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Authors: Kuroawai

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Chapter 1

Title: Sakura's Confession

[Author's notes: A short friendship-to-love story about Sakura and Ino.]

Sakura's Confession Letter

Dear Ino,

I know we've fought and hated each other for a long time but do you remember when we were friends? I miss those days and our friendship.

Anyway, the main reason I wrote to you is because I have a confession to make: I never wanted Sasuke. All those years of growing up in your shadow, being like you; it was the same with Sasuke. I never really wanted him: I wanted you.

Sincerely yours,

Sakura Haruno


"Well, that should do it," Sakura said to herself as she placed the letter in an envelope and addressed it. "I only hope Ino accepts my letter.

To the recipients horror...

A few days later...

"Ino! Mail for you!" her mother called.

"Who's it from?"


"This better be good, forehead girl."

She opened and read the love letter.

"Sakura...loves me?!"

Emotional Confusion

Ino ran down to Sakura's house. As soon as she reached the doorstep, someone walked out.

"I take it you got the letter I sent you," she said nonchalantly.

"It's not funny, billboard brow!"

"Oh, I was being totally serious."

"Shut up forehead gi-"

"Shh..." Sakura hushed her as she pressed her lips to Ino's cheek.

Ino fell to her knees, embarrassed.

"Don't worry," Sakura teased, "I won't bite." She lowered a hand to Ino.

Ino ran off. Thoughts racing. She couldn't get Sakura out of her mind. She went home and flung herself on her bed. "Does she really love me?" "Has she always loved me??"

Change of Heart

"What do I do?!" Ino cried out.

"All you have to do is love me..." said a voice from the door,

The door opened to reveal Sakura.

"What're you doing in my house forehead girl?!"

"I followed you home," she said, blushing.

"Well stop it, I don't love y-"

Sakura kissed Ino on the lips. Sakura's tongue mingled inside Ino's mouth.

"Do you love me now?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah... I guess I really do love you..."

[End notes: Thsi is what happens when you let me get a Green Day CD: Pure genious.]

Chapter 2

Title: Hyuugacest

[Author's notes:

HanabiXHinata story...



"Give me back my teddy bear, Neji!" Hanabi cried.

"I don't think so," Neji said.

The teasing had been going on all afternoon.

"Enough of this," Neji said,"I'm done with you!" He knocked his younger cousin flat.

"You're gonna regret that!" threatened a voice from afar.

"Like hell I will," Neji snorted.

Hinata sprung from behind him. "Don't mess with my little sister!" she yelled. Having caught him off guard, she was able to knock him unconscious with ease.

Hinata then knelt beside Hanabi and brushed the hair out of her face. "You okay?"

"Ugh, my head..." Hanabi groaned.

"You'll be fine," Hinata said as she scooped up her younger sister. Hanabi moaned from the pounding pain in the back of her head. Hinata carried her younger sister back to her room.

"You took quite a hard blow," Hinata said as she laid her younger sister on her bed.


Hinata left the room. "Wait...!" Hanabi said.

"Don't worry Hanabi-chan, I'll be right back."


Hinata returned with a bag of ice. She smiled at Hanabi as she placed it on the younger Hyuuga girl's head. Hanabi blushed.


"Yes, Hanabi-chan?"

"I--I love you..."

"I do too, Hanabi-chan..." Hinata said as she kissed her.

The two Hyuuga girls laid back and shared their secrets and feelings more than most sisters would.

[End notes: Oneechan*=big sister]

Chapter 3

Title: Sound Kunoichi I

[Author's notes: TayuyaXKin]


"Where the fuck is Kin? She was supposed to be here an hour ago!" Tayuya exclaimed.

Tayuya and Kin were going on a trip to the lake but it seemed Kin was running late.

"Hey Tayuya!" called a voice.


"Where the hell have you been, Kin?"

"Oh, just enjoying the scenery," said the black-haired girl.

"Well stop enjoying the scenery so we can go!"

"Yeah, 'go.'" thought the girl.

Kin pulled out a small dart launcher and loaded a stun dart into it.

"Good night, Tayuya!" She thought as she pulled the trigger. The dart hit Tayuya square in the neck.

One last thought floated through Tayuya's mind before she blacked out: "You're not really Kin..."

The Torture Chamber

Tayuya awoke to find herself naked and chained to a wall. She looked at a whip on a table in front of her. A single light dimly shone down on her.

"Where-- Where in the hell am I?!" she demanded.

"D-don't your energy..." said a weak voice.

"Kin-chan?" Tayuya said. She turned to Kin.

