Story: Lauren (chapter 9)

Authors: Skavo

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Chapter 9

Lauren hid under her blankets as a violent storm shook the ship, thunder scared the piss out of her because her sisters decided to lock her out during a storm when she was 3, she looked down at Sam "Sam, I'm scared can I climb into bed with you?"

Sam panicked for a moment worried that Lauren might discover her secret but hearing the fear in her shipmate‘s voice nearly brought tears to her eyes. She opened her mouth to say no, but then said "yeah of course ye can." and she slid over lifting up her blanket so that Lauren could climb under.


Lauren scrambled down the bunk and crawled into bed with Sam, she was shaking with fear and screamed when another loud rumble of thunder shook the ship.

Sam wrapped her arms around Lauren awkwardly, trying to calm down her shaking saying "shhh, tis ok luv, it'll be alright just a storm nothin ter be afraid of."


Lauren calmed down a little bit and pressed herself into Sam "I'm sorry its just thunder really gets to me" she sounded embarrassed and ashamed of her fear

Sam smiled " Everyone’s got their fears. Mines fire...i know that sounds silly but it be the truth." she added, her face going blank as she recalled the fire that claimed her fathers life all those years ago.

Lauren nodded and closed her eyes listening t the sound of Sam's heart beat, it was a soothing rhythm that helped to calm her fears and relax her

Sam realized that Laurens head was on her breast, she had to know by now that she was a girl. And since she hadn't reacted badly Sam just sighed and held her smelling her hair and closing her eyes.

Lauren smiled a little bit "I've known ever since you laughed, your voice wasnt deep enough and I could see your chest moving, I think the captain knows too but I doubt she'll care" she put her arm around Sam's waist and rested her head in the curve of the girl's neck

"Well in that case i suppose there's nothing i can do about it. But when we go ashore i'd like people to think I’s a boy if'n that's ok by you two. It makes things a bit easier." Sam sighed as she turned to face this girl and looked into her eyes for the first time. She got this weird feeling and she didn't quite know what to make of it. So she looked away nervously and just hugged Lauren tighter to her.

"that’s ok by me" Lauren yawned and snuggled into Sam not hearing the thunder anymore, she knew it was still going on but in the safety of the other girl’s arm storms didn’t seem as scary anymore. Sam yawned in returned and started to drift off to sleep smiling contently to herself.

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