Story: Perpetual existence & elapsed love (all chapters)

Authors: Lena-Ann-Rene

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 how they met

[Author's notes: Important: This might be confusing, but bear in mind that Éliane is Madlax, not an OC.]

Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

Standing as still as a rock, the beautiful crimson haired 19-year-old was waiting patiently for her bounty. Swirling blue orbs were the girl's eyes narrowing on the targets shadow "if you have any last words say them now" whispered the girl aiming a colt Government Model .45 at the dark figure... her index finger was gently sliding to pull the rusted old trigger; it was as if she was treasuring the moment of her eternal anticipation... bang! A finger slid breaking the deafening silence with the recoil's of the bullets. It felt as if that moment froze the girl whose hair reached down to her knees, long with a natural luster of something in between the setting sun or the Crimson glow reciting in an alpha wolfs eyes. Nadies form was long and slender, her legs and torso were both longer than that of an average person. The girl was wearing a white overcoat over her extremely small black shorts and a dark rose red top covering the upper half of her torso. A barely audible sound escaped her lips... "What happened"? As she was falling to the ground she could feel a sharp pain residing in her shoulder.

"Am I dead" the girl thought, as she was trying to move her arms. "It's hopeless, I can't move, but what happened to me"? "Are you okay", a feminine voice called out. "I'm sorry I mean... I didn't mean to... hurt you... it's just that, I thought you were trying to shoot me".

As much as Nadie wanted to respond the pain just wouldn't let her. She tried to open her eyes for a moment, and as she finally did she could only see the darkness. "Where am I? I fell after... releasing the trigger and after that"-"you were shot in the shoulder, you fell back from the impact and... well you fell into this empty underground deposit. The fall must have been at least 30 feet... you're lucky to still be alive." The girl finished. "Try to move your body and tell me where it hurts!" Nadie complied, "if the girl jumped in after me then she must have been trying to help me or she would have left me for dead", she reasoned. After a few moments of attempting to move her body Nadie realized that she couldn't move even a muscle of her damaged body, all she had control of was her head so mental comprehension, speaking ability and vision were all in tact. The hellish pain that she would have been feeling, if her whole body wasn't paralyzed didn't exist for her and at least she had that fact to be thankful for. "I can't move even a muscle" the Crimson haired girl mumbled, awaiting a response from the stranger she couldn't even see, for it was too dark with almost no light at all. "I see then this is much worse then I thought it" the strange girl stated almost as if thinking out loud. "Let's think over our options. Well... for one I can't pick you up and carry you, since that could be fatal for you, second... even if it wasn't fatal I don't think it would be easy getting back up there... oh yeah and third... we are in the middle of nowhere!" Nadie shivered at what the girl just told her. "Am I going to"-"don't worry I wont let you die". The girl's words washed over her. "What's your name?" "Éliane but you can call me Eli", answered the girl whilst searching for a match to light a lantern with. "Ahh! Found it... and let there be light!" It now being bright enough to see around a 15 feet radius the crimson haired girl looked up at éliane seeing her for the first time. Éliane had emerald green eyes shining like twin moons; she was as tall as Nadie herself, bearing a long slender torso with a pair of tall legs. Eli's hair fell down to her boots, long and straight with medium length bangs pointing to the left side of her face. The tone of her hair was a Sandy blonde, almost light golden brown. Wearing a sporty military like jacket over a top considerably longer than Nadie's but still revealing her belly button and a pair of dark skin tight shorts covering only 1/6th the length of her legs. Nadie Was stunned by what she saw, Éliane looked almost as if she was a model although not quite, "she looks an angel... but dressed a soldier" Figured the 19-year-old. "And what is your name?" The former asked, whilst turning to face the latter. "Nadie" The crimson haired girl replied. "You're Nadie... well it's a nice name! Nadie! Do you feel that you can handle hearing what the extent of your injury"-"Yes"? "Okay then, your shoulder is bleeding and if it isn't treated within the next hour, then you'll probably bleed to..." Eli was now frowning with a melancholy expression. "The spinal injury is probably a threat to your life, Nadie you might have internal bleeding and if that's the case... there is nothing that I..." she paused then slowly walked closer to Nadie, now standing right over her, the sandy blonde crunched down placing her mouth just inches from the injured girls right ear. "I take that back, there is one thing... Nadie I'm goanna need to take off all of your clothes too..." Eli whispered, noticing that the crimson haired girl was now unconscious. "All right then, you don't have much time left so forgive me, but I have to do this." Gently lifting up the injured girl's back to take the top currently covering her bare chest off, Éliane Usually would of flustered, turning a bright red at the very thought of it, but she didn't even think it because saving this girls life was all that filled her mind. The rest of the undressing didn't take long for time was quickly ticking away and Éliane knew that it had to be now or not at all, she had to take action now. Hands placed on Nadie's shoulders; the green eyed girl took in a deep breath to proceed. She was now breathing hard as small particles began to originate, particles were glittering over her fingers. Her rapid breathing increased as the particles began multiplying. The sight could only be described as breath taking. The process was similar to Mitosis, like cells the particles divided into exact copies of the original. Eli felt sweat dripping down her forehead. The task at hand took a lot out of her, just as the particles seeped into Nadie , "it... worked" Éliane sighed in
relief seeing that the crimson haired girls body had been healed... eyelids shutting from exhaustion the girl fell a top Nadie's ample bosom.

...Nadie feels warmth breathe through her body, "wait a second; I can feel my body... the heat...the pressure. There's something on top of me, soft and warm pressing on tightly against my skin... could it be?" Nadie opens her eyes. "Éli!" She sees the blondes head lying upon her bosom, the blondes arms are wrapped around her bare back pressing tightly, her Legs intertwined with the blondes. "My arms they are wrapped around her, hers around me... I'm not wearing anything, my wounds are healed... what happened? She is unconscious!" Nadie's temperature begins to rise as she realizes the situation she is in. "What do I do? I... don't desire to do anything to ruin this-feels nice." tenderly the blondes head turns, brushing against Nadie's most sensitive area on her bosom. Nadie loudly moans. "That felt so good, but why am I"-"Nadie!" Éliane gasped breathlessly. The blondes face was a bright red, all the blood was rushing to her head which was still planted in Nadie's unclothed chest. "This is not what it looks like." The green eyed girl confirmed in a soft voice. Nadie took in a deep breath, still below the latter's warm body "Well what does it look like?" after untangling from Nadie's embrace Éliane quickly got up and turned around, not facing the girl, avoiding her eyes. Eli took her jacket off "catch", she threw the jacket to Where Nadie was now sitting up. "You need to get dressed, your shirt and that overcoat both have bullet holes in them and they are all blood stained so..." Nadie picked up the jacket. It was of a green camouflaged color similar to the types of jackets worn in the Army. "Smells like pretzels" she whispered out, just loud enough for Éliane to hear. Now placing her arms in the sandy blonde's jacket, she zipped it up and looked at Eli. "You can turn around now!" The blonde complied, jerking her head around, "Oh" Éliane gasped at the sight. The redhead undoubtedly tricked her, the girl's lower half was not fully clothed, and Nadie was still putting on her shorts. The crimson haired girl's underwear fused to her flesh tightly, rather revealing. Éliane felt her cheeks turn a bright red, she had been looking at the girls lower half for a little too long. Eli quickly averted her eyes as she realized that she was hearing a loud laughter escape the redhead's lips. "That's not how you treat the person who just saved your life you know." Éliane scolded still not looking at Nadie. "Oh well I thought that one must make oneself useful as appreciation for their saviors kindness... so I was going to pleasantly surprised you by letting you look at my sexy body." Eli couldn't keep a smile from forming on her face. "Your sexy body?" Eli was now laughing hard, unable to stop herself. "No one has ever made me laugh like this before, so thank you Nadie, but don't I warrant more then just a look?" The girl was playing along not excepting her defeat. "But you have already got more then a look; you had a feel, a very good feel" ... "Ahh I see but how did you know that I thought it was good?" Eli didn't like where the conversation was heading and she had to find a way to change the subject, and fast. She was walking slowly towards the now fully dressed girl in front of her, "I can't jump high enough to grab onto the rope I climbed down here", Éliane was happier than ever being with the crimson haired girl, she barely knew her but the girl had already done what no other has been able to do for her. Eli wondered why Nadie matter to her so much already, for she had saved the girl's life the only way she knew how, the way she had only once before. Éliane came to this old rigid fort to find a girl named Nadie, it was her own fault that the girl fell into the underground deposit, "I saved her because she's Natalia's friend, I came here to find her and drive back to the hotel with Nadie once I did so but, would that be worth me doing something as big as this... no." Why did she save the crimson haired girl... there was no answer other then that Éliane genuinely liked the crimson haired girl since the first time she saw her, " This must be why I saved her, why I made her immortal... yes I'm sure of it."

The sandy blonde placed a hand on Nadie's shoulder with a genuine smile in her luminescent emerald green eyes reflecting the emotions already harbored towards the girl who she unthinkingly turned eternal, the girl who managed to steal her heart with just one glimpse. " Nadie look up towards that hole you fell trough", the crimson haired girl did as she was told, she tilted her head up, eyes focusing on the small opening where a teeny bit of light, the color of her hair seeped trough the only visible way out of the cave she and her savior were currently imprisoned in. A few moments later something caught her eye, a yellow rope was hanging out of the opening, like a single string of hair flowing down a bolding scalp. "So you see the rope?" Eli pointed her left index figure towards the over used but sturdy yellow cord, "yeah... is that our exit?" The blonde nodded, confirming a yes.

"Alright the lets climb!" The blue eyed girl ran towards the steep ragged cliff that was a cave wall, looked up, took in a deep breath and began to climb upwards, towards the rope. Éliane couldn't help but be amused by the girls blind ambition, for she knew that even she could not climb something that steep, and yet the beautiful blue eyed girl climbed it head on. Looking down Nadie realized how high she had climbed and how physically exhausting it was to hold on to a cliff this steep, but what surprised her was the fact that the noble blonde who saved her life was below her, still standing in the middle of the cave, observing Nadie with an amused expression, evident by wide ovals and a circle for a mouth on the girls picturesque face. "Alright now I need to jump for the rope, catch it and gain control... or crash into a wall", Nadie whispered to herself inaudibly. The crimson haired girl steadied herself, took in another deep breath, her chest moved up and down in a steady manner, and let go with all the strength she had. Éliane was amazed by the sight, the beautiful blue-eyed girl who she was already fond of had let go of the cliff and was flying through mid air in what seems to be an awkward position, to say the least. Nadie had thought that if she jumped for the rope with all of her efforts, then she would surely reach the yellow rope without trouble, but she was wrong. Reaching out her right arm to catch the rope, the blue-eyed girl realized that she was at least 10 inches below where the rope was hanging, even if her arm extended to its full length it still would have missed the rope by a landslide. A Second passing seemed a lifetime whilst she was descending, head first; to the sharp, rock hard floor that is the caves surface. "This is just my luck... avoiding death once must of really upset the gods", she thought for a meek moment before realizing that the falling had ceased... all she felt now was a firm but gentle grip enclosed around her waist and upper back, it was comforting and made her feel safe. The crimson haired girl instantly knew what had happened to her and why she was falling no more, for her savior, Éliane had watched her from the very start of the arrogant attempt at climbing a cave wall to reach the rope that Éliane climbed down here in the first place. "Éliane caught me, she knew I would fall so she was waiting there in amusement... waiting for me to fall and ready to catch when I did", Nadie pondered to herself as the blonde gently placed her down on her feet. A wave of the latter's finger brought her back to reality, she knew that she was about to be lecture on, how her actions were both mindless and reckless, and even worse was the fact that she barely knew her lecturer. Yet to her dismay she received nothing more than a caring smile and "are you alright", with a nod of a head Nadie's commotion settled. "Now that we know that we can't get out of here by climbing, we need to" ... the green eyed girl paused for a moment as if wondering if she should do something or not. Éliane now looking straight at the formers blue eyes began, "alright I know how we can get out of here! All that I have to do you is make the rope longer and then we can climb our way out... together." Nadie Didn't know why the girl empathized together but that train of thought was cut short by what was transpiring, she could see that the yellow rope had a undoubtedly grown longer, it was now only 7 feet from the rock-hard floor she stood upon, it was now within her grasp. Before Nadie could even notice, the sandy blonde had already climbed half of the way up. "What just happened here... and how"- "don't worry, I'll tell you all on the drive back to the hotel where Ellis and Natalia are staying, so don't ask no more." Being blonde finished and stretched out her arm, offering Nadie a lift, excepting it Nadie jumped with all her might, arms stretched out to catch her savior's hand. It took only moments before the crimson haired girl became aware of the fact that her arms were wrapped around the sandy blonde's waist and upper back. To Nadie's surprise, it didn't seem a challenge at all for Éliane to climb with a girl that doubled her weight, clinging onto her. The speed at which Éliane climbed didn't deteriorate at all and soon enough the sandy blonde was out of the cave, pulling Nadie's body to towards her own, into another embrace. Both girls resided in each other's arms for a few minutes before letting go and walking towards their cars.

Strangely enough both were walking in the same direction, headed for where each knew she parked her car. The warm red sun now completely set and the luminescent crescent moon now lighting the starry sky, it was hard to see the color of the car when both reached it but Nadie definitely knew that this wasn't the car that she had parked earlier, at this very same spot. The car that she parked was a bright red Porsche 968, but what now stood there was nothing of the sort, it was a glossy black Lamborghini Reventon that had extensive customization and blazing red lightning vinyl on the bottom of its sides. If one could say that her car was "a nice ride", then this car would certainly strike one speechless, it would have to be worthy of at least a couple of hundred thousand green if not more. Nadie fell dumbstruck, her eyes grew with amazement while her jaw practically dropped as it struck her that this was definitely the sandy blonde's car. "Éliane I have a question! If this is your car and where is my car ... I mean it was parked at this very spot..." Éliane was speechless for a moment as she remembered back to what happened earlier today.

Earlier That Day

Eli parked her Lamborghini Reventon opened the sliding door with a press of a button and stepped out onto the cracked hot desert surface. There was an old military fort 30 feet away from where she had parked her car. The fort seemed partially collapsed due to the constant weathering of desert dust storms over the years; it was most likely built in the early 1800s when Spanish settlers were conquering Mexico. The sandy blonde noticed a bright red Porsche 968 parked at the front of the fort as she walked past it, on the way to the fort. A loud noise startled Éliane; she turned around with a gun grasped in her left hand. There was a creepy looking man bearing a short dark beard, wearing a leather jacket attempting to start the car that Éliane just parked a few minutes ago. It did not take long for the blonde to remember that she must have left her keys inside of the car and forgot to lock the doors. Unfortunately the creep managed to start the car and drive off before she could reach it, but what he didn't know was who he was messing with. Éliane would not falter to make two wrongs make a right, without hesitation she dashed to the red Porsche, reached it, jumped inside and used the simplest of her powers to jumpstart the car. At bursting speed the car Éliane was currently driving could go up to only 156 mph while her Lamborghini Reventon, the car that the creepy guy jacked, went up to 200 mph. But to no dismay, this was not a problem for her, she wasn't about to give up at this, she was about to make it interesting.

The speed increase to 120 mph, Éliane was nearing the target. A brisk sound originated from the car's engine, speeding the car passed 160 miles per hour. Crashing the red Porsche seemed to be the sandy blonde's plan, drawing out her gun, (a .50 Cal. Magnum) with her right hand at the same time as Steering with her left. Eyes locked on the fuel tank of the latter's car, arm steady and ready to release the trigger. "Ahh", the girl yelped, losing control of the car. "Well you won't have my mercy", a devious smile spread over her face aligned with burning forest green orbs glimmering in vengeance of the creep who would dare steal her car and worse, shoot before she did. In a fraction of a second the girl had leaped 10 feet into the air, flying forward, maneuvering for the descend, aiming a gun while ascending in the air. Bang ... the recoils fell back, fast enough to pierce through flesh. Dead, the man's head fell lifelessly to the steering wheel, Éliane landed perfectly in the passenger's seat next to the creep who was now a corpse. Power unsusceptible to a naked eye sprang from Eli's body, flowed over the corpse and lifted it up in thin air. The whole process only took 30 seconds, the corpse levitated even higher as more invisible particles purged onto it. The red Porsche Éliane stole, still roaring at full speed uncontrollably without a master to tame the beast. Éliane was well aware of the fact that both vehicles were rolling at bursting velocities near the edge of the road, nearing a treacherous canyon. Éliane's body slid into the driver's seat, she grabbed the steering wheel, pressed down the brake pedal and turned the wheel whilst slowing to a halt. rushing passed, the red Porsche left the crack filled restraints of the road, nearing the edge of a deep canyon at insane speeds that could make one wonder if the vehicle would fly over one side of the canyon and land on the opposite without remorse.

Invisible forces threw the corpse right into the red Porsche momentarily before it neared the edge. The blonde couldn't help but reached out her gun, bang ... exploding debris fell amid the canyon, the sight mesmerized Eli, and she looked like a child seeing fireworks for the very first time. "I just blew up someone's car and killed the bastard who messed with me! This is beginning to be an interesting day" ... contented, Éliane jumpstarted her car and descended down the road, back to where the crimson haired girl, Nadie, Natalia's friend, supposedly was. "Nadie I am dying to meet you, whoever you are", whispered the Sandy blonde, in an almost sultry voice as she drove back to the collapsed Spanish Fort.


Éliane began to contemplate on what she should say, "I didn't know that the red car belonged to her... I trashed Nadie's car! Well, a white lie or perhaps half truth can't hurt." She took in a deep breath and began "Nadie an ugly creep in a lather jacket stole your car... I tried to get it back but the creep drove of a cliff and well the car was totaled!" the crimson haired girls eyes instantly grew twice the size they were a moment ago. "Umm, so the car and my bounty are both gone. I got shot, fell 30 feet and now this!" Nadie shrugged her head down looking as if about to cry. "I really do have the worst of luck don't I?" her voice was shaky; she was trying hard to hold back tears of disappointment. "Nadie I'm sorry but please don't cry. This is hardly a reason to be sad... in fact this car right here is now yours. It's my gift to you." Éliane pointed to the black Lamborghini Reventon, "here", she took out the keys and reached her hand out to Nadie. "It's yours so please don't cry no more." It didn't seem possible but Nadie's blue eyes grew even wider. "You're serious?" Éliane placed her car keys in the crimson haired girl's right hand, opened the door to the driver's side and proceeded to get into the passengers seat. "Drive with me Nadie, be by my side. There are many things I have yet to explain to you." The blonde made herself comfortable, laying back in the passenger's seat and after Nadie placed herself in the driver's seat and started the car, she continued. "Thank you for accepting my humble gift ... Nadie, drive me to that hotel where your Ellis and my Natalia are staying. I believe its called The Herington 5 star hotel." Nadie's face lit up with a smile, for what the green eyed girl excitedly told her was just what she wanted to hear. "Yes Sir!" Nadie pressed down the gas paddle, the car rolled, furthermore the two drove off into the night together.



[End notes: This story is 13 chapters long! enjoy]

Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 Vanessa Rene

[Author's notes: This might be confusing, but bear in mind that Éliane is Madlax, not an OC.
Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)]

Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

Darkness swallowed a seemingly endless stream of dirt paved with cracked cement, stretching for miles on-end. Shadows of numerous sharply thorned green plants blurred passed Nadie's eyes. Only canyons seemed grand enough a sight to remain constant. Wheels churning at speeds capable of slashing bare flesh into bright red shreds, the vehicles immersive speeds rapidly pumped bursts of adrenalin into both girl bloods. Exhilarating couldn't describe the feel of a Lamborghini Reventon roaring at full velocity through traffic less road. A mere inch of the window slid open could give birth to a vacuum at these speeds nearing 200mph, not to mention what would occur if one slid down the entire window. Time slowed down to a halt inside the Lamborghini Reventon, Éliane and Nadie felt it, a minute ticking on for what seemed an hour.

Éliane's body comfortably seeped into the fine leather seat of Nadie's new car. The blonde's arms resided atop the seats arm bars, head leaned back on to the soft head pillow and legs stretched out wide. Éliane's eyes were shut, barring a cigarette shaped pretzel half berried behind her lips, moving inside of her mouth. The silence between the two was beginning to take its toll and the two knew they couldn't continue on like this for another moment. "Umm ... Nadie would you care to know why we met at that fort today, and how I know your friends?" Éliane turned her head to face Nadie. "Yes but that's just a slice of what you need to tell me." "Yeah I know." Nadie smiled, "good! Then please continue." "Alright then, braise yourself for what your about to hear, and believe what I say Nadie my chauffeur." "Ok, I lend you all of my humble attention my noble savior" Both girls chuckled at what each one had just said.

Éliane paused for a moment to recollect her thoughts, and then began to explain. "Well the simple answer to why we met is that my friend Natalia wanted to see her two only friends, Nadie... you, and Ellis. Natalia's mansion at the ancient village wad burned to a crisp and all she had left was me and the bounty hunter and witch who she knew had traveled south to Win Marika, the eternal city ...and so I asked her what she wanted to do now that she was free like the wind with me by her side and she said "all I want is to see my two only friends who traveled south", and I told her that I would help find the bounty hunter and witch that she seeks, it took 4 months but by the guidance of fate we ended up staying at the same 5 star hotel as you and Ellis."-"So let me guess ...Ellis told you where I was and you came here to get me. Is my guess correct?" Éliane nodded. "Well yes, but do you want to hear the details?" "Obviously, do you even need to ask?" Nadie stopped, urging the blonde to continue. Éliane grabbed a pretzel, slid it in her mouth, continuing where she left off. "We got a first class room. The next day me and Natalia decided to have a day of relaxation so we went to the indoor first class pool ...when we got there Natalia noticed a short blonde girl speaking to the steward and he seemed rather angry with her. Natalia ran up to where the two were standing to see what the commotion was about and I evidently followed, as you can see my curiosity often tends to get the best of me." The sandy blonde smiled softly, Nadie began impatiently. "So can I guess what happens next?" Nadie tilted her head slightly towards the blonde, still keeping her left eye focused on the road ahead. The blonde nodded her head and Nadie began.

"That short blonde girl is Ellis and she was trying to get into the first class pool ...that Ellis she is always like that, she isn't as innocent as she first appears to be." Nadie smirked at what she stated. "I'm guessing that Natalia told him that Ellis was her guest and the Steward left her alone. Am I right?" "yes,

that's exactly what she did, after all you and Ellis were staying in the cheapest and least privileged room available, but don't you worry about a thing because I'm considerate enough to change the room where you are staying to first class, right across the hall from mine!" Nadie sarcastically remarked. "Why thank you for your concern but you spoil me much. The car, the hotel room... oh speaking of the hotel room, you are paying for it, right?"-"Yes" Nadie sighed in relief. "Thank god, but you must really care for Natalia, to do all this for her." - "I do care for Natalia but I am not doing this out of care, I'm doing this because I owe her a big favor, and actually I am returning that favor right now. After I drive you back, I'll be done with that favor and then I and she can go our separate ways." Nadie's smile formed into a frown at some of what her savior bluntly said. "Then that means that you two aren't friends after all ...your doing this to return a favor not out of friendship." Éliane brought her left hand up, placing it on Nadie's right, stroking it gently. "Nadie don't frown, after all it means that there is no one standing between us. Once we arrive at the hotel I'll arrange diner to tell Natalia about what happened between you and I and you'll explain everything to Ellis ...and after that we will stay together forever but not out of a favor." Nadie's eyes grew wide, as she became dumbstruck and confused. Éliane's left hand grabbed the steering wheel as she noticed that the crimson haired girl wasn't paying any attention to the road. "You need to explain yourself don't you", the blonde said to herself rhetorically. "Hey that's my line! Well then explain. I'm listening." Éliane placed her left hand back on top of Nadie's and began to explain what she truly meant. "I said forever, meaning for eternity, it was meant to be taken literally! I saved your life back then. Haven't you wondered what I did too"-"Ohh, I know what you did to me." A mischievous grin formed on Nadie's cherry red lips. "You took advantage of a beautiful young maiden, by undressing her whilst she was unconscious and doing something despicable to her ... taking her precious innocence without her consent.

Éliane's jaw practically dropped to the floor, her cheeks were burning red like two flames. "She doesn't actually think that I took her innocence ... does she?" The blonde pondered on the implications of Nadie's words for a minute, not noticing that her left hand was still lying atop of Nadie's. Nadie took a look out of the corners of her eyes to see how the blonde took what she had just said. "Ohh, so she is blushing but her hand is still on mine. I wonder if she even notices it." Nadie couldn't keep herself from laughing so she just let it out. "Éliane you should see your face, its redder then a cherry and your hand is burning hot!" "Nadie I did nothing of the sort, you misinterpreted what happened and ...and I didn't take anything from you (except your Porch), in fact I gave you something back there, it was the only way that I could save you." The sandy blonde's face returned to its normal complexion. "So what happened to me while I was unconscious?" Éliane looked surprised, "Nadie aren't you goanna guess?" -"No, to be honest I can't even begin to imagine what you did to save me, so I would like you to tell me." Éliane tightened her grip on Nadie's hand then began. "After you fell unconscious I took off all your clothes and proceeded to heal your damaged body ...the only way that I knew how." - "And how is that?" Nadie raised an eyebrow. "I saved you by making you immortal so that your wounds would heal; like I said earlier it's the only way I knew ... the only way to save your life at that point was to give you eternal life." Nadie wasn't sure on how to respond. "The weird thing is that it worked." -"Why is that weird?" - "Simply because I did it only once before ... 160 years ago, with the books power, but to be able to without it is new to me." The crimson haired girl gasped at what she had heard. "Éliane you are that old?" -"No I am far older but I don't remember anything from before about 160 years ago and the

memories that I do have are mostly incomplete with gaps in them ...especially ones from 160 years ago, the 1840s." I remember the 1840s and everything from 10 years ago unto now but the 150 year gap of nothing still remains..." -"Tell me ...what happened 160 years ago." -"I remember being a mercenary for the high council clergy, the powerful book and Vanessa Rene - the woman that I love more then the world itself." The sandy blonde paused then gazed at Nadie, checking for a look of approval, "Please continue Eli, tell me about Vanessa." "I loved Vanessa Rene and she loved me back. I know it; I feel it, remember it. There is a reoccurring memory in my dreams where we are together bed."

Memory of Vanessa

The rain was poring down hard onto the roof of the cabin we were inside of. Lightning flashed throughout the dark fearsome skies making it seem to be as bright as day if even for a second. Wind roared trough the many giant trees surrounding our cabin for miles on end. I couldn't take my eyes off Vanessa; I wanted her more then anything that night. Slowly I walked up towards the woman I loved, she did the same. We stood right over the one-person bed craving one another with nothing but the flashing lightning to light the dim room. "Vanessa there is only one thing that I want right now, do you know what that is?" -"Yes, the same thing I desire more then anything else in this world... you .......!" Vanessa grabbed my arm then slowly brought it up and placed it over her heart, "Do you feel how fast it's beating? The reason is you, only you can make it beat this fast." My love brought her hand to my heart, I couldn't help but flutter, my body temperature rose by what seemed 20 degrees. "I'm glad because your heart is beating faster then mine, so I guess this means that you love me more then I love you." All I could do was stand still, frozen facilitating the special moment, the first time she said "I love you" to me. I felt her arms pull me into an embrace. Tightening around my body, it was like she wanted to fuse into me, to become one. Lightning struck only a mile away, we felt the thunder seep trough us simultaneously. Vanessa fell on the bed taking me down with her. I opened my eyes feeling her warmth below me; she was trembling at the intimate contact. Warmth soaked trough both our bodies. Vanessa starred at me for what seemed eternity, hungrily. Another bright flash of lightning revealed her sea blue eyes glancing straight into mine, pupils fully dilated. I felt her sudden movements, she rolled us over. I was lying below her burning hot body. Vanessa leaned her head less then an inch from my burning red hot face and huskily whispered, "If you don't want me to... just say it and I won't." I wanted her more then anything so I wrapped my trembling arms around her neck, pulling her face closer to mine until our lips brushed, and whispering my desire breathlessly. "Vanessa I want you more then... no. I need you so don't even doubt it." I tenderly grabbed a lock of her long burgundy hair, brushing my fingers trough it. "Vanessa I want you to be my first time ...and my last." I felt her lips turn into a smile right before engulfing mine. Soft could not begin to describe the feel of her blazing hot lips, they felt sinuous and juicy against my own, to say the very least. Time stood still for us as we brushed lips, but something happened. Vanessa's body intertwined with mine, pressing me hard against the bed, and leaning into me ... addicted to my entire essence. I jerked my head away from her delicate lips, making her want me, hunger for me, starve for my lips. I gawked at her mischievously and whispered sensually, "If you want

me then seize me ... show me your passionate side, I know you want more then a lingering kiss." Vanessa's eyes shimmered at me; she froze for a second but only a second before she tore into me like a starved lioness seeing pray before her after weeks of starvation. Her left hand fell upon my bosom; her right grabbed the back of my head, bringing our mouths together, openly kissing for the very first time. I felt a jolt of ecstasy run trough my spine, it was the single most enjoyable feeling thus far in my life. I wanted to stay like that forever ...our mouths connected. Vanessa and I stayed this way for I don't know how long, but when I remember... it feels like eternity. My lover's mouth tasted better then any food that I have ever consumed, its surface felt softer then anything I have ever tasted, thus far. A lot more happened that night and the nights that followed but I would rather leave it unsaid. The next morning I was in a peaceful slumber with only one dream, a dream of merely one person ... Vanessa Rene. "....... Are you awake?" At the sound of her virtuous voice I opened my eyelids seeing her beautiful face over mine, "Now I'm awake thanks to you Vanessa Rene." Vanessa giggled in a girlish sort of way. A few moments anon she reached her arm out grabbing a tress of my blonde hair then stroking it. Vanessa looked up at me smiling with her sea blue eyes then whispered "Otherworldly ... that's what you feel like and that's one of the reasons that I love you." I smiled back, knowing what I must say "Vanessa I am otherworldly because I'm not the same as anyone in this world, I can never die and I have power one could only dream to have, but you know I'd give all of this up for you..." I felt unchained when I said it. My lover looked intently down at me, her face looked unwavering... "Then give it up! You don't have to do what the damn clergy orders you to because with your power you can do whatever you desire without any of the limiting factors that the rest of us have." My whole body began to feel cold, but before I could even consider a far grater warmth covered my entire body. Vanessa's sexy body spooned me into her, softly whispering, "Run away with me, just the two of us free of all and everything ... I want to be with you so if you truly love... then lets be free." At those words I melted into her, my eyes beamed into hers and I replied"Yes let's be free Vanessa Rene, for you I'd do anything and I do truly love you!" Vanessa seemed more then pleased with my response and proved me right with an elongated French kiss lasting for blissful hours, and still lingering in me now.


Nadie began to sob, "That is such a beautiful memory, especially Vanessa asking you to runway with her." Tears streamed down Nadie's face as she smiled remorsefully. Nadie took the hand Éliane had laid atop her own and brought it up to her bosom, "you know I wish that I could have someone like that in my life, someone who loves me more then the world. Éliane you're lucky to have had that..." -"I'm glad that you think that but I wouldn't say that I am lucky..." Éliane removed her hand from the crimson haired girl's chest, took in a deep breath and continued. "Like I said before -I don't remember everything from back then clearly but I am certain of one thing... I made Vanessa immortal with the book's power 160 years ago and so she should be alive right now. Vanessa Rene is somewhere in this world, I'm sure of it and I will find her!" Nadie looked at the sandy blonde's determined face and proceeded to ask a daunting question. "160 years ago... this happened that long ago and after all that

time you search for her? But how did you two get separated in the first place?" Éliane crunched on another pretzel while thinking about what happened. "All I remember is finally finding the book with Vanessa after what I think is between a few months to a couple of years after the vivid night we spent together in the cabin and after we ran away together, although I cant be sure... its still the most logical order of events that I can piece together from my memories." Éliane yet again paused, taking in a massive amount of pretzels all at once. "Crunch...Crunch. I turned her immortal right when I found the book, I would guess that maybe that's the reason that we kept on searching for the book in the first place... for Vanessa to become immortal so we could be together forever. When I opened the book something happened to me and to Vanessa ... the book's essence almost killed her! I was entranced by the book's essence, witnessing all of the horrid memories of my past as a merciless mercenary of the high council clergy flash before my eyes and disappear out of my mind, lost forever. I heard a cry from behind me, turned around and saw Vanessa hurt, almost dead but barely alive. My self control and willpower merged and I used the last of my strength combined with the book's power to give her eternal life. Vanessa's body fully healed, I began to cry tears of joy, but then something happened to me... the book's essence entrapped me inside of its realm..." -"So that explains how you two were separated ." The crimson haired girl declared to herself. "If that's what you can remember then what don't you..." -"I don't remember anything before 1840 and I am sure that I've been around for many years before 160 years ago. I don't know how me and Vanessa met either ... The memory of Vanessa however is precious to me." Éliane focused her gaze on the window and continued. I believe the book is capable of returning my lost memories so I want to find it ... I don't know where to look but the organization that I worked for -the organization that tried to kill me is my clue." Nadie's face filled with astonishment as she tried to comprehend this confusing new information all at once. The crimson haired girl licked her lips then asked, "The organization you worked for tried to kill you ... but your immortal aren't you?" -"Yeah, they erased all of my memories but fortunately for me Natalia brought them back, actually she in some way shattered the chains that restricted my recollections from 160 years ago. That is why I'm free now; just like half of what Vanessa wanted ... all I need now is to find her so we can be free together." Nadie's mind overflowed with wonder, "She has an interesting past, a goal and a lost love that she wants to find. I haven't been on a journey for a while. Maybe I should help her find the book... it could be fun with her." She wondered awhile longer till Éliane again broke the silence, "Now that you heard my life story, would you care to tell me your own?" Nadie sped up the car 20 more mph, now going at 221 mph. "Hmm... my life story? Well I lived in a village with my parents as a child but it got burned down and everyone but me died. I traveled trough a desert for 2 days and I was about to die from lack of water but a kind old man found me. He took me to the city orphanage but I refused to go, I would rather die then be imprisoned in an orphanage. The old man then told me that a child like me had three options: 1. to live in the orphanage and hope to be adopted, 2. be a homeless person without a future and 3. Train to become a bounty hunter who could protect herself, earn money and freely travel across the continent. Guess what I choose!" -"Let me see...your skills as a bounty hunter suck and you live in a hotel, so I'd say you look like you choose option 2, right?" Éliane clearly knew the option that Nadie selected but just had to humor the girl. The crimson haired girls face turned redder then her hair at the sandy blonde's unconsidered words. "I look like I'm homeless and you think my skills are bad? Is that how you feel about me?" Éliane let out a loud giggle, but quickly stopped herself then straightforwardly asked. "Can you prove me wrong? Can you shoot me... scratch that, can you shoot

down a bird in mid-flight?" Nadie looked at the sandy blonde's daring face with one eye still focusing on the road ahead, "I can but not at night so I'll prove it to you tomorrow morning! I want you to recognize that my skill is good." -"I was kidding, Nadie you don't have to prove yourself to me and I know you choose option 3, you don't look anything like a homeless bum either... although you do look like you need plastic sur... I mean you need a better haircut, yeah!" The sandy blonde quickly corrected herself not wanting to offend Nadie any further. "Nadie would you please continue your story, I really want to know." Nadie felt a bit offended by her savior's previous comments but was reassured by the sandy blonde's apologetic tone. "I choose option 3 and the old man taught me all I know about bounty hunting, after 2 years of training when I was about 10 he let me side with him as an apprentice and he agreed to give me ¼ of what he earned for each bounty that I assisted him with catching. I did that for about 3 years and then we went our separate ways, so basically I've been bounty hunting ever since." -"Then how long is ever since?" -"Ever since is 6 years of bounty hunting." Éliane looked over the 19-year-old bounty hunter, and asked. "How old do I look?" Nadie didn't reply but abruptly pressed down the break paddle, slowing the car to a halt. After the vehicle's tires had seized to turn Nadie pushed down the light button, switching all of the Lamborghinis lights on. It was now bright enough to see the sandy blonde clearly. Nadie turned to face Éliane directly, looking her over inch by inch. "She is definitely under 20 and over 15 so she's around 17 in appearance." Nadie stared at the blonde for a bit longer, now admiring the girl's looks. She realized what she was doing and quickly gazed up into the latter's eyes, answering the previously asked question. "Well you look 17 to me, so even if you are an immortal who lived for more then 160 years your still 2 years younger then me. So you must show respect, as I am your elder." Éliane cracked up at this, seeing the crimson haired girl's expression when she spoke in an inventive tone of voice was more entertaining then any TV show or movie. Nadie realized that the blonde was laughing at her and joined in, while thinking of something striking to say next. After a minute Nadie stopped laughing and moved her face closer to the sandy blonde's own until they were almost touching noses. "Éliane I was just wondering ... how old was Vanessa?"-"I don't actually remember how old she is but she looks like she's in her mid 20s." Nadie's lips bent into a mischievous grin. "So Vanessa is at least 7 years older then you and at most 12? I didn't know that you fancied older women, but you know I'm an older woman, 2 years older ... in appearance so..." Éliane blushed for a brief moment, partially from the girl's suggestion but mostly because of Nadie's warm breaths hitting her face, her cheeks. "What are you trying to tell me... is it that you think that I am interested in you? If that's it then you should know that I'm not... Nadie I love Vanessa so the only woman that I'm interes..." -"I didn't mean anything like that, I was trying to get back at you for making fun of me! ... Apparently you took me seriously." Nadie's face was like a steaming tomato, Éliane could feel the heat. The sandy blonde sighed, moving her head away from Nadie's. Nadie moved back as well, laying her head back in the leather head pillow.

