Story: Coincidence or Fate? (chapter 4)

Authors: knightofangst

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4: Dreams

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: Lyrics translation by x3Yesung of Soompi. Song title is A Goose's Dream by Insooni. Enjoy!]

The guy put the cup of dessert on my tray. I couldn\'t help but giggle and stare as he walked away because of the cute blush he was adorning but also because of the gentlemanly act. I then also went to get some other snack as well as I had worked up an appetite during practice. After paying for my late night snack, I tried to find a seat. I glanced around first to see if Setsuna had arrived. There are not a lot of people with green hair so a quick glance was sufficient. I didn\'t see her so I picked an empty seat near the corner facing the door so that I can see Setsuna when she enters. My stomach started growling so I began to dig into my snacks. By the time that I was done Setsuna still had not arrived so I got a drink and brought out my books to get started with my homework and assignments.

I finally received a phone call from her at 11:00.

 "Setsuna where are you? Do you know what time it is?"

"Sorry Hime-chan, our meeting went overtime. Where are you?"

I scanned the entrance and I see Setsuna wandering about.

"Turn 90 degrees to your right. Do you see me now?" I asked hoping not to resort to waving her over so others don\'t get confused at thinking that I\'m waving at them and hence getting unwanted attention.

I see Setsuna nod and hang up. She walks up quickly saying, "Start packing we want to leave now or okaasan is going to send a search team."


"Speak of the devil ... Hello? ... Yes I know what time it is. My meeting went overtime. We\'re leaving now ... Sakura? Yeah, she\'s here ... hold on," Setsuna handed me her phone and helps me pack up.

"Hi Okaasan," I say as we walk out towards the car.

"How are you Hime-chan? Did you take your meds yet? Are you still hungry? I can get something whipped up and ready to eat by the time you get home."

"I\'m fine and yes I had some late night snacks while waiting for Setsuna. I think I\'m too tired to eat anymore. We\'re coming home now so don\'t worry."

"Well ok. Tell Setsuna to drive safely, its dark outside."

"Okay I will tell setsuna that. See you later" I reply with a giggle.

"What did Okaasan say?" Setsuna asked as we got in the car.

"She told me to tell you to drive safely, its dark outside."

+ + + + +

As Setsuna drove home I looked out the window and admired the scenery outside. I noted the difference between living in the city and the country side: the colourful lights vs. the open sky, noise vs. silence, and etc.


A motorcycle had just past us while we were going home.

"Woah, what\'s the rush?" commented Setsuna. "See that Hime-chan, that is bad when driving. You should follow me. Slow and easy alright?"

"Yeah so slow that you got a ticket for driving too slowly. Should I mention that it takes twice the time to get from school to home compared to otousan when he drives?"

"You keep that up and we\'ll see who will let you practice with their car."

"Now that you mention it, are you going with me to get my learner\'s permit?" I asked hoping to change the subject.

"That\'s in 2 weeks but I won\'t be able to go with you. Most likely Otousan will go with you." Inwardly I was anxious as I knew that I could convince Otousan to give me a mini lesion right after getting the learner\'s permit.

When we arrived home we followed the normal routine: report to Okaasan that we\'re home safely, little snack for me even though I said I wasn\'t hungry, shower, then bedtime.

+ + + + +

"Everyone give a hand to welcome the one and only Eva Takahashi!!!"


I look around and I\'m on the side stage and from what I can see around me I\'m at a formal event based on how everyone was dressed in the audience and what I\'m wearing. But looking at the siave of the audience I stop and am afraid to go out past the curtains. My fear of performing of others has made my fee freeze.

What in the world am I doing here? I can\'t go out there! What am I supposed to do? Am I singing? What are the lyrics?!

As I\'m standing there thinking this, a reassuring arm wraps around me. Then a gentle voice whispers in my ear, "I\'ll be right there with you. If you want you can come sit with me on the piano bench. I certainly don\'t mind. You\'ll do great cause I believe in you so ... relax." With this my stranger gives me an encouraging squeeze and a kiss at the top of my head.

