Story: The Yuri Handbook (chapter 3)

Authors: Kuroawai

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Chapter 3

Title: Sound Kunoichi I

[Author's notes: TayuyaXKin]


"Where the fuck is Kin? She was supposed to be here an hour ago!" Tayuya exclaimed.

Tayuya and Kin were going on a trip to the lake but it seemed Kin was running late.

"Hey Tayuya!" called a voice.


"Where the hell have you been, Kin?"

"Oh, just enjoying the scenery," said the black-haired girl.

"Well stop enjoying the scenery so we can go!"

"Yeah, 'go.'" thought the girl.

Kin pulled out a small dart launcher and loaded a stun dart into it.

"Good night, Tayuya!" She thought as she pulled the trigger. The dart hit Tayuya square in the neck.

One last thought floated through Tayuya's mind before she blacked out: "You're not really Kin..."

The Torture Chamber

Tayuya awoke to find herself naked and chained to a wall. She looked at a whip on a table in front of her. A single light dimly shone down on her.

"Where-- Where in the hell am I?!" she demanded.

"D-don't your energy..." said a weak voice.

"Kin-chan?" Tayuya said. She turned to Kin.

Kin's face was tear-stained; her entire body was scratched and bruised.

"Don't speak..."

"What the hell did they do to you, Kin-chan?"

A voice spoke from the shadows: "It seems you have awakened."

"Who are you?!" Tayuya demanded.

"Just call me master," said the voice as she stepped out of the shadows.

"The Fifth Hokage??"

"That's right," she said as she picked up the whip on the table.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to play with my new toy, YOU!"

"No! Please don't!"

"You'll be feeling this for a long ti-"

"Enough Tsunade-sama!"

A Sound Salvation

...shouted Shizune as she knocked Tsunade flat. "Are you two girls okay?"

Kin was silent.

"A little shaken... but ok," Tayuya lied. She was screaming on the inside.

"I apologize on behalf of Lady Tsunade's behavior; She can be rather... uncontrollable," Shizunesaid as she unchained the two sound kunoichi. Kin fell to her knees and began coughing up blood.

"Kin-chan..." Tayuya said as she held Kin in her arms.

"She'll be fine," Shizune consoled her.

[End notes: Don't worry, it'll have a 'Part II.']

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