Kin's face was tear-stained; her entire body was scratched and bruised.

"Don't speak..."

"What the hell did they do to you, Kin-chan?"

A voice spoke from the shadows: "It seems you have awakened."

"Who are you?!" Tayuya demanded.

"Just call me master," said the voice as she stepped out of the shadows.

"The Fifth Hokage??"

"That's right," she said as she picked up the whip on the table.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to play with my new toy, YOU!"

"No! Please don't!"

"You'll be feeling this for a long ti-"

"Enough Tsunade-sama!"

A Sound Salvation

...shouted Shizune as she knocked Tsunade flat. "Are you two girls okay?"

Kin was silent.

"A little shaken... but ok," Tayuya lied. She was screaming on the inside.

"I apologize on behalf of Lady Tsunade's behavior; She can be rather... uncontrollable," Shizunesaid as she unchained the two sound kunoichi. Kin fell to her knees and began coughing up blood.

"Kin-chan..." Tayuya said as she held Kin in her arms.

"She'll be fine," Shizune consoled her.

[End notes: Don't worry, it'll have a 'Part II.']

Chapter 4

Title: Wake-Up Call

[Author's notes: Very short story. TenTenXTemari fluff with very mild sexual content.]

"Good morning, Temari," TenTen whispered. Temari stirred.

"Good morning, TenTen," she said.

"Last night sure was fun, wasn't it?"

"Um...yeah..." Temari blushed.

"You okay, Temari-chan?

"Just feeling a little..."

TenTen pulled the bedsheets and blanket back and noticed a small wet spot on Temari's panties. "You naughty girl, Temari!" she teased.

"You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"Of course not, Temari-chan," she said, sweetly kissing Temari on the cheek. "...Uh, oh, I'm gonna be late for training! Bye, Temari-chan!"


[End notes: While I wrote this, I was listening to "Wake me up when September ends" by Green day. It was weird. ;)]

Chapter 5

Title: Sound Kunoichi II

[Author's notes:

This is the ending to Sound Kunoichi I. It's a bit short, but then again, aren't all my stories?


"Is she doing okay?" Tayuya asked in an unusually worried tone.

"She'll be fine, Tayuya," Shizune calmed her, "you may see her, but I think she's still sleeping."

"Okay..." Tayuya walked into the recovery room and sat in the chair at Kin's bedside. She placed her hand on Kin's.

The black-haired girl suddenly awakened. "Who's there?"

"Don't worry, it's just me."

"Oh, Tayuya..."

An awkward silence overtook the room.

"That Tsunade really gave you a beating, huh," Tayuya said, breaking the silence.

"Could we talk about something else?"

"If you're feeling insecure about something, feel free to tell me."

"She did more than just beat me... she rap-"

"Don't worry...I'm here for you." Tayuya softly kissed Kin on the cheek.

Kin smiled weakly and blushed. "Thank you... Tayuya-chan." Tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks.

"You're welcome, love..." Tayuya said, wrapping her arms arounde Kin.

[End notes: If anyone is wondering, I've written most of this down already. That's how I get it posted so fast.]

Chapter 6

Title: Kunoichi Spring

[Author's notes: Has a slightly choppy plotline, but it's my favorite of all my stories. The longest so far.]

A stroll through the woods

It was about mid-may and Sakura was walking through the grand forest outside Konoha. The trees were covered in bright green leaves and the flowers were blooming.

Suddenly, A twig sanpped.

"Who's there?" Sakura said instinctively. There was no answer

Cautiously, she treaded forward until she heard something:

"Mn! Mmph!"

Sakura looked around. She noticed a tied-up Hinata. Arms tied to a tree with a gag in her mouth.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" she asked. Hinata suddenly took on an even more horrified face.

Smack! Sakura was knocked flat.

The Captor

Sakura woke up, tied to a tree across from Hinata.

An evil laugh came from the shadows. "Heheheheheh!" "You're all mine now!"

Sakura took on a horrified face. Hinata's eyes welled up with tears. The horrible masked man creptout of the shadows. "Which one of you shall be my first victim of the day?"

"Victim??" Sakura thought.

"Not gonna pick for yourselves, eh? Well then I guess I'll 'pleasure' you first!" he said as he walked closer to Hinata. She struggled and squirmed to no avail.

"Get away from them!!" ordered a familiar voice.

"Who the hell?!"

It was Ino; alongside Temari and TenTen. The pathetic man fled the scene.

Ino knelt down and untied Sakura. As soon as the pink-haired girl was free, she fell into Ino's arms. "Thank you so much..." she said, tears running down her cheeks.