The moon and stars were brighter then anything else for miles around and the only lamination. Éliane reached her arm out switching off the cars lights. Her eyes gazed up at the starry skies above, "Somewhere... in this world you exist -Vanessa. I will be with you again, I promise." Nadie's mind was on the girl gazing at the havens, Éliane. The constellations were aligned tonight, both girls felt the

puzzling beauty of the unknown absorb trough their eyes. Éliane turned her head to face Nadie, "You know ... I don't know which constellation is mine or if I even have one but Vanessa's is Sagittarius." The sandy blonde pointed her index finger up, towards the heavens. Nadie looked up, becoming aware of Vanessa's constellation at its prime ravishing the sky. "Éliane do you everwonder if you and Vanessa are both looking at the heavens above and thinking of one another simultaneously?" Éliane answered with a heartfelt smile forming on her lips and in her eyes, "Yeah I'm wondering right now, if she is doing the same thing or if she's thinking of me." -"You're a romantic aren't you Éliane, to think of her so much... she is a memory from 160 years ago yet you still want to find her, you still love her after all this time. Vanessa Rene, you don't even know who she was to you or how you two met, but you do know one thing ... that you love her." Éliane's expression softened, she closed her eyes then whispered in a gloomy tone. "I'm not a romantic, I am a hopeless romantic. Based on what you said, it's kinda like chasing a false remembrance, my own disillusion. That might be true but I... to me it's significant and that's all..." Tears were streaming down the sandy blondes face, reflecting the moons light onto Éliane's eyes. Trying to stop crying was impossible; Éliane had to let it out. The sadness repressed inside of her had to be released. Nadie opened her eyelids, hearing the sobs coming from her right she turned to see her savior. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry." Éliane responded still sobbing, "No! Its okay, it's good to let it out once in awhile." Nadie moved out of her seat, grabbed on to Éliane's seat and edged over the sandy blonde's body. Slowly she placed herself on top of her saviors shivering body. Nadie pressed her torso against Éliane's, her left arm went around the sandy blondes back and her right hand fell onto her saviors right cheek, wiping the girls tears away. "Don't you dare cry! I won't allow it, I help you find Vanessa." Nadie moved her face in, closer to Éliane's dripping wet face. "Can I help you find her?" Éliane took a minute to put herself together, so she could answer Nadie. In a shaky voice the sandy blonde responded. "I would be grateful if you helped but before you make your choice you should know that its going to be dangerous ... Wait a second I turned you immortal so you cant die. Nadie I want you to help me find the book and Vanessa, but you cant be with me when I find the book." -"Why cant I?" Éliane took in a deep breath then answered, "Because I don't know what will happen when I find the book, I don't want you to get hurt... the book is the only thing that can hurt an immortal."

The sandy blonde didn't take too long to realize the position she was currently in with Nadie. "Umm... Nadie why are you on top of me?" -"You were crying so I decided to comfort you, and its also payback from before. You got to lay on me so it's only natural for me to do the same." Éliane smiled to herself, "I see ... so its equally comforting and revenge. That's some nice revenge." Nadie moved her face over Éliane's, smirking playfully. "Oh, so does that mean you enjoy feeling my revenge?" -"I... maybe I do but I wont tell ... Nadie lets sleep the rest of tonight like this and tomorrow lets take turns driving so you wouldn't get tired." Nadie placed her head down tenderly on Éliane's shoulder, huskily whispering while closing her tired eyelids. "That sounds excellent... good night partner."

[End notes: 11 Chapters to go-]

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 So Close

[Author's notes: This might be confusing, but bear in mind that Éliane is Madlax, not an OC.
Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)]

Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

The chair slid fully under the table as a mid-height blonde got up and left for her first class hotel room to join Ellis. The room where Natalia was currently staying seemed as large as a house rather then a room, she knew that this would surly empress her old time bounty hunter friend, Nadie. Natalia stood before the door to her room thinking of what to talk about with Ellis when she opened the door. There was a lot on her mind; she had no one to express it to but the cute, short witch who was awaiting her in the large first class room that her savior Éliane had already prepaid. "Should I tell her about Eli and what she is, what she did for me and how mysterious everything about the elegant blonde who saved my life and became the closest person to me? I... I think I will." Natalia took in a deep breath and proceeded to open the large wooden door in front of her. When she stepped in she heard a noise coming from the large bathroom at the end of her room. "Must be Ellis taking a shower", she figured,"although I don't see why she couldn't take one in her room, after all Eli did get her a room just as good as this one but with a better view." Natalia walked passed the large king-sized bed that she and Éliane had previously shared, although they slept at least two people apart so it wasn't as interment as she would have liked, she still enjoyed the fact that she was sleeping with the girl. As she neared the bathroom she slowly extended her right arm towards the door knob, reaching to turn it. Before Natalia was able to even grasp the knob, the previously running water switched off and a moment after that the door knob turned. Standing before her was Ellis, nude without a stitch of clothing to her. "Ell...Ellis I am sorry for ..."-"Huh?" The mid-height blonde sighed in relief for she remembered that the witch named Ellis wasn't keen on getting embarrassed about being naked in front of someone and especially in front of someone as close to her as Natalia. "hehe, never mind that, But aren't you going to get dressed?" Ellis looked at the girl confused. "Why I'm not in a hurry and I don't have to go anywhere so I don't see the "-"Second guess that because I happen to have made dinner plans for the two of us and either way its impolite to walk around nude in someone else's hotel room." Elis turned around, and walked to her suitcase to get her best dress, worn only on special occasions. Taking out the dress Ellis asked, "What time is dinner?"-"8:00PM, so don't you be late little miss!" Natalia chuckled at Ellis's indifferent expression and walked off. "Wait Natalia where are you going?" Ellis managed to yell before the former shut the door. "Ohh, I'm just going out to get ready for our little date ... so don't you be late now." The girl shut the door and left, living Ellis to herself.

"Now what should I wear?" Natalia thought as she crossed the road, heading for the large super mall in the middle of town. " Eli is definitely like a husband isn't she ...she goes off to work and leaves me, the wife alone to do what ever I please while she works to provide me with everything that I could ever want." Natalia contemplated whilst walking to the high class part of the mall. Éliane had given her a large sum of money in cash to spend on whatever she likes, this generosity made the mid-height blonde more then happy. In the past she would create scams, hoax's and even going as far as occults to gain money from the foolish people who believed in them but to be given money out of kindness or generosity was new to her and it made her happy to finally be cared for in this good kind of way.

A rack full of elegant dresses that each cost 2,000 at the least filled Natalia's view as she searched for one that would look best on her slender, mid-height body. A long strapless white dress filled Natalia's view and she couldn't take her pale-blue eyes off of it. "Excuse me sir", she softly said to the man wearing a fancy dark suit with a bright blue tie that must have been bought in this store for not many

stores sold clothes this high in class. "Yes, how may I help you?" Natalia pointed at the white dress that had stolen her heart. "I would like to buy that for my friend." She stated. "Ohh but miss this fine dress costs 5000.00." "No problem, but before I forget, could you have it tailored?"-"Yes ... I'll have it done right away." The old man took the dress and left to hand it to the tailor. "Éliane should like that dress, after all she wore a dress similar to this when we first met. Well now, I guess I have to find one for me!" Natalia walked up to another rack of dresses, this one had many shorter ones that were less formal then the dress she choose for her friend. Brushing a hand trough them the mid-height girl spotted a not so revealing knee long blue dress with a mini jacket to cover her shoulders. She reached an arm out and grabbed the dress, walked over to the counter where the clerk stood and paid for it. All she had left to do now was to wait patiently for the well dressed old man to return with the elegant white dress. "I wonder if she is thinking about me right now. I hope she likes the dress." ... 15 minutes later ... The old man walks up to Natalia holding a well tailored white dress packaged in a see trough bag. "All done young lady", the man quickly hands Natalia the packaged dress, Natalia looks over it, "thank you". The man hurries off to his next customer.

Natalia reaches out her red razor cell phone, while walking towards a cab. "Should I call her now and see how she's doing ...yeah I think I will." She opens the yellow door, gets in, "Drive me to Le Cirque!" The cab driver nods, starts the car and drives off. "So why are you going to that fancy place?" Natalia looks up surprised by the drivers casual attitude, "I'm going there for an important dinner with my friend ... I need to tell her something, well no actually a lot of thin-" "Ohh ... so it's a girl is it." "Yeah she is a very important friend and I need to tell her the truth about..." The cab driver smiled to himself, then began, "Well she would be important ... wouldn't she? If you're taking her out to such an expensive restaurant then she must be, right? Natalia looked up at the front mirror trying to catch his expression. "Yes I care about her! Now would you mind doing what I am paying you for and not asking me anymore questions? The man sighed, giving up on his tormenting. The rest of the drive was filled with silence and an occasional coughing noise. After another 20 minutes the yellow car stopped, reaching the destination. Natalia got out, paid the annoying man and walked off, towards the restaurant. It was only 7:00PM and Natalia would surely have to wait for at least an hour before Ellis, her date would arrive. Waiting wasn't hard, for this restaurant wasn't just a place to eat fancy food and drink fine wine, but a place to be immersed in, by the entertainment. A red and yellow cloth evoking a circus tent hung over the ceiling in the large chamber of the restaurant emerged with a beautifully painted wall. Circus performers sprung up and down on a trampoline the size of her excessively large room, clowns juggled 20 things at ones and acrobats did the seemingly impossible. Natalia was filled with amazement and awe, she had been an acrobat in the past and she even knew some rather impressive magic tricks but the sight still amazed her every time. The mid-height blonde ones worked at a same name restaurant in los Vegas so she was keen on seeing the one here, in Mexico City. "This is amazing, it's not worse then the one in Vegas fact I would say that this is even better then Vegas. I think Ellis will like this place; after all she did tell me that she liked the circus and my magic tricks." Natalia chuckled at her musing thoughts then quickly reverted all her attention to the acrobats doing a triple flip trough mid-air.

Ellis wasn't the best at finding places on maps, but fortunately for Ellis Natalia hired a limo just for her precious friend. Ellis finally found a dress she thought looked nice on her, a short yellow knee length

dress woven out of fine silk. The adorable short blonde stumbled upon Natalia's closet right after the latter left and was unable to stop trying out the girls high priced dresses ever since. "Hmm ...I wonder if she'll get angry with me when she realizes that I rampaged her closet" Ellis thought as she checked her watch to see the time. "7:00PM!" Ellis yelped as she grabbed her purse and rushed out of the room towards the elevator. The drive was 40 minutes at the least and she was not fanatical on being late. As she got into the long car Ellis remembered the attractive tall blonde who went out to get Nadie, "I hope nothing bad happened to Nadie ... and why wont she just get a cell phone - it would be much easier for me if she did." "We will be arriving in about 20 minutes miss Ellis." The chuffer stated, he wore a finely made uniform with out a crease in sight, unlike the annoying cab driver who Natalia had to deal with earlier this day. The view was breathtaking, tall buildings fleshed trough Ellis's eyes. "I wonder what Natalia wants to tell me, and why she invited me to such a high class place ... I wonder if she likes me as more then a friend ..." The car abruptly stopped at a red light. "Ohh, Miss it seems that there was an accident so we might have some delays, I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but it looks like it will at least take us 30 more minutes!" Ellis quickly moved her head forward to see the clock at the front of the car. "7:40! Sir how far are we from the destination?" The man looked surprised, even dough the girl couldn't see him; she still sensed that he felt uneasiness. "15 miles Miss." "Then I..."-"It will take longer on foot, that you can be sure of Miss." Ellis set back down; she realized how thoughtless the idea of getting there on foot really was. "So what happened, why can't we get trough?" The man thought for a minute before answering the adorable short blonde. "I think the white pickup truck hit the smashed remains of a car over there", the man pointed to his left, "Do you see?" Ellis jerked her head to the left and peered out the tinted glass window. All she could see were crowds of people, a police car and traffic jammed up along the crowded street. Ellis quickly realized that she wouldn't be able to see what was happening from this part of the car, so she made her way towards the front of the limo. Now that she was at right behind the driver's seat she figured she could get the same view as him. The adorable short blonde brought her body up, moving face right for the window. What filled her eyes were two damaged vehicles, one mildly damaged while the other totaled. A body like figure seemed to reside in the white pickup, it wasn't moving, but she didn't feel the stench of death coming from it so she knew that whoever lay motionless in the white truck was only unconscious. She looked over to the other vehicle; there was something dark red seeping out of the totaled black car. "What is that ..." Ellis gasped as it hit her, "Its blood, its all blood. The stench of death is coming from that car. At least 2 people were in it, now they are all dead." Before she could notice, Ellis began to breathe in and out hard, as if she ran a marathon. The adorable short blondes blue eyes turned into hazed orbs streaming with sorrow and power intertwined. Ellis's control over her body vanished completely as the witches powers that she harbored seeped trough the car, invisibly flowing in the direction of the totaled black vehicle. The people in the crowds all gasped at the sight, the impossible was occurring right in front of their eyes. Blood slowly began to seep back into the corpses inside of the wrecked remains of a car. Soon the bodies, now fully intact floated out, hovering above the wreck. "It's a miracle ... my god it's a miracle!" the people in the crowds shouted while the bodies dissented down to the ground. A doctor ran up to the 3 bodies, kneeled down and checked each persons pulse: first the man in his 30s then the woman in her late 20s and then a child around 5. The doctor yelled in dismay, "They ... they have a pulse, they are alive, all of them!" Everyone in the crowds began to cheer, with excitement and disbelief. Ellis turned around in her seat, now facing forward - she did not know what had happened just a moment ago, yet

she felt drained and filled with happiness. "Why is everyone cheering?" she asked puzzled - she wasn't consciously aware of what her powers had done. "Ohh Miss did you not see? ... Well, a miracle has just occurred. The people inside of that black car floated out as if held by Gods divine hand and placed down gently to the ground, fully revived." Ellis's eyes grew wide in disbelief, "How is that even possible ... it couldn't have been my power, I can't do something that grand, but then why don't I remember what just happened?" Ellis kept on contemplating for most of the time, whilst waiting for the police to let the traffic pass. A man wearing a dark blue police uniform approached the limo; the driver slid down the window, "Yes how may I help you?" the driver asked the uniformed authority. "Ohh, I am just here to inform you that the traffic should get moving pretty soon." The driver smiled politely and asked the uniformed man, "Do you by any chance know how much longer it'll be before we get moving?" "Yes, about 10 more minutes." The man said then walked off, not leaving time for the driver to thank him. The driver turned around to face Ellis, "Looks like it won't be long now Miss." The adorable short blondes hand slid in her pocket, searching for a watch. A metallic feel caressed her hand, Ellis grabbed for the metallic watch in her overcoat pocket. She brought the silver watch up to meet her blue eyes. "7:55PM!" she yelped in panic, the driver heard her yelp and responded. "Don't worry I'm sure she'll understand, after all this is an unexpected dela-..." "What time will we get there?" The girl demanded. "At about 8:30 Miss."

"Where is she, its already passed 8:00PM, I wonder if something happened?" Natalia set idle for an hour, absorbed by the performance, not even noticing that her friend wasn't there yet. A female acrobat grabbed a bar 22 feet in the air, ascending to where her partner was awaiting her. They were performing Romeo and Juliet. The man caught her by the arm, pulling Juliet into an embrace. He looked down at her, looking her straight in the eyes, confessing he's love for her. The two love birds let go, falling away from one another, right before reaching the marble surface of the stage both caught a rope, swinging toward one another into another heart felt embrace. Natalia pondered, "Wow, this is sure one grand show. I wish Ellis could see this ... I bet she would say that Romeo is just like Nadie but more romantic, and she's Juliet. After all to save the world Nadie killed Ellis, then herself because she couldn't live without her companion. Luckily Blue Eyes revived them so they had their happy ending - unlike Romeo & Juliet." Natalia's thoughts were interrupted when the waiter approached her table asking her if she would like to order now or wait for her guest's arrival. "I would like to wait, thank you, but could you bring me your finest wine." The waiter, an exceptionally attractive dark burgundy -haired woman in her late 20s, looked down at Natalia, trying to calculate her age. "May I see your ID please?" Natalia looked at the woman realizing that it wasn't going to be as easy to get what she wanted as she previously thought. Looking over the waiters name tag Natalia decided to play the oldest trick in the book. The mid-height blondes hand slipped in her Chanel purse, searching for her leather wallet, finding it she took out a spare couple of hundred dollars. Standing up she winked at the waitress. Now completely up she filled up the empty space between her and the attractive waitress named, Vanessa. The mid-height blonde leaned in the direction of the waiter's right ear whispering, "Here is my ID, now please get me the finest wine you have." Natalia's hand slipped the money in between the attractive waitresses well shaped breasts. "Ohh I see, right away Miss", the attractive waitress winked back. "But out of curiosity how old are you really?" Natalia thought for a moment on whether or not she should tell the woman, "I'm old enough to ..." Natalia said in a sensual voice, caressing every syllable in her

unfinished sentence. Taking in a deep breathe, Natalia continued completing her sentence "... I'm old enough to see you after work if you want." The woman's face looked motionless for a moment until her checks turned burning red at the thought of the girl's implications. "Well then maybe I should give you my number, so you can call me." Natalia couldn't believe what she heard, she was only teasing, and she didn't expect the older woman to take it seriously or come up with such a good comeback. "Hmm ... How should I respond, do I want her number or do I want to play a joke on her ... I want both." Natalia smiled at Vanessa, still standing only inches away. "Alright then ... so if you ever want more of that green stuff between you're ..., you can call me and we can ..." The woman didn't look like she was going to back down anytime soon, she smiled at Natalia seductively, "Here this is my number, the dark burgundy -haired waitress handed Natalia a yellow posted with a number written on it. "I see, thank you, I'll call, promise." Vanessa didn't move, "Aren't we forgetting something, your number Miss ..." - "Natalia" the girl answered, "Then Miss Natalia may I have your number?" Natalia forgot all about her end of the bargain, "Ohh, right my number", Natalia blurted out. Reaching into her purse to find a card with her number printed on it, the mid-height blonde quickly found it and handed it off to the dark burgundy-haired waitress. "Thank you, I'll be sure to call", Vanessa gave the girl another wink, and walked off hurriedly to tend to her other customers. Natalia watched the woman go off into the distance. "I am diffidently giving her a good tip, she is fun", mused the mid-height blonde before realizing that she should probably check on the time. She dug her hand in the 2,000 dollar purse, yet again searching for the golden watch. 8:33PM, "Ellis, you sure are going to be sorry for being this late."

"Miss we are here and, I am very sorry for your arrival being this late." Ellis crawled out of the limousine as soon as it stopped, right in front of the 5 star restaurant, Le Cirque. The adorable short blonde closed the limo's door shut, running off into the fancy restaurant. The first thing that filled Ellis's eyes was the sheer size of the place, since she was half Natalia's size, this place looked twice as big and twice as grand to her. Second, she saw the circus-like design and a painted wall, surrounded by giant glass walls. Acrobats springing up and down while maneuvering trough the air, clowns juggling 20 things at once and magicians doing magic tricks filled her view, this mesmerized her. All Ellis wanted to do at the moment was to set down and watch the performance. Ellis stood there motionless as a man wearing a tuxedo approached her. The man now standing to Ellis's left asked her, "Are you lost Miss?" Ellis didn't respond, and then the man waved a hand in front of her face. "Still no response? Miss Do you have a reservation!" Ellis turned around, facing the well dressed man she said "Yes I'm here to have dinner with a girl named Natalia tonight, she should already be here." The man hearing her reply looked down to a clipboard with a list of customers names. Moments later his head jerked up, the man was pleasantly smiling at Ellis, "Please follow me Miss!" The restaurant was even larger then it looked, walking to the table took about 3 minutes.

Natalia's good mood stayed throughout the evening, though waiting wasn't exactly enjoyable. The mid-height blondes head lay on the table, her hand held an empty glass of fine wine preserved from 1880. Foot steps were nearing in her direction; she opened her eyes and looked up. The mid-height blonde mumbled "Ellis you're finally here ...and you are 40 minutes late." The shorter girl set down across from Natalia, starring in her direction. "Well aren't you going to tell me why you're late?" Ellis smirked, "Well it's a long story." Natalia set herself up straight, returning the gaze. "That's all right; I want to hear why

you're late." Ellis took in a deep breath, and then told the mid-height girl everything that happened. Natalia was shocked by what she heard, but nevertheless believed the girl. Natalia's hands slid across the wooden table, cupping Ellis's smaller left hand in-between. "So that's why your late ... I guess it's alright then, but you had me worried. I drank a bottle of wine worrying over you!" Ellis couldn't help letting out a barely audible giggle. "Natalia you drank the wine because you wanted to get drunk, not because of me." A laugh escaped Natalia's light pink lips, "Well I guess that's true then." The girls' set motionlessly for a couple of minutes, just looking at one another until the dark burgundy-haired waitress came up to the table, grinning all to conspicuously at the two. "So this is your date? Well, you got good taste I'll give you that." Natalia was about to say something when Ellis beat her to it, "May I have a giant lobster and four cornels of corn! Wait ... make that 2 lobsters!" - "Alright then, got it." Vanessa still wearing the highly seductive smile on her face, looked down at Natalia, "And what about you miss Natalia, what would you like to eat tonight. You must be hungry, no starving - so do you want to here our special for tonight?" Natalia clearly saw trough the older woman's carefully selected and sexually paved words. "She is so hitting on me and she's damn fun, hmm... and she's getting a nice juicy tip." Natalia looked up at Vanessa, swaying the woman to come closer, Vanessa noticed and complied. Natalia leaned toward Vanessa, whispering "Yes I want to hear what your special is, and if it can cure my hunger." Vanessa smiled, moving in closer to Natalia's face until both of their breaths collided. The attractive waitress whispered back sensually, still fixing her gaze on Natalia. "Well then today's special is, a steaming hot, spicy, delicious ... pasta soup." "Then I'll have that please."After hearing Natalia's reply Vanessa moved back, away from the girl. "Will that be all?"- "Yes" "yes", both girls replied simultaneously. The waitress smirked at Natalia before descending from her view. "You know I think she was flirting with you Natalia." "Huh, was she now?" Natalia's expression changed to a staggered stare, "So she noticed it too?" "I am jealous you know, but I have to admit that I am also impressed." Natalia wasn't sure on how to respond to that so she just smiled and said, "Thanks for the double complement Ellis, I appreciate it." Ellis nodded, and then reached out for the ¼ full bottle of wine. Natalia saw the attempt and grabbed the bottle away from her, chugging the remaining wine down in one gulp. "Now Ellis I don't think Nadie would want you becoming a helpless underage drunkard like myself..." - "But I am goanna need that if I have to listen to you for the rest of the evening." Natalia found this response rather amusing, and just as insulting. "Ellis judging by that response I'd say ... you're already drunk." The adorable short blonde became confused by the statement, deciding to just sit and wait silently for the food to be served. Natalia took it as a silent treatment designed to make her feel guilty. A few minutes later the Flirtatious waitress was walking back with the prepared dishes, smiling broadly. Vanessa first picked up the two lobster platter, placing it in front of Ellis, then the soup for Natalia. And at that Vanessa winked, then said suggestively, "Enjoy, but save some room for desert." Before Natalia could even remark the dark burgundy-haired waitress had already left to attend her other costumers. Ellis instantly dug into her delicious lobsters, ripping its red shell off and swallowing down the soft white meat. The first lobster was gone in less then 2 minutes. Taking slow half a spoon sips, Natalia on the other hand was keen on taking her time to devour today's special. The adorable short blonde's dish was now totally empty, Natalia's bowl still half full. Whipping her mouth, Ellis noticed that the other girl's bowl was sitting, pushed away from her, half full. "Natalia if you aren't going to finish it then can I have the rest?" "Sure I don't mind." Ellis grabbed the bowl away fiercely, eating it up in a record of 20 seconds.

Now that Ellis was completely done with her meal, she focused her attention to Natalia, looking straight at the mid-height blonde, incredulously. Natalia took Ellis's starring as her queue to began and explain why she invited Ellis here in the first place. "Ellis aren't you wondering why I invited you?" "Yes you said that you wanted to talk to me about something important to you, you wanted a friend to hear you out ...right?" Natalia's face lit up, the witch named Ellis could read her better then anyone. "Yes that's exactly why I invited you to dinner, but how should I began ... Ellis?" - "Yes" "would you like to hear what happened to me after you and Nadie left, and how I met Éliane?" Ellis nodded, "Yes sir!" Clearing her trout, Natalia began to retell the events leading up to her meeting Éliane.

4 Months ago

My beautiful mansion was aflame, burning uncontrollably. It happened the night you and Nadie left me to go south, to Win Marika. I was in my bedroom, on the phone with the white house. I told them about you and that you're a real witch. Then I hung up and set down on my bed reminiscing about you, after that I don't remember anything but that I passed out. I remember a tall girl with knee long hair and burning forest green eyes standing over me. The girl was standing in between the doorway, she was breathing in and out hard, gasping for air. Something was happening to her; it looked like she was fighting not to lose something important to her. I fainted after I saw her but I do remember felling like I was flying trough the air. I woke up lying on a grassy surface 40 feet away from my burning mansion, I tilted my head to the left and saw her the beautiful green eyed sandy blonde laying beside me, the girl who saved my life. I reached my arm out to her, softly touching her on the shoulder to wake her up, but then something happened. I witnessed her past; I was feeling outermost sadness, and her longing for something or someone. Her past was long; I had so many of her memories flooding into me all at once. I couldn't see them but I felt them, a book, blood shed, love and something powerful blocking the rest of her memories off. A mental wall blocked her memories off ... the memories related to the book. I think I fainted after feeling her memories related to the book, and the wall. Beautiful green eyes and long sandy blonde hair filled my view. She smiled at me and introduced herself as Éliane Santamïere, I did the same. Éliane thanked me for what I did for her, she said that I returned her memories, freeing her from something and saving her life. I think it had to do with me accidently reading her memories, but not only reading them but returning them as well. She kneeled down to me, asking what I wanted most. I smiled and told her that what I wanted was to travel south to see you and Nadie again. She agreed to help me find you and well she kept her promise, I did find you Ellis.


Ellis was surprised by what the older girl had told her. "Umm ...So does that mean that you have the power to bring peoples lost memories back to them?" - "Yeah, I guess so but I didn't bring back all of her memories and the ones from ... I think 160 years ago are fragmented. Also she doesn't remember anything at all from after the 1840s to 1999, but she remembers everything from 1999 to 2009. Isn't that weird?" Ellis's face wore a confused expression, none of what Natalia said made sense. "She's 160 years old?" "I don't know, maybe she's older. But I do know one thing ... she's immortal!" Ellis was still unconvinced, "But judging by what you said, wouldn't it make more sense if the stuff from the 1800s was just something she read in a book or watched in a movie and thought that it really happened to her. Like you said she only remembers fragments from the 1840s but she remembers everything from 10 years ago clearly ... so it would make sense to say that everything about her being that old is just a delusion." Natalia was amused by the girl's flawed attempt to rationalize everything, but Ellis ignored one fact, the fact that Éliane was immortal. "Ellis she's immortal and anyhow you're a witch with mystical powers and I have memory reading abilities, so it's not really hard to believe that she's an actual immortal especially for us." "Ok, but when she returns we'll ask her to prove it." "Well ... sure we'll do that." The performers were still doing their triple flip maneuvers and the magician, creating amazing illusions. Natalia set up straight, seeing Vanessa approaching with the dessert platter in her right hand and a coffee mug in her left. The dark burgundy-haired waitress grinned like an idiot when she neared the table where Natalia sat across from Ellis. Vanessa placed the platter down on Natalia's table, the lush variety of desserts spellbound Ellis. Vanilla cheesecake sprinkled with the finest chocolates, German black forest cake, winter coconut cake, all of the cakes looked delicious and Ellis knew that she was currently suffering an indecision crisis the only cure, to order on of each. "I would like everything that's on that platter please!" Natalia looked up at Vanessa giving her a glance indicating that she didn't want her to take Ellis seriously, Vanessa understood. "I'm sorry but you can only choose one, ok." A scowl of disappointment showed on Ellis's adorable face, but she understood, "Fine then I'll have the Winter Coconut Cake" "And who ... I mean what will you be having, Natalia?" "You, Vanessa!" The dark burgundy-haired waitress smirked. Natalia instantly realized what she said, giving a futile attempt to take it back. "I'm kidding! But really I don't want any dessert." "Ohh okay ... The dessert will be right out and I'll join you ... just as you ordered." Vanessa gave Natalia another wink, and hurried off to get the cake and return to join Natalia. The two girls set in silence, Ellis starring at Natalia amused by the girls flushed expression, Natalia avoiding eye contact. "So looks like Vanessa will join us ... you." Natalia had wanted to express not only how she and Éliane met but also what she felt for the tall sandy blonde who saved her life. The mid-height blonde was about to express how she feels about the sandy blonde but an engrossing sent of roses and coconuts seeped trough her nostrils. Vanessa moved a chare up to Natalia's table, joining her with a coconut cake for Ellis and a Chocolate Black Forest for herself. The burgundy-haired waitress hesitated for a brief moment before breaking the silence, "Well since I joined ... would you like to hear about me, I have seen a lot of the world and I can tell you all about it if you'd like." Natalia sighed in relief, for she had thought the flirtatious waitress would surely say something awkward and paved with sensuality. Natalia pointed at Ellis, "Ok then Vanessa but first of all I'd like to introduce you to this girl right here, Ellis". Vanessa looked over

at the adorable short blonde for a second, and then reached out her right hand for Ellis to shake. "Hi! As you already know I'm Vanessa ... Vanessa Rene and it's a pleasure to meet you." Ellis innocently smiled at Vanessa, returning a good firm handshake. As Vanessa shook Ellis's hand she couldn't help herself but ponder whether she should ask Natalia about her relationship with Ellis, "The girl looks like she's at least 4 years younger then Natalia; I wonder if I should ask Natalia if she's in a relationship with Ellis ... I should." Vanessa asked "Natalia before I tell you all about me can you answer me one question?"- "Sure, what is it?" "Are you in a romantic relationship with Ellis ... because you know Ellis is to young for you and you need a..."-" And you are to old for me, but to answer your question, no I and Ellis are not in that kind of relationship and no I'm not available." Vanessa's face lit up in amusement "I didn't ask if you were available you know ... and maybe I wanted to know if Ellis was single, because I have a 16 year old cousin who is in desperate need of a beautiful young bride." Hearing those words Ellis jerked her head up at Vanessa. "I don't want to be a bride, I love someone more then the world and..." - "Oh, and so who do you love that much?" "An arrogant and naïve bounty hunter named Nadie, I love her!" This was surprising to Vanessa. "Hmm... an arrogant and naïve bounty hunter sounds promising, but she really should get a job change if her best description is naïve and arrogant." Ellis responded "Yeah she promised me she'd quit after this last job she's on right now." Vanessa Looked frozen in the moment remembering the salient morning she had spent with Madlax in bed after a turbulent night of dashing bright strikes of light followed by loud roars of thunder seeping trough branches of lush green trees surrounding the wooden cabin that they filled.

Vanessa's memory of the morning after

A beautiful green eyed sandy blonde lay in my arms, Madlax. Her hair went down to her belly button, she looked like an angel with her eyes closed. No she was an angel with me, but to everyone else she was Gods merciless hand who would kill whole villages filled with woman and children who didn't deserve to die if ordered by the high council of the clergy. I knew that she didn't want to; I saw it in her, the sadness in her forest green eyes transcended on to me. I knew she wasn't free even trough she could fight with such freedom and dance without a single restraint, she still had something that kept her from living a life of her own and I was going to fix that. "Madlax are you awake?" The sandy blonde mercenary rubbed her eyes then looked up to face me. "Now I'm awake thanks to you Vanessa Rene." I couldn't help but chuckle at Madlax's adorable expression and the way she said my name. "Don't mention it Madlax." I gently grabbed a string of her soft sandy hair, rubbing it delicately. I didn't know why at the time but her hair, her body, her everything felt different then anything that I had ever touched before. "Otherworldly ... that's what you feel like Madlax and that's one of the reasons that I love you." "Vanessa I am otherworldly because I'm not the same as anyone in this world, I can never die and I have power one could only dream to have, but you know I'd give all of this up for you..."-

"Then give it up! Madlax you don't have to do what the damn clergy orders you to because with your power you can do whatever you desire without any of the limiting factors that the rest of us have." I embraced her whole body holding her with my hands wrapped around her waist, lying below her warm otherworldly body before saying what I truly wanted, so she couldn't disappear or runaway from me. I whispered, "Run away with me, just the two of us free of all and everything ... Madlax I want to be with you so if you truly love... then lets be free." She gazed right in my eyes, happy and smiling sincerely, I already knew the answer. "Yes let's be free Vanessa Rene, for you I'd do anything and I do truly love you!" All I could do to show my contentment was kiss her in the most passionate way possible ... "Vanessa Rene what are you doing?"-"Kissing you"...