Realizing that its my stranger that is holding me from behind, my nervous spell is broken as my curiosity gets the best of me. I don\'t get a chance to look behind me though because I\'m led out on the stage and my stranger walks over to the piano bench to sit down so I can only see the back of this person as they sit down on the piano bench. As I turn back to the audience a calm melodic introduction begins but for some reason I\'m not afraid. My stranger\'s last words repeating in my head that they believe in me.

So I follow that advice and take deep slow breathes. Somehow the lyrics and melody start coming out of my mouth.

I have a dream,
Even if I\'m thrown away or ripped to shreds
Deep in my heart
I have a dream as precious as gem

If by chance, without a reason,
Somebody ridicules me behind my back
I should be patient
I would wait just for that day.

As you always worry,
You say that foolish dreams are poisonous.
Just like a book that tells us about the end of the world
There\'s the reality that we can\'t turn back already

Yes I have a dream.
I believe in that dream
Please watch over me
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
I can firmly face it

One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can\'t tie me down
At the end of my life, on the other day that I can smile, let\'s be together

At the piano solo I take up on my stranger\'s offer and take a seat beside them on the piano bench. Gaining the courage to let my voice all out when I lean into my stranger.

Yes I have a dream.
I believe in that dream
Please watch over me
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
I can firmly face it

One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can\'t tie me down
At the end of my life, on the other day that I can smile, let\'s be together

As the music ends I take my bow but as I rise up I slightly falter as I start to have a dizzy spell. An arm immediately goes around me to hold me up.

"I\'ve got you. Follow my lead," is whispered into my ear by my stranger\'s husky voice. I try to get a glimpse of my stranger\'s face but the bright spotlight was in the way only casting my stranger\'s face in the shadows.

"I guess staying up late was not a good idea but I don\'t regret it." I slowly say as I pass out and the last thing I remember is falling into protective and gentle arms.

Once I heard that I tried to concentrate but I think I must have missed taking my pills again.

+ + + + +

I slowly wake up and notice its 10 minutes before I usually wake up. I take a look around me and feel so empty and lonely. I take hold of the picture frame by the table beside my bed. In the picture are my birth parents and I when I was still a baby and we were on a trip to visit my now adoptive family. This is my family and everyone is smiling.


I look up to see Okaasan opening the door and say, `time to get ready for school Hime-chan.``

After she said that, she notices that I`m holding the picture frame and a bit teary-eyed. Okaasan comes into my room and gives me a comforting motherly hug.

It became a habit of mine to hold onto this picture whenever I feel lonely and/or miss my parents so it is a known fact in the family that I need comfort at these times.

"Arigato Okaasan".

"I\'m always here for you Hime-chan. Now get up so Otousan does not need to eat breakfast by himself. I\'ll go wake-up Setsuna."

After breakfast I still have not heard anything about a concert performance at school so there will be questions during tonight\'s dinner time.

+ + + + +

When Setsuna and I arrived at school I decided to go to the journalism club to see if there is any work to be done since I am one of the photographers for the university paper.  When I arrived at the club room it was in chaos as it turned out a sempai had broken their arm so the editor-in-chief were looking for a replacement for photographing tomorrow\'s Kendo tournament.

This was my first really big opportunity so I of course said yes and he gave me the details.

After accepting this position I quickly informed Otousan of the good news and to clear my schedule for that day. After all that was settled i still had some time so I decided to take some pictures of the campus gardens to see if I can get started on my photo essay.

Entering the gardens I sense that I\'ve arrived to another location as I instantly notice the difference between the busy streets of Tokyo that I saw last night compared to the silence and peaceful greenery and flowers surrounding me. I took picture after picture as I walk deeper into the gardens. As I got to the far end, I noticed a figure under a Sakura tree and I decided to go closer to see if the person was alright. Once I got close enough I knew that the person was just sleeping. I decided to take some pictures as I thought that it would be a great example for my photo essay.


I was clicking away try to take them at different angles when all of a sudden a pair of clear blue eyes stare up into mine and the next thing I knew I was on my back and straddled by this stranger with my hands above my head.

[End notes: Sorry for the cliffy but stay tuned for Chapter 5.]

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