"Shh...relax..." Ino calmed her.

TenTen untied Hinata and caught her as she passed out.

Hinata's Rest

"How's she doing?"

"She's still alive if that's what you mean..."

These voices floated through the young Hyuuga girl's mind as she slept on the borderline of consciousness and unconsciousness.

"Hey, leave her alone, TenTen!"

TenTen ignored this order.

Their secret

Unbeknownst to Hinata, TenTen had gotten in bed with her and began fondling the sleeping girl's breasts. Hinata became wet and smiled in her sleep.

"Mm! Mm!" She suddenly awoke to TenTen directly on top of her. The Hyuuga girl's face turned a radiant crimson.

"Oh Hinata, you're awake!" TenTen exclaimed, blushing a little herself.

Hinata looked down her body to find that her shirt, bra, and pants were missing. "TenTen-chan, what're you doing?"

"Shh... let me show you," she said as she slipped Hinata's panties off. She slid her finger up Hinata's wet pussy. Hinata moaned with quickly increasing pleasure.

"Ah! Ah!" she gasped. "I'm going to cum!" She did just that, soaking TenTen's hand and the bedsheets. "Haa...hoo..." she panted.

"You're so cute, Hinata-chan!" Hinata was to exhausted to respond; her face flushed from the experience.

"I love you, TenTen-chan..."

[End notes: The first lemon of the colection!]

Chapter 7

Title: Sand on Sound

[Author's notes: Another short story. Mostly dialogue but overall it's a sex scene.]

Temari and Kin were relaxing after a hot summer's day of work.

"Kin-chan?" Temari said.

"Yeah Temari?"

"Do you" she asked lustfully.

"What do you mean?" ansked the confused sound kunoichi.

"Let me show you!" Temari said as she slid Kin's and her own panties off. Temari bent over and slipped her tongue into Kin's love tunnel.

"Ohh, Temari! Oh! Ah!" Kin moaned.

Temari curled her tongue back out and slipped a finger in and began massaging the inside of Kin's pussy.

"Oh! Temari-chan!!"

Temari sat up and laid back. She slowly moved her pussy to meet with Kin's. Temari ground her clit into Kin's. Kin moaned louder and Temari's face flushed.

"I can't hold it any longer, I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too!"

Not even a second later, they both spilled their sweet nectar all over each other. Temari sat back up and stuck her finger into the sticky mess they made. She inhaled the scent of sex lustily.

"I LOVE you Kin-chan!"

Exhausted from the experience, Kin let out a weak sigh and whispered, "I love you too, Temari..."

[End notes:

Inspired by "Deflected Defection" by Asukalover88.

Hope you enjoyed it!


Chapter 8

Title: Alone

[Author's notes:

This one is the longest and has the most unlikely couple: TenTenXTayuya.

TenTen=dominant  Tayuya=submissive

Got it?





Tayuya: a sound village exile with nowhere else to turn. Expelled from the Sound Four, she has been wandering the land for days. At one point, she stumbled into a village: Konoha. She avoided most of the crowd. The people that she did pass weren't hostile toward her.

...Except for a disgruntled old man. "Hey you there!"

Tayuya looked at him with a quizzicaly. "Who, me?"

"Sound ninja aren't allowed in our village!" "Alert the Konoha guard!"

Within seconds, two guard-ninja appeared from seemingly nowhere and grabbed Tayuya by the arms.  "You're going to see the Hokage!"

Tsunade's generosity

"Here she is ma'am!" said one of the guards

"Leave us," said the Hokage, "Shizune and I will deal with her."

The guards left. 

Tayuya gulped. "Deal with me?"

"Looks like you've been through quite a bit." Tsunade said. "What's you're name?"

"Tayuya, ma'am." 

"Tell me honestly; are you a spy?"

Tayuya shook her head. "I have no village to spy for. I was exiled from the Sound Village."

"Shizune, could you bring me a new headband?" Tsunade called out.

Without word, the black-haired woman did so.

"Alright Tayuya, so long as you're not a spy, you may become a leaf ninja."

She untied her headband and with renewed confidence said; "I would like to become a leaf ninja!"

Shizune handed her the new leaf headband.

"You may go, Tayuya."

The friendly stranger

Tayuya left the Hokage tower. Her stomach was growling.

"Hungry?" asked a voice.

Tayuya turned to see a brown-haired girl.

"...A little bit..."

"You seem hungrier than that, come on, I'll buy."

She followed the stranger into a restaurant.  They sat at a table and chatted until a waiter came.

