Story: Perpetual existence & elapsed love (chapter 1)

Authors: Lena-Ann-Rene

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 how they met

[Author's notes: Important: This might be confusing, but bear in mind that Éliane is Madlax, not an OC.]

Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

Standing as still as a rock, the beautiful crimson haired 19-year-old was waiting patiently for her bounty. Swirling blue orbs were the girl's eyes narrowing on the targets shadow "if you have any last words say them now" whispered the girl aiming a colt Government Model .45 at the dark figure... her index finger was gently sliding to pull the rusted old trigger; it was as if she was treasuring the moment of her eternal anticipation... bang! A finger slid breaking the deafening silence with the recoil's of the bullets. It felt as if that moment froze the girl whose hair reached down to her knees, long with a natural luster of something in between the setting sun or the Crimson glow reciting in an alpha wolfs eyes. Nadies form was long and slender, her legs and torso were both longer than that of an average person. The girl was wearing a white overcoat over her extremely small black shorts and a dark rose red top covering the upper half of her torso. A barely audible sound escaped her lips... "What happened"? As she was falling to the ground she could feel a sharp pain residing in her shoulder.

"Am I dead" the girl thought, as she was trying to move her arms. "It's hopeless, I can't move, but what happened to me"? "Are you okay", a feminine voice called out. "I'm sorry I mean... I didn't mean to... hurt you... it's just that, I thought you were trying to shoot me".

As much as Nadie wanted to respond the pain just wouldn't let her. She tried to open her eyes for a moment, and as she finally did she could only see the darkness. "Where am I? I fell after... releasing the trigger and after that"-"you were shot in the shoulder, you fell back from the impact and... well you fell into this empty underground deposit. The fall must have been at least 30 feet... you're lucky to still be alive." The girl finished. "Try to move your body and tell me where it hurts!" Nadie complied, "if the girl jumped in after me then she must have been trying to help me or she would have left me for dead", she reasoned. After a few moments of attempting to move her body Nadie realized that she couldn't move even a muscle of her damaged body, all she had control of was her head so mental comprehension, speaking ability and vision were all in tact. The hellish pain that she would have been feeling, if her whole body wasn't paralyzed didn't exist for her and at least she had that fact to be thankful for. "I can't move even a muscle" the Crimson haired girl mumbled, awaiting a response from the stranger she couldn't even see, for it was too dark with almost no light at all. "I see then this is much worse then I thought it" the strange girl stated almost as if thinking out loud. "Let's think over our options. Well... for one I can't pick you up and carry you, since that could be fatal for you, second... even if it wasn't fatal I don't think it would be easy getting back up there... oh yeah and third... we are in the middle of nowhere!" Nadie shivered at what the girl just told her. "Am I going to"-"don't worry I wont let you die". The girl's words washed over her. "What's your name?" "Éliane but you can call me Eli", answered the girl whilst searching for a match to light a lantern with. "Ahh! Found it... and let there be light!" It now being bright enough to see around a 15 feet radius the crimson haired girl looked up at éliane seeing her for the first time. Éliane had emerald green eyes shining like twin moons; she was as tall as Nadie herself, bearing a long slender torso with a pair of tall legs. Eli's hair fell down to her boots, long and straight with medium length bangs pointing to the left side of her face. The tone of her hair was a Sandy blonde, almost light golden brown. Wearing a sporty military like jacket over a top considerably longer than Nadie's but still revealing her belly button and a pair of dark skin tight shorts covering only 1/6th the length of her legs. Nadie Was stunned by what she saw, Éliane looked almost as if she was a model although not quite, "she looks an angel... but dressed a soldier" Figured the 19-year-old. "And what is your name?" The former asked, whilst turning to face the latter. "Nadie" The crimson haired girl replied. "You're Nadie... well it's a nice name! Nadie! Do you feel that you can handle hearing what the extent of your injury"-"Yes"? "Okay then, your shoulder is bleeding and if it isn't treated within the next hour, then you'll probably bleed to..." Eli was now frowning with a melancholy expression. "The spinal injury is probably a threat to your life, Nadie you might have internal bleeding and if that's the case... there is nothing that I..." she paused then slowly walked closer to Nadie, now standing right over her, the sandy blonde crunched down placing her mouth just inches from the injured girls right ear. "I take that back, there is one thing... Nadie I'm goanna need to take off all of your clothes too..." Eli whispered, noticing that the crimson haired girl was now unconscious. "All right then, you don't have much time left so forgive me, but I have to do this." Gently lifting up the injured girl's back to take the top currently covering her bare chest off, Éliane Usually would of flustered, turning a bright red at the very thought of it, but she didn't even think it because saving this girls life was all that filled her mind. The rest of the undressing didn't take long for time was quickly ticking away and Éliane knew that it had to be now or not at all, she had to take action now. Hands placed on Nadie's shoulders; the green eyed girl took in a deep breath to proceed. She was now breathing hard as small particles began to originate, particles were glittering over her fingers. Her rapid breathing increased as the particles began multiplying. The sight could only be described as breath taking. The process was similar to Mitosis, like cells the particles divided into exact copies of the original. Eli felt sweat dripping down her forehead. The task at hand took a lot out of her, just as the particles seeped into Nadie , "it... worked" Éliane sighed in
relief seeing that the crimson haired girls body had been healed... eyelids shutting from exhaustion the girl fell a top Nadie's ample bosom.