Present: Le Cirque

Natalia waved a hand in Vanessa's face, "Snap out of it!" Vanessa looked around, at first not realizing that she was daydreaming, a moment later the sweet aroma of her chocolate cake brought her back to reality. "Are you ... where am I? Ohh sorry I was just lost in reflection, but what did you just say Ellis?" Ellis looked at Vanessa. "I said that I love Nadie and that she's a bounty hunter, right before you zoned out." - "Ah, so that's where we left off. Well I used to be in love with someone who was sort of akin to a bounty hunter but more professional and not at all naïve." This statement aroused curiosity in Natalia; she wanted to hear more about Vanessa's love life. Natalia nudged the attractive dark burgundy-haired waitress on the shoulder urging her to continue. "So I take that you want to hear about that person, am I right?"-"Yes" Yes", both Ellis and Natalia answered in parallel. "Ok then I'll give you a brief summery of her. Her name was Madlax; a beautiful hired gun that I fell in love with..."-"How did you two meet?" Ellis blurted out impatiently. "My fiancé hired her as a bodyguard to protect me and I fell in love with her." Natalia's pale blue eyes widened at Vanessa's words, "Wow! Vanessa you are actually an interesting person, for a 20 something year old waitress." Ellis couldn't take the suspense so she blurted, "What happened to your fiancé and did you end up with Madlax?" "Thank you for the complement Natalia and Ellis you want to hear what happened with me and Madlax right..." - "Yes!" "Okay, I'll tell you the gist of it ... Madlax and I spent quality time together in Sonica, a month later I told her I loved her and... she said it back. Something happened to her. I don't think that she died but she might have... well anyway after she was gone I broke off the engagement with my ex-fiancé and stayed single ever since." flabbergasted couldn't even began to describe how Natalia felt about what Vanessa told her. "She seemed like the kind of person who flirts with everyone and doesn't know what true love is... at first but that's not true at all. I misjudged you Vanessa Rene." Natalia looked at Vanessa with newfound respect. "Vanessa I didn't know that you had such a tragic past! I'm sorry for how I acted towards you but I still

don't understand why you flirted with me like that." "That's simple; I flirted with you because your fun ... and the scent of your perfume reminds me of Madlax. Where did you get it?" For a second there wasn't a word heard as Natalia tried to remember where she obtained this particular perfume. "I think Éliane gave it to me as a gift but where did she get it?" "I don't know where it's from but I know who gave it to me. My savior Éliane presented the perfume of evergreens to me." A look of astonishment formed on Vanessa's face. "My ex-fiancé's first name was Elian, isn't that ironic?" "What! That's paradoxical, but I'm sure that they're not the same person. After all Éliane is a girl and Elian is a guy so we are not talking about the same person." The mid-height blonde's expression was truly compelling and Vanessa noticed it, "Natalia this has been fun you know." - "Yeah it has been an enjoyable evening, but you know I came here to talk my heart out with Ellis yet ended up expressing everything to a complete stranger instead. Vanessa I'll be sure to give you a call when I need a helping-ear." "And I will be sure to listen but can you ask Éliane where she obtained that perfume for me?" Natalia nodded her head, reached in her purse grabbed her red razor cell phone and began to dial Éliane's phone number. "I'll call Éliane now to ask her about the perfume for you Vanessa." Natalia pressed the call button; the phone rang 4 times before it was finally answered animatedly by Nadie, "Hello, who's calling my Éliane?" Natalia was confused. "What do you mean by that ... Wait is it you Nadie?" "Yes sir!" "Well it's nice to hear your voice again but could you give the phone to Éliane, I have something to ask her." "Well I can't right now because she's driving and I wouldn't want to distract her to much so just ask me, and I'll ask her then tell you." "Fine then Nad..."- "Can I ask her myself?"Vanessa interrupted reaching her hand out for the phone, attempting to snatch it from Natalia. "Nadie my friend wants to ask Éliane something so I'm handing the phone to her." Natalia let Vanessa have the phone. "Hello is this Éliane?"-"No this is Nadie but you can ask me and I'll ask her, alright?" - "Yes that's alright but your The Nadie whom is a bounty hunter right?" - "Yeah that's me, why?" - "Well you see Ellis told me how she feels about you and I was wondering how you feel about her. I won't tell her if you don't want me to but I just want to know if you are in lo..." - "Ellis is like a family to me, she's very significant. But how does she feel about me?" - "She loves you more then anything even your naivety and arrogance Nadie." Vanessa leaned back in her chare continuing the conversation. "It's alright if you don't tell me, after all I'm a total stranger am I not." Nadie loudly chuckled at this, "Yeah you are and so is the girl driving my car!" - "About that, can you ask her where she got a hold of the evergreen perfume, the one she gave to Natalia?" - "Sure it'll be a second"; Nadie covered the phone with the palm of her hand and turned to face Éliane. "Eli where did you get the evergreen perfume that you gave to Natalia?" Éliane focused herself on the road ahead, grabbed a pretzel out of her shorts pocket and placed it between her teeth. A minute passed by as Éliane pondered while slowly chewing a pretzel. Where did she obtain the evergreen perfume? "Oh yes I remember, I got it in Sonica 10 years ago ... I bought it because it reminded me of the memories of her." Nadie nodded, brought the phone up to her right ear and proceeded to answer Vanessa's question. "She bought it in a country called Sonica." - "Wow, so that's why ... Well thanks Nadie." "No problem." Vanessa said good-bye to Nadie and handed the phone back to Natalia. The mid-height blonde took the phone back, and proceeded to ask Nadie on when she and her savior Éliane would return. "We ought to arrive at the hotel by tomorrow night. Ohh and we

have a lot to tell you and Ellis so Éliane is going to arrange dinner for the day after we arrive, at some classy restaurant. Bye then!" Nadie hung up, and Natalia did the same. A share was slid under the table as Vanessa got up to leave. "I have to leave you now, to my dismay so bye Natalia, Oh Ellis Nadie cares for you deeply. Vanessa was gone before Ellis could even respond. Natalia turned to Ellis, smiled and said "I have some good news Nadie will be back tomorrow night, and looks like Nadie and Éliane are taking us out to a classy restaurant." A broad smile formed on Ellis's face. "Hey Ellis if your done then we should get going." - "Yes sir!"

Next Day at Natalia's Hotel room

"Wake up Natalia, today is the day that they arrive, we should prepare!" The mid-height blonde slowly opened her eyelids, "Ellis you don't have to shout in my ear you know." - "I'm sorry it's just that I want to see Nadie so much..." Natalia pulled the silk sheets that were over her off, sitting up and sliding off her king-sized bed. She strolled over to her walk-in closet, opened the door ... "Oh Ellis would you come over here now please." Ellis's face turned pale as she remembered what she had done yesterday when her friend went out shopping, "This isn't good." Slowly Ellis moved toward the mid-height blonde until she was standing right next to Natalia. "Ellis please look inside my closet then honestly answer me if you know who might have done this." Ellis complied. "So who did this young lady?" - "A girl by the name of Ellis... I did this, but for a good reason!" "Hmm, and what might that be?" Ellis swallowed hard before opening her mouth again, "I wanted to look good for our date, so I tried on a few of your dresses and well I didn't hang them back on the hangers because I was in a hurry to get to Le Cirque." Natalia looked over Ellis's face to make sure the adorable short blonde was telling the truth. "I believe you, but if you want to wear one of my dresses again then you better start hanging these now. Oh and you can't leave till all of them look as they did before you rampaged my closet, understood?" -"Yes Sir" -"good! I'll be in the swim pool so when you're done you know where to find me." Natalia squatted down, searched over the colorful mess of clothing laying on the closets surface until a yellow string bikini caught her eye. She picked the two piece up, stood up grabbed a blue towel and left for the pool downstairs.

The only thought that filled Ellis's mind was how to hang all of the clothes up. There were at least 50 dresses lying on the floor and she needed to hang each and every one neatly. Ellis got down to her knees picked up a strapless red Valentino and grabbed a hanger, proceeding to neatly hang it. "There has to be a way for me to get out of doing this..." A neatly packaged white dress hanging to the far left of the closet caught Ellis's eye. "Wow this one is stunning and it looks new ... I wonder if Natalia got this for Éliane. After all it seems a bit too long to fit Natalia." Ellis stood up and walked out of the room-sized closet, towards the phone on the cabinet next to the bed. "This is first-class so maybe I can get someone from room service to

hang all of these for me while I go out tanning." She grabbed the phone and dialed the room service number written on a metallic plate attached to the phone. "Ring...ring... hello how may I help you?" -"I would like for you to send someone to clean my closet up." "Sure they'll be right up." Ellis slammed the phone down contented, then walked slowly toward the hotel room door absorbing the vigorous atmosphere. A knock on the door came, pounding right before Ellis could open it. As Ellis drew to open the door she articulated, "Hmm ... must be the room service guy." She turned the knob, the door swung open. "Hi were you the one to order room service?" -"Ye..s" Ellis's face turned whiter then salt, Natalia stood in front of her aware of the trick she had tried to pull and almost got away with. The mid-height blondes face was stern. "Ellis you said that you would hang all of my dresses not someone from room service but you, because you made this mess in the first place!" The adorable short blonde starred down at the floor, ashamed of her failed scheme. Natalia noticed the girls remorse and decided to let it go, smiling she began. "Ellis you don't have to worry. What you did was wrong but it wasn't wrong in a bad way ... compared to the deceptions I pulled in the past yours isn't even noticeable. So then don't you want to go swimming or what?" Ellis smiled a full smile at Natalia, nodding her head the entire way up and down, "Yes Sir."

Nadie's car: day of their arrival at Harington hotel

An old gas station with a Spanish seven eleven filled Éliane's view as the Lamborghini Reventon she drove neared it. There were no gas stations or motels for the most part of their drive, both Éliane and Nadie were more then relieved when they spotted the old station. Éliane stopped the car to fill it up with gas and Nadie went into the seven eleven to buy some tacos and pretzels. 5 minutes later Éliane had finished filling the gas tank. Nadie was still in the shop, so the sandy blonde set herself down in the driver's seat, grabbed the very last 6 pretzels from her pocket and stuffed them in her petite mouth awaiting the crimson haired girls return. A few more minutes passed by, but Éliane decided against going in the shop and leaving the car on its own. "Why is she taking so long? This is starting to bother me..." -"Bang...Bang" gun shots came from inside the seven eleven. Éliane yelped "Nadie!" Jumping out of the Lamborghini the sandy blonde was about to dash inside the store to see if Nadie was okay but something stopped her. "Wait Nadie is immortal so even if she did get shot it wouldn't matter." Éliane decided against going, leaving the car alone in a situation such as this was foolish and she wasn't keen on repeating the same mistake. She set back down in the leather seat and put the paddle to the metal. At full speed the Lamborghini dashed towards the seven eleven. Éliane's face bore a wicked smirk; her mind was set on driving the car straight inside of the seven eleven, fetching Nadie and driving off into the sunset. Glass shreds fell streaming downwards onto Éliane's vehicle as it literally drove trough the stores front window. Éliane scrolled the driver's window down sticking her left hand out with a gun aimed at a man wearing a brown cowboy hat and a jeans jacket. "It's the bastard who shot his gun." Éliane mercilessly pulled the trigger, "Bang."

The man fell dead on the spot. The sandy blonde looked around, not seeing Nadie she shouted, "Nadie get in the car, or I'll leave without you!" A few seconds later a crimson haired girl ran out of the bathroom at the end of the store, Nadie. Approaching the car she noticed the corpse lying next to the cash register. "Nadie you can't get in." Nadie fell dumbstruck "What, why not?" -"Well that's simple it's because you forgot to buy me pretzels. So if you want to get the hell out of here then get me pretzels!" Nadie found this mirthful but she had no time to reflect over it. Nadie dashed up to a store shelf of pretzels, grabbed 3 extra-large packs then made her way to the car, almost tripping in the process. "Get in Nadie." The crimson haired girl soared right into the passenger's seat landing lopsided. Nadie immediately repositioned herself slammed the door shut and snapped the seatbelt on, shouting "Drive, step on it!" -"Yes sir, lets drive!" The car started, roared a few times and dashed out. Nadie was astonished by her savior's irresponsible nature. "Wow she drove right thru the store to snatch me. Talk about unusual." Nadie's hand slid down to where Éliane's right hand was resting, stroking it tenderly for a few minutes. "The sunset is beautiful isn't it - Éliane?" -"Yeah it's striking but you know what it reminds me of ... it reminds me of you. The setting sun is crimson, resembling your hair and the azure skies are your gleaming blue eyes." Nadie couldn't help but feel delight. "So aren't you al little poetic today Eli?" -"I guess I am, but you know its true you are like the sunset to me ... maybe that should be your nickname... Sunset!" Nadie couldn't help but laugh at the girl's childish idea, "Then how about I call you, Umm let me think. Well you have long sandy blonde hair and a set of forest green eyes so you remind me of ... the yellow beach next to a lush pine forest! ... SandyForest, that's your nickname." Éliane smiled an open mouth smile at Nadie, her eyes shined like two rare gems in the setting sun. "Ok so I am SandyForest and you are Sunset ... but you know that name doesn't sound very charming, still it's cute." Éliane grabbed a pack of pretzels, ripped it open and clutched a mouthful. Reaching an arm out, Éliane offered Nadie the pretzels. Nadie accepted, "Thanks for the pretzels ... but Éliane what you would like to use the nicknames for is?" The sandy blonde didn't respond until a stupid idea came to her, "Let's use them as names of affection in bed ... you know like lovers do when th..." -"Huh, wait did you just say... no never mind, no lets not use those names like that!" Éliane shrugged giving out a soft chuckle, "Alright then we wont." Nadie sighed in relief and a few moments later reached out her right arm to turn the Radio on. The sandy blonde stopped her, "Let's listen to my iPod instead. Nadie it's in your right pocket." Nadie stuck her right hand in the pocket and felt a slick metallic phone shaped item. Nadie pulled it out then handed it off to Éliane, "here." The sandy blonde took the black iPod video and placed it in a frame with a connector sticking out. "So what kind of music do you listen to Nadie?" -"Well I don't really have a preference so you can choose." "Fine but don't whine if you don't like it." Éliane turned her finger on top of the iPods touch sensitive navigation device, switching to the playlist menu and selecting the playlist titled: "Romantic/Love songs."

How long has it been since I fell in love with you?

My feelings only increase

Will you notice them?

Even though I've never once put them into words?

Hold me tight- if this is how it feels

I didn't want to know

What it was like to be in love with someone

I love you- my tears won't stop

And so I wish

That I had never met you

"What song is this?" -"Eternal snow, do you like it?" -"Yeah ... it makes me think about Elli..." Before Nadie could finish something prevented her - Éliane had initiated to sing along with the lyrics.

"How long will I be thinking of you?

My sighs fogged up the window glass

Can a candle flame

Still melt my trembling heart?

Hold me tight, tight enough to break me

So that even in an icy wind or a blizzard

I won't feel cold

I miss you- every time I think of you

Tonight, too, I hold

This half-finished muffler, all alone

If there was an eternally falling snow

Could it hide my feelings for you?"

Nadie experienced the passion in the sandy blonde's voice first hand. "She is such a fine singer, her voice is the most prominent that I have ever heard ... she's better then the actual vocalist of this song. I wonder if she's remembering Vanessa right now."

Hold me tight- if this is how it feels

I didn't want to know

What it was like to be in love with someone

I love you- the feeling wells up in my chest

I want to shout to the wintery sky

"I want to see you right now"

Éliane hummed the songs ending, and then pressed the pause button on the iPod. The crimson haired girl turned her neck to face the right side of the sandy blondes face. "Éliane you know you're a very good singer." The sandy blonde smirked, "Why thank you Nadie." Éliane looked over the GPS device in-between her and Nadie, checking their location. They were only 30 miles from Mexico City, where the hotel was located. "Nadie we should be there in about an hour or so, but before we get to the hotel - I'd like to make the reservations for tomorrow evening." After another 45 minutes the two began to notice small suburb houses then many diminutive and large businesses scattered along the avenue and further cars parked along the streets. A large building which at first appeared to be a hefty hotel came in view shortly after Éliane drove the Lamborghini trough downtown. Nadie was in awe of the restaurants sheer size "Is this the place?" -"Yeah this is L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and I am sure that you'll like the food and dancing. Oh ...and I'll be right back." -"Wait can't I come inside?" The sandy blonde shook her head no, "I need someone to guard the car while I'm gone, and so are you up to the task?" Nadie let out a soft chuckle, "yes sir!" And with that Éliane slammed the car door and left to make reservations for tomorrow's somber engagement that would change each and every one of their destinies.


[End notes: 10 Chapters to go :)]

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 remember

[Author's notes:

This might be confusing, but bear in mind that Éliane is Madlax, not an OC.

Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)

Elian is an OC however he's practically a clone of Carrossea Doon (MADLAX)


Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

A large skyscraper stood before Éliane and Nadie. The two had finally arrived at the Harington hotel. The sandy blonde parked her car inside of the hotels secure garages. The girls were exited about seeing their close friends but felt a certain anxiety at the same time. Éliane got out of the car walked over to the other side and gallantly opened the door for the lady, Nadie. The sandy blonde reached her well built right arm out to Nadie, and then asked "So do you know what we should tell them?" Nadie grabbed her arm, pulling herself up out of the car and kick slammed the door. "How about I tell Ellis that I'm helping the Esper-girls friend find her long lost love and a magical book you think I should tell her that tonight?" -"Well actually I would hold it off till tomorrow at the restaurant." The crimson haired girl nodded. The girls made their way passed endless rows of exotic cars that were far over Nadie's price range. Éliane ran up ahead towards the elevator, pressing the 10th floor button ahead of time so Nadie wouldn't have to wait for it. The elevator opened exactly on time, just as Nadie approached its doors. Éliane never liked elevator music; fortunately for her there wasn't any. The sandy blonde turned to face Nadie, still curious on why the girl decided to help find Vanessa and the book. "Nadie can you answer one honest question?" -"Umm... yeah sure, ask me!" Éliane formed the sincerest expression she could make then asked. "Nadie why do you want to travel alone with me, leaving Ellis behind...? Nadie's cheeks turned a slight pink yet she kept her composure steady. "I don't want Ellis to get caught up in this, I mean the whole high council clergy sounds dangerous and that's why I think she should stay with Natalia. Also you already know why I want to help ...because I want you to find the truth and Vanessa." Nadie's reasoning made perfect sense to the sandy blonde and she rested her suspicions. The elevator doors opened and an elegant view of the first-class floor filled the girl's eyes. Éliane took hold of her new companions arm "Nadie I'll show you to your new room." After a minute of walking the two were at the end of the hall, in front of Nadie's new room, "here we are Miss ...Bye." Éliane let go of Nadie and hurried off to her own room, across the hall.

Nadie's Room

A brisk sound of a turning door knob filled Ellis's ears. Before the adorable short blonde could even turn around, the door opened and a girl yelled "I'm home! Did you miss me Ellis?" Only one thought lingered in Ellis's mind, the thought of her arrogant kind hearted and Naïve bounty hunter friend's return. Ellis jumped right out of her fluffy chair, and made her way for the not expecting bounty hunter. Her arms swung around Nadie's neck, embracing the crimson haired girl tightly. "Nadie ...I'm so happy that your back. I missed you so much." Nadie was used to this emotional response, but the adorable blue eyed witch named Ellis could never get enough of being with her bounty hunter. Nadie smiled at Ellis, scooping her up and carrying the adorable girl she cared for to their king-sized bed. To Ellis the bed felt softer then before, now that Nadie was there with her. Ellis turned on her side to face the bounty hunter sitting across from her on the bed. "Nadie don't ever leave me again... promise that you won't..." -"I can't promise that I won't leave you, but I can promise that I'll come back." Nadie's voice was hindering her melancholy. The crimson haired girl had to tell Ellis that she was leaving again on the day after tomorrow and that she didn't know for how long. "I have to explain that I'm immortal don't I? How do I

explicate that a certain sandy blonde almost killed me, then saved me and made me immortal in the most erotic manner... I will prove it!" Nadie set up, looking firmly at the adorable short blonde on the other end of the bed. "Ellis I have a lot to say to you, but before I began you have to promise not to hurt Éliane... do you promise?" Ellis's face filled with ambiguity, the girl had no idea as to why Nadie would want her to pledge not to hurt the elegant sandy blonde, but she was about to find out . "Umm... Ok I promise not to hurt her!" Nadie heave a sigh, and then told Ellis of what had occurred the day before yesterday. First the crimson haired girl told Ellis of the fact that she was going on a quest with the sandy blonde, second she explained how she almost died and how Éliane saved her existence -she mentioned the extravagant details. It took 20 minutes to explain just half of everything, and at the moment Ellis's face was filled with concern and antagonism, she seemed like she wasn't going to keep her promise. Nadie noticed the expression on her friend's face, "Ellis it's alright -she didn't hurt me on purpose and she even made me undying... oh and did I mention that she offered me a very expensive gift -a Lamborghini." Ellis's expression didn't change one-bit. "Nadie you don't need another car." -"Well actually something happened to our car so I didn't have a choice but to except her present, but you know it won't be mine exactly because we will be sharing it." This made Ellis only sadder and Nadie noticed it. Nadie instantly knew that she had said something wrong, "Why is she so said... is it because of our car? Or maybe it's because I received Éliane's gift -she doesn't like Éliane." Ellis got off the bed and slowly approached the door, heading out of the hotel room with tears streaming down her soft cheeks. Nadie quickly jumped up, off of the bed and dashed towards the door, following Ellis. "Wait! Where are you going?" The two were both out of the room, Nadie sprinting behind Ellis. The crying adorable blonde didn't turn around but kept on walking till she reached Éliane's and Natalia's room. Ellis pointed to the hotel room's door. "This is where I'm going." Nadie had a lack of attention skills and didn't notice that she was chasing the adorable short blonde right to Éliane's room. "Ellis you promised not to do anything to her..." -"I'm not going to do anything to her, I'm here to stay with Natalia... no actually I'm here to get Natalia. So you can stay here with your precious Éliane!"

Éliane and Natalia's room

Éliane waved goodbye to Nadie and rushed off to her room. The sandy blonde grabbed the keys out of her pocket then quietly opened the wooden door. She was planning to tell Natalia about everything that happened between herself and Nadie tomorrow at the restaurant so she had hoped that Natalia was already asleep. As she tip-toed in, the lamp next to the right side of the bed switched on, Natalia was sitting up waiting for the sandy blonde's return. Éliane's lips turned into an artificial smile, and she immediately ran up to the bed then comfortably settled down next to Natalia at the side of the bed. "Hi Natalia, I missed you." Natalia smiled back at the sandy blonde seated at her left side, noticing the false serenity in Éliane's tone and expression. Natalia gazed in the sandy blondes eyes and sincerely said, "I missed you too Éliane ... So tell me where are we having dinner tomorrow evening?" -" L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon -an extremely fancy place with bal room dancing. You should ware the finest dress you have." Natalia's smile grew even wider, "Éliane guess what... I bought you the perfect dress for

tomorrow, it's in the closet so if you want... you can try it on in front of me. Sound good?" The sandy blonde just nodded, leaping off the bed and dashing into the walk-in closet. "Oh Natalia what does it look like?" -"It's at the end of the closet... long white and new!" The dress quickly caught Éliane's eye. It was extremely long and looked as if it was made of only white silk, a V-cut front and barely perceptible straps made up the upper half of the dress. The lower half appeared the most elegant, with long thin layers of silky clothe. "Wow she really knows me. The dress is perfect." Éliane softly lifted the dress off its hanger and gently took it out of the see-trough bag. The sandy blonde decided to change inside of the closet instead of stripping herself bare before the mid-height blonde. Natalia perceived that Éliane wasn't going to change in front of her. "Are you done yet Éliane?" The sandy blonde yelled back. "Almost... get ready to see the sexiest woman alive." -"I am ready to feast my eyes on...the self professed sexiest woman alive!" Natalia instantaneously became aware of what her response sounded reminiscent of. "That came out too damn sensually... I hope she didn't notice." A few moments later Éliane turned the lights in the closet off. Natalia's eyes focused on the tall lean figure of the sexy sandy blonde before her. Gorgeous could not describe the transcending attractiveness Éliane possessed, anyone with a since of sex-appeal would be drooling at just the sight of her. Natalia was no exception. Luckily for Natalia the lamp was dim and her desiring expression wasn't visible. The elegant sandy blonde slowly neared Natalia, walking like a runway model. "Does it look good?" -"Well ... yes, you look good!" Natalia used all of her self control to keep herself from saying something regrettable. A surge of fear went down the mid-height blonde's spine as she realized that the sexy woman in an elegant white dress was approaching her. "I brazenly want her to be this close to me but what if I... what if I do something deplorable." Natalia took in a burning hot deep breath deciding to control herself and do nothing more then engage in conversation. "I'll get my mind off her body if I just focus myself on a conversation about ... what happened yesterday. I should tell her about that waitress, Vanessa Rene. The flirting between me and Vanessa is got to be a good topic. Receiving the woman's phone number and Vanessa's fiancés name ironically being Elian ... They are all good topics yet this is hardly the time to chat about something that'll make me only think of desiring her body more -I'll just tell her the part about Vanessa's fiancés name." By the time Natalia stopped her pondering Éliane had already comfortably seated herself closely beside the mid-height blonde. Natalia opened her mouth and began to speak. "Hey would you like to hear something interesting?" -"Yeah, what's interesting?" "I met this waitress whose fiancé had a similar name to yours ... I believe his name was Elian and her name is V..."- A thunderous banging on the door stopped Natalia from continuing. Éliane looked up then quickly stood up and walked over to the wooden door. "Don't worry I'll get it so you can just rest." The sandy blonde reached up her right hand, unlocking the door and slowly turning the silver knob. Before she could even finish the door swung fully open. Ellis and Nadie were standing before her; Ellis's face was covered in tears.

Ellis walked right passed the elegant sandy blonde, ignoring her for all she's worth -a seemingly impossible task. Nadie just stood in the doorway, not daring to move. Ellis grabbed Natalia's hand and pulled her out of the bed, "We have to go! I'll explain everything when we get to my room -so don't ask any questions." Natalia was dumbstruck, and all she could do was nod her head. The two girls

walked off towards the door, hand in hand. Right before reaching the rectangular doorway Ellis stopped, facing Nadie Ellis firmly stated, "We'll be there -at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon tomorrow at 8:00! If you two have anything you want to say to us, save it for tomorrow. Well Good-night Nadie!" The adorable short blonde walked passed Nadie, with her face still drenched. Éliane wasn't sure of what happened but she fittingly guessed that it had to do with herself. The crimson haired girl sighed as she saw Ellis slam the door across the hall. After a few minutes Nadie walked inside of the dimly lit room, closing the wooden door behind her. Éliane leaned of the wall next to the closed door, moving in front of the crimson haired girl's way. Marveling with eye brows closely knitted, Éliane asked Nadie about what happened between her and Ellis. Nadie responded, "I told Ellis everything ... me becoming immortal, the car and that I'm leaving to go on a quest with you." Both girls walked to the bed whilst discussing Ellis's overly emotional reaction. After the two were seated a top the water bed all Éliane did was nod in understanding. "Nadie are you going to sleep on the bed or do you prefer the floor?" -"I'll sleep in the bed, obviously." Nadie didn't have enough time to look over the sandy blonde, but now the girl was seated straight in front of her and she noticed how elegantly sexy Éliane looked. "You look so attractive right now. Is this the dress you plan to ware tomorrow?" -"Yeah, it's the dress Natalia got me. Nadie tomorrow morning lets go buy you a dress twice as elegant." Éliane stood up, and then began to slowly make her way to the large bathroom. The sandy blonde knew Nadie's gaze was focused completely on her; she didn't need to see to discern. She stopped halfway in, and daringly asked in a sultry voice. "You need to take a bath before you get in bed with me so would you mind joining me in the spell of rain?" Nadie's face turned a ripe red, however it was to shady to see a change in skin tone -and she knew it. "Yes I would be happy to join you." Éliane was about to make a comeback, grinning like an idiot, "Wait she just said yes ... she'd be happy to take a shower together with me. This will sure be exciting." And at that, both girls went inside and began to undress -turned away from each other.

Ellis's room across the hall

After the girls arrived in Ellis's room Ellis explained everything that Nadie had told her about 2 days ago and the fact that Nadie agreed to leave on a quest for something with Éliane. Natalia's expression wasn't changed a bit from what she heard, but on the inside she was screaming. "Éliane is leaving to search for that book ... she made Nadie immortal. Not me but her!" Ellis grabbed on to the girl's shoulder, burying her adorable face in Natalia's chest. "Natalia you know how much I love Nadie... and she's leaving me to go with your friend. That's why I'm sad." "I understand you better then you know. I feel the same way about Éliane as you do regarding Nadie so I understand your pain." Ellis merely started sobbing harder then before. Natalia patted the crying girls head gently, soothing her. Natalia whispered softly in Ellis's ear. "Nadie will come back to you, I promise that she will. Éliane loves only one woman -the woman from her past who she made immortal with the book that Nadie wants to help Éliane find. So you see Nadie isn't going to end up with her but nor am I." A hinder of sadness seeped trough Natalia's voice as she finished her sentence. "Hence Ellis you don't need to be this heartrending... she'll comeback to

you." The girls stayed in each others arms for a few more minutes; until Ellis stopped crying and went on to take a bathe with a fresh tad of hope, Nadie may perhaps still be hers.

By the time Ellis had finished bathing Natalia already lay in bed awaiting her adorable friend's return so she could speak some sense to the girl. "Ellis if you want Nadie not to be in love with Éliane ... why would you put them together in the same room, and worse the same bed. Sometimes I just don't understand that girl's logic." Ellis and Natalia were now both lying on the bed, a person apart. Natalia noticed how childish Ellis's Pajamas were, a yellow top and pants with pictures of little ducks all over. "Maybe she didn't think of what could happen between Éliane and Nadie while in bed together... something already happened when they were both unconscious so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again." Natalia rolled over 3 times, till she was an arms length from the childish short blonde. Facing the naïve girl, Natalia smirked in amusement and whispered. "Nadie and Éliane... I wonder what they are doing at this given moment don't you? They are in the same room, in the same bad and you made it happen ... aren't you proud?" Ellis felt a surge of dread creep trough her being. She had undoubtedly done something regretful; she was a catalyst in Nadie's rapport with the elegant sandy blonde. Ellis's heart was pounding like crazy, her face filled with horror. "Natalia you don't think that what I did is stupid..." -"Yes I do but even if those two do hit it off, I still think that you'll have Nadie in the end... if Éliane finds that woman and the book." "And if she doesn't, then what?" Natalia frowned. "Then maybe Nadie would stay with Éliane -they're both immortal and we aren't Ellis. In all truth you'll grow old, die... and Nadie will be left alone without anyone to love her. That's the problem with all of this. If Éliane finds the other immortal woman then Nadie will be alone and miserable but if she doesn't then..." Natalia abruptly stopped, realizing that this was all too agonizing for Ellis and herself. "Never mind what I said. The book might be able to make Nadie mortal again or vise-versa with you." Natalia's attempt to cheer Ellis up failed miserably or so she had thought. Ellis smiled happily at Natalia, acting as if she hadn't heard anything or as if she didn't care. "Natalia do you have a key to your room... I would be glad to use it." Natalia's face turned into a boiling pot of mischief. "Yes I do, why ... do you plan on using it?" -"Yes, early tomorrow morning I plan on seeing what your friend and my friend are up to." Natalia's smile only grew larger then she softly murmured. "Tomorrow let's both see what they are up to -I'll bring a camera. But you must promise me not to scream if you see something frightening, is it a deal?" Ellis nodded in grave anticipation and promptly buried her head in the pillow -snoring no more than a minuscule later.

Éliane & Nadie, after shower

Both girl's had bathed at the same time, although not together. Éliane took up the stand-in shower, washing her tall lean body comfortably, however she would have preferred the Jacuzzi Nadie had occupied. The crimson haired girl did want to bathe mutually with the sandy blonde but realized that she would blush to death if she did, so she made the girl take a separate shower instead. Éliane was first to finish and walk out the steamy shower with her tremendously long dripping blonde hair clung to her soaking wet body. The other girl heard Éliane's footsteps and couldn't help but stare at the naked elegant figure emerging before her. To Nadie's dismay the sandy blonde hair of the latter covered her body completely. Not a single sensitive spot of her body was visible. Éliane grabbed a blue towel off the golden holder located on the opposite wall to the Jacuzzi. The door quickly opened releasing humid

steam into the room. Before Nadie could even breathe the door had shut and Éliane was out of sight. Nadie pondered, "Well this isn't fair at all now is it. She got to see me undressed but I can't see her." The crimson haired girl set up straight then released the water from the Jacuzzi. Nadie was drained and it was 11:00PM, if not later so she was extra willing to get some sleep. The crimson haired girl got out of the empty Jacuzzi, clutched a red towel then proceeded to dry herself before putting something on. Whilst drying her knee-long crimson hair a thought creeper inside of Nadie's mind. "I forgot to take my sleepwear with me when Ellis kicked me out. I have nothing to wear!" This frightened Nadie for a morsel of a moment -until she recognized that she should just wear nothing. "It's perfectly normal to sleep in the nude, isn't it?" She placed the towel down, opened the door and made her way to the bed. Nadie was careful not to be loud; she wasn't keen on having the blonde spot her naked figure. When Nadie lastly unraveled the sheets to get in, she saw the sandy blonde on the other end of the water bed fast-asleep. Or so she thought.

Next morning 5:00AM

The alarm clock buzzed loud enough to awaken someone next door or deafen the unlucky person whose ear was to close. Natalia and Ellis both instantly jumped up and out of bed. Yesterday they had planned to catch the elegant sandy blonde and Nadie sleeping together -without them ever knowing. Natalia had realized that she left her camera in her own room, so if she wanted to get a photo of the two, she needed to sneak in the room, grab the camera, take a picture and then quietly sneak out without awakening them. Natalia turned the door knob, swinging the wooden door open for Ellis to walk trough. "Ellis are you certain that you want to go... I mean I can get the picture and then show it to you." Ellis shook her head. "No I want to see this in person." -"Pervert!" Ellis only snickered at the comment. "But you're the one taking the picture ... so you're more a pervert then I." The girls were standing right before the door leading to the room in which their victims lay fast asleep. Natalia pulled out a silver key and advanced to slowly turn it. "Click" the door unlocked. Both girls took in deep breaths before proceeding to open the large wooden door. "Ellis remember what I said -if you see anything unsettling just cover your mouth and close your eyes. Got it?" Ellis whispered with a determined expression. "Yes sir!" Natalia's face also gleamed with determination as she turned the silver door knob. The door sluggishly opened, without a single sound. Both Ellis and Natalia stepped in. They looked over at where the king-sized water bed was positioned in the large rectangular room. The beds covers were enveloping the sandy blonde and Nadie. Nether Ellis or Natalia could make out what was happening bellow the silk sheets of the large bed. Natalia leaned over to the adorable short blonde, and then whispered in her ear. "I entrust you to lift-up the covers while I get the camera, can you handle it?" Ellis nodded and moved stealthily to the bed. She took 2 complete minutes to arrive at the foot of the bed. Two long slender bodies occupied the bed, which Ellis was sure of. After seeing this Ellis sneered mischievously. "Their body outlines are so clear ... they aren't wearing any clothes. Why is Nadie lying naked under those sheets with her?" Ellis gulped at the thoughts that came rushing with blood to her head. "Wouldn't taking a photograph of them naked and asleep be wrong?" Before Ellis could finish her

thoughts, Natalia had already arrived. The mid-height blonde looked enthusiastic with a camera in front of her face. Natalia's expression showed that she was rendered speechless. Ellis grew hesitant of this whole idea; this day's recollections wouldn't leave her anytime soon. Her hand went down to the soft white sheets covering the girls' bare bodies. A gentle downward slide of Ellis's hand sent the sheets spiraling off. Two graceful female figures intertwined with one another lay on the soft water bed. Surprisingly Nadie's body leaned against Éliane's; she was on top of the sandy blonde. The girls' legs were entangled and their arms in a tight embrace. Their position could only be called a lovers cuddle after a long night of a passionate love. Ellis felt her cheeks began to heat up. She turned around to face Natalia. The mid-height blonde's face might have been on fire -the heat in her friends face was redder then her own. Natalia sheepishly whispered. "Do you think its okay to take a picture of them undressed devoid of their consent?" -"We already got this far so why should we not? Take it, now!" Natalia was surprised by Ellis's self-control; she had expected the adorable girl to do something horrific at the sight of the two so close together. The camera snapped a few times without a single flash of light. Its shuttering noise rattled the sleeping young women but their eyelids kept closed. "Did you get them?" Natalia nodded. Both girls' tiptoed out of the room, silently locking the door behind them.