"May I take your order?" the waiter asked.

"I'll have the beef ramen." she said. "What about you?"

"I'll have the dumplings..." Tayuya said.

"We'll have your order ready shortly." said the waiter as he left.

"I never did catch your name," said the brown-haired girl.


"I'm TenTen."

A few minutes of silence passed until the waiter returned.

"Here's your order," the waiter said lowering a tray to the table.

TenTen immediately dug into her ramen as Tayuya slowly nibbled on her dumplings.

"Why do I feel so out of place...?"

[End notes:

It'll have a Part II called "Together" (which I have not yet written).  The second part will show more of the relationship between them.


Chapter 9

Title: "Thanks for caring."

[Author's notes:

This one's a HinataXSasame story. (Sasame is a sound village kunoichi from episodes 141-144 or something like that. She's the one with the orange hair.)

It's gonna be a long one.


Snowball fight


"Gotcha, Ino!" mocked Temari as Ino fell back into the snow covered ground.

TenTen chucked a snowball. "Ouch! TenTen, what was that for? I'm on your team y'know!" Sakura yelled. TenTen could only laugh.

The crazy Leaf, Sand, and Sound village kunoichi were having a snowball fight.

The teams were:

Sakura, Ino, TenTen, and Hinata; and Kin, Tayuya, Sasame, and Temari.

Most of the girls continued to throw frozen slushballs back and forth at each other. But Hinata and Sasame avoided the fray, both shy and weaker than the others.

Without warning, a snowball came flying directly at Sasame, hitting her square in the nose. She was knocked out cold from the frozen force of impact. Hinata went running to her. She knelt beside the unconscious girl and brushed the snow from her face.

"She's freezing." Hinata thought as she scooped Sasame up and carried her inside.

Several minutes passed before the others noticed they had left.

"Wait a sec," TenTen said, "where'd Hinata go?"

"And what about Sasame?" Kin added.

The rest of the girls went inside.

Tayuya's rude remarks

When they got inside, they found Hinata sitting next to an unconscious Sasame.

"What happened?" Sakura asked in a concerned voice.

"She was probably knocked out by a snowball." Tayuya said.

Sasame stirred. Her eyes opened. "What happened?" She asked dazedly.

"You were hit by a sno-" Hinata began.

"You were knocked flat by a snowball, that's what happened." Tayuya explained coldly.

"I feel dizzy..." Sasame said, ignoring Tayuya's comment.

"Stop being dizzy then!"

"Tayuya!" Temari barked, "She's been out cold for at least twenty minutes! The least you could do is keep your comments to yourself!"

"I don't care...!" Tayuya said as she stormed out of the room.

"I'll go talk to her." Kin sighed impatiently.

By the warm fire

The others went back outside to continue their snowball fight. Hinata and Sasame sat next to each other by the fireplace. Sasame grabbed Hinata's face and kissed her. Hinata's eyes widened in shock, but quickly relaxed and engaged herself in the kiss while adding her tongue to the mix.

"Thanks for caring so much," Sasame said after they finished.

Hinata kissed her on the cheek. "You're welcome."

They began making out again; their tongues mingling with one anothers', their lips locked. Both of them tightly embracing each other.

Suddenly, the others walked in the door. Hinata and Sasame didn't notice.


"Whoo! Go Hinata!" TenTen said, breaking the silence. The Hyuuga girl's eyes snapped open. She turned a bright crimson and broke off the kiss and ran upstairs.

'Wait up, Hinata-chan!" called Sasame.

Temari slapped TenTen upside the head. "What the hell did you say that for?!"

Under the covers

Hinata was in bed, her flushed face buried in her pillow.

"You okay?" Sasame asked as she walked in. Hinata sprung out of bed and hugged Sasame.

"I'm okay with you around..." she said, "because I love you." Tears of joy trickled down her cheeks. Sasame smiled and hugged her back.

"I love you too, Hinata-chan."

[End notes: More to come, but I'll need a few days to get "Together" written.]

Chapter 10

Title: Together

[Author's notes:

It's finally done! Not that it took me very long to write but the idea took a while.

I expected this to have more romance but really, this is more action-themed.


Black Clouds on the Horizon

"Catch, Tayuya!" TenTen called as she threw the disc. They were spending an afternoon in the park playing frisbee.

"Okay!" she shouted back. After being together for a week, Tayuya and TenTen had really gotten to know each other. Tayuya had really began to feel at home in Konoha.

"Hey, it looks like a storm is coming," Tayuya said, looking up at the clouds as she cought the frisbee. "We'd better get back to your place."