...Nadie feels warmth breathe through her body, "wait a second; I can feel my body... the heat...the pressure. There's something on top of me, soft and warm pressing on tightly against my skin... could it be?" Nadie opens her eyes. "Éli!" She sees the blondes head lying upon her bosom, the blondes arms are wrapped around her bare back pressing tightly, her Legs intertwined with the blondes. "My arms they are wrapped around her, hers around me... I'm not wearing anything, my wounds are healed... what happened? She is unconscious!" Nadie's temperature begins to rise as she realizes the situation she is in. "What do I do? I... don't desire to do anything to ruin this-feels nice." tenderly the blondes head turns, brushing against Nadie's most sensitive area on her bosom. Nadie loudly moans. "That felt so good, but why am I"-"Nadie!" Éliane gasped breathlessly. The blondes face was a bright red, all the blood was rushing to her head which was still planted in Nadie's unclothed chest. "This is not what it looks like." The green eyed girl confirmed in a soft voice. Nadie took in a deep breath, still below the latter's warm body "Well what does it look like?" after untangling from Nadie's embrace Éliane quickly got up and turned around, not facing the girl, avoiding her eyes. Eli took her jacket off "catch", she threw the jacket to Where Nadie was now sitting up. "You need to get dressed, your shirt and that overcoat both have bullet holes in them and they are all blood stained so..." Nadie picked up the jacket. It was of a green camouflaged color similar to the types of jackets worn in the Army. "Smells like pretzels" she whispered out, just loud enough for Éliane to hear. Now placing her arms in the sandy blonde's jacket, she zipped it up and looked at Eli. "You can turn around now!" The blonde complied, jerking her head around, "Oh" Éliane gasped at the sight. The redhead undoubtedly tricked her, the girl's lower half was not fully clothed, and Nadie was still putting on her shorts. The crimson haired girl's underwear fused to her flesh tightly, rather revealing. Éliane felt her cheeks turn a bright red, she had been looking at the girls lower half for a little too long. Eli quickly averted her eyes as she realized that she was hearing a loud laughter escape the redhead's lips. "That's not how you treat the person who just saved your life you know." Éliane scolded still not looking at Nadie. "Oh well I thought that one must make oneself useful as appreciation for their saviors kindness... so I was going to pleasantly surprised you by letting you look at my sexy body." Eli couldn't keep a smile from forming on her face. "Your sexy body?" Eli was now laughing hard, unable to stop herself. "No one has ever made me laugh like this before, so thank you Nadie, but don't I warrant more then just a look?" The girl was playing along not excepting her defeat. "But you have already got more then a look; you had a feel, a very good feel" ... "Ahh I see but how did you know that I thought it was good?" Eli didn't like where the conversation was heading and she had to find a way to change the subject, and fast. She was walking slowly towards the now fully dressed girl in front of her, "I can't jump high enough to grab onto the rope I climbed down here", Éliane was happier than ever being with the crimson haired girl, she barely knew her but the girl had already done what no other has been able to do for her. Eli wondered why Nadie matter to her so much already, for she had saved the girl's life the only way she knew how, the way she had only once before. Éliane came to this old rigid fort to find a girl named Nadie, it was her own fault that the girl fell into the underground deposit, "I saved her because she's Natalia's friend, I came here to find her and drive back to the hotel with Nadie once I did so but, would that be worth me doing something as big as this... no." Why did she save the crimson haired girl... there was no answer other then that Éliane genuinely liked the crimson haired girl since the first time she saw her, " This must be why I saved her, why I made her immortal... yes I'm sure of it."