Ellis and Natalia could only speculate why the two girls' were nude, and in each others arms -in bed.

Nadie & Éliane, 7:30 AM

A soft and slender arm traveled up and down the crimson haired girl's bare back. She had felt this same sensation a short while ago. "This is such a pleasant feeling, I must be dreaming." But it wasn't a dream, this was real. Nadie's hands caught the arm that was massaging her back. She brought it up to her face, placing the affectionate hand against her right cheek. The warmth coming off the body bellow Nadie's overwhelmed her. Nadie was now awake with her eyes still shut but consciousness intact. Éliane lay bellow her, she was sure of it. Heat rose over the limit in her body, Nadie felt a jolt of pleasure then fear creep trough her entire being. It worried Nadie a great deal that her ever-rising body temperature would arouse the sleeping beauty underneath her. However much she had wanted the sandy blonde to stay asleep didn't mater; Éliane would wake up nonetheless, whether it is now or in an hour. Nadie thought on attempting to get off the girl and after gaining a tad of confidence she advanced. Éliane however felt the movements above her body and stopped Nadie at her attempt to act as if nothing happened between them. The sandy blonde's arms wrapped tightly around Nadie's form, immobilizing the girl. Éliane's face moved closer to Nadie's. She whispered words of milk and honey. "Don't you dare leave me Vanessa ... I won't let you go anywhere without me." The sandy blonde's voice sounded sweeter then any desert ever made. Nadie experienced Éliane's unbreakable love for Vanessa first hand. "I stand nowhere close to Vanessa in your heart ... But then why do you hold me in her place?" Éliane's lips progressed closer to Nadie's. A kiss brushed on the crimson haired girl's lips -seeping trough Nadie's very soul. Nadie trembled at the hard-pressed kiss against her cherry red lips. This was Nadie's first kiss, yet it was truly meant for another woman -Vanessa Rene.

Éliane felt a warm female body pressed on her; she had thought it to be the dream with Vanessa. The experience was however more realistic then ever. The heat escaping from her lover's body she felt absorb into her, the force of her lover's weight pushed her, and the scent filled her. This dream was far more vivid then any she had experienced and she by no means wanted it to end. There was always one thing Éliane wanted more then anything -to feel the true flames of Vanessa's lips again. She pulled the woman closer, placing zero space between their lips. The kiss beyond doubt did what she had wanted. Fire grew on every contact of their mouths. But something began to change, the dream began to fade, until she felt that she was no longer with Vanessa yet the kiss still lingered. Éliane's eyes slowly opened, she saw a crimson haired girl above her, kissing her hard. "What happened? Why are we kissing... why am I letting her kiss me, or is she letting me...?" The sandy blonde rolled herself and the girl atop over to where she was above the girl kissing her. A few short moments passed and neither dared to break away. Both feared of what would happen if they did, they didn't know what to say to one another or if they would even be able to speak. Éliane ever so valiant and Nadie, so arrogant finally parted lips simultaneously -after 10 minutes of nonstop making-out. Both girls gazed into the others eyes, afraid to say a word. Nadie felt an urge to ravage the girl's lips again; however she knew that if she did, she wouldn't have an explanation. "Éliane kissed me out of impulse, she wasn't even awake when she did it ... she was making love while dreaming of Vanessa, I was merely a form that she thought was Vanessa's so I should just tell her that." Nadie smiled ever so slightly, and then opened her mouth to speak, Nadie was still puzzled over the fact that she enjoyed it but this was not the time to think it over. "Éliane before you assume anything let me speak, okay?" Éliane's voice trembled as she answered. "Yes please do, I would like to know." Nadie had become aware of the fact that they were both without a stitch of clothing. She felt her cheeks fill with blood and her heart pound as hard as a hammer yet it didn't really matter at the moment sense they had both experienced far greater sensation. The crimson haired girl gazed straight in Éliane's eye's and began to explain her hypothesis, as to why they made love for possibly the entire night. After Nadie was done Éliane became the one to turn the brighter shade of red. "Nadie I... I am sorry for doing something so malevolent to you. I can't be forgiven, can I?" To the guilty sandy blonde's awe, Nadie only smiled at her and gave the shocked girl a hug. "I forgive you, in fact, it really wasn't malevolent ... it was more like astonishing. And before you say anything stupid you should know that I still wish to help you find the woman who you love this much. I won't take no for an answer so don't try me!" Éliane's lips formed into a wide smile while still in her friends embrace. "Thank you Nadie, I truly feel overwhelmed with emotion right now; however we must get dressed and then go shopping for your elegant dress that you'll wear for the engagement later, tonight." Nadie untangled her arms from around Éliane's back and covered the girl's eyes with her hands. "Can you keep them closed while I run to the closet?" -"I can't promise anything right now." Éliane replied teasingly. Nadie slowly took her hands off the sandy blonde's magnificent face; the girl's eyelids were clamped shut. Nadie quietly edged off the bed, after getting off the bed she dashed inside the closet and slammed the door shut. At her queue Éliane opened her eyes and then eagerly jumped off the bouncy water bed, landing onto the white carpet.

2 Hours anon: At the Mall

Ellis and Natalia have avoided the sandy blonde and the crimson haired girl, when the two tried to visit. Ellis wouldn't open the door and so Éliane and Nadie gave up on the idea of going shopping with their closest friends and instead went together.

The mall was larger then any other in this country. Most shops were American although fair amounts were Spanish or European. There seemed an endless array of signs written in all sorts of languages. Éliane however planned on only visiting the pricey ones. She had decided to empress the crimson haired girl as much as she could today -the least she could do to repent for her sleep-lovemaking. A store with a display of colorful long dresses caught Éliane's eye. The sandy blonde dragged Nadie around the entire mall ever since they have arrived. Nadie sighed in relief as she saw her friend decide to finally choose a store to check out. The girls walked trough the turning glass door, stopping before a rack filled with staggering dresses that were each worth more then Nadie made in 3 months. Nadie scowled at her friend, she didn't want to feel like she owed the sandy blonde anything. "I'm sorry but these dresses are way too pricey. I can't have you spend that much money on me... I'd feel like I owed you something..." -"Aren't you forgetting what I've done to you, I owe you more then money can buy because I took your... first kiss." Nadie laughed. "I see then ... so I don't have to feel guilty and neither do you!" Contented the girls looked over the prissiest dresses, they'd picked out the ones that both Nadie and Éliane found mouth-watering.

Nadie went inside the dressing room to try on the 3 outfits she had picked. She wanted Éliane to come there with her but the sandy blonde told her that she wanted to be staggered by Nadie's appearance. Firstly Nadie put on a silky blue satin dress; however it didn't match her, so she tried on the next two, a colorless strapless dress and a long elegant red one. After starring in the rectangular mirror for 30 seconds Nadie was certain that this particular dress suited her perfectly, she chose the elegant red one.

When the sandy blonde saw her friend walking towards her, she gawked. The girl looked beautiful beyond doubt. Éliane was definite of one thing -the dress would be bought.

Nadie felt giddy subsequent to the dress being adored by her immortal friend. At a McDonalds the girls bought two extra-large fries and one medium drink with two straws, to share. They spent 30 minutes driving around town and eating their scrumptious food. It was barely 1:00 PM; they had a lot of time to kill before the engagement. "Nadie, do you want to go somewhere special? Like a museum or something." -"That sounds good, maybe we can learn more about the 1840s and the book." Nadie scratched her head. "It all sounds like history to me." Éliane giggled in response.

The national museum of Mexico City appeared smaller on the inside then the outside and the artifacts were all closely inched together. Éliane and Nadie were only interested in looking up things concerning an ancient book and the high council clergy. The girls found four exhibits that were completely related

to the high council clergy. It had seemed that the organization developed to become extremely powerful at many times in history. Another display spoke of a mythical Gods-hand who would slaughter armies of men and eradicate cities of people at the organizations will. Nadie instantly knew who the Gods-hand was -Éliane. The girls considered this a useful piece of information regarding the book but the thirdly exhibit was the most informative. The display spoke of the ancient whereabouts of the high council clergy and their divine intention. The organization was apparently related to a wealthy family whose mansion was located in France. Éliane and Nadie instantly decided France as their first destination. They planned on getting relevant information out of who ever lived in that place.

Winds became stronger and clouds formed to cover the sky. Most of today was as sunny as ever but after the girls left the museum, a gray-white colored sky hanged above them. The time was around 4:00, Éliane and Nadie had decided to spend the next 4 hours discussing their plans on going to France. They drove up to a lush green park with a pond right in the middle.

Nadie placed her head on Éliane's lap. Éliane was seated against a large green oak tree with its many branches reaching out to the heavens. An atmosphere of nature and cleanness filled the air, a scent of the numerous breeds of flowers absorbed trough the girls nostrils. Éliane's warm hand stroked the top of Nadie's head, swooshing her friend's long crimson hair into different hair styles. Nadie relaxed lying with her eyelids closed and shielded from the occasional sun beams by the sandy blonde's shadow. Neither girl spoke for almost an hour. Enjoying the environment, the scents, the sounds and scenery was mesmerizing, besides they still had 3 hours before the engagement. "Nadie" Éliane whispered in a sweet caring tone. She noticed that the girls blue eyes were shut, "She must be sleeping." The sandy blonde was beginning to feel a certain urge to close her own eyes, however she resisted. Éliane stuck her hand inside the breast pocket of her green jacket. A slick rectangular metallic object caressed her fingers; she grabbed the iPod and pulled it out, placing the earphones in her ears. A romantic song began to play and she couldn't help but to sing along with the lyrics -ever since she acquired that iPod, she couldn't stop from singing along to each and every song she liked, it was a habit. As Éliane softly hummed, she drifted into a half-asleep state. Soon both girls were asleep in each others arms, Nadie atop the sandy blonde whose body slithered downwards onto the grassy surface.

2 more hours passed and it was about an hour prior to the engagement in the classy restaurant. The weather and location were so nice that both of the immortal girls managed to sleep for a few hours unaware that they were going to be late unless they woke up this very moment and rushed to the car, probably speeding to get there on time. Nadie felt a drip of something fall on to her face, then another until she felt her entire face dripping. She opened her bright-blue eyes and noticed that it was as dark as night. Nadie jumped off the sandy blonde awakening her friend in the process. She took a silver watch out of her pocket and looked closely at it. Nadie couldn't make out the numbers for it was to dark to see something without a backlight. Éliane was faster in response and brought out her cell phone. "Nadie it's 7:08 PM" she murmured. The sky was as dark as night and it was summer, and only 7:08. Rain had been the cause of Nadie's face, and now entire body getting drenched. Both skyrocketed up then dashed towards their car. They had to be at the restaurant by 8:00 PM; however both their dresses were still at the hotel so they would surely be late for the important parting dinner they'd promised Natalia and Ellis.

Natalia & Ellis: in limo on the way to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Ellis and Natalia spent most of their day preparing for their decisive dinner tonight. Neither spoke about what both saw this morning. Natalia attempted at getting Ellis to talk about it but didn't get a word out of Ellis. Both were on the way to the restaurant where they'd have to approach the topic, Natalia figured to try at getting the adorable short blonde to talk again. Natalia slyly moved closer to Ellis, then asked the girl on what she thought of their morning encounter. "Ellis you know that I don't mean to be inappropriate but do you suppose that Éliane's and Nadie's relationship is more then a mere friendship?" Ellis sighed, pretending to not have heard the question. "Ellis you can't avoid the possibility. I know how you feel about her but you must be prepared to hear the worst. I have reason to believe that we were invited to attend this dinner ... to hear of their new found correlation." Natalia gazed over at Ellis, noticing that the girl's eyes were watery. "You shouldn't listen to me if I depress you so much, however you have to ask her directly!" -"I will, I deserve to know!" Ellis's eyes were now completely dry, as if she hadn't even thought to cry. Ellis took in a deep breath, determination was seeping trough her blood. "Natalia don't worry about me. If they are in a relationship then I only wish them luck. I love Nadie so I want her to be happy, not me but her ... so if she's happy with Éliane forever then so am I." Ellis's words streamed out, her voice was truly sincere. "I am a mortal and as long as that's true I cant be with Nadie but Éliane can -however I have mystical powers that I don't understand myself yet and I intend to learn how to weald them. I intend to learn how to become immortal." Natalia's face was covered in a supportive smile forged out of her lips. The mid-height blonde twirled her arms around Ellis's body and gave the sincerest girl she knew a big warm hug. "Ellis I'm proud of your resolve... I don't think I could ever be as selfless yet as determined as you." Ellis noticed that Natalia was sobbing and hugged her harder. Both girls stayed in each others arms for the rest of the drive. Ellis in the meantime prepared herself for the moment she'd ask Nadie of her relationship with the Sandy blonde.

Nadie & Éliane: At Harington Hotel

The light rain had turned into a heavy shower as the girls neared the hotel. When they arrived Nadie dashed out of the car, not even closing the door behind her. Éliane closely followed, closing Nadie's door beforehand. The two were in such a hurry that they forgot all about the elevator and ran up the long stairs instead. It took 2 minutes for them to climb up to the 10th floor -where their rooms where. The girls broke inside of Éliane's room then quickly grabbed their dresses and proceeded to change into them, in separate spaces. Éliane quickly flailed the dress on, not bothering to put on any makeup or take a shower -there was no time for it. Nadie however managed to brush her hair and forge a ponytail out of it. Both dressed, the two rushed out as if on fire. This time Nadie remembered about the elevator and went on to press the 1st floor button. They were both wearing fine dresses and it wasn't so smart to

climb down 10 floors wearing them, for one they could trip and fall and for two their dresses would certainly get dirty. The elevator stopped at the first floor and both dashed to where the Lamborghini was parked. Nadie let Éliane drive the car, although she did worry about the possibility that the sandy blonde would do something irresponsible.

The car was speeding over the speed limit at 60mph, incredibly slow compared to the cars max speed. Éliane did something responsible (for once) and turned the radio to the weather channel. The weather man said a bit about a severe thunderstorm moving into the area that'd last for the entire night. Nadie turned to face Éliane then sarcastically stated, "Well sounds like we are going to have some fine weather, just perfect for tonight." -"Yes we are Nadie" Éliane replied cynically.

Nadie couldn't help but marvel on the subject of what she should say to Ellis. "Should I tell her about this morning... she deserves to know, but this would upset her? I'll tell her that I plan on going to France with Éliane to learn of what the organization knows about the book. I just can't bring myself to articulate the part about this morning -but Éliane can." Nadie peered out the window, all she saw was the rain drops poring hard onto the glass. Nadie asked. "Éliane can you inform Ellis concerning this morning ... can you tell her what happened between us?" The sandy blonde's face appeared as if it was about to explode, it was as red as some dynamite. "Umm... why do you want me to tell her, cant you?" -"No, honestly I'm too self-conscious to do it. Please do it for me." Éliane sighed in defeat. "Fine but only if you promise me that you'll never make me do something like this ever again." -"I promise not to."

Ellis and Natalia: At L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

The chuffer opened the door for the ladies at the back of the limo. He took out an umbrella and proceeded to open it. "Please this way." The girls stepped out of the black limo, onto the marble surface at the front of the restaurant. The chuffer, an old man dressed in uniform brought a dark umbrella over the girls' heads. They made their way to the entrance. "Have a good time; the limo will be here when it's time for you to leave." The man said in a caring tone, then ran to the limo, leaving the girls to their own devices. Two men, who were wearing clothes similar to what waiters would ware stood before the tall wooden doors leading inside. The taller one on the right spoke. "Do you have reservations?" Natalia responded. "Yes it's under the name of Éliane, I am Natalia and this is Ellis." Natalia pointed her finger to the sheet of paper he was holding. "I see you may come in." Both men opened the doors then moved out of the way. Natalia and Ellis strolled in.

The restaurant looked like a ballroom from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The people present were all dressed in dresses and tuxedos. A large circled area, half the size of the entire building was placed in the center of the restaurant. Wooden tables stood around the circled area. A beautiful white chandelier hung right in the middle, above the circled marble dance floor. Natalia and Ellis settled on the second

floor, where they had a better view of the couples dancing below. 9 couples were dancing below them, it was a tango. Ellis gazed up at Natalia with her elegant blue orbs sparkling, her lips smiling. She said. "Natalia would you like to dance with me?" Natalia shook her head no then spoke in a soft voice. "I think that the dancing is only for couples -a man and a woman..." -Ellis cut in. "But then why did she invite us here... and Nadie and Éliane are both girls you know." -"That's different. You see Ellis I fully support that kind of relationship but I'm not a..." Natalia paused when she saw a man approach. He was handsome and tall with blonde hair, in his mid-twenties. This man was attractive enough to make any woman give a few stares. The young man stopped in front of Natalia, and kneeled down reaching his right arm out to her. He gracefully took her hand into his and whispered. "Would you accept my humble invitation for a dance?" A slight blush formed on Natalia's cheeks. She nodded her head yes then stood up. "Natalia, why are you accepting a dance with him but not me?" Ellis pleaded almost inaudibly. Natalia ignored the adorable short blonde and walked off with the man, leaving Ellis all alone. "Why did she choose a person she doesn't even know over me? Nadie where are you?"

The handsome young man escorted Natalia down the stairs and onto the dance floor. He was dressed in a white tuxedo matching his pants, shoes and tie. The man brushed his hand trough his silky blonde hair then introduced himself. "My name is -Elian. If its not to much to ask ... what is your name?" astonishment filled Natalia's mind. The handsome young man somehow resembled Éliane with his height, good looks and blonde hair, but what was most striking was the fact that their names sounded so similar -Éliane and Elian. "I'm Natalia." The young man smiled to himself. "That's a beautiful name." A pianist, violinist and a couple of other musicians were present, situated at the far end of the circled dancing area. Each one had a tux on and at least 3 of the men had a mustache. The song playing was a waltz.

"Shall we dance?" Elian smile's at Natalia, his deep brown eyes gleaming. Natalia brings her hand out to him. The handsome young man takes the hand then swiftly twirls Natalia around him. He moves rapidly to catch the girl wearing a long amethyst dress that is not to revealing. Natalia stands motionless after swirling around Elian. He walks up closer to his dance partner, takes her hands into his and angles Natalia's lean back to the floor. Promptly he pulls her back up, this time closer to his eye-catching face. Natalia smiles right at him then says. "You are a rather good dancer." Elian begins to form a flabbergasted expression. "Thank you Natalia for your kind complement but I believe - you're the one who's good." Both danced for another 3 rounds then thanked one another for the nice dances and parted. Elian provided Natalia his phone number just before letting her go -she took it.

Nadie & Éliane arrive 8:40 PM

The Lamborghini stopped and turned left inside the parking garage. Éliane sighed at Nadie. "Well look at this we are... 40 minutes late!" Nadie opened her door and stepped out onto the cement surface. Éliane followed.

When they reached the front entrance two men stood before the large wooden doors leading inside the restaurant. "Do you have reservations?" the taller man asked. Éliane answered cunningly, "Yes, I made reservations last night. Its under the name Éliane -which is my name." The man looked trough his list then shortly afterwards smiled and opened the doors.

A large circled floor was placed in the middle of the restaurant. Around it were tables placed under the second floor which was basically a wooden circle outline. Classical music played live by orchestra musicians filled Nadie's ears, it sounded much better to her in person then when it played on the radio. Nadie was impressed by the sheer class of this place, she has been in some fine restaurants but nothing could compare to this. Éliane looked around trying to find where Ellis and Natalia were seated then she turned to face Nadie. "Nadie I don't see our friends anywhere ... do you think that they might be on the second floor?" Nadie nodded as the two mentally decided to check the second floor.

Éliane ran up the carpeted stairs, which was unexpected since she was wearing a floor-touching dress which one could easily trip over. Nadie ever so arrogant followed her friend, nearing the sandy blonde's fast speed. 1/3 of the way up the long elegant red dress caught under Nadie's right foot, and before she knew it she was falling down the stairs ... backwards. "Ahh..." she let out a piercing shriek. Nadie's head hit the stairs hard, then her body flipped over her head, she was rolling like a ball down the stairs. The sight was both startling and slyly entertaining. Éliane turned around only seconds after Nadie's voice made a loud noise and a few people yelped at the sight. What the sandy blonde saw was something red at the bottom of the staircase and no sight of the girl who was just standing next to her. "Wait is that ... Nadie?" Éliane stood motionlessly pondering until it hit her, "She feel down the stairs!" The sandy blonde dashed down at incredible speeds nearing Nadie's motionless body. Éliane knew that Nadie was fine and that something like falling down Mt. Everest wouldn't hurt her, much less falling down the stairs. But the fact that people saw Nadie tumble down the stairs so glaringly meant that they thought the crimson haired girl was hurt and it'd be unconvincing and suspicious to state otherwise. Éliane kneeled down to Nadie and leaned close to the crimson haired girl's ear, she whispered. "Nadie don't move, pretend that you are injured." Éliane then realized that her friend was still fully unconscious, Nadie's immortal body had yet to heal itself.

A crowd of people had gathered around Éliane and Nadie, the crimson haired girl was still unconscious but her body was fully healed. Ellis and Natalia had noticed their friends' presence; they ran down the stairs as quickly as they saw them. Nadie's eyelids began to slowly open up, soon she was fully conscious. Éliane helped her up, making it appear as if Nadie had hurt her ankle and nothing more. All four slowly walked up the stairs. The people that had gathered also left, seeing that nothing severe occurred.

The girls' settled around their table. Éliane looked over at Nadie and then let out a deafening laugh. "Nadie that's the second time in one week that you would of died... if you were mortal." Ellis gazed at Nadie, smiling and holding back tears of gratitude.

The sandy blonde knew that she was the one who needed to acquaint Ellis with the incident between herself and Nadie this morning. This wasn't a topic she planned to speak of tonight but she made a promise to Nadie so she had to it. Éliane picked up a glass of ice cold water and took a sip. The sandy blonde slowly drank the entire glass of water, so slowly that the ice itself melted and turned into water. A waiter strolled over to the table, looked over the four girls and asked them what each wanted to drink. "I'll have your finest wine." Natalia said smiling. The middle-aged man laughed to himself then shook his head. "Would you like anything else that isn't alcoholic? Natalia's expression was between that of a pissed off man who didn't get what he anticipated or that of a child who didn't get a charismas present. She sighed then answered "I'll have the most flavorful cocktail you have... virgin." The man nodded and proceeded to take everyone else's orders. Nadie and Ellis ordered root bears and Éliane ordered a coconut shake. The man wrote it all down and ran off. Ellis opened her mouth to speak simultaneously with Éliane; both realized that they were regarding the same topic. Éliane was surprised by the fact that Ellis knew about it. "Ellis about me and Nadie, I ... everything was my fault, what we did and all." Ellis asked. "What do you mean?" Éliane took in a deep breath then continued. "I kissed Nadie, actually make that 10fold a kiss..." -"I know. I saw you two ... together in bed, so I know about your relationship and I'm all for it if it makes Nadie happy." The sandy blonde's expression was that of shock. Ellis had assumed that Nadie was in a relationship with the sandy blonde, which wasn't true at all. Nadie was also alarmed by Ellis's assumption. Nadie said "Ellis we aren't in a relationship and that's not why we invited you to this dinner ... we invited you and Natalia to inform you that we're going on a trip to France. There is a certain book that I want to help Éliane find and we have a lead in France." Nadie explained most of the fine points regarding the book, and that she and Éliane were just friends. Ellis however knew better then to believe Nadie's words ... even if Nadie wasn't yet in a relationship with Éliane and even tough Éliane was in love with a certain woman from 160 years ago, Ellis still discerned that the two had burning chemistry between one another and something was bound to erupt.

The waiter asked the four girls what they'd like to order, Éliane advised the other 3 not to get anything too large or they'd be unable to dance after the food. The girls complied and each ordered a seafood dish. The waiter wrote it down and left.

Elian at his table

A tall handsome young man set at his table drinking a glass of wine. He turned his head to the left as he heard a loud shriek coming from the stairway. A woman in a long red dress was tumbling down the stairs violently. The woman's body rolled over her head, and then she fell head first onto the marble

floor 14 ft from where she started. He knew full well that a normal person couldn't survive such a devastating fall. He reached his hand inside his briefcase and pulled out a small cell phone shaped object. The object had a lens and a LCD screen with touchable zooming buttons. He placed the item before him and proceeded to zoom-in on the girl who should have been mortally injured ... or dead. "Amazing I've found you ... yet somehow you look different Madlax." The LCD screen showed every detail of what was happening to the seemingly dead girl clad in a red dress. Particles invisible to the eye moved rapidly around the girl's body -reconstructing it. Her neck began to twist back to its natural position and her bones reattached inside her body. The young man saved the data observed with his apparatus. He flipped a slick black cell phone open and began to dial a number. As he dialed he looked back at the girl with his naked eyes. "Wait... the other one -the one in a long white dress, could she be? Yes. Madlax as I recall had blonde hair and she was not so inept, but then who's the other one -it can't be my Vanessa." He threw his phone down on the table and grabbed the strange device he recently used. The screen showed a menu listing different viewing modes; the man scrolled down the list till he found what he was searching for and pressed it, "Chemical/elemental substance view." The device gathered data on the girl with long sandy blonde hair nearing her feet and an elegant white dress; she was kneeling over the mysterious girl who had fallen down the stairs. A few seconds passed as the device gathered information concerning what the girl's body was made of -if he was right the device wouldn't know. A list of numbers and symbols appeared before him. He gasped. "You... you really are Madlax -I've finally found you after 160 years. I wonder if you'll recognize me, you the creation of the book." The young man smiled to himself, satisfied. His right hand clutched the phone back, and then pressed the call button. It rang 3 times, and then a strange voice answered. "Why have you called Elian?" it asked. -"I've called you because I have news that will interest you." -"You have my attention Elian ... is it regarding the book or -Madlax?" Elian answered softly. "The latter option -Madlax, I've found her." The speaker on the other end didn't reply for a minute. Elian added. "I don't know if she remembers back then but since she's alive and well, I'd say she definitely didn't lose all her recollections, unless somehow she got them back." The voice replied. "Find out what she remembers, approach her and find out Elian -that's an order!" The voice hung up. Elian put the phone away. He took another drink of his wine then glanced back to where he last saw Madlax. She wasn't there anymore; he moved his eyes around, trying to discover Madlax's location until he noticed four girls setting at a table on the other end of the restaurant. "Natalia she's Madlax's friend ... what a pleasant coincidence."

The four girls

The wonderful aroma of the ready food filled the girls' noses. Four dishes were placed atop the rounded wooden table. Ellis's mouth had drool leaking out. Both Nadie and Natalia found this adorable and funny. The adorable short blonde noticed the looks on their faces, realizing why they were starring -she quickly wiped it with her napkin. The food in Natalia's mouth tasted better then anything from the other

places she had visited. "This is delicious!" Natalia called out as she took another bite of her salmon. Éliane's eyes fixed on Nadie. For some unknown reason the crimson haired girl appeared very attractive tonight. Nadie dug into her lobster, not paying attention to anything but the food. Éliane leaned back in her chair scowling. "Vanessa is it worth looking for you? After all this time will I find you if I find the book?" Éliane brushed a hand trough her hair still gazing at Nadie. "Is it possible that I want Nadie ... but the only one I should want is Vanessa shouldn't I...?" The sandy blonde picked a fork up and proceeded to eat her crispy catfish. Éliane was done in under 10 minutes and waiting for the rest to finish their food. Nadie and Ellis finished second and Natalia was only half done. Ellis smiled sincerely at Nadie as the latter wiped her mouth of lobster grease. The adorable short blonde asked. "Nadie would you like to dance with me?" Nadie gazed over at Éliane, seeing if the sandy blonde objected or not. "Yes Ellis lets dance together." Nadie said, seeing that the sandy blonde didn't mind. Ellis soared out of her seat, walked around the table to Nadie, took her hand and progressed down the stairs onto the dance floor. The two walked until they were in the middle of the circled dancing area, when they stopped Nadie placed both arms around Ellis's neck and Ellis wrapped her arms around Nadie's slender figure. The two danced slowly, it appeared very romantic to most of the people watching. Five other couples danced on the marble dance floor along with Ellis and Nadie, some where giving off glances but it didn't bother Ellis or her partner. Natalia picked up her cocktail then held it out to Éliane who was holding her coconut shake. "Cheers Éliane." -"Cheers Natalia." Both happily said as their glasses struck each other. Each moved her glass back and drank the remaining portion of her drink. After placing her empty glass down Natalia gazed up at Éliane then whilst still smirking said. "It looked like you and Nadie really hit it off last night, so why are you sitting here and drinking with me? You know you should be dancing down there with her ... after all, isn't that why you invited her here -to show her how you can dance?" Éliane's head jerked up, her expression was unreadable. "I'll dance with her if she asks me to... if she doesn't then I'll be happy to watch her dance with Ellis." The sandy blondes face was now clearly heartfelt, her eyes focused on the dance floor below where Nadie and Ellis were dancing slowly like an old married couple. "Hey Natalia tell me about your love life, have you met anyone new?" -"Yes actually a handsome young man asked me to dance with him... Elian was his name." The sandy blonde's face showed astonishment. "Well look at that ... you like guys with the same name as mine." -"What is that supposed to mean?" Éliane gave out a soft chuckle. "Oh nothing -it just means you like people similar to me." -"perhaps I do." Natalia's index finger circled around the empty glass. She stood up and pushed her chair under the table. "Éliane I got to use the bathroom so I'll be back in a minute." Natalia waved her hand and left into a long hallway.

Nadie leaned in closer to Ellis, brushing against her, and then whispered softly. "Do you have something to tell me Ellis?" -"Yes Nadie I want you to be happy... and after you find the book -comeback to me." The crimson haired girl observed the melancholy expression on Ellis's face. Ellis added. "I know that I'm mortal Nadie, but I promise that I'll find a way to become immortal with my powers. I hope that Éliane finds her past and Vanessa so we can..." Nadie embraced the girl for all she's worth, holding her tight against her own body. Nadie tilted her head to Ellis's right ear and spoke in a soft loving voice. "I want that to. I want it as much as you do because it'll make everyone happy." Ellis had to keep her blue eyes from watering-over, she had to control herself or she would kiss Nadie frantically right there and than. Her mouth made its way towards Nadie's and sopped only inches from Nadie's, she didn't have power

over her urge to kiss the crimson haired girl clad in an elegant red dress in front of her. Just as her lips killed all the space between them Nadie's head jerked away. Ellis looked at what Nadie was starring at. There was a man approaching Éliane by the side of her table. Nadie's eyes marveled with jealousy, the man was about to ask Éliane to dance with him. Ellis did nothing as she saw Nadie dash off the marble dance floor, in the direction of the table where a certain sandy blonde was sitting idle.

A few minutes before

Natalia didn't go to the bathroom but actually snuck to where Elian was awaiting her -Elian had text-messaged her during dinner and for some unknown reason she obeyed the text message. The large hallway led to the kitchen on the right and a balcony with a perfect view of the city and a table for two on the left. Natalia walked onto the balcony, it was raining but a brown roof covered the table from getting soaked. Elian inclined against a balcony wall and held a cell phone in his left hand. Natalia slid a chair from under the table and set down comfortably; Elian smiled at the girl and proceeded to do the same. "Natalia I'm glad you came. I need you to tell me something about the girl with long silky blonde hair, the one in a white dress." Natalia wasn't her usual self, for some reason she obeyed the man's wishes and didn't question him. Elian did something rather simple to her; it was a form of hypnosis that made her unaware of what was happening yet capable of recalling anything she remembered. "Tell me Natalia is that girl immortal, and what is her name." Natalia replied in a mechanical lifeless tone. "Yes she is immortal and her name is Éliane." Elian's face turned to that of surprise, he knew full well that the girl's real name was Madlax but the fact that the girl's assumed name was Éliane dazzled him. "Madlax why do you think your name is Éliane... so similar to mine, Elian. I guess this could mean that you only remember fragments of your memories, but I have to be sure." Elian picked up a bottle of wine and poured it in his glass till it was half full. "Natalia tell me then, who's the girl in the red dress ... what's her name and is she also immortal... and if she is, why?" The girl replied automatically. "Her name is Nadie, yes she's immortal and I believe Éliane caused her immortality." Elian was overwhelmed by the new data; he had not suspected that Madlax could do such a thing as to turn a human immortal with her bare hands. "Madlax I'm surprised, I have thought that the book was the only thing capable of forging immortals but now I know that you are too gifted. You are the books creation and ...this powerful, then I can only speculate of what the book itself

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 France

[Author's notes:

Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)

Elian is an OC however he's practically a clone of Carrossea Doon (MADLAX)


Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

At French Airport

The flight lasted 19 hours and Madlax slept trough the entire flight. A loud French announcer's voice over the telecom and Nadie yelling right in her ear awakened Madlax from her sleep. She looked around, seeing no other passengers, then out the window, noting a few airplanes parked in view. Madlax jumped up and out of her seat. "Have we arrived?" Nadie sarcastically replied "Oui Monsieur" then dashed off to where their bags were placed. Madlax wiped the drowsiness from her eyes subsequently walking to the end of the plane. "Nadie do you know French?" Nadie replied whilst tossing a backpack over to Madlax. "No, I just know a few phrases ... do you?" -"I can't speak it but for some reason I understand it... I must have known French in the past." Nadie nodded, placed a bag over her shoulder and proceeded out of the airplane, Madlax followed.