"Let's go then!"

The two girls ran back to TenTen's apartment. Just as they made it inside, it began to downpour outside. Lightning flashed and thunder crackled in the distance. Tayuya sat by the second-floor window and watched the floodwaters rise. "This isn't gonna be good," Tayuya said worriedly, "the water's already halfway up the first floor!"

"Let's get to the roof!" said TenTen.

Disaster strike

They dashed up the stairs to the roof, which was slick with rainwater.

"We need to find higher ground; the flood is climbing fast!" TenTen said, coming up with a plan inside her head.

Tayuya looked down over the side of the building. The water was already inside TenTen's apartment. "This is no ordinary storm!"

More thunder boomed in the distance.

"Maybe we can jump from building to building," TenTen suggested.

"Are you insane?!" Tayuya exclaimed, "That's a twelve foot jump!"

"We'll be in even worse shape if we don't try!"

"Alright then..." Tayuya agreed reluctantly, "...just be careful!"

They made it about block up the street until...


"Aah!" TenTen shrieked as she slipped on the edge of the next building. She held on with her life.

"Hold on, TenTen-chan!" Tayuya said.

"I can't!"

"Please don't say that, I know you can!"

'It's too late..." Her voice trailed as her fingers slipped. She fell into the menacing floodwaters below. "Goodbye, Tayuya-chan..."

"Nooo!" Tayuya screamed. "You can't leave me!!" She fell to her knees and wept, her tears mixing with the rainwater...

Together forever!

...but then she stood up. "I'm not letting you leave me!" She thought as she dove into the water below. She swam with the savagely rushing torrents until it slowed in a river outside of Konoha.

She climbed out of the muddy water, her clothes drenched. She was exhausted.

"*Cough, cough!*"

Tayuya looked over to see TenTen laying on the riverbank. She felt her energy flow back to her and she dashed over to TenTen.

" I dead?" groaned the brunette.

"Nope...just with me." Tayua answered, smiling. She scooped up her battered friend and tightly embraced her. "I love you, TenTen-chan."

TenTen merely smiled and hugged Tayuya back.

[End notes: Pretty good If I do say so myself. Although I cut a bit out from the rough draft.]

Chapter 11

Title: Sakura's Nightmare

[Author's notes:

This is just an idea that's been floating in my head for a while.

Italics without quotation marks "" means that it's what's happening in the dream. With quotation marks is dialogue in the dream.


"What a long day..." Sakura sighed as she laid back in her bed. She switched her lamp off and fell asleep, teleporting herself to the world of dreams.

Sakura tried to move but couldn't. She looked down and saw her legs chained to a wall. The same with her arms. "What's happening?"

Ino walked in through a door on the opposite side of the room. "Heh heh heh!" she chuckled.

"What's happening?" Sakura said

"You'll see, sweetheart."


Ino casually walked up to her and began stripping Sakura's clothes.

"Ino," Sakura said nervously, "What are you doing?

"Shh..." Ino hushed her as she pulled something out of her pocket.

"W-what's that?"

"A vibrator," she said nonchalantly, starting to rub it on Sakura's clit.

"Aah!" she gasped. "Stop!"

"What, don't like it?"

"Not like this!" she cried. Her slit began to drip, begging for attention.

Ino looked down at Sakura's tight little pussy. "So you are liking this, aren't you!"

"No, Ino! Not there!" she screamed as Ino began to slip the vibrator inside her.

Ino bent over and began licking Sakura's clit.

"Stop, Ino! STOP!" she yelled hysterically as she helplessly struggled in her chains.

"Ok," she said. "Maybe I'll try something else!" she stood up and gently placed her hands on Sakura's breasts.

"Not there! Please Ino, stop!" she cried. Tears were streaking down her cheeks like a flood.

Ino ignored her. She began to lightly squeeze Sakura's tits, all the while lustfully staring at Sakura's horrified face.

Sakura began to twist and turn as much as she could to throw Ino away. "Get away!"

And then she awoke, screaming her lungs out. Ino walked into the room. "You okay? I could hear you screaming from the living room."

Sakura's eyes were filled with tears. "I-I had th-the worst dream..."

Ino sat on the bed lightly stroking Sakura's hair. "'s okay, I'm here." She felt a strange warmth filling the bed. Sakura blushed as Ino lifted the covers. Ino smiled warmly, not even caring about what Sakura had done.

Sakura's gaze drifted, trying to avoid Ino's.

"What freaked you out so badly?" Ino asked her.

"It was a nightmare...about you..." Sakura began.

[End notes: Freaky, eh?]

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