The sandy blonde placed a hand on Nadie's shoulder with a genuine smile in her luminescent emerald green eyes reflecting the emotions already harbored towards the girl who she unthinkingly turned eternal, the girl who managed to steal her heart with just one glimpse. " Nadie look up towards that hole you fell trough", the crimson haired girl did as she was told, she tilted her head up, eyes focusing on the small opening where a teeny bit of light, the color of her hair seeped trough the only visible way out of the cave she and her savior were currently imprisoned in. A few moments later something caught her eye, a yellow rope was hanging out of the opening, like a single string of hair flowing down a bolding scalp. "So you see the rope?" Eli pointed her left index figure towards the over used but sturdy yellow cord, "yeah... is that our exit?" The blonde nodded, confirming a yes.

"Alright the lets climb!" The blue eyed girl ran towards the steep ragged cliff that was a cave wall, looked up, took in a deep breath and began to climb upwards, towards the rope. Éliane couldn't help but be amused by the girls blind ambition, for she knew that even she could not climb something that steep, and yet the beautiful blue eyed girl climbed it head on. Looking down Nadie realized how high she had climbed and how physically exhausting it was to hold on to a cliff this steep, but what surprised her was the fact that the noble blonde who saved her life was below her, still standing in the middle of the cave, observing Nadie with an amused expression, evident by wide ovals and a circle for a mouth on the girls picturesque face. "Alright now I need to jump for the rope, catch it and gain control... or crash into a wall", Nadie whispered to herself inaudibly. The crimson haired girl steadied herself, took in another deep breath, her chest moved up and down in a steady manner, and let go with all the strength she had. Éliane was amazed by the sight, the beautiful blue-eyed girl who she was already fond of had let go of the cliff and was flying through mid air in what seems to be an awkward position, to say the least. Nadie had thought that if she jumped for the rope with all of her efforts, then she would surely reach the yellow rope without trouble, but she was wrong. Reaching out her right arm to catch the rope, the blue-eyed girl realized that she was at least 10 inches below where the rope was hanging, even if her arm extended to its full length it still would have missed the rope by a landslide. A Second passing seemed a lifetime whilst she was descending, head first; to the sharp, rock hard floor that is the caves surface. "This is just my luck... avoiding death once must of really upset the gods", she thought for a meek moment before realizing that the falling had ceased... all she felt now was a firm but gentle grip enclosed around her waist and upper back, it was comforting and made her feel safe. The crimson haired girl instantly knew what had happened to her and why she was falling no more, for her savior, Éliane had watched her from the very start of the arrogant attempt at climbing a cave wall to reach the rope that Éliane climbed down here in the first place. "Éliane caught me, she knew I would fall so she was waiting there in amusement... waiting for me to fall and ready to catch when I did", Nadie pondered to herself as the blonde gently placed her down on her feet. A wave of the latter's finger brought her back to reality, she knew that she was about to be lecture on, how her actions were both mindless and reckless, and even worse was the fact that she barely knew her lecturer. Yet to her dismay she received nothing more than a caring smile and "are you alright", with a nod of a head Nadie's commotion settled. "Now that we know that we can't get out of here by climbing, we need to" ... the green eyed girl paused for a moment as if wondering if she should do something or not. Éliane now looking straight at the formers blue eyes began, "alright I know how we can get out of here! All that I have to do you is make the rope longer and then we can climb our way out... together." Nadie Didn't know why the girl empathized together but that train of thought was cut short by what was transpiring, she could see that the yellow rope had a undoubtedly grown longer, it was now only 7 feet from the rock-hard floor she stood upon, it was now within her grasp. Before Nadie could even notice, the sandy blonde had already climbed half of the way up. "What just happened here... and how"- "don't worry, I'll tell you all on the drive back to the hotel where Ellis and Natalia are staying, so don't ask no more." Being blonde finished and stretched out her arm, offering Nadie a lift, excepting it Nadie jumped with all her might, arms stretched out to catch her savior's hand. It took only moments before the crimson haired girl became aware of the fact that her arms were wrapped around the sandy blonde's waist and upper back. To Nadie's surprise, it didn't seem a challenge at all for Éliane to climb with a girl that doubled her weight, clinging onto her. The speed at which Éliane climbed didn't deteriorate at all and soon enough the sandy blonde was out of the cave, pulling Nadie's body to towards her own, into another embrace. Both girls resided in each other's arms for a few minutes before letting go and walking towards their cars.