The airport appeared at least twice as big as the one in Mexico, most of the signs were written in French but fortunately for Nadie the restrooms had symbols, so she knew which one to go into. While Nadie went to the bathroom Madlax observed the people arriving and leaving the airport. There were all kinds of people, some rich and well dressed, others clearly tourists but all had one thing in common -they were all here for a reason. Madlax grew tired of waiting for Nadie to finish using the facilities and decided to leave the girl for awhile. As Madlax walked passed rows of people waiting to get on their planes she noticed a pretzel stand on the second floor of the airport. She dashed to the escalators and took the one going up. "I'll get a regular pretzel for me and some new kind for Nadie... I wonder what she likes." The sandy blonde hopped off the escalator and landed before the small pretzel stand. The tall slightly overweight pretzel man looked down to Madlax, scratched his scalp, and then asked. "comment puis-je vous aider?" Strangely enough Madlax understood his question "he asked ... how may I help you. I don't speak French so I'll just point at what I want to buy." The sandy blonde fervently pointed at an oversized fresh baked pretzel and at a normal sized one. The pretzel man understood her body language, pulled out both pretzels, wrapped them up, and then said. "ce sera trois dollars." Madlax nodded, reached in her shorts pocket, pulled out 3 one dollar bills and handed them to the man. She dashed to the escalator having the urge to just plain jump to the first floor but controlling it, since it wouldn't be good if she drew to much attention. Madlax arrived back next to the restroom, just as Nadie exited. The sandy blonde fronted Nadie with a wide smile enveloping her face, reached her right arm up and handed Nadie the pretzel. "I hope you like it ... its some kind of new experimental flavor!" Nadie made a face at Madlax for getting her something experimental, bit a crumb off the pretzel and remarked with her mouth full. "This is ghood! Tastes likhe pizza." Madlax chuckled at her very funny friend. "Don't talk with your mouth full." Nadie picked her bag back up and proceeded to the exit. Madlax asked Nadie as she opened the large glass door. "Is the hotel far from here ... should we walk or take a taxi?" Nadie stepped out unto the street, turned to Madlax and replied. "The map says its 3 miles from here, so let's walk and enjoy the streets of France."

A beautiful forest was situated to the far left, at the end of the boulevard. Nadie looked around in awe of the old European styled street. There were boutiques with window displays of elegant dresses, naughty lingerie and even traditional French chocolate. Nadie had a strong urge to rush inside of the

boutique with the chocolate and sample one of every kind, Madlax had a similar idea but with the lingerie. The streets were paved with bright red bricks and other kinds of rocks that made Madlax feel Nostalgia all the more. A path leading to another main street came into view; Madlax turned to Nadie and softly asked. "So which way do we go?" Nadie appeared to skim trough the map, trying to find their current location. After a minute Nadie's blue eyes gazed up at Madlax's and she pointed to the path. Both girls made their way trough an abundant amount of curves and turns till Madlax noticed they were walking in a circle. The sandy blonde tapped Nadie on the shoulder, walked in front of her and showed the girl where they actually needed to go. The paths lead to a large hilly street with more exquisite boutiques and a staggering amount of French restaurants. Nadie looked ahead as far as the eye could see and noticed a tall building with a bright sign on it. The crimson haired girl pointed her index finger to the hotel 3 blocks away. "Madlax that's the five star hotel were staying in, looks like we found it." Nadie's phase quickened to a jog as she neared the hotel. The hotel appeared grander then what Nadie had expected, there was a lush garden of roses and other flowers surrounding it and the first floor was covered in wine like plants. From across the road Nadie noticed two guards guarding the front gates of the hotel with traditional French military uniform and old riffles from the late 1800s. Nadie stopped to wait for the cars to pass and for Madlax to catch up. The lights finally turned green and Nadie made her way across the street with the sandy blonde trailing close behind. Both guards moved aside and let the girls pass trough the gates leading to the lush garden and the Hotel itself. Nadie rushed trough the garden, not admiring the rare beauty of the Hotels private plot. Madlax however walked in a snail's phase admiring each and every flower, and smelling the roses. "Madlax! Come on, let's go get a room ... and you can admire the garden later." -"Actually there is a problem ... you see I don't have a credit card and I only have a few hundred left in cash so we cant get a room here... unless you have money." Nadie spun around with a half terrified, half frustrated expression paved on her face. "You don't have money... but I thought you were rich or something ... what happened?" Madlax walked closer to Nadie with a strange unreadable expression and a twitching eyebrow then softly said. "I did have a lot of money but I spent a lot of it on these airplane tickets and gave the rest to Natalia ... I didn't do a good job counting my money did I?" -"Well then what are we going to do now? Where are we going to stay?" The sandy blonde didn't respond for a minute, taping a finger against her lips in deep thought. "Nadie let me see that map." The crimson haired girl complied and handed Madlax the 2 year old map. Madlax glanced over the map, seeing a list of restaurants and fancy Hotels on the map key, looked back to Nadie and said. "This map is expired but there might still be a cheap inn close to here ... about 2 miles from here, do you want to check it out?" -"That sounds better then sleeping on the streets, but you know I was getting used to the fancy way of life, and now...this."

On their way to the inn

The sun was almost set as the two girls finally found the old street the inn was on, or supposed to be on. Nadie ran trough the street, not noticing any signs of an inn. All that spanned the view were small cabin houses. Nadie ran back up to Madlax then said in an annoyed voice. "Well I can't find the inn and you

said it was here... Madlax if you understand French then can you read it?" The sandy blonde looked at Nadie then to a street sign. "The letters are the same in English and I understand French so ... yeah I can read it." -"Good then can you read what it says on that sign, the one behind you." Madlax turned around and complied. "It says, Inn, one hundred dollars a night. Wait a second the word inn is the same in English, so why did you have me read it?" -"Just making sure."

The room Madlax and Nadie got was a small room with a single bed and an outhouse for a bathroom. Nadie dumped her backpack on the bed with a thud and subsequently followed it with her arms stretched out, landing on the undersized bed. Nadie felt something crawl below her, at first she thought it was her imagination but soon she felt two more things crawl below her and trough her hair. She slowly brushed her hand trough her hair, a strange squishy thing bumped against her fingers, and then she felt a sting of pain. Nadie brought her hand back to her face and looked over it, noticing a big red bump on her pinky. A shiver of fear ran down her spine and before she knew it, she was shooting up from the bed and soaring straight into Madlax. The unsuspecting sandy blonde fell back at the impact, hitting the concrete floor with her back. A serge of Anger weld up in Madlax's eyes when she saw the one who painfully pushed her down. "Nadie why did you push me... I'm immortal but that still hurt." It took a moment for Nadie to snap out of her fearful state. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall on you... its just that a bug bit me and its still in my hair isn't it?" Madlax's anger evaporated as did the pain. The sandy blonde looked over Nadie's head, seeing an oversized cockroach, "Oh god! Nadie there is a roach in your hair!" Nadie didn't respond yet her body tensed up as she was getting ready to scream or perhaps lose consciousness. Before Nadie could react Madlax closed her eyelids shut and swept her hand trough Nadie's hair, swishing the roach to the floor. The next thing the sandy blonde did was grab a clear glass smoking tray and throw it down hard on the cockroach, squashing the bug instantaneously. Nadie turned around to see what had happened; she saw a cracked ash tray with the body parts of a squashed roach scattered over it. "Thanks for doing that, but who's going to clean it up?" Madlax responded in determination, "You clean it up, because I saved you from its terror. I'll go see if I can cook us something ... although I'm not sure if the food will stay down." Reluctantly Nadie complied, picking up the cracked ash tray with her gloves on and placing it in a zip lock bag without touching the bug's remains. She tossed the bag in the trash, and then went inside the kitchen which Madlax was currently occupying. A loud Yell stopped her from moving any further. "Nadie don't come in here! I don't think we'll be having dinner here unless you like fried roaches and ketchup!" The sandy blonde rushed out of the kitchen, grabbing Nadie's hand and dragging the girl with her. Both decided that it was safer outside then in the roach infested inn. Nadie brushed a few roaches off her bag and then grabbed it, strapping it over her shoulder. Madlax kicked the door open and the two walked out hurriedly. The sandy blonde sighed then looked at Nadie and whispered in surrender. "We aren't getting that money back, and it looks like we'll have to sleep somewhere in a park tonight. But don't worry Nadie! I will fix this first thing tomorrow!"

The girls made their way to a lush park of green oak and pine trees, Madlax settled at the top of a foot hill, under a pine tree. She laid out a sleeping bag then turned to Nadie. "We have to sleep together ... but I know that you don't mind." Nadie briefly smiled at the sandy blonde then crawled in the green sleeping bag and made herself comfortable. "Madlax aren't you getting in?" -"Yeah but before I do ... I

want to take a relaxing walk to smell and feel the nature around me, alone." Nadie stretched out her arms and yawned, realizing that she didn't get any rest while on the plane and that Madlax slept for the whole 19 hours. "Well then have a nice walk, but don't wake me when you return." Madlax nodded and ran off into the darkness of the night.

The sky was cloudless and starry with constellations invisible to people in the northern hemisphere. A crescent moon lit the way for Madlax as she ran at full speed, trying to clear her mind and figure a way to get money. The paths ahead split into two and Madlax instantly knew which to take -the longer, more dangerous one. She had a few ideas on getting money but neither of them seemed appealing to her. "I won't steal from an unsuspecting person ... and I'm definitely not doing work to get money. There has got to be a better way -the bank." Madlax made up her mind, next thing tomorrow she was going to the bank. "I'll pretend that I need to do something, but actually go to the bank and get a lot of money." Madlax stopped in her tracks, turned around and began a jog back to where Nadie was resting -unlike Nadie she was good with directions. The plan was to get a map of the French federal bank , which she knew was close by, and then write out a preparation sketch of how she would proceed with getting inside and out of the well secured vault -undetected.

Next morning 6:30AM

Madlax woke up as the sun rose and nudged Nadie on the shoulder several times before the girl opened her eyelids and yawned. The plan for the day was to take Nadie to a café, get some breakfast and then find a way to ditch Nadie and go to The French bank. Madlax hopped out the sleeping bag, stretched her arms wide, and turned around to face Nadie who was doing the same. "Nadie how would you like to get some breakfast? We haven't eaten anything since yesterday ... so let's go to a café!" A smile beamed across Nadie's drowsy face. "That sounds good to me." Madlax knelt down, reached her arms out, grabbed the green sleeping bag and folded it neatly into her backpack. She stood back up and slowly walked down the foot hill, into the park, Nadie followed. The crimson haired girl reached out the map from before and looked over the café listings, then to get the sandy blonde's attention; she bumped Madlax on the shoulder and showed the girl where the closest café was located. Both agreed on going there -the café was across the street from the Bank.

A small yet atmospheric room with small circle tables and a coffee stand with a display of fine French desserts filled the view. Nadie felt an urge to order as many chocolate desserts as she could afford, but recognized she couldn't afford that many. The sandy blonde walked up to the cash register, got the employees attention and pointed at the coffee cake and drink she wanted, then urged Nadie to do the same. Nadie had a tuff time with indecision but eventually ordered a small cappuccino and an extra-large piece of dark chocolate cake. Nadie and Madlax settled at a table facing the window to the side of the Bank across the street. Both girls noted how much this particular café resembled Starbucks, the walls were the same tone, the atmosphere and layout also seemed similar and there were even CD stands. The employee arrived shortly with the food and drinks. Madlax took a sip of her extra creamy

drink, wiped her mouth, and looked up to face Nadie's gaze. Madlax needed to find a way to ditch the girl at the café or take the girl to the Bank with her then make up an excuse to use the restroom and steal the money during that limited amount of time. "Nadie, do you by any chance have a check you need to cash or a bank count?" The crimson haired girl pondered for a minute, subsequently remembering the five-thousand dollar check the young man gave her at the fancy restaurant in Mexico City for winning a bet. Nadie strapped the black bag off her shoulder, opened it up and found what she was looking for. "The check ... it has the same symbol as the Bank across the street, how ironic is that?" Nadie pulled the green check out, placing it before Madlax's face and pointing to the 5,000 signature. A beam spread over the sandy blonde's elegant face and her eyebrows leveled in a determined form. An idea hit her straight on the spot, "We go to the bank ... she cashes the check while I pretend to need to use the restroom but actually sneak inside the Banks safe, get money and finally sneak back undetected. Yeah this should work." Madlax pulled her arm out and snatched the check, looking it over herself to see its authenticity. "It's real ... do you want to cash it Nadie? The Bank is right across the street so we can go there after we finish our food, how does that sound?" Nadie wiped her mouth, then swiftly snatched the check back and nodded in agreement and said. "Well at least now we won't have to sleep under the stars." Both girls wolfed down the desserts quickly, pushed their chairs in and walked out the front door. Madlax remembered being on some of her missions in the past and at least 7 of them involved robbing a bank or stealing something of value, so this wasn't something new. A few cars passed by then the lights turned green and the girls quickly crossed the street. The large brick and cement bank stood in front of Nadie and Madlax. The sandy blonde noted that the security was tight, cameras were planted all around the bank and inside, covering every inch of activity that could be of threat. Nadie rushed inside eagerly, swinging the doors wide open and gaining a lot of attention from the onlookers. Madlax sighed and followed her friend inside. The bank appeared even more ultramodern then Madlax anticipated, guards were present all over the place and Madlax wouldn't be surprised if there were hidden cameras in the restrooms. There was a long line of people in front of the bank employee windows, waiting to cash checks or withdraw money. Nadie took a spot in the line and turned to Madlax. The sandy blonde smiled at Nadie and softly said. "I ... I have to use the restroom, so I'm going to go now." Nadie didn't show any signs of resistance and shrugged in response.

Madlax stopped at a small rack of stock and insurants advertisements and picked out a small brochure with a layout of the Bank printed on the back. The plan of the Bank seemed innovative to Madlax, the brochure even explained why the Bank was so safe and a good place to store your money in. "The security is tight and a vault in a place like this is sure to have complex motion sensors planted all over ... I am goanna have too turn off the motion sensors somehow. I can probably percolate trough a steel wall with my power." Madlax neared the women's restroom, swung the door open and strode inside. All the stalls were empty, which made the job that much easier, Madlax walked in the largest one at the end of the restroom and closed the door behind her. She gazed up at the ceiling; there were white square shaped ceiling boards big enough for her to fit in them if opened. Madlax stepped on top of the toilet and pushed a ceiling board back, revealing a ventilating passage. She soared into the small opening, grabbed onto the boards inside and edged the rest of the way in. Madlax had a photographic memory of recent events and could clearly visualize the layout of the building, she knew her relative location and destination, the only problem was getting there undetected. Madlax made her way, slowly

creping trough the cramped vent passage until she was sure she had to make a turn right. Something stopped her from moving ahead, she heard voices coming from the second floor of the Bank. "So I must be close to the control room ... the safe should be only 15 feet from here." Madlax was known for her ability of being exceptionally sly on missions; she remembered having done jobs requiring total stealth on behalf of the Organization. A large fan spun at the speed of 1 round a second, Madlax smiled at the minor challenge of dogging the propelling metal blades. She jumped down to where the fan was spinning, arranged her body into ready position, stepped back then fired right trough the fans blades at the speed of 20mph ... missing the razor sharp blades by a strand of hair. Madlax landed on all fours, took in a few long deep breaths, then rose back up to her feet on the other side of the fan. A few ideas plagued her mind on how to proceed next. "I have two options; one is to slip inside the vault from above it and, two is to walk right in after switching off all the cameras. Now which would the old me chose ... I think I'd chose option 2, yeah it feels like more fun." The passage became brighter as Madlax neared the area right below the control room. She slid a square covering sheet just enough as to see if the guards were on duty. Two men set in grey comfy chairs, the one on the right enjoying a strawberry doughnut and the other sipping on coffee. Madlax could easily take care of useless security guards such as these. The sandy blonde slid a square fully open and bound down soundlessly behind the two unsuspecting men. An instant latter both men lay unconscious, one with scorching hot coffee spilled all over his shirt and the other with a donut smeared across his face. Madlax stepped over them and proceeded to shut down the motion sensors in and around the vault. An array of multicolored buttons appeared before Madlax's deep green eyes confusing the girl to death, but thankfully there was an instruction booklet laid next to the control panel. Madlax flipped through the pages and found one page listing a combo of numbers necessary to shut off the sensors. She followed the instructions, pressed enter, and then watched the camera display as the red laser like lights faded. "Well all I have to do now is to sneak inside and out the vault before these guys wake up and find the security switched off." Madlax climbed back into the vent and advanced until she was right on top of the pure steel vault. She took in a deep breath and focused her mind. A barely visible wave of light originated from her body and formed into a net of dancing particles. The net like shape then floated over the steel vault and dissented till it was cutting right trough the hard steel. Madlax kept her eyes closed, aware of what her powers were doing. A few minutes passed before the net shaped object was finished cutting trough the metal. Madlax reached out a green miniature flashlight, switched it on, and beamed it to the small hole in the steel chamber. She saw a rack of small safes and a whole section for money and rare items. Madlax exclaimed "Bingo!" as she dropped downward, into the large vault. A shelf of diamonds caught Madlax's eye almost immediately. "Now that I got here ... what should I take?" Madlax shined the flashlight on the colorless diamonds that glimmered in response. She walked up to the shelf, reached out a small black pouch bag, scooped up as many diamonds as her hands could hold and heaved them inside the bag. Next Madlax ran to the opposite side of the vault and untied a bag labeled "100 dollar bills". Stacks of fresh green riches filled her view; she grabbed as many stacks as she could physically stuff in her backpack. Madlax happily sighed as she zipped up her backpack and placed it back over her shoulder. "This ought to be over 100,000 in cash, plus the value of the diamonds!" Contented with her takings, Madlax stood straight up then swiftly ascended up trough the hole she made. Before turning off the flashlight Madlax checked the map over to see if there was a faster route out -there was. Madlax noticed that she'd be out faster if she went trough the opposite end of where she came from. The climb

back lasted half the time it took to reach the vault and in next to no time the sandy blonde was out the vent and on top of the same toilet, in the same stall as she started. She opened the stall and marched out, a bit cautious of her surroundings.

Nadie stood bored almost to death as the line finally progressed to her. A woman asked, "How may I help you?" Nadie felt relieved when she saw the bank window for English speakers, even thou that line was the longest. "I would like to cash a check." Nadie reached her arm out and handed the woman the check. The bank lady took it and stated "It'll be a moment." Nadie turned around and looked trough the lines of people, not seeing Madlax. A tap on the shoulder made Nadie jump in surprise then turn to see who did it. Nadie shouted in pleasant surprise. "Madlax, why did you take so long?" The sandy blonde just smiled without responding to the girls previous question, then asked. "Are you almost done cashing that check? If you are then let's get out of here." The banker woman placed an envelope with 100 dollar bills in Nadie's hand and thanked her for coming to the bank. Just as Nadie placed the new envelope inside her shorts pocket Madlax clutched her arm and pulled the crimson haired girl out the bank. "What the hell are you doing?" Nadie asked as the sandy blonde pulled harder. Madlax stopped, briefly glanced at Nadie and whispered. "I'll explain when we're far away from that Bank, but for now keep walking." Nadie complied. The two walked without saying a thing till they were back at the park. Madlax ran up to the granite frame of a fountain, set down on the structure and motioned for her friend to do the same. When Madlax was certain there were no people in close proximity to her, she pulled out the small black sack and handed it to Nadie. "Look inside! I think you'll like what you see." Nadie's left hand held the bag in place and her right untied a small white string. At first Nadie's expression was unreadable, but then it hit her square between the eyes. "Madlax are these real diamonds? How did you get them... what did you do?" The sandy blonde snatched the bag back, turned to face Nadie, smiled secretively then softly whispered. "I got them from the bank ... I also took a backpack full of 100 dollar bills. That is why I told you to continue waking until we were far out of sight..." -"You robed the French bank!" The sandy blonde shrugged, and then said. "Don't complain. Now we can stay at the 5 star Hotel, like we planned to." Madlax placed the sack back in her shorts pocket, stood up and walked over to a large interactive map display. The display featured a touch interactive system where one could press their finger to where ever they wanted to go, next draw a route they'd like to take and press print -all for a dollar. Madlax placed her finger to the edge of the map and pushed the zoom in button. Nadie walked over to see what her friend was doing. Madlax turned around to face Nadie and stated. "I'm making a map that will lead us to the ancient High council Mansion ... it's almost one hundred miles from here so what do you say about renting a car?" -"Your idea sounds good." The interactive display machine took a few minutes to complete the printed version of the map. Madlax grabbed the map and placed it inside her green jacket. Nadie ran up to the street and yelled "We need a cab don't we?" The sandy blonde walked over to Nadie and responded. "No I would rather walk to the Hotel. After we get there we need to call the car agency and take two long hot showers." -"Why two showers... cant we take one together, at the same time?" Nadie's expression turned to a scheming grin, but the sandy blonde didn't respond to her comment and so Nadie gave up on trying at aggravating the girl.

The two walked for a mile, till they were across the street from the Hotel. Nadie gazed at the green eyed girl beside her, she couldn't figure out why her relationship with Madlax dropped from the level of

almost lovers to just friends. "Ever since she asked me to call her Madlax ... everything went down hill for us ... I wonder if she remembered something important. I have to know." When the lights turned green Nadie took the sandy blonde's left hand into her right and the two hurriedly crossed the two way road. The guards at the tall barred gates moved aside and let the girls' trough to the Hotels private garden. Both girls walked slowly, admiring the red, blue and yellow flowers surrounding the plot of land. A bright red rose in full bloom caught Madlax's eye, she walked over to it and smelled the aroma, then spun around and whispered into Nadie's left ear. "This flower, it reminds me of you ... what flower would you say reminds you of me?" Nadie slightly blushed, next gazed over the lush flower garden and noticed a flower right to Madlax's right. "This flower reminds me of you." Nadie pointed down at the yellow rose with spots of an orange, almost red tone. Madlax smiled then looked around. "Do you want to know what flower reminds me of Vanessa?" -"Yes, which one is it?" Madlax ran towards the end of the garden, crunched down and smelled a fully blooming purple Daffodil, "This one is sort of like Vanessa ... its colors and the way it smells, I remember seeing flowers similar to these in a memory I had with her. I gave her a bouquet of Daffodils and she smiled at me, her sea blues eyes lit up and fluttered my heart... yeah her flower is a Daffodil." The sandy blonde felt nostalgia sweep trough her eyes, nose and mind, she remembered a special moment spent with Vanessa. A few moments later Madlax rose to her feet and began to walk towards the large wooden doors of the Hotel.

Madlax handed 10,000 dollars upfront to the French hotel manager. He took the money, picked up a brochure and handed it to Madlax then spoke in butchered English. "I'm soarrey but whe are booked, whe have no rooms available -exhipte one." Madlax made out what he said and replied. "We'll take the room then, but what room is it?" -" I belhve it's the honeymoon lovhers swhet." Nadie looked over the tall sandy blonde arranging a room, she wondered "did he just say honeymoon lovers suite." Nadie's thoughts were confirmed when she and Madlax reached the 4th floor and found their room number. Madlax turned the key and swung the door open. A large pink and heart shaped king-sized bed was positioned in the far end of the oval shaped room. The flooring was a smooth pink carpet and the walls were all red with romantic symbols painted over them. As Nadie stepped in something caught her eye -there was a life-size tequila glass shaped Jacuzzi bubbling with water planted to the far left of the room. Madlax also noticed something peculiar, she saw a strange looking drawer with small bottles that read, "Pheromone" on the labels. Madlax shut the door and eccentrically looked straight at Nadie, who did the same. An awkward silence filled the room, both girls were speechless and stunned by how romantically oriented their room was. Madlax cleared her trout, chewed her lip, and then finally spoke. "You know, I heard that this is one of the world's most romantic places to stay at. They say it's unavoidable for the two people who stay here to make love ... I think we'll be the first to prove them wrong." Madlax let out a nervous laughter and gazed down to the floor. Nadie's lips turned into a disappointed frown at the last bit of what Madlax stated, however the frown twitched into a mischievous smirk as Nadie recalled the first part of the sandy blonde's statement. Nadie mumbled too softly for Madlax to hear. "Don't be so sure of that. I don't think we'll prove... them wrong." A white phone next to the heart shaped bed caught Madlax's eye, she made her way to the phone, picked it up and dialed a number she obtained from the interactive display machine downtown. While Madlax spoke on the phone Nadie took her dirty clothes off and climbed inside of the bubbling glass shaped Jacuzzi. She felt a wave of refreshment seep trough her body as the bubbly water massaged her skin. At a closer

examination the crimson haired girl noticed that the water was fresh mineral water. She tilted her head to the right, seeing if Madlax was done with the conversation -she wasn't. "This is a perfect opportunity to get her to fall in love with me ... I wonder if the pheromones will work on her? What am I thinking ... I'm here to help her find her past and lost love, not to seduce her." A soft voice interrupted Nadie's thoughts. "May I join you?" Nadie turned around and saw Madlax stripped down to her red bra and underwear leaning on the rim of the Jacuzzi. "Yes! Yes you may." Nadie stammered. The sandy blonde complied, swooshing up and landing in the boiling hot water in one elegant motion. Nadie felt an arm brush against her own; she looked to the right and become aware of Madlax seated beside her. Nadie's blue eyes traveled down and around observing every detail of the sandy blonde's body, remembering the morning where she found herself kissing Madlax as passionately as a lover would. A heat overcame the crimson haired girl's body; she felt her cheeks turn a bright red. "Why are you blushing?" Madlax asked, oblivious of her friend's thoughts. Nadie only blushed harder then deceivingly answered the girl. "The water is boiling hot ... it's to hot." -"Yeah you're right, let's get out of this boiling pot before we get boiled alive." Both girls climbed out of the glass shaped Jacuzzi and each grabbed a white towel, wiping the water off. "Nadie I called the car renting agency and they should have a car delivered by tomorrow so we'll go to that mansion tomorrow." Madlax softly said as she walked to the shower and locked the door behind her. Nadie let herself fall to the soft carpeted floor in total exhaustion. She wasn't good at adjusting to new time zones and she would probably faint if forced to stay up for another minute. "Madlax I want to know your past as much as you do ... I guess its woman's curiosity."

Madlax turned the water off, stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry with. After drying off her body the sandy blonde placed a silky red night gown over her body -not wanting to provoke what happened the last time she slept in the nude. She slowly opened the door and walked trough, seeing Nadie spread across the carpet, fast asleep and snoring. "Well I don't want to wake her so I'll let her stay asleep on the carpet, after all its soft." Madlax quietly tiptoed to the bed, careful not to awaken the girl laid across the floor, threw down the sheets and scrambled in the soft comfy love-bed. Only one thought filled Madlax's head -the thought of learning something about her past. In all honesty she was more interested in learning more about who Vanessa Rene was then who she was in the past but something inside her told her that the two were connected -if she learned about the book, organization and her past then she'd learn about Vanessa Rene as well. Madlax turned to her side, restlessly pondering on what tomorrow would bring.

Earlier that day in Mexico City, Natalia & Elian

Madlax had left Natalia with 20,000 dollars before going to France with Nadie so the girl could support herself and Ellis while she was gone. A young man by the name of Elian left his phone number with Natalia after the two shared a nice dance together, and she was just about to call him but he beat her to it. Natalia heard the phone ring from across the room and dashed straight for it -thinking that the caller must be Éliane. She picked it up on the fourth ring and answered. "Hi Éliane, how are you?" The caller

responded. "It's pronounced Elian, and I'm doing well." Natalia instantly realized the caller on the other end was the handsome young man from the restaurant then apologized. "So why are you calling me ... could it be to ask me on a date?" -"Actually your guess is almost right but not quite. I called to tell you that I'm staying at the Harington Hotel -same one as you." Natalia was surprised by the statement and didn't respond, and then Elian added. "I would like to have lunch with you today Natalia, I have a lot to converse with you about -concerning the girl you call Éliane. So how about you meet me at the café across the street from this hotel ... say in an hour." Before Natalia could reply, Elian had already hung up. Natalia placed the phone back down and set herself on the water bed. "He said he knows things concerning Éliane ... could he know about her past? I will meet him; I need to know what he knows." The bathroom door swung open and Ellis walked out yawning and stretching her arms out. Ellis grabbed a jacket out of the closet and walked towards the hotel room door. "Where are you going?" -"To the park, and I wont be back till late in the afternoon." The short blonde replied as she shut the wooden door behind her. Natalia sighed, deciding to see Elian in an hour. She stood up from the bed and proceeded towards the walk-in closet. As the lights switched on a simple evening dress caught her eye, it was blue with red and grey lines intersecting. Next she formed her hair into a braid, clutched her Chanel purse and hurried out and down the stairs.

Elian arrived at the café half an hour earlier then Natalia, dressed in simple yet neat attire. The café was a small place where one could get some fine coffee and an uninterrupted conversation. Elian set at one of the white round tables right outside the café -where he was easy to spot. A thought crossed his mind as he sipped on a cup of coffee. "I need to know where Madlax is, and how much she remembers. She could be the key to finding the book and if so then I need her aid." Elian tilted his head to the far left. Facing the road, noticing an attractive blonde dressed in a partially crosshatched blue dress crossing. "So you chose to come here Natalia -good choice." The blonde neared his table, instantly noticing his presence. She pushed out a chair and made herself comfortable then spoke. "Before we speak of anything else, tell me ... are you a member of the high council clergy?" -"I was, but I quit a very long time ago and now I oppose them." Natalia pressed a finger against her lips. "So why did you quit, and what do you know about Éliane?" Elian stirred a spoon in his coffee then responded. "I quite because of personal reasons and also a realization came to me ... would you care to hear a brief description of my story?" -"Yes, tell me about yourself." Elian took a few sips of his coffee, wiped his mouth and proceeded to describe his side of the truth.

"I was a very high ranked member of the organization who searched for the book for his own reasons, although I pretended to do it for the organizations sake. The book that I'm speaking of is of course the one that Madlax... Éliane is searching for. Do you know what the book is Natalia?" -"No, and I don't think she knows either but it's magical in some way, isn't it?" Elian let out a soft chuckle then replied. "Well I guess you could call it magical, but there is a better explanation, the book is a piece of highly advanced technology ... I don't believe its right to describe something as magical if you lack a better description." Elian took a sip of his coffee and continued. "I believe that your friend is a creation of the book ... she isn't physically human -that is why she's immortal, but what surprised me is the fact that she turned the redhead immortal ... she's just like the book, if not more powerful." Natalia was surprised by the mention of her friend not being human, and asked. "If she isn't human then what is she?" -"more

then human ... when her powers awaken, she could be called a god. The reason I left the organization is because they won't change ... we now have proper science to explain the books powers yet they won't acknowledge the truth. Saying things like, your friend is Gods-hand and the book is his will is foolish. The book, I know what it is and I saw it with my own eyes. How old do you think I am Natalia?" -"You are 22 maybe a few years older." Elian shook his head. "Wrong, I'm over 186 years old, I know I don't look it but I am. The book turned me partially immortal 160 years ago by accident, it locked your friend inside of its realm and before she disappeared she turned my fiancée, Vanessa Rene immortal." Natalia was astonished as the déjà vu hit her. "Did he just say Vanessa Rene ... the waitress? And come to think of it, she told me about her fiancés name being Elian ... so she's immortal too and her bodyguard -Madlax?" Natalia swallowed her shock and asked Elian if her thoughts were correct. "You said Vanessa Rene right? Well I have a question about her ... did she leave you for a woman named Madlax?" Elian's eyes became wide ovals and his jaw practically fell to the floor. "How does she know about that? I thought she didn't know her past." Elian took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down, and then spoke in a shaky voice. "Yes she did, she left me for Madlax or as you call her, Éliane. How did you know that?" Natalia's jaw fell twice as low as Elian's had before her, the fact that this Vanessa Rene woman who she had met just a few days ago also happened to be Éliane's lost love hit her square in the face. Natalia took a moment to remember how to speak, and then whispered. "She tolled me." -"Who -Madlax?" Natalia shook her head, "No Vanessa Rene told me a couple of days ago." Elian was again struck by Natalia's words. "You met Vanessa and you didn't know who she was?" Natalia nodded violently in response. "Wow, I haven't seen her since 160 years ago, but I'm glad she's well. Listen do you know where she is or her phone number?" Natalia thought for a moment then reached in her purse and pulled out a rolled up piece of paper. She reached her right arm out and handed the paper to Elian; he took it and instantly unrolled it. Elian grabbed a slick cell phone from his pants pocket, dialed the number written on the paper and awaited for Vanessa to pick up. The phone rang 6 times and then the operator answered and said this number was unreachable from this location. Elian sighed, slammed the phone down on the table and looked straight at Natalia. "She isn't in a reachable location, but are you sure you met a woman named Vanessa Rene who tolled you she loved Madlax and about me?" -"Yes and she even flirted with me ... you know what the funny part is -Vanessa spoke on the phone with a girl setting right next to Madlax, not ever realizing that her true love could be so close." Elian laughed at the idea of the Vanessa he knew flirting with someone, and then boldly asked. "How did she flirt with you?" First Natalia made a face at him for asking such an inappropriate question, but then she replied -telling him everything that happened that night. By the time Natalia finished Elian was laughing like a madman. It took him five minutes to stop his sudden emotional outburst and calm himself to where he could look at Natalia without giggling. "I'm sorry for that reaction, normally I don't laugh but this to me is indeed funny." Elian wiped the tears of mirth from his eyes, composed his posture and proceeded with his main conversation. "Natalia you have informed me with more then I can handle, I am only obliged to do the same so I am inviting you to my estate in England ... will you accept my proposal -I have lots to tell you." Natalia nodded her head and then excitedly said. "Yes I would love to go to England ... but why are you inviting me?" -"Like I said before, you informed me and its only natural for me to do the same. There is a second reason and a third, the second is that I want to get to know you better and the third is because the organization might go after Madlax's friends to get to her." -"Elian you just flirted with me?" Natalia remarked playfully but then changed her tone to a more serious one and asked. "You didn't tell me why

the organization wants Madlax gone ... why do they?" -"She's a threat to their plans somehow -they believe she would annihilate them if she remembered her past, so they want her gone. Madlax was a tool of their organization for millennia and she is the sol reason their organization still exists -she is what the book grated humanity. Their concern is that she is now free from the books restraints, she doesn't have to serve the organization anymore, and she's her own person with a free will and if she remembers the organizations wrongs... she'll surely avenge them. Natalia she's free because of your memory returning ability so I'm very grateful to you and so is she."

Ellis at the park

Ellis loved Nadie and she wanted to be with Nadie but she wasn't immortal -yet, and she was going to change that. The park was almost empty today with only a few old folk gossiping on the benches and children running around by the slide. A wide river filled Ellis's view as she ran trough tall strands of glossy green grass. The circular park was surrounded with tall leafy trees and the river ran down the middle of the park. Ellis ran until she was on a small white wooden bridge crossing the river. She set down on the wooden planks and threw her feet over the water. The sun was right about to set and hit the waters reflection. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and not a ripple in the crystal clear water -today was the perfect day. Ellis crooked her back lower, raised both her hands and splashed them in the water. A small ripple formed and vibrated trough the water, she slapped the water and another ripple formed. Ellis didn't come here to enjoy the scenery and smell the freshness but she came here to exercise her witch's powers in peace and serenity. She focused her mind on rippling the water more and more. Nothing happened, so she decided to try a different approach to evoking her powers. Ellis dipped both hands under the water and thought of what she wanted how much she wanted it and yet couldn't have it. A few moments passed and nothing seemed to change until she sensed a growing vibration tinge her hands and rock the bridge she set on. Ellis opened her blue eyes, looked around and noticed the previously still and lifeless river flowing at dashing speeds that could sweep someone unfortunate enough to fall in away. The speed of the gushing water only increased and she had a hard time getting up and walking off the bridge without falling off. Ellis managed to reach the tall green grasses on the opposite side of where she started. A single drop of sweat trickled down her forehead and landed in her palm. Ellis softly fell in the grass and took in a few deep breathes -she was beat. A thought came trough her mind. "Did my powers work? The water became fast and I feel drained, so I did do something. Then the secret to evoking my power could it be -desire." Before Ellis could finish thinking, she observed that the water in the river was becoming more rapid; the stream looked like a deadly whirl pool. "I don't have control of my powers after I evoke them. I have to learn to control them ... not just use them." Ellis focused her mind on desire then switched her thoughts to calming the river to a halt. She kept her eyes fully focused on the water this time. After a few minutes she realized the stream slowed down, another couple of minutes later all movement had seized -it was as if nothing had happened. Ellis picked herself up with the last of her physical strength and walked to a small wooden bench facing the river; she set down and closed her eyelids. The only thoughts that streamed trough her

mind were thoughts of Nadie. "At first we were friends, then we became like family, and now I want more but I'm stuck as just family. Nadie I love you so much, I wish you could feel just how much I love you. I will keep on trying; I won't give up till I can control all of my potential power." Ellis gathered her strength and focused on making waves out of the body of water before her. A small splash made its way to Ellis's feet then another reached to her knees, a third hit just bellow her waist. Ellis felt the power take possession of her, the surroundings became blurry and she experienced a serge of exhaustion overthrow her. At this point there wasn't anything she had control of, her mind became blank and she could barely feel the outside world ... she became numb to the world around her. All the water from the river ascended 20 ft in the air and formed into a swirling tsunami. Ellis's body was unconsciously controlling the powerful wave as it raised even higher -higher then any tree. The wave aimed itself straight for Ellis; the water shifted back then pored straight on like a tsunami. The grass immediately drowned under the rushing water and trees ripped from their roots as the tide hit them but Ellis was untouched by the deadly murky waters plaguing the entire of the park. The people previously enjoying themselves in the park began to run for their lives, Ellis however stood as still as a rock and appeared as if possessed by a demon and protected from the deadly tide. Her breaths became even as the tide finally vanished into a large puddle and nothing was left of the river. Ellis's body lifted itself up in the air and levitated to the only tree left standing, then fell on to the highest branch.

