Story: The Yuri Handbook (chapter 2)

Authors: Kuroawai

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Chapter 2

Title: Hyuugacest

[Author's notes:

HanabiXHinata story...



"Give me back my teddy bear, Neji!" Hanabi cried.

"I don't think so," Neji said.

The teasing had been going on all afternoon.

"Enough of this," Neji said,"I'm done with you!" He knocked his younger cousin flat.

"You're gonna regret that!" threatened a voice from afar.

"Like hell I will," Neji snorted.

Hinata sprung from behind him. "Don't mess with my little sister!" she yelled. Having caught him off guard, she was able to knock him unconscious with ease.

Hinata then knelt beside Hanabi and brushed the hair out of her face. "You okay?"

"Ugh, my head..." Hanabi groaned.

"You'll be fine," Hinata said as she scooped up her younger sister. Hanabi moaned from the pounding pain in the back of her head. Hinata carried her younger sister back to her room.

"You took quite a hard blow," Hinata said as she laid her younger sister on her bed.


Hinata left the room. "Wait...!" Hanabi said.

"Don't worry Hanabi-chan, I'll be right back."


Hinata returned with a bag of ice. She smiled at Hanabi as she placed it on the younger Hyuuga girl's head. Hanabi blushed.


"Yes, Hanabi-chan?"

"I--I love you..."

"I do too, Hanabi-chan..." Hinata said as she kissed her.

The two Hyuuga girls laid back and shared their secrets and feelings more than most sisters would.

[End notes: Oneechan*=big sister]

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