Story: The Yuri Handbook (chapter 10)

Authors: Kuroawai

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Chapter 10

Title: Together

[Author's notes:

It's finally done! Not that it took me very long to write but the idea took a while.

I expected this to have more romance but really, this is more action-themed.


Black Clouds on the Horizon

"Catch, Tayuya!" TenTen called as she threw the disc. They were spending an afternoon in the park playing frisbee.

"Okay!" she shouted back. After being together for a week, Tayuya and TenTen had really gotten to know each other. Tayuya had really began to feel at home in Konoha.

"Hey, it looks like a storm is coming," Tayuya said, looking up at the clouds as she cought the frisbee. "We'd better get back to your place."

"Let's go then!"

The two girls ran back to TenTen's apartment. Just as they made it inside, it began to downpour outside. Lightning flashed and thunder crackled in the distance. Tayuya sat by the second-floor window and watched the floodwaters rise. "This isn't gonna be good," Tayuya said worriedly, "the water's already halfway up the first floor!"

"Let's get to the roof!" said TenTen.

Disaster strike

They dashed up the stairs to the roof, which was slick with rainwater.

"We need to find higher ground; the flood is climbing fast!" TenTen said, coming up with a plan inside her head.

Tayuya looked down over the side of the building. The water was already inside TenTen's apartment. "This is no ordinary storm!"

More thunder boomed in the distance.

"Maybe we can jump from building to building," TenTen suggested.

"Are you insane?!" Tayuya exclaimed, "That's a twelve foot jump!"

"We'll be in even worse shape if we don't try!"

"Alright then..." Tayuya agreed reluctantly, "...just be careful!"

They made it about block up the street until...


"Aah!" TenTen shrieked as she slipped on the edge of the next building. She held on with her life.

"Hold on, TenTen-chan!" Tayuya said.

"I can't!"

"Please don't say that, I know you can!"

'It's too late..." Her voice trailed as her fingers slipped. She fell into the menacing floodwaters below. "Goodbye, Tayuya-chan..."

"Nooo!" Tayuya screamed. "You can't leave me!!" She fell to her knees and wept, her tears mixing with the rainwater...

Together forever!

...but then she stood up. "I'm not letting you leave me!" She thought as she dove into the water below. She swam with the savagely rushing torrents until it slowed in a river outside of Konoha.

She climbed out of the muddy water, her clothes drenched. She was exhausted.

"*Cough, cough!*"

Tayuya looked over to see TenTen laying on the riverbank. She felt her energy flow back to her and she dashed over to TenTen.

" I dead?" groaned the brunette.

"Nope...just with me." Tayua answered, smiling. She scooped up her battered friend and tightly embraced her. "I love you, TenTen-chan."

TenTen merely smiled and hugged Tayuya back.

[End notes: Pretty good If I do say so myself. Although I cut a bit out from the rough draft.]

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