Two hours later Ellis found she was lying on a tree top in a flooded park. She carefully climbed down the tree stem and stopped when she reached the shallow water. Ellis wasn't sure of what happened to her and why the entire park appeared as if a hurricane hit it but then an idea came to mind "My powers must have done this, I must have lost consciousness whilst evoking them". She jumped down, making a diminutive splash in the knee deep water, looked around again and began to walk through the water in the direction of the Harrington Hotel.

Ellis and Natalia 9:00PM at hotel

Natalia agreed to travel with Elian to his mansion in England if Ellis would agree to come along. The mid-height blonde was sitting on a bar stool in the small restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, drinking a root bear and waiting for Ellis to comeback from the park. Natalia raised her right arm up and motioned for the waiter to get her another drink. Elian told her he planned on leaving tomorrow afternoon and that she should call before hand when she made up her mind. Natalia waited for Ellis to return for 2 hours and became bored to death. Just as Natalia stood up and began to walk towards the elevator at the far end of the restaurant, she saw a girl walk trough the front doors, dripping wet with every inch of her clothes and body soaked. After a second glimpse Natalia was sure the girl was Ellis. Natalia dashed over to Ellis and helped the girl walk to the elevator.

Natalia looked at Ellis for a while, trying to figure out why the adorable short blonde was soaked. "Did you go swimming?" Natalia remarked. Ellis shook her head then responded in a trembling voice. "I used my powers to make waves from the rivers water and I lost control... the rest is history." -"So you went

to the park to use your powers, didn't Nadie tell you not to?" Ellis felt a tinge of guilt spiral down her back. "I'm doing this for her, and she promised to never bounty hunt again -she broke that promise." The elevator stopped, its doors opened and both girls stepped out.

The adorable short blonde slammed the door shut and tore her wet clothes off right after she came in; Natalia threw her a clean towel and pajamas. Ellis dried off her body, slipped on the pajamas and fell on the bed, landing next to Natalia. "What did you do today?" Ellis curiously asked. "About that ... what do you say about going to England?" -"What's England -is it a restaurant?" Natalia let out a soft chuckle. "No silly, England is a country far away, like France. It's beautiful and fun, I'm sure you'll enjoy it more then this desert." For a moment Ellis appeared as if she was thinking, and subsequently she stated. "Ok lets go to England -When do we leave?" Natalia sighed in relief. "We leave tomorrow; all I need to do now is make a phone call." Natalia rolled over, stretched her right arm out and clutched the phone. She dialed Elian's number and had to wait 4 rings before he picked up. "Hello Natalia, does this call mean your coming?" -"Yes it does." Satisfied with Natalia's response, Elian said, "good-bye and see you tomorrow", then hung up the phone. Natalia placed the phone down and rolled back to Ellis. "We are leaving tomorrow so you should pack your things today... Ahh, wait you don't have many things -I do."

Madlax and Nadie: on their drive to the Organizations mansion

The sandy blonde heard a knock on the door, soared out of bed and ran to open the door. She looked up at a mirror planted in the ceiling, seeing her appearance was appropriate, Madlax swung the door open. A French hotel employee stood before her with a sheet of paper in his right hand and car keys in his left, he handed her the paper and keys then ran off. Madlax slammed the door shut with her left leg, walked over to a red heart shaped love cushion and softly landed on top. She gazed over the paper, which read, "Car: red & black BUGATTI VEYRON, Parked at spot 23c." Madlax noted the numbers in her head, stood up, threw down the paper, and then proceeded to wake Nadie up. Nadie had stayed asleep on the floor for the entire night and snored as loud as a man -which kept Madlax awake for at least half the night. Madlax yelled. "Wake up Nadie ... there's a cockroach in your hair!" Nadie's body sprang up and the girl rushed inside the bathroom. A few moments later Nadie came out of the bathroom rubbing her eyes. "There's nothing in my hair, you lied." -"I know, but it's the only way to get you to stop snoring." Madlax threw the car keys at Nadie and she caught them. "Nadie you drive, I'll just sit back and gaze at the country road and eat some pretzels. Come on lets go!" The sandy blonde walked over to the bed, grabbed her backpack full of money and threw Nadie the other bag. Both rushed out as if their lives depended on it. The Hotel had three garage floors, each with enough space for 1000 cars. Madlax got confused with the floor number and the two girls ended up checking all 3 floors for the red & black VEYRON. Madlax took the passengers seat and reclined comfortably into it. Nadie seized a few glances of Madlax then twisted the key in, and started the car with a roar. Madlax turned her head to face Nadie's right side and softly asked. "Do you know the driving laws of France?" Nadie let out a thunderous laugh, and then said. "Actually I don't even have a driver's license, but I know you don't have one either." Madlax thought about where they were going for a moment. "We are going to the organizations historic location ... but I wonder if the actual organization still remains there today." Nadie drove onto the busy main street and stopped at a traffic light. "Madlax do you think you'll actually find your answers at that mansion?" -"No... but I will be closer to the truth." Nadie smiled as the traffic began moving again. Madlax moved her body upwards, feeling how small the car really was. "Nadie when we reach the country road I want you to go as fast as this car will let you -we're talking 250mph." Nadie nodded her head and yelled, "Yes Sir."

[End notes: 8 chapters left...]

Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 Nearing truth

[Author's notes:

Important: Clare is an OC she isn't Madlax

Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)

Elian is an OC however he's practically a clone of Carrossea Doon (MADLAX)


Disclaimer: I do not own Madlax or El Cazador , Both shows belong to BeeTrain, -But i do own this story.

Thoughts are in "Bold"

No cars were in sight and the road was straight for miles on end. Nadie pressed the paddle to the metal, rapidly increasing the cars momentum. Country road began to zoom by faster and faster till it was all a colorful blur. Madlax pressed a button on the side of her door which scrolled the window down. She put her arm trough the window and stretched it out wide, feeling the resistance of wind press against her skin. No clouds were present and the sun was beaming brightly in the endless azure sky. Madlax moved her eyes to look at Nadie's face and softly said. "We should be there in 30 minutes -since your going at 200mph." Nadie smiled to herself and dared to speed the car up a notch, then cunningly replied. "Make that 20 minutes." A slow pickup truck came into view, heading in the opposite direction of Nadie's rented car. Madlax clenched her teeth as Nadie made a sudden dodge, avoiding the car ahead. A loud scream escaped Madlax's lips as the girl tried to move her right arm. Madlax's right arm had been hanging out the car and when Nadie made the rapid turn, the pickup truck and Madlax's arm collided at a velocity of almost 300mph. There was nothing left of the sandy blondes right arm, only bleeding bits of clothing remained hindering in the wind. Madlax had to grind her teeth, to keep from screaming in outmost pain. Nadie kept her eyes peeled on the road and didn't notice what happened. A strange wave of white light swept trough the right armless shoulder and began to form into a white transparent skeletal structure. The structure began to gain density until it was fully solid; the strange waves of light wrapped around the bone and began to turn into red flesh, soon covered by new skin. The sandy blonde's arm was grown back fully -as if nothing happened. Madlax felt the deadly pain dissipate and the feel of her fingers return. She brought her new arm back inside the car and crossed it with her other arm. "Nadie would you be more careful, you hurt me when you made that turn." The crimson haired girl didn't respond -she didn't know of the little incident. The new arm felt just like the old one, nothing changed except a part of the green jacket tearing off. Madlax glanced over the speed meter, noting that Nadie had reached the cars maximum speed barrier. "How long will it be till we arrive?" -"It'll be 2 more minutes." Nadie replied whilst fixating on the road. The sandy blonde brought out the map she bought from an interactive display; she took it out of her pocket and looked over the poster on the back. There was a picture of a villa, and a caption reading, "High Council Mansion." Madlax crumbled the map up and looked out the window, seeing the same villa as the one on the small poster, a few miles away.

Arrival at the high council clergy mansion

The mansion was a long concrete building stretching for what seemed 800 yards. It was planted on top of a flat mountain next to the rocky sea shore. Nadie parked the car on the side of the road, right before the gates to the mansion. Both girls walked out and slammed their doors simultaneously. Nadie looked over Madlax's clothes, noticing an entire jacket sleeve missing with stains of dried crimson seeped trough the fabric. The crimson haired girl wasn't aware of the fact that Madlax latterly had her arm torn off, and re-grown. Just as Madlax approached the tall dark gate and tried to open it Nadie asked. "Where is your sleeve ... and why is the right side of your jacket soaked in red -did you have your period?" Nadie realized that her joke was a bad one, cursing herself for making it. Madlax acted as if she didn't hear the last part of Nadie's statement and softly answered. "You know when you made that turn

to avoid hitting a pickup truck... well my arm was reaching out the window and it hit the truck. But I'm fine now so I won't blame you." Nadie wasn't quite sure of what happened to Madlax, but she knew it had something to do with an injury fatal enough to leave a large stain of blood and tare off a sleeve.

Nadie and Madlax climbed over the fence to get unto the mansion grounds. There were no signs of life around the mansion; it was overgrown with weeds and thorns appearing as if it had been abandoned. Madlax felt a strange familiarity with this old place, she remembered smelling this same scent somewhere it the past. Nadie noticed the windows were shattered and the roof had some holes in it. The sandy blonde took both of Nadie's arms and brought the girl near to her, then softly whispered. "I think no one lives here so we can sneak in." Nadie nodded then asked. "Have you been here before ... if you worked for the high council clergy more then 160 years ago then you have probably been here before?" -"I feel like I've seen this place before but I'm not sure." Madlax let go of Nadie's right arm, but fastened her hold on the crimson haired girls left, pulled the girl forward and ascended up a tall staircase to the front doors of the organizations mansion. Anticipation was the only feeling running trough Madlax's blood as she twisted the door knob. The knob however didn't turn all the way as the doors were locked from the inside. Nadie suggested. "Let's just climb trough the window -its shattered." The sandy blonde complied with Nadie's advice and dashed to the nearest window she could find.

The two were inside of a large hall leading into a dark chamber. "Nadie do you have a flashlight ... ah wait I have a backlight on my phone, never mind." Madlax took a cell phone out of her side pocket, turned the backlight on and aimed the beam of light towards the chamber at the end of the hall. Both girls began to slowly walk towards the chamber. Madlax noticed a few old paintings hanging on the concrete walls. While walking the sandy blonde turned her head to Nadie and in a poignant voice said. "Do you think I'll find anything ... or do you think this is a dead end -if we don't find anything then we are back at square one." -"You have to be more optimistic Madlax ... and even if you don't find anything, it doesn't mean this trip is worthless. We can still enjoy this trip even if we don't find information on the books whereabouts." Nadie's voice sounded reassuring, making the sandy blonde feel a bit better. Madlax stopped for a moment, and then raised her phone to light the entire chamber before her. The chamber looked as if someone cleaned it everyday, there were no weeds and not a spec of dust. The chamber resembled the inside of a European cathedral; walls were painted with angels and burned out candles stood in golden placers. Madlax noticed a rather familiar corner at the very end of the chamber; some strange icons were positioned right on the wall, each had a picture of a woman clad in either a black or white clergy like robe with expensive gemstones as buttons. The sandy blonde moved the light closer to the icon, reviling the painted woman's face. Stunned could not describe what Madlax felt when she realized who the woman in the picture is, "It's me ... that woman is me." Madlax heard herself say as she comprehended her thoughts. Nadie walked over and looked down at the icons. The crimson haired girls jaw dropped at the sight, and she stammered. "Why... why are you in all of those paintings? All of them are over 300 years old ... except for the last one -it reads, "April 14 1839." Madlax read the dates signed at the bottom of each icon; next she gazed up into Nadie's eyes and said. "Each one marks a different century and I'm depicted in different settings, also my appearance changes a bit in each and every one. I think they might mean something, they must have been painted for a reason." Next Madlax picked up the one from 1839 and gazed over it in detail. The painting showed a

burning village in the middle of a lush jungle, a woman clad in a white dress stood observing the whole ordeal on top of the tallest tree with two gold swords crossing into an x. Madlax moved her face closer to the painting, noting a frown on the woman's lips and what looked like a tear dropping onto the burning village below. A sudden flash appeared in Madlax's mind, the picture came to life for a moment and she could feel herself as if she was the woman in the painting. "Madlax are you okay!" Nadie nudged the sandy blonde on the shoulder, getting her back to reality. A few moments later Madlax looked around the chamber, noticed something lying on a frame and picked it up. "This ... is this page from the book? I feel something pouring on to me when I hold it, it feels so nostalgic." Madlax gazed over the paper; the text was in strange characters she couldn't read. Nadie glanced over Madlax's shoulder, seeing the strange paper. "Madlax what is that?" -"It's a page from the book ... the page the organization owned... my page -this is how they had control over me, with this mere page." The sandy blonde's voice was sobering as she responded. "I will keep this safe ... until I find the book and put it back." Madlax carefully rolled up the sheet of paper and placed it in her jacket. A quit sound of footsteps came from the hall, growing louder as they neared. Nadie grabbed the sandy blonde and rolled her down bellow a small wooden table then placed a finger before her lips and whispered. "Don't make a sound, there is someone coming ... be ready to fight." The sandy blonde slowed her breathing, as the figure entered the dark chamber. "Meow... meow." Nadie's eyes grew wide in relief and her lips formed into a smile as she realized that a cat was the figure. "It's only a cat." Nadie stated in relief as she stood up and neared the little figure at the entrance to the chamber. She bent down, reached an arm out and began to brush the cat's fur. Nadie tilted her head to Madlax and yelled. "You can come out now it's just a cat -not a member of the high council clergy!" Madlax however didn't move a muscle as she noticed a larger shadow creep into the chamber. The shadow made its way behind Nadie then stopped 10 inches from the girl. Madlax gasped as she saw a weapon in the figures hand -it was a fully loaded gun aimed straight at the back of Nadie's head. The figures index finger began to slowly slide to release the trigger. "Bang!" The gun fired a bullet. Nadie soared up at the deafening noise and landed next to Madlax, who was standing motionlessly with both arms holding something in place. The sandy blonde had somehow managed to practically teleport from under the table to where the figure was standing with a gun clutched between his fingers and move his arm away from Nadie's head just as he pulled the trigger. Madlax snatched the gun away almost instantly after it fired and caught the figure in a dark cloak defenseless. "Don't move or I'll shoot you." Madlax whispered to the man in a cloak. The man complied. Nadie was still unaware of what happened exactly but she was sure that the sandy blonde had saved her from the man in a cloak. "Madlax is he a member of the high council clergy?" -"I'd guess so but lets ask." Madlax tilted her head to face the man, then softly asked. "Are you with the high council?" The man didn't respond but kept starring at Madlax. "Are you not going to answer me?" Madlax asked whilst pointing the gun straight at the man's forehead. The man rose his hands up in surrender, then slowly walked over to the icons placed in the far corner of the room. Picking up an icon from 160 years ago, he said. "This is you Madlax. It happened on the same day it was painted -April 14 1839. I remember sending you on that mission ... to burn down those villages, I also remember assigning you as, what's her name ... Vanessa Rene's bodyguard. And to answer your question, yes I was part of the organization but I quit 160 years ago. I will not harm you or your friend -I thought you were some trespassers, that's why I almost shot her."

The ex-high council clergy member led Madlax and Nadie into the dining room and served both girls fresh hot coffee. He refused to introduce himself but agreed to tell Madlax all he knew about the book. Nadie set across from Madlax and the man clad in a cloak set at the end of the 7 feet long wooden table. Madlax had too many questions and this man had the answers -he assigned her as Vanessa's bodyguard so he was sure to know where she was ... or at least who she was. Madlax brought out the page from the book and placed it on the table, then asked. "Is this from the book? Is it the page you used to control me?" The man honestly answered. "Yes it's the only page that the organization has ever seen, and it is what gave us control over you Madlax -Gods-hand." The sandy blonde brought the page closer to her face, and asked. "Why does it not have control over me now ... and can you read what it says?" -"I don't know the answer to your first question, however it might have something to do with your memories. And the only thing I could find a translation to is the title, "MADLAX." The sandy blonde rolled the page back up and placed it in her jacket, gazed up and asked the biggest question plaguing her mind. "Tell me all you know regarding Vanessa Rene!" The man took a sip of his coffee, looking strangely at Madlax, wiped his mouth off and responded. "I'm surprised that something such as this concerns you. I don't know anything about the woman... except that she came to Sonika from London. There is an estate in London that belongs to her, but she's long dead by now so why does this interest you?" -"She's not dead because she's immortal -like me. I need to find her because I love her!" Madlax responded with determination in her voice. The man didn't question her intents but just nodded in response, and then brought out a pen and paper, quickly jutting down the precise coordinates of the Rene estate. He clicked the pen, placed it back in his pocket and handed Madlax the small sheet of paper with all the information he had on Vanessa written on it. "Before you leave for London, you should know the organizations current headquarters is located there ... be careful Madlax. I have heard rumors from creditable sources tell me that the organization knows you're alive, and they are searching for you." -"I'll follow your advice... oh and thank you for the information." Madlax stood up from her chair, walked over to Nadie and helped the girl up as well. She waved a hang at the man holding a coffee cup, and walked out trough the front doors with Nadie trailing close behind.

Madlax took the drivers seat and Nadie took the passengers seat, Madlax was pretty sure she was the safer driver of the two. "Are you ready to leave France and go to London?" Madlax eagerly asked. Nadie felt a sudden flow of emotions repressed from the stormy night spent in the elevator wash over her. "We are in France, the country of romance and love ... and we haven't even done one romantic thing together this whole damn time. Madlax I'm not letting you leave this place till you take me out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in all of Paris." Nadie looked around, noticing the car was already moving at full speed, she turned to Madlax in full resolve and stated demandingly. "Before we even think about leaving, we'll go to the finest restaurant in Paris and spend a memorable day together ... how about tomorrow?" -"Sure then it's a date." Madlax replied teasingly. Nadie pondered for a split second. "What should my relationship be with you ... a friendship, companionship or a love? Madlax I wish I knew how you feel about me, I wish I knew what I feel for you." The sandy blonde's thoughts were impeccably similar to Nadie's, she also wasn't sure of the cause of her earlier desires for Nadie. When she just met the girl she felt a strong attraction to her but as she got to know Nadie the attraction seemed to fade, but only to return during the sensual dance the two shared. "There is something about you Nadie. I can't put my finger on it but there's a certain kind of chemistry I feel when I get to close

to you, to your body. If you try it again I'm not sure I'll resist you. And I know you'll try it again, Nadie I cant wait till tomorrow's dinner. Vanessa forgive me." Madlax cleared the thoughts from her mind -she had all the time in the world to pounder on it and now was a time to enjoy the drive and focus on the road ahead.

Vanessa Rene: on mountain hike hear Mexico City

A sea of yellow puppies' spanned trough the desert lands surrounding a valley of mountains. The time was early morning and Vanessa planned on hiking trough the entire mountain valley before sunset. She got the job as a waitress at Le Cirque to earn some money for her travels, and when she had quit Vanessa's life became that of an adventurer -after the time spent with Madlax 160 years ago, she kept her promise of running away from all that she disliked, to be her own person. There was a small Mexican village in the mountain valley that she planned on visiting. Vanessa slammed her car door shut, threw a backpack over her left shoulder then proceeded off the road and towards the wild flower valley before the mountains. A thought came over Vanessa's mind as she stepped on to the flower grounds. "This reminds me of you Madlax. I remember you taking me to a valley similar to this one in Sonika." Vanessa felt a strong northern breeze caress her skin, she enjoyed this abundance of nature, the winds, the lush variety of plants and all else Mother Nature had to offer. She kneeled down, reached out her right hand and carefully cleaved down the most radiant yellow flower in sight. Vanessa carefully placed the flower in her hair then stood up and began to walk trough the high grasses. She had never forgotten Madlax and her love for the girl had stayed in her heart. Vanessa couldn't let go of Madlax no matter how hard she tried; the girl disappeared into a book right before her eyes, yet Vanessa had hope that one day Madlax would somehow return.

A young woman set beneath a small tree, reading a book. The woman had long sandy blonde hair and a tall figure. Vanessa ran up closer to see what the woman was reading, with utter hope that by some miracle the woman would be Madlax. She neared the tree, and then crunched down to see the woman's face. "Hello my name is Vanessa Rene; it's a pleasure to meet you." Vanessa smiled as she reached out her right hand. The woman firmly shook it and looked up from her book. Vanessa noticed the woman's bright forest green eyes and a strangely familiar smile. The young woman let go of Vanessa's hand and softly said. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, and I'm Clare." Vanessa's hopes were instantly dashed as she realized that this girl was just similar in appearance with Madlax -nothing more. Clare was dressed in clothes similar to what a hiker would ware, so Vanessa figured Clare was here on a hike. Vanessa took a seat right next to Clare and looked over the colorful cover of the book the Madlax look-alike was reading. The young woman tilted her head to face Vanessa and invited. "If you are going to hike that mountain then maybe we could team up ... what do you say Vanessa?" Vanessa took a tress of her Burgundy brown hair, untangled it with her fingers and threw it back then looked at Clare and excitedly said. "I would be honored to go hiking with you ... but I've got to warn you, I'm quite experienced in

mountain hiking so if you can't keep up I'll go on without you." -"It's a deal." Clare responded as she picked herself up and stretched. Vanessa stood up as well and gazed at the tallest mountain in the valley. Vanessa spoke in a daring voice "Clare how about we hike the tallest one first, unless you can't handle it..." -"I can handle it ... and that sounds great!"

Both women began to ascend up the jagged mountain. Vanessa took the lead and chose the hiking trail they needed to take. The trail went all the way up the tall desert mountain. There were a few zigzags they'd have to make at the top, but the longest part of the rocky path was ascending straight up. Vanessa noticed a few steep rocks up ahead, stopped and turned around to face Clare. Something in Vanessa's heart went throbbing as she took a better look at Clare, who stood with the sun shining right on to her and making it appear as if Clare had a golden aura. Clare's eyes were those of Madlax, Clare's face was that of Madlax -if Vanessa didn't know better she'd say, Clare is Madlax. The sandy blonde swung her glossy shoulder length hair back, and then brushed her bangs out of her face. Vanessa was still standing as still as a rock, gawking at the girl who was an exact copy of Madlax, all that was different was the hair style -there weren't two bangs sticking up. Quickly, Vanessa turned around and looked over the path ahead of her then a thought hit her. "This girl is the only person I've seen in a long time who reminds of her ... who's making me feel like I'm with her. I have to find a way to spend more time with her." Vanessa made a slight turn and began to ascend up a different path, a longer one where she was sure to get lost and take longer to reach the small Mexican village between the mountains. Rocks began to grow larger and wild plants became more abundant as Vanessa and Clare climbed the wrong path. Vanessa's plan was to climb the mountain till sunset, and then propose to stay at the village for the rest of night with Clare -that way she could really get to know the sandy blonde. Now the steepness was increasing and both women had to try hard not to fall and tumble off the mountain. Clare neared Vanessa's right side as she plunged a small hammer into the hard boulder below her. Clare glimpsed at Vanessa then back to the rocks below her and softly dared. "Do you want to race Vanessa? To see who can reach the top first." Vanessa was surprised by Clare's obviously completion like mindset. Madlax had never seemed the type to compete in anything, she was just too good but Clare on the other hand enjoyed the prospect of competition. "I guess she isn't you Madlax but I can't be sure now can I, after all -it has been 160 years since you disappeared from me." Vanessa answered the sandy blonde with determination flowing trough her melodic voice. "I would love to, but how about we make a small wager ... if you reach the top first then I'll have to carry you all of the way down, but if I reach it first then you'll have to do a little favor for me. How does that sound, is it a deal?" The sandy blonde appeared as if she was lost in her thoughts, she pressed a finger to her lips, smiled and replied. "I like those conditions but aren't you goanna tell me what that little favor is?" Vanessa brushed a hand trough her hair then replied with a hint of mystery in her voice. "Well it's a secret so I guess you'll have to find out when you loose." Vanessa winked then turned her head back to the surface she was climbing on. Vanessa knew that she'd get what she wants either way -she wouldn't mind carrying a girl so similar to Madlax in her arms. Both girls backed their feet up a bit, took in a few deep breathes and positioned themselves for the long climb ahead. Vanessa took the lead hammering at the rocks and moving at a steady phase. She noted that Clare was exceptionally good at her climbing, but Vanessa wouldn't back down unless it was necessary. The rocks up ahead were sharper then the rocks from before, and Vanessa carefully avoided their edges as she gripped on to them. When she was sure that Clare was far enough behind, Vanessa glanced down

for a second, not seeing anyone below her. A surge of fear ran through Vanessa's spine as she thought of the worst things that could have happened to the competitive sandy blonde. Then a loud shout from above rattled her. "Vanessa why are you stopping ... did you give up already?" Vanessa looked up and noticed the sandy blonde holding on to a rock 10ft ahead of her. Vanessa sighed in relief, grabbed a second hammer out of her bag and proceeded upward -this time faster then before. Clare saw that Vanessa was nearing her at an exhilarating speed and began to climb as well. Both women where half way up the mountain and already tired of their non-stop climbing. Vanessa stopped for a moment to catch her breath at the same time as Clare stopped to catch hers. Both where tied on their climb, but neither wanted to lose -or at least not Clare. Just as Vanessa pulled out a miniature sized water bottle and took a drink, Clare grabbed on to both hammers and proceeded to climb ahead. "Hey that's cheating you know!" Vanessa yelled, choking on her water in the process. Clare let out a soft chuckle as she created more distance between herself and the naive Vanessa. A moment later both women felt a strong vibration surge trough the entire of the mountain. Vanessa looked up to where Clare was, and noticed that the girl was hanging on with one hand, to a cracking rock. "Clare!" Vanessa yelled as she realized the rock would fall with the girl if she didn't let go in time. "Clare let go, I'll catch you ... or you'll die!" The sandy blonde's fingers began to slip as she tried to regain a better hold of the sharp rock above her. Clare made up her mind and let go of the rock, trusting Vanessa's word. Vanessa quickly pulled a rope out of her backpack and threw the sharp edge straight into a rock, next she tied the rope to her waist and let go of the rock she was currently holding on to. Vanessa, pushed off the mountain, caught the sandy blonde by the hand, and pulled the girl up into her arms. Clare's face was still with fear, yet she seemed somewhat relieved. "Are ... are you okay?" Vanessa asked concerned, as she tried to swing the rope back to where she could get a hold of the mountain. Clare's arms tightened around Vanessa's waist and she nodded in response to Vanessa's question. The rope swung back and forth a few times before Vanessa caught hold of a rock with her bare arm. Vanessa undid the rope right as she neared the flat surface of a rock. Both women plunged hard on to the solid surface, feeling the pain in their backs and small scratches on their arms and legs. Clare lay on top of Vanessa with a small yet sincere smile planted across her face and sparkling eyes. Vanessa's eyes were shut as she felt the girl's body on top of her own. Clare moved her face closer to Vanessa's right ear and whispered. "Thank you for saving me ... you are the winner of that competition, so whatever your little request was is now doubled, I owe you two favors miss Vanessa." Vanessa slowly opened her eyelids and peered at the girl above her, and then said. "Oh but are you sure you should owe me so many favors, after all you don't know what they are -they could be anything." A smirk grew across Vanessa's face as she thought of what she'd like the favors to be, but Clare's words interrupted her. "That's fine Vanessa, I'm sure you'll be kind with your favors and ask me to do something favorable -I trust you. Oh and by the way... could you let me grant a special favor just for you? I don't think we'll make it back by sunset so how about we stay at the small village tonight?" Everything went just as Vanessa had hoped -Clare had offered to stay at the village and Vanessa even became a hero to the sandy blonde. Vanessa smiled and agreed with all of Clare's suggestions. Both women got up, brushed the red sand off of their clothes and began to slowly ascend up the mountain -side by side with content smiles paved on their faces.

Bottom of Mountain: Arriving at the small Mexican village

Clare was right, the sun did set before she and Vanessa made it down the mountain. Both women got lost in the small forest of long dead trees on their way to the village however Vanessa knew the approximate location of the small Mexican village and led the way. They heard howls coming from all directions and Clare asked Vanessa if she could hold on to the woman's arm -she said yes. Vanessa didn't fear the coyotes, for she knew they wouldn't hurt people unless they were startled, however she didn't say that to Clare since she liked the feel of the girl's arms wrapped around hers. Idea's filled Vanessa's mind and she couldn't control them, the thoughts of seducing the girl who looked exactly like Madlax kept persisting her. Vanessa felt a desire to wrap her arms around the sandy blonde and kiss her there and then, but she refrained from it. "If I do something impulsive now ... I won't have a chance to do something better later. If I can find a way to..." Vanessa cleared her thoughts and kept walking straight, until she noticed a bright yellow light coming from her far right. She tapped Clare on the shoulder and the girl looked up at Vanessa. "Look to your right, that's the village." Clare complied and looked to where Vanessa was pointing her index finger.

As the two neared the wooden village gates they noticed a small dog sitting in a bush, it had white spots over a black coat. Clare ran up to the puppy and picked it up then carried it to where Vanessa was standing. "Can we keep him?" Clare said whilst trying to look as cute as she could. Vanessa's eyes grew wide as she replied. "You can keep him ... but what do you mean by, we?" Clare's cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she replied. "Oh I'm sorry for saying that ... it's just that for a moment I forgot that I met you just 12 hours ago. After everything I feel like I've known you for ages." -"I feel the same." Vanessa replied with sincerity in every syllable of her words. The women walked trough the gates and saw what looked like a festival. People were dancing around in costumes, animals were running throughout the small stage in the middle of the village, and everything was decorated with colorful designs from ancient legends. Vanessa was in awe of the sheer beauty of this place, she had planned to go here for the festival however she didn't expect it to be this enhancing. Vanessa turned to face Clare, but noticed the girl wasn't there. "Clare where are you ... where did you go!" Vanessa Yelled at the top of her lungs, panicking over the girl's absence. She made her way trough the crowds in search of the sandy blonde who had ditched her. "Clare why did you leave me ... you didn't grant me those favors you promised yet you left. That's not fair at all." She was now standing right below the tall stage. A loud microphone screech startled her and she looked up to see the source of the screech. A woman stood on top of the stage, dressed in a short white dress with her hair tied back into a ponytail. "Clare... what are you doing up there?" Vanessa thought as she realized the woman on stage was Clare. The woman clad in a white dress smiled into the microphone, then softly said. "I'm honored to be here tonight and I can't wait to sing the songs from my new album, but before I began I'd like to mention a very special person I've met a short while ago. Vanessa Rene is a woman who saved my life today and she's the inspiration to a song I've written tonight. I'd like to sing a song devoted especially to Vanessa Rene ... I hope you enjoy it Vanessa... because this is for you!" Clare removed the microphone from the stand, walked over to the edge of the stage and reached her right arm out to a woman in the audience -Vanessa. Vanessa took the girl's arm and hopped on the stage, feeling a wave of both, pleasant surprise and embarrassment.

Clare tilted her head to face Vanessa, handed Vanessa a second microphone, covered the microphone and whispered. "Vanessa when you see those quos on the monitor screen light up ... sing, yume kara samete mo kono te wo nobasu yo, don't worry about it but just do it." Clare stepped back from Vanessa and began to sing.

Awakening from dream,
it extends this hand ...

To call with the same strength
If it is to be accustomed to heart
With scar of no human amount
I catch

Already, the air does even a little, it is
The dawn when this wall deteriorates

From dream awakening,
to the dream which you do not see yet I et. al being one person,
only it continues to run, it is the rolling which is being perplexed,
my gravitation which it creates once upon a time to you

It was let flow to loneliness and/or lie although
hid made a mistake with lie and/or and/or
many degrees and "loving lastly"

When seeing dusk of the expectation
which grows tired so it is clean, it cried

Jumping in the reset button with intention of goal,
I et. al turning the same place round and round,
the ru it is once upon a time with the spirit
leaving which is you who exceed the gravitation of yesterday

Clare stopped and let the violinist play on whilst gazing at the woman she devoted the song to. Vanessa felt a strange sentiment of familiarity with Clare's voice and the song itself. "Clare's voice is so similar to Madlax's when she sings ... and the song -Madlax wrote the same song for me 160 years ago ... she sung it to me with only a violin as her instrument and I did the chorus. Clare is Madlax, she has to be." The music picked up and Clare started to sing again. Vanessa gazed at the monitor and also sang in full familiarity with the song and her quos.

I encounter you
Awakening from dream,
I et. al making connection dream,
without being disgusted in someone whom
you do not see yet it extends this hand,
in you where the gravitation where heart and
the body which it is are and are not enough search love reaches

Awakening from dream, it extends this hand ...

Vanessa watched Clare resonate the last part of the song, then ran up to the girl and hugged her for all she was worth, not caring about anything but the current moment. The crowds cheered and clapped as the music stopped playing. Vanessa let go of Clare and began to walk off the stage, but the sandy blonde's arm caught her and restricted her from leaving. "Vanessa what did you think of that song ... did you like it?" Clare asked with a mellow smile planted across her gorgeous face."I loved it and it felt Nostalgic singing and hearing you sing it. Thank you for this second favor." Clare lowered her microphone so no one could here her whisper "Vanessa wait for me inside the small inn at the far edge of the village, and just so you know this wasn't the second favor." Clare's words made Vanessa's heart flutter more then ever before. Vanessa nodded that she understood the sandy blonde's request, placed down the second microphone, stepped off the stage and dashed to the inn Clare mentioned.

