doing the same thing or if she's thinking of me." -"You're a romantic aren't you Éliane, to think of her so much... she is a memory from 160 years ago yet you still want to find her, you still love her after all this time. Vanessa Rene, you don't even know who she was to you or how you two met, but you do know one thing ... that you love her." Éliane's expression softened, she closed her eyes then whispered in a gloomy tone. "I'm not a romantic, I am a hopeless romantic. Based on what you said, it's kinda like chasing a false remembrance, my own disillusion. That might be true but I... to me it's significant and that's all..." Tears were streaming down the sandy blondes face, reflecting the moons light onto Éliane's eyes. Trying to stop crying was impossible; Éliane had to let it out. The sadness repressed inside of her had to be released. Nadie opened her eyelids, hearing the sobs coming from her right she turned to see her savior. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry." Éliane responded still sobbing, "No! Its okay, it's good to let it out once in awhile." Nadie moved out of her seat, grabbed on to Éliane's seat and edged over the sandy blonde's body. Slowly she placed herself on top of her saviors shivering body. Nadie pressed her torso against Éliane's, her left arm went around the sandy blondes back and her right hand fell onto her saviors right cheek, wiping the girls tears away. "Don't you dare cry! I won't allow it, I help you find Vanessa." Nadie moved her face in, closer to Éliane's dripping wet face. "Can I help you find her?" Éliane took a minute to put herself together, so she could answer Nadie. In a shaky voice the sandy blonde responded. "I would be grateful if you helped but before you make your choice you should know that its going to be dangerous ... Wait a second I turned you immortal so you cant die. Nadie I want you to help me find the book and Vanessa, but you cant be with me when I find the book." -"Why cant I?" Éliane took in a deep breath then answered, "Because I don't know what will happen when I find the book, I don't want you to get hurt... the book is the only thing that can hurt an immortal."

The sandy blonde didn't take too long to realize the position she was currently in with Nadie. "Umm... Nadie why are you on top of me?" -"You were crying so I decided to comfort you, and its also payback from before. You got to lay on me so it's only natural for me to do the same." Éliane smiled to herself, "I see ... so its equally comforting and revenge. That's some nice revenge." Nadie moved her face over Éliane's, smirking playfully. "Oh, so does that mean you enjoy feeling my revenge?" -"I... maybe I do but I wont tell ... Nadie lets sleep the rest of tonight like this and tomorrow lets take turns driving so you wouldn't get tired." Nadie placed her head down tenderly on Éliane's shoulder, huskily whispering while closing her tired eyelids. "That sounds excellent... good night partner."

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