Strangely enough both were walking in the same direction, headed for where each knew she parked her car. The warm red sun now completely set and the luminescent crescent moon now lighting the starry sky, it was hard to see the color of the car when both reached it but Nadie definitely knew that this wasn't the car that she had parked earlier, at this very same spot. The car that she parked was a bright red Porsche 968, but what now stood there was nothing of the sort, it was a glossy black Lamborghini Reventon that had extensive customization and blazing red lightning vinyl on the bottom of its sides. If one could say that her car was "a nice ride", then this car would certainly strike one speechless, it would have to be worthy of at least a couple of hundred thousand green if not more. Nadie fell dumbstruck, her eyes grew with amazement while her jaw practically dropped as it struck her that this was definitely the sandy blonde's car. "Éliane I have a question! If this is your car and where is my car ... I mean it was parked at this very spot..." Éliane was speechless for a moment as she remembered back to what happened earlier today.

Earlier That Day

Eli parked her Lamborghini Reventon opened the sliding door with a press of a button and stepped out onto the cracked hot desert surface. There was an old military fort 30 feet away from where she had parked her car. The fort seemed partially collapsed due to the constant weathering of desert dust storms over the years; it was most likely built in the early 1800s when Spanish settlers were conquering Mexico. The sandy blonde noticed a bright red Porsche 968 parked at the front of the fort as she walked past it, on the way to the fort. A loud noise startled Éliane; she turned around with a gun grasped in her left hand. There was a creepy looking man bearing a short dark beard, wearing a leather jacket attempting to start the car that Éliane just parked a few minutes ago. It did not take long for the blonde to remember that she must have left her keys inside of the car and forgot to lock the doors. Unfortunately the creep managed to start the car and drive off before she could reach it, but what he didn't know was who he was messing with. Éliane would not falter to make two wrongs make a right, without hesitation she dashed to the red Porsche, reached it, jumped inside and used the simplest of her powers to jumpstart the car. At bursting speed the car Éliane was currently driving could go up to only 156 mph while her Lamborghini Reventon, the car that the creepy guy jacked, went up to 200 mph. But to no dismay, this was not a problem for her, she wasn't about to give up at this, she was about to make it interesting.