An old couple greeted Vanessa at the inn and led her inside a clean room with two fresh beds ready for her and Clare. Vanessa took a seat on the bed placed against a white wall with a round window. A thought crossed Vanessa's mind as she placed her bag down whilst reaching out a towel. "If she's Madlax then does she remember me? The song I'm sure is the same one as the one Madlax wrote, she looks and sounds exactly like Madlax ... so does that mean she is Madlax?" Vanessa felt a strange confusion ... she had expected Madlax to be the way she was 160 years ago yet this girl wasn't. There was only one way for Vanessa to know if the girl was Madlax or not -to ask her if she's immortal or not, but of course much more subtly. Vanessa softly placed her head down on a pillow, stretched her arms and legs out and gazed up trough the round window, remembering how she ended up traveling to Sonika -where she eventually met Madlax 160 years ago. "Elian if I would have known your true intentions, I would have never agreed to go on that trip however, then I would never have met Madlax nor would I be alive today."

Vanessa's memory: Elian's invite to Sonika -160 years ago.

Vanessa set on a long rectangular window frame admiring the view of the busy city streets of 19th century London. She noticed a few carriages parked outside the mansions tall black bard gates. "This is truly a useless way of life ... to be sheltered or rather imprisoned in this mansion; I want to travel the world, to be an adventurer." Vanessa brought up her right hand then drew a circle on the window; next she drew a small house in the circle and a large forest across from it. "I want to go from this tiny little

house to the lush forest ... I need to runaway from this restricting Victorian society -but how?" A loud noise from across the hall of her main suit rattled Vanessa; she jumped up from the window frame and landed on the wooden floor then ran into the hall to see what made the loud sound.

A young man in his early 20s stood in the main living area, dressed in a brown casual suit with a tie and pocket watch hanging from his attire. Vanessa instantly recognized the young man -he was Elian Santamiere, the well brought up gentleman from France. She had only met him twice before but she knew him like a book. Elian Santamiere was an arrogant, self absorbed, egotistical man who spoke of his great accomplishments in the High Council Clergy organization both times she met with him. Vanessa wasn't fond of the man but she had to admit, it was more fun with him around. Her Mother and Father both died when Vanessa was only 7, and since she was their only child the mansion and all of her Fathers wealth fell on to her -along with the responsibilities. Planned-out, was the only way Vanessa could describe her life, she had no excitement and most of the time she spent studying with the finest tutors in all of London. Vanessa never had a choice on leaving the mansion and her fortune behind to go out into the world -but that was about to change.

A steward bowed to Elian and helped the young man remove his jacket. Elian approached the long circular table planted in the far end of the room, pushed out a chair, took a seat and motioned for Vanessa to do the same. Vanessa thought this visit to me rather odd, it wasn't expected and he wasn't bragging -yet. "So what brings you here today Elian?" His lips formed into a smirk as he replied. "I'm here to visit an old friend ... you Vanessa." -"Though would you mind telling me why you came?" Elian made a silly frown then said. "I see you're displeased to see me ... no matter, I think you'll be interested in my proposal..." -"Have you come to ask my hand in marriage?" Elian laughed at Vanessa's inquiring. "No not that kind of proposal, its one you'd actually accept. Vanessa Rene what do you say about going on a quest to find a rare book?" Vanessa's eyes grew wide in astonishment and a glow of hope sprouted its seeds in her. She answered Elian with outmost excitement. "I say yes if you don't accompany me ... and if the quest is trough an interesting wild land not yet explored." -"Well that's good! that means your going to Sonika. Oh and Vanessa you'll be leaving next week. I arranged for a carriage to pick you up." Vanessa's face showed more emotion now then it had with her entire life combined. She soared out of her chair like a child and rushed trough the hall to her room. A wooden dresser at the left of the room caught her eye; she dashed to it and opened it. There were scores of old dresses covered in spider webs -her mother's dresses. Vanessa dug trough the spider webs, throwing all the piled dresses to the floor. Soon there were none left but a large leather backpack at the very bottom of the dresser. Vanessa picked it up realizing it was rather heavy and swung it over one shoulder then turned around and saw Elian in the doorway with a smile paved on his face. "So I'm leaving next week ... but how am I going to get away from here unnoticed?" Elian walked trough the doorway and replied with certain secrecy in his voice. "Don't you worry about that Vanessa ... you'll easily be able to leave this place if you... pretend to be my Fiancé, then they'll surely let you leave. I guess in a way I am asking your hand in marriage, what irony." Vanessa wasn't sure on how to react, she wanted to see the world, to travel but she never once wanted to be a wife -especially his wife. Vanessa gulped down her astonishment and asked in the most serious tone she could muster. "Elian I will not marry you -and you won't get my fathers fortune, I'm not gullible enough to let you twiddle with neither me nor my father's riches! Now tell me Elian is that your plan, are you trying to find a reason to marry me for the money?" - Elian leaned against the door and stated. "No Vanessa I would never think you to be such a fool. And I said pretend to be engaged nothing more or less. You won't actually be my Fiancé Vanessa, you'll only pretend so that you can get out of this country, and then you'll be free to explore wild lands not yet roamed by men -no strings attached." Vanessa still had her doubts with the young man's plan but agreed with his plan nevertheless. She let Elian take his leave and fervently waited for next week to come around.

Vanessa at the inn: present

A knock on the door rattled Vanessa; she soared out of bed and ran into the main room. The old lady with long gray hair and wrinkles that made her look like she was well over 80 twisted the door knob and opened the door. Clare stood panting in the doorway with a smile forming on her beautiful face as she become aware of Vanessa's presence. The sandy blonde walked trough the door and made herself comfortable on an old couch facing a black & white television set. The old lady shut the main door, walked into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner for the two young women. A moment later Clare moved to the edge of the couch then motioned for Vanessa to take a seat next to her on the old couch. Vanessa smiled and happily complied. There were many questions streaming trough Vanessa's mind as she gazed at the beautiful singer who was almost certainly her lost love or the reincarnation of her. Vanessa sat barely an inch from the sandy blonde and had an urge to kill the space between herself and Clare but resisted. Before Vanessa could back away, Clare threw her arm around Vanessa's back, leaned into the couch then softly whispered. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the concert ... I wanted to surprise you and it made me happy that you didn't know who I was...." Vanessa wasn't certain of what the girl was talking about and why she was sorry. Vanessa slightly tilted her head to see the girl's forest green eyes and asked. "Why are you sorry ... and what do you mean, I don't know who you are?" -"I'm a singer and quite famous in the states and England. I came here to get away from the fame ... I met you and well I enjoyed the time we spent together Vanessa. You were kind to me not because of my fame but because of something far more sincere." Vanessa didn't know what to say to the girl. Clare cleared her trout and continued. "Would you like to listen to some of my albums?" -"I'd love to hear you sing again." Vanessa replied in the most angelic speaking voice ever created. Clare dug into her pocket, brought out an extremely small green iPod then she placed one earphone in her ear and the other in Vanessa's. "I want you to listen to my favorite songs with me and tell me your honest opinion on them."

While Clare and Vanessa listened to the songs, the old inn keeper lady prepared dishes in the dining room and set up the table for dinner. A few minutes later the old woman walked back in the main living area and noticed the two young women sitting on the coach and listening to music in front of the TV set. She walked over to the couch, looked down at the two women sitting exceptionally close to one another, cleared her trout then spoke. "Dinner is ready and both of you are welcome to it!" Both Clare and Vanessa soared up at the same time, turned then smiled at each other, and then dashed inside the dining room as if racing.

A large pot of roast beef stood on a clean but overused stove, the aroma from the food smelled like all the best spices combined. Vanessa realized she was drooling at the tasty food and quickly wiped her mouth off before Clare could notice her improper behavior. Vanessa pulled a wooden chair out, set down and watched as Clare took her seat next to her. "Wow this food smells as good as Madlax's cooking ... I wonder if Clare can cook -maybe that should be one of her favors." Soon the beef was prepared and placed inside of traditional Mexican plates that would be served to all four people and the little spotted puppy Clare found at the entrance to the village. Vanessa licked her lips as she saw her food being placed before her. Clare appeared to be starring at her dish when Vanessa seized a quick glimpse of her. This made Vanessa curious on weather or not Clare was romantically interested in her, when Vanessa looked out of the corners of her eyes she noticed the sandy blonde's forest green orbs fixating on her but when she turned her head straight at the girl, Clare quickly averted her attention to her plate of roast beef. "This is odd; people only avert their eyes like that when they're extremely attracted to that person, so does this mean Clare is -attracted to me? Come to think of it the song she

sang for me was rather romantic. Hmm I wonder if there's a way to get her to admit she wants me..." Vanessa thought as she cut a slice of her food off. Tonight she would spend an entire 12 hour night with the beautiful sandy blonde, in separate beds but still in the same room. Vanessa's food was already eaten up, after only 5 minutes, in the past she would eat slowly and saver the taste of her food but since meeting Madlax and tasting her cooking other foods would pale in comparison. Full, Vanessa stood up from the table, thanked the gray haired old lady for the delicious food and hurried off to her and Clare's room. Vanessa felt uncomfortable with the fact that there wasn't an indoor shower however a private outdoor spring did arouse a certain kind of sentiment she couldn't name. Slowly Vanessa grabbed a white towel off her bed and proceeded outback to the natural spring, however a warm hand fell upon her shoulder and she turned around. Clare stood behind Vanessa with a towel in her left hand and a bar of soap clutched between her fingers, she took a hold of Vanessa's arm, and let the woman lead her to the spring outback without saying a word.

The spring was as round as a circle and the size of 20 Jacuzzis. Desert sands filled the surroundings with a few cactuses a safe distance away. Vanessa swung her Burgundy brown hair back a bit, next reached her arms up pulling the pink shirt she was currently wearing off completely in one swift move. Next Vanessa pulled her shorts off, threw them down hard into the sand and walked closer to the water with her fingers undoing the bra as she swung her thighs. The revealing bra however wasn't budging and she couldn't take it off -by herself. Vanessa deliberately tilted her head ever so slightly to face the girl who was gawking and practically drooling like an idiot behind her, and in a sensual tone whispered to Clare. "I can't undo my bra, so Clare you help me untangle the binding." Just as Vanessa had wanted, the naïve sandy blonde walked behind her and placed both hands on the back of her bra. Vanessa felt the girl's body trembling as she carefully undid the bra and let it fall to the red-hot desert surface. Clare asked in a soft yet rattled voice. "Is this okay?" Vanessa twirled around at an incredible rate, with Clare's arms still touching her soft body as she turned. Now Vanessa was facing the flabbergasted sandy blonde whose eyes were as wide as two seas. Clare's mouth practically dropped as she observed Vanessa's perfectly shaped breasts, she felt drool build up in her mouth and almost seep out. Vanessa only smiled to herself as she noticed how hungry the girl looked when she starred at her bare upper half. "So I was right ... she finds my body extremely delicious. This is good!" Vanessa thought as she tapped the preoccupied sandy blonde's shoulder to get the girl's attention. After she snapped out of her trance, Clare literally soared forward, dogging Vanessa's chest by mere centimeters and instead falling right into the clear blue water. Splashes dropped all over Vanessa and soon Clare found the gorgeous Burgundy haired woman swimming in the water next to her. Vanessa knew Clare was embarrassed to death by her behavior but it didn't stop Vanessa from playing on with her seduction. Ripples of clear blue formed trough the water as Vanessa's arms elegantly swayed trough it. "Clare aren't you going to take your clothes off?" Vanessa inquired in a curious tone. Clare's face was clearly visible in the blue luminescent moon light, and Vanessa could distinguish the girl's expression turn into a canvas painted with crimson apprehension. Clare didn't bother to answer Vanessa in words but instead showed action, she ripped the soaked clothes off there and then. Vanessa felt a quiver spiral down her spine and reflect in her entire body. "Wow her body is as beautiful as I've imagined it ... it's just like Madlax's nude form. The size of her breasts, her hips, her thighs ... oh god Clare you are Madlax, but how the hell do I know for sure?" Vanessa hesitated for a moment but managed to move herself to where Clare's naked form was making ripples throughout the spring. The water below Vanessa's waist felt strangely cold for a desert spring but she figured that it was because of how hot it was above the water. Vanessa took in a deep breath, dived under the sparkling water and swam to where she saw a pair of legs moving around. She reached both arms out, grabbed Clare's legs and pulled the girl to her, underwater. Both women tried their best not to laugh or panic as they saw each others naked forms wavering below the surface. Vanessa took hold both of Clare's hands, caressing them then, brought the girl closer and into a heartfelt

embrace. Clare reacted similarly, embracing Vanessa whilst still underwater and pushing the woman as close as the woman would let her. There were too many thoughts rushing in and out of both women's minds however one consideration prevailed -both felt an overwhelming desire to bring their mouths closer together. Vanessa closed her eyelids and pushed her ruby red lips passed the friendship barrier, Clare simultaneously did the same. A passion from deep within released itself from Vanessa's heart and pressed on to Clare's lips as a sentiment of its existence. Vanessa had sworn not to open her heart to anyone in this world but her Madlax, however this girl -she was sure was a reincarnation of Madlax and hence Vanessa's heart was opened again, releasing all its utter most desires in a torrent all at once. A strong push against Vanessa's lips almost made her breath in water. She wanted to prolong the kiss but not under the water. Both women ascended their heads out of the water, bodies still connected in an almost bone braking tight embrace. Vanessa breathed in and out hard, as if she'd run a day long marathon. A fear was building its way trough Vanessa's being as she pondered. "The kiss ... was it a one time thing for her, is she going to kiss me again -wait what am I thinking, I know she will let me do it again." Vanessa moved her face an inch apart from Clare's and breathlessly whispered in the most romantic tone attainable. "Kiss ... may I kiss you again?" Clare replied just as breathlessly. "Yes you may, but only if one of those favors I owe you involves a single bed and the two of us in it." Vanessa felt a surge of joy seep inside her heart; Clare had said something she was dying to hear constantly ever since she met her. Vanessa loosened the embrace to where she could respire without having to put in excessive effort, slightly opened her lips then fiercely crashed them into Clare's fully parted lush lips. Ecstasy couldn't describe what Vanessa experienced while kissing a woman who completed her in every way. Vanessa‘s body fell back unto the shallow end of the spring as Clare pushed her, secondly Clare crashed into the water over the latter's body and met lips with the woman again -this time deepening the kiss. Vanessa had no interest in stopping but something inside of her kept telling her to, the feel of this woman was just like that of Madlax yet there was a difference, "This girl, she's not immortal. The scratches from before, from the hike, I can feel them on her skin ... they would have healed if she was the Madlax I knew. Also this girl ages, she hasn't been around for 160 years or longer because she's not the woman who I thought her to be -she just looks and sounds like her, that's all." Even with those thoughts Vanessa still felt an urge to keep kissing the girl -to go further. She managed to control her desires, untangled her arms from the sandy blonde's back and instantly parted lips with the girl, leaving a colorless string like link between their lips. A few seconds passed by as Clare became aware of the fact that Vanessa had stopped the kiss , moved away, and was now drying herself off as if nothing happened. Unmistakably, Vanessa winked in a seductive manner then hurried off inside of the inn, making the sandy blonde more then eager to follow suite.

Clare opened the ragged door, slowly stepped inside, and then walked to where Vanessa lay in only a bath robe tied with a sash, on a small wooden bed positioned next to a wall. Clare heard Vanessa's voice, stopping her just as she was going to fall on to the woman's extra seductive body. "Don't ... before we take this any further you should know why I'm attracted to you!" Clare was confused by the woman's pleading statement so she set down on the edge of Vanessa's bed, looked the woman in the eyes and asked in just as pleading a tone. "What are you talking about?" -"I'm only attracted to you because you look and sound like my first love -not for you but for someone else, my love is with Madlax ... my first love." Clare felt her heart brake in two useless pieces of red, for Clare also felt an attraction to Vanessa for unknown reasons. She had never loved a single person in the entire of her life but the one woman in her dreams, a woman with long burgundy brown hair and the softest petite lips one could ever taste, a woman who was just like Vanessa Rene. Clare blinked a few times, feeling tears began to form in her forest green eyes then she said in a trembling voice. "Vanessa I'm also attracted to you for a similar reason. I had a dream every night from ever since I can remember, the dream had one woman in it, that woman looked exactly like you, her voice is your voice ... soothing and melodic." Vanessa's

expression became first unreadable, then indomitable in déjà vu. She took Clare's hand and brought it up to her clothed chest, caringly whispering. "I'm not a psychiatrist but what that sounds like is a memory of your mother from when you were a baby..." -"That could be true but I don't remember my mother or my father ... my uncle raised me and made me into a singer, that's pretty much my life." Clare responded in an almost inaudible mumble. Vanessa felt compassion for the girl, and soothingly whispered. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." A moment later Vanessa took Clare's hand into her own and began to retell her own life story. " I only knew my parents for 7 years ... they died from some disease, or at least that's what I was told as a child but the truth is my parents where murdered by an organization for disobeying their wishes. The one who murdered my parents ... I remember seeing that person vividly.

Vanessa's memory: 1821 London England

A sound of soft footsteps awakened me; I rubbed my eyes then slipped out of the large bed in my oversized room. I was always curious as a child so I couldn't resist finding out what had caused the noise. There was a crack between the door and doorway so I didn't have to pull up a chair to twist the door knob open. Slowly I made my way rough the long hallways of our mansion, concentrating to hear the barely audible footsteps nearing my parents' bedroom. Just as I was about to knock on their door and ask if they made the noise, the door crept open and I saw what looked like a person half dead and brutally tortured pressed against the other side of the white door. I couldn't make out facial features in only the moon light but I was sure that this was my father; his eyes were as blue as ever even when his body seemed to be dismantled his arms twisted and full of deep cuts. I called out "Daddy what happened to you, why are you bleeding, please stop bleeding, where's Mommy!" He let out a loud screech then coughed up a pool of fresh blood and fell to the hard wooden floor -right before my feet. I was frozen still in fear and shock as I saw his eyelids began to close and his pulse stop. A pool of blood lay below him, rushing closer to my feet, brushing against my white furry slippers. I didn't comprehend the situation. I dropped to my knees, put my hands over his shoulders, shaking him and screaming with tears streaming in torrents down my face. "Wake up Daddy, please wake up ... I'm scared." Accidently I slipped and turned his body over to where his back was against the floor. His stomach was slashed through completely; red and slippery; I saw his guts before my eyes. All I remember after that is turning my head to face the length of the room beyond the crimson soaked door and seeing my Mother's body peacefully lying on the silk sheeted king sized bed. My body soared up on autopilot and my legs dashed me to where my Mother peacefully lay as if sleeping. Before I could reach her a figure walked out from behind a curtain, kneeled down to me, reached out a slick blood soaked blade and pointed it at me, right between the eyes. I was too perplexed and horrified by what I've witnessed to make a slightest shudder; the figure with the knife pulled back, threw the tainted knife down and smiled at me in an eccentric way. I can't remember the murderers face but that smile I will never forget. It placed a finger softly against my lips, brushed a hand trough my hair, and then gently lifted me up into its arms and carried me past the door and out the room. I had wanted to scream my lungs out, to battle my way out of the murderers arms but something wouldn't let me, an unfamiliar comfort seeped trough me as I resided in its arms. The figure walked quietly trough the hall until it found my room, gently I was placed down into my bed and tucked all the way in. Before it left I heard a feminine whisper come from her mouth, she whispered. "I'm sorry child, you don't deserve any of this and I will not hurt you because I wasn't ordered to. I couldn't get anything out of your parents; they were too stubborn to tell me what they knew about the book. They have seen the book and rumor has it, they kept a page but now we'll never know." Back then I didn't know what she was talking about (later I found out). She stood up from my bed and walked towards the window, after a blink she was gone, and then somehow I fell fast asleep.

Next mooring I woke up thinking last night was only a horrid nightmare. To make sure I got up from my bed then looked down at my slippers -they were filth less white, no stains of crimson. I breathed a sigh of relief confirming that it was a nightmare -my slippers would have been soaked in blood if that tragedy really occurred. I however needed to be assured so I ran out of my room, trough the long hall and stopped at the door to my parents' room. My right hand slowly reached out to turn the door knob, I felt chills run down my spine and a fear reap its way trough my mind, I thought, "What if it was real ... what if my parents died before my eyes..." Before my hand could even clasp the knob, it swung open and 3 maids walked out with buckets of red died water and smears on their aprons. All of them acted as if I wasn't even there, walking passed without any proper greeting with disgusted looks upon their faces. I rushed passed them. A dustless room filled my view; it was as clean as a sanctuary -no signs of last nights struggle. I stepped beside the bed where my Mother lay motionless last night and glanced around, noticing a man in his late 40s dressed as a detective standing beside the curtain the woman appeared trough last night. I asked him what happened last night; he frowned at my inquiring, placed his large hand on my head, and motioned me out of my parents' room, saying. "One day you'll be enlightened by the truth but for your sake I hope that day never comes."

Vanessa & Clare: Present

Vanessa had told Clare her entire story but of course left out the fact that it happened 179 years ago. This was an important event in her life and it shaped a lot of it -she wouldn't be around today if this never happened, she wouldn't of met and fallen in love with Madlax were this to never have occurred. Vanessa realized this was the first time she's ever told anyone of that night, she only briefly mentioned it to Madlax but just as quickly changed the subject 160 years ago. Carefully, Vanessa observed Clare's reaction to her life story, she noted a sympathetic and soothing expression paved on Clare's face. Some minutes passed as both women lay together, not saying a word but enjoying their connection, their past's similarity.

By now Clare was in no mood to make love or play flirtatious games with the woman lying beside her. Vanessa's story felt as if it was real, like it was happening to Clare right there and then, she felt that she knew the murderer for some reason or maybe that she was. Clare didn't dare say it but she on multiple occasions had a dream where a little girl walked inside a blood soaked room and saw her standing there with a knife clutched in one hand and a page in the other -this dream always brought her to tears. Softly Clare brought her arms around Vanessa and tightened the woman into a heartfelt embrace. Vanessa was facing away from Clare and the sandy blonde faced Vanessa's back, brushing her face in the older woman's hair. Guilt and longing were all the sandy blonde felt for Vanessa. Before hearing the older woman's story, Clare thought Vanessa to be an attractive woman ideal for her in every way, she fell for Vanessa the moment she glanced up from her book and saw her gorgeous face. However after this her feelings changed dramatically, from desire and longing to a whole different kind of longing and overwhelming guilt plaguing her entire being. She still felt an overpowering attraction but somehow it became 10 times deeper in meaning.

Both women spent the night in each others arms. In the early morning Clare informed Vanessa she was staying at the village for the rest of this week and asked her to stay with her -Vanessa happily agreed.

Natalia, Ellis and Elian: Earlier that day at Mexican airport

Natalia prepared all of her dresses and packed them neatly into 8 separate suitcases the size of half a person. Ellis warned the mid-height blonde on several occasions that this was simply too much luggage for a private jet to carry yet Natalia didn't pay attention. When the two arrived at the Airport, Elian spotted them and greeted Natalia excitedly then gave Ellis a firm handshake. He noticed the staggering amount of luggage and all suitcases appearing as if they were about to burst, next looked Natalia straight in the eyes and frankly said. "You won't take all that with you, the plane isn't designed to hold that much weight." Natalia scowled at Elian, turned around, and began to walk. The man didn't bother calming her but instead chose on making conversation with Ellis. He said. "Well I'm betting you want to know who I am what I do and where I'm from ... so ask me anything and I'll try hard answering it." He looked at Ellis whilst walking passed the luggage check point, awaiting her response. All three stopped when the security guard caused Natalia to

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 Date

[Author's notes:

Important: Clare is an OC she isn't Madlax

Natalia is an actual character from el cazador de la bruja (Ep:11)

Elian is an OC however he's practically a clone of Carrossea Doon (MADLAX)


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Air gushed in violent flows, hitting as hard as it would feel to hit the ground from a two story building constantly. The impact of this flow propelled Ellis's body almost completely out of the plane and into mid-air, yet her hand clutched on to a luggage handle bar over her seat, keeping her inside the broken off tail end of the plane. She glanced down, seeing the oceans waters draw nearer, grow larger. Ellis instinctively knew she would die if she didn't do something at this very moment.

Elian buckled Natalia's seatbelt on, grabbed on to a bar and slowly made his way to the far back of the plane -where the parachutes were. He figured. "We will die if we get sucked out of the plane and if we stay inside ... I need 3 parachutes and a boat, that's our only chance at survival." A compartment at the bottom left of a large luggage containment caught his eye, it read, "Emergencies only". He grabbed on with his left hand to the door handle leading to the restroom and began unlocking the emergency compartment. "Shit, its empty ... where are the parachutes, what can I do now?" Elian yelled out as he realized there was nothing to help him -nothing to save them. He soared up, reaching for the bar. By mere centimeters, he missed it. The vacuum of air lugged him to the broken off front of the plane, where there was nothing but a big hole with air sucking trough. Just as his body was about to fall out, a hand caught his arm, pulling him back inside. Shocked, he gasped. "Natalia, what are you doing" As the mid-height blonde heaved him to the metallic bar over an array of 10 empty seats. He saw her smile as she opened her mouth to respond, but a slight shake of the plane stopped her, she almost bit her tongue off and lost her words as the air gushed , sucking her out. Elian could only watch what happened next with his eyes peeved on every single detail. Ellis tumbled out of the front just as Natalia lost her grip, got hold of Natalia's arms and pushed the girl with magnificent force seemingly uncanny for a girl Ellis's size. Next thing he knew was holding on to Natalia's unconscious body that flew in against bone crushing winds, which he managed to catch, and pull back with his left arm. He tightened his hold on Natalia's waist and watched as Ellis descended alongside the tail end of the plane. Ellis appeared to have lost consciousness, after pushing Natalia back in with unruly force. Only one thought went trough Elian's mind. "Ellis you're using your powers subconsciously now ... to save Natalia, to save all of us -I hope you use your ultimate powers before it's too late, before we die." The plane was now less then a mile from the ocean surface, they had less then 2 minutes before it'd hit.

Rain began to pour from the skies that shattered the plane in two with their bolts of electricity. The funny part was that the plane and droplets were descending at the same velocity, so the droplets seemed to be stuck in place -motionless as if time stood still. Ellis's eyelids shut, her body lifelessly falling along side, but a moment changed everything. The adorable short blonde's body, the plane and all else stopped moving completely. Elian felt no more gushing air streams punching his body; he didn't feel like he was falling. He let go of the metallic bar, carefully placed Natalia in a seat and walked over to the front edge, where Ellis was seemingly floating on air. Her eyelids opened just as he reached his right arm out, to pull her back. Ellis's eyes were a strange tone of blue with a certain kind of power shining vibrantly. "Her powers ... they did this on their own, she wasn't aware of any of it." Ellis stood straight up in mid-air, starred piercingly throw Elian's eyes and said in an unusual voice. "We are the same Elian -we are both fake." Elian's eyes grew wide at the girl's words, he yelled. "What do you mean fake? How am I fake, I don't know what you mean!" Ellis didn't respond but only starred, her arms went forward and her head moved back as energy began to engulf the plane and everything inside. The plane rapidly

raised higher trough the air and things inside it didn't move an inch from all the intensifying speed. Elian's mouth dropped as he saw the front half of the airplane reconstruct molecule by molecule, it looked as if the plane was growing itself a new front like a lizard regenerating a lost limb. He also noticed the settings around him change, clouds of boiling thunder deformed into small white puffs and soon faded to where all stars and sky were clearly perceptible. A flow of string like lights wrapped around the whole of the plane increasing reconstructing particle speeds dramatically. Rendering final touches to the planes nose where a pilot would have been located. Elian fell dumbstruck seeing this sort of power -it had a similarity to Madlax's power. Standing right before the door to where the pilot would be located, Elian thought. "Time ... she turned around time in a way best suited. Madlax can't control time to create, destroy and reconstruct however Ellis has power over time -she can bring back the dead." Elian figured the pilot would be dead if all Ellis did was reconstruct the plane, but if she spun around time then the pilot would be alive and well inside the control room as if the lightning never struck him. Whilst twisting the doorknob to the control room a contradicting thought came over Elian's mind. "If she reversed time then how do I remember all of this ... why am I aware of it -she changed our destinies, she changed the events." He swung the door open and saw the pilot at the controls, everything as it was before the storm. Elian cleared his trout, walked up behind the pilot then curiously asked. "Do you remember seeing a storm, a bright bolt of lightning?" The pilot slightly jerked his head, and said in an estranged tone. "There was no storm or lightning sir Elian. I'm not quite sure what you mean." -"I see then thank you." Elian turned around, slowly walked out, shut the door, next looked around and spotted Ellis reclined in her seat with her eyes shut. He saw Natalia also asleep in her seat. "So no one but me remembers what happened ... Ellis was possessed by her powers so she wouldn't remember and everyone else -its as if it never happened, the pilot doesn't even remember." Elian softly set down on the seat next to Ellis, tapped her on her right shoulder but did not get any response. Next, he rocked Natalia back and forth; she woke up immediately and almost jumped out of her seat. After she calmed down he asked her the same question he asked the pilot -he got the same response. However, he wasn't going to let this pass by, he would certainly find a way for Ellis to control her powers, so he'd know why only he remembered what happened and what she's truly capable of.

Ellis: 5 hours later

The pilot's voice over the telecom woke Ellis up, she recalled having a nightmare about an airplane falling and crashing down in a grand explosion but soon it faded into nothingness. The pilot announced that they were 20 minutes from the London Airport and should get ready for a steady descent and change in altitude. Ellis peered out her window noting no ocean but only buildings and long streams of green fields. She spun back around, gazed at Natalia and said while yawning. "We are almost there ... finally I can get off this plane." -"Yes, so put your seatbelt on, it's not safe to have it off when a plane is landing." Ellis complied, snapping the belt on, and then smiling at Natalia. Just as Ellis finished, Abruptly

Elian asked. "Did you have any dreams in particular?" Ellis placed a finger over her lips, thought for a moment, then eagerly replied. "Yes I had a dream about an outburst and something falling ... it was scary but I can't recall what happened, why do you want to know?" Elian staggered a bit as he responded. "Eh, no particular reason, just wondering." Ellis noticed his suspicious retort. He added. "Ellis when we arrive at my mansion I'd be more then happy to introduce you to a library full of ancient English books on the subject of witches, mysticism, and supposedly how those kinds of powers work." A beam formed across Ellis's face, she realized that she was stirring closer toward gaining control of her powers; this trip was not going to be a useless vacation after all. Ellis smiled and doggedly answered. "I can't wait to see your library ... our first destination is your mansion!"

Madlax & Nadie: At Their honeymoon suite

Yesterday both girls' learned of the truth to how the organization controlled Madlax with a single page of the book -the page she now owned. The ex-organization member informed Madlax of a mansion belonging to Vanessa's family, located in England along with a major branch of the high council clergy. Madlax set on going to England as soon as possible but she also promised Nadie a date at the finest restaurant in Paris tonight, so she decided on going to England next thing tomorrow -it would be a short flight. The sandy blonde lay upon the heart shaped love bed with a laptop laid out before her, showing images of Vanessa's mansion -they looked somehow familiar to her. She clicked on an image of the room titled Vanessa's room. The page took a minute to load, then when it did, Madlax felt a weak array of foreign emotions come and pass like a wave hitting the seashore. The picture displayed a bed positioned to the far back of the room, a balcony right across from the white door and a large brown wardrobe to the side of Vanessa's bed. Madlax felt familiarity with this place, she was sure that visiting it would unlock some memories. A powerful vibration rattled Madlax and caused the laptop to jump up and down on the soft bed. Madlax instantly knew the source of vibration -Nadie pouncing on to the bed next to her. The crimson haired girl crawled on all fours behind Madlax, positioned her body over the sandy blonde's lying figure and observed the computer screen. Nadie softly asked whilst gently residing on Madlax's back. "So what are you looking at ... could it be -naughty pictures of me taking a shower?" Madlax smiled in hilarity, and then shook her head. "No, these are old photographs of the place the ex-member tolled us about. But you know ... I do have naughty pictures of you -and me." Madlax's voice was juiced with sensuality and Nadie couldn't help but gawk and contemplate if the girl actually meant what she said. Nadie practically quivered when she said. "Where did you get the naughty pictures of me?" -"Natalia send them in an Email -want to see?" Nadie didn't hesitate to respond. "Yes show them to me!" Madlax clicked on a file attachment, pressed open and watched as 4 pictures popped up. All four were of the same moment but in different angles. Nadie felt her body temperature rise uncontrollably, seeing herself and Madlax lying in bed, intertwined against each others uncovered forms. "Is that what we did the morning before the dance -and the elevator?" Nadie heard her mouth

open and those words flow out, on their own. Madlax jerked her head up from facing the computer and turned her neck to face Nadie, who was blushing madly on top of her backside. "Yes we did that, or did you forget what happened between us ... I'm not proud or ashamed but it's a fact that we ..." Madlax briefly paused, then looked straight in Nadie's blue eyes covered with fully dilated pupils, continuing. "It's a fact that we are attracted to each other." -"Well I know that I'm attracted to you, you know that too, so there's no reaso... wait did you just say we, you?" Nadie was stunned; Madlax clearly said she was attracted to her. Madlax crawled out from under Nadie, watched as the crimson haired girl sat up, and then wrapped her arms around the girl's neck from behind, softly whispering. "Yes I've been attracted to you since the first time I met you -that's probably why I saved your life." Nadie sarcastically remarked. "That's a nice raison d'être." Madlax took Nadie's chin in her right hand, gently turned the girl's head to face her and said. "Learning French are we now... Nadie I lied when I said I wasn't interested in you, if we are going to give this a try -we should take it slow, starting with today's date!" Nadie felt a strange emotion build up inside of her; she had an urge to kiss the sandy blonde right there and then. Madlax let go of Nadie's chin, took her laptop, switched it off and hopped off the bed. The sandy blonde arrived at the exit door, rolled her eyes to see Nadie, who was still sitting on the red heart shaped bed, and loudly said. "I have to arrange Dinner at the fancy restaurant we're going to tonight, so a limo will pick you up and get you to the restaurant, where I'll be awaiting you and only you. See ya tonight Nadie." Madlax waved a hand whilst slamming the door shut. Nadie only sat as still as a rock on the jelly soft bed and watched the door close, there were too many thoughts rushing trough her mind and they were all confusing at that. "I don't understand ... she wants to take it slow, is she referring to our relationship? And the computer with those pictures, she took it with her... she's probably looking at them right now -that Madlax, a real perv." Tiredly, Nadie picked herself up off the bed and dragged to the bathroom. Tonight would be her first official date with Madlax, and to add to the good, the date was going to be the most romantic date she'd ever go on. Nadie noticed that shelf of pheromones and perfumes that came with the fanciest honeymoon suite in France, an idea washed over her, she pondered. "I don't want to take things slow in Paris, and after all we are staying in the perfect room for making love ... so if I ware some pheromones I'm sure I'll seduce her tonight. After the romantic date we have a perfect place to come to -this bed."

Paris France: Madlax searching for a perfect restaurant

Streets of dazzling lights and fancy French restaurants on every corner paved on as far as the eye could see. Madlax was keen on finding a place with a perfect view of the Eifel tower and settling for no less -she would make sure this dinner to be more romantic then the one she and Nadie shared before the elevator. She visited over 10 different establishments, not finding one romantic enough for her tastes. However an idea of outmost romance filled her mind. "What if I lease a hot air balloon ... it could fly right over the Eifel tower, we would have the best view from up there... she would be amazed."

