Story: The Yuri Handbook (chapter 8)

Authors: Kuroawai

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Chapter 8

Title: Alone

[Author's notes:

This one is the longest and has the most unlikely couple: TenTenXTayuya.

TenTen=dominant  Tayuya=submissive

Got it?





Tayuya: a sound village exile with nowhere else to turn. Expelled from the Sound Four, she has been wandering the land for days. At one point, she stumbled into a village: Konoha. She avoided most of the crowd. The people that she did pass weren't hostile toward her.

...Except for a disgruntled old man. "Hey you there!"

Tayuya looked at him with a quizzicaly. "Who, me?"

"Sound ninja aren't allowed in our village!" "Alert the Konoha guard!"

Within seconds, two guard-ninja appeared from seemingly nowhere and grabbed Tayuya by the arms.  "You're going to see the Hokage!"

Tsunade's generosity

"Here she is ma'am!" said one of the guards

"Leave us," said the Hokage, "Shizune and I will deal with her."

The guards left. 

Tayuya gulped. "Deal with me?"

"Looks like you've been through quite a bit." Tsunade said. "What's you're name?"

"Tayuya, ma'am." 

"Tell me honestly; are you a spy?"

Tayuya shook her head. "I have no village to spy for. I was exiled from the Sound Village."

"Shizune, could you bring me a new headband?" Tsunade called out.

Without word, the black-haired woman did so.

"Alright Tayuya, so long as you're not a spy, you may become a leaf ninja."

She untied her headband and with renewed confidence said; "I would like to become a leaf ninja!"

Shizune handed her the new leaf headband.

"You may go, Tayuya."

The friendly stranger

Tayuya left the Hokage tower. Her stomach was growling.

"Hungry?" asked a voice.

Tayuya turned to see a brown-haired girl.

"...A little bit..."

"You seem hungrier than that, come on, I'll buy."

She followed the stranger into a restaurant.  They sat at a table and chatted until a waiter came.

"May I take your order?" the waiter asked.

"I'll have the beef ramen." she said. "What about you?"

"I'll have the dumplings..." Tayuya said.

"We'll have your order ready shortly." said the waiter as he left.

"I never did catch your name," said the brown-haired girl.


"I'm TenTen."

A few minutes of silence passed until the waiter returned.

"Here's your order," the waiter said lowering a tray to the table.

TenTen immediately dug into her ramen as Tayuya slowly nibbled on her dumplings.

"Why do I feel so out of place...?"

[End notes:

It'll have a Part II called "Together" (which I have not yet written).  The second part will show more of the relationship between them.


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