The speed increase to 120 mph, Éliane was nearing the target. A brisk sound originated from the car's engine, speeding the car passed 160 miles per hour. Crashing the red Porsche seemed to be the sandy blonde's plan, drawing out her gun, (a .50 Cal. Magnum) with her right hand at the same time as Steering with her left. Eyes locked on the fuel tank of the latter's car, arm steady and ready to release the trigger. "Ahh", the girl yelped, losing control of the car. "Well you won't have my mercy", a devious smile spread over her face aligned with burning forest green orbs glimmering in vengeance of the creep who would dare steal her car and worse, shoot before she did. In a fraction of a second the girl had leaped 10 feet into the air, flying forward, maneuvering for the descend, aiming a gun while ascending in the air. Bang ... the recoils fell back, fast enough to pierce through flesh. Dead, the man's head fell lifelessly to the steering wheel, Éliane landed perfectly in the passenger's seat next to the creep who was now a corpse. Power unsusceptible to a naked eye sprang from Eli's body, flowed over the corpse and lifted it up in thin air. The whole process only took 30 seconds, the corpse levitated even higher as more invisible particles purged onto it. The red Porsche Éliane stole, still roaring at full speed uncontrollably without a master to tame the beast. Éliane was well aware of the fact that both vehicles were rolling at bursting velocities near the edge of the road, nearing a treacherous canyon. Éliane's body slid into the driver's seat, she grabbed the steering wheel, pressed down the brake pedal and turned the wheel whilst slowing to a halt. rushing passed, the red Porsche left the crack filled restraints of the road, nearing the edge of a deep canyon at insane speeds that could make one wonder if the vehicle would fly over one side of the canyon and land on the opposite without remorse.

Invisible forces threw the corpse right into the red Porsche momentarily before it neared the edge. The blonde couldn't help but reached out her gun, bang ... exploding debris fell amid the canyon, the sight mesmerized Eli, and she looked like a child seeing fireworks for the very first time. "I just blew up someone's car and killed the bastard who messed with me! This is beginning to be an interesting day" ... contented, Éliane jumpstarted her car and descended down the road, back to where the crimson haired girl, Nadie, Natalia's friend, supposedly was. "Nadie I am dying to meet you, whoever you are", whispered the Sandy blonde, in an almost sultry voice as she drove back to the collapsed Spanish Fort.


Éliane began to contemplate on what she should say, "I didn't know that the red car belonged to her... I trashed Nadie's car! Well, a white lie or perhaps half truth can't hurt." She took in a deep breath and began "Nadie an ugly creep in a lather jacket stole your car... I tried to get it back but the creep drove of a cliff and well the car was totaled!" the crimson haired girls eyes instantly grew twice the size they were a moment ago. "Umm, so the car and my bounty are both gone. I got shot, fell 30 feet and now this!" Nadie shrugged her head down looking as if about to cry. "I really do have the worst of luck don't I?" her voice was shaky; she was trying hard to hold back tears of disappointment. "Nadie I'm sorry but please don't cry. This is hardly a reason to be sad... in fact this car right here is now yours. It's my gift to you." Éliane pointed to the black Lamborghini Reventon, "here", she took out the keys and reached her hand out to Nadie. "It's yours so please don't cry no more." It didn't seem possible but Nadie's blue eyes grew even wider. "You're serious?" Éliane placed her car keys in the crimson haired girl's right hand, opened the door to the driver's side and proceeded to get into the passengers seat. "Drive with me Nadie, be by my side. There are many things I have yet to explain to you." The blonde made herself comfortable, laying back in the passenger's seat and after Nadie placed herself in the driver's seat and started the car, she continued. "Thank you for accepting my humble gift ... Nadie, drive me to that hotel where your Ellis and my Natalia are staying. I believe its called The Herington 5 star hotel." Nadie's face lit up with a smile, for what the green eyed girl excitedly told her was just what she wanted to hear. "Yes Sir!" Nadie pressed down the gas paddle, the car rolled, furthermore the two drove off into the night together.



[End notes: This story is 13 chapters long! enjoy]

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