Madlax found a seat at a small outdoor café next to the road and some palm trees, placed her laptop on the white round table before her, next she clicked on Google and searched for private hot air balloon renting. Soon Madlax found what she was looking for, "Renting of Balloons for 3,000 dollars"; she clicked rent, placed the order and memorized the location where she would retrieve her purchase. Contented, she shut the screen off, picked up the slick PC and gently placed it inside of her backpack. She stretched her arms out, yawning at the setting sun. "Now that the location of where we eat is settled ... there's still a question of where to order the food from." Madlax crossed her arms over the table, looked around to see if anything would catch her apatite, then noticed a sign at the end of the next street, reading, "List of Paris' top restaurants" Madlax made out what the restaurant at the very top of the list was called, memorized it, then stood up and began to walk the 12 blocks to where the rented air balloon was being prepared for her romantic date.

Madlax crossed a street leading to the restaurant she chose, strode trough the doors, got the young hosts attention and stated. "I would like to order 2 bottles of you oldest finest wine, 1 large dish of your best pasta and 2 servings of the finest chocolate cake in all of France." She cleared her trout and added. "I want it all placed on top of a building with a great view of the Eifel tower ... no actually it should be placed on the tower itself, on its base." The host who was a dark-haired young man in his 20s had a look of both confusion and astonishment in his dark brown eyes, he shook his head then stated in bad English. "We can't douh thate ... whe don't deliver our food to places so unreachable." Madlax's smile only grew wider at those discouraging words as she brought out a stack of 6,000 dollars and handed it to the young man. She softly said. "I think you can manage, if not then I guess your number 1 rating will fall to a two -I'll be sure to give a bad service review if you don't get it done." He quivered in place, hesitating to accept her money but in the end accommodating her challenge to the restaurant establishment -the food would be placed upon the Eifel tower.

It took Madlax 20 minutes to reach the hot air balloon location. She gazed around for the perfect balloon for a romantic date, a blue and red colored balloon caught her eye, and it had a swirl of red inside a bubble of dark blue fashioned on its fabric. The sandy blonde told an employee of the company that she'd like to rent the red and blue balloon. He nodded his head, went up to a strange looking panel, pushed a button and Madlax watched as air puffed the volume of the drop shaped balloon up. Madlax reached out her red cell phone, "8:25PM"; and dialed Nadie's number. The phone rang twice before Nadie's loud voice filled it, Nadie said. "Hello Madlax!" -"Hey I'm just calling to say that I'll pick you up. Please go to the very top floor of our hotel building and wait there." A short lived silence filled the phone, and then Nadie doubtingly asked. "What... Why do I need to go to the roof?" -"It's a surprise, but just trust me and wait for me -I'll be there for you." Madlax closed up the phone and focused her attention to the fully blown balloon quadruple the size of a yellow school bus. "Its ready madam!" the employee yelled from the control area. Madlax nudged her head back, smiled at the man then preceded into the basket bellow the staggering balloon. There was a table smacked in the middle with two small wooden chairs across from each other. Madlax resided in a chair, reached her right arm out and pulled a string connecting the balloon to placers that kept it down to the ground. The ground grew distant as the balloon ascended over brightly lit streets of Paris. A thought sprang trough Madlax's mind. "I have zero experience navigating this thing. But then again this new model has computerized controls ... so I

should be able to take this baby for a ride to first pick Nadie up and then the food." Madlax had a small LCD display that she was given by the employee earlier; the display marked both of her destinations and navigated the inflatable in the direction to the roof top Nadie was waiting on. Madlax watched as people bellow her walked about the streets and interacted in numerous ways. Rows of cars she could barely distinguish filled the view bellow, rooftops with colorful billboards spread as far as she could see. Madlax placed her finger against the interactive screen, scrolled down a list of songs and albums then chose an album by a singer named Clare. There were speakers installed around the passenger basket of the inflatable. Madlax adjusted the volume, relaxed her body in her chair, closed her eyelids and listened to the calming music that blocked out the noises below her. Within 10 minutes Madlax could make out a staggeringly tall building ahead of her, she squinted her eyes, and saw a figure dressed in a long almost maroon dress standing on top of the roof -Nadie.

Nadie thought waiting on the roof was rather odd, nevertheless did as Madlax said. She wore her best dress, her most seductive dress with a perfectly cut neckline and good form to show off her attractive features. Nadie only wondered why the sandy blonde would tell her to wait here. "She might have planned for us to have dinner on the roof ... it is a romantic idea after all, and maybe she went to preorder the food, which would make things easy -we could make love on top of a 12 story building with a great view." Nadie gazed around seeing the time and confirming that Madlax would be there any minute now. A large air balloon got her attention, it was flying lower then the top of the Hotel where Nadie was, however she noticed it slowly began to rise until it was at the same level as the Hotels roof top. She strode to the very edge of the concrete roof, grabbed unto a metallic railing then leaned over as far as she physically could without falling over. As the inflatable neared she heard music grow louder. Nadie recognized the music playing to be a song by a pop singer she heard of -Clare. A figure of a girl stood inside of the basket tied to the hot air balloon, as it neared she made out who the girl was. "Madlax." She thought as the balloon neared jumping distance. The sandy blonde girl in the inflatable opened up a small door of the passengers' box, smiled and reached out her right hand to Nadie. Nadie quickly leaped for the hand reaching for her, caught it and practically crashed into Madlax, knocking the sandy blonde down with a wobble and ending up positioned over the girls' body. Madlax didn't seem to mind the position she was currently in with Nadie, she didn't move away but just lay there at the bottom of the passengers' basket with Nadie spread over her. Nadie blinked a few times realizing that the pheromones were working, the said. "This is very romantic. You rented a balloon as our restaurant table -I'm impressed." -"Glad -I'm glad you like it, but the best part is yet to come." -"Oh, then I can't wait to see what you have planned for tonight." Nadie replied whilst getting of the girl and placing herself in a seat. Madlax stayed down, for a brief moment wondering why she felt such strong sexual energy when the crimson haired girl lay upon her. "We did this kind of thing many times before but somehow... it feels like I had an aphrodisiac -I wonder why." Shortly after pondering about her exhilarated attraction to Nadie, Madlax picked herself up and sat across from the girl who was admiring the lush view of Paris from above the ground. Nadie had a breathtakingly beautiful smile planted on her face; Madlax couldn't bring her eyes away from the crimson haired girl's wet cherry red lips. Madlax noticed a shift in Nadie's position, slight movements of her delicious curves, and almost as if in slow

motion the crimson haired girl's petite mouth formed into small ovals, saying. "So where is our dinner Madlax ... are we just using this balloon as a ride or a place to eat?" Madlax didn't respond -mesmerized by insignificant motions of Nadie's muscles. The snapping of fingers and a shake brought half of Madlax's attention back; she gazed straight at Nadie for a second as if thinking on what to say, and then responded. "We eat here on this table; we'll also drink wine on this table -guess where our food is waiting for us!" Nadie's expression turned into a daze as she contemplated on where the food could possibly be. She looked out and around trying to get an idea ... then gave up and dejectedly said. "I really don't know so hit me with the truth." Madlax chuckled, reached out her right arm, pointed her index finger to a tall tower full of lights then whispered with delight in her eyes. "See that tower ahead ... it's called the Eifel tower and our pasta, wine and deserts are all somewhere on it." Nadie's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped lower then Madlax thought humanly possible, staggered to death she responded. "Wow! This is so romantic; you'd do all this for me -thank you for making me the happiest girl in all of Paris." -"You're very welcome." Madlax finished sincerely. Both girls watched as the dazzling bright tower grew closer till each could reach out and touch it. Madlax was smart enough to ask the young man at the restaurant to place tracking devices on the wine bottles so she wouldn't have to search for the food -she paid 6,000. She clicked on the LCD screen, found the program that came with the tracking devices and pressed enter, navigating the balloon to where her orders were placed. Both watched as they lifted higher in the air and flew around to a side of the Eifel tower, and then stopped. Madlax saw all the fine food placed at the edge of a large metallic plate. She stood up from her chair, took two steps to the left, reached her arms out and picked up all the food at once, next placed it on the table and sat back down. Nadie noticed the food to be still smoking hot, and that there was only one large bowl of pasta with two silver forks stuck inside. She gazed over Madlax's face, trying to read her, and then asked whilst smiling uncontrollably. "Do we share?" -"Yes it's for two." Nadie's smile only grew wider as she added. "Can I spoon feed you the cake, after we eat our pasta?" -"I'd like that." Teasingly Madlax replied. Both Madlax and Nadie clutched a fork and began to eat their pasta. Nadie slurped her half of the pasta up faster then Madlax thought possible, next the crimson haired girl attempted to eat the sandy blonde's portion of the food. As Nadie gulped down a long string of pasta she realized her date's mouth was on the other end. Butterflies flew in back and fourth in her stomach as she neared those sensuous lips. Her eyelids shut when she felt the warmth radiating off of the sandy blonde's cheeks. Seconds later lips tenderly met in an innocent kiss over a string of taste pasta. "This tastes good." Madlax whispered whilst breaking 2 inches away. Nadie smiled and whispered back in a voice even softer then Madlax. "Yes you do -or did you mean the pasta?" -"Both ... you and the pasta are delicious." Nadie pursed her lips attempting to kiss those lush lips again. She didn't feel anything but air as she moved in closer with eyes shut. A second later as she jerked her head up, she noticed Madlax's seat empty and the sandy blonde leaning over a wooden rail, looking up at the stars with a gaze of longing in her forest green eyes. Nadie picked herself up, next glided to Madlax's left side, shifted her vision to what the sandy blonde was peering at, and then stated. "Madlax what are you thinking about?" -"You, Vanessa, Natalia -people who matter to me." Madlax added. "I'm thinking of where this relationship would lead us... were we to pursue it. It wouldn't be bad for us to be together but I can't let go of the past, I can't throw it away -if we grow closer then my search for Vanessa would be contradictory to our relationship because if I find her ... then you know I'll leave you without a second guess." Nadie's expression became paved with sadness at those truthful words. She slowly moved

behind Madlax then hugged the girl around her neck from behind, softly whispering. "Your past is all that stands between us ... Vanessa. Listen I want this relationship and I'm willing to risk the possibility of you running off with Vanessa -if you find her it'll only make me happy." Tear drops formed in Nadie's eyes as she spoke in a shaky voice. "Madlax we want each other, you said it yourself so why are you telling me not to be with you? Answer me!" Nadie watched as the sandy blonde tilted her head slightly to face her. There was no response for a minute; Madlax just watched the expression on Nadie's face without saying anything. A thought plagued Madlax from responding. "Why do I want her one moment and feel like I shouldn't be with her the next ... I keep fighting myself for stupid reasons -I won't fight this anymore." Before Nadie could muster a gasp, she felt a quick spin and lips pressed against her own. Madlax swung her arms around Nadie's waist and neck whilst leaning into the girl's soft well dressed body. Nadie felt a strong push as her body crashed against the rail -almost tipping overboard. Madlax's lips only pressed harder then split open on to Nadie's. Soft, wet, addicting were the only words to describe how the kiss felt to both girls'. Nadie wouldn't part lips because she sought this and Madlax made up her mind on doing this. A gentle breeze pushed strands of blonde together with crimson, Madlax wouldn't stop until Nadie forced her to -she would see how far she was allowed to take it. The sandy blondes arms untangled from Nadie's waist next went up to her shoulders then swiftly rammed her date to the wooden surface. Words were juiced with desire as Madlax whispered whilst she was positioning over Nadie's motionless slender figure. "You taste even better now Nadie ... I won't stop unless you make me, but if you do then I guess our relationship can't work because what I want is this." Before Nadie could even respond, lips were already crashed into hers. Those words however echoed in Nadie's mind, she thought. "I will never stop you if you plan on doing what I think you plan ... I will encourage it. Try me Madlax." Nadie experienced outmost pleasure as she felt the sandy blonde's hand slide under her silky maroon dress and up her thigh. Madlax stopped at Nadie's underwear, a lustful smile paved across her lips and she placed her right hand right between Nadie's lithe thighs, smiling even more. Nadie couldn't hold back a desire to simply press her thighs tightly together -she pressed them together, leaving Madlax's hand clasped in the middle. Madlax pressed her right hand harder against Nadie whilst sliding her left over the crimson haired girl's cheek. She teasingly whispered. "This isn't going to work if you lay around doing nothing Nadie; I know you better then that ... you be more aggressive then a vegetable." An uneven smile formed on Nadie's lips as she asserted herself -she placed both hands on a part of Madlax's green jacket covering the sandy blonde's chest. A moment later one of Nadie's hands slipped under the dark red shirt and bra covering Madlax's firm breasts. She gently held the sandy blonde's soft right breast in her hand, feeling warmth seep trough her being. "You're soft Madlax." Nadie whispered as a strong current of ecstasy swept her to a new plane of awareness. Madlax removed her hand from between Nadie's thighs, over her underwear and brought it up to her nose, smelling it then softly saying. "Your scent is imposing, you too are soft -I like it." Before Nadie could respond another kiss landed upon her cherry red lips. A loud moan escaped Madlax's lips as she felt Nadie's hand slide over her covered bosom. Madlax's voice sounded overflowing and melodies as she let her desire out. "SandyForest!" Softly Nadie said when Madlax stopped moaning out in pleasure. A few blinks came in response, so Nadie added. "Remember that time ... when we were driving trough México's deserts ... you came up with a nickname for me, SunSet, and I came up with one for you, SandyForest. I asked you how you'd like to use our nicknames and you said -in bed like lovers." A sparkle formed in the sandy blonde's green eyes as she remembered that day. She responded. "Well

look who changed her mind." Both girls' chuckled at each other, enjoying a nostalgic remembrance for a minute until realizing how their relationship grew, how it changed and what they were in the midst of doing. Just as Nadie was about to remove the jacket, shirt, and bra covering Madlax, a deafening noise tore trough the soothing music over the speakers. The hot air balloon rocked hard as if about to twirl. Something flew right over the long sandy blonde hair on Madlax's head -missing by only a centimeter. She soared up and off of the girl she was lying on, looked up, down and around, noting what appeared as a man dressed in black with a long riffle on a rooftop near by. Madlax reached out a slick black gun, aimed and fired at the man 15ft below her whilst yelling. "Nadie remember that time when you said you could shoot better then me, well this is your chance to prove yourself. Here catch." Madlax shot the man dead on then threw the gun to Nadie. The crimson haired girl looked over the gun, and then curiously asked. "You told me you didn't have a gun! When did you get it?" -"I bought it ... no I snatched it while preparing this date for you." Madlax replied whilst climbing up a rope leading to the large drop shaped balloon itself. Another shot fired trough the fabric of the inflatable, Nadie instantly reacted with a gunshot twice as powerful, and then gazed up at Madlax who was now on top of the damaged balloon. "Madlax what is going on, why are we being shot at?" Madlax grabbed on to the vast vibrating fabric and yelled back. "They found me. The high council clergy tracked me down -just like what the ex-member said!" Only one thought ran trough Nadie's mind as she watched for targets to shoot. "Why did they have to find us now, such bad timing -why did those bastards have to interrupt my perfect date?" Nadie peered down, seeing over 4 black cars following the slowly falling hot air balloon. She aimed the gun straight at the car in front of the rest, this was her ultimate chance to show how good a shot she really was, her finger slowly slid. "Bang" The gun fired two golden bullets at once. Nadie had enough time to only blink halfway as the first car exploded from a direct hit to the gas tank, the rest followed like dominos falling in a perfect array. She swore some debris flew high enough to hit the balloon. "Is that all of them?" Madlax shouted as she balanced herself on top a balloon 50ft in the air. Nadie replied, "Yeah I got them all so far -with one double shot!" -"I'm proud." Whispered Madlax whilst raising her arms and closing her eyes. Madlax knew they'd crash-land on some street far from where they needed to be if she didn't fix the bullet holes. The sandy blonde focused her mind. String-like waves of energy circled around the whole of the inflatable and began to reconstruct all damaged areas. Nadie saw the entire display of power; she was amazed by how small bright particles breathed air back in the balloon till it was full of volume. The organization discovered Madlax's location and she was sure they'd find where she was staying, so she had no choice but to go back, get her stuff, then drive to the Airport and catch a midnight flight to London -with Nadie. Madlax jumped off the balloon, swiftly slid down a rope and landed beside Nadie. "We need to get to the Hotel as soon as possible... we need to leave this country as soon as possible." Madlax directly stated while clicking on the Hotel as her destination on the navigation display system. Nadie handed Madlax her gun back then asked. "When do we continue what we started, what about our date?" The sandy blonde briefly smiled, leaned in and kissed Nadie, reassuringly whispering. "We can finish that when we're on our way to London."

Madlax & Nadie: Arrive In their Hotel room and pack

Madlax sneaked inside the dark hotel room first and checked if there were any signs of the high council clergy rampaging or even searching the place. The ghost was clear so Madlax motioned Nadie to get in. The crimson haired girl complied, turned on the lights and walked trough the front door, towards the bathroom. Nadie shut the bathroom door behind her, leaving Madlax alone to pounder in the main room.

The sandy blonde was packed in no time. She made herself comfortable on a love cushion and waited for Nadie to finish whatever she was doing in the bathroom so they could leave. Madlax pushed her head back, crossed her arms and thought for a moment. "Nadie and I almost did it; I was the one to take it that far ... I had no control over my impulsive desires. I had the urge to tare her dress off when she spoke, when she looked and when she kissed me. But now it feels so different -what the hell came over me?" Madlax could only guess why she acted like a hormone charged teenager. Luckily and unluckily for Madlax -she soon found out the exact reason for her accelerated sexual desire. The bathroom door swung open and Nadie walked out with a face paved with indecision. Whilst in the bathroom she thought over what happened between herself and Madlax then realized that the pheromones she sprayed on her neck, dress and everything else of value had something to do with Madlax's sexual behavior earlier. "The Madlax I know would never act like that ... should I tell her the truth, or not?" Madlax peeved her eyes on a cabinet with many small spray bottles of numerous colors placed upon it, she began to walk, passing the crimson haired girl half way to the cabinet. Nadie watched Madlax pass her, suddenly realizing that she had the choice of either telling the truth right now or for sure never having a chance to sleep with the green eyed girl. Right as Madlax reached out an arm to pick up a red spray bottle, Nadie dashed to the cabinet and got in between Madlax and the bottle, gasping for air and loudly attempting to explain the truth. "Madlax there is something I need to tell you regarding tonight ... I wore 4 different kinds of pheromones all over my body, I did it to seduce you and it worked." Nadie took in some air then added. "I'm sorry for doing something so wrong ... those bottles behind me are the pheromones I used." Without saying a word Madlax picked up a bottle and looked over it, with hilarity in her voice, she said. "It reads, arouse anyone within 10 ft of you and make them want to tare your clothes off and shag you all nightlong. Nadie this is just too funny for me, I love how you think ... by the way what it says is 100 true -I wanted to rip your clothes off and do it all night when I sat across the table with you." Involuntarily, Nadie managed to ask. "Do you still want to now?" Madlax couldn't keep a straight face and began to laugh like someone on laughing gas. After a long minute of deadly laughing, Madlax brought herself together and with a wide smile and quivering voice said. "I said wanted to in past tense. But aren't we a bit desperate -to use such methods to get a girl in bed with you. Oh and Nadie I forgive you for doing it because you're the one who regrets it -our relationship could have been way more romantic but not now that might me ruined." Nadie wasn't sure on how to respond, what to say or how to act, she only knew that at least Madlax didn't hate her for what she did, but the rest was a big yarn ball of uncertainty. Nadie sat down on the soft heart shaped love-bed, forced her eyes to watch the sandy blonde's face then pleadingly asked. "Where is our relationship now?" -"Where it was before... except now we have more memorable experiences to add to our book. I still want to take it slow Nadie, what happened tonight were the pheromones -not me so we are where we were before. We are dating."

Elian & Natalia: disembark in England

A long white limousine arrived shortly after the Airplane landed. Elian's status as a social elite amazed Natalia. The handsome young man interested her a great deal. His appearance reminded the mid-height blonde of Madlax but in male form, his personality was exactly what Natalia found enchanting. The young man she still barely knew treated her like a queen with his gentleman-like behavior. Elian helped Natalia out the plane and when she almost tripped, he caught her. As all three walked up to the limousine, instead of the chauffeur opening Natalia's door, Elian opened it then kindly said, "After you Natalia." Natalia thought his behavior to be rather odd. Before the plane trip Elian was charming nonetheless he grew tenfold in the department of impressing Natalia after the flight had ended. Natalia was seated between Ellis at her left and Elian at her right; she leaned close to Ellis's ear then whispered. "Have you noticed a difference in his behavior?" Ellis frankly replied. "I don't really know him so nope, I haven't." Natalia groaned in annoyance at the fact that Ellis was of no help to her suspicions. She tried a different approach -to ask the man upfront. Natalia turned her head to face Elian, tapped him on the shoulder then boldly asked. "Why are you being such a gentleman with me ... you weren't like this before but now you act..." -"Are you displeased? Well no matter, I'm acting like this because once I was considered a gentleman in England, I remember going to a grand BAL with Vanessa, the first time I and the woman met -she didn't like me much, no she practically thought me annoying and self loving." -"I see." Natalia replied in a satisfied tone of voice. "Well I guess any man that has been around as long as Elian is bound to have many sides to his face." She looked out and around the windows, noting spectacular landmarks scattered all over. The limo turned at the side of a street, now heading straight for the London Bridge. Natalia exclaimed. "Wow it's the actual Bridge ... hey Elian where is your mansion located?" -"Over 10 miles from here, you'll know when you see it -you can't miss it." Elian replies whilst gazing out his window. Ellis jerked her head up as she saw the Bridge began to split in two before her very eyes. The bridge was slowly parting with the limo still on one end. Ellis asked. "Is that supposed to happen when there's a car on the bridge?" Elian's voice sounded anxious as he answered. "No this is isn't normal ... but I don't think anything will happen to us if we drive trough right now -we can still make it!" The chauffeur heard Elian's words and speed up the limo right over the split in the London Bridge. Amazingly the long car flew over 6 feet and landed on the other side without any trouble, the rest of the ride was easy since it was downhill.

The chauffeur stopped the limo at a large estate with an impressive garden and a grand staircase. Ellis got out and looked back to Elian and Natalia. "Don't worry I'll personally pick you up when you give me a call, my actual mansion is on the other side of that long field of trees to your left so if you want to find me I'll be there. Enjoy your stay at the grand library -I'll pick you up in 8 hours." Ellis waved at Natalia, turned around and sprinted towards the long staircase to a library where she could find the truth to controlling her witches' power.

An old man without a string of hair on his scalp greeted Ellis when she stepped inside the library. He introduced himself as a scholar of English myths of witches and other mystical phenomena. To Ellis the old man appeared as almost a wizard with his attire and long white beard. The old man led her to a section of the library located on the third floor concerning mastery of natural born witches' power. She thanked him then dismissed him and turned her attention to the endless bookshelves' of volumes upon volumes of books all regarding the subject she was interested in -she didn't know where to start. Ellis simply closed her eyelids, spun around three times, reached her right arm out and walked towards a random bookshelf, next grabbed a book, opened her eyes and read the title. It read, "Never aging witches". A smile beamed its way over the adorable short blondes face, she stated. "Is it a coincidence I found a book matching my interests exactly or fate? There is only one way to find out!" Ellis flipped to the intro page, read over every word and realized her vocabulary was limited to simplicity -she didn't understand half the words. Instead of reading it page by page, Ellis looked over the table of contents, found the page number to how witches never age, and flipped to it. Unable to read anything at all on the page, Ellis made up her mind to ask the wizard-looking man to read the book and explain it. She dashed down round staircases till she was on the first floor where the old scholar was walking around with a book clutched in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other. Ellis tapped him on the back; he swung around instantly, sighing in relief as he saw that a mere girl was before him. "How may I help you young miss?" He asked with a heavy British accent. Ellis brought the open book right to his face and eagerly replied. "Can you read this for me, and explain what it means?" The old man scrunched his eyes to the incredibly small text, then back to Ellis and answered. "I've already read all 12 volumes on this subject so would you rather me explain the entire concept -it'd take you longer reading it all." Ellis nodded, took a seat on the wooden floor and urged the man to inform her of the truth to her power.

Elian & Natalia: Discussing the organization

A breathtaking large fortress hidden by a forest of piney dark green trees stood before Elian and Natalia. A fountain was planted right before the staircase leading inside. The steward to Elian's estate greeted both and showed Natalia where she'd be staying. Afterwards Elian led Natalia to the main dining area, settled on an antique wooden chair and waited for Natalia to do the same. Natalia pulled up a chair and did the same. She swayed her hair back before asking. "Earlier you told me the organizations headquarters were in this country -where?" Elian motioned for a butler to get him a cup of coffee next he calmly said. "Here, this used to be the old headquarters. They still have a powerful branch in this country but their current headquarters is in Sonika." Natalia thought for a moment. "So why does he own this place if it belonged to the high council clergy..." Before Natalia could inquire, Elian added. "I've heard rumors from low ranked members of the organization; they know Madlax's ware bouts. She's still in France right now but she plans on leaving the country -they don't know where to as of now." The butler brought Elian and Natalia coffee and quickly left, urging Natalia to ask. "What will they do if they catch Madlax?" Elian let out a soft chuckle then said. "I have no idea, but my guess is they'll try and make her work for them again. Either way we don't want that to happen." Natalia nodded in

agreement. For a moment neither said a word yet both thought of the same thing -the book. Natalia knew the book to be not ordinary, she knew it wasn't literally in the same realm as humans and that a key of some sort was needed to unlock the book, to bring it into this realm -she knew as much as Elian told her, all that he knew. Natalia spoke up first, asking. "When Madlax found the book 160 years ago, how did she do it?" -"Well I forgot most of what happened that day ... we were in the far jungles of Sonika, a chamber. Vanessa was there with Madlax. Madlax somehow knew the books location, it was odd but both of them seemed perfectly aware of what the book was. I watched as Madlax spoke three strange words, a book formed seemingly out of nothingness, she picked it up, opened it and the rest I can't recall." Elian finished, then took a sip of his coffee and watched for Natalia's response. An idea hit Natalia straight in the face. "Vanessa is defiantly related to opening the book, if not then Madlax could have used the book way back when." With her new insight Natalia eagerly smiled and practically yelled out. "Vanessa is also a key to opening the book ... or Madlax being in love is, but my bet is on Vanessa." Heat, is what Elian felt spilling his coffee whilst hearing that. He quickly jumped up trying to cool himself, after a minute he settled back down with a wet stained shirt. Natalia couldn't help to laugh at the hilarious display of slapstick comedy. After both calmed down, Elian composed his posture, winced at Natalia then stated. "I agree Vanessa might me a key also, but why?" Neither knew the answer but Elian was determined to get hold of Vanessa and tell her everything he knows, he was certain that if he brought Madlax and Vanessa together in Sonika, the book would be found.

7 hours anon at Grand Library: Ellis exercising her powers

The old man explained every single detail on witches and their age control ability, Ellis fell asleep and started snoring halfway into his speech. Over an hour passed by, when she awoke, the wizard like scholar was already long gone. Ellis remembered a few theoretical key points on controlling her aging -hypothetically she had a natural ability to transform from a young 16 year-old to an elderly wrinkled 80 year-old. If she could master this power she'd literally be able to never age, she'd be able to stay with her immortal Nadie forever -never die and leave the light of her life behind. Ellis stood up from the hard wooden floor, looked around, next chose a direction then began to walk towards the rows of long staircase reaching to a 7th floor. Dusty bookshelves spanned as far as the eye could see, most books were first additions, and Ellis was sure there were over a million books here. She stopped when she reached the final floor, where she'd be alone to exercise her powers. A large oval mirror stood positioned between two extra dusty bookshelves, Ellis strolled towards it, wiped the dust off then looked at her reflection, from head to toe. Ellis saw a short girl, blonde with shoulder length hair evenly cut and a jeans jacket over a dress reaching her knees. She made one or two faces, sticking her tongue out, observing as the girl in the reflection did the same. Next Ellis closed her eyelids, focused her mind on serenity, thinking. "This should work ... the books said it'd work, also the atmosphere of first additions all dealing with witches powers enhances my own power. Nadie this is for you." A lingering

moment passed and nothing appeared to change, no powers seeped out of Ellis's being. She kept her eyes sealed shut, trying again to collect every particle of witches power running trough her blood. A surge boiled trough her, her skin felt like it was being rippled by rocks and no words could describe what she experienced on the inside. Painful, hellishly dreadful were the words that went around in agonizing circles in her mind. She wanted to stop extracting her powers there and then but the desire for Nadie kept her at it -she wouldn't impede now. The pain grew tenfold, Ellis let out a cry similar to a dying persons last word. Then suddenly the pain dissipated to nothing -as if it never happened. Ellis slowly opened her eyelids, looked in the human-sized oval mirror then gasped at what she saw. The figure reflecting off her was completely different from the 16 year-old girl she saw earlier. A woman 6 feet tall with silky strands of blonde gliding down to her lower back, transcending blue orbs as her eyes, a well built slim female form with every curve perfectly formed as her body. One though ran trough Ellis's dumbstruck mind. "She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen ... is this me?" Ellis raised her right arm over her head, and then slid it down against her hair -the gorgeous woman in the mirror did the same. Ellis instantly knew she had succeeded, she changed her age perfectly. Softly Ellis whispered to the mirror. "Would Nadie like this me? What would she think were she to see me like this?" The voice she whispered sounded as melodious as the finest classical master piece. Ellis was truly amazed by this older version of her. Flawless was the only word capable of describing the fully grown Ellis, she could be portrayed as a woman in the same league as Madlax if not exceeding. If she had to guess she'd say she was a 26 year old right now -the number she thought of whilst transforming. "I'm good enough for Nadie, I feel so confident with myself right now ... you'll be blown away the next time you see me Nadie -I promise." After gazing over her fully grown body and getting used to its feel, Ellis noticed her clothes were too small, revealing the forms of her eye-catching curves. Deafeningly loud, the clock rang indicating it was almost time for the library to close. Ellis realized Elian would be here any minute to pick her up, she was sure the man wouldn't believe her to be Ellis if she claimed to with this stunning appearance. An incoherent thought ran trough her mind as she began to focus her powers, to change back to normal. "I wonder if Nadie would be turned on by me looking like this, I bet she'd be drooling over the 26 year-old me. Nadie when we are together, when it's just the two of us -I'll astonish you, you'll like this." This time the transformation was faster and not at all painful. After returning to her 16 year-old self, Ellis noticed a tear in her jacket, bra and dress, however her attention shifted to the sound behind her. She twirled around and saw the hairless old scholar with Elian standing beside him. Elian walked up to Ellis then eagerly asked. "Did you find anything of help?" Ellis shook her head and disappointingly whispered. "No Elian I haven't -but thanks for bringing me here." He shrugged, and then began to descend the stairs, Ellis following close behind whilst pondering. "I don't trust him, and it's better off if he doesn't know about my age changing ability -I'll tell Natalia about this when he's out of sight." Without another word, Ellis found a comfortable position in the limo, and watched as the library dissipated out of sight. She wouldn't tell Elian of her powers and she would be keen on getting Natalia to leave his mansion with her as soon as possible. Something about Elian she reviled... invisible to a normal person.

Mexico: Vanessa & Clare

Clare and Vanessa stayed at the Mexican village, between a mountain- valley for 2 days. Early morning on the third day Clare received a phone call from her manager, informing her of a change in schedule -she would have to catch the next Plane scheduled to England for a concert. Clare soared out of bed, leaving Vanessa in the covers, grabbed a clean light blue bra, matching underwear, and began to hop on one foot whilst putting her garments on. Vanessa just sat in bed, amused by the girl before her, gawking without a stitch of clothes on -only white sheets covering her bare body. Huskily, Vanessa asked. "Why are you in such a hurry ... don't we have a week left?" Clare finished buckling her bra then met Vanessa's eyes and sadly stated. "I have an unexpected schedule change, I have to catch the next plane out -I need to fly to England for a damn concert!" The sandy blonde walked over to Vanessa's left, next she leaned half an inch from Vanessa's warm parted lips, adding. "Would you like to come?" A smile formed over Vanessa's face as she did her play on words. "Oh but Clare you already had me come ... over 20 times last night..." A boiling red blush formed on the sandy blonde's cheeks as she replied. "I meant to England with me ... but 20 -I'm impressed with myself." Vanessa giggled then happily stated, "I'd love to come to England with you, so yes I'll come", before wrapping her arms around Clare's back and kissing the sexy girl hard against the lips. Both kept the juicy kiss going till Clare opened her eyes, blinked a few times then swiftly tore away. Vanessa followed the queue, slide out of bed, quickly slithered her clothes on like a soap slipping out of a hand, and proceeded to helping her current lover pack. Clare and Vanessa had undoubtable chemistry for one another -to Vanessa Clare was the closest thing to Madlax in the world, to Clare Vanessa was the woman from her dreams, the woman of her dreams. The second night the two spent under one roof brought them closer together then most people would get in a year -they were a match. Soon both were packed and ready to depart. A small helicopter landed right outback on the calm water spring, causing ripples to surge throughout the water. Without warning Vanessa swept Clare of her feet and carried the girl over the shallow water to the small helicopter, like a prince carrying his princess. Carefully Vanessa placed the girl into the helicopter then proceeded in, slid the door shut and watched the surface bellow shrink in size, becoming a formless green blur.

Madlax & Nadie: On their way to the French Airport

Madlax took the steering wheel, handed Nadie her gun, and drove off from the Hotel. The organization members were still tracking them so Madlax drove at full speed trough the night streets of France. Madlax slightly tilted her head to see Nadie then stated. "We are being tracked; you see that black car behind us -its trailing us! Fasten you seatbelt, I'm going to lose him." Nadie complied as the car swiftly turned a corner. The black car followed, turning the same corner. A smile spread over Nadie's face as she slid her window open and pulled out the double-shot handgun. "I'm going to shoot on our next turn, drive somewhere dark -where there aren't witnesses." Nadie stated. Madlax noticed a shortcut trough a lifeless forest and took it. Interring the lightless forest, she slowed the car down to a snails phase, glimpsed in the front view mirror then signaled Nadie to shoot at the black car behind them. The

crimson haired girl closed her eyes, slid her index finger and listened as recoils hit ground. Seconds later debris flew amidst the air, Nadie swung her head around back, watching a fireworks display of bright red and yellow flames filling air with smoke. "Good job Nadie ... all we have to do now is get the hell out of this country -the Airport is two streets away." Madlax raised the speed by 40mph, turning to a double lane. An airplane flew roaring low over the sports car Madlax was driving. The sandy blonde gazed over beautiful streets of French architecture and culture, she dreaded on leaving such a romantic country however had no choice, as the organization already tracked her down. 10 minutes passed like seconds. Nadie was relieved to be back at the oversized Airport they came threw a few days ago; it somehow felt familiar with its international charm. It was 12:35 PM and a section of the Airport was thankfully still open. Madlax ran trough now empty space usually filled with thousands of people, stopping at a reception desk, then reaching in her pocket and pulling out money for two one-way tickets to London. She looked up at the reception clerk, smiled and softly said. "I'd like two tickets for the next flight to London." The clerk, and old man dressed in uniform, looked over a flat computer screen on his desk then back to Madlax, and stated. "Madam the next flight leaves in 5 minutes, I still have over 30 empty seats so you can buy the tickets..." -"Yes hurry and give us the tickets." Madlax demanded, showing the man her money. He nodded, took her money and almost instantly handed her the tickets. She grabbed them, gave one to Nadie, urging the girl to follow her in the direction of the departing plane.

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